Christmas Giveaway Day 9: CleanMyMac & MacHider

Today we’re giving away five copies of CleanMyMac and MacHider. The former is an all-in-one-suite utility to help keep your Mac clean and healthy, and the latter allows you to password protect and safely hide certain files on your computer.

Read on for more information about these two applications, and to find out how to enter!

I’m pleased to announce that we’ve chosen the winners for each application:

CleanMyMac Winners

  • MBH
  • Tijl Vandersteene
  • BebopDesigner
  • elias tan
  • CalamityBox

MacHider Winners

  • Jake Boxer
  • massa
  • Ram Yuu
  • Koen Bakx
  • Fabian

About CleanMyMac

CleanMyMac is a sophisticated all-in-one-suite utility that helps keep your Mac clean and healthy. With just two simple clicks you can delete useless files that pile up and waste your valuable disk space.



If you’d like to find out more about CleanMyMac, I’d strongly recommend reading our review of the application. Here’s the summary of our thoughts:

If you’re suffering from a sluggish Mac or a lack of hard drive space, CleanMyMac is definitely worth looking into. At the very least, download the trial to see how much space could be freed up.

About MacHider

MacHider is an innovative product intended to put your confidential information out of sight of third parties or other unwanted eyes. It makes sure all of your personal files and folders are be protected by password, and stored in a place that only you will know.



How to Enter

Entering is really easy – all you need to do is leave a comment on this post, with one suggestion of how you keep your Mac clean and tidy.

The competition closes in exactly 24 hours, and we will randomly select the winner(s) shortly afterwards. This post will be updated with the winners information and we’ll get in touch!

A big thanks to MacPaw, the developers of CleanMyMac & MacHider, for sponsoring the competition. Good luck, and be sure to follow us or subscribe so that you can find out if you’re a winner!


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Don’t forget to check out what’s going on over at Web.AppStorm! Today they’re giving away a few memberships for Tender.

Tender is a support tool that organizes your customer care. It’s a helpdesk support tool that you and your customers will love.

Read more and enter the competition.

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In case you missed it, we’ve also created a bunch of festive wallpapers to get your desktop in the Christmas spirit. Here’s a quick preview!



Add Yours
  • The best option is to run CleanMyMac every day :))

  • Every sunday morning I go through all of my documents from the week and I organize them into folders with respective names & dates so I can find them better and reduce the clutter in my home folder.

  • I keep my harddrive clean the hard way-manually

  • Well I regularly clean my Downloads folder, ideally once per week.
    I delete anything I don’t need from my desktop, and empty my trash regularly.

    • I also use AppDelete to delete application files.

  • I clean my mac manually..

  • I use AppCleaner to fully uninstall any programs and also run verify disk in Disk Utility.

  • best option is to not leave many garbage on drive ;)

  • I clean it every morning :)

  • I don’t, that’s why I need CleanMyMac.

  • I use Onyx to keep things in order…

  • I think the best option is to leave the mac sitting in the box – or is that really an option?!

  • I haven’t tried CleanMyMac yet but apptrap and daisydisk do a fairly good job. And being organized and knowing whats on your mac never hurt anyone either.

  • Organising into folders and stash them away until desktop gets too cluttered. Not that good really… :)

  • I keep my Mac Lean & Tidy by first installing apps on an older Mac, then once I like it I go to my new Macbook Pro. I would love to have “Clean My Mac” as part of my arsenal.

  • The best optoin would be to run CleanMyMac but as I haven’t yet won it I’d say appzapper :)

  • AppCleaner does a great job for me!

  • I keep my Mac clean manually…it is boring and I often think there has to be a utility out there to do it for me…thanks for the introduction MacAppStorm!

  • I use AppCleaner

  • I use Appzapper to unistall apps, and onyx for script, permission repair and cleaning chaces.

  • I use Onyx to keep things in order…

  • I just do a completly inspection of my entire system once a month.

  • There is a free app called “AppTrap.” This will delete a program and ALL of its associated files when you move it to the trash.

    Hope this helps!

    Find me on twitter: @williammengers

  • Keep everything in appropriate folders.

  • Well I temd to run low on space, so I use DaisyDisk to show me what folders are taking all the space. Then I manually delete stuff I belive I have no use for anymore. :)
    There must be a better way. ;)

  • I don’t – yet.

  • Just clean installed Snow Leopard, so I have about three weeks before any cleanup is needed. I guess CleanMyMac should arrive just on time.

  • Without CleanMyMac and MacHider the best way to keep my Mac clean and tidy is to keep it safe and off at its box on my shelf. @henriquefoca

  • Clean my mac

  • Gotta say I only do a manual cleaning before going on vacations or a long holiday, so I can come back to a clean system.

  • One way I attempt to keep my Mac clean is about once a month I try and go through and delete or move older files (move to external drives). However, having a utility such as CleanMyMac would greatly speed up this process and make it much more intuitive and easy for me to do!

  • This is very OCD, but I schedule an hour of maintenance every month:
    – sort out the downloads folder, my only “throw everything into” folder on the machine
    – check how many apps on my machine I no longer need and dispose of them
    – check for app updates
    – repair disk permissions
    – run an additional TimeMachine session afterwards

  • To keep my Mac clean I try to use all the defaults folders when possible (Images, Videos etc) and I create other ones in my Home directory if I need them. This way I have everything in one big folder and I am also able to keep my Desktop clean ;)

  • Sometimes I just run Disk Utility and Permission Repair. My secret to have a “clean” Mac is just put every single file in its folder, never leave a file on the desktop thinking “ok, later I’ll put it in the right folder”……later means never :P

  • Hi, to keep my mac clean and tidy i need the CleanMyMac and MacHider because i´m not organized (sic). so i´ll protect and keep clean with this best programs.

    And finally i´ll pray to earn. :)

  • At the moment I keep it clean manually.. but CleanMyMac seems to be a great and easy way to do it for me.

  • I use Appzapper and some tissues for the screen….

  • I clean it manually too, great app btw !

  • I try to, but I know there are a bunch of unneeded files and stuff in the back of my Documents and stuff… like application resources.

  • Appcleaner is a good start.. but not enough!

  • Well, since CleanMyMac already was suggested, and I believe it’s the best to keep your Mac clean in the hard drive, I’ll suggest something different: to keep your white MacBook’s case clean and shiny, try to clean it with those baby towels and, once in a while, use tooth paste to keep it even more shiny. :D

  • I do a fresh install every 6 months or so. It can be a hassle backing up everything, but it helps me stay organized, and makes me think about what apps I really dont need to keep.

  • Now only manually

  • I have used MainMenu and AppZapper in the past…
    Looks like I’ll be using CleanMyMac & MacHider from now on. ;)

  • How to keep your Mac clean and tidy? Install as few apps as you need and read about all apps you’ll probably need before you’ll install it.

  • well… i keep it organised by having only 4 icons on my desktop :)
    not really cleaning, but hey. it works!

  • i always clean my mac once in à Year Ehen im out of Disk Space thats Why i Need a usefull App. like this , happy xmas and a happy New Year!!!

  • The most important sugguest is to make sure all your files are stored away in appropriate folders rather than strewn across your desktop. Messy desktop, messy mind!

  • Now only manually

  • cleaning all free time ! and btw appcleaner for applications

  • The best way is the hardest way. I tell myself what I’m using the mac for(work/music/writing) and I stick to it. All the crap goes to my PC!

  • Checking up on plist- and pref-Files of Applications you just check out once. The Support-Files can clutter up the Library folder quite a bit over time. =)

  • I constantly check my MacBook Pro for scuff marks and any dirt and instantly clean it… I have a habit of making my Mac as neat and simple as possible! CleanMyMac would help super! Some say my habit is annoying but others say “Wow! Your Mac is looks way newer than the ones at the Apple Store!” :P

  • My desktop (as I’m sure it is for most people) is where most of my mess accumulates. However, I recently decided to try and fight against it by increasing the size of all my icons to 100%. This limited the amount of space there was available to clutter up, as well as the number of files and folders I could keep there. Since then, I am glad to say, my desktop has been squeaky clean! Here’s a picture to prove it!

  • I keep my folders organized and make sure everything is a folder filed properly. i try to clean out my downloads folder at least once a week and i back up important files on my extra hard drive.

  • AppZapper is the good way to keep my mac clean.

  • I don’t really right now… I’ve been looking into CleanMyMac and it would be great to win!

  • Hmmm…. Chisel and hammer… Without questions precisely why I need CleanMyMac.

  • My first rule to keep clean my mac: I use an inbox folder, and I clean it week by week. All documents comest here first, like a tasklist. With this folder, I can keep clean my other folders.

  • Generally I save large files such movies on a external HD and once a week I run Onyx to clean Logs/Cache and fix the permissions. I use AppCleaner when I delete some application in order to remove all files related to it.

  • I use AppCleaner

  • Cleaning by hand still does the best job. I’ll give CleanMyMac a try, if I win ;)

  • I use AppCleaner when deleting apps, always remove extraneous files in Downloads, and regularly maintain the Mac with DiskUtility’s function. I’d love to use other apps to keep my trusty little computer in tiptop shape. :)

  • until now onyx and cleaning myself… but cleanmymac would help me a lot… hoping for the win…

  • I keep all my files organized. No desktop clutter.

  • I’ve been using a combination of AppZapper and some elbow grease to keep my Mac ship shape.

  • I just run the daily, weekly and monthly scripts.

  • I place temporary files in a folder called “File” on my desktop. Every week, I clean out the File and Downloads folder, as well as sort out all my school stuff. I back up my stuff daily so I never lose a thing.

    If I win this, I’ll add them to my workflow.

  • _THE_ best way to keep your Mac clean and tidy is to only install stuff you really need!

  • I start the day with nothing on my desktop and the last thing i do before i close my computer is to make sure my desktop has nothing on it. Nothing beats having a clean and fresh desktop

  • I have my desktop set to “arrange by kind” so at least if I get a bit of clutter, it’s organized clutter and easier to clean. I run Cocktail every week, followed by backing up my Users folder (my current HD isn’t large enough for the whole machine currently… It’s on the list.) I clean out my Download folder every Sunday. Trash is emptied daily.

    Clean My Mac looks awesome, though. I really like the trial!

  • i keep my Mac clean mostly by deleting Universal Binaries

  • I use AppCleaner.

  • # for app in $(find / -iname *app*); do rm -i “$app”; done


  • Seems like I’m the first one. The thing I do to keep my imac clean is install only aps I’m sure I will use. And try the new ones in my macbook wich is “reset” very often.

  • I usually save downloaded files to specific folders without dumping them directly to ‘Downloads’ directory.
    Downloading files are one of the most cluttering activity on my Mac.
    Saving raw images to “Image” folder in “Downloads” as well as “DMGs” “Zips” “Web” “Customization” etc are the rest in my Downloads directory.
    And it is pretty much organized.. But deleting them after use is always a headache. and finding multiple files too…

  • 1. Use default folders in your home directory. Put images into Pictures, movies into Movies and so on.
    2. Check your “Download” folder. There is always a mess.
    3. Chcek your “Aplications” folder once a month. If you can find an app that you barely use – delete it.
    4. Always have at least 10% of your disk space free

  • I use AppCleaner to delete apps and disk utility to repair disk’s permissions once in a while. I also keep atleast 40 GB empty space to keep the hard drive snappy.

  • the best way to keep your mac clean is to just don’t make stuff you need to delete. pretty easy, huh?

  • I don’t keep my mac clean – that’s why I need this :(

  • I remove unwanted applications with the help of AppCleaner, clean folderstructures and just a good sense of mind :)

  • I wipe off ballpen ink on my White Macbook’s keyboard with my saliva :D

    It does a well job in removing it, and it scares people so I can be sure I am the only one who touches my Mac, and surely I always want it clean. :D

  • Hi, currently I am using Onyx and appcleaner to keep unwanted files out of my system and let my mac work with highest performence, for the moment it works quite as expected.

  • Manually, for now.

  • I use AppCleaner to clean up after apps I uninstall, but that’s about it. Would love a more comprehensive solution.

  • At the moment using Onyx.

  • I usually run AppCleaner when I need to uninstall something.

  • Comet, and a little bit of Windex. ;)

  • I only clean my desktop. If it is clean, then everything is clean (even if not) :D

  • Frequently empty the trash, use Onyx and overwrite empty space on your HD with 0’s.

  • using Onyx and a lot of manual sifting

  • i keep my mac clean manually
    not too efficient i know…

  • Empty your trash frequently and use OnyX.

  • Don’t eat while using your mac :-)

  • My Apple Cleaning Cloth that came with my Macbook – keeps it nice and clean. ;)

  • I keep it clean and tidy by not throwing files everywhere. Putting files in specific folders is the way to do it. Duh.

  • I clean my mac using iKlear spray and a soft cloth ;-)

  • I use AppZapper because I miss CleanMyMac!

  • I’ve used Onyx, and App Cleaner. Other than that, I do everything else manually.

  • I just delete files I don’t need, and uninstall apps I don’t use, with AppCleaner.

  • Wow ! Nice one. I keep my Mac clean with a soft towel and some water..

  • Manually once in a while…!!!

  • I’m using Onyx every sunday ..

  • I hope I win

  • Trying to stay organised and using appzapper

  • because cleaning my mac once a day does a body good.

  • Empty the Trash, and clean up your Desktop frequently.

  • Xslimmer and MacDust are two great options to saving space and cleaning up junk. Aww, MacHider sounds so cool! I wants it!

  • To keep my mac clean and tidy, I make the other half wear a protective suit before she touches it…

  • Mostly manually. Occasionally I run WhatSize! to see if there’s some forgotten large chunk of files occupying space. iTunes downloads are the most likely culprit.

  • I really do not use anything to keep my mac clean. But now I will be using clean my mac to put mine in top shape

  • I let Timemachine and SuperDuper! make backups/copies of my hard drive so I’m not TOO afraid to delete something that I don’t think I’ll need. If I need it in another week, I can just access my Timemachine backup and there it is. :)

    I would also recommend keeping your desktop clean, no need to have 30+ icons on it! ;)

  • How I keep my Mac clean?
    With Mac clean but with the trail.

    So it would be nice when i win the full version :D


  • I keep my mac clean by having all my work on a server :)

  • Hi there! To keep my mac tight up, i use a standardized archive label system that helps me to know date, name and version of the file. I also use action folders to backup my files to my external drive in a “semi-automatic” way. And i never forget to do the permissions repair monthly!

    Thanks guys!

  • Keeping your Mac clean and tidy is an on-going job and has to be done every couple of days or so. Back-up everything once, then start throwing out everything but the stuff you really need and any stuff that you may actually need in the next six months.
    That’s how I do it.

  • Hi!
    I use AppCleaner to uninstall apps with all of the files of them, and keep my files well-organized, so I know when I don’t need one anymore, and can delete it.
    Good luck for everyone! :)

  • I secure-empty my trash every night, and think clean and healthy thoughts as I leave for the day!

  • After installing apps clean the trash that the installation leaves behind

  • I just spread the dowloads into different used folders such as pics, programms, torrents and videos and this way I keep my mac always tidy.

  • Cleaning manually with a consistent backlog of about 2 to 3 years ;-)

  • I use Macaroni and Onyx. But I’m also extremely anal about not having a bunch of junk cluttering my drive. So every 6 months or so, I swap out hard drives in my MBP and do a clean install. If CleanMyMac could save me from doing that so often, I’d be very happy indeed!

  • To keep my Mac clean, I stoped eating when using it.

  • Manually for now, but I would love an easier way to keep it clean :)

  • I do it the ZEN way. Clean up your desktop. Wipe everything off of it. Even the hdd. Clean desktop – clean mind.

  • I clean my Mac by slowly going through folders and deleting stuff I don’t need… which is a rare occasion… I’m a hoarder of files :(

  • Yeaah those programs are great, wanna have it :)

  • I use label colors to easily differentiate folders.

  • Periodically tidy up the downloads folder but know I should do more !!

  • Cleaning manually with a backlog of about 2 to 3 years ;-)

  • I use Appcleaner.

  • Right now, for my Mac I use a free tool called Onyx, but have always wanted Clean My Mac. I also regularly clean the outside of my Mac with cloths. Not that it’s relevant. Somedays I spend hours tidying up all folders and etc….

  • Use Cocktail to clean it up on shutdown!

  • I keep my Mac clean & tidy by creating lots of folders with specified names, so I can find the files I need in no-time. And of course getting rid of useless files & folders to keep it organized :-)

  • I keep my Documents folder clean.
    I quit memory-hungry applications once a day.
    I restart the computer once a week.

  • Clean my mac would save me some time to regain some HD Space. I am running out of it and don´t have the funds for a larger one yet.

  • I use the built-in tools.

  • NOT! That’s why I need these apps!

  • Check/fix permissions occasionally with disk utility.

  • I currently use:

    to uninstall apps: AppCleaner
    for cleanup/tweaking: Onyx, Xslimmer (cleans up localizations/binaries), Monolingual
    for organization: folder structures, label colors, Tags by GravityApps, Hazel by Noodlesoft

    … and some custom Shell/AppleScripts to clean up caches and stuff.

    As you can see, I could really an all-in-one app like CleanMyMac!!!! :-)

  • Hi,

    To keep my Mac clean and tidy, I always put every document in the appropriate folders.
    I also created a folder for documents I don’t know what to do with or where to put in, until I created or found a folder.
    Tagging documents is another way to keep the Mac tidy. When using Spotlight you can immediately find all the applications you need.

    To keep it clean I delete every preferences and plist manually when deleting an app, but sometimes I miss a file…

  • The first thing to keep clean is your desktop… avoid this so-windows-style desktop with thousands of icons… try to keep it simple or even use Quicksilver

  • I’m not (yet) a MAC user, but am looking into it at the moment. I believe organised folder systems, and password protection would be the standard way of keeping your computer (MAC) clean/tidy.

  • I dust my mac…

  • I think that cleanmymac is a perfect solution!

  • A clean desktop and some stunning icons with Candybar make me rather happy!

  • I use AppCleaner to make sure everything gets deleted wven I remove an app, but otherwise CleanMyMac is the only thing I’ve tried that works.
    I want it!

  • I clean my mac manually too

  • I use AppCleaner, Hazel, Tags, Onyx and Xslimmer, a rather simple folder structure, Finder’s label colors and some custom scripts… looks like I could really use CleanMyMac!

  • Stay organized and store remotely

  • Stay organized and store remotely

  • I clean mine with coffee. Doesn’t work very well. Makes the keys stick and isn’t a cheap fix.

  • I kept my Mac clean from the start by uninstalling languages that I would never use.

    On a regular basis, maybe once a month I would check my drive for files that I don’t need anymore, like when I save a text file with some information in the spur of the moment.

    Apart from that, being completely fastidious does help. Keep your folders arranged and keep the same naming convention throughout. My top level folders usually have all caps.

  • uh… one suggestion? im afraid i dont keep it clean at all.. you should see my download folder :/

    thats why i need CleanMyMac :p

    ps: i do one thing though… search for .dmg for example, sort by size and delete the biggest ones i dont need :D

  • I keep things clean with good folder organization but I am also careful about files that are installed outside my home directory like in /Library & /System.

  • Keeping many of my Macs’ files synced with one another via Dropbox goes a long way toward fighting clutter.

  • I used a combination of appcleaner and manual work, I also keep my downloaded info in separate folders.

    good luck everyone!

  • I am awful at keeping my Mac cleaned up, but I do try to keep everything organized. Like a pack-rat with a filing system.

  • A way I clean my mac is to set aside time to go through my folders once a month to delete files no longer needed (e.g. desktop and downloads). I also started to use appZapper to remove programs. I am relatively new to mac, only having it for a few months, so I am looking forward to seeing how others do this.

  • I clean mine manually. I also use the Activity Monitor to track running programs.


  • I go through and organize all files i’ve used each week according to client and type (source, psd, etc…) and eliminate any excess.

  • Carefully run the brush extension of a hoover over the keys while the Macbook Pro is turned off and you’ll be free of all those little keyboard crumbs :D!! Or buy MacHider and CleanMyMac!

  • i keep my mac tidy by using stacks in the dock rather than having lots of icons. so instead i just have the ones i use most like Firefox and mail.. then the rest all in a stack so they don’t spread across my dock

  • I clear out my growing downloads folder every week!

  • I hope i can soon keep my Mac clean CleanMyMac & MacHider!

  • CleanMyMac 2 looks awesome. But without a license?

  • clean my mac. I am a hoarder. just use a bunch of external hard drives and throw stuff on there.

  • Well I do it manually, trashing stuff. So I could really use CleanMyMac :D

  • very easy.
    go to your desktop.
    see anything you dun like, command delete.
    see anything you like, create a folder called “things i like” and drag all of them there.
    ta-da clean mac.

  • clean my mac? I am a hoarder. just throw all my stuff on external hard drives.

  • Get organized and seriously delete unnecessary stuff.

    It’s like Feng Shui when it works properly :-)

  • Use a mini vacuum-cleaner to clean the keyboard.

  • I always keep my finder clean and friendly.

  • The best way to keep clean its keep organized. at my mac i have lots of folders to classify and an unarchived folder that its where i place things to classify. everyday i clean my unarchived folder, and if i got lucky run CleanMyMac App. Anyway thats what i do. (Delete apps with app deleters to clean the trash that they made on other folders).

  • The best way to keep your Mac clean and tidy is by running CleanMyMac. I don’t know of any other way.

  • trash the files you don’t need

  • I try my best to follow Ethan Schoonover’s kinkless desktop advise on how to organize your desktop and place files in folders. (Sadly it’s no longer available on his site)
    I try to keep installed applications to a minimum, as well as regularly going through files and deleting what’s not longer used.

  • I’m new in Mac “world” so i dont know how to keep my Mac flean and healthy…i’ve heard about “CleanMyMAc” and it will be great for me to win it…I do need it…

  • I always use Onyx

  • Interesting app. Would like to replace AppZapper (not maintained) with this so that I could have a more modern and supported application to cleanup my Mac.

  • I use Onyx.

  • The way I keep my Mac clean and tidy is that I regulary check my download folder for duplicates (so you don’t have both the .zip file and the uncompressed folder)

  • my mac is a mess this is why i have to win this competition !

  • i always try to do a clean up and run apps like this before i install anything.

  • Fool onlookers into thinking your mac is kept clean and tidy, or simply use it for temporary clutter reduction:

    Get DeskShade, hit the assigned hotkeys, and blammo, your crazy mess of a desktop is now perfectly clean.. as everything fades away.

  • Use CleanMyMac :)

  • Use CleanMyMac :)

  • I use Hazel to take all downloads off the desktop and sort them into folders based on file type.

  • Of csuse I would use “CleanMyMac”, but I can’t! I do Not have a license … :’-(

  • Great – probably the best thing I do (only?) is keep everything off my desktop. If something is there it reminds me to do something with that file/folder/whatever.

    Other than that, since I’m terminally disorganised, I use this to keep things clean:

    As you can see CleanMyMac would be good for me!


    R! :-D

    p.s. I am @isemann

  • I use Evernote and a Random Folder that i clean once a week.

  • i use AppTrap and clean other stuff manually

  • I clean my mac the old fashion way, manually. Usually managing to keep at least my downloads folder emptyish..So some utility programs to help the task, would come in handy.

  • Id use it to clean up all the hidden/useless files that apps like to leave when they get deleted.

  • I currently use appzapper but I’m sure CleanMyMac is the right way! :)

  • I would say be sure to run your weekly scripts, and keep an eye on those music and image files as they can suck the life out of your hard drive. Also some rubbing alcohol and a moist towelette do the trick as well.

  • Once a month I take all the files that have accumulated on my desktop and move them into a folder. The next month, if I haven’t used any of those files I delete them. I tend to delete a lot of files.

  • I use Onyx (trial) and/or CleanMyMac (trial, that won’t last too much time to expire).

    I would love to get a copy of CMM. :)


  • I clean my mac manually every week

  • These seem handy. One way to keep your mac clean is to remove all icons from your desktop. Stuff your documents/pictures/pdfs/etc into files and (optional) hide your hard drives. It will make your finder load a lot fast and make it look clean a tidy. Really, I very refreshed when I clean it up.

  • I clean my apple only Monday with Onyx :)

  • Only manually, for now

  • Manual cleanup is the most reliable way I’ve found thus far

  • For new-to-mac users, use the provided folder structure that comes with your Mac. Use your Home folder. Use Movies, Pictures, Documents and keep all browsers that you use downloading to the Downloads folder (and delete things in your Download folder right after you use them!)

  • I keep my Mac clean with my SWEET folder organizational skills!

  • I never keep anything on my desktop and have all of my documents saved in appropriate folders in the Documents.

  • I run Onyx once in a while but probably not enough. Other then that its manually cleaning up folders and download.

  • I impulsively delete files that are stale.


  • I would love to win a copy of clean my mac since actually I clean my mac caches manually, it’s effective but not so friendly

  • I try to have everything well classified in folders.

  • i use AppCleaner to delete apps, man make lot’s of backup and deletes everyting i backup, almost :)

  • I put a lot of stuff in un-synced dropbox folders.

  • I manually clean files I don’t need. If I get too bogged down and feel that things get out of control, I’m someone who doesn’t mind just reinstalling or restoring and image of the drive and starting over haha

    Would be really nice to have this though

  • Currently, I manually organize my files on my mac, and have a junk folder for the other stuff I can’t figure out. Hoping to find a faster solution! Thanks!

  • I use AppCleaner

  • I use Onyx to cleanup such things, but these apps look great. Sign me up!

  • I use Onyx from time to time, Amnesia or AppZapper to uninstall applications I don’t use. I have a special test folder where I record the files when I test a software, like this I can remove them easily. I empty regularly my download folder. I put on an external drive (I have a MacBook Pro) all the files I don’t use very often. I have a special folder to install the apps I just test.

  • I currently use a combination of MacCleanse and MainMenu. Really hoping to win this package though.

  • no files on my desktop, because it slows down a lot.

  • keep this weeks must organized on desktop, deal with every monday morning. ick.

  • I clean my mac…. Well, I don’t actually clean my mac. That’s why I need this.

  • I use the AppCleaner :)

  • To keep my Mac tidy, I keep almost all of my data on an external drive. Keeps my boot drive clean and fast!

  • I use DaisyDisk to find where most of my disk space is being used and manually clean up.

  • One suggestion of how you keep your Mac clean and tidy – back up every month and use CleanMyMac!

  • I clean my mac manually every week, but it would be nice to try CleanMyMac

  • i have major issues keeping my mac tidy. could use the help! cleanmymac FTW!

  • AppCleaner does a great job for me!

  • In the terminal I type: sudo periodic daily weekly monthly.

  • By making sure I don’t have duplicate files.

  • My preferred method, is to keep all my documents and files stored on my external harddrive. I try to keep the iMac an apps only domain, although some of my original photographs are stored on it.

    A copy of clean my mac would really come in super handy though!

  • Great products to look for!
    How to keep your mac clean:
    – Only install software, tools and utilities you really need
    – Use Disk Utility from time to time
    – Organize your mac (folders and structure)

  • I SOOOOOO need it for my iMac!

  • i try to do it manually. not working!!!

  • I think the best way to maintain a tidy computer is minimalism.

    I follow minimalmac and use a lot of the tips from here:

    I’d use Hazel if I was lazier.

  • I use a feather duster ;)

  • Appcleaner and manually cleaning

  • Just try to organize things whenever I can and I clean most of the stuff manually because I can’t find a good app for that, maybe CleanMyMac will save my work and my mac! =)

  • I have a simple folder structure that I use to organize my stuff. I regularly move files from the Downloads folder either to the Trash or to their respective new home in my hierarchy. I never use the desktop to save files so I could avoid the visual clutter.

  • About once a month I run an app called ‘WhatSize’ to see which directories are hogging my disk space. I then manually deal with those hogs.

    This really only helps identify poor disk-space usage and nothing else.

  • Running CleanMyMac once a day keeps the Apple “Geniuses” away!

  • I’m a stickler for folder structure and keeping all my files in their place. I use XSlimmer to cut down on unnecessary app bloat, but other than that, I don’t have any cleaning apps.

  • I keep my Mac clean with IDefrag, after moving any files I’ve not needed for 6 weeks onto a backup disk.

    (PS – I think I clicked on the wrong link in Google Reader earlier, so sorry about the same comment I’ve left in the other post about Tender – it was meant to go here, not there! Could you delete that one please…)

  • Follow a strict file structure and clean up once a week. Manually or using Clean My Mac!

  • i put my system on a SSD and my user folder on another classical drive. … best way to keep a speedy mac

  • I currently use Omni DiskSweeper to clean unneeded files off my Mac.

  • I use Amnesia for deleting/uninstalling my applications … but that doesn’t clean cache e.g. => need CleanMyMac! :D

  • Every once in a while I put some things in the trash…that’s all I do!!

  • I use a Dyson vacuum cleaner to clean my Mac… he he he…

  • The one thing you need to keep your Mac clean is a routine… and discipline. I just take sometime every few days (or less) and organize my latest downloads and project files. I move, delete, replace and rename files to more descriptive names, and so on. I love keeping my Mac clean and tidy. It’s a quirk, sort of, so this application will make my life easier and simply unbelievably happy! :)

    Oh, honorable mention to AppZapper. Let’s me try new apps without reserves.

  • Soap and water works pretty good.

  • AppTrap helps me keep all those hidden files in order, when I bin an app it asks if I want to purge the associated files. That and I keep everything I download in one place, easy to sort stuff and purge the unneeded/unwanted.

  • format every time it looks like i don’t have enough space and backup only the things i need, so…

    would b fun to win this (would reward my very very regular reading!)

  • As a new mac user, I haven’t done anything yet to clean my mac other than trying to keep files tidy and deleting old files :P

  • My Mac would apreciate it so much :)

  • I clean my mac with my old toothbrush… I really NEED this Software :P

  • I use the terminal command “Periodic”

  • I keep my Mac in a cleanroom with negative-pressure doors. I shower each time before and after I use it. I managed to keep swineflu out of the Mac!

  • I keep my OS install default, use my home folder for temporary stuff and any “Important” data is moved to a NAS. Also a tip to keep your mac running AOK, regularly run the maintenance scripts => “sudo periodic daily weekly monthly” (do that in a terminal window and wait for it to finish)

  • I download a LOT of stuff … so I have a number of folders in my Downloads folder that all begin with “_” … so they appear at the top. Like “_icons”, “_wallpaper”, “_music”, “_torrents”, etc. So once every few days I’ll go in and drag each item in the Downloads folder to the correct sub-folder. OCD … yes. But it works for me. Sure would be nice to have CleanMyMac!

  • CleanMyMac would help…like others, I clean folders and empty the trash regularly. I also delete apps I haven’t used in more than a year.

  • I clean mine with a lint free cloth and a small amount of vinegar!! Oh you dont mean that…

    I spend hours sorting folders – i need CleanMy mac!!

  • I keep nothing on my desktop. I organize my folders and back it up.

  • I clear out old or unnecessary files once every 3-4 weeks or so, I keep my desktop uncluttered, and I use AppTrap to completely uninstall applications. I also clear my browser’s cache periodically.

  • I have App Trap which means that when I delete a program I can choose to delete all its files as well. Beyond that it is a manual process of many small steps, including archiving installers to DVD when I have enough to fill one on my external drive (where they all get pushed right after installation), ruthlessly deleting items from Downloads that I don’t really need, and shoving documents I really need to save into Evernote where I can quickly organize and search them and tossing the original.

  • I use GrandPerspective from time to time.

  • Keeping lots of organized folders helps me knowing where everything is.. And if being organized doesn’t work anymore.. Having a fresh start with a just newly formated Mac in front of you.. motivates to keep is nice and clean..!

  • dont install crappy software

  • *commented* I keep my mac nice and tidy with a no-zap duster. ;)

  • Back it up and delete unused files! :)

  • Besides running the software to clean my mac, I would suggest people only install software they are using. I try to delete programs quickly I find I am not using regularly in my daily work flow.

  • I keep my MAC clean by NOT downloading **ahem** racy films! :o)

  • I don’t keep much track of the stuff I download on my Mac – since there’s few actual threats to a mac out there I just grab what ever I can. Same goes for software, there’s a myriad of awesome programs out there and I must try every one, that I find remotely useful. Like Coda vs. Espresso, or similar things.

    And certainly after paying close tabs on this site it’s increased in activity, so yea … I guess I could use a thorough cleaning of my mac. :)

  • I would suggest that you evaluate periodically the media you download and store on a whim. I can’t tell you the number of files I have cleaned up when I was in Spring Cleaning mode and wondered, Why am I keeping this file?

  • With a USB feather duster, thus I require CleanMyMac.

  • Only use an app cleaner, I desperately need this software, My Mac is a MESS!!!

  • I’m big on regularly scheduled “maintenance.” Once a month, uninstall apps you haven’t used, delete iTunes songs you’re never going to listen to again, clear your browser cache, repair your disk permissions, etc.

  • I keep my Mac tidy by deleting all unnecessary files right after I’ve used them.

  • I would run clean my mac everyday for sure. Or at least once a week. I want to go to there.

  • I keep it fairly organized as I go, and don’t keep much on the desktop at all. However, about once a week I clean out the downloads folder, and about once a month the documents folder. I do run cocktail about once a week.

  • I remove unnessesary files from the desktop every friday that have accumulated during the week. I try and empty my trash every once in a while, but I suck at taking the trash out. Otherwise thats as far as I go, I could really use this application. One of my Mac’s is nearly 5 years old now.

  • I also clean it manually, and try to keep everything in place. An app like CleanMyMac would certainly help.

  • Some things i do manualy some I clean using Hazel :)

  • I try to avoid installing a lot of applications.

  • I keep my Mac clean by myself….but it would be cool if a program do this for me :p

  • AppZapper and manually cleaning up caches

  • My suggestions is:
    1-Always use an App to Uninstall any App. (like AppCleaner or CleanMyMac)
    2-Keep your download folder clear. Delete useless files or Installer file that you have already used.
    3-Use an External HD to Archive whatever you want (in this way the primary partition will be faster and lighter)
    4-Organize your stuff in specified folder and sub-folder, So the access to your favorite files will be faster.
    5-Select and keep only the Application that you use for real. Don’t keep the coolest app only cause it’s cool. If the cool app is useless for you, delete it. (More free space and faster load in your app folder)

    Byez ^^

  • I use AppCleaner.

  • I set every folder to arrange by name automatically. Every month I review apps I’ve been using or not and delete those that I haven’t used. I do the same with files and I have folders for everything =)
    BUT! CleanMyMac will really help me :D

  • I keep my Mac clean installing only really necessary software.
    Periodically I check most critical directories like “Library” using a bash script based on ‘du’ and ‘diff’ commands to monitor what is new and why new files are there.
    This work is tedious and error prone so a tool like CleanMyMac sound interesting.

  • My suggestion would be to use CleanMyMac on a regular basis ;) But right know I have to do it manually :)

  • Use appzapper and monolingual to clean my mac of all stuff i don’t want.

  • I use Synium Software’s Clean App 3 to track straggling .plist, cache, and other leftover data files from software I try, then uninstall. Also, I use a Swiffer to wipe the top and base of my Cinema Display regularly ;)

  • To clean: Onyx
    To keep tidy: I organize my Documents folder by app (ie Pages and Numbers each have their own folders)

  • Lots and lots of deleting and emptying downloads and trash, but more specifically Onyx and Apptrap, to manage my cleaning :)

  • Don’t be like me and keep all the files in the downloads folder, sort them as they come in,.

  • Until now, I use AppCleaner!

  • when you want to delete an app, use appcleaner.

  • I use a lint free tissue and sometimes alcohol to keep my Mac clean and tidy ;)

  • I’d love a chance to win this product! :)

    One tip I’d recommend is clearing off your desktop three times per week. In addition, once per week its always good to sort through your downloads folder to file away needed files and delete unneeded files.

  • I manually clean it myself.

  • To keep my mac clean i always delete files that i don’t need from the download folder immediately after use.

  • I keep my Mac cleaner by separating my home folder on a different partition form my boot volume, so I can easily make full backups and rebuild and reinstall Mac OS, keeping all my personal files in place.
    I can then selectively restore which parts of my profile I want, to eliminate problems and filter junk.

  • Lots of deleting and purging of the downloads and trash folders, but specifically Onyx and Apptrap for managing my mac :)

  • Everything manually organized: music in iTunes, photos in iPhoto, an other structurally organized

  • I use Appzapper…

  • Hazel is a nice automated way to keep your mac tidy, but I just try and do manually what Hazel would have allowed me to do automatically. That is, I keep my download, inbox, and desktop folders organized and generally keep turnover high.

    Notational Velocity keeps all my text and documents in one central location (while maintaining spotlight integration by saving them as regular texts) and I use the Hit List to keep track of everything I need to do, organizational or otherwise.

  • I always Use AppCleaner to get rid of files during uninstallation.
    And I delete files as soon as they render useless
    And I have a external harddrive so that I can keep my computer clean
    And also organazing filestructure and try to keep my work seperate so I have my Illustrator work in one folder and photoshop in another and so on, SO I can find it fast even if I forget the filename.

  • Don’t let my wife touch it! :)

  • i do it manually…

  • I never really realised how much clutter there is on my Mac! Clean My Mac looks awesome and I’d love a copy! Cheers

  • I always Use AppCleaner to get rid of files during uninstallation.
    And I delete files as soon as they render useless
    And I have a external harddrive so that I can keep my computer clean
    And also organazing filestructure and try to keep my work seperate so I have my Illustrator work in one folder and photoshop in another and so on in that way I can find it fast even if I forget the filename.

  • Once a week I go through my downloads folder to remove anything that I dont need in there such as old .dmgs I no longer need and video and files I have downloaded from the web. I also make sure I do a weekly back with Time Machine both automatically and Manually to ensure I save all of the pictures and videos I have made of my son growing up.

    I also use third party apps Like AppZapper and AppCleaner to remove programs I no longer need.

  • I organize everything good in folders and with tags

  • I wrote an applescript that deletes files more than a couple weeks old from my downloads folder and then empties the trash.

    I also go through my applications every once in a while and uninstall anything I don’t use with AppCleaner.

  • Clean my Mac is the best… I usually manually clean my mac… though i admit i need to be a little more organized with my folders.

  • Hook me up with cleanmymac!

    The best way I keep my Mac clean is a mix of palmolive and warm water- I scrub it with a toothbrush- all over- then buff it with a micro fleece cloth. I use an adapter on my Dyson to suck up all the stuff between the keyboard, and use some floss to get the dirt off between the keys. For the screen, I buff it with an 25% alcohol/70%distilled water/5% love mix and a shamwow. I also keep it wrapped in a silk blanket when not in use.

  • Just installing what i really need and trying to keep a nice folder structure.

  • Besides removing applications I no longer use from the Applications folder, I don’t clean my mac.

  • Besides removing applications I no longer use from the Applications folder, I don’t clean my mac.

  • Right now the only way I’ve been cleaning my Mac is by throwing things in the trash and clearing it every night. Other than that, I try to get rid of as many apps that I’m not using as possible to save space on my HD!

  • It’s check and clean it every day. But, I can’t it. Noooo XD

  • How to keep the Mac clean and tidy. Well, I started out using Xslimmer, and found it didn’t do much. Switched to CleanMyMac, and never thought about switching back. I also find that Windex and a soft cloth are a great combination to keep dirt off the screen. As for tidy, I started out using a lot of folders in Leopard, but the dock and folders didn’t mix well in Leopard. So I switched to Quicksilver, which works well. Now, Snow Leopard dock and folders mix well, so I might be getting rid of Quicksilver.
    So, yeah, CleanMyMac, Quicksilver and Windex… rock on!

  • AppCleaner and Disk Utility.

  • Use an application that you win from Mac.AppStorm called CleanMyMac!

    Also.. make sure you verify and repair your disk permissions every couple of weeks using Disk Utility.

  • Best thing to do to keep your mac clean and fast, especially with quicklook loading things, is to keep your desktop as clean and empty as possible.

  • I usually use a special cloth that won’t scratch the screen. I also use AppZapper.

  • great softwares to have .

  • Get rid of apps you don’t use, look after download folder organise those files!

  • A key aspect to my approach is to avoid files on my desktop, not only are they (amusingly) a resource hog but I’ve found it is an indication of how organized I am – if there are no desktop files then I know I’ve spent time to keep my system clean.

  • count me in for these stuff:)

  • Well, i don’t use anyone program only myself for do this hard work for these I need CleanMyMac

  • I tend to put everything on my external 2TB hard drive, but it doesn’t always help :)

  • I use AppCleaner to rid of any unused apps that I try out, and I also go through my downloads, documents, and desktop about once a week to clean it up. And then obviously empty the trash bin.

  • I’ve been using CleanApp for a couple years now, with good success. However, it tends to be a little over-zealous in picking up files ‘related’ to the one you want to delete. Of course there are safeties in place, but I’ve made a mistake or two over the years.

    I’d love to check out some alternatives. I’ll give CleanMyMac a try even if I don’t win it here!

  • There is too much shit in my MB, it’s impossible to keep it in order

  • I’m using Appcleaner, Monolingual and my knowledge about the system to clean it.
    But apparently my knowledge isn’t good enough and as student i havent enough time to do this anymore :(
    It would be great if i can win this great software

  • I use AppCleaner when I delete Apps…

  • I use a combination of AppCleaner, Onyx, ClamxAV (weekly) and manual sorting (fortnightly).

  • My MB is full of shit, it’s impossible to keep it in order

  • i’m new to Mac, and i don’t need “clean” mac yet

  • Obsessive compulsive and totally manual hierarchical organization. Hooray!

  • time machine your mac after you have installed all the programs from it’s restored state. save the files that you actually want to a hard disk and restore to that time machine state. copy all the files on your hard disk to the mac! tedious but hey, presto!

  • Every file that you dont know what it is or what you cant use it for = DELET
    And everyone should use AppCleaner aswell!

  • I use Onyx and keep my mac in a protective sleeve

  • I clean my mac with whatever’s handy. I like Hazel a great deal. It doesn’t catch everything, though, which is why I’d love to win this app!

  • Using folders and throwing away your trash files.

  • Use Monolingual to get rid of languages.

  • I’m always trying to delet every file that I dont know what “usebillity” it have.
    And everyone should use AppCleaner!

  • I would like to have a CleanMyMac on my MAC, it’s just like cleaning my house that easy… oh wait…House cleaning is not easy but clean My Mac would be easier, if I have it!

  • I don’t have it clean, thats why I really need this.


  • I don’t keep my mac clean and tidy so this app will definitely help.

  • Of course I use CleanMyMac :)

  • I try to keep it clean “as I go”. Sure could use one of these products.

  • I keep my important files on my server; because my server is always clean and organized, so I can access everything easily. On the other hand my mac is a huge mess!

  • I try to keep it clean “as I go”…which is why I could use one of these products

  • How I keep my mac clean: I’m rather choosy about what gets installed in the first place.

  • I use both ways…. it is always better to clean ur mac manually as well as through cleanmymac or products similar to it….

  • I use AppDelete to delete apps i don’t need, I keep all my documents safe and well organised by folders, and I make sure to delete unneeded bookmarks.

  • To keep my Mac clean and tidy, I:

    Use AppCleaner whenever I want to uninstall a program (it searches your Mac for all traces of it, rather than just deleting it from the Applications folder).

    Keep all my documents in a very organized structure (inside My Documents I have “life”, “work”, “education”, and “fun” folders, and everything fits neatly into subfolders from there). This is a far cry from the mess of docs I used to have on my desktop.

    Finally, whenever I build an application from source and install it (like git or MySQL or something), I keep a log of where all the files went, so that if I want to uninstall it, I can do it cleanly.

  • CleanMyMac would be an optimal way to keep my Mac clean and tidy. ^__^

  • Rather than leaving random files on the desktop, I throw everything that isn’t easily classified into a folder called Junk Drawer, and then every week or so, I clean out the Junk Drawer folder.

  • I clean my mac with a moist paper towel and tidy by not putting any stickies on it!

  • I clean it manually too ))

  • I use both ways…. it is always better to clean ur mac manually as well as through cleanmymac or products similar to it….

  • The way I clean my mac is I shut down my MacBook, detach the power adapter, and remove the battery. Then I dampen a clean, soft, lint-free cloth or paper with water only and wipe the screen. =)

  • I use both ways…. it is always better to clean ur mac manually as well as through cleanmymac or products similar to it….

  • Well, I usually keep my Mac very clean and tidy, but I’m sure I’m missing some things that CleanMyMac can help with. As for how I keep it so clean and tidy, I’m not really sure.

  • Hello:

    The combination of a powerfull tool as clean my Mac and just avoiding dodgy websites and illegal downloads will keep your computer in it’s best shape 99% of the time!.

    Hope You pick me!!


  • CleanMyMac would be the best way to keep my Mac clean and tidy.. ^__^

  • I use AppCleaner.

    …But that’s about it.

  • I keep my Mac clean with…Pine-Sol.

  • A semester in University can be very hectic, especially when all the files and assignments are given online to be downloaded onto your computer. What I did in order to organize myself is make an expandable folder in my dock, with all 5 courses I’m taking inside it. This removes all the clutter from my desktop and helps me find all the files I’m looking for when it’s cram time!

    • — whoops, guess that didn’t work. I took a screenshot of my macbook, so you can click on my avatar and the picture should pop up to show you :)

  • I am constantly cleaning up my desktop and download folder, but for all those things behind the scenes CleanMyMac is perfect!

  • Don’t keep installers, you’ll look for a new version the next time you’ll install something.

  • Empty my Trash

  • Manually => loads of work!

  • I use Onyx, but the CleanMyMac UI looks awesome.

  • Sorry for my double post, but I wasn’t able to find the first one.. :-(

  • Don’t let my girlfriend touch it. ha!


  • I typically organize files by type (“illustrator/”), date (“photography/2009/12/09/”), or by project (“production/vfx/renders/”). That said, all the random files like downloads, screenshots, text documents and urls tend to clog up my desktop and user folders. I’ve started keeping a tighter ship, deleting downloads instead of archiving them, but CleanMyMac would be awesome!

  • I’m always emptying my trash, and clearing out my downloads folder and desktop manually. I use AppZapper to remove un used applications, and AppFresh to update my apps every week or so.

    I always try to name files properly, and organise them into the correct folders to make them easy to find later.

    I also use DaisyDisk every so often to find the files that are taking up the most space, and remove those if possible. A free alternative would be OmniDiskSweeper.

    I use my desktop as an inbox, and clear it out every day to revile my beautiful desktop wallpaper that changes every 5 minutes to a random one from my collection which you can see here (Note: I do not own the copyright for many of these Wallpapers. I’ve simply collected them from all around the web, and put them in a dropbox folder, but feel free to use them yourselves.)

    I use iPhoto to organise my photos into events, faces, places, etc.

    There isn’t really a way to do what CleanMyMac does manually as it will even go through and remove things like un used language files, etc. I ran the trial on my computer, and it turned out if I purchased a full copy, I would gain about 5 gigabytes of free space.

  • DaisyDisk and CleanMyMac.

  • Currently I’m using onyx :)

  • Currently I’m using onyx :)

  • Currently, I clean up my mac on my own. But I think that clean-my-mac would be a wonderful help for this awfull task!

  • I clean manually on daily basis, If any uninstall involved, I clean the remaining from Application support and Caches located inside Library folder.

  • At the moment… manually, which is why I’d LOVE this app!

  • When I do a fresh install, I always run Monolingual to remove the languages I don’t use. Considering I only operate in English, I save Gigabytes with all the help files, documentation, etc. in those obscure languages.

  • Time Machine backup every day, always trimming my dock and desktop, and Spaces for organization

  • I use appzapper to make sure apps are removed properly and then I personally manage all other files by hand. So fresh and so clean!

  • I use lots of labels and directories to prevent mess. Also, when I delete an app, I make sure that there haven’t been left any files.

  • I use OnyX aswell as run the disk utilty->repair permsission

  • Manually

  • I clean my mac, with a soft lint free cloth.

  • I go through about once a month and back everything up manually onto an external drive and then delete the files that are no longer important. It would be nice to have something like this.

  • For me keeping my Mac clean is more preventative; File organization and Folder structure/hierarchy keeps things from getting out of hand up front.

    For maintenance, I use Onyx twice a year and reset most caches. Also, clearing Safari 4’s Top Sites periodically keeps the cache from getting too big. (Safari > Reset Safari > Top Sites)

  • Once a month I spend a whole afternoon cleaning up my system manually… that’s why I definitely need the today’s giveaways . I’ve got better things to spend my time than cleaning up my mac.

  • i do it manually, but with the help of an app called WhatSize…

  • I use appzaper to unistall older apps I don’t use anymore, and delete files that I Know that are many copys, and put the files in category folders, like music, documents, downloads, movies, and others, when file has more than one related I put them in their onw folder.

  • With an industrial garden vac and blower – it’s great for those hard-to-reach places, like my extensions folder.

  • I clean my macs once a year… total reset when everything’s gotten too slow, leaving all past data on an external hard drive… that’s far away from being satisfying. So I really need CleanMyMac! :)

  • Keep files/folders organized and don’t download any programs I won’t use frequently.

  • I use AppZapper and do the rest by myself. I’m very OCD with the cleanliness of my Mac.

  • Dry cloth usually

  • I user SmartFolders

  • I try to keep my desktop cleaned up every week. When things start acting sluggish, then I use Onyx.

  • Every sunday my MacBook Pro gets cleaned manually w/ a little help from Onyx as well.

  • Right now I use OnyX from time to time but I’d sure like something new.

  • use an app like CleanMyMac to get rid of languages I dont need, and try not to horde too many files :P

  • AppCleaner does a nice job of uninstalling applications, but that’s about it. Other than that I could use CleanMyMac to take care of the rest. Thanks guy.

  • Clear desktop files once a week.
    Clear download files everyday.
    Run AppCleaner when uninstalling.
    Run Onyx once a month.

    Would like to have CleanMyMac to do it all =)

  • I normally use onyx to keep the caches clean, and a weekly restart frees up locked up memory. I’ve wanted to use CleanMyMac for a while to do this. It would be awesome to finally get it!

  • For uninstalling apps, I still use AppZapper (teh zapping effects are crazy! haha). For maintenance and everything, I run Onyx twice a week. : )

  • I mainly use my micro fiber cloth that I got with my MacBook to keep it clean, but I alcohol had to be used recently as I got a little discoloration!

    No seriously I only use AppZapper to delete my apps and once a month I try to clean my docs and apps.

  • I use iTweaXonce a week….

  • I clear saved files off my desktop every few months. Other than that, I don’t do much cleaning of my Mac. As you can tell, I really need this app!

  • I empty the Trash daily and also use AppCleaner.

  • windex!

  • I clean the outside of my mac with my microfiber cloth and a little bit of ‘Glassex’…

    But for the inside, I have no program to do the cleaning work. I have to do it myself. So I hope to get ‘CleanMyMac’. It would make it a lot easier for me, and much better for my mac. :D

  • didn’t enter so far,but this one I’m interested in
    using CleanApp for cache cleaning & uninstalling
    but this seems really nice
    good luck to everyone

  • Store files you are working on in your Dropbox – then you don’t have lots of different random files on your different computers and laptops!

  • When my desktop gets cluttered, I dump everything into a new folder and keep going.

    I don’t recommend this for anyone else, it’s a terrible system.

  • I clean my mac the old fashion way, manually. Usually managing to keep at least my downloads folder emptyish..So some utility programs to help the task, would come in handy.

  • I love deleting the files in the download folder. I usually find that I delete like 5GB at a time.

  • I´m using the cronjobs triggered by cocktail, monitoring installs by compaing them through synchronize Pro.

  • Every week I put all my downoads on an external harddrive.
    And every month I clean the display of my Mac.

  • How about giving it a nice dust with some Mr.Sheen!


  • I go to the Genius Bar and let them clean it. I could really use CleanMyMac, but I’m also paranoid so MacHider is right up my alley.

  • If you don’t keep your mac running all day, it’s good to run this at the terminal:
    “sudo periodic daily weekly monthly”

  • I will like to clean my mac daily. CleanMyMac would be great use

  • I don’t know what to do! That’s why I need CleanMyMac!

  • I manually clean out my libraries and check disc permissions every once in a while.

  • So far I just use AppCleaner when removing applications. That does the job, but I would be happy with CleanMy Mac! :)

  • I just make sure I have kept cleaning out any old file.folders that I don’t need. I also move any files I don’t often use onto and external hard drive.

  • I use AppDelete for uninstalling programs, and a duster to keep the top nice and shiny…

  • I remove languages from my apps with Multilingual

  • I have to use my file search in the Finder or in Bridge. I have to know what I am looking for to use Finder. Bridge makes things some what better, but I still have difficulty finding small unknown files lurking about. So, please select me.

  • I don’t. Just a manual delete here or there and an occasional AppZapp. I could really use CleanMyMac! Plus, I’m paranoid so MacHider is right up my alley too.

  • Keeping my downloads folder clean and using a uninstaller like AppZapper have been my main methods.

  • I regularly clean my desktop and downloads folder, usually once per week. It keeps my laptop running fine.

  • I’ve changed from Windows to Mac, just so my laptop would be cleaner ALL the time!
    But I do use appcleaner :)

  • I keep my mac clean by regularly deleting files that I don’t need. PLEASE I NEED THIS! And hopefully my comment will show up this time.

  • I usually do it manually, but I’ve been giving a try to MacDust and it’s been really useful so far. However, I would like to have CleanMyMac :)

  • Delete files

  • I usually do it manually, but I’ve been giving a try to MacDust and it worked for me. However I want to try the CleanMyMac
    I hope the comment to appear this time…

  • I’m a blogger and a student, and always have files on my computer. Sometimes I forget about them. I personally think that CleanMyMac would be an upgrade from AppyCleaner.

  • I’m using Onyx and I’m trying to keep everything in order. From time to time I make some cleaning in download folder. Sometimes I use Duplicates Anihilator to find duplicates in iPhoto library.

  • I usually do it manually, but I’ve been giving a try to MacDust and it worked for me. However I want to try the CleanMyMac
    I hope the comment to appear this time

  • I usually do it manually, but I’ve been giving a try to MacDust and it worked for me. However I want to try the CleanMyMac
    I hope the comment to appear this time

  • I usually do it manually, but I’ve been giving a try to MacDust and it worked for me. However I want to try the CleanMyMac
    I hope the comment to appear this time

  • i reinstall os x on my mac every 6 months. simple. and it really does work

  • I use my mac mostly when I’m traveling so I like to have everything I need on it, at first it was easy to keep it clean but now is really a pain in the a**.

  • I like to keep all my “adult material” on an external drive, that seems to help keep things running smoothly. Unfortunately now I need 17 external drives.

  • I usually do it manually, but I’ve been giving a try to MacDust and it worked for me. However I want to try the CleanMyMac
    I hope the comment to appear this time

  • I organise docs/pics by putting them in well organised + well named folders.
    But I would love to have CleanMyMac To help ;)

  • Well organised folders ;)

  • I don’t install crap.

  • I clean my mac by running a scan using DaisyDisk, then cleaning out unnecessary files from there.
    I also maintain a clean hard drive by storing most of my large files (movies, media) on an external.

    Would LOVE to take advantage of Clean My Mac!

  • AppCleaner does an ok job.

  • 1. I use AppCleaner.
    2. My download folder is my desktop. I have to keep it clean.

  • I’m quite anal about keeping my Mac clean, so aside from using an app like CleanMyMac to keep the system in order, I archive and delete all my old files and emails on a regular basis. I use a smart folder to keep track of the files I want to archive, when the smart folder reaches 4.5 GB, I burn a DVD and delete the files from my system.

  • I use DaisyDisk to kill off huge files that wind up on my drives.

  • I go through links I’ve saved on the desktop/downloads/documents every week or so and organize what I want to save into folders and sub-folders….then I’ll go through those every few months. A little neurotic, but it works for me. As for physical dirt, microfiber and screen cleaning spray, all over.

  • get into a habit of cleaning up your desktop weekly.

  • I use a cleaning service, “The Merry Maids”! Or I just keep a strong on my eye downloads folder and keep everything organized in a well thought out map.

  • I use a cleaning service, “The Merry Maids”! Or I just keep a strong on my eye downloads folder and keep everything organized in a well thought out map.

  • I use a Swiffer sheet on the case and encourage my Mac to clean its various caches regularly.

    Of course, being that I have a massive App-etite (get it?), CleanMyMac would be a welcome addition!

  • I usually do it manually, but I’ve been giving a try to MacDust and it worked for me. However I want to try the CleanMyMac
    I hope the comment to appear this time

  • My tips: Delete downloads after you’ve done what you want with them and regularly look at your apps and throw away ones that you hardly use.

  • Preferably not with soap and water.

  • Lately I’ve been sorting by date added or modified to cull through the older stuff.

  • I really should clean it out more than never.

  • 1. I use AppCleaner.
    2. My download folder is my desktop. I need to keep it clean.

  • I use Hazel to keep files organized and AppZapper to uninstall apps :)

  • Clean it manually

  • I clean my mac manually

  • I re-install my OS everyday to keep it squeaky clean!

    There is nothing like that new Mac OS X Snow Leopard smell :-)

    • That’s bull.

  • I’m using daisydisk :)

  • Although Barkeeper’s Friend usually does wonders, on a daily basis I just keep my Desktop tidy :)

  • I try to clean it once every month. I need these apps

  • Although Barkeeper’s Friend usually does wonders, on a daily basis I just keep my Desktop tidy :)

  • I “Secure Empty Trash” once a week.
    I use AppCleaner.
    I clean my Download folder once a week.
    I download some things to desktop and keep it clean.

  • Disciplined file management has been my secret until now. But that CleanMyMac looks the goods if I can get my hands on it!

  • I use a Swiffer for the case and encourage my Mac to clean its various caches regularly.

    Due to my App-etite I certainly have my fair share of applications that are laying around unused so CleanMyMac would be a welcome addition!

    PS. I hope this is not a double post, but I didn’t see my comment show up earlier…

  • I try and keep my mac clean and tidy by running MainMenu every once in a while, and whenever I uninstall something I scour the hard-drive for any remaining traces of it (as long as they aren’t important for other things :D )

  • Make a bunch of folders, and organize all your things and put those folders in easy to find spots, like in your user folder. everything is clean after that.

  • I use cocktail, and schedule maintenance. Hazel helps tons as well!

  • Use Onyx

  • I run regularly system maintenance scripts.

  • I’ve used Onyx and it works quite well… but I mostly just repair permissions, keep the Downloads folder as clean as I can, and I go through my documents, photos, movies, music, etc. every couple of months and backup and purge.

  • used Onyx so far, and manually deleting unneeded files…

  • I use AppCleaner and OnyX.

  • Usually Barkeeper’s Friend does a good job, but on a daily basis I prefer Path Finder to keep my desktop clean…

  • i try to keep my desktop clean and i have a folder called projects with subfolders inside to keep stuff off the desktop and i clean my screen at least once every other day but Clean My Mac will be a great addition

  • Deleting all the things that I don’t need.

  • Right from the beginning, make sure you have a organized way of filing your files.

  • Use “save as” anytime you modify a file. Add a date to the modified file. At the end of the week, save older versions of your document on an external drive (ect..) and only keep the latest version on your machine.

  • Im using cleanapp if I need to delete an app, thats all so far.

  • Clean out your Downloads, Desktop, and caches every week.

  • I actually set my browsers to save downloaded files to the Desktop so that I’m much more likely to clean up old files rather than let my Downloads folder grow out of control.

  • Manualy FTW =)

  • I just regularly look for any “Thumbs.db” in Spotlight files and remove them. And it works fine. :-)

  • I use a program called Hazel which empties my trash automatically periodically, and adds color labels to downloaded items based on how old they are. That helps me get rid of unneeded junk.

  • I use duster and try not to eat pizza near my mac ;-)
    To be serious, I clean it by deleting innecessary files manually.

  • I only use AppCleaner,.. so really need CLeanMyMac

  • How to keep you mac clean: be minimalist.
    Kill clutter before it starts.

    Hope i win, i’m in a blizzard right now and it’s freezing. Now would be a good time to get some cleaning done.

  • I try to keep using three folders for documents (stored in the dock): “today”, “this week”, and “current”. Every week I clutter off my desktop so there is absolutely nothing on it. If a document is still relevant, it goes into one of the above folders. If not, it either gets deleted or archived in my documents folder.

    Really looking forward to trying out cleanmy mac

  • I’ve been using Onyx but CleanMyMac looks really nice. Hope I win.

  • I just scout around and organize things once or twice a month. An app for it would come in quite handy!

  • Yup, manual clean here too. After a scan with DaisyDisk, of course ;)

  • I use Hazel to keep files organized and AppZapper to uninstall apps :)

  • I have a lot of junky files on my desktop. I put them all in a hold folder and when I get some time, I sort them appropriately or just junk ’em.

    Hope I win!

  • Never leave stuff lying around on your desktop. ( you might stumble and cause an accident) Keep your client files outside in a warehouse with an insanely long USB wire.
    Your arsenal and weaponry for design should be keep in a shack some place else. You never know when it might explode.
    A brigade of external hard drives can help you tidy up your macs. Sometimes they take the day off to have their rituals, but you have to respect that (part of their culture)


  • I don’t do anything special – I just get my files organized, don’t install too much software and my mac runs just fine for two years now
    Maybe I should start worrying…

  • I empty my cache folder and that’s about it

  • Don’t keep disk images for installed applications on your hard-drive…
    Use an app like Wallet to keep track of download locations online to save on space!

  • I use manually and sometime use OmniDisksweeper to find really large unused files..

  • I use Omni to keep it running smooth, but otherwise I keep my desktop as immaculate as possible! I use small icons with names to the right instead of vertically… that way I can keep them all in one column (that only runs 2/3 of the screen max)!

    But I definitely could use CleanMyMac as I’m really getting concerned about the application bloat behind the scenes… this is something I easily handled back when I had a PC, but I can’t wrap my head around it on the Mac as easily!

  • I try and keep my Mac tidy by systematically going through a selection of folders every week and emptying them – as well as a variety of stacks (links, shelf etc.) which I drag things into and then just chuck them out afterwards.

  • Use Onyx regularily. Keep all your files and documents well organised in your home folder, and use a program like DaisyDisk to keep track of where your files are.

  • CleanMyMac is in order since now my desktop clutter has actually moved into a folder called “clutter”. I can’t keep up with all the small tidbits and files passing my way…

  • Simple – ensure “Everything is in it’s place, and there’s a place for everything – but failing that, invest in CleanMyMac !!

  • I use Cocktail and Appzapper. But CleanMyMac ist just fancier ;-)

  • I use Cocktail and Appzapper. But CleanMyMac ist just fancier ;-)

  • I keep my mac clean by running uninstaller applications like AppCleaner to make sure I have no lingering files.

  • I use Onyx and AppCleaner.

  • I clean my mac manually.

  • For a perfect organization on my Mac, I always have a hierarchy in file folders, save files do not use an external hard drive and do the uninstall with AppCleaner.

  • 2 words. Compressed Air! At least that helps with the dust.

  • Tried CleanMyMac and thought it was quite useful in shrinking bloat. Now I just use Onyx and AppZapper and clean out my folders every week or so.

  • Currently I do a manual cleaning of my desktop every few days and my downloads folder I only really get to tackle every 2-4 weeks for a manual cleaning. Oh and I started emptying my trash daily when I realized how much was hanging out in there and getting backed up on time machine, too!

    All-in-all, I’d love to give up my manual ways for a better solution like CleanMyMac!

  • Hazel is a very powerful, yet simple too use application for tidying your mac. Mac.Appstorm should do a review of it :D

  • I do it the old fashioned way – go through my computer one folder at a time and delete anything that I no longer need.

    I NEED this program!

  • I usually move my large files such as images and videos onto my External HD. For some reason, I am also obsessive compulsive about cleaning my desktop off and emptying the trash. Can’t get any work done if that trash can has something in it.

  • i clean my downloads folder once or twice a week and organize everything into folders

  • Manual cleaning every Sunday morning

  • Now I use to clean my mac manually, executing the programed cron scripts, and I did try some utilities and would love to win Clean my mac (the trial is amazing)

  • I clean my aluminum macbooks exterior with monitor wipes!

  • I use AppCleaner

  • I keep my MacBook Proz clean by the following method:

    1) Clorox Disinfecting Wipes – Yellow can, wipe down the outside, briskly wipe around the keyboard and trackpad. Then i use paper towel to quickly wipe the excess off.

    2) Next, the crud between the keys – ah ha, qtips and some water, get in there nice n good.

    3) The screen-the shamwow type piece that came with my old G5.

    4) All done!

  • Just got a new Mac so it’s still clean!

  • i don’t use safari

  • I use a University of Texas branded Dustbuster to clean mine. It’s the only way to go!!!

  • My biggest issue with organisation is my downloads folder, just take an hour a week to go through the junk, and archive keepers..

    Any and it becomes an unbearable mess !

  • I use Onyx and some others. I do clean installs every other OS upgrade, and keep an organized filesystem.

  • I’m not tidy. End of. lol.

  • make a folder on your desktop name it whatever you want.
    inside make two folders real trash and maybe trash or something like that.
    Throughout the week put your real trash in the real trash folder.
    Then of course at the end of the week trash the real trash folder and go through the maybe trash folder and toss the real trash.
    works great at cleaning my desktop.

  • once a week I go through everything I don’t need. Find some time when I’m bored to delete duplicates and all that.

    I also gussied up my mac a bit; so that I’m slightly more encouraged to keep it looking nice.

  • I use OnyX to clean up my Mac. Works a treat and it’s free!

  • I delete files manually. But since I edit video, there’s usually a ton of “cache” space taken up that I periodically have to delete.

  • I always clean my Mac with with iKlear :D

  • I’d love to have this! So far, cleaning my Mac out means going through the Document and Download folders, but I also use Disk Inventory X, just to see what’s the biggest clot in my Mac and if I need it. Sometimes I find old videos I downloaded from YouTube that I’ve gotten bored of, or PSD files of old projects I worked on. :) Hope this helps.

  • I use AppCleaner

  • The best way for me to keep my mac clean is if i don’t use it loose it. hanging on to old files for no reason is a waste of space and will really added up after a while.

  • I use Onyx for maintenance and Amnesia for uninstalling.

  • I keep it clean by using Onyx regularly

  • I use AppCleaner and I try not to install not needed applications.

  • Normally, i use Onyx and Mainmenu to keep my mac clean ^^
    But CleanMyMac & MacHider looks like an easy and efficient way to do that also ^^

  • CleanMyMac once a day and RAM Power will stay.

  • I am a stickler for organization of my files. This keeps from keeping duplicates of art files, resource files, and other similar files.

  • This is just what I’m looking for!! Because I don’t know how to clean my mac safely! Now I drag files to the wastebasket.

  • The best way to keep your Mac clean is to use a Windows computer to all your dirty-surfing.

  • I just try to keep an organized file structure and clear out my downloads folder every week or so.

  • I try to keep my hdd clean manually. Not the best option indeed!

  • I use an app called AppDelete every time I remove an app from my Mac. It searches for any other files on your computer associated with that app and deletes them too. Very cool app.

  • I’m a big fan of AppCleaner – it always manages to find a few files that would otherwise be left behind by dragging the app to the trash.

  • Soap. Now an then I give it a good scrub and after that it looks all nice and dandy…
    ohh yeah and complements to CleanApp and Onyx for helping me..

  • I clean my mac patiently searching for what I do not need more and threw it into the basket … very, very great deal of patience!!!

  • I clean my mac patiently searching for what I do not need more and threw it into the basket … very, very great deal of patience!!!

  • thousands of comments… almost imposible.
    I use Time Machine, the trick? not to save nothing on the computer! XD

  • I run disk clean-up, then I defrag, then I reboot… oh, wait… that’s what I used to do before I had a mac.

    With my mac, I just try to have a consistant filing system/hierarchy… as well as utilize appcleaner to uninstall app/plugins that I nolonger use.

  • I use Appcleaner to keep my mac free from old programs, otherwise i just try to keep the “downloaded” map free from old shit!

  • Best way is to run CleanMyMac every 2-3 days

  • Keep your Mac clen in 3 steps:
    a) wipe with Clorox towellette.
    b) Apply a steam cleaner (e.g the Scunci steamer). This also eliminates wrinkles.
    c) Run MacCleanse.


  • Unfortunately, I still do it manually on a weekly basis..

  • Unfortunately, I still do it manually on a weekly basis..

  • I don’t clean my mac, but I try to have only the essential tools installed. So, I “clean” it by trying not to mess alot :)

  • I just use Appcleaner and DesInstaller.

  • I concentrate on keeping everything cleaned of the desktop at the end of the day

  • A little look through your day’s work. I have a folder named “to be filed away” where I stash all the day’s work in it. At the end of the day, (or the week , if I feel lazy that week or if it’s a slow week) I moved everything to it’s place.

    But clean my Mac would be great!!

  • I clean it manually. Definitely could use Clean My Mac

  • I use AppZapper to remove applications-related files and Cocktail for maintenance tasks. Every now and then I check manually some folders.

  • I do a clean install of the OS ever six months.

  • I use lots of folders and sub folders to keep things organized, and I run omnidisksweeper to find large files that I can delete.

  • I use AppCleaner to properly remove stuff.

  • Hi :)
    I use AppCleaner to efficiently erase my unused apps.
    Plus I go through my files & app manually & regularly to remove everything uneeded.
    I also have an external hard drive to keep the large (but not useful) archives.

  • I Clean my downloads, documents and my desktop manually, thats why I need CleanMyMac and MacHider!

  • normally i put my new file in a folder on my desk an review them before i really save them.
    to clean the hole temp files from the programs i haven’t found a fast workaround

  • The only app I use is AppCleaner.

    I would love to win CleanMyMac and also MacHider!

  • I regularly dump old files and review my programs list. If I don’t use something I open up AppCleaner and toss it.

  • I clean my mac manually the old fashioned way

  • Terminal and the `locate’ command do a great job! But the main thing is keeping it clear all along (reaaaly hard sometimes!)

  • I use AppTrap to delete applications, and I try to send to the trash every file I don’t need that’s sitting on the desktop or in the Downloads folder. But I would appreciate some more automated, comprehensive solution. The manual way has me missing files and keeping files “just in case” for so long that I forget about them. I’d like to get that hard drive space back!

  • Terminal and `locate’ are tremendous helpers! But the main thing is to keep it clean all along (reaaaly hard sometimes!).

  • I’ve used AppZapper in the past to clean my mac of deleted app files. CleanMyMac looks loads better though!

  • I keep my Mac clean by storing files I make in versions, and have every file in a sub-folder. Makes everything much cleaner.

  • Every day I go through my desktop clutter and trash all the things I don’t need anymore.

  • I use OnyX

  • stay Organized, and you can then easily decipher what is trash and what isnt! Also get rid of applications you don’t need, don’t be a pack rat!

  • I wear gloves when I use it.

  • I keep my Macs clean mostly manually by cleaning out my Downloads Folder and Cache’s. I also use terminal to run some maintenance scripts as well. Been wanting to pick up CleanMyMac for a while now :)

  • I use Appcleanner but I guess I still need a more robust solution so, clean my mac would be helpfull

  • Firstly, I try not to make the mess in the first place – If I’m downloading an application then it must prove to me that it is worth it before I move it to the applications folder. Anything that stays on my Desktop or in my Downloads folder gets deleted daily.

    Then, if I’m in the mood for a clean or my computer feels sluggish, I’ll open Daisy Disk, it helps me to find what’s using the most space and while I’m at I organise my Documents, Music and Pictures folders, archiving any projects I don’t need anymore on an external drive to free up space and if I don’t want to keep anything I’ll trash it. Finally, anything that gets trashed gets done so immediately as having white in my trash basket seems to really annoy me!

  • Running Onyx and MainMenu once every week to keep my umbp running smoothly.

  • A good old fashioned manual clean out.

  • Using AppTrap is another good idea.

  • I use AppZapper plus a custom script to get rid of old logs and temp files.

  • Firstly, I try not to make the mess in the first place. If an application wants to be moved to the Applications folder then it has to prove itself. I delete everything in my Downloads folder and on my Desktop daily.

    Then, if my computer is feeling sluggish or I feel like a clean, I’ll open up DaisyDisk and see where most of my space is going. I then organise my Documents, Music and Pictures folders, archiving any projects that I have no need for on an external drive and deleting any files or folders I do not want anymore to free up space.

  • Manually, AppCleaner and Disk Utility, once a month

  • One thing I like is a clean desktop, so I have an eye-catching “temp” folder on the desktop where I move all the accumulated clutter for later review at the end of the day.

    Thus far I’ve maintained my Mac’s cleanliness manually with a little help from AppCleaner. Just yesterday I downloaded the demo of CleanMyMac and thought it to be right up my alley.

    Tomorrow I’ll have the full version, FSM willing…

  • App Cleaner and disk inventory x

    Search for the large files that are eating up hard drive space and delete them…

    I really hope I win! I have wanted CleanMyMac for SOOOOOO long!

  • sometimes cleaning is needed, but do You clean Your room like your mac?;)

  • OnyX, AppDelete, and MacDust

    Keeps my mac running fast a speedy!

  • I just look for a new cleaning app everytime I feel like cleaning it :D. Cleanmymac is my favorite though, planning on buying it soon if I don’t get this.

  • One thing I like is a clean desktop, so I have an eye-catching “temp” folder on the desktop where I move all the accumulated clutter for later review at the end of the day.

    I’ve liked AppCleaner so far, and CleanMyMac looks like a step above. I’m sure to enjoy my free copy I’ll be receiving tomorrow!

  • One thing I like is a clean desktop, so I have an eye-catching “temp” folder on the desktop where I move all the accumulated clutter for later review at the end of the day.

    I’ve used AppCleaner to help remove some apps properly, but CleanMyMac seems like a step above.

    I’m sure to enjoy my free copy I’m receiving tomorrow!

  • I’m using app cleaner and it’s good but CleanMyMac looks more efficient.

  • I’ve been using the demo of CleanMyMac and I like it… but otherwise good old fashioned deleting files I have no reason or intention to keep.

  • I have created a folder on my desktop called “INBOX” to which I save all web downloads and Mail attachments and basically any projects I am currently working on. This prevents me from having an over cluttered desktop!

  • Put stuff in the right place when you save it, and delete it when you don’t need it anymore!

  • Keep a well-structured folder layout and store everything in the right place. Especially downloads which tend to get out of hand pretty quickly. Use appcleaner to remove old and unwanted programs. Keep desktop icons down to a minimum.

  • Never leave files on your desktop!

  • I use AppZapper to remove apps and clean my Download folder manually everyday. The files I want to keep are moved to folders (movies, music, documents, work etc.), within the download folder.

  • I have tried the trial version of MacScan. But most of the time I clean manually.

  • Our hero has absolutely NO time to clean his Mac, and he cries out to his friend…

    “Help me…Must clean my Mac… clean… mac… hide special super secret files… help…me… Spock….”

  • I try to clean my mac by removing apps I don’t use daily and backing up my files regularly using dropbox. If I don’t think something deserves the space in dropbox, I probably don’t need to keep it.

  • Hi, I use grandperspective and app cleaner to keep my mac clean.

  • I just don’t let my brother touch my mac :) it is always clean and tidy this way!

  • I ask Jebus to show mercy on my hard drive.

  • I keep my desktop uncluttered …

  • nuke & pave (clean reinstall) every so often. (about every 6 months)

    i’m sure i could do better with an app, but haven’t gone round to buying one yet.

  • Tip….

    Remove all the craps from your Mac that you don’t use!

  • I clean manually which takes hours :/ (thousands of photos, apps-files for web development, etc…) so CleanMyMac would be great !

  • CleanMyMac is just what I needed!!!

  • I don’t clean my mac at all. All I do is try to organize things when i download it from web.

    I also empty Downloads folder, when my Mac start to complain about disc space. Then i try to clean Downloads folder manually.

  • That is just what I needed!!!!!

  • Virtually: I keep all of my school files organized by course and unit in folders, don’t leave my downloads folder cluttered (ever), and file all my documents away safely in my Dropbox. I also clean install the latest OS every 4 months.
    Physically: I use the cleaning cloth for my glasses to wipe down the screen and keys! :)

  • I use Appzapper & Onyx to keep my mac tidy

  • On a day to day I rely on Appzapper and Onyx, and from time to time some by hand inspecting.

  • I clean my mac manually. My workbench is always free at evening and the download folder is maintained every week. To delete apps I use AppCleaner, works great.

  • i use onyx…

  • I’m brand new to the Mac scene. These sound quite helpful.

  • As an Apple Tech I use iKlear to clean the machines physically.

    DiskWarrior to clean the File System

    Monolingual to Slim the OS down

    I really want this giveaway, MacPaw is amazing

  • Repair disk permissions.

  • I clean my mac the old fashioned way, by hand, making sure to keep a well-organized file structure while I’m at it.

  • keep every thing organized in folders

  • I always listen to my mother: Soap, hot water and a hard bristle brush…

  • I used Disk Inventory X every once in a while to make sure no Final Cut projects/scratch files got away from me and are eating up space.

  • I keep things in the cloud (Google Docs, etc) so I don’t clutter my hard disk!

  • First to keep my Mac clean, sleek and fast I use a nice minimalist wallpaper,

    If It happens that I need to get rid a of software ill make sure to use AppCleaner to remove it completely.

    I will also use the default folder setup and not put my file everywhere i.e.: music folder all my music noting else and no music anywhere else… same for documents video etc… doing this keeps everything organise and prevent loosing or searching for a file.

    I also clean my safari cache once a week.

    In short.. I tried to avoid duplicate files by deletinf apps completly and keeping everything organise the best that i can… I also visit APPSTORM at least twiste a week see if ever I could find a new software that will help me doing that.

    – Thank you!

  • I keep everything in an appropriate folder. For example… Documents > Graphic Design > Logos > Company Name >

    It really helps when you’re trying to find things or when you’re uploading via FTP, etc.

    I also try to keep things off my desktop, and empty out my downloads folder every few days.

  • Every now and then, I’ll run DaisyDisk to find out what’s taking up all the space and delete what’s unnecessary. As I do a lot of video work in Final Cut Pro, I usually delete all of my render files for a project when I’m done with it (since I can easily re-render everything if I ever need to). This saves a huge amount of space. If need be, I delete my capture scratch as well since I’ve got everything archived on tapes. I’ve also got a script set up to empty my trash every now and then as I often forget to empty the trash (and with all of the video and audio work I do, it fills up very quickly).

  • Use IMAP mail, Cocktail cleanup every two months or so and generally not installing every single sexy shareware app I come across. Hard one that last one..

  • Manual cleanup with AppCleaner to rid myself of unwanted apps.

  • Just got my first Mac so no clutter yet! But I take care to organize my files in folders.

  • Manual cleaning all the way. Try and keep things organized such as a single Downloads folder for all your downloads :)

  • Currently, I keep it clean manually – I empty the Trash if it gets over ~500 mb and check my Downloads folder every other day. I also have Appcleaner to remove any applications I don’t want (I love trying new things so there are a lot of those!)

  • I delete any apps I don’t actually need using AppCleaner which gets rid of any of the extra files hidden in the Library folder.

  • I have a launchctl script to delete flash cookies every day.

  • canned air. =]

  • Manual cleanup and baby wipes to get the sweaty/dirty spots (from my hands) off the aluminum.

  • I’m still learning…

  • I used Hazel to move and automatically tag downloaded files, then Leap to find them!

  • I use Basecamp for storing most of my small files

  • I do a fresh install of Mac OS X every year or a couple of times per year.

  • Don’t let the Desktop clutter, as this is more of a ‘temporary’ space and can really slow the computer down if you store applications and multiple files there!

    CleanMyMac looks fantastic!

  • Just don’t install crap ‘just to check it out’. Helps a lot.

  • Manually, Appcleaner, and Onyx. I would love to try CleanMyMac.

  • when i test apps for my blog i run them through xslimmer then put it in a test folder when i’m done testing i delete the folders and things using appcleaner

  • I make careful use of those things called folders and that trash bin.

  • Once a week I run the UNIX utility scripts, once a month I defrag, and I constantly keep all my filed organized in folders. I never let anything pile up, once a new file comes in, I immediately sort it out, that way, everything stays squeaky clean and organized. :-)

  • well, is a dificult question :p
    I have made a cover for my 24″ iMac in order to protect it of the dust :)
    that is for hard ware cleaning… i also have a automator workflow to clean all the cookies, webpage previews, caches etc… and for aps i use appcleaner…

    but, i think it must be better to clean all your mac with just one app :)

    good luck to all!

  • Elbow grease

  • i use AppCleaner the rest is handled manually – but CleanMyMac looks way better

  • wash your hands before using keyboard and trackpad (if you use a mouse, use soap too!)

  • One of the best ways to keep your mac clean is to keep it simple and be organized. Don’t get messy on your desktop or folder structure. Put things where they make sense and where it’ll be easy to find if you want to get rid of them later.

  • archive data you don’t need for a while, but would like to keep, .zip it or transfer it to a different external hard drive ;)

  • I want it! I want it! xD

  • Good folder structure is the way to avoid clutter for me…keeping the desktop clean etc.. For everything else, I’d quite like/need CleanMyMac though…

  • I think my comment didnt appear… i can’t find it anywhere, it’s impossible with so many comments!!!!
    Onyx-AppCleaner-TimeMachine-Temp Folders…

  • I can’t seem to keep my Mac tidy (thats why I need these apps) so I just use the Mac app Camouflage to give the appearance of tidiness! :)

  • I haven’t been cleaning and therefore I need this one. Thanks for this offer.

  • i clean my Mac with cleaning tool i bought. @headboysband

  • i organize my files in folders

  • How about use these programs…. it’ll be awesome when i win… haha

  • My option… Iklean :P A dirty screen is not what you want.

  • I use Appcleaner to get rid of unused applications and I organized and delete files from my main folder (Movies, Documents, Downloads)

  • Use spotlight to get to hard to reach spaces, so you can get stuff out of your desktop

  • I put nothing on my desktop at all. Actually makes me organize what I have!

  • Manual organization with the use of DaisyDisk and Amnesia

  • The best way to keep you Mac clean is to win a copy of CleanMyMac on!

  • Back it up once a day, and organize all of your files by folders (many many folders = organization)

  • I try to keep my workspace clean of all junk or old files. If files are not used, they should be categorized and moved. Everything else is gone.


  • I always make sure my downloads folder is not cluttered with duplicates of files I downloaded.

  • One thing that I never did when I first got my mac, was to delete all of the .dmg files after I installed the program. This files are massive and if you don’t delete them, your hard drive space will quickly disappear.

  • Manually for now.

  • I run AppTrap so when I delete an app, it also deletes it’s preference file if i need it.

  • AppCleaner! And keeping my Download Stack + Desktop As empty As possible.

  • Manually as well

  • Organization is the key … Like a clean office a clean and organized computer will not only allow you to work more efficiently but will increase your mood and productivity.

  • Delete any languages that you don’t need, and periodically go through your applications folder and delete anything you don’t need anymore.

  • I create the illusion of cleanliness: I have a “desktop cleanup” folder on my desktop. Every day I take all the scattered documents that have landed on my desktop and I shove them into the “desktop cleanup” folder. Out of sight, out of mind, and I have a clean desktop. Of course, the mess is just one layer deeper… Yeah, I can really use CleanMyMac.

  • Manually cleaning :)

  • running apptrap, disk inventory, tech tool pro and onyx

  • iPhoto for my photo clips, and a dedicated folder for downloads. Everything goes on the desktop and then filed away.

  • I use AppCleaner and delete other languages that I don’t use,that’s all~
    So I think I need CleanMyMac!

  • hmmmm – Okay, I don’t clear out my downloads folder – so that sits at around 30 GB of space!
    But I go through and create a super effect folder hierarchy which keeps things logically tidy. It’s easy to slip behind in the management though.

  • CleanMyMac is a great way to delete unwanted applications and delete uneccesary files like Universal Binaries and huge files for languages that you don’t use.

  • i use AppCleaner…

  • I like to keep my documents categorized and in folders, but those “To Be Sorted” still creep in from time to time.

  • Anything in my Downloads folder that I won’t use anymore get deleted asap, and my Trash is always empty. Any files that I need to keep but aren’t important get transferred to an external hdd once a week. For uninstalling programs, I use AppCleaner. I also have DaisyDisk, but I haven’t been really using it since there’s hardly any clutter in my computer right now.

  • Uhmm, everything I download, I check…if I don’t need it, I delete it…I’m pretty much a clean freak.
    Plus my trash is always empty.

  • Once every week or thereabout, I check recent files and delete those I do not need, remove test projects – compiled object files, clear caches and browsing histories and the like.
    Basically it’s a manual erase with the use of three tools: AppCleaner, Terminal and Trash.

    p.s: This comment is by no means advertising AT&T.

  • Simple cleaning…desktop is always clean with no folders on it. I have minimal widgets running, and only keep apps on that I actually use. NOw, please, I wold REALLY like this software. :-)

  • I keep my desktop totally clean. I have an overly complex filing system, but it works well for me.

  • I don’t, which is why I need CleanMyMac and MacHider.

  • On my desktop I have two basic folders: Edits and Todo.
    I try and keep everything else off my desktop.
    I’d love CleanMyMac

  • Keep two folders on your desktop: Edits and To Do

  • santa gave me computer wipes last year but never got to use them. Now I do! lol

  • I clean it manually as well, so hoping to get this app to shorten my time cleaning!

  • I use CleanApp to remove unwanted apps, i clean my downloads folder almost everyday and use onyx for general system maintenance.

  • I use MacDust . Why my comments never show up?

  • I arrange all of my data into folders and manually delete things I don’t use.

  • HUGE desktop icons. It forces you to keep your files organized! :)

  • I arrange them into folders as soon as downloads are done… quite manual though

  • Wow those sound like awesome apps. I always have problems keeping my mac clean, I try to make sure I use folders though, that way i can delete the whole thing when I want

  • Empty your recycling bin :)

  • I’ve been using AppZapper whenever I delete an application.

  • I hide everything away in specific folders & access them using Quicksilver.

  • I’m not even sure how to clean my mac manually so this could help out a lot.

  • Compressed air cleans the keyboard. The keyboard should not be a storage device.

  • I delete my trash daily. I backup using Time Machine every day and then delete files that I don’t need or don’t use very often; if I need them again, I can find them in my Time Machine backup :)

  • So far I just clean my download folder from time to time, sometimes I even rearrange folder structures in my document folder.

  • I find a garden hose and some car soap works really well. If it’s really dirty I’ll drag out the pressure washer. Sometimes I have to sand the hard disks to buff out the scratches, not often though. Occasionally I have had to perform a few seances when I couldn’t excise the demons from my machine, but that was in the past. Oh, and there was that human sacrifice to the computer gods, but that was only one time. Man was that one messy! ;< )

  • Used Main Menu until it wasn’t free anymore :(

  • Take advantage of the stacks feature in os x. Make a stack in your dock called desktop to put all the junk and clutter from your actual desktop in to that stack so it will be neatly unorganized but still just a click away. Same with stuff that you download and don’t have a home for yet. Also I’ve made a habit of using AppCleaner when I delete applications of my mac. I also use IceClean or Onyx to give my mac a good scrub down from time to time.

  • monthly download folders!

  • Most is done manually but when removing programs, AppDelete is the way to go.

  • When I uninstall files I do a system search to find preference and other hidden files and delete them. I also empty my trash regularly ;)

  • I find a garden hose and some car soap works well. If it’s really dirty I’ll drag out the pressure washer. Occasionally I will sand the hard disks to buff out any scratches. I have had to conduct a few seances over the years to excise the demons from my machine. Oh, and there was that human sacrifice to the computer gods, but that was only one time. Man was that messy! ;<)

  • I manually keep the hard drive clean, use AppCleaner when deleting an app and Onyx to keep things running all nice and smooth. It’s a good combo!

  • Run Verify Disk and Repair Permissions in Disk Utility. I also move older files that I haven’t used in a while to my external drive and delete the ones I don’t need. File compression also helps!

  • I use a can of air

  • I run disk utility once a week to repair permissions and verify disk. I then go through my downloads folder and relegate the files to the proper folders. If I download an app i really like, i place the dmg on my external hd to keep my startup disk lean. Once a month I go through my apps folder and appzap any unused apps.

  • I clean my mac every alternate day.If i win this i would be very happy.Thanks

  • AppCleaner is a good way.

  • Reset Safari and run OnyX every once and a while

  • CleanMyMac of course!

  • XSlimmer works well.

  • I manually clean off old files and use AppDelete as well.

  • I clean things up manually, and occasionally with scary terminal commands. This would help.

  • i like to organize and rate all of my music, movies and pictures so i can go through them at any random time and delete all of my lowest rated files. Making sure I have optimal space is a must as i regularly am receiving large files all the time.

  • Organize the files into proper folders and using Clean My Mac :D

  • Put stuff in the Trash.

  • i have about 16 folders dedicated to specific types of ‘junk.’

    and i keep a can of compressed air.

  • Just run these apps. They’ll clean it out.

  • compressed air, and one of the cleaning pouch things from an old pair of Oakleys for the physical, and regular backup and trashing of files not in use anymore.

  • windex

  • If my desktop starts getting too cluttered I make a folder on it called ‘Desktop’ and stick everything in there. Kinda like squashing all your junk under the bed :P

  • I’m new to the mac world – I just got a new macbook pro and I’m trying to be as organised and productive on it as possible. I currently clean my mac manually and i use AppCleaner to get rid of unwanted apps.

  • Xslimmer all the way

  • Currently I use App Zapper, XSlimmer, and Onyx to clean my mac.

  • I use Onyx along with some manual cleanup.

  • I’m am such a tyrant to my Mac, I just don’t seem to have time to stop and give it a dust over let alone clear out all the clutter, I’m sorry boy, you have been such a faithful servant, when i get these Apps I’m gonna give you a New Year Clear out !!!!!!

    promise !

  • I try to clean up all the buildup that has accumulated every weekend. (all manually) :(

  • I clean my Mac just by looking at my desktop….. I stare at it till the junk goes away….

  • I keep my Mac Clean and Tidy with MacCleanse + an ethos of minimalism all-around.

  • I could really use both of these apps!

  • Proper directory levels and naming go a long way.

  • Change background ounce a week :)

  • AppZapper & OnyX :)

  • Fresh water and soap and my Mac is clean ;-)

  • a mixture of DaisyDisc and a duster

  • I try to say nice things to my mac and do everything to have a really spoiled Mac, but still it can’t keep it self clean, so I would use CleanMyMac as a helper =)

  • a mix out of DaisyDisk and a duster

  • A mix of DaisyDisk and a duster

  • I have an iMaid…she’s very good! Shiny and Mac fresh…mmmmmmmmm :o)

  • brakecleaner!

  • Every few weeks I organize the contents of my home folders. I try to keep desktop icons to less than three. I also try to keep the downloads folder stack to a 3×3 grid by removing files I don’t need. I use AppCleaner to completely remove applications I don’t need anymore or use much.

    It would be really nice to win both these programs. I ran the CleanMyMac trial and it showed I could free up 5.84GB of space with all the junk that’s sticking on my Mac’s system.

  • the easiest way to keep you mac clean is to avoid to install the newest programs every second day. also a clean folder structure can help you very much.

  • My tip is simple – my desktop only has my hard drive and home icons permanently on it. Then I treat any other file on my desktop as an Inbox Zero – it’s put on there if it needs dealing with, and once it’s dealt with it’s watched/filed/printed/read/whatever and removed.

    This way I get the benefit of organisation (I don’t have to try to remember if I have a document I have to read) and keeping my Mac clean (if I use the file and don’t need to keep it, it’s deleted immediately rather than filed, possibly found later, possibly dealt with and then possibly removed).

  • I just do it manually – but thats kind of harh work – every day…

  • Make sure you delete files you no longer use.
    Keep your desktop clean and keep things structured in folders.

  • I use an Apple Cloth and wipe it dilligently.

  • I clean my mac manually. Deleting files on my desktop, unused apps and the download folder.

  • Manual cleaning every now and then.

  • I just do it manually. The desktop, unused apps and the biggest files in my download folder.

  • organize all my folder and files

  • I delete disc images and .Zips in the Downloads folder, sometimes use OmniDiskSweeper, and that’s about it

  • For now I do all that maintenance manually. Deleting and desk utility for permission repairs.

  • I use Onyx

  • normally i use App Cleaner…

  • I clean my Mac with a damp cloth and some elbow grease :)

    Bish Bash Bosh – Job done!

    My hard drive is filled with all kinds of crap though lol :P

  • I always try to keep every inbox to zero

  • i do it manually.. hope to win this time

  • I use Onyx for some cleaning

  • I would use AppCleaner, then manually search the protected folders for any other files related to the app I have deleted :D

  • Sometimes I use Onyx but usually I clean my Mac manually.

  • the best way is to keep well organized every document in folders. I use AppClean for remove applications but could be great use a fully licensed CMM

  • I clean my Downloads folder everyday and I use Hazel to help me.

  • Terminal: “sudo periodic daily weekly monthly” and the usual file chuckin’

  • Terminal: sudo periodic daily weekly monthly, and the usual file chuckin’

  • Terminal and the usual file chuckin’

  • I use AppCleaner, but would use CleanMyMac if I had it

  • How do I keep my Mac clean? Usually I just use some spray and the screen cleaner that came with my Mac, then put my computer to sleep and go to work on the keyboard! :D
    I do occasionally suffer from a slow computer though, a copy of CleanMyMac would really help.

  • I am using AppCleaner and empty the Trash once a day. Furthermore, I use Onyx, but I’m searching a similiar Software like CCleaner for Windows…
    CleanMyMac is it!

  • Unfortunately, I manually and somewhat unreliably clean it daily.

  • I use AppZapper that i got from Macheist or AppCleaner, and else i try to clean out the downloads folder every day so it dont get cluttered and else manage my files in folders by category with color backgrounds :)

  • I clean my Mac manually, this is why i need clenmymac!

  • stacks on my app launcher bar works well for keeping my life organised

  • I use a temporary folder for things that would normally end up on the desktop. About once a month I just delete the folder.

  • Use swiffer.

  • Use swiffer.

  • I don’t clean my mac as often as I should because I don’t have a program that does it for me. Perhaps that is why I should win!

  • I use a toothbrush and then some aftershave.

  • I tend to use a lens cloth to keep my Mac clean ;)

  • About a year ago i bought MacBook. 4 Months i keep all files in trash. After 4 months, I delete all of them :D

    I really hate cleaning my macbook :(

  • Looks great, my macbook is slow as hell, so maybe its faster when using CleanMyMac!


  • I clean everyting manually.

  • I have no idea how to make a scan in my mac. that’s way i need that tool.
    so thanks

  • I use AppCleaner

  • I use AppCleaner, but CleanMyMac will be so much better!!!

  • It’s just AppCleaner for now.

  • I demo’ed CleanMyMac and it is pretty cool. Great product and great job to the developers!

  • Clean the outside manually regularly and use CleanMyMac for the inside

  • Every once in a while I dig around in my hard drive for stuff that I barely use, then either dump it into my portable hard drive, or delete it. If its an app, I use one of those useful tools like Appdelete to get rid of it :D

  • sweet contest all i do to clean my beautiful mac machine as of now is the clean my mac demo and delete applications every once in a while.

  • I always use AppZapper to uninstall my apps, vs. dumping them in the trash.

  • Windex and a paper towel! Is there any other way? I guess I do need CleanMyMac!!

  • iClear!

    Also, deleting apps you no longer use helps clear up a lot of space.

  • I do it all personally, so I think I should need CleanMyMac…

  • I use AppCleaner, but CleanMyMac will rock it so much better!

  • Awasome!
    really hope to get some appstormy gifts.

  • i wish if I win CleanMyMac

  • Great Giveaway! I don’t clean my Mac ;)

  • MacDust! However, I want the CleanMyMac

  • I real need CleanMyMac

  • My Mac cleans my house, but it needs today’s giveaway.

  • I usually just blow the dust off on my mac… so this would be an improvement!

  • I would love to win CleanMyMac

  • Use Finder labels! They help with short term organization (project, task, etc.)

  • I’m still pretty old school when it comes to cleaning up my mac… manually go through my folders and delete what is no longer necessary, including apps. Then I run the repair permissions utility and reboot. Voila!

  • Compressed Air.
    ‘Nuff said.

  • Perfect for clean the disk, from all the stuff we accumulate, from time to time

  • CleanMyMac really great you might get problem with ejecting (force ejecting) problem then you can clean up those cache =D

  • I try to keep my iMac clean by not installing too much stuff that I won’t be needing anyway.

  • yeeeeees i won :) thank you so much

  • There’s some really great advice here. It’s a shame it’s random. I think it would have turned out quite differently.