Christmas Giveaway Day 2: Things

Welcome to Day 2! Today we have two copies of Things to give away. Far from being a straight-forward to do list manager, Things provides separation between tasks due now, scheduled for a future date, postponed indefinitely, or completed. It’s an Apple Design Award winning application, and offers a remarkably easy-to-use interface.

Read on for more information about the app, and to find out how to enter.

Winners Announced

Big congratulations to our two randomly selected winners:

Sorry to all of you who missed out. But don’t worry… Things might make a re-appearance at some point later in the giveaway!

About Things

Things is a fantastic task manager and “getting things done” application for OS X. It makes staying on top of your to-do list remarkably simple, all with an award winning interface.



Our Review of Things

If you’d like to find out more about Things, I’d strongly recommend reading our review of the application. Here’s the summary of our thoughts:

In case you haven’t figured by now, I’m quite a big fan of Things. It provides a great tool for managing your daily tasks and to dos. It’s simple to quickly put an idea or thought into the application, and the interface provides all the functionality you require without getting in the way. Rarely am I so impressed with an application that it immediately becomes such an important part of my workflow.

How to Enter

Entering is really simple. All you need to do is follow @macappstorm and @culturedcode on Twitter, then let us know your Twitter username in the comments below.

The competition closes in exactly 24 hours, and we will randomly select the winners shortly afterwards. This post will be updated with the winners information and we’ll get in touch!

A big thanks to Cultured Code, the developers of Things, for sponsoring the competition. Good luck, and be sure to follow us or subscribe so that you can find out if you’re a winner!


Today’s Web.AppStorm Giveaway: Setster

Don’t forget to check out what’s going on over at Web.AppStorm! Today they’re giving away a few memberships for Setster.

Setster is simple, intuitive appointment scheduling tool. With their unobtrusive widget embedded on your site, Setster allows your clients to easily see when you’re available and to book appointments online.

Read more and enter the competition.

Our Christmas Wallpapers

In case you missed it, we’ve also created a bunch of festive wallpapers to get your desktop in the Christmas spirit. Here’s a quick preview!



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  • My Twitter-Account:

  • I have this app already.. it’s my favorite app of all the time.
    Enjoy it guys

  • @integralist

    I really want a copy of Things because it looks very cool :)

  • @larkef :)

  • tspink

  • My Twitter username: @formlotse

  • hey there! just followed both twitter accounts :)

    my twitter username – @mtarkhov

  • mine: jaryre

  • tspink

  • tspink

  • tomhut

  • @Noblesongster. I would VERY much like to win a copy of Things. I heard it reviewed and compared to OmniFocus on the MacPowerUsers podcast. If you are reading this and have not heard the show, go here,, to take a listen.

  • @cpfusion

  • twitter: @ingiber
    By the way, the link to this article from the front page is screwed up, I had to remove the “#more-” from the end of the link.

  • My Twitter username is seb86

  • @andrewmeyers

  • @merovinqian

  • @TylorSkory

  • @r0derik

  • @gianmarcosimone


  • My account: @Inwe

    Thank you :)

  • My Twitter Username is _Spartacus.

  • @gasport Any coupon codes for non winners?

  • Twitter: Moeatapple

  • @danielmunoz

  • twitter username: @thomas_britton

    On a side note, kept taking me to 404 page and blank pages, this seems to happen a lot on this site.

  • @chrismahon

  • @jeremyopposite

  • Twitter: @thelimetwist

    Things is just gr8!

  • @NextMemory

  • @Superdwayne

  • My Twitter username: @eistrom

  • @scuciatto

  • @rickdt

    [fingers cross]

  • NetNews

  • @ben_seven – Here’s hoping!

  • @datengrab

  • @1rhapsody

  • @bsdboy

  • Twitter name: shubox

    Hopefully that’ll cover all the methods of letting you know who I am ;)

  • @datengrab

  • @agentangelo

  • My Twitter username is iMobi –

    I really want to win!

  • @victorsmelo

  • my user name on twitter is @tobiasglawe

  • Im using the version for the Iphone, its brilliant.
    And I would love to have it for my mac too.


  • @1rhapsody

  • camdunlop

  • OMG !! Things is amazing !!!

    My Twitter username is: morbec

  • my twitter name is @nicolaguidi (

    I love Things for iPhone, I will love Things for my Mac.
    Thanks, bye!

  • My Twitter username: @nickplekhanov

  • “first!!!11!!1!!1!”



  • @marzhal

  • @zilionis

  • Twitter username: M_Michal

  • @scorpion919

  • @1NNG

  • My twitter username is rickpastoor

    I like all kinds of things!

  • ju_we

  • Hello!

    My twitter username is @wyctim.

  • I’m @_joyjoy

    Thank you!

  • My twitter name is TanfieldChucks

  • My Twitter username is @WimBussels

  • @RyanRoberts

  • @mkwigglesworth

    A simple powerful app. Nice!

  • @webstylr

  • @chrismaclellan

  • @BiggestMullet

  • My Twitter username is maicki_

  • @mlwry
    Hope I win :)

  • @gordon1470 here!

  • My Twitter account: @jeppehansen

  • @SCorman

  • @ehakan
    My twitter

  • @jono_smith

    • NO idea how I posted under your profile mate…?
      Anyway, my username is @jono_smith.

  • @mineralmassa

    btw: youu guys at mac.appstorm really do a great job! keep up the good work

  • @nelopeace

  • @simonbanyard

    If I win Things, I promise I’ll buy the iPhone App!

  • @jono_smith

  • @NL72

  • @jackmcconnell

  • My Twitter account: @karolkrakowiak

  • @thegeekinme

  • I already have a copy of Things, but would really like to win one for my friend. If I am selected, would it be possible to licence it to a different name?


  • @SnakDada

  • Username: @BenjaminReid

    I’ve got the iPhone app and would love the Mac counterpart.

  • @papics

  • @clairethorburn

  • @SnakDada

  • @notiv


  • @echelonXB

  • @tobyo

  • @juliushaertl

  • @ojna

  • Count me in. I’m djrayon in twitter.

  • Spooky_Johnson here. Pleased to meet you.

  • @twe4ked :)

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  • @lar_zzz

  • @champanninger

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  • My Twitter username is @lbedeschi ;)

  • @daagaak

  • awesome, have been contemplating getting this for a while…

    my twitter is:

  • @michenriksen

  • Hi, Im @stepiiik

  • My Twitter username is @FaresF
    Thanks for the opportunity : )

  • @atourino

  • @fdeth

  • @nikouf

  • Hi, I love things already

  • @elevad

  • @eyesawsomething

  • I’ze @Matt_Shaw101

  • @puleddu

  • @garretsworld

    Thx ;)

  • My twitter account: @lexpostma

  • Awesome, love Things! Really want it.

    My twitter name: nilush

  • Your Message…I’m @manolosavi
    good luck everyone! :D

  • @cmygeek

  • @willowpje

  • @larkmullins

  • @sesam

  • Thank you! @kileykarrissa

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    Looks good!

  • My twitter is @patrosmania. Thanks!

  • bigabsu

  • My twitter account: @arpan10

  • @aifonit

  • I’ve been wanting this for a long time..

    Twitter user: jdfwarrior

  • @nikoladenic

  • @edmundojr_ I’m in!

  • @stevenaka


    No Tweetie, but hopes for Things :)

  • hello you lovely people.

    i’d be

    hope i win 8D

  • I’ve heard a lot of good things about this app. Happy holidays, everyone!


  • Twitter username: PixelJimi


  • @warwraith

    now following @culturedcode, was already following you

  • @martinohlsson

  • @styke

  • @teys


  • I would LOVE to win a copy of Things! By far, the best GTD application on any platform.

    Find me on Twitter @sethlilly.

  • @jenclark15

  • @markotardito

  • =D

    Fingers crossed

  • @davidczihak :)

  • My Twitter account:@antnee

  • Hi i’m @RedEyedDev and I’m crossing fingers :)

  • My Twitter username is @johnbailon.

  • ¬¬

  • username: TempsModernes

  • @davidjosepha

  • I’ve decided that I’m not going to be greedy and only enter the competitions for prizes that I want and don’t already have… I’d like to own a Things license but I’m more than happy with The Hit List and I’m sure someone else will enjoy Things more than me.

  • @alberteddu

    Hi all! :-)

  • I love Things on the iPhone, would be awesome to sync it with the computer!

  • @jkrais

    Damn, that rocks!

  • Surprisingly my username is @WebKarnage

    Great looking app for sure.

    Thanks (particularly to David) for all the effort putting all this together, really cool!

  • @maed
    keeping my fingers crossed!

  • I use Things for iPhone for a few months, would be cool to get Mac app too!

  • @catoso23

  • @jestspoko

  • Did.
    Id is: @sayseed

  • @sonaliagrawal

  • @danpalmer

  • added you both.xx

    • sorry,

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  • @siid

  • @metalhaze

  • @attisdesign

  • @hazim

  • @helmermudd

  • my Twitter username is @iPotz

  • I would love to have such an awesome task manager. I am trying to win all these things since I can’t afford them being unemployed.

    My twitter name is @AdrianRodriguez

  • @hazim

  • @Ady_Gould

  • another day of giveaway!


  • I was already following @macappstorm & now I’m also following @culturedcode. I need Things! @SmallbonesShop

  • @suda :)

  • That was easy, I already follow both for some time :)

    My twitter account: @arnoutroemers

  • @andyjamessmart is my username. Things is great, already using it on my iphone!

  • twitter username: barticz (please appstorm.Santa gimme Things :) )

  • @macmind

  • Really want to have this! :D

    I follow both already for months ;)

    My Twitter:

  • @MaroW

    uh. Ive been saving money to buy Things. Would Be a great xmas present though :)

  • @benedikrok :)

  • Following both. :) Twitter: simonk

  • @benedikrok :)

  • @coilplane

  • @kiero

  • Twitter username: @fuzzbinn

  • @kiero

  • Freaking sweet!

  • @cornerback97

  • @hazim
    this is the 3rd time I am posting it, but it doesn’t seem to be working.
    Hope it goes through this time.

    • Ooooh snap, the other 2 previous post just showed up now after posting it for the 3rd time, I am so sorry. Is there a way I could delete the duplicate entries?!

      Please Help!!!

  • @JackVa

    wanna win!

  • @barticz

  • @kiero

  • @massolramos

  • @kiero

  • jarv here – Things looks tasty ;]

  • OK following both @macappstorm and @culturedcode.

    Username = @esortm

  • @danjordan

  • @venne101

  • I could use a good task manager!! twitter: fosphen

  • My Twitter username is @moridin_


  • @urbenkeach

  • @Ghotath

  • @ragedesign

    Great giveaway!! I LOVE CultureCode products! :)

    God luck everyone, and appy holidays!

  • @adam_mcclean

  • dkoerner

  • @squawkrdaily

  • Man I desire that apppp..


  • @daikenas

  • @TaruHook

  • @Gree2na


  • @bweb79

    Have been wanting a copy of Things ever since watching the podcasts series on it at

  • my twitter username

  • @sachacohen

  • @lobotenaz

  • my twitter username @iLoco

  • @keft

  • @keft

  • My Twitter account is @jake_boxer ( ).

    I had the pleasure of using Things when I borrowed a friend’s computer for a week. I really hope I’ll get to use it full-time.

  • @chrishanes

  • My Twitter username is: danielblomeyer

  • My Twitter account is @frogweb

  • My twitter account is @donilkka

  • @marlenem86

  • oddbjarne

  • Pixeltoy

  • @kaprizov

  • @lprunk

    Things! : )

  • @jerrybeers

  • @TaruHook, with correct info this time…

  • An winner twitter account is: @tomaszsobczak

    just kidding guys :) but it would be really awesome to get this app :)

  • @MatiasDoyle

  • I follow you already, and now follow @culturedcode Thanks!


  • My Twitter username: nite41

  • To do: Win Things Giveaway @openfire3

  • My twitter name is @dudekstudio



    I’m following @macappstorm for a long time. Now it’s time to follow @culturedcode :)

  • @pemmax

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  • my username is @ninique

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  • Hey I’ve heard so many great things about Things…I’d love to have it!


  • My twitter username: @apodaras

  • Hi !! my twitter username is carmen_mar

  • @jpmrock

  • @dixoncrews

  • @sodper

  • I’m addicted to apps that help me organise my professional life. But I’ve always lasted after Things… would make a nice early Christmas present! I’m @northonm31

    • Hahaha… sorry, that was meant to be “lusted”… but I guess I can’t believe I’ve “lasted” this long without Things! (@northonm31)

  • @quanganhdo

  • My username is: jpmrock

    Thanks in advance!

  • @feldin

  • My Twitter account is @readingroses

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  • My Twitter accunt name is @elusivefox. Thanks

  • @sean_day

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  • @mindprint

  • I would love to have Things…awesome that you guys are doing this.

    Here is mine

  • @tripledub

    God knows I need all the help I can get in becoming organised / focussed!

  • Following!

  • fmayakos

  • @jeremieboudet

  • @SnowboardRX

  • @Aprozz

    I’m a big fan of Things for iPhone. The desktop sync is still missing, so I would be super happy if I would win ;-)


  • @mattjanssen

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  • My twitter is fmayakos

  • @ronnydonny

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    Thanks guys!

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    Thanks guys!

  • @Ilessiivi

  • I’m @levisan

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  • — I could use some help getting organized.

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  • Twitter @stlskk

    Thank you…

  • my twitter name is @zeebe
    Thanks for have a great month of giveaways!

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  • @choreographics

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    I want Things =))) It’s very cool +)))

  • Mine’s @jfm429

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  • Twitter name is @zeebe
    Thanks for have a great month of giveaways!


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  • I’d love a copy of Things. @eafarris

  • @AdmiralAK

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  • Hi, it’s @jaelk on Twitter. Hop that I get one of the licences.

  • @daouk

  • @daouk

  • @lazorstudios

  • @benedikt_r

    cool things =)

  • @chadlandman

    Would love a copy of Things…got the iPhone version but too cheap to actually buy the desktop version…such a great app…

  • @koki4a

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    It’s seems like a very very usefull app

  • @abbyrhodes

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    Thanks for the amazing network of sites

  • You are followed!


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  • Things looks great!


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  • always wanted things :)


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  • @235graphics

    This would be a huge Christmas present for me. If Ic an get that, I’ll add the iphone app and be able to start becoming organized:)

  • my twitter Thing -> @laveklint

  • @pythox hope I win this glorious copy of THINGS :D
    the review is quite compelling

  • @Hering

  • OMG :O


  • @perestrojka

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  • @jensmachtmit

  • My Twitter username: @elmacq

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    The demo of Things was great. My own copy would be fantastic!

  • My twitter account: @wasgo

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    Nice…really nice

  • My Twitter username: @unDespistado

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    I need this app, I never get stuff done :)

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  • Wow! I’ve had my eye on this for a while, guess I’m not organized enough to get around to buying it. (hint hint)


  • @biark

  • @walruscp

    Been very interested in getting a license to see how it compares to the Hit List.

  • anyone else having problems following mac.appstorm on twitter? i keep getting a javascript alert with an error message (which looks to me like the standard rails error message)

  • My Twitter username: @adamsouders

    Thanks for a great giveaway

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    Been curious about Things since it’s release but too vested in OmniFocus to switch…a free copy would help. ;)



    I love Things for the iPhone!

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  • @createdinlight =D

    Awesome app!

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  • My twitter name is @deavy

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  • My twitter user name is: pgaZ

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  • Yes ! It’s a good Things :)


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    I could really use Things… :)

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  • My username on Twitter is @absolut
    Thanks for providing these giveaways!

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    Heard great things about the program. I’d love to give it a try!

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  • My nickname: l3gion

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    Thanks guys

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    Best of the luck to the winner..

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    Fingers crossed!

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  • Good luck guys. Let the best one win! ;-)

  • I’m @abeckstrom.

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  • @klimkowski Tnx!

  • twitter: @Cressboy90

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  • I like Things! @marclipovsky

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  • I love Things and would love to give a license to my mother.


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    like me some things.

  • @babbre

  • Lets try!:D my twitter user is @adrianvanhal

  • I’m @abeckstrom

  • Every Thing on Time! @christianrojas

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  • @codeaplus

  • pdud

  • Thing is Sweeet! Never knew I needed something so bad from santa.. @dustinscaffide

  • @snapte

  • I will literally big u up constantly if I can win a copy of things – I really want it and my trial is about to expire!!

    My user is @clevercode

    Thankyou and I love you

  • @golusin

  • @Stampy74

  • My twitter is @dixoncrews

    This might have been posted more than once, I think there was a problem with the comment system…sorry if it was.

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  • @bluelm – been following both of you for awhile. Loving Things for iPhone!

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  • Wow great giveaway:


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    Thank guys ! I really want to try this app for long time.

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  • Twitter name: patanfrana

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    I’ve tried Things a while ago, an excellent GTD manager with great looks!

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    thanks a lot!

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  • Wow. What a great idea! :) I followed both Twitter accounts – my username on Twitter is @seakisst.

  • I’ve been following you both for a while now, Things is the best! I want! :)
    my twitter is


    p.s. pick me!

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  • @tripletaker.


  • My Twitter name: @miquelweb

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    Much loves!

  • Chances to win looks small ^^ lets try!
    @FilipeStorarri >>

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  • ____Black____

  • I’m following both of you.

  • my twitter login : bilouweb

  • @omsahmad

  • Can I just make a request? Please, make some of the contests this month NON-Twitter related, please. Some of us can’t stand that trendy twitter stuff. Just saying, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

  • @syphadius

    Good luck everyone :)

  • @niedral

  • @fallroot

  • @jhafner

  • I would love to get a copy of this program! @jerrythepunkrat

  • @ajaniuk

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  • @Muscar

  • @jjeroen thumbs up!

  • @scottperezfox

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  • @arcance

  • @primary0 on Twitter
    I was hoping Things would show up on this giveaway!

  • @rvdsteege

    I use Things on the iPhone now since a while and I’m a big fan of it. Hope to use the desktop version soon… :)

  • I’d love a copy. @twistermc on Twitter

  • I’ve got a new MacBook Pro on my wish list and this app would make it dynamite!
    @kcprocter – I’m a hard working father of two taking MBA night classes.

  • @ideola

  • paulriley1982

  • my twitter:


  • @powderbeard

  • @cinderstudios

  • quadrifolia

  • @pixel_junkyard

  • @theuntergeek

    Love Things. Great stuff. Could use a license to share with my wife.

  • @carrar

  • @gloomyangel

  • @rastersize

  • @victorluft

  • @mikebrisk is my twitter name!

  • Here’s me, @allenshull:

    I’d really like to try Things out, for useful and purely superficial reasons. I use The Hit List a lot, but sadly, the lack of any iPhone option really limits my use, while I hear that Things’s integration is truly exemplary.

    Also, I customize icons a lot with CandyBar, and it is darn near impossible to find a THL replacement, while Things replacements are everywhere.

  • Superheroes gotta need help being organized too!
    @clarksdesk – would appreciate the freebie

  • @neosinner

  • @DerXN

  • @ktluroberts Wow this one is a long shot. But then again, you don’t have to do anything but make a comment.

  • @wschurman

  • looks cool, i could use it


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  • Twitter name is @fwalrod and thanks for putting together this awesome holiday gift for us.

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    was already following you both! Been wanting Things for a long time

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  • Sweet, mine is @andrewthong

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    Here I am…

  • @ZLannie

    Love to win this!

  • @spyyddir

  • Followed! My twitter username is iaianSeven (

    I have The Hit List, but the iPhone app has failed to materialise in any sort of timely manner. Things would be awesome!

  • My Twitter username: @lastguest_hh

  • klabenz


  • @dangroves

  • my twitter is @iheartapple

  • Would love to win this. My ID: (@ElatedKitty

  • @jeherve

    Always wanted that one!


    I really like to have this App to unclutter my Life a little more :-)

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    Following both! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

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    Just switched from OmniFocus to Remember the Milk, but would love to give Things a try.

  • I’m @stupidchicken. Thanks for organizing this!

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    I need Things because I have to remind myself of all the other things I forget because I can’t stop reading Appstorm :)

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    I would love to try things out…

  • I have tried things before and is very good !


  • Loving the app!!

    my twitter: guidel

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    I would LOVE a copy of Things – Looks like a wonderful App!

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    I would love to win this. It looks great and easy to use.

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    would love a copy!

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  • Hi,
    I’m @parkeyparker … I think what you and webappstorm are doing is great! and I am glad that I am now following you, webappstorm and culturedcode as your tweets are great!

  • @italyweddings would love a copy

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    Early Christmas greetings~!

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    Things looks great!

  • twitter name: andrewprice. would quite like this, but I REALLY want the macrabbit stuff!

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    Merry Christmas!

  • Happy Holidays to all from @AppleTribe

  • @bobtentpeg if you please :)

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  • I wanna a copy of it, but I think I won’t be the winner :(

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  • @statuser – Things looks really cool. Especially with the iPhone app.

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  • I’d love to win Things so I could organize my work with the best GTD app on the market (that GUI is just a killer one :D).
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    I really want to win!

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  • I was already following both of them, and I have one day left on my Things for Mac trial…fingers crossed.


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  • Thanks so much for having this giveaway!

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  • I’ve previously tried iCal and the Today app but could definitely use the robustness of Things to keep track of my multiple projects I’m working on simultaneously as well as my husband’s


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    … fingers crossed ….

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    Thanks a lot!

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  • @morillon89, I had already been fallowing both of them, hope I can win.

  • Would be great to to get things done!!


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  • I love things on the iPhone, would love the desktop app.



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  • I’ve been looking for the perfect GTD-app for a long time now. Perhaps this is it? =) I ordered my first mac, a macbook, last week so I hope I’ll recieve it tomorrow.


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  • I’d love this sooo much! Twitter username: @viralgfx

  • Dear Cultured Code & Mac App Storm,

    Things is the most used app on my iPhone. I use it HOURLY. I also have crazy wicked anxiety. Things helps, A LOT. I would totally appreciate a license if I won.

    My Twitter: @reposed



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  • Wow! Lots of people entering this one!
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    hope i’ll win! =)

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    Been wanting Things for awhile now. Maybe this is my chance. :)


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  • Things would be awesome: @nlunsford

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  • Things would be awesome!

  • tweeted :) count me in

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    when’s the syncing of delegated tasks with other users coming? That’s what I need

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  • Yep, i’m in: @dasrecht

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  • Thanks, guys!


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    Hope I win have been debating this for a while!

  • @arcterex is me, and being I’ve never won any of these types of things, I’m pretty sure they are all fake :)

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  • @jacobbuck Things is pretty cool :)

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    I just created my Twitter account! :)

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  • Things is totally awesome! @nanochrome

  • @kevinSuttle – Please. See, I asked nicely. :)

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  • Lots of entries! Thanks,

  • @MarkisPhoto

  • @wind_up_toy

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  • Been researching PM and time mgmt apps, so have encountered Things in the process. Looks great. Would be delighted to add it to my collection. @toptomato

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    • @6OneZero

      Typo in my email address.

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  • @MaestroBlogger, hope to win :D

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    Eager to be in the running for a copy. After all, if I could get things done with less effort then I’d fire Dolly Parton, Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda. I’m getting seriously worried that they might try to imprison me in my home…

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  • ahhhh something to help me organize SOMETHING in my life.
    Its a mess. I need this.

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  • Oh please pick me…I need Things to organize my life!

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    Would love the chance to win Things. Looks amazing and would be such a help with project management!

    Well done Cultured Code ;)

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    Great app, really worth it

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