Christmas Giveaway Day 20: Hazel

We’re helping you to stay organised today, with three copies of the wonderful Hazel up for grabs. Hazel is a handy utility for creating rules to organise your files. It can automatically move certain types of file to certain folders, help correctly remove applications, assist with emptying the trash, and can even ensure your iLife library is automatically up-to-date.

We have three full licenses to give away, so read on for more information about the app, and to find out how to enter!

Winners Announced

Let’s get straight to it! Here are the three lucky winners who will be enjoying a cleaner Mac this winter:

  1. Elias Tan
  2. Suaran Sidhu
  3. Robert Mikola

Congratulations to all three of you, and I hope you enjoy the app!

About Hazel

Hazel watches whatever folders you tell it to, automatically organizing your files according to the rules you create. But it does far more than that. Hazel can open, archive, set color labels and add Spotlight comments. In addition, you can have Hazel rename your files or sort them into subfolders based on name, date or whatever combination of attributes you choose.

Hazel has a fully rule-based engine, which can be used for creating powerful workflows to automatically organize and process your files. If you’re a fan of a tidy, organised Mac, this useful app can be a real life-saver.



How to Enter

We’re fascinated to know how you would like to use Hazel, so entering just requires that you leave a comment, letting us know your plan for using the app. Will it just be for automatically emptying the trash? Or maybe for keeping all your downloads organised by media type? Let us know below!

We’ll select the winning comments at random in 24 hours time, and will update this post with details of the winners shortly afterwards.

A big thanks to Noodlesoft, the developers of Hazel, for sponsoring the competition. Good luck, and be sure to follow us or subscribe so that you can find out if you’re a winner!


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Add Yours
  • I’ll use it for keeping my Desktop and Downloads organized.

  • i would like all my downloads sorted into their respective folders and also uninstalling apps

  • I’m a student and have lot of files on my Macintosh, this would come in handy, as I already have ShoveBox for notes, and such.

  • I’ll use it by keeping my files organised and for uninstalling applications.

  • I’ve got a cluttered download folder, and when working on projects I get a cluttered desktop. I think I remember Hazel being able to sort through files based upon their age, so it would be great to not have to worry about filing documents from the desktop immediately; I’d prefer to just let Hazel do her magic!

    The auto-empty trash feature is also a really great one, so maybe that would help my compulsion to always have an empty trash can…

  • I’m fully willing to erect a personal shrine to any app that can auto sort downloads. The amount of time i spend trawling through that folder is nothing short of ridiculous. Time better spent, designing, eating, exercising, playing, enjoying said downloads.

    In short, this app could enrich and increase my effective productive life span!

    How’s that for a slice of fried gold?

  • To keep my Downloads folder clean, and to move my work files to my work PC every day.

  • I would love this app… I plan using it for sorting all kinds of files by type and date. Coloring files, folders by date and moving them to trash… I plan using also complex functions as I saw in tutorial on the homepage of Hazel.

    Big thanks if I get it for free!

  • I would use Hazel to:
    – automatically organize my downloads, waiting to be reviewed and stored;
    – safely uninstall trial software I won’t buy.

  • I don’t know how to use it yet, I was thinking of trading it if I didn’t like it.

  • I would use hazel to organize the multitude of design files that are overwhelming my time capsule and hard drive…

  • Yeah organizing the download folder, especially the many PDF from school, and for organizing all the screenshot i made.

  • I manage to fill my desktop and download folder within a day… or less. I hope Hazel can help me move my downloaded files into the right folders and maybe rename them as well. Hopefully, next time i look at my desktop i’ll be able to find the icon i’m looking for in under 2 hours…

  • Rename files? It has to look better then MetaMorphose. I’m in. Renaming files it is.

  • I’ld let Hazel clean my desktop, colour items and sort my downloads by date automatically. Other than that I like the background uninstall feature!

  • Organizing the Downloads folder! That thing gets so full and trashy.

  • Making rules for my downloads folder, and also organizing screenshots.

  • This app has been on my wishlist for an eternity:

    I love the capability of managing files by rules. My downloads folder is constantly overflowing and with the rules in Hazel I can finally assign the downloads to specific folders or even perform specific actions for them.

    In addition, the ability really clean out all extra files when deleting an app is just a sweet thing.

  • So that I can finally get my Downloads folder organized. It currently weighs in 140GB and has 30.000 files! And counting!

  • My downloads folder. Seriously. I’d really appreciate a license :)

  • My iTunes is on an external hard drive, and it is sooooo unorganized, it really need a massive cleanup.
    Also, my desktop and downloads folder get filled up constantly, it would be really great to get this app.

  • I’d love Hazel to help me prioritize items on my Desktop and in my Downloads folder. Maybe, I could also find usefull purposes for folder shared over Dropbox so that file uploaded from someone else get some automatic handling.

  • I’d use Hazel for organizing my downloads into folders by date and for cleaning up my desktop. That’s the most messy part of my mac ;)

  • I would use it to keep my Downloads folder organized and automatically move heavy files to my home server. :)

  • Move automatically downloaded items, keep my desktop clean and use the uninstall feature which is very nice :)

  • Move automatically my downloaded items, uninstall feature, very nice, keep my desktop clean

  • My downloads folder is a mess and I would use it to organize that as well as all my student documents. This seems like a really helpful app!

  • I’d like to use Hazel to keep the right things going to my Dropbox so that I can effectively share across Macs and keep everything up to date.

  • The Downloads folder has got to be the most disorganized folder on anyone’s Mac. Hazel looks like a nifty utility to teach that darn folder a lesson. Hazel’s that strict old granny with huge spectacles with a cane in her hand who’ll make you do the right thing, no matter what.

  • Organising my downloads, and keeping media files neat and tidy.

  • I would hopefully use it to keep my files in order, especially new downloads and trash because my personal filing system includes randomly putting things places and being sure that I’ll remember the difference between 100 files all named “untitled.”

  • I’ll use it for organizing downloads by type and date, especially the desktop-wallpapers by dimensions (subdirectories).

    • and of course the “app-removal”-feature

  • Sorting, definitely. My desktop’s pristine, but that’s because my junk drawer’s a mess. Some automatic sorting would be perfect.

  • I would use it for orginizing my school works, like vids, documents and downloads!

  • I’d be using it to keep my downloads in order as well as to purge all the old files that uninstalled apps leave behind. Given how often I add and remove them, I imagine there’s a fair amount of space being used for nothing…

  • this would be so handy. i love to organize and this would just make that compulsive disorder less obsessive.

  • I would use Hazel to organize my Drop Box (not to be confused with the App). It is a stack in my Dock that I use to organize my cluttered things like downloads, working video and audio render files, etc.

  • It will help me keep folder clean.

  • I’m sharing a lot of various files with some friends, and it would be nice to have them organized.
    And I download a few (free) ebooks too—it would be nice to just download them and then know they will be added into their respective folder just because of their name. :D

  • The first thing I would do with hazel is to test it, how it could help me ;)

  • I would use Hazel for classifying the downloaded files by filetypes.

  • I will clean out all the stuff I haven’t used for two years!

  • Organizing my movies ant TV shows automatically!

  • I’m an English teacher, and I’m having my students turn in more and more assignments and projects electronically (usually through

    I’d love to see if something like Hazel could help me organize these files… Perhaps automatically moving, sorting, or labeling assignments that I’ve graded & made comments for. Right now, that’s the messiest part of the process for me.

  • I just found out about Hazel and thinks that this app is a great one. I’d like to use Hazel to have my cluttered Downloads folder clean and neat.

  • Need it for sparkling clean uninstallations, even those AppZapper can’t get, organizing torrents based on where they were downloaded, auto-importing JPGs to iPhoto, auto-moving .app files to /Applications folder, and more! 

  • I’ll use it to organize my Downloads folder, as Rentzsch suggested here:

  • Im going to use it to automatically organise my photos and videos for me and also for automatically emptying the trash

  • This would be seriously helpful. I’m a student, a music student, and my files reside in many corners of my Mac. This should help keep things organized and tidy for me while I work. :D

  • I would use Hazel to, rename & move screenshots to a folder.
    Organize my downloads by highlighting new & old files. Use hazel with Dropzone
    to open app dmg’s & move files to my app folder. Oh I would also keep
    my trash organized.

  • It sounds like an interesting app, and im curious about the limits of it. I think I will use it for re-naming my screen-shots. I tried an automater action for this, but was disappointed. I’m also glad this thing supports growl.

  • I am using 2 Mac´s but i´ve never got my files organized. Downloading everything and never find it again gives me a headache. Hazel would be a great tool for me to keep organized and clean.

  • yay!

  • Organise downloads, pictures and all the stuff by kind, source etc

  • Keep the download folder organized and clean everytime I delete an application (veeeery veeeeery often :-p I try every application:-p)
    and make automatic cleaning and stuff like that

  • Putting related files in the dustbin when i decide to trash an app.

  • This is the solution for my Downloads and Project folders! They usually get so cluttered up with stuff that even finding time to organize it is difficult. Hezel would save the day…

  • Help contain and organize my out-of-control desktop. Please!

  • I’m a digiscrapper, this would really help keep my supplies organized.

  • I’d use it for tidying my downloads folder – but also most of my other folders. I’m really bad at electronic file management – Hazel would be the perfect solution! App removal would also be very useful, as I’m sure there are several remenants of old apps still on here – somewhere!

  • i will use it to organize my movies and music and uninstallin apps.

  • I’m extremely interested in an application that can clean up my downloads folder according to media type. That would be great!

  • organize my downloads and videos

  • To feed orphan baby chipmonks. And end wars.

    But most often to speed up my workflow. I constantly forget to switch directory before saving.

    Stefan Atterdal

  • I plan to use the app to organize my download folder for me.

  • I’d use it for keeping that messy Downloads and Documents folder organized…

  • Gotta go with emptying the trash and sorting my downloads. The two jobs I never do myself.

  • On twitter @lgsobalvarro

  • Manage my trash bin

  • definitely to organize downloads…I like to leave them for a month or so and then do a full cleaning/organization of the folder

  • Home have 5 people. Wife, me, one Daughter, one son and the Dog. SInce everybody use the imac ( true… the dog also… since he loves to play with Mighty Mouse) you imagine the files that are already on my desktop. So please, please, please, that Software will bring my life again, since every time they download anything (and sometimes are so strange things), they are automatically organize the folders i want … Please LET ME BE MORE TIME WITH MY FAMILY AND LESS WITH THE FILES. Hope you have all Good Christmas. Best Regards .

  • Definitely using this to keep the downloads folder clean!

  • I will use Hazel for automatically emptying the trash AND for keeping all of my downloads organized. :)

  • I would like to use it to keep my downloads, Client Files, and Digital media organized. I keep all kinds of movies, music, and pics ont his computer to help run about 40 websites. This application could help me get and stay organized with files for each site.

  • Desktop and downloads

  • I tend to use my desktop as a dumping ground for things I’m currently working on. So I would use Hazel to keep it more organized.

    I would also use it to clean out my downloads folder and empty the trash because I tend to forget to do those things.

  • There’s always the usual downloads folder use. It would also be good for monitoring what gets added to the application folder. The integration of deleting apps is a nice perk as well.

  • try to keep my downloads folder in some semblance of order!!

  • Cleaning up all the crap on my computer..

    I have SpeedDownload to organize my downloads…

  • As almost everybody, we have problems organizing our Downloads folder, so this will help a lot. And I’ll also use it to move files between these folders that I use on my Mac

  • i am downloading multiple times per day and hazel will save many hours per day trying to organise that mess !

  • I’d love to use it for sorting my Downloads folder.

  • Ah, Hazel! The applescript features are pretty amazing stuff.

    Hope I win. ^ ^;;

  • I would create a “Drop Box” for the images downloaded from my camera, and then rename and sort them automatically to get (keep) all this organized.

  • Organizing my Downloads Folder.

  • I’d use Hazel to further bolster my folder-OCD.
    Sorting everything automatically, like; putting all files downloaded from FAILblog, ICHC, IHAH,… into folders.

  • this can really be helpful for a designer like me to organize all my stocks, work, psd’s, ai’s…. the list goes on… wow… would be really gr8 if i did win… :D

  • I plan on using this app to keep my downloads organized, especially when I download new backgrounds for my desktop.

  • I do get frustrated with Mac’s inefficient way of uninstalling apps, so I’d love it for that. But I also have a metric ton of documents and downloads coming in every day, through work, so I’d love to have a program to sort those out for me by type.

  • App Removal. Need one of those…

  • Download folder and Desktop

  • I would use Hazel to automatically organize all files that I import to my After Effects/Final Cut project so that I don’t have to organize them myself.

  • I’d love to put Hazel to work keeping my Downloads and Desktop organized/tidy. This sounds great!

  • I thought about to buy it, so this would be a great win for me :)

  • I’m getting a mac for college next month and i don’t have any apps for cleaning it. My family has two windows computers that get cleaned at least once a week. Would it not be a shame if my mac does not get cleaned because i don’t have the software?

  • It will be just for automatically emptying the trash

  • I would love to use Hazel to organize my files.
    Since my work is associated with a lot of files each day ^^
    It would be great to not manually move the files the each folders.

  • the file mess is my main problem, and this app seems like the best ever solution for that. It would save my time of organizing files manually so i would have more time for my family! thanks a lot for great tool!

  • I-need-organization. *_*

  • I have TONS of duplicate files over multiple backups and I wold use it to consolidate everything.

  • Organizing download folder, keeping the Trash clean :), uninstalling applications…

  • i would use it to organise my desktop

  • I would use Hazel to keep my downloads folder organized by when I downloaded the items.

  • Hazel could be an ideal solution for categorizing scanned expense report items.

  • I’m a professional photographer, so I’d use it to keep my image archive in check by reorganzing and deleteing duplicates to improve workflow.

  • I will use Hazel for keeping my files organized on desktop and according to the rules I create.

  • Oh i really need this, for my company projects. Keeping all the files in a AfterEffects project together (Photoshop / Illustrator/ Photos/ Music/ Videos…)
    Hope i win… Thanks appstorm!

  • I would like to use Hazel to manage my Download folder : move files in folder by type, clean junk files after a while, etc…

    Thank you Mac.Appstorm for all these giveaways !

  • I installed the demo a while ago and it just expired, I would love to have the license! I’ll be using it to make sure that when I uninstall things, I really uninstall them.

  • I use it mostly for classified my downloads by file type and automatically send the image files that I tabled the making screenshots!
    I set a lot of script for this app, and it would take me three hours por vos describe all this.

  • I’d like to use it for sorting e-mail attachments coming from my customers.

  • I’d like to use Hazel for cleaning up my messy downloads folder and attach AppleScript actions to some of my project folders (e.g. automatic upload, automatic backups, synchronization, etc.)

  • Desktop
    organize apps
    What can’t you do?

  • Totally keeping the Downloads folder clean finally.

  • I’d like to use it for sorting e-mail attachments from my customers.

  • This app seems terrific for adding Spotlight comments and organizing my huge collection of icons!

  • Mostly for organising downloads

  • Being pretty OCD, I’ve already got my own filing system, but boy would it be nice to have that all auto-organized instead of doing it manually myself. Of course, then I’ll have to figure out what to do with all that saved time!

  • To keep my desktop clean, as I am ALWAYS messing it up!

  • Hmm… I only have 4 icons on my desktop, 3 drives and 1 folder, where I dump all my stuff. :) Hazel would be great for organizing that folder

  • same as many others, to help my downloads folder! it gets chaotic fast, so to be able to organize best on file types automatically would be a priceless helping hand!

  • I often end up with a lot of files in my Downloads folder, as well as in my Documents folder which are completely disorganised. It would be great to be able to create a few rules and keep all my stuff organised. It would really help me with my zen lifestyle.

  • I’d use it for downloads sorting and auto-emptying the trash.

  • Hi,

    first of all, I already have a copy of Hazel so if I win this one, I’d give it to my favourite woman as she’s quite jealus about all the things hazel does for me…

    …which is far more than just taking care of the trash and removing support files of deleted apps. Would be too much to list it all but let’s pick a few highlights

    – sorting my downloads: hazel gives all downloads a blue label that have been downloaded in the last 24h. If a downloaded file stays in the downloads folder for more than two weeks, it sorts them by various criteria: It automatically moves files with specific formats to adequate locations and files that don’t match any rule go to a folder “° downloads to sort out”. If something is in there, Hazel reminds me periodically via growl to tidy up.

    – Hazel organizes my Dropbox folder. It tells me when I got new files from someone and if I put something in for someone else, it adds the string “scheduled to be deleted by hazel on [date]” after a week and after another week it delets the file. I hate my Dropbox getting full because the receivers of files don’t clean them out in the box.

    – I got a folder called “° Hazel Autosort” in the dock. Whatever I put in there is being sorted by tags. I set tags via Leech like “finance”, “receipt”, “bill”, “wallpaper”, “2do”, etc so hazel knows where to put the file.
    The ° at the beginning of a folder/file is telling hazel to not process this btw.

    – Hazel backups some files automatically by moving a copy to a folder when they change. I keep older versions of my iPhone apps filed this way for example.

    – Project Archive: When I finish a project, I move the project folder to my archive folder and leave the rest to hazel: It compresses the data to a zip file, adds the date when the project was last modified to the filename and moves it to a folder labeled with the year in which the project was last modified. Takes less space and is very easy to find data if I need it as I usually can track the time when I finished the project.

    Well, this was a lot and there’s even more I do with Hazel like periodically running scripts and opening files in a certain folder, etc.
    I totally love this tool.
    If I win and it suits the developer, it could be great as well to win an upgrade from my single license to a family license. My girl would anyway be certainly very glad if she was able to access Hazels helpful features:-)



  • for organising downloads – so that video downloads go straight to my movies folder, important documents to my documents folder etc. It would save me a lot of time sorting out the mess which always builds up!

  • Since I’m going to film school I have a lot of video projects I work on. I’ve been getting busier lately so I have more files. I use Final Cut and After Effects in my work flow. I have a lot of files that I like to keep organized. Footage, AE files, FCP files, Renders, and more. Keeping them all organized tends to slow me down. Hazel will be able to move all those files into the folders I want them to go in so I don’t have to stop and organize them.

  • I’ll be using it to organize my downloads and automatically redirect/organize all those pdf downloads!

  • Organizing my downloads folder and moving files automatically to DropBox

  • OOOOO, my umpc would love u

  • i don’t know yet. maybe i’ll use it to keep my downloads-folder clean.

  • Keeping that mushrooming downloads folder in check

  • I plan to use hazel to organize my desktop!!

  • I’d use this for keeping my downloads nice and neat…

  • I’d use it to unclutter my document and archival folders in such a way as I would not need to perform regular uncluttering marathons throughout the year and not have to give it a second thought.

  • for Zen.

  • I would allow it to run on my ‘Downloads’ folder so that it would automatically file all of my downloads. When I’m doing research for University, for example, I download a lot of PDF journals. It would be useful for these all to be filed neatly into a folder. Similarly, I would use it to ensure my Dropbox folder is up-to-date with many of the changes in my documents.

  • Organizing my Downloads folder!

  • My download section and desktop could need a bigger clean up. Combined with automater it would be a step forward on all gtd levels!

  • My download section and desktop could need a bigger clean up. Combined with automater it would be a step forward on all gtd levels!

  • for ‘archiving’ all the desktop junk, ready to be thrown away and managing all the downloads into manuals/movies/etc..

    who knows, maybe I can find another use for it : )

  • I’d mainly use it for keeping downloads and work files organised. If it works with then that would be a big thing too.

  • Admittingly, I wouldn’t do any sorting/cleaning up related activities with Hazel. I know I could well surprise my boyfriend with a Hazel license… and in the end, he will hopefully care about the (digital) clean up. ;-)

  • I will love to organize my messy download folder.. and will appreciate the help on taking care of the trash..

  • I will use it to organise all of my design resources and work files instead of spending hours trying to find where I put things!

  • The first idea occurred in my mind is that, I can use Hazel with other software and services, say, dropbox, to organize my work and life AUTOMATICALLY. isn’t this cool?

  • – get help at uninstalling software
    – dont worry about trash´s size
    – coloring new/older/old files
    – moving some file types after renaming

    Yes, thats what I use it for, mainly :)

  • I have the demo of hazel right now and I love it. Current I use it to auto-sort my downloads folder into subfolders named by the date

  • I plan on using it to automatically file .pdf files into Yep for my work.

  • I would have it make my work files go to some folder at the end of the day. Based on the time the file was created, like 9 to 5pm.

  • I would use the app to organize folders across my computer by file type (like PSDs, AI files, PDF, etc.) and to generally keep things cleaned up.

  • keep the downloads folder organized

  • I would use it to keep my download directory organized, moving music to itunes, photos to iphoto and work documents into my dropbox.

  • This should really help me with downloads. I can never keep that folder organized.

  • This is the first time I’ve heard of Hazel, but it is just the sort of app I’ve been looking for. I have a lot of videos and pictures which I keep on my Mac and I download more all the time. This will make my organizing of those files much easier. I can then just download them and then automatically move and rename them for me.

  • Yes! That would be very cool to automatically rename and optimize my screenshots on my desktop.
    And.. of course keeping my download folder clean and organized.

    Thanks AppStorm!

  • my download folder looks like a mess. Hazel would be the right thing to organize this folder.

  • This app would soooooo useful to me. As a student, I need to manage numerous files for assignments (group, etc), lecture slides, review documents, outlines, etc. Doing it all by hand is definitely long and time-wasting and this application seems to be a holy gift. By the way thanks for making us know about this software.

  • Yes! That would be great to automatically rename and optimize my screenshots on my desktop.
    And… Of course, keeping my download folder and trash clean and organized.

    Thanks AppStorm!

  • Hazel was an app I’ve wanted like forever!
    I’d use it to keep my folders and especially the Downloads folder organized and to clean up my Mac.

  • keeping the downloads and desktop folders organized!

  • I’ll use it to keep myself sane.

  • I shall have Miss Hazel clean up and sort images at every website project i create. She will look at the names of every dropped image in some specific folders and put them inside the right folders.

    She will also obey all my orders as i make them up.

  • Keeping desktop clean and “random” files in some sort of order

  • I would like to win this app because i always have a mess in my desktop.

    I would create a rule that all desktop files are moved automatically to a folder in docs folder…

    That way my desktop would be clean every instant

  • i’ll attempt to have hazel organize my economy folder, some pictures, downloads and eventually my entire computer!

  • Organizing download folder, of course. Delete accidental HTML and php files, mark stuff that I need to open and oversized files to delete asap.

    Also keeping the desktop and top level of the hard drive tidy. God, there’s so much cruft I leave there.

  • I would use this to organize all my client files such as .ai files and mostly.psd. This is a awesome tool

  • I will us Hazel to categorize my tv shows, organize download and a couple other folders by file type and to uninstall apps.

  • I’d organize my downloads with hazel. i try to sort everything manually but at the end of the day it’s always a mess.

  • Plan to organizing music-files, there’s a lot of them. hehe. And to delete programs and other downloads SAFELY I only use temporarily.

  • I will use Hazel to keep my folders in sync.

  • I just downloaded the trial and right now I’m using it to sort all of my Photoshop brushes I have downloaded into the Photoshop folders.

  • It will definitely organise my downloaded files – videos, pdfs, pictures, zips. There is such a big mess with all those files:)

  • I would use it to sort in folders the screenshots I take, to remove old files from my Dropbox, archive some emails, convert new iPhone notes to TXT files as soon as they are synchronized to my computer.

  • I’m an organizing nut, especially when it comes to my computer files. As my mother used to say, ” Everything has a place, and everything in its place.” And like the cartoon maid of the ’50s (for those of us old enough to remember her) Hazel will pick up after me, putting everything in its place.

  • I’d use it for renaming mostly — I like to have my photos named by date.

  • As I watched the Hazel Video Tour my mind started thinking of so much ways to garner the potential of this apparently small app. There’s so much possibilities in Hazel.

    It’s about giving the user the power it needs to manage the flux of data that our busy lives generate. And the extended workflow of Hazel (through Applescript and Automator) multiplies the possibilities even more!

    It’s obvious that this app is great to organize TV shows (just found some Hazel workflow example on the web that uses patterns to check the name/season/episode of a video filename and sort it into the right folder [and, along the way, renames the file to one’s liking]).

    It also seems great to manage client work files — like sending all received client email attachments to a folder and have Hazel unzip & sort them into sub-folders according to the received date of each file. And Boom — you get an instant history of all the attachments the client sent you.

    Hazel seems like a great app with great power. I’ve only switched to the Mac a few months ago and this kind of (powerful/easy-to-use) apps is the reason I did it!

  • I test and install a lot of apps. I know I have clutter from those. Not to mention all the downloads and such.

  • Keep that desktop/media/download folders in an organized fashion, save money and time.

  • I would use Hazel to keep my downloads folder organized because I never get around to doing it on my own.

  • Mainly to keep downloads organized, and split out my TV shows properly and automatically.

  • Mainly for organizing my files :)

  • wow this sounds perfect for me! I save stuff to my desktop and downloads folders. Get tired with all the junk in it but don’t have time to organize. So i just end up creating another folder called Desktop-Organize (or something similar). I have yet to find time to do this. A program that would help me do this is awesome! I get so frustrated when my stuff isn’t organized and can’t find time to organze it all since i’m a student.
    would love to be chosen. Thanks
    Merry Christmas

  • wow this sounds perfect for me! I save stuff to my desktop and downloads folders. Get tired with all the junk in it but don’t have time to organize. So i just end up creating another folder called Desktop-Organize (or something similar). I have yet to find time to do this. A program that would help me do this is awesome! I get so frustrated when my stuff isn’t organized and can’t find time to organze it all since i’m a student.
    would love to be chosen. Thanks
    Merry Christmas

  • I’d use Hazel to organize my Download-Stack – especially all my university stuff which gets regularily updated.

  • I’m totally OCD with keeping my files organized.
    Hazel seems like would be a great help in doing that. I would use it for…everything? moving, cleaning, deleting, renaming, etc….everything it can do, I’ll make it do it!

  • I need to do some spring cleaning :P

  • I’ll have it auto-empty my downloads folder, organize my wallpaper collection, and empty my trash every week.

  • The number of times that I have to re-organise and file documents from my Downloads and Desktop so that nothing gets lost in the mix gets extremely frustrating sometimes, especially when working on a project or downloading files for a student presentation. As a student and designer, Hazel would be awesome for keeping me organised and not so stressed about where something is!

    I might also use it to automatically delete my trash to save some space on my computer, and may replace AppCleaner to remove applications :) This would be extremely helpful, and a great time saver!

  • I’d definitely use this to help sort my downloads folder as things come in as well as emptying the Trash periodically. I’d also use it for filing documents related to my own business, particularly documentation and such.

  • I’ll use it during the college semester. All my students send their essays to me over email, and this will allow me to automatically sort them into folders for easy access. I get about 1400 a semester.

  • I download a LOT of files for school – everything is in my Downloads folder which is a catastrophe. I’m trying to use File Actions right now to sort them but it doesn’t work if a third of the pdfs are biology related while another third are chemistry…and so on. Hazel would really help me out here!

  • I’d use it to clean up my desktop and maintain some form of order – it’s currently a catastrophe!

  • I would use Hazel to help me organise all of my music, photo, and college files. I would also use it to help sort out my downloads when I’m working on various projects (it tends to get rather messy!)

  • I’ll use it by keep my Downloads folder clean and for uninstalling applications.

  • I’d mainly use it to clean out my Downloads folder and uninstalling applications.

  • I’ll be organizing my downloads and desktop files automatically !

  • Sorting my downloads and documents folder and emptying trash after a while

  • Just sorting my documents/downloads

  • I’d use it for moving stuff from ‘downloads’ and ‘desktop’ to the appropriate folders.

  • organizing my music!

  • organising my downloads would be a must. I download audio sample packs and having them be put straight into the right folder would be awesome – most of all adding mp3s I buy automatically add to itunes folder saving me loads more time!

  • Auto-sorting downloads by type. May be handy for sorting documents into a more reasonable structure as well (as I currently have a huge pile of docs of all sorts in Documents which really should be sorted out by content or type at least.)

  • I’d like to setup some automated housekeeping…like trash emptying.

  • Cleaning up my folder for testing apps for my blog of course

  • Keep my machine organized and free of clutter.

  • I’ll be using it to auto-delete items in my trash, and just generally keep my computer clean

  • I would organize my portfolio & podcasts.

  • I’d organise my Download folder and pictures and wallpapers

  • My downloads folder is a mess. I download lots of stuff I don’t need and then forget to chuck it out. I have pictures, movies, etc in there and I would love to be able to have it all moved to a better location, perhaps 3 days after it is dumped. That way, I won’t have to do a monthly downloads folder cleanup.

  • I would keep my legal case files and folders organized.

  • I work in special education and I am constantly searching for new programs that might be useful for students that have organizational problems.

    I myself, ironically, also have a learning disability – specifically, a Nonverbal Learning Disability – and organization is one of my weakest areas. I have found applications such as “Papers” to be very helpful organizing PDF files. I would love to dive into this program as well.

  • I’d use it to organize my schoowork, business, and personal files.

  • To keeping my files organised.

  • downloads will be no1, but should be great for mail attachment folder too. other possibilities abound.

  • I’d use it to clean my trash, and automatically organize my downloads into tidy type and category specific folders.

  • I would use it to manage my freelance art files. Right now they’re just one giant mess…

  • I want to find all my duplicated photos and remove them…

  • Spring cleaning my computer in honor of my New Years Resolution!

  • I’ve always been a little anal-retentive when it comes to organization on my computer. If the rest of my life is chaos, my computer is not. I like a hierarchical file system and, while others prefer to just drop every document into the documents folder, my brain can’t adjust to that way of thinking. With me, there’s a place for everything, and everything needs to be in its place. The only catch is that it takes too much time. Hence, Hazel could help me out tremendously.

  • I’d use hazel to automatically keep all my client documents organized.

  • i will use the folder actions a lot (@mik84)

  • definitely to help organize files that are downloaded.

  • I’d use this to organize my client files…

  • Easy – I do quite a bit of writing on multiple computers (sync-ing with online backups) and as a result I have dozens of drafts in dozens of places. This would absolutely be perfect for managing those into a single place.

  • i’d use it to organize my work & download files..would be great and helpful to have this

  • As a designer, organization often takes a seat. The biggest culprit is downloaded files, including various videos, photos, and especially inspirations I’ve downloaded. So I’d certainly put Hazel to work in the downloads folder.

    I’m sure there are other spots it’d come in handy as well.

  • To organize my files I use tags in the meta-data. Hazel is perfect way to automatically move the files in the appropriate folder after tagging.

  • I’d use it to organize downloads and the large number of design and image files hanging out on my hard drive.

  • I’d use Hazel for automatically organizing finished Final Cut Pro projects for archiving .fcp and raw footage files on a backup drive.

    Automatic trash empty doesn’t sound too bad either…

  • I’m a brand new Mac user and still discovering a good workflow. I would use Hazel to of course sort my downloads I accumulate everyday. But also for filing files into my project folders and auto archiving stale files.

  • I want to organize my downloads folder in some sort GTD way, to structurize my data. I was using trial version and it is the thig I need)

  • To keep the desktop and download folders organized.

  • To keep the desktop and download folders organized.

  • To keep the desktop and download folders organized.

  • To keep the desktop and download folders organized.

  • Definitely organized my download folder by media type and move the different files in the appropriate place on my hard drive (ie. Music, Video, New App,…) as soon as they arrive. So many file in it.
    I’ll love to use this piece of software.

  • Keeping media folders clean by moving big files to the mac mini :-)

  • I have this nagging feeling that I have tons of duplicate files on my drive. I’d love to get them squared away

  • For organizing my three hard disks as they have a lot of downloaded files which i’m unable to keep a track of.

  • Over time, my mac folders and desktop become cluttered. I often find myself lost trying to find documents and unorganized files. This would really help organize my work and help me manage my mac without having to worry about misplacing files. I’ve tried the Hazel demo and I absolutely love the trash features. This app would really come in handy! I’d love a copy!

  • Keep my downloaded files organized.

  • I will use it to keep my scanned docs organized.

  • I would you use it to keep my photo files in order

  • Ah yes Hazel! For me Hazel would be another useful tool in my quest for World Peace. I like World Peace…you like World Peace…lets get together and have a Hazel handshake…to further World Peace.

  • I would love to get this… to keep my mac clean when i delete apps i try (from this fantastic site) and to automatically sort receipts and OCR them (using PDFpen) as described in the “paperless” episode from the @macpowerusers podcast! Can’t wait! :)

  • desktop and trash

  • To get rid of duplicate files. My HD is full of them. I work on two computers and copy files from one to the other, often copying same files over and over again.

  • It will organise my downloaded files :D

  • Easy. Fix the perpetual build-up of desktop clutter.

  • I’ll use it for keeping Downloads folder organized and getting Trash folder clean automatically. I love this soft.

  • Nice, will use it to clean up my downloads folder!

  • I would organise my Desktop and Download folder.

  • I’ll definitely be using it to clean up my downloads folder and automatically move files into my dropbox folder.

  • I think I would mainly use it to keep my download folder tidy (right now it’s a mess :D ) and to move the files in the right directories based on their file type.

  • This is the answer to all my downloads folder woes.

  • I will use it to keep my download folder organized i keep my desktop screen uncluttered

  • I would use Hazel to keed my ~/ clean, finally :)

  • I would use to get all my crap in one sock.

  • this would be nice

  • I would organise my downloads folder; and auto-task certain download files and media types to be copied over to other folders.

  • I will use it for desktop, downloads and movies

  • I would organize my downloads folder. That keeps building up and stealing disk space

  • Organize my projects. We get a lot of revisions from our designers. Hazel will help a lot!

  • I’m trying to make a poor man’s yojimbo using a collection of tools/apps, and this would be great!

  • Will keep my desktop and downloads folder organized

  • for organizing my downloads.

  • I’d use the app to clean out my downloads and try to organize my files to external sources.

  • keep my Downloads and other folder clean

  • Let’s see here…
    I hate to say it, since Hazel is much more capable than just emptying your trash and cleaning your desktop & downloads,
    but yes keep Desktop clean: move screenshots to proper folder, move saved trailers to trailers folder, etc., and as far as downloads go well – move series and movies to proper folder based on their name, sort all downloads by kind, label all big files (above 300mb) with red, etc…
    Keep my series folder organized – sort files into proper folder, mark folders that are above 4gb with green label, also rename before sorting all files to proper formatting using applescript… well all in all a lot of time saving from Hazel in the short trial period that I had it… Also worth mentioning is the nice AppCleaning feature. Hazel is a great app and a huge timesaver. Good Luck All :)

  • I would use this to organize all my files in download folder :).