Christmas Giveaway Day 13: Justinmind

Today we’re giving away two copies of a high-quality wire-framing tool for OS X, Justinmind, normally priced at $690. It allows you to easily create fully functional wireframes for web, desktop and mobile applications, and easily generate great prototypes for HTML layouts.

Read on for more information about the app, and to find out how to enter!

Winners Announced

I’m pleased to announce our two winners!

  • Charlotte Jellinek
  • Hector

Congratulations! Your licenses will be on the way soon.

About Justinmind

If you’re a web or software developer, Justinmind can act as a really helpful tool for planning and preparing a new project. You can create fully functional wireframes and simulate them, even testing the behaviour of passing data in/out. If you’d prefer to simply have a HTML output, then Justinmind is also capable of exporting a live, interactive HTML website wireframe.

Justinmind Prototyper

Justinmind Prototyper

For more information, there’s a great introductory video available over at the Justinmind website.

How to Enter

All you need to do to enter is leave a comment, letting us know the name of your favourite Envato website, and a quick comment as to why you like it (obviously excluding Mac.AppStorm – we know it’s the best!).

The competition closes in exactly 24 hours, and we will randomly select the winner(s) shortly afterwards. This post will be updated with the winners information and we’ll get in touch with you.

A big thanks to Justinmind, for sponsoring the competition. Good luck, and be sure to follow us or subscribe so that you can find out if you’re a winner!


Today’s Web.AppStorm Giveaway: Peashoot

Don’t forget to check out what’s going on over at Web.AppStorm! Today they’re giving away a few memberships for Peashoot.

Start marketing on Twitter in minutes with Peashoot. Build an audience and measure the return on your investments with this detailed application.

Read more and enter the competition.

Our Christmas Wallpapers

In case you missed it, we’ve also created a bunch of festive wallpapers to get your desktop in the Christmas spirit. Here’s a quick preview!



Add Yours
  • My favourite Envato website is PhotoTuts because I like photography and the site is always full with extremely interesting and detailed articles :)

  • I love PSDTuts+… It was actually where I learned Photoshop, and I got to learn the site on it’s early days. I pretty much started using Photoshop because I was introduced to PSDTuts+ (which wasn’t called like that before), and it only had a couple of articles on it.

  • I’m a fan of Themeforest, having just put together a website for my girlfriend. I’m a designer, not very good with code, so the ability to buy code and tweak the visuals was perfect for me. I love the new redesign of Themeforest too. It’s been really well thought-through.

  • PSDTuts+ because it helped me get into photoshop and i have never looked back

  • My favorite one is NetTuts, Jeffrey Way’s articles are better than my boring university lectures =)

  • nettuts+ is my favorite Envato website, it provide the great stuff which I want to learn!

  • My favourite site is PSDTuts as it has helped me loads since i started photoshop. The tutorials are of such high quality that you can’t get better across the web!!!

  • I ‘m still looking for a seious alternative to Dreamweaver. Justintime looks better. I would love to get it :). And: I love to be at themeforest and macappstorm.

  • NetTuts because it’s help me a lot! My fav site of the web :)

  • NetTuts is the best!

  • psd.tutsplus and graphicriver
    Great tutorials, great staff

  • Tutsplus is the best!

  • PSDTuts+, because of innovative PSD-tutorials.

  • Mac.AppStorm ;)

  • Mac.appstorm

    because you review awesome apps, throw awesome giveaways, post interesting things, and help people out :)

  • because can help me share my works (and make some money too…)

  • My favorite is! Very good tuts are on it.
    And I would use this as my staring place when doing new projects. At the moment I am just beginning to do web-apps and this would be a good addon

  • My favourite Envato website: (special:

    I am a web designer, i learn much things about design and PS skills from this website. i really love tutsplus.

  • is my favorite Envato website, really like all the tutorials and help a lot :D
    As a student i would never be able to afford a program to that price, so would be awesome to get a free copy :D

  • I really like Creattica. It’s a really good source for inspiration :)

  • My Favorite envato site (aside from appstorm) has to be WorkAwesome. I love the helpful tips that it gives for being indesposable in the workplace!

  • NetTuts+ for me – every time a new article appears in my reader I just have to read it/follow it.

  • I love PSDTuts+, just because of how incredible and complex the tutorials are.

    Of course, NetTuts+ helps with the HTML stuff, too. :)

  • it’s because awesome work time is an important part in life

  • NetTuts, because its got web design tutorials? :P

  • Mac.AppStorm is my favorite – well written reviews and a nice design.

  • Nettuts. Simply because web is what I do.

  • nettuts+ is my favorite Envato website, I like webdevolpment and so I found lots of useful stuff there

  • Wow thats a huge catch this time.. !

    About the favorite envato site its Creattica of course. – It helps me to keep and eye on what others are doing.. ;) and FreelanceSwitch has also influenced me a lot..

  • Psd tuts, the digital painting icons set is really good, looking forward to the rest.

  • NetTuts: simply because it covers all things web and programming related which is what I do for fun, my career and my future.


  • nettuts because it’s where I’ve learned a good majority of what I know about developing for the web!

  • Super i Always like free apps for the mac but i don’t get how this works

    I like the christmas give aways a lot

  • I could ues Justinmind for some projects :) and the websites of envato I like the most are: Mac appstorm the themeforest blog and nettuts!


  • I like NetTuts+. There are plenty of well written tutorials which inspire me to do something cool as well.

  • I actually really love WorkAwesome even though I’m probably on Nettuts more. I find WorkAwesome has totally original content that I can’t find anywhere else!

  • definitely NetTuts+. full of information. :)

  • my favourite Tuts+ site would be NetTuts and my favourite marketplace would be Themeforest

  • mac.appstorm – great roundups helped me more than once to find the perfect app for the job ;)

  • mac.appstorm – great roundups helped me more than once to find the perfect app for the job ;)

  • i like alot since it has many interesting tips about freelancing !

  • PSDTuts

    It helped me alot in photoshop learning process :)

  • NetTuts because it has great great stuff.

  • FlashDen, er, ActiveDen. Great resource for Flash files, with great developers who support their products.

  • Mac.AppStorm of course ;)
    Because I recently switched to Macs and needed some helpful overviews and reviews of good software

  • My favourite site is theme forest. Why? Well I can always find inspiration in design ideas or a solution to a clients need quickly and most important affordably. I have made a good living and continue to be able to take care of my family partly due to this site. So thanks to envato and all he designers for helping me run my business.

  • PSDTuts, very useful!


    Good articles and interesting forum’s discussions (thanks to its very skilled and experienced members).

  • Net.tuts is really amazing, not that the others aren’t… :P

  • Net.tuts, it’s the best!

  • My favorite site it nettuts.


  • I love WorkAwesome the most, I just started my career as a freelancer, and I am really hungry for success, so I work harder and harder everyday, every minute! What value WorkAwesome give is unvaluable, because work harder is the attitude but without the tips and helps WorkAwesome provided, I will still be a dumb hardworking freelance here…

  • I like PSDTUTS, partly because it was the first envato website i found but also because of the quality tutorials.

  • Mac.appstorm – there always a new great app to discover here. ;)

  • psdtuts+ :)

  • My favourite site is definitely PSDTuts. They serve great examples of graphic art.

  • Web.AppStorm: I’m a C/C++/Obj-C programmer, not professional in web programming nor design, but that is why I’m quite interested in Web.AppStorm; to learn a lot.

  • NetTuts is very cool, nearly as cool as this crazy giveaway! What a brilliant achievement this series of giveaways is!

    with best regards,

  • Mine has to be NetTuts+, even if you have years of Web development under your belt, it always gives you a few new tricks.

  • I follow the Web.Appstorm site because it gives great info on webapps I’ve missed.

  • PSDtuts it has sparked my interest in photoshop

  • My favorite site is iphoneappstorm. It may be new but I have high hopes it!

  • My favourite website is Audio Tuts. because I am a producer, and I love learning new things to do with it, the possibilities are endless. I also love the fact that they concentrate on technical side of Audio, so you can apply that knowledge to everything.

  • I’m a huge fan of NetTuts primarily for the great tutorials –

    Thanks for the giveaway – Cheers!

  • As you said “(obviously excluding Mac.AppStorm – we know it’s the best!)” I will have to go with PSDTuts – it’s always fun to learn a new trick for image manipulation which I may only need for a one-off job. It is nice to have a step-by-step to take me through it rather than spending days trying to learn it via trial-and-error.

  • My favourite site is Mac.AppStorm. This Christmas Giveaway is wonderful<3

  • NETTuts

    Because it helpes me a lot in learning web-related stuff :)

  • My favorite envato site (excluding macappstorm ;)) is

  • I love creattica! it is actually where I found ma.appstorm from. I love seeing the creativity of other designers.

  • My favourite is Nettuts. It has really helped me to learn a lot of stuff. Really usefull!!! :D

  • tuts+ is the best +)

  • Freelanceswitch – great for us starting out as freelancers, and people who’ve been working as one for a longer time.

  • I love Web.AppStorm as well. There’s a lot of useful resources and giveaways!
    Nice giveaway by the way!

  • Big fan of Themeforrest for WP themes – lots of great themes at a reasonable price.

  • That’s an easy choice and not only for me it seems, my favorite Envato website is definitely Psdtuts. Why? Again easy, I’m Dutch and we love free stuff and that’s what Psdtuts is all about: Free Photoshop knowledge!

  • NetTuts is my favorite, because it has a quality content.

  • I admit my ignorance :(
    I never heard about Envato websites, may I participate to the contest with this comment?

  • I’m a big fan of nettuts because there are great video tutorials that anyone with a text editor could follow along with and create anything they could imagine.

  • psdtuts because it really made a difference when it came to photoshop skills.

  • Web.AppStorm: I’m a C/C++/Obj-C programmer, not professional in web programming nor design, but that is way I’m quite interested in Web.AppStorm; to learn a lot about web apps and cloud.

  • Themeforest for me. Bought some of their templates recently. Awesome. These have increased my productivity. Thanks appstorm

  • nettuts without a doubt. Because of the quality of the posts.

  • Like all of them, but PSDtuts is my fav – amazed me all the time as to what people can do with Photoshop and a mind full of creativity.

  • I’ve always loved Creattica and more recently Web.Appstorm, they’re just brilliant :)

  • I’ve always loved Creattica and more recently Web.AppStorm :) They’re just fantastic professional sites!

  • Workawesome. Really nice articles.

  • AEtutsplus is definately one of my faves, it made me discover motion design, helped me create my own VJ loops and got me a 98% score in my video editing class, ch’yeah !

  • ThemeForest and the new CodeCanyon because they allow me to sell things that I love to make. :)

  • I’m a big fan of Themeforest because it’s a good place to get some starting ideas on making a website. Its so logically designed so that finding something is easy.

  • My favorite Envato website is definitely nettuts. The video tutorials, especially the ones by Jeffrey Way, are unbelievably helpful. It’s a great resource for a self taught developer like myself.

  • I’m loving my Tuts+ subscription, I learn something new every day.

  • I use Netuts a lot. One of my daily website, I don’t forget about mac.appstorm too. ;)


  • Nettuts. I love learning about new coding techniques for the web and their tutorials are always a great read.

  • It is still mac.appstorm – Beautyfully made, great reviews.

  • My love for these sites started with PSDtuts, but NETtuts it the most used one now!

  • Tuts+ ( is the one for me! There is so much to learn about design, audio and animation, and Tuts+ is a great central hub for tutorials and information. Read a couple of articles each day and, before you know it, you’ve expanded your skill sets, your creativity and your confidence. Happy holidays, everyone!

  • PhotoTuts+ is just awesome. As are the other offerings.

  • workawesome because it’s awesome.

  • – good information that has proven useful!

  • My favorite Envato website is definitely nettuts. The video tutorials, especially the ones by Jeffrey Way, are unbelievably helpful. It’s a great resource for a self taught developer like myself.


    They just got the best tutorials for the web ..
    Good explained, good screens, …

    Keep on the good stuff!

  • Nettuts+ Being a web designer, I love reading all the articles and watching Jefferey’s video tutorials.

  • My favorite is nettuts because they have one of the most interesting articles there.

  • Since being an independent developer for a few years, has been an invaluable resource. has also been a big help in allowing me to purchase themes and get sites launched quickly.

  • Nettuts is my favorite. They have high quality articles on many different topics.

  • My favorite is Mac.Appstorm and my second favorite is PSDTuts+.

  • Nettuts+ interest me the most, very userfull, and always the things I need :)

  • I love FreelanceSwitch.

    It provides very useful tips to help me run my freelance business better. I have learned so much over the past year from that blog.

  • Web.AppStorm ftw! it’s quite a brilliant place to stay up to date ;)

  • VectorTuts is my favourite, you guys do an amazing job giving great articles.

  • NetTuts is my favorite bc I love reading all the articles there

  • I’m a ‘advanced amateur’ in photography, so PhotoTuts all the way! Great tutorials that helped me make some really awesome photos

  • Other than appstorm it has to be PSDtuts! They help me with my noob skills in Photoshop!

  • Activeden, because it’s the best place to sell flash products.

  • PSDTuts – taking me from newbie to competent photoshopper :)

  • nettuts for sure… most relevant to what I do.

  • My favorite is ActiveDen, it’s so useful when I need to add an element to a site and don’t have time to code it, or my client doesn’t have the budget.

  • Hmm, I am really loving the PSDTUTS, as you guys are doing a marvellous job and explaining every bit of designing ;)

  • My favorite Envato website is nettuts. They cover a lot of web development things and sometimes even design things.

  • Big fan of Flashden, or I guess Activeden now. You guys really opened up flash development to a whole to world. It helps those with little to no flash experience spice up there website, and those in the field snag a couple of things to save time. Love it. I can’t wait till CGocean takes off.

  • My favorite is PsdTuts+.

  • Gotta be PSDTuts. There are a lot of Photoshop tutorial sites on the net, but if you’re loooking for quality tutorials PSDTuts is the only site you need to check.

  • My favorite Envato website is PSD Tuts because personally I’m not too good of a designer and they really help me get going with some of the things they teach me.
    I hope I win :)

  • I find nettuts to be my favourite because of the great content for site development, especially the videos. Jeffery Way rocks.

  • I love PSDTuts, it’s how it all started for me. I think I started to follow the site in it’s first incarnation.

  • My favorite envato site has to be Tuts+. There really isn’t 1 section of Tuts+ I like, I enjoy the diverse tutorials and I learn something new each time I visit. a + and another + in my book. All of your (Envato) sites are great, but Tuts+ does put the icing on the cake.


  • Choosing just one is hard, but I guess I’d have to pick Tutplus. It’s where I head first when I need to figure out how to do something.

  • definitely psdtuts!!!

  • My favourite Envato website is, these tutorials are always our great helpers in development. Nettuts has already given me some excellent ideas, too.

  • Mac.Appstorm is my current #1 for all the wonderfully detailed reviews and roundups for software I’ve wanted to try or never knew about.

    Though this contest has sparked me to take another look at some of the other Envato sites like VectorTuts, WebTuts and WorkAwesome.

  • Phew, that’s a hard one. I find myself using most of the Envato sites almost every day. I got my knowledge to the entire Envato network from PSDtuts, so I guess that would by my favorite site. It has a lot of great tutorials, and has taught me a whole bunch of great stuff. I especially remember the Graphic Design week – that was awesome!

  • themeforest, because of the good tutorials

  • PSDTuts ’cause it’s simple

  • Hard to pick only one… let it be JW rocks!

  • because I make many intros with the templates from the!

  • I’m a big fan of Freelance Switch. I’ve been reading since the site started, and I find it helpful as a web worker even though I’m not a freelancer.

  • My favorite Envato website is NetTuts

  • I love Creattica. I enjoy seeing what brilliant solutions people have come up with, and also like to see what the trends are.

  • NetTuts is fantastic, there’s always something new to learn… ;)

  • my favorite envato website is net tuts you learn so much more from there

  • Creattica, for the inspirational designs

  • CG.tutsplus – very diverse content. Covers many software packages.

  • We’re frequently doing wireframing in Illustrator but it can be a pain. Photoshop is much worse.

    P.S. WorkAwesome is pretty, er… well, awesome!

  • nettuts

  • Mac Appstorm of course ;) that and Web Appstorm are the only Envato sites I read. I love discovering new and interesting apps.

  • I love PSD Tuts, keeps my skills sharp and learning more.

  • CREATTICA! Its like refuelling when my creative juices run dry.

  • Work Awesome because I like the tips they give

  • The Envato network has so many good sites and I follow a bunch. But if I had to pick one it would be NetTuts+. I’m a web developer and I always like to keep my skills as sharp as possible.

    That is why Justinmind would be a great tool to add to my development toolbox.

  • My favorit is thmeforest lots of professional designs at great prices.

  • My favorite is Nettus,
    it’s full of cool tuts about Php and css.

  • I’m a huge fan of Themeforest. It is a quick and beautiful way to find excelent wordpress themes.

  • NetTuts rocks my socks for web development stuff.

  • Mac.AppStorm – Always help me.

  • PSDtuts!! taught me how to actually accomplish amazing effects! all college did was teach me about thinking! lol

  • I’d have to say as I love to make use of the web for business

  • FreelanceSwitch helps me a lot !

  • Net.Tuts – some very helpful web tutorials.

  • PSDtuts+ was the first envato site I started following and it has helped me grow my skills the most.

  • because it has provided me with a lot of tips a tricks!

  • None, they’re all great. :)

  • NetTuts+ is my favorite because it’s help me a lot !

  • PSDTuts+, the tutorials are great!

  • I like great tutorials that I can follow easily

  • I really enjoy looking at PSDtuts

    I am a fellow designer, and my perspective is to always see what other people are doing that will better assist me in my craft. Now, I don’t say steal it, but more so to get a feeling of where the trends are going in the world of design :)

  • Nettuts! For the web tutorials


    I’m always looking for new tips & tricks to use in PS.

  • Nettuts for sure. It keeps me up to speed with designer-friendly stories on web development

  • This software looks great and really useful. Now I have an ultimatum becasue all of Envato’s websites are superve. However if I must choose I am in love with CodeCanyon, all of the amazingly cheap and useful high quality files that you can’t find anywhere else. If would not be surprised if I was the only one.

  • Vectortuts+ Has both useful tutorials & great Interviews.

  • PSDtuts+ – great Photoshop help site. I’ve learned a TON there -basically taught me everythin i know about PS

  • I love It has hundreds of website themes and easy templates for making a page. Works with wordpress:)

  • My favorite Envato site is Mac Appstorm for sure!!! Where else can I find such amazing software reviews??? NOWHERE!!!! :)

  • Oye! It’s so hard to choose!! There are so many sites with such amazing content!! I’d have to say VectorTuts though… I’ve decided to expand my skills with Illustrator and it has been the best resource out there!!!!

  • Honestly, it’s really hard to choose which envato website I like the best – I love nettuts…and I have learned so much – but I have equal love for theme forest – the only thing I’d love to see is a premium wordpress plugin addition – that would make envato my go-to for everything and anything….

  • PSDtuts+…the best place around to learn tips and tricks.

  • PSDtuts+ & NETtuts+
    … why? because of the great content and useful stuff that I can implement in my daily work ;)

  • i am a web developer, so the obvious choice is nettuts+, but I also really like freelanceswitch.

  • My favorite Envoto site (aside from of course), is NetTuts. I’ve learned so much from it! I’ve never read a single post that i didn’t take something away from. Incredibly valuable.
    Oh, and whenever I need a graphic, I turn to Graphic River. :)

    I would be honored to win!

  • I am a huge fan of Nettuts+ because I love coding and making websites!

  • Nettuts+ because it has great tutorials that often involve techniques or code that I have never used or seen before.

  • I’ve only recently discovered WorkAwesome, but it seems a good resource for handling office life while keeping your sanity.

  • Oh em gee. This program would change my life and make me a freaking superstar at work. Fingers really tightly crossed here. And my favorite envato site? Turns out mostly Although I seriously love workawesome. Wouldn’t kick either out of bed.

  • Creattica. I have it scripted to automatically load every morning so I can review the latest, hottest design trends.

  • To be honest, the only one a really read is this, Mac AppStorm. If I had to pick another, it would probably be nettuts.

  • Ae tuts for sure, because there’s always something you don’t konw yet about after effects

  • Totally nettuts+. There is just so much good information there. Great lessons and refreshers.

  • nettuts+ great articles and video tuts.

  • The entire tuts+ hub is absolutely invaluable to me as I have interests in Web, Illustration, Photography, and CGI. If I was forced to pick one though it would have to be Nettuts. Jefferey Way is my hero for his screencasts on PSD to WordPress as I have built multiple sites on what he taught me.

    Thanks for these givaways by the way. Even if I don’t win I am still finding out about some fantastic apps to help in my freelance career!

    • Sorry for typo Jeffrey!

  • I recently discovered Creattica and have found it a really good place to find inspiration for lots of the projects I am working on.

  • vectortuts+ because I’m an Illustrator junkie!

  • i’m loving the nettuts 8-)

  • NetTuts for me. But I also like the other sites in the Tuts+ package.

  • Man it’s a toss up between CGTuts and AETuts…

  • tuts+, beacouse I can always find sth interesting to develop my skills in adobe cs pack.


  • My favorite is PSDTuts+ because it’s the site I learned most about Photoshop…

  • Creattica’s my fave. The inspiration is worth much more than the price of admission ;D

  • Well, I must admit that workawesome has really grown on me; some really interesting advice (even if I tend to ignore it…)

    I am excited by the idea of iphone.appstorm though!

  • Well, I must admit that workawesome has really grown on me; some really interesting advice (even if I tend to ignore it…)

    I am excited by the idea of iphone.appstorm though!

  • Definitely CGTuts, I’m just starting to get into the CG Field and it’s been immensely helpful in developing my 3D skills.

  • nettuts because of the great tutorials. Thanks

  • My favorite Envato website is ThemeForest. This website makes the community to have the possibility to buy high quality things and this is a way to promote a more beautiful Web.

  • I have to pick just one favorite? No fair. LOL
    I’d have to say PSDtuts is probably my favorite with WebAppstorm and NETtuts each running a close second. The tutorial level of detail is always awesome and the writing well done and easy to follow.

  • My favorite is the AE Tuts. It’s hard to find such great Motion Design tuts gathered in the same place.

  • Mac.AppStorm because I seem to have an obsession with software lately (especially Mac software) ;)

  • My favourite envato website would have to be nettuts+. The tutorials there are some of the most well-written and beautifully presented. I’ve learned a lot from nettuts!

  • Themeforest all the way… :)

  • Toss up between themeforest and nettuts. The quality of all the sites is great.

  • Woah! This is a good prize!!!

    My favourite is actually this one (no lie) It’s a bit different from the other Envato sites and I like to get the most out of my Mac as possible, this site helps me do that :)

    I quite like that new Awesome one too! That could be my new fav if it keeps posting cool articles. :D


  • I like ThemeForest the best.

  • I do like PSDTuts+ because it provides hight quality Photoshop tuturials and resources.

  • NetTuts+ because I really like learning about Web Development :)

  • My favorite Envato website is the marketplace. It gives a great way to get income during the slower periods when you don’t have any new clients.

  • Creattica, which I only recently discovered. Its a great source of inspiration.

  • PSDTuts and NetTuts are great learning place for my job and personal knowledge, but MacAppStrom rules ;-)

    Cheers all

  • I really like PhotoTuts!! :) ..Often get new ideas there!

  • I have a special folder on my bookmark toolbar to open all Envato websites at once every day :) But as a developer my favorite would be Nettuts. I really like the screencasts, they’re a great way to start learning and understanding new coding languages.

  • My favorite is NetTuts. Before NetTuts was my life bad!

  • I like the Freelance Switch since I’m a freelancer. :-)

  • Freelance Switch is the greates because it gives me advice that I need and that I can put to use immediately in running my business. It also gives me a community of like-minds that I can pick for information, as well as contribute a few cells of my own!

  • i love mac.appstorm because you guys always show new and interesting software that i could use :-D

  • My most favorite Envato site would be, simply because i can make some great passive income and because there are lots of cool themes which can be used for speeding up my design process. This saves me time and my client money.

    And themeforest has given me lots of freelancework ;)

  • NETTuts because is very very useful! Best Web tutorials related site!

  • I love Nettuts because it allows people to sit and learn things that otherwise might require the purchase of expensive books that quickly become outdated.

  • iphoneappstorm

  • is my favorite (besides this one) because I am a mac/web app addict, and you guys cover the best variety of apps and write the best reviews. plus, very few typos, spelling errors, etc. thats such a pet peeve of mine when reading blogs :P


  • I love FreelanceSwitch!
    Being a part-time web freelancer myself their articles are always useful and relevant as well as informative. I’ve found lots of small tips and neat suggestions that’ve helped my freelancing business grow!

  • Mac.appstorm

    Because they give avay a lot of cool apps:)

  • Jeffrey Way all the way!

  • My favorite site is phototuts+ as it has some great articles on photography for the amateur that help bring your photos to a more professional level.


  • I love reading all interesting articles on Freelance Switch, it is always interesting, well written, and inspirating!

  • Nettuts is definitely my favorite :)

  • Hey,

    i don´t know any other Envato website. Just stumbled over this site and looking every day for the new apps, just to know which cool apps out there.

  • My favorite Envato website is VectorTUTS+ because Adobe Illustrator is an amazing program and I enjoy learning new tricks to help better my work flow.


  • I love reading PSDtuts and Nettuts. The quality of the post cannot be found anywhere else

  • nettuts, 9 out of 10 posts are just great quality. Big contrast to other tutorialsites.

  • I like iPhoneAppStorm the most, because I know it will be great! It’s going to help me keep up with all sorts of new apps.

  • Hmm it’s a toss up between Web.AppStorm, because I love learning more about online web apps, and VectorTuts+ because the tutorials on there are just so awesome!

    Like Alykhan, I’m very much looking forward to iPhone.AppStorm!

  • I love ThemeForest as it gives me so many great ideas. With so many great different designs, I dont mind paying to use them as I know I get a great product!

  • My favorite is probably NETTuts+ because I love web stuff :)

  • Activeden – it’s a place I start with when I look for some fresh flash stuff.

  • Themeforest and web.appstorm are my two favorities currently. But honestly, all the tuts websites kick butt too.

  • these days my favorite is themeforest – love the community & the designers. It’s a great place to learn

  • NetTuts is my absolute favorite site second only to this site (And I am not kissing up, its just how it is). I like it because of the quality and variety in its content as well as its relevance to me as a web developer.

  • I can’t get enough of that NetTuts+ There is some incredibly valuable content on there day after day…

  • I guess its the whole tuts+ net of websites could be my “best” one – I am repeatedly amazed by the quality of the content.

  • Nettuts is, by far, my favorite. I owe a lot of my learning to Jeffery Way!

  • Nettuts Rulez!!!

  • :D

  • Hi, my name is Bruce and I’m a Theme-aholic.
    Themeforest is inspiration central for me. I visit daily. I can’t stop.

  • Nettuts+ because its the most useful for me :)

  • Of course Mac AppStorm and Web AppStorm are fantastic…I think WorkAwesome has a lot of potential and will soon be my fav.

  • Mac AppStorm is the only one I knew about…

  • Mac AppStorm is the only one I knew about…

  • Not sure if it counts (yet) but I’m super excited for iPhone.appstorm :)

  • As WebDeveloper Nettuts+ is the best envato for me :) it helps me the most

  • NetTuts is not only the best Envato website, but by far the best webdevelopment site I know. Any tutorial is just high quality, providing a near perfect balance for beginners and advanced developers.

  • I really like NetTuts. Gives great tutorials ranging from beginner to experienced. Really helps me on all kinds of projects.

  • I’d really love the tuts network at the moment i like psdtuts+ the most. fantastic stuff!

  • I’m a web developer, so NETTUTS is my favourite Envato website. But actually I like EVERY Envato site : they are all amazing…!

  • PSDtuts

    Used it for school, the only one I’ve used. So my favorite and least favorite.

  • is the great cause i love to develop in flash, flex


  • Web.appstorm….. I use it every day, its kinda weird…..

  • I dig Audio Tuts; it’s one of the areas I know the least, and being a musician, I’ve learned a ton of useful knowledge!

  • psd-tuts for moi :)

  • My favorite envato is the Nettuts+ and ActiveDen, as I need to explore more about the other sites. Also, I believe in supporting envato as a Web Developer as I can feel the energy behind the scenes to make all that happen is great for everyone of us. Thanks.

  • My favorite website is PSD Tuts because i’ve learned a ton of new photoshop techniques from that site. I’ve been following it since it’s inception and it has grown to be my primary go-to source for photoshop techniques.

    However, theNetsetter is getting to be something I quite like…I really love the articles they write. Really helpful for me as I try to get a startup going.

  • NetTuts because its the first site I found to give consistently high quality tutorials with awesome examples

  • I love going back to net-tuts and catching up on all the great stuff on that website because no matter how much is on the net, they always come out with a balance of the very interesting and new, as well as the very useful and helpful like tutorials.


  • I’ll give the nod to NETTuts over my other favorite, PSDTuts. There’s always new, informative content to catch up on when I’ve got a bit of free time. Extremely useful.

  • NetTuts because it’s help me a lot! FAntastic site!! :)

  • PSDTuts, as I learn a handful of new things in there.

  • PSDTuts+, because of its photo features and NetTuts for all the web related info.

  • NetTuts for all its web related info

  • NetTuts for all its web related info. Thanks.

  • NetTuts for sure…. so much information on so many topics

  • NetTuts – Just discovered it recently but very useful site :)

  • Most definitely Nettuts. Justinmind would be a great thing to have!

  • I like GraphicRiver

  • Gotta be Nettuts. Jeffrey Way is a bad a$$.
    The tuts are very thorough & a wide variety. Just like how the real life dev world is!!

  • Vectortuts is my favorite!! The tutorials are really easy follow and every time I learn more.

  • PhototTuts since I like photography.

  • PSD Tuts because I love having the example files!

  • Honestly, all of your sites are amazing, and I follow almost all of them on Twitter. If I had to choose which one I like best, it would be for introducing me to the wonderful world of Envato and for increasing my Photoshop skills tenfold. Thank you Envato :)

  • My favourite Envato site is Nettuts – because it’s turning this librarian into a programmer.

  • My favorite site — _after_ Mac.AppStorm, of course, is GraphicRiver.

  • I am going to have to say Nettuts. I am always looking for a better way to do things with my code, and they deliver the goods 60% of the time, every time.

  • My fav….hmmm… I think I would have to go with Phototuts+, but Nettuts is a close second.

  • NETTUTS, even so has tutorial very extensive it very helps me with jquery and with codeigniter, to say the truth never it would have used to codeigniter if it was not for it.

  • WorkAwesome! There are a lot of useful tips for work, presentation, getting things done and so on. I always find something nice for my work day there =)

  • My favorite is NETTUTS+
    It is a great resource for my second job (web dev freelancer), and I’ve been able to find a lot of great ideas there.

  • I hadn’t heard of, but it has now become a favorite site. Thanks for the info!

  • NetTuts – Definately on of the best (I’m a mac person and LOVE mac app storm). I use a lot of the tutorials and tips and everything a lot and check the site every day! (On a dial-up connection, thats no easy feat!!) FreelanceSwitch, AE Tuts, Creattica and PSD Tuts rock too!! I’ve learned so much from your sites!

  • Nettuts+ ! @pixel

  • VideoHive.

  • love vectuts+. great tutorials, quick and easy to pick up. and of course the killer freebie vector files are always a plus :)

  • My favorite is FreelanceSwitch.

  • PSDTuts since I like shopping photos.

  • my favorite is NETTUTS, great tutorials; especially about using the latest and greatest tools. Keep up the good work!

  • PSDTuts ;)

  • My favourite would probably have to be FreelanceSwitch, it’s great for getting started into freelancing!

  • nettuts+, lots of great tutorials. i’m currently teaching myself javascript using the “javascript from null” tutorial.

  • Freelance Switch is my favourite because as a freelancer it provides me with the support and community I need to not feel like I’m totally going it alone.

  • PSD tuts rocks!

  • another post for nettuts – demistifying the interwebs for artistic people.

  • Nettuts is the best and my favourite tutorial is PSD to HTML by Jeffrey Way.

  • Vector Tuts is the one for me, followed by PSD Tuts.

  • Is it possible to only like one website ? ;o) If I had to choose one now, it will be nettuts+ ! For 6 months, I used to make some web application and the site was very helpful !

  • net.tutsplus is my favorite, I learned a lot of cool stuff there :)
    actually all envato network is the best web resource.

  • Nettuts is my favorite with all the content-rich articles covering a good range of web dev. topics

  • It’s has to be freelanceswitch for sure. If it wasn’t for them I would still be working for the man.

  • My favorite at the time is Illutrator is my favorite software and VectorTuts+ always help me learn new stuff.

  • NetTuts+ is great with tutorials covering different topics on the web.

  • PSDTuts+ is the best place to learn Photoshop. Period.

  • MacAppStorm of course… what else?

  • I really like psd tuts. It’s a great resource for photoshop users with a healthy community.

  • My favorite is Tut+ for all the tutorials and interesting things, and MacAppStorm for software reviwes

  • My favorite Envato site is nettuts! High quality tutorials without exception.

  • My favorite is Creattica, it is a beautiful site full of inspiration.

  • My favorite is without doubt Nettuts+… Always fresh, interesting and superb quality tutorials and articles!

  • Clearly the entire Tuts+ Network.. If I have to choose one of those.. I’d pick the vector site!

  • i like the netTUTS site most

  • I like cauz it contains lots of interesting stuff in education

  • I love cause i´m a web nerd!

  • because it contains lots of great stuff for education also

  • Themeforest, beacause it’s the best theme resource on the web. :)

  • ThemeForest.

  • Is there a site on the web not owned by Envato?

    However, I like freeöanceswitch and creattoca the best, great inspiration and comic-strips.

  • My favorite Envato site is WorkAwesome, wich proves to be very helpful improving my workflow.

  • It has to be ThemeForest for me. I don’t tend to use it to buy from but I do look through the submissions often to try and get some inspiration.

    A great resource!

  • defently web.appstorm for huge ammount of inspiration what can you do on the web

  • Web.Appstorm cuz, I am a web-nerd…

  • nettuts+ is my favorite Envato website, it provide the great stuff which I want to learn!

  • Mac.Appstorm is great, but I’ve been really enjoying WorkAwesome ( It’s got great articles that inspire me daily to be a better worker.

  • NetTuts Rulez.

  • This is a hard one to answer but for consistency I nominate PSDTuts+. I love all the other sites and wish I had more time to soak in all the great tips and advice but for a creative fix PSDTuts+ is tops.
    Being a hard working web designer I try to check everything but maybe getting Justinmind will help in my workflow and free up more time.

  • My favorite one is NetTuts, I’m a developer so it makes sense!

  • Themeforest for me.

    The resources and the community is great

  • It is hard to say: I like PSDTuts, NETtuts and AEtuts. Freelance Switch is nice too. It is really hard to say.

  • ActiveDen is best! Like it so much!

  • My fave is, because I really want to learn 3D.

  • My fave is, because I really want to learn 3D.

  • My favorite is NetTuts !!
    (but also all the tutsplus websites too)

  • My favourite Envato website is GraphicRiver, the resources there are amazing…really saves us from a LOT of work…

  • GraphicRiver us my fave! You can find ressources for al ur projects

  • My favorite site is PSDTuts as I learned a lot from it with Photoshop!

  • My favorite site is PSDTuts as it has helped me loads since i started photoshop.

  • Nuttuts hands down you learn so much as a web developer

  • My favourite Envato website is NetTuts, obviously because I’m a webdeveloper but mostly because every single article on there is so clear and easy to get in to!

  • I love nettuts! Awesome articles

  • NetTuts+ because it has very great stuff.

  • – being a design student, for me this site just simply WINS

  • I’ve been digging CodeCanyon. Mainly because I am not a PHP expert, and there are some great code packages on CC.

    Am I too late?!? Justinmind looks awesome!

  • My fav site is ThemeForest as I am always impressed by the quality of the designs. I find them inspirational as I am trying to come up with fresh ideas for my own sites.

  • I love because it’s such a great place to find design-inspiration!

  • I just must have it! Please, please, please!

  • My personal favourite is ActiveDen, first of all as place to sell my works (haven’t sold anything yet, though), but also as a place where I can find components that will put my workflow in Warp-5.

  • CodeCanyon! :)
    Great marketplace!

  • I can’t just pick one – they are all great sites but since the rule is to pick one – here it is:

  • My Favourite Envato site is Themeforrest, because it offers great Design!

  • ThemeForest is the best. Great designs, clean code and excellent prices

  • My favorite is AE tuts! I can learn many techniques and new effects, I’ve never really used before.

  • Gotta love the PSDtuts site. helps me come up with creative inspiration all the time. “Consider this my entry for the Free Wireframing program which would help me designing 13 websites a lot easier!”

    Happy Holidays!

  • Definitely PSDtuts, really clear and useful tutorials.

  • Web.Appstorm is pretty good. As a web developer & like visiting it for inspiration & fostering jealousy.

  • The first was the best.

  • Graphic River & Theme forest are the best!

  • PSD Tuts has given me an impulse in my every day professional development, I’m now using it as a reference in my ‘ Work bible’ where I train other designers.

  • PSD Tuts – I honestly haven’t found a better collection of exactly what I am looking for. Great, great site.

  • My favourite website on Envato is NetTuts! Simply the best resource on the web for fresh tutorials and learn how to apply the various effects in our design!

  • I like PSD Tuts. I like the artists profiled there.

  • net tuts, the quality is maintained on a high level and yet there are enough tuts that newcomers can follow.

  • net tuts, the quality is maintained on a high level and yet there are enough tuts that newcomers can follow.

  • Any news on the winners of this? I keep checking back a couple of times a day :P

  • I love Mac.appstorm helped me find many useful apps including Socialite, Marsedit, Together, and many more.