Christmas Giveaway Day 23: DEVONthink

If you’re looking to perform research or manage information on your Mac, there’s a good chance you will have come across DEVONthink. It’s a powerful app, designed to manage and keep in order all those disparate pieces of information so important to your work or studies.

Today we’re giving away five Infoworker’s Pro Bundles, comprised of both DEVONthink and DEVONagent. Read on for more information about these applications, and details how to enter!

Winners Announced

Congratulations to the five winners of a DEVONthink bundle! I’m pleased to announce that they are:

  • Alex Abbey
  • Vincent
  • Timothy M
  • Bes0nic
  • Dan

Well done, and Happy Christmas from Mac.AppStorm! Thank you for all your feedback on the competition – it will be incredibly useful for the next competition we run.

About DEVONthink

DEVONthink stores your documents, scanned papers, email messages, notes, bookmarks, etc. in one place. It has powerful search facilities, and a whole host of different ways to import your data into the application. It’s quick and easy to find a workflow that fits your process.



About DEVONagent

DEVONagent is a web research tool, offering a different way to navigate through the ocean of information available on the Internet. It’s able to prioritise the relevance of different results, create visual maps of information, and easily export all that data into DEVONthink for storage and analysis.



The Paperless Office

We’ve previously covered how DEVONThink makes a great solution for creating a paper-free office in conjunction with a scanner. I completely fell in love with this workflow, and can’t recommend it enough to anyone wanting to cut down on clutter in their workspace.

How to Enter

We’re finishing off our month of giveaways in a simple fashion, just asking that you leave a comment letting us know what you thought of the competitions. How could we have done things better? What did you like/didn’t you like? I’d love to hear your feedback, and will take it into account for future giveaway projects such as this one.

The competition closes in exactly 24 hours, and we will randomly select the winner(s) shortly afterwards. This post will be updated with the winners information and we’ll get in touch with you.

A big thanks to DEVONtechnologies for sponsoring the competition. Good luck, and be sure to follow us or subscribe so that you can find out if you’re a winner!


Today’s Web.AppStorm Giveaway: Campaign Monitor

Don’t forget to check out what’s going on over at Web.AppStorm! Today they’re giving away a few t-shirts from Campaign Monitor.

The crew behind Campaign Monitor offer one of the best email marketing solutions around, targeted at web designers. But they also offer some hip t-shirts.

Read more and enter the competition.

Our Christmas Wallpapers

In case you missed it, we’ve also created a bunch of festive wallpapers to get your desktop in the Christmas spirit. Here’s a quick preview!


One More Thing…

It isn’t over just yet! Tomorrow we’ll be having the biggest giveaway in AppStorm’s history, celebrating the start of Christmas in style. If you can drag yourself away from the Christmas Eve festivities, be sure to check back for a chance to win:

  • 2x 8GB iPod touch
  • 3x 2GB iPod shuffle
  • Copies of Things, Pixelmator, CSS Edit, Espresso, and Daylite

That’s over $1,000 of software and hardware, coming your way in 24 hours. Stay tuned and, as ever, thanks for reading Mac.AppStorm!


Add Yours
  • I think the giveaways were great fun, but the only thing I would improve upon maybe is making sure I win something next time lol. Apart from that, love the blog, keep up the good work!

  • I think it was very gracious of you to have organised this whole give away! thank you so much!
    to my knowledge it was well put together! keep up the good work


  • This is best year this is wher i wait a hole year for your special actions and give aways here from holland big thanks and even when i have notting won yet i’m super happy..

    See you next year thanks for my new seccond home page

  • You guys just threw $7000+ into the ocean. I admire that, and I love your sites. More competitions like this would be awesome because I haven’t yet won anything. I’d also like more roundups of applications :)

    Happy Holidays!

  • Thanks for your time you spent preparing the giveaway! I think it was really great and let people know your site better.

  • I think the giveaways were great and I will go through some of the previous applications and reviews and consider purchasing a few. This one today seems like it might be a good value

  • Great Job with the giveaway – it really got me hooked on your site! Thanks!


  • You guys did an awesome job, mush better than many other sites that handle giveaways. Very well thought out, very nice giveaways.

  • Great giveaways for a great site. Thanks for the fun!

  • I pleasantly was surprised to see so many giveaways this Xmas season in general. So many great apps were featured. The only thing I could think of to make it better would be if I had won something. Hopefully this will be the one!

  • While I didn;t win anything (yet), it was nice to find some new apps as always. Keep up the good work.

  • Awesome job guys, lots of great giveaways.

  • It was a great idea to organize giveaway now. I’m glad to take part in it.

  • I like it overall. I wish winners would have been announced sooner.

  • In my opinion you did it great. Maybe next year entering some competition could be a little more harder (not just only write a comment), so winner would be more happier about the price. But all in all it’s awesome and you guys are awesome. Keep up good work. Thanks

  • Awesome giveaway! ;) Subscribed and added to followers on Twitter.

  • Awesome!

  • I had a great time entering into the giveaways. I’m not really sure how else you could’ve done them. Having a semi-different way to enter each one was perfect, whether it’s leaving a comment, or tweetting, etc. That was good!!

    The only thing that might be cool is if you would have giveaways only to certain mediums. In other words, next time, maybe do the 24 Days on the website, but then also give some of the licenses away to those just on Twitter or just on Facebook on a different day. Just a thought to make things a little more interesting. Maybe even some sort of a “treasure hunt” on your website to find licenses.

    Keep up the great work everyone!! I love the AppStorm and Envato Networks!

  • It is a great site ! I really like it !!! And the giveaways are so nice !!! For the first time ever I won something !! A Mailplane license !! It is so nice !!! I couldn’t think in a different away for doing this!! I like when “how to enter” has questions like favorite food for example!! Great job !!!

    Sorry for my bad English.

  • What I hate is that I missed most of these competitions! :( I only found this great site after half the competitions were over, and I missed the other half because I was so busy from school and christmas shopping. Lala, maybe my luck will change.
    I love this site though, and the competitions seemed so fun!

  • I thought the giveaways were great. Really cool stuff. Sometimes prizes are just things people don’t want. Yours were really good. Thanks!

  • well, you could give away more copies of software next year :)

  • There is no doubt that we have enjoyed these competitions, of course, including me. But I think you should provide a slight challenge to explore this site every nook and cranny, instead of only following/tweeting or leaving comments, so we’d taken more delight in these giveaways.

  • Hard to improve – some great giveaways and a good range. Maybe some smaller items going to more people?

  • I think hey were fun, but maybe you should think about announcing the winners on time.

  • There hasn’t been anything like this! ;)

  • Great marketing. I’ve never visited your website as much as this december. It was fun to find out, every morning, what the new give-away was. Prices were (are) great. Nothing really big, but a lot of small presents. Really good software, so: a lot of happy people. Thanks for the fun!

  • I really liked your competition. I think if you would have integrated services like Twitter even more, so that people had to tweet certain lines you would have gain even more popularity. Also a competition via YouTube videos would have been very funny and spread the word of mouth even more.

  • In my opinion,this giveaways were great organize and there was also information about the price so it was really useful and I’m glad to take part of it. Of course, wish I had won something but maybe the next year(?) hehe

  • I think i’ve done a great job here! Great apps for free and easy way to enter!
    …you’d be better if you chose my name today :P

  • Why not just use Finder? I see no advantages to this piece of software!

  • It’s good for marketing and stuff… but the reality is like, the odds of a person winning something on this site is like 8397489728934723984 to 1. But, that’s how all giveaways are I guess, the main purpose is marketing.

  • They would have been better if i had won. ;)

    They were good. I agree that it would have been better if there was better notification of when winners were posted.

  • This was a great month! Awesome give aways. I’ve always taken the bad comments rather than listening to the good with anything I do. I know what’s good, that’s why I did it, so tell me what’s wrong and where I can improve. So with that I’ll tell you the only thing that I personally can think of that is negative…

    I personally think ‘tweet this, or add on your blog’ got boring and old. It should have involved more, some puzzles (a’la Macheist) or at least something that a blind monkey couldn’t do.

    Other than that, seriously, thank you guys. Awesome give away, thank you ALL involved.

    ~ S

  • I think the Christmas Giveaway has been great and have absolutely no suggestion as to how to improve it. The simple fact that you set the Giveaway in motion sets AppStorm apart. Aside from having the opportunity to win some cool prizes, I’ve enjoyed seeing your selections and learning more about some of the great apps for OS X. Merry Christmas, AppStorm!

  • Even though most people didn’t win the prizes, it was a great way to get to know more mac software that I didn’t know much about. Also agree that winner notification would be nice, maybe through a new post saying “winners for day x”.

    As well, I agree with Koichi above, in that it would be better if we were required to do something a bit more (such as explore the software and say what we would use it for, that way we could see different ways of using the software and maybe discover some nifty & clever tricks?).

    All in all though, it’s been exciting, can’t wait for tomorrow :)

  • Perhaps announcing the winners more promptly.

    Still, awesome opportunity.

  • Although I didn’t win anything useful yet, absolutely loved the giveaways! No suggestions at all!

  • I didn’t particularly like (and chose not to participate in) the tweeting competitions.

  • I think the giveaways were great overall; well promoted, and a good selection of apps.

  • I thought the contests were interesting and a smart way to build social network buzz about your site.

    While not everything you offered was of interest to me I think you did a good job of keeping it varied enough that everyone could find at least one or two things they might want.

  • Great apps, great promotion, great giveaways, great all :/

  • This program was fantastic.

  • Give away more copies. It’s pretty hard to win.

  • The giveaway has been great. However, I am not such a fan of this twitter stuff.

  • I think you have done a great job, and i hope you wil continue to do so.

  • Enjoyed the chance to win awesome software & gave me ideas for future software buys.

  • I loved it! It’s been a great giveaway. Thank you very much.

  • Not just competitions, with coupon or discount of software is better for all.

  • I enjoyed this Christmas Giveaway event very much. Thank you Mac.AppStorm and I’m looking forward to participating the next event!

  • How about stop using Facebook and Twitter to enter a competition / draw, or at least offer an alternative for those people with better things to do? I don’t use either and refuse to signup just to win a prize.

    As far as software like ‘Socialite’ goes – go nuts, enter on Twitter, Facebook, whatever, it’s at least relevant to the software at hand.

  • I found the whole giveaway-thing pretty cool. It probably would have enlarged the chance to win, if more licenses would have been thrown into the game. For the next time, it would probably be a good idea, to let the user choose one out of three app-giveaways per day, so the “masses” could be split up over three apps (everyone should only be allowed to participate only on one app per day though) and introduce even more cool software. :-)

    Maybe, it could also be possible, to establish a way that allows you to provide licenses for “pre-view” software/apps – apps that are not yet being released but will be in the near future. I think it could be a cool deal for both: the users get their licenses for free and the code-factory gets free beta-testers, heh. :-)

    There are many more possibilities to make this whole giveaway up. However, it has been pretty fun to be a part of it and I can’t wait for the next year to come. :-)

    Keep up the great work! Best regars.

  • I thought the giveaways were great. Keep highlighting great products; I learned about some great applications that I didn’t know about. Thank you.

  • Very nice choice of apps, even if I’ve never been selected :). Very well organized. Sorry if I can’t help for a future event, I don’t have a lot of experience on those. Happy Christmas and Happy New Year !!!

  • It’s been fun following the blogs, to see what was being offered next. And it’s been great giveaways, many apps that I’ve really wanted/needed and others I’ve learned that I really need ;)

    Hope to see it again next year!

  • I like the number of different applications which were offered and the reviews that were attached to them — it’s like learning about a new application every day.

    I also think that the way you used Twitter is effective.

    I’ve been following your sites now for some time — specifically MacAppStorm and WebAppStorm — but I was also introduced to some of your other Envato sites as well.

    All around a good job! Give yourselves a pat on the back.

    Happy holidays to all.

  • Excellent selection of giveayways. High quality and appreciated software.

    Would love to win this final round, would like to use DEVONthink to start my PhD.

  • the givaways is a great and original way to promote applications using social media. Clearly you guys have found a marketing business model for the current – and future decade. I enjoyed the momentum that you were able to build such a short notice.
    You might want to do other campaigns for spring, easter, 4th of july? and other public holidays. keep up the good work.

  • Great way to win and to know lot of great apps :)

  • Great giveaways & great job! I always anticipated getting your next tweet to find out what the next giveaway was. I’ve always followed your site and enjoyed your reviews, so this was just an added bonus for the holiday season!

    Thanks guys!

  • A great collection of giveaways, some really fantastic software. Hard to improve on really.

    Thanks a million…

  • This giveaway was perfect…in every way, I even won the EXACT app I wanted, needed and didn’t have. The day-by-by method was great too, kept us always expectant for what was coming next.

    Congratulations on the incentive and Merry Christmas to all you guys!

    Greetings from Brazil,

    Tyago Neres

  • The giveaways were great…I can’t really think of anything to improve them (other than picking me as a winner for all of them! :) ). You can bet I’ll be here tomorrow for the finale!

  • Loved the contest & the giveaways. I know it must have taken a lot of work behind the scenes to put it all together, and I really appreciate the opportunity to participate.


  • Very nice idea and I enjoyed reading about each of the prizes. I learned a lot about the selections and will buy some based upon the giveaway. Thanks.


  • The giveaways have been fun to watch and occasionally join in with! Glad there were plenty that just required a comment or tweet, since I often don’t have time to contribute more than that.

  • The competitions were ok, maybe more of them should be open-ended questions like “what could we do to improve our app” rather than just “follow us on twitter”?

  • Thanks for all the giveaways; free is always great. Only comment was that I don’t care for the “enter via tweeting” only contests. Some of us do not, nor plan to, use twitter.

  • thank you for letting us know about the vcaious softwares and apps used in web designb and it was an amazing gesture from you:) ALl the very best and keep it up

  • the competitions were great. wonderful prizes, pretty simple to enter. Good job

  • I think the competition as it is is good enough… maybe a bit of gaming, puzzle, jeopardy, a little quest to enter the competition could be more interesting… maybe.
    Good job

  • Awesome giveaways! The only way to make it better would be to have me win something! ;)

  • That was really nice of you guys. Made a merrier christmas to a lotta people. =)

  • I already owned most of the apps… like the idea in general.

  • compeitions have been great! free loot! do it again!

  • Overall, everything was fantastic! One suggestion: increase the the number of prizes per app :)

  • It was a great giveaway. I just wish I got any app.

  • I liked the giveaways but the thing I can think to suggest is to give more information than just it closes in exactly 24 hours, for example when did you post this? What timezone are you using?

    Thanks for all the giveaways!

  • I just wish I had won any app!

  • I thought the giveaways were great. I was looking forward every day.

  • The best thing about the giveaways has been the detailed profiles of the prizes. I’ve added so many apps to my wishlist just by reading the giveaway posts!

  • You’ve done a pretty good job overall. I’m glad that you mostly avoided requiring tweet spam for entries.

  • Great give-aways. Introduced me to a number of new products and even though I haven’t won yet. (Hint, hint, hint). I have enjoyed learning about some products I didn’t know about and learning more about those I did.

  • Hope to win this, since I am in the process of scanning all my files currently!

    I don’t know if I would do anything different on the competitions of I were you. Ha. It was great marketing and made me come to the site every single day this month!

    Great stuff.

  • Great setup – the month of giveaways has inspired me to check in daily to see what prize is offered! I’ll probably never use twitter or facebook to enter contests, so I appreciate the ‘simpler’ comment-based entries you’ve got to wrap up the month.

  • Thanks for your time for arranging this giveaway! It was just awesome and wish more of these in the future.

  • I think the giveaways was a great opportunity to learn about new products and want to log on to the site every day to see what new goodies was being given away.

  • This giveaway was great. Even though i didn’t win anything, I got to know new, interesting applications.

  • I enjoyed the competition and appreciate you hosting it. You used extremely good applications for the contest and your readers appreciate you taking this seriously. One qualm I had with the contest was the requirement to spam social networks. I know this is the new way of free advertising, but it is rather annoying to one’s friends and followers.


  • It might have been nice if you would not have used twitter/facebook. Many people who want to participate in this giveaway, including myself, don’t want a twitter of facebook due to security risks.

  • I think the giveaway was great, in that I was exposed to twitter feeds I never would have found on my own. There were lots of great programs (several of which I own), but it was great to get exposed to others as well.

  • I enjoyed the profiles of the different programs, learning about some great apps I was unaware of, but also seeing how people loved a number of programs I think are fantastic, and are part of my everyday computing.

  • The comments do pile up fast!

    Really enjoyed the competition. It highlighted some great apps I’d never heard of. Great way for them to market. Please keep this up, giving them away or not.

    I’d love to win this prize. I need to get DevonThink.

  • The giveaway was really great! Every day I was anxious to check my RSS feed in the morning to see what app would be given for that day.

    The one thing I didn’t like was for the giveaway for Socialite, we needed to add you as a contact on Flickr. . . and I don’t have a flickr account. I didn’t want to create one just for that, so I couldn’t enter.

  • I love the little review, then give-away. It’s a great way to promote apps while still providing relevant content to your readers.

  • I like that you varied what kind of apps you gave away with as much variety as possible to give everyone something that they might like. I also think that the apps chosen were very useful and set at a very reasonable price level. However, I do think that to improve on a successful year you would need to go bigger next year, by either more licenses, more expensive software or more of a competitive element.

  • The giveaway was really really great. I enjoyed reading about apps and trying to get them… :-)
    I’m really anticipating for the final giveaway tomorrow!
    Keep up the good work!

  • I loved your giveaways and while I knew most of the apps, it gave the opportunity to really try out a few of them. Delibar is one of my new favorites and I didn’t even win it.

    One thing to make it better would be to find new ways of entering into the competition other than Twitter or comments. However I liked that through this way it kept it simple for people to enter the competition. So there you go, pros and cons on the same issue.

  • Thanks for all the great software information! I’d say that trendy, self-indulgent social networking nonsense should not be involved in future giveaway promotions, though.

  • Great competition overall! Just sad I didn’t won anything (yet). :(

    I was, however, a bit annoying that you had to enter each giveaway separately.

  • This giveaway was absolutely amazing. I was excited each and every day when my rss reader notified me of a new post from you guys. The quality of giveaways were impressive. As far as improving the giveaway… I’m not sure. It seemed like a well thought-out event.

    I really liked how you mixed it up everyday for what you had to do to enter the competition. The one thing I didn’t like, as others have mentioned, was the day where we had to create a Flickr account.

    Thanks so much and thank you to your sponsors too.

  • You guys did a great job on the giveaways! It was great to be introduced to a lot of great software for the Mac that I hadn’t heard about but also ones that are essential apps to own. I think it was a very well rounded offering and I enjoyed the whole thing. It was fun getting to promote it via Twitter and facebook. I also appreciated the extra reviews you threw in along the way. I’ll definitely be visiting your website so keep tweeting your postings and reviews.

    Scavenger hunts are fun too so perhaps next year you could throw in a few hunts and puzzles. Awesome job overall!

  • Didn’t won anything but I think it was a great thing you did nonetheless.
    Something that you could be next time is set a time to end each giveaway. There is no timestamp on each post, so it’s kind of hard to know on it started and when it will end.

  • I enjoyed it for the fact that it highlighted some cool apps i hadn’t heard about before this, or maybe heard of but not really given my full attention.

  • This was a really great giveaway, Thank you Mac.AppStorm for a great way to kill time while waiting for Christmas. And thank you for the Delibar License I won :)

  • Thanks for the giveaways. Great work :)

  • As a newly converted dark side user, I have found your site helpful and the contest fun. I could really use either today’s prize or espresso tomorrow.

  • I didn’t win anything but this was the best giveaway I’ve ever found on the web. When you had to think a bit about a question/problem in your comment, it was really great.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Love how it was one giveaway per day. Plenty of chances to win. I would say an improvement would be to provide an easier way to announce the winners, maybe via email. Thanks. Good work!

  • Thank you for the giveaways!

  • I really enjoyed your giveaways, but as already mentioned I also prefer a announce of the winners per Mail for example.

  • I think contests are a great way to drive attention to your site and this round was handled very well. I wasn’t a Twitter follower of your site before the contest, but am now!!


  • Much appreciated…but too much twitter-bound.

  • As a new Mac user of a few months, I’ve found the Mac community to be fantastically active and generous in its offerings. Mac.Appstorm and the Christmas Giveaway is no exception.

    I’ve enjoyed the chance to see new applications which I hadn’t been aware of, highlighted in these 24 days. Its felt like a great chance to participate in a technological lucky dip lottery, always knowing there is a possibility of being surprised with a new license I might not otherwise have.

    As far as doing things better, I simply have a suggestion that next year you might leverage the popularity of this giveaway by linking with software developers and setting tasks which involve their Web sites and twitter to generate exposure for them. In this way you may be able to offer the reader of mac.appstorm a reduced price on the featured giveaway product for anyone purchasing on that day using a Mac.Appstorm checkout code…
    This way their would be something for everyone in the giveaway. The chance to win a free license and the opportunity to invest in an application for a discounted price if it appeals to the reader.

    My 2 cents. Thanks very much Mac.Appstorm.

  • I think it went well. I would like more days but it was awesome. Because of you guys i made a twitter and i love twitter now . so thank you

  • Loved the giveway, unfortunately i didn’t win anything, as always :)

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  • Hmm, what I didn´t like was the fact I did´nt win so far ;) No seriously, the whole thing is well thought and made, so there´s nothing bad about it. I really like the descriptions and reviews that come along with the prizes. I also like the collection of apps – some of them I heard of before but forgot to try out, so it´s at least a good reminder I had in the last 22 days :)

  • The directions are simple, the prizes are groovy, the people are friendly. I’d say that this a a good format for any giveaway.

  • I would not have changed anything about the giveaway (except maybe allowed me to win one of the giveaways). This is a great site and I thank you for giving us a chance to win some great apps. The giveaway was easy to follow if you kept up through either Twitter or RSS feeds.

  • Simple, direct, and with nice prizes. A very nice job on the giveaway.

  • Thanks for your effort in time. It was great and I think it was worth for you, too. Tons of applications I haven’t heard before and appear to be very useful. Merry Christmas!

  • I loves the giveaways. They brought a lot of my attention to software and stuff I haven’t seen before as well as stuff I have but haven’t really looked into.

    Although I haven’t won anything, I really do appreciate it and everything you guys do. The whole Envato network has been incredibly helpful to me and my continuously growing freelancing career.

    Merry Christmas to all and thanks again for everything!!

  • I think the giveaway was very well-done :)

  • Hi,

    I thought this was great give away competition. I have discovered apps that I was not aware of, so kudos on this front!

    Thanks again.

  • This competition was great ! The selection of softwares is very cool and high quality.
    Thank you Mac.Appstorm for this contest !

  • Enjoyed the giveaways and I really think it’s a great way to celebrate Christmas.

    In the future I’d like to see more giveaways and way-of-use articles– basically articles about how any given staff member uses a certain application. A lot of applications are easy to learn how to use, but difficult to put into practice in a worthwhile way. Thus, these sorts of articles would be great.

  • First thanks for so cool giveaways! I like a selection off apps it was really nice soft.
    To bad that it was so little numbers of each app available.
    Looking forward to next competition :)

  • Thanks for all the giveaways!…even though I didn’t win a single one. :( But here’s a suggestion, how about post some discount coupon codes for the the software that’s featured so if we didn’t win the contest we can buy the software (and help out the dev.) .

  • It was fun to look at your site each day. And i really like this Site. Haven’t known it before. To make it even better let me win something

  • I enjoyed the selection of giveaways. The only ones I didn´t participate were the ones I already have.
    Everything worked fine. I can not complain. What would be cool would be a web site with the winners listed. I missed that sort of.

    Best regards and have happy holidays,

  • Thanks for the giveaways! The contest ran very smoothly. The only thing I would change would be to keep the method of entry consistent from day to day.

  • Excellent idea to start with.
    I would just make it … thematic.

    First week graphic tools,
    Second week business/produtivity tools,

    Additionally I would give each comment a number and have a ‘live’ draw for the winners …
    This would raise the suspense.

    Finally I would have some of the offers given by users voting the best comment.

    (keeping my fingers crossed)

  • loved them, kept me coming back daily.

  • Maybe each day have a competition plus promote the same app at a discounted rate. Even if it’s only 20% or so off the RRP.


  • I greatly enjoyed the giveaways and learned about software that I hadn’t heard about. One improvement would to time stamp the original posting so we know if we can still enter the giveaway and when to expect the winners announcement.

  • The rules for entering changed everyday, it was a bit odd.

  • I think that the fact that you had to come back everyday was at the same time the nice thing and the bad thing about this period.

    It was nice because you kept us curious to see what the giveaway was everyday, but it was also a bit annoying not to know it. And on some days maybe a lot of us, for different reasons, weren’t able to connect and maybe missed something that they found interesting. But if you wanted to keep the majority of the people curious you managed to do it perfectly :D

    But the think that I liked the least, I must say, is that I haven’t won anything! Nothing, not even of web.appstorm. If you want to be more succesful next year you should make me win more often :D

  • I liked the give away, I did find that sometimes the apps were not really anything I would ever use, but them days i just did not take part and I think that was the point to try and make sure its going to give people who really want something the chance, I think it might be nice if you had a free for everyone type app every 2-3 days to go along with the rest as It can get somewhat depressing to loose time after time.

    Otherwise, really good comp, really fun, and glad it was something that everyone could take part in not just the people in america.

  • Maybe more give aways, and harder competition, make the users really work for the prices =)

    Marry Christmas!!!

  • I really appreciate you guys putting on this whole giveaway! I think, though, that you should try to get some more apps that don’t do the same thing. Also, the competition should definately be harder, because I feel that just leaving your twitter name is way too easy for these prizes.
    All in all, great job, and I hope to see another one next year.

  • I was coming back almost every day to Which is 10 times more than I usually would.

    There were quite a few great apps up for grabs.

    I think the rules for entering were a little bit too much. I don’t have a twitter feed and I don’t want to create one. So I couldn’t enter one time, where I really would to.

    But otherwise it was great fun! Keep em coming!

  • thx for Great giveaways. it’s great site.

  • The giveaways are awesome, but the luck factor is too high. Next year, a quizz, a competition or something like that (original, like a treasure hunt across the Internet, another type every day) would let users have more fun.

  • The giveaways were the best advent calendar you could have! Much better than opening a chocolate every day – you log on to macappstorm every day to see whether you want to enter today’s competition! Genius! And really well executed.

  • I enjoyed the contests and hope you d it again.

  • Great job with the giveaways. Easy to understand. Effectively got me to visit the site (which I enjoy). Easy to understand how to enter.

  • Making it a lil harder next time (making us finding information, for example).

  • I liked the giveaways, however didn’t like the randomness for all of them. For some it’s OK, but don’t think that is cool for all. You have a lot of creative people here that posted some interesting comments when trying to win & turned out that some winners won just by posting “I want to win”.

    For example.. I wrote a nice jingle for one that I was sure would win, but was slighted by caveman comments like “me” “ugh” & “want”.

    Regardless it was a nice gesture for your followers & much appreciated… Happy holidays to all!!!

  • This was a tremendous mix of info and fun for your visitors and perfect way of getting them more aquainted with everything that is Envato. Great job!

  • Giveaways were awesome!
    It was also great that sometimes you had prizes with similar uses, so if you didn’t win one you could have a chance at the other.
    Even though I didn’t win (yet :D) it was great fun. I found myself coming here every day to see what was available.
    Great job! Thanks a lot! :D

  • I thought that it was a little confusing that the entry requirements changed each day – but hey you gotta keep is on our toes!
    Thanks for the great giveaways.

  • A great promotion for all involved. I liked that each featured app was reviewed in a succinct and relevant way, informing me about the app without wasting time. Many of the apps I already own and I only entered a contest a few times, but I checked in each day. As for potential improvement for another time, the use of Twitter was well done but could be better by optimizing each tweet – some felt repetitive or empty. Thanks for a great event and I hope to see it back next year.
    Thanks for putting on a great event, I hope to see it again next year.

  • Some terrific products in your giveaway. Thanks for doing this. I love DevonThink, and could use the upgrade this would give me!

  • i think it was an awesome idea
    #1 it kept me coming back to the blog daily
    and #2 these products are getting out to people they might not otherwise reach

  • DevonThink and my favorite, DevonAgent are the BEST!! The giveaways were so fun.

  • Twitter ones were a bit annoying at times… Not a fan of the concept so much, but I get the logic behind it.

    Otherwise, giveaways were great, got me coming back and introduced me to some great software!

  • Thank you for this competition!
    Good choices of promoted programs.
    It was easy to enter and forced to read every day this blog ;-)
    And it was very exciting which program will be promoted the next day.

    I have only one idea to make it better: It would be funny if the community could suggest programs to promote and voting which programs the most people want.

    Sorry for my bad english… ;-) I’m from germany.

  • Awesome idea, but more publicity is always better…

  • I love free things… especially Apps! Only improvement I could provide would be to maybe allow people to enter other ways than just adding a comment…

  • I think MacAppStorm has done a great service to mac users by providing succinct reviews of great Mac apps and the giveaways provide a great opportunity for users to experience those apps firsthand. As MacAppStorm develops, it should continue to expand its reviews and, by extension, its giveaways. I think the website is on a great track.

  • I think it was a nice touch

  • In my opinion, the giveaway has been a great opportunity for discovering new apps. The free license were great too ;)

    I thing you’ve done a great job, evereything was very well organized (and it would be great if I win Devonthink!)

    Thanks and congrats!!

  • The app selection was excellent. Changing the rules made it interesting. Kept you on your toes. Hard to say what i would have changed.
    The whole thing was fun to follow even though i didn’t win.
    One more day left, still a chance.

  • Competitions have been great. Only thought I have is that your cut over point could be more specific for the overseas type who aren’t sure what time zone you are working to.

  • It was great fun! Wait…I didnt win anything. Then…it sucked!

  • I think that the competitions have been particularly interesting, even as a way of learning about new software. The links to separate reviews have been particularly helpful, and several of the posts have been saved for that reason alone.

    Possible improvement: as heretical as it is, my wife is the one with the Mac. I’m just waiting for a true convertible tablet to replace my fujitsu convertible before I jump. Adding references (and maybe this is a review point instead) to alternatives (esp. cross-platform or win-compatible) would make me read even more.

    For the contest? I bet that you could make each specific giveaway last 48 hours to give people who aren’t daily readers more time to catch up and even check out the reviews to see if they want to enter (as for me, I’m entering this one because I want this software even if it requires me to buy a Macbook to use it!).

    Your contest entries are great — they’re valuable in their own right rather than “get x product. comment here. news at 11.”

  • When you are giving stuff away its difficult to say how you could have done much better, particularly when you are relying on the generosity of the developers. Discounts on some of the apps would have been nice or even some ‘extended trial’ licenses may have worked.

    Great job and seasons greetings to all at mac.appstorm

  • I loved all of your great giveaways. Also a very interesting website. I’ll keep coming back.

  • Nice job! This was a pleasant surprise.

    If I were to ask to change anything, it would be to bring in more software new to the market instead of things that we’ve been seeing in bundles and other give-aways and maybe consider doing it some other time than just xmas. With the holiday bundles and other sites doing things around xmas, it’s easy for someone to miss out on this.

  • Loved it! Really only one way to improve it… send me a prize! :-)

  • The competitions have been very generous and contained a good variety of apps that appealed to all kinds of Mac users’ needs.

  • A little organization would be nice, and at least one app for me!

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    Great job!

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    to my knowledge it was well put together! keep up the good work

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  • Giveaways have been great. I have two suggestions:
    1) make the results easier to browse.
    2) Don’t make us spam twitter, facebook, AND blogs

  • Was perfect. The winner announcement could have been better. Other than that it was fine.

  • I think this giveaway was great. Thanks for all of the chances to win!!

    As for improvements, it would have been nice to have a slight discount on buying the software for those who did not win. It also would have been nice to have the results be a little easier to find. (sorry for the poor wording)

    But, hey, the apps are free!! Thanks again.

  • I think you guys have held an awesome series of giveaways. You’ve given away some software I’ve sorely wanted, so I only wish I had won some of it!

    Rock on, Appstorm!

  • Giveaways is so great, but I think you have little PR. I have known this Giveaways on Day 21 which make me miss lots of fun

  • The giveaways are really great fun! I love how they remind readers of fantastic products that you have discussed in the past, but maybe try to include different ones as well. Of course, having not won any of the contests, I think everyone wishes there were more to win :) Overall, I think it’s a great way to get people to keep coming back daily. Great idea!

  • The giveaway was great. I’m a new Mac user and I learned alot about some of the best programs out there by following this blog.

  • Been eyeing this for complete paperless solution…. Ⓤ!

  • well, the competitions were great! really! How could we have done things better? well, you could always give away MORE! other than that, nothing really. what didn’t i like? the fact that i didn’t win everything. :P

  • Well, although I never seem to win any giveaways (not just here—anywhere), I like hearing reviews about new apps or competitive apps for what I already have. It was fun while it lasted.

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    Thanks again for the great giveaway and keep this site good as it is, in just few month it has become one of my favorite mac sites!

    Merry Christmas! :)

  • I think this has been a most helpful and benevolent campaign, both for the zillions of quality applications incorporated, and for the ways in which we all could participate in it in a non-spamming fashion. Even this very last requirement-request to comment on the campaign in order to participate iin it shows that this is not a spam-all type of viral advertising, but a thoughtful attempt at deriving a strategy for such a give-away campaign. Congratulations to you all, and thanks for all the effort you guys have been spending on this gorgeous occasion. Happy new year to you all :)

  • The giveaway competition sure was good. I usually just read about the software and eventually buy it if it suits my needs. Devonthink seems great, wouldn’t mind winning a copy

  • I think this has been a most helpful and benevolent campaign, both for the zillions of quality applications incorporated, and for the ways in which we all could participate in it in a non-spamming fashion. Even this very last requirement-request to comment on the campaign in order to participate iin it shows that this is not a spam-all type of viral advertising, but a thoughtful attempt at deriving a strategy for such a give-away campaign. Congratulations to you all, and thanks for all the effort you guys have been spending on this gorgeous occasion. Happy new year to you all :)

  • The comments are too slow to come out after I submitted my comment which make me think my comment was not enter yet. A feedback from website saying my comment already has been received could be good.

    And also if the comments were not shown after the article giveaway, that might speed up the loading to enter your website. It’s a long list of comments. Beside, others can just stealing someone else idea to put into his comment.

    And, beside everyday giveaways, a big giveaway with LOTS of prize would be great. It would make the following up of the winners much easier.

    Thanks a lot for this opportunity, a chance to win something. I wish I can win at last.