Christmas Giveaway Day 9: CleanMyMac & MacHider

Today we’re giving away five copies of CleanMyMac and MacHider. The former is an all-in-one-suite utility to help keep your Mac clean and healthy, and the latter allows you to password protect and safely hide certain files on your computer.

Read on for more information about these two applications, and to find out how to enter!

I’m pleased to announce that we’ve chosen the winners for each application:

CleanMyMac Winners

  • MBH
  • Tijl Vandersteene
  • BebopDesigner
  • elias tan
  • CalamityBox

MacHider Winners

  • Jake Boxer
  • massa
  • Ram Yuu
  • Koen Bakx
  • Fabian

About CleanMyMac

CleanMyMac is a sophisticated all-in-one-suite utility that helps keep your Mac clean and healthy. With just two simple clicks you can delete useless files that pile up and waste your valuable disk space.



If you’d like to find out more about CleanMyMac, I’d strongly recommend reading our review of the application. Here’s the summary of our thoughts:

If you’re suffering from a sluggish Mac or a lack of hard drive space, CleanMyMac is definitely worth looking into. At the very least, download the trial to see how much space could be freed up.

About MacHider

MacHider is an innovative product intended to put your confidential information out of sight of third parties or other unwanted eyes. It makes sure all of your personal files and folders are be protected by password, and stored in a place that only you will know.



How to Enter

Entering is really easy – all you need to do is leave a comment on this post, with one suggestion of how you keep your Mac clean and tidy.

The competition closes in exactly 24 hours, and we will randomly select the winner(s) shortly afterwards. This post will be updated with the winners information and we’ll get in touch!

A big thanks to MacPaw, the developers of CleanMyMac & MacHider, for sponsoring the competition. Good luck, and be sure to follow us or subscribe so that you can find out if you’re a winner!


Today’s Web.AppStorm Giveaway: Tender

Don’t forget to check out what’s going on over at Web.AppStorm! Today they’re giving away a few memberships for Tender.

Tender is a support tool that organizes your customer care. It’s a helpdesk support tool that you and your customers will love.

Read more and enter the competition.

Our Christmas Wallpapers

In case you missed it, we’ve also created a bunch of festive wallpapers to get your desktop in the Christmas spirit. Here’s a quick preview!


  • Bruno Moniz

    The best option is to run CleanMyMac every day :))

  • Evan Grisel

    Every sunday morning I go through all of my documents from the week and I organize them into folders with respective names & dates so I can find them better and reduce the clutter in my home folder.

  • Ellen

    I keep my harddrive clean the hard way-manually

  • Matthew Lowery

    Well I regularly clean my Downloads folder, ideally once per week.
    I delete anything I don’t need from my desktop, and empty my trash regularly.

    • Matthew Lowery

      I also use AppDelete to delete application files.

  • Joachim

    I clean my mac manually..

  • Dan Jordan

    I use AppCleaner to fully uninstall any programs and also run verify disk in Disk Utility.

  • max tarkhov

    best option is to not leave many garbage on drive ;)

  • Michael

    I clean it every morning :)

  • Corey Serrins

    I don’t, that’s why I need CleanMyMac.

  • Aaron Jackson

    I use Onyx to keep things in order…

  • Tove

    I think the best option is to leave the mac sitting in the box – or is that really an option?!

  • Christopher DL

    I haven’t tried CleanMyMac yet but apptrap and daisydisk do a fairly good job. And being organized and knowing whats on your mac never hurt anyone either.

  • thomas britton

    Organising into folders and stash them away until desktop gets too cluttered. Not that good really… :)

  • @PaulDiM

    I keep my Mac Lean & Tidy by first installing apps on an older Mac, then once I like it I go to my new Macbook Pro. I would love to have “Clean My Mac” as part of my arsenal.

  • Jimi

    The best optoin would be to run CleanMyMac but as I haven’t yet won it I’d say appzapper :)

  • Eugene

    AppCleaner does a great job for me!

  • Stu

    I keep my Mac clean manually…it is boring and I often think there has to be a utility out there to do it for me…thanks for the introduction MacAppStorm!

  • iRybek

    I use AppCleaner

  • Pier Luigi

    I use Appzapper to unistall apps, and onyx for script, permission repair and cleaning chaces.

  • Aaron Jackson

    I use Onyx to keep things in order…

  • kiero

    I just do a completly inspection of my entire system once a month.

  • William Mengers

    There is a free app called “AppTrap.” This will delete a program and ALL of its associated files when you move it to the trash.

    Hope this helps!

    Find me on twitter: @williammengers

  • Gregor

    Keep everything in appropriate folders.

  • Eistrom

    Well I temd to run low on space, so I use DaisyDisk to show me what folders are taking all the space. Then I manually delete stuff I belive I have no use for anymore. :)
    There must be a better way. ;)

  • Peter

    I don’t – yet.

  • Chris

    Just clean installed Snow Leopard, so I have about three weeks before any cleanup is needed. I guess CleanMyMac should arrive just on time.

  • Henrique FOCA

    Without CleanMyMac and MacHider the best way to keep my Mac clean and tidy is to keep it safe and off at its box on my shelf. @henriquefoca

  • Ray

    Clean my mac

  • Argenis Ferrer

    Gotta say I only do a manual cleaning before going on vacations or a long holiday, so I can come back to a clean system.

  • Denny Medley

    One way I attempt to keep my Mac clean is about once a month I try and go through and delete or move older files (move to external drives). However, having a utility such as CleanMyMac would greatly speed up this process and make it much more intuitive and easy for me to do!

  • mangochutney

    This is very OCD, but I schedule an hour of maintenance every month:
    – sort out the downloads folder, my only “throw everything into” folder on the machine
    – check how many apps on my machine I no longer need and dispose of them
    – check for app updates
    – repair disk permissions
    – run an additional TimeMachine session afterwards

  • Deva

    To keep my Mac clean I try to use all the defaults folders when possible (Images, Videos etc) and I create other ones in my Home directory if I need them. This way I have everything in one big folder and I am also able to keep my Desktop clean ;)

  • M.D.

    Sometimes I just run Disk Utility and Permission Repair. My secret to have a “clean” Mac is just put every single file in its folder, never leave a file on the desktop thinking “ok, later I’ll put it in the right folder”……later means never :P

  • Marcelo Costa

    Hi, to keep my mac clean and tidy i need the CleanMyMac and MacHider because i´m not organized (sic). so i´ll protect and keep clean with this best programs.

    And finally i´ll pray to earn. :)

  • Mo

    At the moment I keep it clean manually.. but CleanMyMac seems to be a great and easy way to do it for me.

  • Andre Nuse

    I use Appzapper and some tissues for the screen….

  • Nikola Subic

    I clean it manually too, great app btw !

  • Vincent

    I try to, but I know there are a bunch of unneeded files and stuff in the back of my Documents and stuff… like application resources.

  • erika

    Appcleaner is a good start.. but not enough!

  • João Oliveira

    Well, since CleanMyMac already was suggested, and I believe it’s the best to keep your Mac clean in the hard drive, I’ll suggest something different: to keep your white MacBook’s case clean and shiny, try to clean it with those baby towels and, once in a while, use tooth paste to keep it even more shiny. :D

  • Tyler Vogel

    I do a fresh install every 6 months or so. It can be a hassle backing up everything, but it helps me stay organized, and makes me think about what apps I really dont need to keep.

  • Vadim

    Now only manually

  • MarFan

    I have used MainMenu and AppZapper in the past…
    Looks like I’ll be using CleanMyMac & MacHider from now on. ;)

  • Robert Rybar

    How to keep your Mac clean and tidy? Install as few apps as you need and read about all apps you’ll probably need before you’ll install it.

  • elias tan

    well… i keep it organised by having only 4 icons on my desktop :)
    not really cleaning, but hey. it works!

  • pano

    i always clean my mac once in à Year Ehen im out of Disk Space thats Why i Need a usefull App. like this , happy xmas and a happy New Year!!!

  • Mark McDonnell

    The most important sugguest is to make sure all your files are stored away in appropriate folders rather than strewn across your desktop. Messy desktop, messy mind!

  • Vadim

    Now only manually

  • phiurr

    cleaning all free time ! and btw appcleaner for applications

  • hecty

    The best way is the hardest way. I tell myself what I’m using the mac for(work/music/writing) and I stick to it. All the crap goes to my PC!

  • Jens Classen

    Checking up on plist- and pref-Files of Applications you just check out once. The Support-Files can clutter up the Library folder quite a bit over time. =)

  • Ryan

    I constantly check my MacBook Pro for scuff marks and any dirt and instantly clean it… I have a habit of making my Mac as neat and simple as possible! CleanMyMac would help super! Some say my habit is annoying but others say “Wow! Your Mac is looks way newer than the ones at the Apple Store!” :P

  • Tylor

    My desktop (as I’m sure it is for most people) is where most of my mess accumulates. However, I recently decided to try and fight against it by increasing the size of all my icons to 100%. This limited the amount of space there was available to clutter up, as well as the number of files and folders I could keep there. Since then, I am glad to say, my desktop has been squeaky clean! Here’s a picture to prove it!

  • Jessica Alvarado

    I keep my folders organized and make sure everything is a folder filed properly. i try to clean out my downloads folder at least once a week and i back up important files on my extra hard drive.

  • Matto

    AppZapper is the good way to keep my mac clean.

  • Maddie

    I don’t really right now… I’ve been looking into CleanMyMac and it would be great to win!

  • nom de guerre

    Hmmm…. Chisel and hammer… Without questions precisely why I need CleanMyMac.

  • vvinston

    My first rule to keep clean my mac: I use an inbox folder, and I clean it week by week. All documents comest here first, like a tasklist. With this folder, I can keep clean my other folders.

  • Fábio Morbec

    Generally I save large files such movies on a external HD and once a week I run Onyx to clean Logs/Cache and fix the permissions. I use AppCleaner when I delete some application in order to remove all files related to it.

  • iRybek

    I use AppCleaner

  • Karl Kaefer

    Cleaning by hand still does the best job. I’ll give CleanMyMac a try, if I win ;)

  • Orin

    I use AppCleaner when deleting apps, always remove extraneous files in Downloads, and regularly maintain the Mac with DiskUtility’s function. I’d love to use other apps to keep my trusty little computer in tiptop shape. :)

  • mila

    until now onyx and cleaning myself… but cleanmymac would help me a lot… hoping for the win…

  • dtonate

    I keep all my files organized. No desktop clutter.

  • James Baker

    I’ve been using a combination of AppZapper and some elbow grease to keep my Mac ship shape.

  • Jean-Pierre Nelson

    I just run the daily, weekly and monthly scripts.

  • Eugene

    I place temporary files in a folder called “File” on my desktop. Every week, I clean out the File and Downloads folder, as well as sort out all my school stuff. I back up my stuff daily so I never lose a thing.

    If I win this, I’ll add them to my workflow.

  • Revell

    _THE_ best way to keep your Mac clean and tidy is to only install stuff you really need!

  • Esben Meincke

    I start the day with nothing on my desktop and the last thing i do before i close my computer is to make sure my desktop has nothing on it. Nothing beats having a clean and fresh desktop

  • Jason A.

    I have my desktop set to “arrange by kind” so at least if I get a bit of clutter, it’s organized clutter and easier to clean. I run Cocktail every week, followed by backing up my Users folder (my current HD isn’t large enough for the whole machine currently… It’s on the list.) I clean out my Download folder every Sunday. Trash is emptied daily.

    Clean My Mac looks awesome, though. I really like the trial!

  • appologia

    i keep my Mac clean mostly by deleting Universal Binaries

  • tillmannr

    I use AppCleaner.

  • Marius M.

    # for app in $(find / -iname *app*); do rm -i “$app”; done


  • C.Ruiz

    Seems like I’m the first one. The thing I do to keep my imac clean is install only aps I’m sure I will use. And try the new ones in my macbook wich is “reset” very often.

  • Ben Jacob

    I usually save downloaded files to specific folders without dumping them directly to ‘Downloads’ directory.
    Downloading files are one of the most cluttering activity on my Mac.
    Saving raw images to “Image” folder in “Downloads” as well as “DMGs” “Zips” “Web” “Customization” etc are the rest in my Downloads directory.
    And it is pretty much organized.. But deleting them after use is always a headache. and finding multiple files too…

  • Bartlomiej Jablonski

    1. Use default folders in your home directory. Put images into Pictures, movies into Movies and so on.
    2. Check your “Download” folder. There is always a mess.
    3. Chcek your “Aplications” folder once a month. If you can find an app that you barely use – delete it.
    4. Always have at least 10% of your disk space free

  • Max

    I use AppCleaner to delete apps and disk utility to repair disk’s permissions once in a while. I also keep atleast 40 GB empty space to keep the hard drive snappy.

  • Raoul

    the best way to keep your mac clean is to just don’t make stuff you need to delete. pretty easy, huh?

  • Martin Cox

    I don’t keep my mac clean – that’s why I need this :(

  • Pierre Laveklint

    I remove unwanted applications with the help of AppCleaner, clean folderstructures and just a good sense of mind :)

  • Dodie

    I wipe off ballpen ink on my White Macbook’s keyboard with my saliva :D

    It does a well job in removing it, and it scares people so I can be sure I am the only one who touches my Mac, and surely I always want it clean. :D

  • miasto

    Hi, currently I am using Onyx and appcleaner to keep unwanted files out of my system and let my mac work with highest performence, for the moment it works quite as expected.

  • Zach DeYoung

    Manually, for now.

  • Barron Bichon

    I use AppCleaner to clean up after apps I uninstall, but that’s about it. Would love a more comprehensive solution.

  • Chris R.

    At the moment using Onyx.

  • Bruno

    I usually run AppCleaner when I need to uninstall something.

  • Drew Gilchrist

    Comet, and a little bit of Windex. ;)

  • Seed

    I only clean my desktop. If it is clean, then everything is clean (even if not) :D

  • Lex

    Frequently empty the trash, use Onyx and overwrite empty space on your HD with 0’s.

  • pete

    using Onyx and a lot of manual sifting

  • neuro

    i keep my mac clean manually
    not too efficient i know…

  • Lex

    Empty your trash frequently and use OnyX.

  • francesco

    Don’t eat while using your mac :-)

  • J. Gart

    My Apple Cleaning Cloth that came with my Macbook – keeps it nice and clean. ;)

  • Anthony

    I keep it clean and tidy by not throwing files everywhere. Putting files in specific folders is the way to do it. Duh.

  • simonjs

    I clean my mac using iKlear spray and a soft cloth ;-)

  • FedeMac

    I use AppZapper because I miss CleanMyMac!

  • Teryn

    I’ve used Onyx, and App Cleaner. Other than that, I do everything else manually.

  • Bart

    I just delete files I don’t need, and uninstall apps I don’t use, with AppCleaner.

  • Oliver

    Wow ! Nice one. I keep my Mac clean with a soft towel and some water..

  • Stelios Kokkinoulis

    Manually once in a while…!!!

  • Sam

    I’m using Onyx every sunday ..

  • Greg

    I hope I win

  • jeremie boudet

    Trying to stay organised and using appzapper

  • Greg

    because cleaning my mac once a day does a body good.

  • Abe Jellinek

    Empty the Trash, and clean up your Desktop frequently.

  • Geoffrey Morris

    Xslimmer and MacDust are two great options to saving space and cleaning up junk. Aww, MacHider sounds so cool! I wants it!

  • Tom

    To keep my mac clean and tidy, I make the other half wear a protective suit before she touches it…

  • Aleksandar

    Mostly manually. Occasionally I run WhatSize! to see if there’s some forgotten large chunk of files occupying space. iTunes downloads are the most likely culprit.

  • Victor

    I really do not use anything to keep my mac clean. But now I will be using clean my mac to put mine in top shape

  • Vasili

    I let Timemachine and SuperDuper! make backups/copies of my hard drive so I’m not TOO afraid to delete something that I don’t think I’ll need. If I need it in another week, I can just access my Timemachine backup and there it is. :)

    I would also recommend keeping your desktop clean, no need to have 30+ icons on it! ;)

  • Alex

    How I keep my Mac clean?
    With Mac clean but with the trail.

    So it would be nice when i win the full version :D


  • Martin

    I keep my mac clean by having all my work on a server :)

  • Fernando Feldberg

    Hi there! To keep my mac tight up, i use a standardized archive label system that helps me to know date, name and version of the file. I also use action folders to backup my files to my external drive in a “semi-automatic” way. And i never forget to do the permissions repair monthly!

    Thanks guys!

  • shanes

    Keeping your Mac clean and tidy is an on-going job and has to be done every couple of days or so. Back-up everything once, then start throwing out everything but the stuff you really need and any stuff that you may actually need in the next six months.
    That’s how I do it.

  • Damol

    I use AppCleaner to uninstall apps with all of the files of them, and keep my files well-organized, so I know when I don’t need one anymore, and can delete it.
    Good luck for everyone! :)

  • James McKay

    I secure-empty my trash every night, and think clean and healthy thoughts as I leave for the day!

  • Teo Farro

    After installing apps clean the trash that the installation leaves behind

  • Ghotath

    I just spread the dowloads into different used folders such as pics, programms, torrents and videos and this way I keep my mac always tidy.

  • davale

    Cleaning manually with a consistent backlog of about 2 to 3 years ;-)

  • Jen

    I use Macaroni and Onyx. But I’m also extremely anal about not having a bunch of junk cluttering my drive. So every 6 months or so, I swap out hard drives in my MBP and do a clean install. If CleanMyMac could save me from doing that so often, I’d be very happy indeed!

  • Aprozz

    To keep my Mac clean, I stoped eating when using it.

  • NextMemory

    Manually for now, but I would love an easier way to keep it clean :)

  • Mantas

    I do it the ZEN way. Clean up your desktop. Wipe everything off of it. Even the hdd. Clean desktop – clean mind.

  • Danny

    I clean my Mac by slowly going through folders and deleting stuff I don’t need… which is a rare occasion… I’m a hoarder of files :(

  • Patrick

    Yeaah those programs are great, wanna have it :)

  • Oliver

    I use label colors to easily differentiate folders.

  • Stephen Downs

    Periodically tidy up the downloads folder but know I should do more !!

  • davale

    Cleaning manually with a backlog of about 2 to 3 years ;-)

  • David F.

    I use Appcleaner.

  • Adrian Rodriguez

    Right now, for my Mac I use a free tool called Onyx, but have always wanted Clean My Mac. I also regularly clean the outside of my Mac with cloths. Not that it’s relevant. Somedays I spend hours tidying up all folders and etc….

  • Dixon

    Use Cocktail to clean it up on shutdown!

  • Eric

    I keep my Mac clean & tidy by creating lots of folders with specified names, so I can find the files I need in no-time. And of course getting rid of useless files & folders to keep it organized :-)

  • Josso

    I keep my Documents folder clean.
    I quit memory-hungry applications once a day.
    I restart the computer once a week.

  • Chris

    Clean my mac would save me some time to regain some HD Space. I am running out of it and don´t have the funds for a larger one yet.

  • Kevin

    I use the built-in tools.

  • Erwin van der Male

    NOT! That’s why I need these apps!

  • Damon

    Check/fix permissions occasionally with disk utility.

  • Sebastian

    I currently use:

    to uninstall apps: AppCleaner
    for cleanup/tweaking: Onyx, Xslimmer (cleans up localizations/binaries), Monolingual
    for organization: folder structures, label colors, Tags by GravityApps, Hazel by Noodlesoft

    … and some custom Shell/AppleScripts to clean up caches and stuff.

    As you can see, I could really an all-in-one app like CleanMyMac!!!! :-)

  • Kevin Wammer


    To keep my Mac clean and tidy, I always put every document in the appropriate folders.
    I also created a folder for documents I don’t know what to do with or where to put in, until I created or found a folder.
    Tagging documents is another way to keep the Mac tidy. When using Spotlight you can immediately find all the applications you need.

    To keep it clean I delete every preferences and plist manually when deleting an app, but sometimes I miss a file…

  • webbografico

    The first thing to keep clean is your desktop… avoid this so-windows-style desktop with thousands of icons… try to keep it simple or even use Quicksilver

  • Gareth Evans

    I’m not (yet) a MAC user, but am looking into it at the moment. I believe organised folder systems, and password protection would be the standard way of keeping your computer (MAC) clean/tidy.

  • John Bannister

    I dust my mac…

  • Spejman

    I think that cleanmymac is a perfect solution!

  • Daniel

    A clean desktop and some stunning icons with Candybar make me rather happy!

  • Alexander Rundberg

    I use AppCleaner to make sure everything gets deleted wven I remove an app, but otherwise CleanMyMac is the only thing I’ve tried that works.
    I want it!

  • Marcio Gasparotto

    I clean my mac manually too

  • Sebastian

    I use AppCleaner, Hazel, Tags, Onyx and Xslimmer, a rather simple folder structure, Finder’s label colors and some custom scripts… looks like I could really use CleanMyMac!

  • Brandon Vaugahn

    Stay organized and store remotely

  • Brandon Vaugahn

    Stay organized and store remotely

  • Joe riley

    I clean mine with coffee. Doesn’t work very well. Makes the keys stick and isn’t a cheap fix.

  • Clinton

    I kept my Mac clean from the start by uninstalling languages that I would never use.

    On a regular basis, maybe once a month I would check my drive for files that I don’t need anymore, like when I save a text file with some information in the spur of the moment.

    Apart from that, being completely fastidious does help. Keep your folders arranged and keep the same naming convention throughout. My top level folders usually have all caps.

  • Martin S.

    uh… one suggestion? im afraid i dont keep it clean at all.. you should see my download folder :/

    thats why i need CleanMyMac :p

    ps: i do one thing though… search for .dmg for example, sort by size and delete the biggest ones i dont need :D

  • Ben

    I keep things clean with good folder organization but I am also careful about files that are installed outside my home directory like in /Library & /System.

  • D. Lee Grooms

    Keeping many of my Macs’ files synced with one another via Dropbox goes a long way toward fighting clutter.

  • Syphadius

    I used a combination of appcleaner and manual work, I also keep my downloaded info in separate folders.

    good luck everyone!

  • Rob Alan

    I am awful at keeping my Mac cleaned up, but I do try to keep everything organized. Like a pack-rat with a filing system.

  • Jennifer

    A way I clean my mac is to set aside time to go through my folders once a month to delete files no longer needed (e.g. desktop and downloads). I also started to use appZapper to remove programs. I am relatively new to mac, only having it for a few months, so I am looking forward to seeing how others do this.

  • Joe Casabona

    I clean mine manually. I also use the Activity Monitor to track running programs.


  • Konrad Neumann

    I go through and organize all files i’ve used each week according to client and type (source, psd, etc…) and eliminate any excess.

  • Peter Butler

    Carefully run the brush extension of a hoover over the keys while the Macbook Pro is turned off and you’ll be free of all those little keyboard crumbs :D!! Or buy MacHider and CleanMyMac!

  • aaron

    i keep my mac tidy by using stacks in the dock rather than having lots of icons. so instead i just have the ones i use most like Firefox and mail.. then the rest all in a stack so they don’t spread across my dock

  • Chew Rong Kang

    I clear out my growing downloads folder every week!

  • Rene

    I hope i can soon keep my Mac clean CleanMyMac & MacHider!

  • Thomas

    CleanMyMac 2 looks awesome. But without a license?

  • Ariel

    clean my mac. I am a hoarder. just use a bunch of external hard drives and throw stuff on there.

  • Rikard Favati

    Well I do it manually, trashing stuff. So I could really use CleanMyMac :D

  • Brendon yeo

    very easy.
    go to your desktop.
    see anything you dun like, command delete.
    see anything you like, create a folder called “things i like” and drag all of them there.
    ta-da clean mac.

  • Ariel

    clean my mac? I am a hoarder. just throw all my stuff on external hard drives.

  • Jesper Rasmussen

    Get organized and seriously delete unnecessary stuff.

    It’s like Feng Shui when it works properly :-)

  • Dan

    Use a mini vacuum-cleaner to clean the keyboard.

  • Tho

    I always keep my finder clean and friendly.

  • Filipe Storarri

    The best way to keep clean its keep organized. at my mac i have lots of folders to classify and an unarchived folder that its where i place things to classify. everyday i clean my unarchived folder, and if i got lucky run CleanMyMac App. Anyway thats what i do. (Delete apps with app deleters to clean the trash that they made on other folders).

  • Adam

    The best way to keep your Mac clean and tidy is by running CleanMyMac. I don’t know of any other way.

  • cygnusx

    trash the files you don’t need

  • Hazim

    I try my best to follow Ethan Schoonover’s kinkless desktop advise on how to organize your desktop and place files in folders. (Sadly it’s no longer available on his site)
    I try to keep installed applications to a minimum, as well as regularly going through files and deleting what’s not longer used.

  • Nora Leivestad

    I’m new in Mac “world” so i dont know how to keep my Mac flean and healthy…i’ve heard about “CleanMyMAc” and it will be great for me to win it…I do need it…

  • ArDoN

    I always use Onyx

  • Matthew Bookspan

    Interesting app. Would like to replace AppZapper (not maintained) with this so that I could have a more modern and supported application to cleanup my Mac.

  • Max Breakwell

    I use Onyx.

  • Jakob Lange

    The way I keep my Mac clean and tidy is that I regulary check my download folder for duplicates (so you don’t have both the .zip file and the uncompressed folder)

  • Ioannis Kyvetos

    my mac is a mess this is why i have to win this competition !

  • theflashfactory

    i always try to do a clean up and run apps like this before i install anything.

  • Dan P

    Fool onlookers into thinking your mac is kept clean and tidy, or simply use it for temporary clutter reduction:

    Get DeskShade, hit the assigned hotkeys, and blammo, your crazy mess of a desktop is now perfectly clean.. as everything fades away.

  • Alexander

    Use CleanMyMac :)

  • Alexander

    Use CleanMyMac :)

  • Dave Mason

    I use Hazel to take all downloads off the desktop and sort them into folders based on file type.

  • Fabian

    Of csuse I would use “CleanMyMac”, but I can’t! I do Not have a license … :’-(

  • Rodney Isemann

    Great – probably the best thing I do (only?) is keep everything off my desktop. If something is there it reminds me to do something with that file/folder/whatever.

    Other than that, since I’m terminally disorganised, I use this to keep things clean:

    As you can see CleanMyMac would be good for me!


    R! :-D

    p.s. I am @isemann

  • miles

    I use Evernote and a Random Folder that i clean once a week.

  • massa

    i use AppTrap and clean other stuff manually

  • Taru

    I clean my mac the old fashion way, manually. Usually managing to keep at least my downloads folder emptyish..So some utility programs to help the task, would come in handy.

  • Derek Bender

    Id use it to clean up all the hidden/useless files that apps like to leave when they get deleted.

  • FedeMac

    I currently use appzapper but I’m sure CleanMyMac is the right way! :)

  • Rob C.

    I would say be sure to run your weekly scripts, and keep an eye on those music and image files as they can suck the life out of your hard drive. Also some rubbing alcohol and a moist towelette do the trick as well.

  • Karl

    Once a month I take all the files that have accumulated on my desktop and move them into a folder. The next month, if I haven’t used any of those files I delete them. I tend to delete a lot of files.

  • l3gion

    I use Onyx (trial) and/or CleanMyMac (trial, that won’t last too much time to expire).

    I would love to get a copy of CMM. :)


  • Tim Ba

    I clean my mac manually every week

  • Lucius

    These seem handy. One way to keep your mac clean is to remove all icons from your desktop. Stuff your documents/pictures/pdfs/etc into files and (optional) hide your hard drives. It will make your finder load a lot fast and make it look clean a tidy. Really, I very refreshed when I clean it up.

  • abe

    I clean my apple only Monday with Onyx :)

  • Carlos

    Only manually, for now

  • Chris

    Manual cleanup is the most reliable way I’ve found thus far

  • Alex C.

    For new-to-mac users, use the provided folder structure that comes with your Mac. Use your Home folder. Use Movies, Pictures, Documents and keep all browsers that you use downloading to the Downloads folder (and delete things in your Download folder right after you use them!)

  • Krzys

    I keep my Mac clean with my SWEET folder organizational skills!

  • Kurban

    I never keep anything on my desktop and have all of my documents saved in appropriate folders in the Documents.

  • Bryce

    I run Onyx once in a while but probably not enough. Other then that its manually cleaning up folders and download.

  • Tom

    I impulsively delete files that are stale.


  • Cristian

    I would love to win a copy of clean my mac since actually I clean my mac caches manually, it’s effective but not so friendly

  • jeremyopposite

    I try to have everything well classified in folders.

  • Danielw

    i use AppCleaner to delete apps, man make lot’s of backup and deletes everyting i backup, almost :)

  • Brian Vanaski

    I put a lot of stuff in un-synced dropbox folders.

  • David Ferguson

    I manually clean files I don’t need. If I get too bogged down and feel that things get out of control, I’m someone who doesn’t mind just reinstalling or restoring and image of the drive and starting over haha

    Would be really nice to have this though

  • Roxanna

    Currently, I manually organize my files on my mac, and have a junk folder for the other stuff I can’t figure out. Hoping to find a faster solution! Thanks!

  • Zdenek

    I use AppCleaner

  • Casey

    I use Onyx to cleanup such things, but these apps look great. Sign me up!

  • Laurent R.

    I use Onyx from time to time, Amnesia or AppZapper to uninstall applications I don’t use. I have a special test folder where I record the files when I test a software, like this I can remove them easily. I empty regularly my download folder. I put on an external drive (I have a MacBook Pro) all the files I don’t use very often. I have a special folder to install the apps I just test.

  • Mike

    I currently use a combination of MacCleanse and MainMenu. Really hoping to win this package though.

  • urco

    no files on my desktop, because it slows down a lot.

  • Ambrose Kidd

    keep this weeks must organized on desktop, deal with every monday morning. ick.

  • Zach

    I clean my mac…. Well, I don’t actually clean my mac. That’s why I need this.

  • n v

    I use the AppCleaner :)

  • Matt Janssen

    To keep my Mac tidy, I keep almost all of my data on an external drive. Keeps my boot drive clean and fast!

  • Hannah

    I use DaisyDisk to find where most of my disk space is being used and manually clean up.

  • Chris

    One su