Christmas Giveaway Day 14: Pixelmator

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of the work done by the Pixelmator team, so I’m really pleased to have the chance to give away 6 copies of their excellent graphics application. Pixelmator is a fast, effective Photoshop alternative for the Mac, and offers a huge range of functionality. Whether you’re working for print, or for the web, it’s a handy weapon to have in your arsenal.

Read on for more information about the app, and to find out how to enter.

Winners Announced

A huge Christmas congratulations are in order to our six Pixelmator winners:

  • Guilhem Brouat
  • Birmacher
  • Scott Wasserman
  • Norman J Perez
  • Alex Aubert
  • ChristianK

I hope you enjoy using this fantastic application!

About Pixelmator

Pixelmator is an OS X only image editing tool designed with speed, simplicity and a great user interface in mind. It lacks the raw power of Photoshop, but provides a great, flexible tool for graphics editing and photo manipulation. After using it for a few weeks, I decided to make the switch for most of my graphic editing work. It’s quick, simple and – although it takes a little while to adjust from the Photoshop interface – definitely worth trying out.



Our Review of Pixelmator

If you’d like to find out more about Pixelmator, our review is a great place to start. Here’s a quick summary of what we found:

Pixelmator is full featured, blazingly fast and perfect for those who need a reasonably priced, Mac-centric image editor. It lacks the colossal feature set of Photoshop, but comes without all the bloat. Download the trial and try it out for a week – there’s a good chance you’ll love it.

How to Enter

Did you know that Envato also have a great tutorial site related to photography? Well, now you do! It’s called Phototuts+, and would be a great blog to check out if you’re interested in photography or design.

Entering the competition today just requires you to follow @phototuts on Twitter! When you’ve done that, post your Twitter username in the comments below.

The competition closes in exactly 24 hours, and we will randomly select the winner(s) shortly afterwards. This post will be updated with the winners information and we’ll get in touch with you.

A big thanks to Pixelmator for sponsoring the competition. Good luck, and be sure to follow us or subscribe so that you can find out if you’re a winner!


Today’s Web.AppStorm Giveaway: Upload Robots

Don’t forget to check out what’s going on over at Web.AppStorm! Today they’re giving away a few memberships for Upload Robots.

Share and backup files online with Upload Robots. This application is fast, nice to look at, and easy to use.

Read more and enter the competition.

Our Christmas Wallpapers

In case you missed it, we’ve also created a bunch of festive wallpapers to get your desktop in the Christmas spirit. Here’s a quick preview!


  • Sulcalibur


    I agree Pixelmator is a superb application. Amazing for the price too.

  • Robin Lundgren


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    nice alternative to photoshop :3

  • Anthony

    Twitter username: @snowboardrx

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    Wow, it’s awesome. I’ll thankful if I get it. Please :)

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    @torstennn on twitter

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    Count me in


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    @Noblesongster would really like to win a copy.

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    done. i’m @maique.


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    Grat software! @puleddu

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    Oh! Its my dream)

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    My Twitter name is : lilivandale
    Have a great xMas !

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    philipdbrown – Twitter

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    it would be really nice to give Pixelmator a run

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    Love to get my hands on this!

  • Kumaja


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  • Gleb Kotov


  • notyoubutme

    I’m following… ;)

  • Andrei Bosco

    Pixelmator, yay! :D

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  • Andrei Bosco

    Pixelmator, yay! :D – twitter username: andreibosco

  • Kaminix


    I never quite got photoshop but I still need a good app to fix some easy stuff with, Pixelmator would be awesome for that!

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    I need this application !

    i now follow you on twitter and my twitter username is ugocrazy :D

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    I want this :D

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    OMG Pixelmator!

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    @brightphotos MMMMMM nice APP

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    I’d love to get my hands on this!

  • Alexander

    @keft :)

  • Dodie


    Phototuts+ is my favorite new comer to Evanto :O

  • Flo


  • mangochutney


    I completely forgot about Pixelmator up until I saw this give-away.
    This could be one less reason to boot up Windows on my Mac to use Photoshop (only have a Windows license).

  • Andre


  • Lionel Rudaz

    Thanks for this giveaway.
    My Twitter ID: @lionelrudaz

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    it’s msxx

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    Looks like a cool app!

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    Would love a licence…had my eyes set on Pixelmator for a good while now. Twitter is @hjasnoch

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    @TyagoNeres following!!! I would love to win this…

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    Pixelmator is an Apple-like Photoshop.

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    Pixelmator is great!

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    I’m @mynameisraj on twitter.

  • Bettina Wagner

    Just followed @phototuts on twitter, not only because I want to win the pixelmator :) My twitter-name is @marketeasy, that’s the name of my market research agency in Duesseldorf, Germany.

  • Vikas Gupta

  • werawat wera

    @phz loving pixelmator ;D

  • Albin Bernholtz


  • Chriztian Steinmeier

    @greystate hopes to win the awesome Pixelmator

  • Arthur Lockman

    @arthurlockman Awesome App!

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    Great app! I really want this for Christmas!


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  • Simon

    I’m @iPhone360 on Twitter!

  • Chris

    Wow, I love the Pixelmator team!

    twitter: @chrisherbert1

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    yeah, i wanna win :>

    did follow @phototuts (@qnm)

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    Here’s my twitter id – sifar

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  • Johan

    Merry Christmas!
    My twitter username is @johandelfs

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    @msirel – haven’t won anything so far… but I really really really want Pixelmator…

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    I want this :)

  • Sam D

    always armed and ready to enter @sdevore

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    @mkrusro is the name

  • Ben Pettis

    @bpettis I hope I win!

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    I would love to win this! Pixelmater looks amazing.

    • Andy M

      I was so happy that looking at it that I forgot to post my Twitter name.


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    Thanks for the competition.

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    Following as @iKreateIt

    And I can’t believe you actually have Pixelmator! It’s such a great app!

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    @willdawson This would be great :D

  • Koichi MATSUMOTO


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  • Dan


    Wish I never purchased Photoshop. Would much rather have Pixelmator.

  • Alex Bilbie


  • James Doc
  • Ana


  • Toastedtoast

    Yeah I’m In

  • Brad Rhine


  • iMobi

    Hey guys! Great app, want to have it.

    here’s my twitter profile: @iMobi

    and the link to it:

  • Daniel


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    Awesome! Sign me up!
    @pixelfumes on Twitter.

  • chaotic4life


  • Jeremy Rudd

    @JPRudd Trying to build my freelance business.

  • Uwe

    @iUwe ;)
    I really like the look of Pixelmator :)

  • Levi Breederland


  • Dorian Grey


  • Birmacher


  • Sandris Mikuda


  • Levi Breederland


  • Andrew

    Good luck,

  • T. Engelhardt

    My Twitter Username: toende

  • Joel Drapper

    @JoelDrapper (if I win, could I have it registered in a different name?)

  • Tyler

    Yes! This is the best giveaway yet! I am twick100 Following Phototuts+

  • Ben


    Also, I had no idea that there was a phototut- how exciting!

    phototut + pixelmater = world domination??

  • Nathan

    @geekdadnath would love to give it a try!

  • Simon

    I’m @czentnar.
    Thanks a lot!

  • Timo


  • Ingiber Freyr


  • Johan Hammar


  • Gustavo


  • Patrick

    This is a super product

    Master_OSX twitter username

  • neuro

    @neuromancertwtr on twitter
    a pixelmator would be nice

  • abe


    Ouuu nice app!

  • Ales


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  • Chris


  • Eugenio Grigolon
  • Ghotath


  • Robert Hays


    Pixelmator is a great tool and you guys have a great site, been reading your feed daily for a few months now! Thanks!

  • ArDoN

    Mi reino por Pixelmator xD


  • Josso


    It would be awesome to have a legal alternative to Photoshop. :p

  • Vik


  • Deva


  • elias tan


  • crkf


  • Gianluca

    Many thanks

  • jicéb


    Go Pixelmator !!!

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    nice app!

  • Keith


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    Hooray for Pixelmator!


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    Followed: @kgosser

    I really want to win this! Although I wanted Espresso more. I haven’t won yet :-(

  • Stephan


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    Love to give it a try!


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    Looks like an amazing app.

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    I’ve been eyeing Pixelmator for a while now… I hope I win @alexenko

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    need some pixelmator love ;)

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    Great alternative to the very pricey photoshop!


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    @craigmccaskill on twitter.

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    I need some pixelmator love!

  • Ilessiivi


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  • Henwli


    I’ve been relying on XP to run PS6.0 for image editing. This giveaway would suit my needs nicely and finally bring me to the 21st century :p

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  • Ben


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    Good luck people!

  • Brandon Martinez


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  • Christelle


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    Sick of adobe. give me pixelmator ;)

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    Been wanting to try Pixelmator for a while now.

  • Edward Chien


  • Matt Wiebe


    Been wanting to try Pixelmator for a while now.

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    @MaestroBlogger :)

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    This is a great program!

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    Awesome application, would love to use it for small works that don’t necessarily require Photoshop.

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    Great software.

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    Pixelmator.. nice giveaway!

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  • James


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    Been wanting to try it to see how it compares to the beast of Photoshop.

  • Andrew Lennon


  • Adam A


  • Linda

    My daughter-in-law raves about Pixelmator, so now I need to experience it for myself.

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  • James


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    It’s great tool

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    My twitter username is @gonafr

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    A program i’ve always wanted!

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    @j3snyder what a great program!

  • Samrat mazumdar

    Twitter handle: @samratm

    I have tried the demo of Pixelmater and really liked it, I am really looking to shift from photoshop to pixelmater.

  • angrydesigner


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  • davale


    Have tried this out in the weekend. It must be a sign ;-)

  • Tobi

    Great Blog, great software!


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    Pixelmator is awesome!

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    and I would love to get Pixelmator

  • Austin Dworaczyk Wiltshire


    Man, I have always wanted to get my hands on PixelMator! It’s a great (and cheap) alternative to Photoshop!

  • Amanda Jean


  • Amanda Jean


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    Twitter username: @eistrom

  • http://Theycallmeurl Royce Dodds

    @wupperthalia is my twitter name I hope. I’m too old for all this technical stuff, and I’m a software whore, so an extra license would be great

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    clearly you already know!!

  • Deavy

    Done! My twitter name is:


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    I’ve tweeted that now over at @ben_armstrong.

    Thanks for this contest – Have been meaning to purchase Pixelmator for a while now. Would be great if I could win it instead! You guys rock!

  • Thomas Furlonger

    @iTomath –
    Thank you!

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    very cool app!


  • Joakim

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    do love pixelmator.. only wish for some easy way to import photoshop vector-brushes ..

  • Ben Tattersley


  • Ben Tattersley


    love the app and this site!

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    whoaa! is it real!? you really giving Pixelmator! I want that @oykunyilmaz Thanks!


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    I’m looking for a great image editor for a noob
    like me and would love pixelmator!

  • Jan Baros


  • Jan Baros


  • iJoel


    I’ve been wanting Pixelmator on this mac since day one ;P.

  • Paul Grozyan

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    I want localize Pixelmator into Russian now!

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    Great program and I have a friend who I would love to give this copy to.

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    Been following them for a while. You guys have a great network.


  • jari engström


  • Joel Pearson



  • Rick Terrill


  • Pat


  • Alex


  • Kuba Bogaczewicz


    I was looking at Pixelmator for some time now, looks great, especially money-wise.

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    Good luck everyone!

  • Gavin


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  • Nico


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    @buitenbeeld isn’t the only one interested in this.. :D

  • Kyle L


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  • Gareth Bissland


  • Tim


  • Stuart

    @stuie123 for me…

  • hexaworld

    Hopefully I’ll be lucky …

  • Adam


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  • Simon Peak


  • everzet


  • Andrew



  • nanochrome

    Done. @nanochrome

  • Norman J Perez


    I’ve heard of Pixelmator, but didn’t used it since I had Photoshop. However I tried it today and can say that it really is faster and easier to use.

  • Connor Crosby


  • Evan Grisel

    Fantastic give away. Please choose me, I want pixelmator so bad. @evangrisel

  • tristan
  • Arcank


  • Alejandro

    my username is @alenm88

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  • Luis Martins


  • Margaux


  • Matt @ DVQ


    This would be great to win :)

  • jamy015

    I’m @jamy015 and really wanting to win this.

  • TonyRetrobot

    Pixelmator is such an awesome graphics mac app!


  • Paul Sipple


    I’d love a copy of Pixelmator…

  • Tanner Smith


  • Jason


  • Raj Shah


  • Stas Belov


  • MacAppist


  • Grant Heinlein


  • Mikael Pittam
  • Grant Heinlein


  • Brandon Storz


  • iRybek


    I would love to get this program. Great replacement for quite expensive photoshop.

  • Mikael Pittam
  • Erica


  • Brandon Storz


  • Ilkka


  • Suaran Sidhu


    me me me me me please

  • Suaran Sidhu


    me me me me me please

  • Suaran Sidhu


    me me me me me please

  • Suaran Sidhu


    me me me me me please

  • Suaran Sidhu


    me me me me me please

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    Ah, I’m really excited about this one!

  • Bastian

    I’m also in : @dasrecht

  • Alykhan


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    I would love this one!!!

  • Filip Ruzicka

    Thanks for putting this on
    – @FilipRuzicka

  • Nathan Lunsford


    Pixelmator would be an incredible Christmas gift to win.

  • Nathan Lunsford


    Pixelmator would be an amazing app to win.

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    Thanks for this giveaways!

  • Shambhala4053

    Twitter name: Shambhala4053

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  • Mike

    @mhamrah is now following @phototuts and I really would be honored to get a copy of pixelmator!

  • NWagner


  • fellowweb


    Thank you!

  • Tom Kercher


  • Rohit

    @ nite41

  • Steven


  • KerryH


  • Jacob

    @jacobbuck :)

  • Tristan


  • Ibai Asensio


  • Ibai Asensio


  • Ibai Asensio


    • Ibai Asensio

      ups! internet problems, sorry :S

  • Henry Bennett


  • Christine Chan


    Been wanting this app for a while, it seems to be as good as Photoshop but for a fraction of the cost.

  • http://URL(Optional) C.44


  • Matt


  • Toby


    Been planning to get this one for a while now :)

  • Krzys


  • conundrum

    Here’s hoping.


  • David


  • Kyle Decker


    Would love to win this, looks like an awesome application.

  • Lilx


  • http://URL(Optional) kickbutt


  • http://URL(Optional) kickbutt
  • Paul


  • Alec


  • fmayakos


  • Guigueek


  • Scott Wasserman


  • Josh Tessier


  • Derrick Lim


  • cabell


    Pixelmator looks great! I’ve seen some cool videos about it. If you’d like to see it in action, visit . The interface looks a lot nicer than Photoshop’s.

  • Teryn


  • Dan


  • Andrew


  • Joshua


  • Arlen

    Twitter username: @arlenr

  • Michael


  • Jesper Rasmussen


  • insanedreamer


    Looks like a great app!

  • Keehun Nam


  • Kerk Wilson


  • Will

    @newtown11 on Twitter.

  • vijay



  • Steve

    This would be awesome to win

  • Aaron Jackson


  • Gregory Wilson


  • Aaron Jackson

    This is the second time I have tried…I had this problem the other day and gave up…if it posts twice please delete one… @arrowj

  • Bob Smith


  • esortm


  • esortm

    Please delete if double post – the entry does not show up for me after submission.

  • Mike Browne

    Want before my 30 day trial of PS runs out. :(


  • Bob Smith


  • Kolin Krewinkel


  • Bob Smith


  • Bob Smith


  • Bob Smith


  • esortm


  • Thomas


  • Lord Zog, the Wildly Confused


  • Glenn C.


  • Josh Elsasser

    I’m jaelk (@jaelk) on Twitter.

    Hope that I get it this time

  • Steve O (gswd)


  • Ariyo


  • ArcNet001

    Pixelmator is at the top of my list of wants

  • Anh


  • nicolas gosselin


  • Bob Smith

    Something is seriously wrong with this website, posts aren’t showing up for tens of minutes after submission.

  • nicolas gosselin


  • Omair Ahmad

    Looks like a really useful application :)

  • nicolas gosselin


  • Denzel Low


  • michael


    if i win, i promise i’ll use it. promise.

  • Dan


  • mer


  • mer


  • Cormac

    gosh, hope I win something this time…

  • Basa


    Thanks for chance to win this great program !

  • fallroot


    Good luck everyone

  • Patrice Poliquin

    I really need PixelMator! It looks really great.

    My twitter ID is @poliquinp

  • Nicolas Giannetta

    I would love this! @CodinGuru

  • Colin Pekruhn


  • mer


  • Zhivago


  • Zhivago


  • Zhivago


  • Raymond Phillips


    Been looking for a pixelmator contest!

  • Weston M Gallagher


    Pixelmator is a killer app.

  • Kerry-Anne


  • Shane Glass


    I’ve been looking at picking up Pixelmator for some time—loved the trial a while back. Gimme, gimme!

  • Luke


    This looks really cool – Photoshop does way more than I need, and besides, being a hobbyist PS kind of intimidates me….

  • ST


  • Kyle Gray


    Please, Please, Please, Please….. :)


  • DaBourz


  • John Palacios


  • Aiwe


  • paul rostorp



  • Matthew Lowery

    My username is @mlwry

    THanks for the chance to win :) Could really use a better alternative to PS..

  • Mohamed Ashraf

    @primary0 wants!

  • Mohamed Ashraf

    @primary0 wants!

  • Tristan


  • Chew Rong Kang


  • Geo


  • Geo


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  • Eevoh


  • Stefan Liden


  • Séraphine


  • Marcin Petruszka

    Pixelmator looks great! I’d love a PS alternative.

  • mixandgo


  • Jens Krebs


  • Marco


  • Guillaume Moigneu

    @gmoigneu wants too !

    Thanks for your blog !

  • pleasesanta

    @pleasesanta wants :D

  • zulfadhli



  • zulfadhli



  • Derek Mantle


    I would really like to win a copy.


  • frank


  • Mark Southard


  • Robert


  • Sebastien


  • Sven


  • darkhucx


  • Naoya Sato


  • pejen


  • Falk Hedemann


  • Hilts


  • Victor

    Tried for a week and see it promising!

  • Marcw13


  • Daniel Groves

    Not sure if I did this? @dangroves

  • Class


  • Class


  • doctorZZ


  • jem page


  • Bram

    Probably too late, needed to catch up on my feedreader, but since no winners have been announced yet: @bramn :-P

  • Alex Abbey


  • Alex Aubert

    Thank you very much for this giveaway! Long life to Appstorm!