Christmas Giveaway Day 6: Espresso

Today we’re giving away four copies of Espresso, an all-in-one web development tool for OS X. It helps you organize project files, code in a simple environment, and easily preview your design before publishing. Espresso if a fantastic tool to add to your web design arsenal.

Read on for more information about the app, and to find out how to enter.

Winners Announced

Congratulations to the following four lucky winners:

  • Thomas Britton
  • Qiming
  • Tyler Johnson
  • Danny

About Espresso

Espresso aims to simplify the workflow of web designers, providing a streamlined set of tools and techniques which allow you to focus on designing. The feature set includes a great package of tools. Broken down into ‘Edit, Organize, Preview, Find, and Publish’, they cover the entire development process of a new site.



Our Review of Espresso

If you’d like to find out more about Espresso, I’d strongly recommend reading our review of the application. Here’s the summary of our thoughts:

The interface is deliciously Mac-like, it has a powerful feature set, and the developers already know how to produce a successful development app (CSSEdit). It’s a fantastic app for assisting with the end-to-end website design process.

How to Enter

All you need to do is leave a comment on this post, letting us know your favourite Mac application of all time.

The competition closes in exactly 24 hours, and we will randomly select the winner(s) shortly afterwards. This post will be updated with the winners information and we’ll get in touch!

A big thanks to MacRabbit, the developers of Espresso, for sponsoring the competition. Good luck, and be sure to follow us or subscribe so that you can find out if you’re a winner!


Today’s Web.AppStorm Giveaway: CannyBill

Don’t forget to check out what’s going on over at Web.AppStorm! Today they’re giving away a few memberships for CannyBill.

CannyBill is a digital swiss army knife of a web tool. It’s a full featured business tool that allows you to invoice your clients, create detailed reports, as well as interface with many other popular web applications such as Basecamp and Campaign Monitor.

Read more and enter the competition.

Our Christmas Wallpapers

In case you missed it, we’ve also created a bunch of festive wallpapers to get your desktop in the Christmas spirit. Here’s a quick preview!



Add Yours
  • Tweetie must be the most used app i have on my Mac, even in free mode.

  • I think my favorite has to be Tweetie, it has everything I need and it a beautifully made app.

  • I guess Bodega has to be one of them because it made me learn about so much more other apps XD

  • Textmate – best word editor ever, for all purposes.

    • My favorite app is TextMate to. I bought Mac mostly because of it +)))

      • I third Textmate, I can’t code without it.

    • Textmate + plugins = awesome!

    • Because of my mac life

    • Textmate+jQuery, PHP and CodeIgniter bundle

      • Textmate definetly (but I will give Espresso a shot if I win ;-) )

    • I use ‘e-text’ editor on windows because it is textmate like. Recently I bought a second hand mac mini to get into the mac arena – textmate is awesome!

  • Favorite mac app of all time? I’d definatley have to say photoshop. Actually, all of creative suite is my favorite.

  • Tweetie is my number one. Things is safe in second!

  • Adium. Best chat app EVAR!

  • for me, it has always been Quicksilver, but I’ve recently switched over to Launchbar. So I’m going with Launchbar.

  • I want to have Espresso :)…

  • my favorite mac app is Adium, because i use it all the time and it’s just so great to customize

  • WOW, you really keep offering fantastic applications under your christmas tree!
    I like Espresso, both in liquid and in application form.
    Please slect me for a copy!


    • And my favourite application is The Hit List if I really have to pick only one.
      Awesome interface and full keyboard usability.

      Other favourites:
      Flux (by The Escapers)
      LiveInterior 3D

  • I like Things :O

  • Adium. Best chat application. Period.

  • My favorite mac app is Times!

  • My favorite is Coda.
    but I’d love to try Espresso ;)

    • yeah mine too. its beautiful to use.

  • Hi! My favorite Mac app of all-time…. is a tie between 1password and Launchbar. Equally useful and couldn’t live without either!

  • Espresso is my best mac os app so i would offer it to a friend :D

  • Tweetie is my favourite app for sure. Love the design. The iPhone version (2.0) is even better!

  • Currently it’s Echofon, but if I win this, it would be Espresso

  • For me its definietly 1password. Anyone who hadn’t tried it yet should do it now.

  • i’m hereeeee and i always loved this app and i need it :) I wish to get it..
    Hmm.. my favorite apps are Aperture, Coda, iWork …

  • Where were you half a year ago Mac AppStorm? I don’t want to enter: but my favourite Mac application is a toss up between CoverSutra, Espresso and The Hit List.

  • Scrivener, I LOVE !

  • Pixelmator with no doubt!

  • Socialite, no.1

  • Would probably have to be TextMate

  • my favourite mac app, has to be quicksilver :) too bad it isent working on Snow Leopard :(

    first post nice :)

  • Things is the best app for now because I don’t have Espresso :P

  • 1password

  • Concentrate!

  • I must say that Pixelmator is my fav.

  • I really like Espresso, but my favorite of all time is Google Chromium! xD

    I still want this Espresso!!

    Great blog, cya!

  • LittleSnapper and Textmate. And propably Things – without them I would be lost.

  • Best iPhone app ever is Tweetie 2. However the best Mac app is a little more difficult. As a coder I would be inclined to say Textmate/Coda/Expresso or something like that, but to be quite honest, the program that I use more than anything else would be CoverSutra.

    It looks good and is fast. It allows me to search my music faster than anything else and embarrasses me by putting the album art for ABBA on my desktop.

  • My favorite Mac App, even though it’s free, would have to be QuickSilver. I’ve even convinced a few friends to switch over after showing them what’s possible with it—it really is a badass piece of software :)

    Thanks, Blacktree!

  • I think my fav mac app of all time is prizmo :)

  • Favorite Mac app of all time would have to be Tweetie for Twitter. Absolutely love the UI and function of the app.

  • That would have to be Textmate.

  • My favourite app is certainly Butler. But I’m impatient to try Espresso, as I’m web developper !

  • Heh, my fav app is Things) I’m using GTD all the time, and Espresso is on the second place :3

  • my favourite and most useful application is 1password !!

  • Things

  • I switched to coda and never looked back, it’s fantastic!
    Although, I’d like to give Espresso a shot ;-)

  • My favorite app is RapidWeaver…

  • Tweetie

  • I guess my favorite is MacVim !

  • textmate.

  • I switched to Coda and never looked back, although I’d love to Espresso a shot ;-)

  • Damnit, I not long ago purchased a license to this!

    My favourite Mac app is CSSEdit. CSSEdit + Espresso = Coding heaven :)

  • My favourite is Adium. Definitely!

  • Favorite Mac app of all time? Out of everything? Hmmm…. that would have to be one of the ones I use the most which would make it iWork or DevonThink.

  • my Fav is Coda and The HIt List

  • Photoshop. Maybe not the sexiest, but definitely the most useful app.

  • My favorite is Coda

  • My favorite actually is MacVim!!

  • Based on trying the trial of Espresso, it looks great! My favorite Mac app of all time… that’s a hard one, but for now, I think my favorite is Dropbox. It’s a great way to sync files betweeen computers, and you can sign up for free!

  • My favorite Mac app is: The Hit List

  • My favourite program is the operating system itself. I just love how easy everything is, but if that doesn’t qualify then I will have to say that it is things. Since I got Thins I am finally starting to get on top of everything again!

  • That’s Textmate

  • My favorite is socialite (eventbox), I use it every day!

  • My favourite app at present has to be Lightroom 2

  • I think Scrivener is the best app I’ve used, and I am no writer, which says a lot

  • Tweetie maybe the NO1

  • Safari. I just NEED the internet.

  • I’ve become hugely dependent on Things since since I found it. Easy to use and a beautiful interface, and I’m getting thing done! I love it :)

  • Mt favourite application is that I discovered thanks to your app review.

    But I also like Tweetie.

  • My Favorite Mac Application of all time???…

    Well there are soo many however I think that I would probably have to go with either Quicksilver or TweetDeck. I think that Quicksilver wins it overall for me though as it is a great application which really helps me to get going faster and it is soo extensible.

    Loving the Christmas Giveaways!!



  • Hands down quicksilver, saves me a buckload of time and has some impressive features and an extra edge over spotlight.

  • Tweetie :)

  • My favourite is Tweetie

  • My two favorites are Coda and CSSEdit. Really looking forward to the next Espresso update, so i would like to get it now also.

  • Favourite Mac app of ALL time??? It’s gotta be iTunes. That application has been responsible for some serious success for Apple, it’s the first app most people ever use to introduce them to the world of the Mac, and it makes our iPods, iPhones and Apple TVs (not to mention our Macs themselves) an absolute blast to use. As for third party apps? I’ll definitely go with Quicksilver. Saves me SO much time and is an absolute joy to use.

  • I would have to go with Snippets. It’s just so useful and so beautifully designed.

  • My fav macapp is textmate. It was one of the reasons for me switching from windows to mac last year.

    I would like to get an copy of Espresso.

  • TextMate

  • Things :)

  • My favorite is hands down QuickSilver

    With Espresso 1.1 just around the corner this would be sweet!

  • Not sure I can mention a fav of all time, there’s always new and better.

    Damn, this is hard ..

    Going to plump for Tweetie for Mac, it’s just been the most stickable and I keep going back to it regardless of the other Twitter apps that come out so Tweetie for Mac it is.


  • I’m NOTHING without Photoshop!
    Really like Coda and Tweetie too.

  • Actually, my favourite Mac app is Coda ;)
    But I’ve been thinking about giving Espresso a go recently.

  • My favourite application is probably NetNewsWire, because it lets me have all of the important news from everywhere in one simple, beautiful application.

    (Of course, I couldn’t live without Photoshop, though)

  • Ecoute.

    Such a lovely app. It frees me from the strong hold of iTunes.
    It gives me a way of navigating through my music in a nice sleek and minimal way.

    Easily worth the 10$ it costs!

  • I’d have to go for Things. Never get anything done without it.

  • Hi, for me fantastic is 1Password v3

  • it’s a close call, but measured by how much i use it, my favourite app would have to be adium.

  • Tweetie! :)

  • If I had to pick one app it would definitely be Things. I don’t know what I would do without it.

  • It should be iPhoto I think… how easy I was.

  • The best Mac App ever got to be iTunes, I mean Even those who hate everything about mac and apple still use Itunes for their music library and admit it is a very good app.

    And if I win a copy of espresso, here is my contact info:
    [email protected]

  • My favourite Mac Application is TextMate!

  • The “correct” answer probably would be: “Of course, my favorite Mac application is Espresso!” ;)

    Honestly though, I’d have to say until recently it was EventBox. Use it all day long, every day. Same with 1Password. Damn, now that I think about it, there is a plethora of superb Mac applications. Hard to narrow it down. I think I’ll stick with the two mentioned above.

  • Bowtie is my favorite mac app of all time. Just the perfect ratio of funcinality and gloss to add to my desktop.

  • my favorite app on my mac is spotify ^^

  • Best app evar: Quicksilvaar

  • The best Mac app? 1Password

    But not an easy choice!

  • Alltime favorite mac app has to be Adium its the one app i dont change and the only app that dosent hardcore crashes on me, else it would be the Terminal :)

  • I have Espresso (so please choose someone else if I win) and my fav apps are probably joint between Espresso, The Hit List and Socalite. It’s quite hard to choose just one :S

  • 1Password

  • Quicksilver! :D

  • Well i’m interested in Espresso, since iWeb isn’t good for me, my favorite application? I don’t have one i use many of them, but i think iMovie is doing good job in making movie editing for everyone.

  • My fav app is Xcode because it enables me to create more fav apps for myself ;)

  • definitely 1password :)

  • My fav app is Tweetie I think

  • This may sound stupid, but my favourite Mac App is defenitively Safari.

    It is the best browser in the market, and since we are spending most of the time in the Internet it must be the best Mac App.

  • Hi,
    Thank you for this great giveaway :)
    My favourite mac app is “Adobe Photoshop CS4” ..

  • Definitely Coda :)

  • My favorite mac app is Pixelmator.

  • My favorite application is 1Password :)

  • My favourite application is Pixelmator.

  • Without a doubt: Aperture! A must-have for photographers :)

  • My favourite application is Pixelmator.

  • I really like is QuickSilver !

  • my favorite mac app is CSSEdit!

  • Coda!:>

  • My favourite application is Pixelmator.

  • My favorite is Yeah, it’s not perfect, but it’s 102% free and it opens everything I need it to open.

  • I’m going to be different and pick: MAMP. ‘Cause I need mah local server

  • My favorite app has to be photoshop CS4. I use it the most of any of my apps!

  • I’ve not had a Mac for all that long, but a couple of apps that I’ve found irreplaceable would be:

    Firefox: Simply love the extensions
    Coda/Espresso: Still can’t decide which I prefer
    Xslimmer/CleanMyMac: All the space these apps have saved me by purging unneeded code is quite immense.

  • My favourite application is Pixelmator.

  • Brush Pilot!

  • hey, my favorite mac application is CodeCollector, it really helped me to organize my snippets.
    now i hope i’ll win espresso, tried the demo and fell in love with it :)

  • My favourite app is iTunes! :D

  • Quicksilver!!!

  • My favourite Mac application is definitely Dropbox!

  • My favourite apps are:


  • 4 month Macbook Pro user: Favorite App so far would be…

    Littlesnapper by RealMacSoftware.

    Although Delicious Library 2 runs a close second.

  • My favorite Mac app of all time (for now) is ShoveBox, I use it every day.

  • Well, my favorite app for Mac is Quinn because it’s a very good Tetris.
    I would like to have Espresso because i like to design simple websites and it has a beautiful Mac-like interface and I couldn’t get CSSEdit which I think is another cool app.

  • My favourite Mac Application would, really, have to be Adium. It’s such a customisable, easy-to-use application which is compatible with Microsoft Messenger, Yahoo, AIM and a lot more. It’s incredibly quick, and has a sleek interface. :)

  • Firefox!

  • VirtualHostX…what a lifesaver when developing sites

  • Well this is a hard one but things is definitely one of them!

  • Boxer is Great! Love old games!

  • Was looking to buy an Espresso license, so a free one would be nice!

    Favourite app: gotta be Coda or CSSEdit for me, couldn’t live without em.

  • My fav. Mac app would have to be Dropbox.

  • My favourite Mac App would have to be, besides Espresso of course, is Writeroom.

  • Quicksilver. It’s been Quicksilver ever since I discovered it.

  • My favourite Mac application of all time is got to be Curio from Zengobi.
    In my opinion the the best alternative to OneNote.

    // Alf :)

  • I’ll have to go with iTunes.

    It’s become bloated and I wish there was a ‘music only’ minimalist version, but I still wouldn’t be without it.

  • appfresh, because it keeps all my fav apps fresh :)

  • TextMate is my favorite app. I bought Mac mostly because of it =)

  • Favourite mac app…its a hard choice but I’d go with QuickSilver, its an essential part of my workflow.

  • cant live without Things. @dtonate

  • Quicksilver!

    Things would never get done quite so fast without it.

    Second place is probably Things, for being so sexy

  • Definitely Things – I’d be lost without the Mac & iPhone version!

  • AppFresh, because it keeps my fav apps fresh :)

  • My favorite app of all time is TextMate. I bought MacBook mostly because of it =)

  • Pixelmator!!! My best friend :D

  • Journler maybe. But it’s really hard to name just one…

  • My favorite app is TextMate.

  • I have to go with iTunes.

    It’s become a bit bloated, and I wish there was a minimalist ‘music only’ version but I still wouldn’t be without it.

  • Definitely Things – I’d be lost without the Mac & iPhone version!

  • i would have to say my favorite mac app is WriteRoom :)

  • Adium, best messenger and mac-app ever

  • I wouldn’t feel at home without Quicksilver. Absolutely essential!

  • Favorite Mac app of all time is definitely Coda. Curious if Espresso and CSSEdit combo could change me!

  • Dropbox, hands down. Allows me to sync TextExpander (my 2nd favorite) snippets across multiple Macs, plus a LOT more.

    If you don’t have Dropbox:

    Download and install for the full experience of having a Dropbox folder on your desktop that syncs to the cloud allowing you to access files from any Mac – and your iPhone, they have an app for that too.

  • My fav is Things

  • My favorite app is Pages…

  • Best app is Photoshop. It is probably opened every day.

    However, if would end up being Espresso if I won. I have been eying this for a few weeks now!

  • My favorite app is Adium – small, works really well, supports tons of services and is generally very stable, even beta releases.

  • Espresso is my favorite!! :)

  • Adobe Illustrator has got to be my favourite Mac app – thought not exclusively Mac, it’s been a solid and versatile workhorse for me for many years, from back when it used to be just a Mac app, and all PC had was Corel Draw (shudder)

  • Espresso!

    My favourite mac app so far is “growl”

  • Has to be Coda

  • My favourite Mac Application is TextMate!

  • firefox cause i do most of my stuff on the internet :)

  • XCode of course :-)

  • Really no one yet? So it´s me…
    Most favourite App of all time? TRAKTOR (I´m in the music thing)
    Espresso would be a nice gift.

  • Definitely Things

  • For front-end development, CSSEdit is a pleasure.

  • My favourite app would be ECOUTE that I discovered thanks to your review.

  • Things!

  • Coda – my favorite Mac application of all time!

  • I’d have to say iTunes. The one app I use every day. Things is a close second. I would like to win Espresso.

  • Uh, tough choice, but I’d have to go with Coda. though editing is better in Espresso, Coda has a built-in ftp client :)

  • my favorite app for mac?!…Things!

  • the best app is cyberduck, mamp, vlc and the TV-Browser!

  • Things by cultured code, it is simple, powerful and beautifully designed

  • Quicksilver by far!

  • Panics’ Coda… this is pure awesomeness.

  • Well i haven’t owned a mac for such a long time but one of those apps that really helps me out on a day to day computer usage have to be 1Password.

  • Well i haven’t owned a mac for such a long time but one of those apps that really helps me out on a day to day computer usage have to be 1Password.

  • FTP Client: Flow

  • My comment looks a bit inappropriate, but I’m swearing on Coda. Nonetheless, I’d like to give Espresso a chance… maybe for different usecases ;)

  • So far, my favorite mac app is Adium followed closely by MeasuringCup (I highly suggest a review of this one in the future ;) )… Btw, I could REALLY use this app… I am not so fond of text-wrangler and I am not about to spend $75-$99 on a text editor!


  • The best application is “Act without doing” – Quicksilver… :-)

  • My fav app is iPhoto v9

  • My favourite Mac-application of all time is the one and only TextMate with Coda on a good second place. TextMate for local development and Coda for remote. I use them everyday and i can’t live without them.

  • My favourite will go to QuickSilver… the one app you can’t live without

  • LittleSnapper

  • My favourite App is Tweetie. Place 2 is Quicksilver for me. Hope I win^^

  • Most favorite mac app of all time? Now that’s not easy at all, however, I’d go for Papers. Currently at version 1.9.3, it has risen to become absolutely indispensable for my kind of business! Way to go mekentosj! :-)

  • My favourite App is Tweetie

  • Asking what your favorite app of all time is like asking what’s your favorite cloud. You can’t answer because it’s always changing. Currently though, I’m blown away by Things.

  • I love Candybar I find myself organizing everyday

  • Digital Performer by Mark of the Unicorn (MOTU). Fantastic casual and pro recording studio software – great alternative to Pro Tools or Logic. And it’s only on Mac!

  • The Hit List!!

  • I like XCode – maybe it’s just because I use it the most….

  • I can’t live without Quicksilver

  • Right now I would have to say Coda. But I’ve heard great things about Espresso and would enjoy comparing it.

  • Another great app I would love to have. I Re-tweeted it here:

  • I think I am in love with Adium (an instant messaging application)…..I don’t know what would I have done without it!!

  • Geeze, so many apps, so little time. I would have to say Adium, Safari, Pixelmator, Sketchup.

    Can I win, please??

  • Without doubt my most used Mac app is Firefox (with countless extensions).

    Thunderbird beta 3
    Terminal & MacVim

    I’d love to have an Expresso license!

  • Finder make my day!

  • My favourite App is Quicksilver

  • I just don’t feel at home without Quicksilver.

  • The Hit List!

  • My favorite Mac App is… Safari!

  • For me, ‘Things’ keeps control of my life.

  • Textmate is the best Mac app of all time.

  • My favorite mac app is dropbox!

  • Skitch: beautiful and eye candy interface, and very useful! I use Skitch all days ;).

  • My favorite is “little snitch”!

  • Papers! If it only offered support for books, incollections and theses…

  • Papers! If it only supported books and theses…

  • I have to say Things. Just perfectly executed and totally useful.

  • I’d like to try Espresso but Coda is the best Mac app for me.

  • Tweetie is my favorite Mac application!

  • Tweetie!

  • Never really thought about it, but I must say that iTunes is my favourite app.

  • My favorite Mac App – I have to go old school for that. Hypercard is my favorite app of all time. Filemaker Pro is a close second.

  • safari


  • I would say I’m a to big a critic to have a favorite application.

  • Favorite app … hmm … Socialite

  • Well, since I prefer play to work I’d have to say my favorite program is Spaceward Ho! That was great fun for Lan parties…

  • TextMate is my favorite app for sure.

  • Firefox!

  • My fav app is Bento. The easiest DB of all time.

  • Panic’s Coda but this could sway me over.

  • My favorit app is Candybar

  • My favorit app is candybar!

  • 1password

  • Textmate

  • My favorite app is Safari! haha can’t afford paid apps.

  • This is going to be hard.

    Mmm. I couldn’t live without photoshop.

    Photoshop :)

  • Photoshop

  • Adium. It is so functional, so useful. No other chat application on any OS is so customisable. I love being able to use MSN, FB, ICQ, and Google Talk without having four different apps running.

  • I’d have to say CSSEdit.

    Other strong contenders would be Pixelmator, Adium, Tweetie and Apple’s own Numbers…

  • I know it’s kind of the opposite of Espresso, but Coda is my most used app on a Mac and THE reason why I can’t use any other OS.

  • Textmate for Work and Tweetie for Social

  • Photoshop would definitely top the list for me.

  • my favorite mac app is Things…

  • Simple, built-in, and small, but Preview has got to be the most oft-used and fastest program on my Mac. I love how I just find new functionality in it all the time that makes me say, “Of course, why wouldn’t that feature be in it?”

  • Tweetie for social and TextMate for work

  • 1Password!

  • I really love coda but I’d love to see if Macrabbit have improved things at all.
    My favourite though, would have to be tweetie. It is perfect.

  • My favourite app would be Quicksilver. It’s just amazing how such a little app can change my workflow so much!

  • My favorite application would have to be QFeeder (which I got a beta invite from here!). I have downloaded plenty of twitter clients but never really used any of them. QFeeder is the first one that I actually use! It is awesome!

  • XCode is currently my favorite, but Im fickle.

  • I guess it’s a tie between SplashID and Quicksilver. I use both constantly.

  • mice

  • My favorite Mac App has to be Quicksilver. I know that I only use a fraction of what it is capable of, but it makes my life a ton easier!

  • I used to love Audion way more than iTunes. Or Textmate.

  • My favorite mac app is textmate. It’s the best texteditor :)

  • My favorite application is Papers.
    It is the best application to organize, search and read pdfs of any sort. And it has also an iPhone version. You cannot imagine how helpful it is considering that I have a collection of over 2000 scientific articles. It is developed by

  • Time Machine! I never ever have to worry about losing anything again. Takes the hard work out of backups

  • My favorite Mac app is Tweetie. It’s one of the best Twitter clients of all time!

  • I’m not sure if it’s an app but Expose. I just love it!

  • Textmate rocks! Definitely top for me.

  • For me it’s Things, because it actually gets me things done!

  • Definitely Tweetie.

  • QuickSilver

  • QuickSilver

  • QuickSilver – There is no further disussion!

    QuickSilver is amazing. Start a shell/applescript. Launch Applications. Easy modify text-files. Easy navigate and open files.
    I just wish someone would help updating it. :(

  • TrailRunner the best GPS app!

  • My favorite Application has to be TextMate right now, though I’d love to try Espresso since I’ve been hearing wonders about it!

  • My favourite apps: Fireworks and Coda

  • Hmm…Firefox!

  • Adium, by far the best chat app ever made.

  • So far I’d say Tweetie

  • I really like the Time Machine idea!

  • my favourite app right now is 1 password… it changed my life of alwaysusethesamepasswordforverysite

  • My favorite app of the moment is Flux. Honorable mentions to Dropbox, Qfeeder and Chax.

  • My favourite app is Plex.

    Bonus: my useful app is TowUp.


  • I live Espersso!!! I used it when it was in beta.

  • Definitly TextMate.

  • My all-time favorite Mac app is Keynote.
    I really love the impress my teachers and fellow students. :-)

  • Pixelmator – Image editing for the rest of us!

  • By far, IMO, the best Mac app would be Quicksilver.

  • Textmate would be it.

  • Coda is my favorite Mac App of all time!

  • My favorite application is probably TextMate, though I’d love to test out Espresso since I’ve been hearing such great things about it.

  • quicksilver, without a doubt.

  • definitely things by culturec code. such a fantastic app

  • It’s really hard to choose, but one of my favorites it’s Tweetie.

  • My favorite is Coda.

  • My favorite Mac application of all time…would have to be the one that makes it run: OS X. A beautifully written operating system that makes my life so much easier with a ton of wonderful features. Seriously, I never noticed how much I love OS X until I have to go back and use Windows XP occasionally (the college I teach for issued XP laptops for us to keep all of our grades and special instructional programs that won’t run on anything but IE). There’s been a couple of times I’ve been on my XP laptop using an OS X command shortcut, wondering why it isn’t working, lol.

  • Transmission!

  • My favorite app is TextMate.

  • I’ve been using PageSpinner every day for about 15 years, so I guess it’s my favorite. But, I’ve lately been using CSSEdit, so Espresso would certainly be a welcome edition.

  • M’y favorite software is coda, but i want to try espresso.

  • iTunes.

  • Safari.

  • My favorite app is firefox.

  • iTunes.

  • iTunes is the one.

  • Quicksilver

  • iTunes, ftw.

  • My favorite app is Aperture, best photography-related app ever!! (at least the one that best fits me)

  • I wouldn’t survive without QuickSilver.

  • Definitely Lighroom 3 Beta (or 2 if you want a stable app). Can’t live without it and my camera.

  • Coda… but that might be changed depending on this comment.

  • TextMate

  • Rapidweaver

  • my favorite app is also Aperture, does what it needs too do and pretty quick.

  • I loves me the Tweetie.

  • QuickSilver, the most called upon app in my daily computing.

  • I’m the first to say this one – but my favorite App is Code Collector Pro! I use it/add to it almost daily.

    p.s. I think there should be a “only one comment allowed” rule for all comment contests around the web.

  • Tweetie.

  • My fave app is iTunes.

  • I guess you’re supposed to say Espresso? However I have to say Photoshop. Wouldn’t make a living without it.

    Stefan Atterdal
    CEO, Designministeriet

  • Right now? Coda!

  • Couldn’t live without PDFpen. =)

  • My favorite Mac applications are Times and 1Password.

  • hulu desktop!

  • My all-time favorite app on the Mac is RapidWeaver.

    My most used app is a tie between 1Password and SplashID (well aside from Safari and Apple Mail).

    My new favorite app is Socialite where I can follow all my Tweets, Facebook and RSS feeds all at once. It’s fantastic!

  • Tweetie for Mac. It is by far the most used app on my Mac and probably the slickest.

  • My fave mac app of all time. … is omm writer

  • Favorite Mac application is probably Adobe Illustrator 8.0, before that company lost its direction and started churning out poor quality software.

  • QuickSilver!

  • My favourite app for Mac is Aperture.

  • Best for me is my most used, simplest, app. One that if working on another mac that doesn’t have it, leaves me cursing. Default Folder X.

  • Caffine! Invaluable.

  • What app I cannot live without? 1Password. Most useful app ever! And therefore my all time fav.

    But I tried the Delibar demo the other day and fell in love. Gorgeous & useful.

  • Best mac app ever = TextMate!

  • My favorite is dreamweaver.

  • My favorite is dreamweaver.

  • Is it wrong for me to say CODA when I am hoping to win a copy of Espresso. CODA is amazing and I use it everyday

  • My favorite mac app of all time is Main Stage, all those guitar amps and pedals, sounding great with no latency, totally wicked. Of course it doesn’t help me with coding, that’s why I need a copy of Espresso!

  • I was looking through my list of open applications and realized the one app that’s saved my arse more times than any other is easily my favorite Mac app….Time Machine!

  • My favorite would be Tweetie. That app doesn’t try to fuck up things for me, it has a simple yet powerful interface, and you can get it for free. The ultimate app, eh? :)

  • My favourite app is Coda. But also Snowtape is a really cool application!

  • TextMate hands down. It is the program that I use most often on my Mac and it has made my life as a software developer infinitely easier.

  • Not easy….
    i stagger between textmate and Linkinus ;-)
    don’t know… both? :D

  • Favorite Mac app has to be tweetie and adium.

  • My fav would have to be Garageband. It’s quick, simple and easy. When I need to get quick ideas down, this is the puppy i use.

  • Things and Tweetie are my fav mac apps :D (and iPhone apps too)

  • Xcode and LaunchBar.

  • Espresso…

  • Definitely Adium.

  • My favorite mac app is Things – beautifully designed and minimal, yet it has all the power I need for my task lists.

  • I think my favorite Mac app is either CSSEdit, which is why Espresso interests me (it’s made by the same company), or Apple’s Logic Pro. Also, NetNewsWire is a great free RSS new reader that syncs with Google Reader.

  • Airfoil has been indispensable for me recently.

  • My favourite application is TaskPaper.

  • Adium

  • i love itunes :)

  • 1password. What else?

  • Tweetie! :)

  • Adium & TextMate

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  • What app I cannot live without? 1Password. Most useful app ever! And therefore my all time fav.

    I tried the Delibar demo the other day and fell in love. Gorgeous & useful. But 1Password? Too damn awesome.

  • i always loved paparazzi but my new fave as of three weeks ago has to be things.


  • Mi favorite app of all time is Quicksilver, I simply cannot use my Mac for more than 10 minutes without it. Then it would be Tweetie.

  • I love Scrivener. Fabulous app.

  • I am going to have to go with pages, the underestimated, overlooked Apple solution to Microsoft word and its lack of creativeness!

  • Tweetie :)

  • FontExplorer X is mine.

  • Delicious Library, FTW

  • Textmate. Nothing comes close, even now when I’m quickly replacing it with MacVim.

  • definitely texmate

  • Lots of good suggestions here for things to try out. My favorite app is Growl.

  • This is unbelieveably hard!

    Think I’d nominate the app I use most without noticing it at all: The excellent Launchbar – definitely the best application launcher on the Mac.

  • Best Mac app is Caffeine for sure!

  • I think my best mac application of all time as far must be Dropbox !!!

  • My app: Things

  • 1Password is mine!

  • Coda…. but I would love to give Espresso a try.

  • My favorite application for the mac has to be a new one, that is in Beta right now, called Kiwi, but I am sure no one knows what that is yet.

  • Evernote – I couldn’t live without it.

  • DevonThink is my all-time favorite mac app. The one that made me switch actually.

  • It is a toss up between two for me, 1Password and Rapidweaver, let me flip a coin………..ok, found a coin, time to flip……… Ok, the winner is Rapidweaver! (Hope I win espresso)!

  • I think Fluid is my favourite. It makes it incredibly easy to use web-apps… :)

  • WriteRoom

  • I’m going to have to say coda. Hands down.

  • My favorite is 1Password

  • I’m a big fan of BusyCal and 1Password.

  • “You Control Tunes” is the best… i luv it.

  • Hands down Quicksilver.

  • I thought my comment would be post…mm sometimes it happens.. As I said My favorite mac app is DROPBOX!

    I would really love Coda ;)

  • 1Password all the way… and Pixelmator

  • Fluid

  • Of course, Terminal. Can’t live without it.

  • Things. Without I can’t imagine how to overview and manage my daily tasks.

  • LittleSnapper

  • Uhm, Photoshop!

  • Tweetie would probably be my favorite. Then Firefox.

  • Numbers, love the way you can add and position the tables. A nice refreshing view on spreadsheets! :)

  • Hard to pick one, but would say Coda.

  • I have to echo some of the others here and say Scrivener…

  • Socialite hands down its so easy to manage twitter and google reader in one simple place

  • My favorite Mac application is Adium!

  • My favorite was Coda, but after checking out Espresso, I’m considering a switch

  • 1Password is THE information management system, secure personal data storage, form filling tool, … Love it.

  • Coda or TextMate (even though I have yet to buy a license for either…)

  • Tweetie is my favorite app, cant live without it!

  • For me it is Adium. Such an well thought program. I never had a Multiplattform-IM-Client which works so flawless.

  • My favorite Mac app of all time is Quicksilver…

  • Easy answer BBedit!

  • My favourite apps are probably iphoto and firefox.

  • Favorite Mac App of all Time: OSX if you can consider that an App. Otherwise probably X-Plane.

  • I use Firefox as my most used application. I love Espresso too, really great app.

  • My favourite Mac application is Dropbox!

  • My fav is Evernote :)

  • Can’t go wrong with Things. Although based on sheer usage Adium is probably a close second.

  • Coda hands down but espresso could give it a stern talking to!

  • I have to say that I have two favorites:
    Web Browsing: Opera – great layout with visual tabs, mouse gestures, and built in email client.
    And: Fluid – great for turning my favorite web applications or sites into desktop apps for easy access.

  • Adium. Hands down.

  • My fav i Coda

  • Mozilla Firefox! I don’t know what I would do without it.

  • My favorite Application of all time, is probably Mozilla’s Camino. Yes It’s a browser but it’s a Native one too. What makes Camino such a great Application is the ability too block Flash Advertisements and just Flash in general. While this is useful, I aso like it’s Bookmarking system.

  • My favorite is 1Password, but I’d love to try Espresso ;)

  • Keynote is my favorite Mac application. I would like to add Espesso to my applications

  • My favorite Mac app would definitely have to be Adium!

  • Coda is my fav mac app. but espresso sounds good to.

  • I gotta say by far MAMP has made my life a lot easier!!!

    Would also love to try out Espresso

  • There are so many great Mac applications, it is tough to pick one. But I like Photoshop, Tweetie, and CSSEdit.

    I’ve wanted to try Expresso for a long while to see how it could possibly help me with my web development, so this would be a great Christmas gift.

  • Favorite app, Adium.

  • Coversutra… best iTunes controller I’ve seen.

  • Favorite: TextMate

  • Photoshop

  • My favorite mac app has to be CSSEdit – the best CSS editor ever!

  • Adium is my favorite Mac app

  • Definitely, Espresso. I was working with Coda for half a year but then tried Espresso. It’s much faster than Coda but lacks subversion support.

  • Textmate, nothing else can match it

  • Things!

  • Favourite of all time would have to be Adium. It is the first thing that goes on any new installation. Next would probably be Coda, although Espresso does look interesting, from the point of view of someone who used to use CSSEdit a lot.

    Other honorable mentions would go to Things, and VLC Media Player.

  • I am gonna have to go with Evernote on this one.

  • I love MAMP. It makes working on PHP/MySQL scripts so much easier. :)

  • Scrivener by the way.

  • I have to say Tweetie has become my most used and favorite application.

  • 1Password all the way.

  • My favorite mac app of all time…hmmmmmmmmm probably keynote and alarm clock.

  • My favorite Mac application is probably CSSEdit.

  • Toss-up between Illustrator, 1password, or coda.

  • Coda, but I am looking forward to checking out Espresso!

  • Well.. good question.
    There are a lot of good MAC apps, but they serve different purposes.

    Because my profession is web-development, a lot of time I spend coding in front of my macbook. And my favorite coding gun is – Textmate.

    But this came after testing Coda, CSSedit and stuff. I must say, that I’ve tried Espresso, and I feel that it could be an alternative too for my coding needs.

    BTW. AppStorm team – you rock!

  • My favorite app would be Songbird, The functionality is great & It is great to be able to install add-ons for my music playback :)

  • There are so many but at the moment my favorite is DrawIt. It is just a brilliant combination of abilities and ease of use. And drawing is fun. :-)

  • Illustrator

  • Favorite Mac App of all time is 1password

  • Hands down Coda, is my favorite application of all time. I’m on it for the majority of the time I’m on my computer.

  • I’ve tried Espresso – not only for drinking, but as well for web development it’s really a joy! ;-)

  • don’t make me laugh, tweetie is not that good at all, there are better twitter client out there and it’s free. ex, Bluebird. the UI is equal or far better than tweetie. well, it’s not my best favorite app, my favorite mac app is 1Password. don’t be a fool and paid $19.95 for Tweetie, when there are so many Twittter app out there for free, ex. TweetDeck is another one that is good as Tweetie.

  • 1 Password, Tweetie, Coda, Adium to name some :D

  • There are so many but I guess for now I have to say DrawIt. It is a wonderful little app that has the right combination of abilities and ease of use. And drawing is fun.

  • I already have CSSEdit and it works very good!! I use it with Panic Coda!

  • Espresso 100%. Textmate is good, but Espresso is much better.

  • don’t make me laugh, tweetie is not that good at all, there are better twitter client out there and it’s free. ex, Bluebird. the UI is equal or far better than tweetie. well, it’s not my best favorite app, my favorite mac app is 1Password. don’t be a fool and paid $19.95 for Tweetie, when there are so many Twittter app out there for free, ex. TweetDeck is another one that is good as Tweetie.

  • My favourite application for Mac is MAMP.

  • TextMate, but maybe Espresso is better :)

  • don’t make me laugh, tweetie is not that good at all, there are better twitter client out there and it’s free. ex, Bluebird. the UI is equal or far better than tweetie. well, it’s not my best favorite app, my favorite mac app is 1Password. don’t be a fool and paid $19.95 for Tweetie, when there are so many Twittter app out there for free, ex. TweetDeck is another one that is good as Tweetie.

  • Quicksilver is the best mac app ever. I can’t live without it.

  • There are so many but I guess for now I have to say DrawIt. It is a wonderful little app that has the right combination of abilities and ease of use. And drawing is fun.

  • EyeTv.

  • Both Coda and Espresso are excellent apps for web developers.

  • Unfortunately it’s Dreamweaver, hence the reason for entering this giveaway :)

  • tweetie is my favorite app !

  • 1Password

  • tweetie is my favorite app !

  • tweetie is my favorite app !

  • tweetie is my favorite app !

  • tweetie is my favorite app !

  • Xcode.

  • Unfortunately it’s dreamweaver, hence the reason I’ve entered the competition.

  • Xcode.

  • Xcode.

  • tweetie is my favorite app !

  • tweetie is my favorite app !

  • tweetie is my favorite app !

  • tweetie is my favorite app !

  • Since I discovered Boxer a few weeks ago here on this blog, I’d say that’s my favourite app on Mac! :)

  • Since I discovered Boxer a few weeks ago here on this blog, I’d say that’s my favourite app on Mac! :)

  • Photoshop and Exposé. These two together is awesome.

  • Textmate

  • It’d have to be Delicious Library for me- interface FTW, and coolest features (scanning barcodes with the iSight never gets old :) )

  • My favorite application is probably Adobe Photoshop CS4. Would love to start coding up my designs in Espresso :)

    Happy holidays!

  • Favorite useful? Quicksilver.
    Favorite just plain cool? Deep

  • Currently it’s CSSEdit…

  • Currently it’s CSSEdit…

  • I just love TextMate

  • Currently it´s CSSEdit…

  • adium is my fav apps of ’em all easy to use, customizable, and free :p

  • TextMate

  • adium is my fav apps of ’em all easy to use, customizable, and free :p

    • sorry had a problem with mouse so the click got stuck on submit :s

  • adium is my fav apps of ’em all easy to use, customizable, and free :p

  • adium is my fav apps of ’em all easy to use, customizable, and free :p

  • wow, espresso would be such a cool app to have for web design. i wish i cud hve it to brush up the site i made for my sister

  • Textmate, because is good when develop Ruby on Rails

  • I love Tweetie but I think Things will actually become essential to my existence shortly.

  • right now, it’s got to be 1Password

  • Tweetie shory & Sweetie!!!

  • Recently Textmate, but I’m warming to Espresso with TEA and the HTMLbundle, but my trial ends soon :/

  • stickies all the way!

  • I would have to say Coda, although Textmate comes in a close second. Can’t wait until Panic adds code folding.

  • Recently Textmate, but I’m warming to Espresso with TEA and the HTMLbundle.

  • It’s Textmate

  • My favorite application: dashboard

  • My favorite app is QuickSilver of course.

  • My favorite app is Adium and iTunes :)

  • That would be … hummm … TextMate i guess.

  • Coda

  • My favorite app is Adium and iTunes :)

  • Adium X. Also apps like Caffeine and ClickToFlash. Oh, and Panic stuff too :)

  • iTunes is my favourite app. An amazing piece of software!

  • TextMate

  • My favorite app is Adium and iTunes :)

  • TextMate rox my sox

  • I’ve got it (from macheis), it’s not as good as people says. Awful project management, and file manager.

  • I’d really like to have espresso so I can launch it whit Quicksilver, my favorite Mac app.

  • It’s hard to narrow it down, but right now my favorite is WriteRoom. Other favorites include Coda, Tweetie, and Prism.

  • My favorite Mac app is Notational Velocity, the best note-taking app of all time. LaunchBar is pretty high up there, too.

  • Excluding the default OS X apps that come packaged, I’ve found Littlesnapper to be the most useful niche product I have.

  • iAlertU and JonDo

  • My favorite mac app is the whole snow leopard I love every detail in its UI and its outstanding performance.

  • My favorite app is iTunes and Audium :-)

  • Overflow has to be my favorite app, only because I use it about a million and a half times a day. I couldn’t say enough about that one! Combine with BetterTouchTool & a magic mouse and you have a touch mouse gesture to open it.

  • Hello!

    My favourite app is itunes.

  • I love Quicksilver!

    Other faves are the Adobe apps (After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc)

    Best game: Plants vs Zombies :)

  • my favorite mac app is the whole snow leopard os , I love its UI and the outstanding performance it gives to my mac (:

  • Final Cut Pro

  • my favorite mac app is the whole snow leopard OS, I love it’s UI and the outstanding performance.

  • favorite app is iTunes! i can use it while working on everything else!

  • favorite app is iTunes! i can use it while working on everything else!

  • Right now my favourite app is Mindnode. I’ve tried a couple of mindmapping apps previously, but none of them have been as simple and intuitive.

  • My favorite app right now is TaskPaper. It helps me organize and using shortcuts instead of an elaborate UI makes me a lot more efficient.

  • Probably CSS Edit, so I want to try the espresso

  • My favorite Mac app right now is Coda, but it may be time for some Espresso… Right now it is definitely time for some more coffee.

  • My favourite mac app is Textmate.

  • CyberDuck and TextMate :)

  • Everyday, I use Notify, and Photoshop, my best friend :)

  • Adium is the most wonderful application ever!
    It centralizes all my instant communications – something I couldn’t live without!

  • Photoshop :)

  • There are various “faves” but i like WriteRoom currently the most

  • 1Password keeps me and my literally hundreds of passwords organized.

  • 1Password is the best. It integrates in every browser and you can savely store many other infos.

  • Favorite app on the Mac? Probably have to be 1Password. I wouldn’t be able to get through the day without it there.

  • my favorite mac app is quicksilver – started using it about a month ago & i can’t live without it!

  • My fav app is superduper!

  • Im gonna say Postbox, I use it everyday and I just really like it!

  • Without doubt 1Password

  • My favorite Mac app is Adobe Photoshop ;)

  • I would have to agree…Tweetie!

  • I would have to agree…Tweetie!

  • I would have to agree…Tweetie!

  • Textmate is the best text editor ever and in the same time my fav app (Could I get Espresso after this…?)

  • My favorite app is Espresso, very nice interface and real Mac look & feel. I stopped using Dreamweaver code editor when I discovered this one. Other apps I like are Things, Postbox, Forklift, Querious, Aperture.

  • My favorite app has to be Coda, but I’m open to changing that :P

  • This is a tough question to answer, but right now I would say my favourite app is WriteRoom. It really helps me concentrate when I have to write school papers.

  • I use Evernote all the time now, but I have to say that iTunes is my favorite. It’s the app I use the most and have almost no complaints.

  • My all time favorite Mac app is Things ! I can’t work without it.

  • My favorite application of all time is Things by CulturedCode!!

  • As of recently, ForeverSave.
    I would absolutely love to get Espresso!

  • My all time favorite app is Things. Can’t work without it !

  • My all time favorite app is Things. Can’t work without it !

  • Dropbox ! handsdown ! :)

  • My all time favorite app is Things. Can’t work without it !

  • Currently my favorite mac app is WriteRoom. It’s a fantastic program

  • Finder – it’s why we’re on mac really isnt it

  • iPhoto hands down. The ‘blemish’ brush trumps Photoshop’s ‘healing’ tool any day.

    And the fox, a close second. No one beats the fox. Safari looks nicer, but the fox wins.

    • And the developer who makes an EXACT copy of Notepad++ will have my vote eternally. Nothing on Mac even comes close. Take your TextMates, and TextWranglers and burn them to the ground.

  • And the developer who makes an EXACT copy of Notepad++ will have my vote eternally. Nothing on Mac even comes close. Take your TextMates, and TextWranglers and burn them to the ground.

  • Tweetie!

  • Favourite mac app without a doubt, Coda

  • I’d have to say Garageband.

  • My favorite mac app is The Hit List.

  • Firefox is just too cool

  • I just converted from a pc to a new macbook pro last week. So far I really like Adium. I used to use Notepad++ on my pc laptop. I haven’t found a replacement yet but I’ve been testing a trial version of Coda. It seems to work nicely. I’d really like to try Espresso.

  • QuickSilver, by far.

  • as a Windows switcher I really like the Finder

  • Slife and Wakoopa agree that my most-used app is Stainless. My favorite is Quicksilver or NewsFire.

  • Mine would be Pixelmator, but I love the look of espresso….

  • My favorit mac app is Safari.

  • Textmate

  • DropBox, NetNewsWire, FireFox, Eclipse, TweetDeck, SequelPro, Skype, iChat, iMail, uTorrent…. (all apps currently running) i can’t write only one

  • There are way too many excellent apps out there to have just one fave, but I would definitely say one of my top choices is Overflow!!!! Love it, love it, LOVE IT!!!!!!

  • There are way too many out there to have just ONE fave, but… I’ll go with Overflow!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

  • It’s a hard call naming my absolute favourite, but when I think about how I work – from home, with clients all over the world, I really could not do it without Skype.
    Boring I know, there are other apps that run a close second and third, Textmate for sure, and Firefox with Firebug, or SnapzPro, CS… but without the ability to keep in very close touch with clients, and for them to see you there, with your little green tick, the other apps just would not pay their way.

  • I love – It”s great!

  • Hmmh, Fav mac app has to be Keynote, simple, expressive yet powerful

  • tweetie is my favorite mac app!!

  • Socialite!!!! :D

  • My favorite mac app is Adium and I cannot live without it and originally switched over to mac just for it.

  • Coda is my favorite, but I’d love to try out Espresso

  • Definitely Quicksilver, its the first thing I install on a new Mac.

  • Definitely Quicksilver, it’s the first thing I install on a new Mac.

  • My favorite mac app is Adium and I cannot live without it and originally switched over to mac just for it.

  • My favorite mac app is Adium and I cannot live without it and originally switched over to mac just for it.

  • I love Textmate but i want to work with espresso.

  • My favorite mac app is Adium and I cannot live without it and originally switched over to mac just for it.

  • My favorite mac app is Aperture! It’s awesome!

  • things i my favorite app

  • Coad Hands down!

  • My fav is muCommander :)

  • Espresso is a great app, so i need it :)

  • My favourite has to be Overflow, it saved my doc from icon overload.

  • pick me pick me!

    I’ve been using coda forever and have been trying to change it up. I was a beta tester and espresso is AWESOME!

  • So far, 1Password is my favorite mac app. I save so much time with this useful and discrete app. Plus the newest version comes with a nice ui!

  • iTunes… just love music. ;)

  • Textmate of course. Can’t live without it.

  • My favorite mac app would have to be Adium. It sets the bar for customization and utility.

  • Quicksilver.. a must have

  • Hey thanks for this great giveaway!

    I use Things, Bento 3 & Evernote a lot at the moment.

    I’d have to say that ‘Things’ is my fav app at the moment. It keeps me sane.


  • Coda all the way. Has everything I look for in a web development application. One problem: organization can be a problem even when I work in a structured format like codeigniter. Thus espresso would solve all my probs!

  • Think my fave mac app is Fluid

  • My favorite app is TextMate. Also I cannot work without QuickSilver. As for apps by Apple, I think Xcode is great. I work with CSSEdit and I would love to have this app.

  • Star Wars Title Sequence Generator. Duh.

    Seriously – Tweetie. Although SWTSG is a close second.

  • Star Wars Title Sequence Generator. Or Tweetie. Both are good.

  • dropbox

  • dropbox

  • textedit, a no fuss text editor.

  • For every task there is a Mac app that I love.
    But the one app influencing my everyday life the most, hence my all time favorite, is Things by Cultured Code! One of the most thought out and beautiful applications out there.

  • My favourite Mac Application is Versions!

  • My favourite Mac Application is Versions!

  • versions svn app. ftw!

  • Quicksilver

  • Mine has to be Socialite or Coda!

  • My favorite mac app so far is Coda but Espresso is a strong second!

  • Tie between Things and Evernote.

    And what’s with the double posts by lots of people? At any rate, pick me… :). I’ve always wanted to try Espresso to see if it’s better than TextMate, but don’t have the money to just buy it to check…

  • Well, I do enjoy skype but don’t really have a fave cause I’m just getting into web design; however, I do love to drink espressos…so I think this would be a great App to start out with!

  • TextMate, it will have to be! \m/

  • My favorite app, Coda

  • Twitterific

  • I think for me it’s definitely Pathfinder, simplifies my workflow ten folds!

  • not sure if i have an “all time” favorite, but lately it’s been transmit. bet ftp app i’ve ever used.

  • My favorite apps would be Tweetie, Coda, Coversatura & LittleSnapper :D

  • Linotype FontExplorer X amazingly useful to me

  • Dropbox, for sure. It makes collaboration so much easier.

  • I have to say photoshop…… :D

  • Definetly Textmate

  • my favorite app is onyx :)

  • My favourite Mac applications are: Mindnode Pro and Tree. Those two outline and mindmapping apps free my mind daily.

  • Tweetie!

  • Tweetie, second place – Espresso

  • TextMate

  • Textmate!

  • I have a think for things

  • “Act without doing”.. that’s the mantra behind Quicksilver and it wins for me hands down.

    TextMate comes closely behind.

  • Favorite of all time is ‘Dark Castle’

  • 1password, followed by launchbar.

  • My favorite is Taco HTML Edit

  • Transmit by Panic

  • iWorks :)

  • Count me in! My favorite mac app is Textmate.

  • Coda or probably Bento :)

  • My favorite is ‘Things’.

  • My favorite application of ALL TIME would have to be Photoshop, its relevance/significance to my life increasing in a snowball-like fashion throughout the last 6 or 7 iterations. However, Lightroom is nipping at Photoshop’s heals and if Photoshop is not careful, there could be a major upset in the near future…

  • Quicksilver has to be one of my favorites, followed closely by Textmate.

  • Textmate (#1), Quicksilver (#2), Oregon Trail (#3)

  • I Love Coda, although I haven’t tried CSS edit or Expresso yet so I’ll give them a download and see if I can make the switch.

  • My Favourite is: TextMate … of course!

  • My favourite is Coda, but Espresso looks awesome too!

  • Hyperspaces, I need different wallpapers for every space:)

    But I use Espresso a lot:D

  • Quicksilver

  • Beat me, but my No.1 App on OS X is Firefox. Directly followed by Mail, Sherlock and the Finder. :)

  • My favorite application by far is QuickSilver!

  • CoverSutra

  • The best Mac application for me is PathFinder.
    Great for all file related tasks. I can’t live without it.

  • Coda is one of the best apps ever but expresso is also great, I tried the demo

  • Would definitely love a copy of this! My favorite Mac app of all time – probably TextMate.

  • Preview

    Simple as that :)

  • i’ll go with Transmit and Billings

  • Skitch is my life saver :) it is making my job soooo easier!! I also had tried Espresso, it is so lovely app, I love the user interface of Espresso. I’d love to have a license, it would help so much to my business…

    Thanks for cool giveaway!!

  • Since a few days Skitch. Short manuals made fast and easy …

  • My favorite Mac app is firefox!

  • Hi! My favorite application is Quicksilver.

  • My favorite mac app is (drum rolling) Candybar!!

  • TextMate :)

  • Hard to decide but 1Password is my most needed third party app I think …

  • Snippet App from Fuel Collective is the best!

  • Coda!

    But I would LOVE to give Espresso a try!

  • best ever, on the job app i would say :)

  • My favourite app would have to be Pages, but 1Password definitely qualifies as well.

  • I think.. Coda!

  • Definitely have to be QuickSilver. Made using the Mac so much smoother.

  • NewsFire has to be my favorite app of all time. It gave me hours of my day back, just by not having to check different sites I like to read.

  • Best application of all time. Bowtie!

  • My favorite app, Coda

  • my favorite… TextMate :)

  • Favourite app: coda but would love to give espresso a try

  • My favorite application is right now MindNode Pro. A nice way to organize my chaotic thoughts..

  • CSS Edit.

  • Merry Christmas! Buon Natale! Joyeux Noël! Καλά Χριστούγεννα! С Рождеством! Boldog Karácsonyt! Feliz Navidad! Feliz Natal! Nollaig Shona!

  • Expresso looks really cool !

  • favourite one: CSSedit

  • Jared. The butcher of song

    On every one of my Macs since my 7100 AV

  • Firefox, Textmate and Coda would be my favourites.

  • Bento! So many goodies in one app.

  • I think my favourite mac app of all time has to be dropbox ( I know it isn’t mac only but that’s what makes it sooo good!) it has saved me so much hassle so many times.

  • Having recently moved from Windows Pcs (after over 15 years) to Macs I’m inlove with most Mac apps if only for the beautiful user interfaces. But my favourite app would be a tie between Quicksilver for the ability to launch any installed application with incredible ease and TextExpander because it allows me to use my snippets in any app. Coda is a close third and my web editor of choice, although I would like to try Espresso after reading the review.

  • Keynote is my favorite Mac app.

  • ExpanDrive,

    I use it all the time, not only to upload files. But also to quick edit my website through server.

  • My favourite app has to be Bluebird, an awesome Twitter client. It’s simple, easy to use and has to ability to be customized.

  • It’s all about Adium… Or maybe Spotify!

  • CSSedit for me too

  • 1password

  • Coda :)

  • Coda :)

  • Does Spotlight count? All other search apps are FAIL.

    Otherwise, Textmate is pretty grand. Still lacking in areas though. ;)

  • I must say that Things is my favorite :)
    Clean design and everything at the right spot.

    Same like Expresso! ;)

  • Coda is y favourite!

    • my*

      And I forgot Quicksilver (can’t live without it).

  • Coda is my favourite!

  • My all time favorite Mac app is WriteRoom. Simple, black, brilliant!

  • My favorite app would have to be mindnode because I am constantly mindmapping as a student and mindnode is just SO user friendly

  • My favorite Mac app must be Launchbar … I;m lost without it.

  • my favourite app is chrome, even if it’s yet a beta!


  • Xcode

  • My favourite Mac app ever is… iTunes. Yeah it comes with your Mac but if it wasn’t pre-installed, I’d have to download it, can’t go on without it.

  • Ma favorite is definately Tweetie for Mac (and iPhone) !!
    I’d love to have this Espresso, I’ve already tested it and it’s quite nice to use…

  • My favourite app is Twitt: I use Twitter to keep up to date on all sorts of things and Twitt’s interface is completely customizable.

  • my favorite app is Things for mac

  • My favorite app for Mac is Things, cause i can manage all my tasks and be more productive with it!

  • Xcode

  • Adium is my favourite.

  • It’s got to be Google Quick Search Box for me. I think it’s way better than Quicksilver!

  • My favorite App for Mac is definitely QuickSilver from Blacktree ( – It should be included as default! :)

  • my favourite is… hard to tell. maybe SubEthaEdit

  • How do you pick a favorite? After years living with the frustration of windows, (I am a fairly new Mac user-about 5 years), I love it all. But if you force me to choose one, it would be Tweetie.

  • 1password

  • tweetie. it has to be tweetie. (close runner up: instapaper pro).

  • My favorite app would be iTunes! … no just kidding. Tweetie!

  • Textmate doesn’t really work for me, Espresso looks much better!

  • 1Password, hands down.

  • I can’t live without textmate, but I’m intrigued by Espresso.. Thanks for the giveaway, envato!

  • Lightroom, of course :)

  • Has to be skitch! for taking and editing screenshots, its awesome! :-)

  • My favorite Mac app is Onyx… so hard to pick a favorite but it has helped me lots with system care.

  • Quicksilver, without a doubt.

  • My favorite app is Pixelmator!

  • Things helped me organize my workflow a lot!

  • I actually love WriteRoom right now, with Tweetie as a close runner up. Enables me to to what I want, as hassle-free as possible. (Which is why I hope I’m not too late for Espresso)

  • Bowtie is my fav! :-)

  • MAC application? Probably.. its Photo Booth. It’s an application right? Why is it my favorite? It’s a portable mirror! Helps you see how messy you are and also lets you see what you would probably look like with a bulging head or stretched neck. awesome.

  • Either Coda or Things they are some of the most wonderful applications ever!

    Coda has really nice interface in my opinion but I tried Espresso and it seemed to be amazing as well

  • My Favorite app is shovebox

  • My favorite app is Tweetie

  • Favorite of all time would have to be Quicksilver even though I’ve probably only tapped into 2% of its functionality.

  • Google Quick Search Box – use it all the time, love it
    I love TextExpander ^_^ it makes coding so quick!
    Also Cyberduck and Smultron, but I think I’d like Espresso more :P

  • TextMate!

  • my favorite Mac app is PLEX. best media player/server out there!

  • textMate

  • Definetly TextMate.

  • Dropbox, no negotiation! :)

  • Finder :)

  • Espresso is the best, especially for me as a graphicdesigner, just learning html…

  • Espresso is great! I’d love to have it:)

  • soho is great

  • My favorite has got to be Coda. Good stuff

  • Quicksilver, VDMX, CSSEdit, … and CS3 Design Premium

  • Photoshop, because you can make people look funny :P


  • Coda… hoping to get a hold of Espresso to compare.

  • my favorite app is TextMate

  • AppCleaner!

  • My favorite app of all times is and will always be Camino, it’s simply one of the best lightweight browsers I’ve ever used :D

  • Bluebird is such a great Twitter client!

  • My favs are Coda for web development and Logic for music!

  • as everyone said: textMate

  • It’s ShoveBox for the win! :P

  • WHO WON???

  • Caffeine

  • Would have to say that my favourite app at the moment is Cram.

  • Espresso has code navigator which is very convenient, that is why I’d prefer it to Coda for example. My app of all times is iTunes anyway :)

  • Oh cool! I won? So how do I get the copy…

    • I’ve won too :)
      but I don’t know how do i get the copy :(

      • I’m still confused :/

      • me too, but nobody says anything -.-

      • Hmm. Still waiting…

  • Bento 3

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