Christmas Giveaway Day 18: Mailplane

We’re sticking with the subject of email today, with five copies of Mailplane to give away. Mailplane is a desktop counterpart for your Gmail account, merging the benefits and functionality of Gmail with the convenience and speed of a desktop application.

Read on for more information about the app, and to find out how to enter!

Winners Announced

I’m pleased to announce our five winners – thanks again to everyone who entered, and have stuck around to make this competition a success. Not long until the grand finale now!

  • Craig
  • Jamie Guidry
  • Yoseph Yoo
  • D. Lee Grooms
  • Fábio Marcel

Well done! Your licenses will be on the way soon.

About Mailplane

There are huge benefits to using Gmail: threaded conversations, googling your inbox, labels, and regular new beta features. Equally, there are major advantages to using a desktop email app: offline access, easier attachments, Growl integration etc. Mailplane does an excellent job of merging all these benefits into one. For a full introduction, their two minute video offers a quick overview.

Gmail on Your Desktop

Gmail on Your Desktop

Our Review of Mailplane

If you’d like to find out more about Mailplane, our review is a great place to start. Here’s a quick summary of what we found:

Mailplane aims to integrate the functionality of Gmail with the convenience of a desktop application. Multiple account support is fantastic, along with the useful Growl integration. It does have a few features that are not quite as crucial, but that doesn’t detract from the value offered. If you’re a heavy Gmail user, Mailplane is certainly worth taking for a spin.

How to Enter

Entering is simple. All we ask is that you leave a comment on this post, with a “how-to” article idea for the site. Let us know what you’d like to do with your Mac, and we’ll do our best to help you in a future article!

A big thanks to Mailplane for sponsoring the competition. Good luck, and be sure to follow us or subscribe so that you can find out if you’re a winner!


Today’s Web.AppStorm Giveaway: Javelin

Don’t forget to check out what’s going on over at Web.AppStorm! Today they’re giving away a few memberships for Javelin.

In today’s business, you need to keep track of each and every client. Javelin makes that easy. A slick CRM tool for freelancers, Javelin helps you stay on top with its easy to use features.

Read more and enter the competition.

Our Christmas Wallpapers

In case you missed it, we’ve also created a bunch of festive wallpapers to get your desktop in the Christmas spirit. Here’s a quick preview!


  • Bruno Moniz

    An article with best pratices, tips and tricks on and ical! :)

  • Isaiah Beerbower

    An article on adding new dictionaries to would be useful.

  • agg23

    A how-to set up a Stanza ebook site would be handy

  • Craig

    An article that I think might be useful is one on using tools that are part of OS X and, others that are freely available, to put together simple non-obvious automation of tasks that people might do regularly as part of using a mac (or computer in general).

    I’m sure there must be some clever idea that someone has had to make my life easier, but I just don’t know about it yet.

  • Ian McKay

    Would like to see a ‘how to’ article on Mailplane usage for complete beginners!

  • Adam

    I would like to see a “how-to” sync folders on my mac. But not just a one time sync, a continuous sync.


  • Dodie

    You can maybe do a how-to on keeping your mac clean XD like introduce some cleaner apps, how to really uninstall stuffs, and all that disk cleaning stuffz.

    A how-to on Wine would be useful to (I found WineBottler)

  • Chris R.

    A tutorial on how to customize all the system shortcuts for the OS and Apps or specifically to customize Quicksilver to make the most use of it

  • webbografico

    how to sync apps via dropbox between 2 macs with some example for the most used apps

    • Tanner

      A friend and I tried to send eachother apps
      via dropbox and it messed both of them up.

      So yes a tut on this would be nice.

  • Alex

    I’d like to have a ‘how to find and remove unnecessary and bulky files that slow the system down’

  • Koichi MATSUMOTO

    1. How to build an environment for developing web apps for free without Eclipse nor Aptana.
    2. Tips for development of beautiful softwares like Versions, Socialite, Delibar…etc.
    3. How to enjoy GarageBand or other audio software for a beginner.
    4. How to select audio plug-ins for successful.
    5. How to create a quality screencast or movie with iMovie or other software (i.e. BoinxTV).
    6. Tips for management of a tons of files with tagging utility (i.e. Tags, Leap/Yep, etc)
    7. Effective use of a launcher software. (DragThing, Overflow, Launchbar, Quicksivler, etc.)
    8. Tips for clipboard management.
    9. How to keep a Mac secure.
    10. How to motivate writers and editors of Mac.AppStorm. :)

  • Jon Walker

    Wasn’t sure if this would be that helpful until I watched the 2 minute video. Just being able to toggle gmail accounts would be worth the cost to me. Also, I’ve always wanted to get more into automator. Some great 10 cool ways to use automator or automator workflow tuts would be awesome.

  • Ankit

    A how-to on using automator actions would be cool. Some ways to get around common problems using simple automator actions would put that into context and make it useful for the average user too. (For example I wanted to make a droplet/app through automator to find & replace formatted text with highlights, but I couldn’t make it work.)

    I’m sure many people could benefit from knowledge/uses of automator.

  • stygyan

    A How-to on regular cleanups and ways to make your mac run faster would be appreciated.

  • J. Gart

    How to use Handbrake – lotta people who just don’t get how to use it.

  • fellowweb

    Mac.AppStorm has been a great read through the entire year.

    A how-to I’d love to see is a more in-depth step-by-step guide to setting up XBMC/Plex/Boxee. There’s especially always one step missing in some more superficial how-tos: Whether there is a comfortable way to migrate/rename one’s entire movie library so that one can use XBMC’s movie library feature.

    A how-to series could contain:
    – installation (fairly simply)
    – how to import the various media files into XBMC/Plex/Boxee
    – how to control XBMC (etc.) with either “hardware” remotes or “software” remotes (especially for the iPhone

    If I remember correctly, you once had something similar but maybe you could go a bit deeper.

  • Brad

    Why do I get on here so late, because of twitter?

    Me want!

  • Allen Shull

    How to hack online-only school on a Mac, from both student and professorial perspective: staying afloat, tracking, writing, grading, etc.

  • C.Ruiz

    I’d love to find an app to view tumblr dashboard on my desktop. Not only to post :D I think it does not exist, so this is more a challenge , he he..

  • HardcorE

    An How to build a full featured blog or website with iWeb09
    An How to create/configure/use automator for the most common actions.

  • Antonio

    A Latex tools roundup-howto would be very original and useful.

  • Levi Breederland

    I would really like a basic how-to of Objective-C

  • SnakDada

    How to organize your files in a clever OSX way :)

  • Inbar

    How to design a desktop to look like a room.

  • Krzysztof Maj

    How-to article about how to set up dual-band wireless network with Airport Express and Airport Extreme in your house would be very handy! Extending network using Express connected to the Ethernet port of Extreme base station.

  • Mike Staszel

    How to install Tonido for Mac!

  • Josh

    How to organize your files in such a way so that you can easily access them between two of your computers!

    • Les James


  • Robert

    A tutorial on using the vimperator firefox extension for more efficient web-browsing :D

  • matthieu

    I’ m a new mac user so I am not aware of ALL that can be done with it but I’d like to know HOW TO manage my MP3 libray (artists, titles, tags, playlists…) WITHOUT iTunes.
    And thanks for this Christmas Giveaway!

  • Philo

    How to start with cocoa :)

  • Les James

    Although I’m sure there are plenty of articles out there on the subject, I’m to lazy to search for them. I would love to see an article here about keeping iCal, Google Calendar and my iPhone Calendar in perfect harmony. It’s the last phase I need to tackle before switching off MoblieMe.

  • Xavi

    A how to use Automator would be great (well, all your articles are great anyway ;P)

  • M.D.

    How to get rid of traditional apps by using web-based 2.0 Apps, and save compatibility, between Mac, Linux..and…I can’t rember the name..ehm..balcony? oh yes, windows!

    p.s. I tried Mailplane for a few days, I really loved It! :)

  • Tylor Skory

    Yes, I would love to see a how to for Automator. Especially if you had some scripts to download for common tasks. I have played around with it a bit and found it really helpful but at the time, there wasn’t a lot on the web for free.

  • Adrian Ziobro

    “How to convert .mkv files to. mp4 (or .m4v) WITHOUT transcoding video stream”

    MKV and MP4 file formats are just containers for video, audio and sometimes subtitles streams. Very often the h.264 codec is used for a video stream in both MKV and MP4 files, but unfortunatelly iTunes and QuickTime X can’t open MKV files (on 10.6 Perian won’t help, even its latest version 1.2). We can transcode MKV files using one of many programs but all of them transcoding both audio (which is necessary because QT can’t decode DTS, AC3, etc. audio formats) and video (which is unnecessary because QT handles h.264 without any problems and transcoding cause loss of quality and takes a lot of time and CPU resources, especially with HD films) streams. So, how to “repack” a h.264 stream extracted from a .mkv with a transcoded audio stream inside new .mp4 file?

  • Brian Vanaski

    Head to Head articles of similar apps would be nice. I’d like to see how they stack up against each other. Video reviews from time to time would be nice.

  • Will Kiefer

    Would love to see a how-to article on setting up your mac/iphone to sync with google across the board: gmail, calendar, addresses. I get so many family tech calls about it, it’d be great to point someone to this website! thanks!

  • Adrian Ziobro

    “How to convert .mkv files to. mp4 (or .m4v) WITHOUT transcoding video stream”

    MKV and MP4 file formats are just containers for video, audio and sometimes subtitles streams. Very often the h.264 codec is used for a video stream in both MKV and MP4 files, but unfortunatelly iTunes and QuickTime X can’t open MKV files (on 10.6 Perian won’t help, even its latest version 1.2). We can transcode MKV files using one of many programs but all of them transcoding both audio (which is necessary because QT can’t decode DTS, AC3, etc. audio formats) and video (which is unnecessary because QT handles h.264 without any problems and transcoding cause loss of quality and takes a lot of time and CPU resources, especially with HD films) streams. So, how to “repack” a h.264 stream extracted from a .mkv with a transcoded audio stream inside new .mp4 file?

    • Adrian Ziobro

      Sorry for double post :-(

  • MattieTK

    How to make the best of your new mac – just in time for Christmas.

  • Larry Orchard

    An article on linking pc w vista on the network with the Mac would be helpful in my non-tech world I have an older mac

  • Niels K.

    How about an extensive how-to for syncing two or more Macs and maybe an iPhone/iPod Touch w/out MobileMe for free or maybe if some money is chipped in. Which services are out there to sync mail (imap), bookmarks (xmarks, delicious…), rss-feeds (GReader/NNW), files, settings (dropbox), iTunes (I always forget that services name that can do that partially) and so on. The stuff in the brackets is only meant as examples. If you want to extend it even more, you could also explain how to sync your Macs w/ Linux- or Windows-computers.

    Another nice how-to-thing would be a “what can I do with my old Mac” — making a server or so out of it w/out actually buying an OS X-server-license

  • Mark McDonnell

    An article on how to extend Apple Safari so we can finally try and get a NOSCRIPT equivalent for Safari!

    Thanks again for the competition.

  • Niels K.

    Another thing would be: How to move from sort to search :) (files, notes etc – spotlight to the rescue but what is the best way to add meta-data to your files, notes etc that gets picked up by spotlight)

  • lipelip

    a how-to use time-machine properly.

  • Matto

    How to easily sync Jpurnler entries between Macs.

  • Danny

    Keeping your desktop clean or organized!

  • Alex

    An article on How to get the most out of your Mac’s hardware capabilities.
    How to keep it in order (files-wise)
    How to use it as an Amateur photographer/web designer with a low budget and what accesories can be bought to improove the experience.

  • Josso

    A how-to on various Terminal tips – and not some of the tips on how to make the dock 2D etc.
    Real Terminal-commands like “hdiutil” and other Unix stuff. :)

  • jason

    How to make a simple mac application. Please there are no sites that do this!

  • houstonmacgirl

    Best file naming practices for mac when using multiple machines. Also, simplistic GTD workflow to manage daily non-business related tasks. Thanks!

  • Johan

    Somehing with GeekTool!

  • apod

    I would like to see a how-to article that guides you though creating a screensaver with Quartz Composer.

  • Brad

    Didn’t I press submit? Eh…

    Here goes! I want!

  • Vinod

    WoW!.. this is turning out to be a good place to pick up topics for my next blog post!
    Thanks All :)

  • http://URL(Optional) kickbutt

    How to make your mac secure!

  • Jimmy

    An article on how to merge all contacts and sync together – iPhone, Outlook, Gmail, etc.


  • Fábio Marcel

    I would like to see a how to about how to configure a VoIP server using Mac OS X!

  • Tom

    How to best use iCal/BusyCal.

  • Victor

    I would love to fly on an app that could make my life easy, like the ones you are showing.

  • Adam Jones

    I’d love to sync MobileMe’s calendar with Google Valendar. Seeing Google Valendar on iCal is great, but that only works on my Mac.

  • Ammon

    I’d like to see an article of file-tagging and creating smart folders within Mac OS X.

  • Riccardo

    How to sync iCal and Google Calendar…

  • tillmannr

    How to set up a web development environment for RoR and/or PHP.

  • Mike

    Man, I would love this…. just recently switched our mail to gmail & didn’t even know something like this existed!!

    I think a good article would be on the necessary steps to maintaining a Mac, How to remove apps, trash, clean up unnecessary files. Something comparable to the maintenance people are used to doing on a PC.

    With all of the new Mac users out there, it would really help a lot of them.

  • HBB

    an article on how to change your snow leopard look
    how to set up your mac security
    how to prevent virus on ur mac

  • Yvonne

    How about an article on how to use applescript to further extend Mailplane?

  • nowthatsmint

    “How to customize Snow Leopard with themes, icons & backgrounds”

    -Gmail addict

  • Erin

    As much as it would be nice to have separate MacBooks for work and play, it wouldn’t be practical for me, as I always end up with unexpected free time at work and things that need my immediate attention during what’s supposed to be free time. A how-to article on setting up one MacBook to function as two (or more) separate environments through user accounts or spaces (or something else?) would be excellent.

  • redwall_hp

    Maybe a tutorial on advanced Dropbox techniques, such as symlinking applications or external folders.

  • Senly

    How-to use Mac OS X like a pro !

  • Andy M

    I would like to see a how-to fully optimize the default OSX widgets. Like the must haves for different areas of business.

  • Nico

    How to use Mailplane most efficiently!

  • Tanner

    A how to on using the developer tools
    like icon composer and the others.

    And how to make an external HD mirror some
    folders on your mac.

  • peter Rudd

    I’d like to see a how to on OSX Server

  • peter Rudd

    I’d like to see a how to use OSX Server

  • Future51

    I’d like to see an article that includes doing a Snow Leopard reinstall, as well as a clean applications folder restore from a time machine back up.

    I’ve been waiting a while to do this myself and I’m always backing out at the last moment because I’m worried that getting all my data and applications back is going to be a huge pain.

  • meira

    A beginner’s guide to how to use a mac for lost window’s users, there’s a lot of people out there lost in the fog left by microsoft.

  • Ryan Stang

    A how to on how to remove an app from ones system and ensure all the hidden files associated with it are also removed.

  • Justin

    A how to article on writing your first Cocoa application. Everybody has to start somewhere. :)

  • Wendy

    How to help Firefox 3.5.ugh run faster?? Please?

  • wrzr

    I would like to see something about file/folder/drive encryption, perhaps.

  • Jeff

    A how-to on Time Machine or a similar app.

  • Miles

    Basic terminal commands for the uninitiated.

  • Daniel

    The ultimate pack of apps that sync between your mac and your iPhone.

    Everyone loves to have everything at hand and have everything syncing beautifully. Now I have a handful of apps which I adore that sync between my mac and my iPhone, but there have to be more great ones out there.

  • Daniel

    How to sync your iPhone and Mac without MobileMe.

  • JJ

    how to make your mac run faster. Deleting cache, hidden files, general speed up tips.

  • Chris

    I would like an introduction to appleScript. I have absolutely no clue what it is good for!

  • malaxeur

    A how to get the most out of your mac apps

  • Payton

    A tutorial for switchers who have reached year 1.

  • William Mengers

    A how to on installing MAMP would be splendid!


  • mike jordan

    how to upload hq and hd videos to youtube

  • mike jordan

    how to upload hq videos to youtube

  • Mr. Sid

    How to stream media to the PS3

  • D. Lee Grooms

    It may already be on here, but a how-to on effectively using Quicksilver and/or LaunchBar would be great—I hear great things from lots of folks I respect, but haven’t yet gotten past my own learning curve.

  • Guido

    I would like to see a how to use Time Machine

  • David Turner

    I’d quite like to see some sort of how-to on sharing files between windows (Windows 7 especially) and Mac over a network. I’ve not seen anything overly relevant or useful on the topic and have a rather vast amount of my own work on a Windows PC from before I switched to a Mac :/

  • Simon

    I’d like to see a basic Xcode or Dashcode tutorial.

  • Allahverdi

    Ew… Hm…
    Well, i think internet is covered with tons of tutorials… We want something creative, that never was written in any site :D

  • Jeff

    I’d like to request 2 tutorials:
    1. I would love for someone to go over the in’s and out’s of iCal. On my Google calendar I keep multiple individual calendars, Birthdays and Anniversaries, holidays, work events, person events, finical info (bills…), and school events (due dates and so on).

    2. With all the mobile nav options out there for the iPhone and iPod touch I would love for someone, anyone, to clue me in what is the best option and why. cost, interface, reliability, integration with other apps (addy book, music, phone…), map quality, traffic integration….


  • Dorian Grey

    How to use Apple Script correctly – always been told by some cracks, that this thing is reeeeally powerful, but I just don’t get it.

  • Joseph G

    I’d love an article on how to move apps fromone mac to another. Case in point: I was given an old eMac by my musician uncle and it has Finale on it. I want to move it to my new speedy MacBook Pro, but copying the app over doesn’t work. A tutorial on this would help many people, I believe.

  • Elias Tan

    How to get Windows on your Mac (on Boot Camp, of course.)
    I seem to have problems with that. The windows installer doesn’t detect my hard drive.

  • Gary Calhoun

    aybe an auto sort feature would be cool. Like if I save a photoshop file on my mac if I save it in a different ocation it will automatically transfer to where the other photoshop files are. You would be able to customize the settings of course

  • Josh

    A “How to make the most with the default mac apps” I find there’s loads of stuff about expensive apps but there’s a lot of hidden power with the basic apps, from iCal to Mail.

  • Vikas Gupta

    how to sync apps via dropbox between 2 macs with some example for the most used apps

  • Soon Wai

    How about a HowTo to manage multiple email accounts from one Gmail account?

    If you have many email accounts (from your ISP, Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, Hotmail, etc…), you can forward or have Gmail pickup from those accounts and chuck it into your primary Gmail account. That way you just need to check one account for all your mail. It’s like a giant unified Inbox. Great for people with tons of email accounts like I have. Works even better with Mailplane, of course.

  • Miniclubmoose

    An article on the best way (or app) to set up reference files (like organized photo notes) would be much appreciated.

  • MindTheGaspar

    in-depth tuts into using terminal and other coding tidbits to enhance mac os

  • Geo

    How to use Hazel.

  • Stuart

    I’ve had a bit of a tinker with Automater but the number of available options is a bit intimidating. A few how-tos for some common tasks, such as automatically organising files, or something along those lines would be great

  • Krzys

    How to unclutter your Mac, i.e. how to organize folders, files, pictures, downloads, etc.

    How to benefit the most from services offered by Mac that most people don’t know about or use, i.e. MobileMe, Bonjour, Expose, Spaces, Gestures, etc.

  • Sulcalibur

    A How to get the most out of default apps such as Mail, iCal, Automator and using Applescripts to get a synced and automated system going.

  • Andrew

    I think an Automator how-to would be excellent. Not how to use it exactly, but common and useful recipes.

  • Ian

    How to use your Mac as a weapon (in self-defense only, of course).

  • Kenta Hirano

    I want!

  • Kyle L

    How to be a true power user

  • Raj Shah

    How to clean out all of those useless, hard-drive-space-eating files.

  • Michael X.

    How to use labels right

  • Tyler Ball

    I’d like an article about keeping multiple macs in sync!

  • Suaran Sidhu

    Brief getting started tutorials for iLife and iWork suites. Also how to maximize your productivity.

  • miles

    How to clean my mac for free

  • Darryl

    An intro to CSS and applications to create them would be helpful.

  • Regis

    How to use Xcode/Interface Builder to create simple yet useful applications.

  • Tony Fuentes

    How to develop Mac and iPhone apps!!!!!! Please!

  • Matt

    how to set up file sharing between macs and pc.

  • Matt

    I would love a Windows Emulation (or whatever you call it) how-to, explaining the different options like CrossOver, Boot Camp, VMWare Fusion, Parallels, etc.

  • Pablo Mercuri

    I’d like an article (or a series of articles) about the best apps on the market…

  • Jim Pannell

    How to get google calendar syncing seamlessly with iCal would be great.



  • Justin

    As a recent switcher, I’d like to see a “How to revamp your workflow coming from Windows” article.

  • Lex

    How-to get enough sleep while still keep up with everything you’re interested in.

  • Steven

    I’d like a in-depth article on using Time Machine to restore a drive. What does it backup and what does it not include? Is there a way to verify my backups are good before I wipe my drive clean?

  • Tony S.

    How to watch TV on your Mac.

  • millca

    How to achieve world peace! I like to aim high! :)

  • Ariyo

    A “how to” on converting DVD for iTunes .mp4 would be amazing.

  • Tristan

    A how-to article on cleaning up/optimizing/maintaining your Mac would be useful, as would most of the suggestions above.

    To those asking about syncing Google Calendar/Contacts/Gmail, I’d recommend this:

  • C.44

    I’d love to see a tutorial on making Cocoa apps. Just the basics and maybe a few more additional tuts to show off a bit more complex things.

  • Sigrun

    How to use Automater. It really annoyes me everytime I do a task over and over and over again.

  • Kristoffer Hess

    How to extract audio from a .swf file.

  • loli

    Maybe you could have a detailed series for switchers who still depend on some Windows programs on how-to run those on the Mac?

    For each solution (like Bootcamp, Suns’s Virtualbox, VMware Fusion, Parallels Desktop) you could have three articles:

    – installation and set-up of the platform (Bootcamp, Virtualbox etc.)
    – setting up the Windows-VM (not with respect to Bootcamp)
    – what to know when using Bootcamp/the VM

  • Iridium172

    A how-to change hidden preferences and read them maybe with a mention of Secrets

  • Mikael Pittam

    How to merge all your pop mail, imap mail, web mail in one central location

  • AndyW

    I would like a how-to article that would describe how to use multiple dropbox accounts and tips for utilizing them.

  • letaylor

    automator how to

  • Kim Korte

    How-to build a module-based Zend Framework application.

  • Josh Elsasser

    I’d like to see a how-to article on how to properly set up and use a GTD (getting-things done) app. I never seem to stick with using The Hit List for more than a week.

  • Derrick Lim

    How to make a server out of old G3 and G4 for free.

  • Mikael Pittam

    How to merge all our pop, imap, web mail into one consolidated place

  • Jamie Guidry

    how to write useful apple scripts

  • Brian

    How to organize for apps

  • Jeremy Collins

    I’d love to see a how-to article on the best way to a fool-proof backup strategy for your Mac.

  • Scott Shelton

    I would love to see a really in-depth article on Quicksilver and some of it’s more advanced, less obvious uses.

  • cabell

    How to set up virtual machines in Parallels, VMware, or Virtualbox. If you’re doing a default installation of windows it’s pretty easy, but if you really want to customize your machine, or install a system other than windows, a how to article would be very useful to many.

  • Henry Bennett

    I’d love to see some beginner how-tos on the Developer Tools such as Xcode, Dashcode, etc.

  • Grey Stockton

    How to convert from PC to Mac.

  • Rohit

    I really want to know this..

    “How to control your Mac using voice commands?”

    I know about some software called Dictate. But, it’s expensive! I also know that you can write some scripts. But, I need to know it in bit more details, as in real detailed. Please!


  • Nicolas Giannetta

    How to do home automation with your Mac and iPhone and what equipment to buy!

  • Eduardo

    Something like Pimp my mac/iphone would be cool. But a really complete tutorial, maybe with 3 or more parts

  • Teryn

    How to watch and record TV on your mac.

  • FJH

    A how to on using a mac for a home theatre/media centre set up would be great!

  • Sovijja Pou

    I’d love a how to on designing desktops nicely and cleanly. Almost like a tutorial with guidelines.

  • Guigueek

    How to sync task iPhone & mac

  • Vin Thomas

    I would like to see some reviews of Quicksliver and some tutorials. I use Google QSB and it’s pretty sweet too. Maybe some stuff on making life on the mac more efficient.

  •–-discount-code.html Studiopress coupon code

    I love the Christmas Wallpapers, looks great.

  • gabe

    How to make a flash drive repair kit

  • Class

    How-to set up a MiniMac as home server.

  • Jason

    I would like to see an article on how to get the most out of Google’s free software

  • azam

    I Suggest..
    How to Keep your Mac Clean and Fast
    How to get the right application
    How to use your mac to enhance your productivity

    and hope to get the Mailplane :)

  • Lucas Cimino

    Hi, I Would like to see a ‘how to’ article on Mailplane usage for complete beginners!

  • Colin Pekruhn

    An automator how-to is always good, but a how-to on an application like DEVONthink and other similar software would be great. That’s one power app I have I am still trying to wrap my brain around using.

  • Srijan Deshpande

    I’d like to see a how-to article about using applescript / automator to automate tasks that I have to perform regularly on my mac.

  • Davis John

    How to setup your mac as a complete media center.

    Would also like to see some basic tutorials on apple script.

  • Yoseph Yoo

    I’d love to see a how-to article on disassembling your mac to realign the screen and get rid of the squeaky noises that the screen often makes.

  • BWOS

    An insight how to article about synchronize folders on 2 mac or more machine for small business or freelancing web design.

  • Jiri Wild

    How to setup your mac as a complete media center will be very handy – including remote control turn on/off (if possible) and DVB-T tuner.

  • Achim Baur

    I’m always frustrated about iPhotos lack of multi-user integration. There are various ways of sharing one single iPhoto library and I would really appreciate a How-To.

  • Vinod

    This looks like a cool application. Count me in.

  • Peter Steen Høgenhaug

    I’d like some more articles on AppleScript – maybe some basic introduction to the language?

  • Ali

    how to write basic apps by using cocoa

  • Robin Lundgren

    How-to master the art of teaching a non-mac user how to use a mac in a proper and quick way.

  • Cormac

    how to use AppleScript/Automator effectively

    How to convince windows users who don’t understand computers at all to switch to a mac; yeah, those ones who say, “I like my computer,” and dismiss any of your arguments.

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  • Pingback: Christmas Giveaway Day 18: Javelin – Web.AppStorm()

  • Jedw

    A How-To article focused on how to best configure Quicksilver plug-ins to save time. I know many people who own a Mac but do not use Quicksilver.

  • zeebe

    a how to article on how to completely sync as many macs as you have to one multimedia center, movies, music, etc.

  • DoctaFlave

    An article with best pratices, tips and tricks on and ical! :)

  • FiZ

    I’d love to see intro how-to articles on Objective-C or even Core Image, Core Animation, etc.

  • ziuu

    I’d liketo how-to of Objective-C

  • br62

    How-to do some hidden tricks on Snow Leopard, or maybe on a popular app?

  • dan

    looks like a cool application

  • JACK

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