ColorSchemer Studio 2 Licenses Up For Grabs

If you’re a designer, working with colour is a daily task. Sometimes it can be a real pleasure, but on other occasions a piece of software to help would be much appreciated! Last week we reviewed ColorSchemer Studio 2, a great app for coming up with effective and professional color combinations.

I’m pleased to announce that we have three full licenses to give away to a few lucky readers. Entering is really simple – all you need to do is leave a comment, letting us know which feature in ColorSchemer 2 is your favourite. To find out what’s included in the new version, just head over to the ColorSchemer website and take a look at the range of features on offer.

Best of luck, and we’ll be announcing the winners on Monday 18th January!


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  • My favorite feature is the ability to extract palettes from a photo.

    • I like the ability to see numerous shades of a color instantly

  • My fav feature is…

    Pulling colors from photos ;-)

  • I like the feature of transforming 1 color into a complete color scheme

  • Pulling palettes from photos or images and access to premade color schemes. Just gorgious!

  • I’m interested in the Color Blindness Simulation feature, looks like a helpful feature.

  • For me the most important feature would be: Print Color Schemes

  • Getting from a single color a complete color scheme is really nice. It always gives me a lot of input.

  • My favorite feature is the tool to build unique color schemes based on any picture. Very useful for plenty of things I do.

  • The PhotoSchemer lets you grab colours of an image – very nice! Also the quick preview is nice to have!

  • My fav feature is making a complete color scheme from a single color. It sounds very useful. :)

  • The best feature in my eyes is the ability to identify color harmonies.
    I know I could do this on my own, but an algorithm can do it more precisely than my eyes.

  • Print Color Schemes is the best thing about it! But the hole app rocks!

  • It’s the ability to get the whole color scheme from just one color. Right now I’m creating a web site and using a trial version of Colorschemer, finding the right color scheme for website was always very hard task for me but this app has made it a lot easier.

  • Making color schemes that fit well together

  • I agree with dementia, being able to obtain colour scheme suggestions from one colour is pretty helpful for an amateur web developer such as myself.

  • My favorite feature is the ability to pull a pallet from a photo automatically!

  • My favorite feature is the ability to make color schemes from one color.

  • My favorite feature is the ability to preview colors on a variety of layouts

  • Previewing colors on different layouts is a blast! I always find it hard to see how the color will look like on a larger surface and this tool could help a lot.

  • Wow, so many great features to choose from! There are two that stand out for me: 1. preview colors on a variety of layouts, 2. analyze contrast, readability, and accessibility. This saves bundles of time. There has been so many instances where I’ve chosen a color scheme, applied it to a design, and found that it just didn’t work well. The ability to preview a scheme on a web page layout is invaluable. ColorSchemer Studio 2 rocks!

  • I think the custom LiveScheme formulas make the difference! :)

  • My favorite feature is how the app picks similar colors, which will help with color schemes

  • My favorite is how it integrates with ColourLovers. I already use the site a TON, so an app would just make things that much easier.

  • Access over a million pre-made color schemes is great feature!

  • Photoschemer!

  • I think generating full color palettes from one color is extremely useful, especially for those of us that are more code-centric than design minded.

  • My favorite feature and one which I would be using all the time is being able to pull a color pallet from a photo.

  • Love the palettes from photos feature.

  • The top two features for me have to be preview colors on a variety of layouts and analyze contrast, readability, and accessibility… That way you can be positive that the color scheme will work flawlessly.

  • Love the palettes from photos feature too!!

  • My favorite feature is all the different LiveScheme options. It’s a great way to get away from basic complementary or analogous color schemes with options like Organic and Tetrad Blends.

  • i love “Access over a million pre-made color schemes”. It’s a wonderful community!

  • Very nice!

    This would be a most excellent addition to my software folder.

  • I think sharing color shemes is pretty cool to get new ideas and other people experience and being a colorblind who wants to be a designer, I’d really enjoy that software :P

  • I tried it a few weeks ago, and it’s just a complete awesome tool for every designer that respects color the same way as designing!

    What blew me away was the PhotoSchemer feature – it’s BRILLIANT! I know there are some online tools that give this feature for free, but I’m a desktop-app fan and boy I loved to see this feature on my desktop!

    Overall, color schemer is a designer’s dream come true! At least for me :P

    I’d love to win a license for it and start using it all the time – it would make the coloring process so easy and fun!! Oh yeah, and it’s way better than using Kuler, in my opinion ;)

  • Previewing on layouts

  • Hi,
    my favorite feature is the contrast analyzer, it’s an excellent indicator to improve user experience.

  • Identify color harmonies!! Of course!! Harmoni is Univers’s Maths!!

  • Definately the feature to extract photos from a picture. And also the preview feature can be cool to use.

  • My favorite feature is “PhotoSchemer”

  • My favorite features is making colour scheme palletes from pictures..and of course sharing them :)

  • Definitely the connection. Could be more advanced in my oppinion.

  • I already used to do this but in a diferent way. For me:
    grab colours of an image … excellent!!

  • My favorite feature is preview colors on a variety of layouts…

  • Collecting colors from pictures

  • My favorite feature is that you can preview colors on a variety of layouts.

  • The dynamic color wheel which is able to identify color harmonies. Which can be very helpful in making new harmonious color palettes.

  • My favorite feature? Their awesome icon!! Just inspiring.

  • Pulling palettes from images, and then being able to save them.
    Good luck, everyone!

  • My favorite feature has to be the ability to export to useful Adobe swatches! Vdotextra useful :)

  • well one feature that makes this more useful than version one for macs is that support of color management profiles is finally there. so now you can get much better approximations of color for whatever kind of print process you design.
    although on second thought you should probably do the colors for print with printed color charts instead anyway, so perhaps it’s more of a web tool. though you could get approximations and then find the closest colors in the charts. in any way it’s a cool feature.

  • I like the pull unique palettes from photos or images feature.

  • My favorite feature is pulling colors from photos…very useful!

  • I totally dig the Color Blindness simulation.

  • My favorite feature is color management and profile integration. This will really keep colors consistent between different computers and/or printers.

  • My favorite feature is that the application gives you suggestions which colours do well together

  • I really like the quick preview, but it only works so well because of the rest of the app.

  • Mine would have to be the Enhanced Preview colors on a variety of layouts. It’s a nice starting point for choosing where the colors would go.

  • Surely my favourite feature is

    Mix colors and create gradient blends: Use the built-in Color Mixer to create a single mixed color or a gradient path between two colors.

    but also the new ability to export to photoshop format (.ase) it’s a kill feature!!

  • The Build custom LiveScheme formulas seems like a really cool way to create color schemes. It would be a way to create unique color schemes but that have a basic formulaic concept.

    I could see myself create a basic formula but then choose different colors to create unique color schemes but are still related somehow. A good way to create portal type sites but have each major section have their own unique color scheme but have a familiar theme running through all of them.

  • Favorite feature and probably what I would use most: creating schemes from images and photos.

  • My favorite feature is the ability to transform a single color into a complete color scheme!

  • Definitely the ability to pull color schemes from pictures.

  • I love being able to see what colors I’m going to use before I even create a CSS file.

  • the addition of color management support, finally. well, perhaps you’re better off doing that with printed color charts, but it’s still a welcome feature.

  • I love the ability to interact with the COLOURlovers community.

  • oh man! very sorry for the double post, i got a proxy error the first time and thought it didn’t send!

  • I would love to be able to see what colors I’m going to use even before I create a CSS file!

  • Actually, colour variations is my favourite feature.

    It allows me to pull darker or lighter colour in a consistent way, leading to more colour coordinated sites.

  • I love the option of seeing complementing colours with what ever choice you can pick.

    Best of luck to everyone

  • I’d say the new Live Schemer is a great addition and my favorite. Also the Live Preview of a fictional web site with the chosen colours is very valuable and saves time big time.

  • Definitely the identify color harmonies feature, plus the integration with colourlovers!

  • pulling from pictures.. nice

  • I love Print Color Schemes

  • I love the PNG Export feature – makes saving colour palettes for cross-app usage a doddle!

  • The “View colors through colorblind eyes” feature looks interesting!

  • I’m looking forward to the “Work with RGB and CMYK colors in a color-managed environment” feature. I use Color Schemer Studio and right now it’s always been a web only tool. I’d love to incorporate it into my print design process.

  • Best feature for us accessibility geeks: color blindness simulator!

  • For me the best thing is color scheme feature.

  • Getting colors from photos rocks!

  • using it to fin ‘Find similar or related colours’ would be awesome.

  • To be able to chose the preview from templates is just fine. I hate to preview something that’s absolute different from what I’m working on.

  • I’m digging the LiveSchemes functionality, especially the colour scheme generation from a single colour. The app sounds awesome!

  • Scheme from photos for sure

  • The feature I like most is the ability to use Adobe Swatch Exchange (.ase) files.

  • I like the LiveScheme formulas

  • The multiple means of building schemes that match.

  • I like at least 3 feature of ColorSchemer Studio: 1. Transform a single color into a complete color scheme; 2. Find similar or related colors and 3. Print your color schemes.

  • I love “Build custom LiveScheme formulas”. I use now but this would be much, much handier!

  • The color scheme the palettes, everything is awesome.

  • I like the ability to transform a single color into a complete color scheme. It great to start with one color as inspiration and be able to build from there!

  • The best feature in new version is definetly integration with COLOURlovers community: downloading palettes created by other designers and share my own without ever leaving an app. Gorgeous!

  • I love how it takes one color and makes a whole scheme. And you can play around with that scheme to get it how you want really easily.

  • I love the “Preview colors on a variety of layouts” as it seems to be one of the function that I would be using very frequently.

  • My favorite feature is the ability to extract palettes from a photo.

  • I like the feature that you can identify color harmonies

  • Extracting a color from a photo.

  • Pulling palettes from photos or images, this is so awesome!

  • The ability to create an entire color scheme from one color is definitely my favorite.

  • I love the feature of creating a colorscheme from a photo.

  • Yes! I really love this app, I love the fact it’s a desktop application! I really like the fact you can instantly test color schemes on existing layouts!

  • Building a color scheme from a single photo is what I like.

  • This software is amazing. That is what I am looking for. One of the features I like is that it checks colors harmony.

  • My favorite feature in the name… !!!

  • I would really love and put to use the color harmony identifying feature.

  • The integration with, hands down

  • Like others, my favorite feature is the ability to extract colors from photos.

  • I love the “Similar Colors” feature, which allows me to find similar, great colors that go just perfectly together.

  • Creating and saving color palettes

  • The Mixer is my favorite. I’ve always problems with finding a good gradient colors.

  • I like to print the color schemes.

  • I like the ability to pull a color palette from an image.

  • I’d love the ability to save color schemes – I’ve been making .psd’s of color schemes whenever I need one and it’s getting old –


  • My favourite feature is that You can drag the image into ColorSchemer and it will instantly generate a colour scheme that complements your image.

  • Pull unique palettes from photos or images

  • Pallets from photos are awesome! Enough said!

  • Definitely the ability to pull a colour palette from images.

  • I like the “Find similar or related colors” feature, as it can easily extend your already available color scheme.

  • I love how the wheel spins!!!

  • My favourite feature in ColorSchemer, must be the ability to extract colors from a photo, and afterwards get different shades of said colors.

    Keep the giveaways coming! :)

    – Praffn

  • I love how you can take a picture and take out colors from it. Great for a website.

  • Extracting colour palettes from photos is my fave feature!

  • I’m excited about the integration with

  • I like the Screen Color Picker.

  • Extracting and saving colors easily for Adobe apps.

  • I like the LiveSchemes. I’ve always enjoyed applying a bit of math to a color wheel and pulling nice color schemes out of it.

  • I like the ability to download other users colour schemes. That seems super useful to save time and give you ideas for projects.

  • Creating new colour schemes from a single colour!

  • I really like the PhotoSchemer feature, but I found the LiveSchemes and Variations to be most useful in my daily work.

  • My favourite feature is the preview – sometimes the colours you had in mind don’t really go well together and seeing them work together while I’m still planing what to do sounds like a great thing, especially for someone less experienced. (me)

  • I’d say my favorite feature is a tie between ability to check contrast/readability/accessibility and the ability to pull color palettes from images (which always provides such lovely organic color combinations).

  • My favorite feature is the ability to pull unique palettes from photos or images.

  • I love the colour pallete.. 3>

  • “Find similar or related colors” looks great for me. Seems to be great feature when client suggests his colour.

  • I love that it integrates with allowing you to browse all the other user made palettes. So many people are so good at what they do, that it helps me when choosing design colors.

  • I like the idea of the PhotoSchemer. Nice to use an image as a basis for your color scheme.

  • My favorite feature is the ability to pull unique colors from any photo. This would make theming a lot easier.

  • My favorite feature is the ability to transform a single color into a complete color scheme. it should be really useful!

  • Like a number of other folks, I like PhotoSchemer – grabbing colour schemes from photos or other artwork is often a great way to get an interesting group of colours.

  • The LiveScheme design system looks neat.

  • picking colors everywehere…and using brightness on colors… to get the next level color…great app!

  • My favourite feature is the possibility to transform a single color into a complete color scheme. Nice for creating color palettes for websites.

  • I wanna put the colors of the world in my Mac! Great app

  • The feature I most like is the ability to preview colors on a variety of layouts…

  • my fav is the “NEW Transform a single color into a complete color scheme” feature. sometimes I fall in love with one color, it would be great to get ideas for a scheme based on just that one color ❤

  • My favorite are the colour suggestions depending on the colour you choose

  • Toss-up of 2 things: Export as CSS and View as a colorblind person would see it. I really can’t decide which I like more.

  • I love the PhotoSchemer feature! Makes it drag-n-drop simple.

  • ColorSchemer has so many valuable features for Web designers, but I especially like the new ability to translate a color into hex code by simply dragging it into an html document.

  • I like being able to use one favorite color and build an entire scheme off of it.

  • Its like having kuler on my desktop

  • “Find similar or related colors” sounds really usefull since I sometimes just can’t get the right color to match another

  • I´like all features with ColorSchemer,
    indeed a very pleasant program, i´wish i could win this time

    Thanks David,ColorSchemer

  • i like PhotoSchemer :)

  • I like the feature to pull colour palettes from photos or images.

  • There are tow things I like most… The first is the ability to pull unique palettes from photos or images! I frequently have clients who bring in a photo asking for a theme based on a specific colour within the photo. The second is a new feature that allows for the transforming of a single color into a complete color scheme! I can’t wait to use that one in conjunction with the first one to create a whole theme’s colour scheme based on a single colour from a photo a client hands me.

  • Transforming a single color into a complete color scheme. For when I can’t make decisions.

  • Hands down is the import/export. The app as whole works amazing but being able to easily export and import files into whatever application I need the color scheme for is pure genius.

    Every web application I’ve ever built has a color schemer file and an exported .aco file inside an assets folder inside it’s repository making it extremely easy to get a hold of the color palette for anyone. One of the best tools out there!

  • I love the new possibility to access over a million pre-made color schemes ;-)

  • Use the Variations palette to find colors that are similar or related to any starting base color, this is really useful

  • The new Custom LiveScheme formulas is my favorite!

  • i’m excited about the integration

  • I love colors, and this app seems essential, with lots of interesting functions and a nice interface. Best function? Maybe access over a million pre-made color schemes!

  • Palettes from images

  • The Photoschemer feature is an absolute godsend

  • The whole guided process of assembling a color palet is fantastic, however, having the ability to see your color choices mocked up in real-world examples is what excites me the most. I can get a sense of the finished product and the weight that each color will have in the full environment. Being able to envision the end result really empowers my design process!

  • Love the ability to make up pallettes and save them. Been meanin to buy a copy, just haven’t got around to it yet. Maybe I’ll get lucky.

  • Make palettes from images with “PhotoSchemer”… absolutely amazing…

  • love how you can get palettes from any image

  • I love the new transform a single color into a color scheme feature. :)

  • I like the possibility to Identify color harmonies – would help me for better and finer decisions.

  • I like the possibility to Identify color harmonies – would help me for better and finer decisions.

  • I’m interested in mix colors and create gradient blends: i love gradients!

  • Seems my comment doesn’t appear: I think the automatic unique color schemes based on any picture is a gorgeous thing ’bout ColorSchemer!

  • Pulling palettes from any photo/image.

  • Cpt. Jean-Luc Picard of the U.S.S. Enterprise

  • My favorite feature is LiveSchemes

  • Like so many others, the ability to create color palettes from a photo or image.

  • I like both being able to turn one colour into a scheme and taking a scheme from photos! :)

  • Actually, several features. My favorite are: Mixer, saving palettes in library, HSB sliders. All useful features in one app – that’s the best thing with it.

  • Very good!

  • I love the ability to be able to create palettes from photos or images

  • Palettes from images. Awesome!

  • I love the ability to create color schemes from photos

  • It just makes it easy to scheme colors… Simple as that….

  • Loving the ability to create colour schemes from photos

  • My favourite feature is finding similar or related colors :)

  • The feature that I like most is the ability to transform a single color into a complete color scheme.

  • Given my lack of colour picking skills, I think my favourite feature would be the ability to select a base colour and have some suitable secondary colours automatically chosen as a starting point.

  • The new creation of live color schemes has to be my favorite. I need to incorporate these colors into my adobe suite!

  • I forgot to tell that my favorite features are LiveSchemes and PhotoSchemer

  • Using one colour as the basis for a colour scheme is the best bit.

  • Pull unique palettes from photos or images is my favorite one… very useful program…

  • The LiveSchemes feature looks amazingly well designed…

  • I like how you can automatically generate a whole color scheme from a single base color. What a time saver!

  • I just started checking it out last night after the review here. I agree with mila, pulling palettes from photos is pretty darn cool.

  • LiveSchemes… awesome!

  • the ability to create LiveScheme looks absolutely wonderful!

  • I like being able to create and save various colour schemes for later, as well as browsing pre-made ones for inspiration!

  • Definitely the ability to extract palettes from photos. As a photographer and web designer, this would rock.

  • Codes for me.

  • Quick Preview looks neat..

  • Colors from images is an awesome feature

  • Live schemes!!!

  • I like the Live Schemes and the Gallery Browser features, you can add all your favorite color to your library and use QuickPreview to have a quick look on how the color combination work in your page!

  • Pull unique palettes from photos or images.

  • The sharing aspect! I love seeing other people color schemes and sharing my own. Looks like a fantastic app.

  • The ability to transform a single colour into a complete colour scheme makes colourscheming much faster.

  • I like being able to switch between RGB and CMYK colorspaces.

  • Being able to extract palettes from a photo is insanely useful.

  • My favourite feature is Colour Harmonies.

  • The Live Schemes feature looks great! Most of the time, I just need a peek at a few different schemes back to back and the quicker the better! I’ve had my eye on ColorSchemer 2 for a while now, ever since they announced integration with ColourLovers!

  • Want!

  • My favorite, I quote, “Pull unique palettes from photos or images.” Very helpful and when designing websites I often find myself doing this manually with Colour Dropper on Mac.

  • wow…..

    pick me… :D

  • Definitely pulling palettes from photos and Gallery browser. Simply Awesome.

  • “Pull unique palettes from photos or images”

    I’m not a professional at picking color palettes so this would be helpful.

  • My favourite feature is that I can collect harmonious colours in the sidebar and save them as e.g. an html file. This way, my clients can see the colours I’m using to design.

    I would greatly appreciate a free license for ColorSchemer. I use it almost daily (during trail period). Pity it’s a paid upgrade.

  • The perfect app! this would make worlds of a difference for me!
    I’d love to win this!

  • Great interface making easy to find Color Harmonies

  • getting pallets from photo,ability to transform a single colour into a complete colour scheme,livescheme are the best,count me

  • taking color from photos

  • once again another great app…. thanks appstorm!

  • Wow! Finding different colour variations and combinations is a great help.

  • The preview feature is awesome!

  • My favourite feature is the “Quick Preview” feature. I think this would make analysis of the colour schemes produced so much easier.

    Looks fab.

  • Are you sure you meant Monday 18th January? I only just received this article in my inbox! Anyway, I would like to enter too if there is still time. My favourite features are the ability to automatically pull colours from images, and the ability to preview colours on layouts (I couldn’t choose just one! :P )

  • Trying to pick the proper colour for my digital photo border / frames has always been a challenge for me. Being able to create a palette from a pick off a photo would save a lot of trial & error.

  • Find similar or related colors

    that’s cool!

  • I like “the ability to test run your color schemes: click on ‘Quick Preview’ and you can choose from a range of template mock-ups and then simply drag colors to different parts of the Preview to see what your scheme will look like onscreen”.

  • Building a color scheme from a picture…

  • Being able to print out the color scheme quickly and easily with out having to lay it out in some other program has been a surprisingly nice feature. I didn’t realize how much time I was spending just to add that to my production process. Now I can print it and throw it in the job folder or pdf it and email it to my team with little thought or additional effort.

  • For web design there is nothing better than identifing color harmonies

  • I love how easy it is to create color schemes in a simple way.

  • Color schemes based on images is killer- this is a great tool

  • I’ve been using Color schemer for 4-ish years now and this release, I’m happy to see CMYK support. But I’m more excited about the custom formulas in LiveSchemes.

    Guessing the winners announced on the 18th was a mistake?

  • Print Color Schemes for me.

  • I like so many things about this app. The coolest thing has to be being able to make a color scheme based on a photo. The ability to import and export style sheets is awesome too.

  • I like the potential to create color schemes without having to spend all my time on it; I just don’t have the knack. An automated jump-start would be sweet!

  • I love the ability to pull palettes out of a photo! great for building a palette for a website based on photos used in the site.

  • me want some

  • I love being able to preview colors on a variety of layouts. Great feature!

  • Picking out colors that fit really well together.

  • Finding colors that work well together would be an awesome asset to have, maybe i could spend less time then on the friggin’ colorwheel and more on the actual canvas.

  • Color wheel and harmonies

  • Has nobody noticed that this was posted on January 18th and that the winners would be announced on Monday January 18th?

    • We noticed. We are waiting to see the hidden “time warp” feature in action. It is bound to be everyone’s favorite.

  • Preview colors on a variety of layouts!
    without this it’s pretty much adobe’s kuler (which is free).

    But being able to preview the colors in a layout is stellar useful!

  • I like the Print Color Schemes feature…!

  • Being able to get a colour scheme from a photo is my favourite features, it’s very helpful!

  • Being able to Transform a single color into a complete color scheme