Winners Announced: Compartments Giveaway

Winners Announced

We’re pleased to announce that the five Compartments winners have been chosen. Congratulations are in order to:

  1. OTaillon
  2. Francisco Graciani
  3. djflippy
  4. Atanas Kirjakovski
  5. Mike Douglas

Discount Code

I’m also pleased to let you know that we’ve been given a discount code for Compartments. If you didn’t win, don’t worry!

Just use the code THANKYOUFIN at checkout, and it will take $6 off the price of Compartments (making the total price only $8.95).

Old Giveaway

After recently reviewing LittleFin’s latest app – Compartments – I’m pleased to let you know that we have five full licenses to give away! Compartments is a “home inventory app”, built to help catalog and track any and all of your worldly belongings, from software licenses, to furniture, to your brand new car.

LittleFin offer “free upgrades for life”, so you’ll be sure to benefit from any future additions with your free license code as well!

To enter, all you need to do is leave a comment on this post answering the following question: If you could win any Mac application, which one would it be?

I look forward to seeing what you come up with, and wish you all the best in the competition. We’ll be randomly selecting the five winners in one week, on Thursday, 5th August. Thanks for reading AppStorm!


Add Yours
  • If you could win any Mac application, which one would it be?

    Well other than Compartments? I’d say, Things or Starcraft II. Just some honesty

  • If I could win any app, it’d be Compartments. There I said it

  • Compartments would be great but I’d really love to win a copy of OmniGraffle.

  • Hmm ANY application? I would say final cut studio! Love the video editing. But Compartments is useful for home inventories.

  • If you could win any Mac application, which one would it be?

    At the moment, Compartments would be the most useful to win at the moment. I’m starting up my own tech. business very soon – which would require me to take inventory of certain devices, so this software would DEFINITELY come in handy for keeping track of things for my business! The software looks very durable, promising, and very neat and organized!

    Other than Compartments, another Mac application that I would absolutely love to win is Bento. It looks like another quality app that would become useful for managing all your needs in one place.

  • If I could win any Mac App, I would like to win Photoshop CS5 (although I really like playing around with Pixelmator).

    I would be very happy about ScreenFlow, Things and – of course – Compartments, too.

  • Well, Compartments of course! That aside, I am very impressed with Scrivener. Great writing app.

  • Compartments would be nice; Today would be better!

  • Well, I pretty much have everything I need… Except TextMate. And Compartments, of course :)

  • Cheeky lie: Compartments
    Honest truth: Adobe Creative Suite 5

  • To be sincere: Plxelmator but I really find usefull an app like Compartments. Best Regards,

  • That’s a tough question. I would really like to upgrade my CS3 suite to CS5, but then that is a whole raft of applications, but for single apps, I would think maybe Mars edit before my demo expires. I didn’t expect it to hook me so thoroughly, but it has. I certainly wouldn’t turn down a copy of Compartments, though. Could come in handy to keep track of my tools and software and books and artwork and … well, you get the picture.

  • I would like to win a license for Things.

  • iLife ’11

  • Compartments would be awesome of course, but aside from that I think I’d choose Scrivener. I’m on the 30 day trial now and it’s been great.

  • Simple:

    Final Cut pro, love video editing.

  • I’d probably want to win Coda 2, when that comes out, should be an awesome app.

  • At this point, probably xScope.

  • I would have to say if I could have anyone it would be parallels, that’d be nice

  • I would love to win a copy of OmniGraffle. A really useful application, but I’ve not yet purchased it

  • Honestly I’d be happy with any free application (It’s free! lol). But if I had to choose, it’d be pixelmator or photoshop cs5. Thank you!! :)

  • I’d like to win Compartments because it looks like a neat app and it’s cool that the devs are letting winners get free upgrades for life!

  • I would really like to win Office 2011 when it is available.
    I will only need it for work.

  • If you could win any Mac application, which one would it be?

    I thought about Istat menus 3 & 1Password but also i’ll be happy to check out Compartments

  • Would love to win a copy of Adobe CS5

  • Little Snitch would be my choice.

  • I’d wouldn’t like to win any Mac app. I’D LIKE TO MAC A WIN APP THOUGH, HAHAHhHhahAHAHhaHA
    You’ve been great, thank you and good night.

  • Compartments would be great, so would SOHO Notes (my free trial is over soon!)

  • I’d love to win a copy of Aperture. :-D Compartments is nice too, of course.

  • Right now its Coversutra. Why? Because my trail copy just expired as I was typing this comment :P

  • Adobe Creative Suite 5 Master Collection :)

  • Coda, Transmit, Pixelmator, Things, some from the OmniGroup too :)
    Compartments is really interesting!
    Actually, any of these really well-thought apps is a must have!

  • If i could win a Mac application it will be Compartment or Memories

  • If I say Compartments will that give me a better chance of winning? Haha other wise I’d really like a bento. Yup. I’m hungry. Both the food and the software is on my list of things to get!

  • getting compartments would be great. else, maybe things

  • If i could win any mac App. It would be Tweetie 2 (if it ever comes out)

  • Other than Compartments, it would have to be a tie between Tweetie 2 for Mac and 50 GB Dropbox account :)

  • It would have to be FCStudio

  • It would have to be Compartments!! i have 22 days left of my trial and i personally think it is a great App! and the reason for this is that friends of ours had a devastating fire at their home and they lost all their possessions and without a record of contents to replace! since the fire i started to do it manually! Then i read about Compartments!! it’s a must!!

  • I’d Love to win CODA, simply because it’s the best App ever =)…

  • If I could win any Mac application, it would be Omni Graffle Pro, Starcraft II and, off course, Compartiments.


  • Random selected winner … so that’s a random comment :)
    But I participate to this marketing action because the product is interesting !

    I also would like Lightroom 3

  • Any application?
    Well i think that the Cs5 Master Collection will be the answer! :P

  • If you could win any Mac application, which one would it be?

    Mmm, CS5 ??!! Things, bento, Compartments & PIxelmator would be great!


  • I’d love to win Adobe CS5 Master Collection, for obvious reasons. If that’s cheating a bit (and it is), the one app I would narrow it down to is Photoshop. I’ve never learned it and it’s so useful in so many different contexts.

  • This looks like a great little app. I’d love to win CS5, as I’m still using CS4! Aperture is another one I wouldn’t mind!

  • If the CS5 Master Suite counts I’d like that. If not, then I’d just pick Illustrator CS5. Mmmm CS5.

  • It would be Coda I think. Or Textmate, not really sure..

  • If you could win any Mac application, which one would it be?

    I’d like to win Espresso or Coda.

  • I would love to get office 2011 or Bookends.

  • If I could win any Mac application? ANY… Adobe CS5 Master Collection! I’d even settle for CS4 Master Collection or just Photoshop by itself.

  • Schoolhouse would be a very useful app to win in my case.

  • Photoshop CS5 or Lightroom 3

  • If you could win any Mac application, which one would it be? It has to be CODA, it’s my favorite coding editor =D

  • Compartments would be great (missed the deal on MUPromo), but otherwise I would lose Office 2011 when it comes out.

  • Hmmm… Maybe Logic Pro 9?

  • Compartments would be cool !
    Another ?
    Hmmm… Maybe Pathfinder :)

  • I’d say

  • I don’t have a decent picture editor so far, so my answer would be Pixelmator.
    This app looks positively delicious.

  • im in

  • If I could win any mac application, it would be ScreenFlow!

  • For me it would have to be Pixelmator

  • Definitly one by the OMNIGroup. They create awesome products. But a little expensive… :(
    Favourite would be OMNIGraffle I think.

  • I would also like towin Pixelmator. :)

  • Compartments definitely

  • Coda.
    No doubt, it’s perfect for professional use as well as “home projects”. My life would be complete with Coda.

  • I would like Apeture3

  • If I could win any mac application it would either be CS5, Transmit 4, or StarCraft 2.


  • If you could win any Mac application, which one would it be?

    Actually, it would be great if I could WIN any WIN application… I don’t use Mac.

  • Obviously I’m entering this for a reason, but any Mac app, I’d have to say something dealing with creating a professional studio (Final Cut Studio, Motion, Shake, things of this nature). To this I might add that Studiometry is run by a 3rd party developer, if appstorm is considering future realistic giveaways.

  • Why it would be compartments, of course!

  • Out of all the Mac applications on the spectrum the only one I want is Compartments. How could you wish for something else, its just simply not an option. Compartments is the end-all be-all. ;)

  • Mars Edit for the win! It’d help me reboot my writing spirit. I need that custom support post for WordPress, from a well-thought desktop app!

  • I think I’d pick Curio, if I could pick any Mac app. I’m running the demo of it now and absolutely love it.

  • I’D like to win MacCleaner!

  • If not Compartments, I’d love to win Fontcase!!

  • If I could win any app, it would have to be AutoCAD. It is the ONLY program I have to use with Parallels. My fingers are crossed they release it soon!

  • DevonThink Pro Office

  • If any, I’d say Photoshop CS5… that’s some expensive but worth piece of software.

    But I’m gonna tone it down a bit and say: Billlings. I’ve tried the demo some time back and it was pretty useful. And to name a second one, I’d say the new and upcoming version of Coda (I own the current one, It’s awesome!).

    But, if I could choose any app that’s not work related, I’d say Candybar!


    PS: Needles to say, I want my copy of Compartments!

  • I would want a copy of Coda. It would make web-development so much easier.

  • I would like 1password

  • Other than Compartments, it would be nice to have Illustrator or Things.

  • Well, other than Compartments… So many come to mind, although, the first one that instantly did was Delicious Library 2.

  • I’d have to say Bokeh, from Alien Skin. A close second is Mac Family Tree from Synium. I know, right? What could these 3 apps (including Compartments) possibly have in common?

    Well, in addition to getting my house in order with Compartments, I’m in the process of gathering and digitizing my family photos and documenting my family heritage.

  • If ANYTHING, Photoshop CS5. I have Web Premium for Windows, but of course, Adobe doesn’t allow conversion from Windows to Mac -.- Photoshop is buggy and sucks sometimes, but it is the only program that works for me.

  • Probably Socialite or OmniFocus :)

  • Compartments of course

    Anything from the Omni group too

  • Other than Compartments? Adobe CS5. My new mac is just crying out for it. :)

  • If I could win any MAC application I would like to win “Things” or better yet “Billings”.

  • If I could win any mac application it would be, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3.

  • I’d like Apple Aperture 3 very much.

  • Autodesk’s Maya: retail price $4,090
    Free Compartments code: priceless

  • Any app ? Billings Pro with iPhone companion app. Although Billings Pro hasn’t even been released yet :P

  • If I could win any Mac app, I would want Final Cut Studio

  • I would like to win MacKeeper, I’m kind of an OCD person.

  • If you could win any Mac application, which one would it be?

    I would like to win Compartments obviously and probably Thoughts.

  • Adobe CS5 – Creative Suite….

    Wanna keep going with graphic and web design. Need to have the best tools.

  • I recently bought Compartments. Its awesome, the features are cool . I feel that I am missing a feature, dont know if there are similar apps for this, the feature/improvement is the UI does not show nested / tree style view to show all your items in a hierarchical way. It would be clean and neat to keep yourself organized. Home -> ( Drawing Room -> ( Table, old TV ), Kitchen -> ( Wife, cutlery, oven) , Garage -> ( BMW , Audi, spare parts, old furniture) ) . something like this.

    I would love to get TextMate, I did not get a chance to use it yet, but from the hype of it, it sounds as the best editor ever.

    If you consider ‘a keynote transition’ as equal to an app, I would love to get my hands on the effect which Steve Jobs has in almost all of his iphone presentations, the smoke effect after the price information transitions from the top to the bottom.

    • And planning to buy something like ‘Things’ to improve my efficiency of tracking things.

  • Aperture 3 for sure, I WANT but don’t NEED this app and I just couldn’t find a reasonable excuse for why I should buy it.

    I already bought Compartments which is great, if I win another I’m sending it to my Dad.

  • Mac app you say? 1Password! :D great app. :)

  • Well I would say Parallels 5
    According to Parallels, the new version of its software is up to 300 percent faster than the previous version, Parallels Desktop 4
    Parallels 5 also adds a new viewing mode called Crystal, which is similar to Coherence, where Windows completely disappears from desktop. However, Crystal adds the Windows taskbar items on the top of the Mac OS X menu, allowing easy access.

    Thanks for the contest

  • any application? I would really like to win a license MacKeeper.

  • That sounds great !!

  • The app i would like to have is : Logic pro – the full package with all the loops and instruments. that would be amazing.

  • CS5 for mac

  • It would be Launchbar

  • I would win compartments! Then maybe Things or DEVONthink

  • Compartments sounds great but I really would love a copy of Aperture.

  • Pzizz for Mac (you could get free versions of the iphone apps for free until the end of the moth)

  • DevonThinkPro

  • Final Cut Pro or compartments

  • Soulver

  • it would be coda

  • Final Cut Pro, a journal software, CS5, or Things.

  • I would love to win a better iTunes. haha
    iTunes that can match up with the awesome looks and features of Songbird and at the same time give the simplicity of the current iTunes.
    And the iTunes that doesn’t need you to create an iTunes account in order to download the Album Artwork. I never buy music online, I prefer to buy the physical CD.

    But I know you can’t give me this.. haha ;)

    Anyways… MAC for life :)

  • in this moment, maybe Filemaker

  • Final Cut Studio

  • I’ll have to mention Adobe CS5 as what I’d most like to win as well…I have enough use for it that it’d be great to have, but not quite enough to justify laying down the coin when I could hire somebody full time in the philipines for 2 or 3 months to do my graphics work for me for that amount.

  • CS5 Suite. Would be really useful as a cash strapped student…

  • Adobe CS5 MS or Lightroom 3, but if it was out, Coda 2.

  • Would have to be Arkaos Grand VJ. :)

  • Final Cut Studio

  • Compartments

  • DevonThink Pro Office.

  • I wish to get Compartments :-) .. Some other app .. hmmmmm .. not feeling greedy right now ;-)

  • Winning a copy of Transmit 4 would be pretty sweet!

  • I would have to go with Photoshop.

  • I wish for the “coming-soon” TotalFinder

  • Of course Compartments :) the only thing better would be a license for Apple´s Logic Studio :D

  • I would love Compartments.. but besides that.. I’d love to have Aperture :)

  • Any Mac app?….Definitely would have to be CS5 Suite.
    But I could really use Compartments also…

  • A smart answer would probably be the most useful, expensive application. To me that is, Adobe Suite, Aperture or Final Cut Pro.

  • I would so get Final Cut Studio.

  • If I could win any Mac application, I would get 1password 3

  • Not very sexy but I would like to have Quickbooks for Mac. More of a need than a want, really.

  • Compartments looks great, but based on price alone I’d have to say Adobe’s CS5.

  • Any Mac app? I’d go for Blast 1.6 …i think I have everything else that I want… there will probably be something better tomorrow =)

  • Photoshop

  • If I could win any Mac App I wanted it would have to be Final Cut Express.

  • I would love to win a copy of Billings. One day.

  • OmniOutliner (or maybe a lifetime free subscription to Mobile Me).

  • Office 2011, can work some files at home

  • Axure would be great..

  • If I could win one Mac app, right now I would have to pick Coda.

  • Final Cut Studio

  • For compartments I’d definitely post a comment – for the CS5 Master Suite I probably would sell a kidney… ;)

  • Definitely want to win Compartments right now :) But I would love to win Voodoo Pad Pro – the free version is nice enough that I can’t justify buying the full version but there are a few features that the Pro version has (exporting to html, for example) that I would really like…

  • Would have to be Coda!

  • Aperture would very nice.

  • If I could win any Mac Application, besides compartments, I would definitely want to win Aperture or Clean My Mac.

  • I would love to win a copy of Coda or Typestyler, compartments would definitely be handy.

  • Adobe Creative Suite 5 for sure!

  • Moved house recently and have wondered if I should bother to catalog everything as it comes out of storage and gets placed where it should be. If I win, the answer’s YES!

  • compartments is the best!

  • If you could win any Mac application, which one would it be? It would be Apple’s Logic Studio!!! i am a musician but I only have GarageBand to work with right now. I would love to have a better recording experience with my Yamaha Motif XS6.

  • TextExpander =D

  • Compartments of course!

  • I would like to win… Compartments

  • i could def use compartments

  • Any app? Final Cut Pro 7. My second choice? MacDraw II.

  • well, dohhh.. Compartments of course… what else? it’s an awesome app..

  • I would love Final Cut, and a good applicatio to manage my recipes…but I don’t know which one.

  • I would like Compartments to keep track with the stuff I forgot I have.

  • would be great to win a copy of Cha-Ching.

  • If I could win any mac application, I would want to win Lightroom 3

  • :)

    Compartments will be OK… but to get iPartition+iDefrag will be superb (a bundle counts as a one application or not?)

  • Besides Compartments, I would love to win a license for Things

  • I’d want things!

  • A man (or woman) only needs one app: Compartments. Of course I would buy it, but I have to feed 2 little children, and my wife keeps spending my money ;-)

  • Macnification for me

  • Compartments as I like everything safe and put away in little boxes. Thanks

  • I would like to win 1Password!

  • Final Cut Studio, because, well… it’s bloody expensive.

  • Since the competition is all about: Compartments, otherwise Adobe Creative Suite 5. Dude, this stuff is expensive!

  • I would like to get Things or Delicious Library 2

  • NukeX 6.1 compositing software, which runs over $7,000 per license.

  • I would love to win Espresso for web development =)

  • Any app? It would have to be FileMaker Pro.

  • Compartments OF COURSE!!!

  • Compartments or Adobe CS5

  • I would love to have Hazel!

  • logten pro

  • I am a film student so i would say final cut Pro 7 :D
    It costs a huge load of money and can’t afford it

  • Probably Logic Pro since I love it but there’s no way that I can afford it.

  • The upcoming AutoCAD for mac would be fantastic (now AutoCAD Sledgehammer Beta). Even though Compartments does his dirty job on his hand.. ehehe!!

  • I would go with Tinderbox. I have used the demo and like the program, but it is just too expensive to pull the trigger on and buy.

  • Q: If you could win any Mac application, which one would it be?
    A: Well today, I’d like to win ” Compartments,” now a few days from today it might be something else… :-)

  • I’d love to win a copy of Microsoft Office 2011. That may not count, since it’s not been released, so my second choice would be Primatte Chromakey.

  • I would love win one of these three:
    a) Coda (Panic editor)
    b) Versions
    c) Snapplr

    In that order of priority. Awesome.

  • It would have to be “MacMyLife”, which doesn’t exist yet, but i wish it did! Meanwhile “Compartments” would be a great little app to have to keep track of all the details.

  • If you could win any Mac application, which one would it be?

    I’ve bought most of the applications I need except Compartments! I would like to win this one.!

  • If I could win any Mac application, which one would it be?

    It would be the one that I won. =) In this case, Compartments!

  • I feel like I should say Compartments, but I would really enjoy winning a copy of Coda. I’d love to win Compartments though. It could be of great use to me.

  • ANY App? Aperture would be my 1st choice – purely on an economic basis. Obviously I would hope winning compartments would be more probable.

  • I would love to win a copy of Adobe Photoshop CS5.

  • While a license for Compartments would be nice, I would really like to either win a copy of After Effects CS5 or the entire Adobe Creative Suite.

  • If not Compartments then I’d wish for Adobe Photoshop CS5 or Lightroom 3. :o)

  • If I could choose any Mac Application I would pick Aperture 3.

  • Definitely Adobe CS5 Master Collection. Thank you very much.

  • Boinx FotoMagico Pro or SoundSlides Plus (I haven’t decided which I like better yet, so winning either would tip me over).

  • As well as Compartments of course would like Superduper to back it up with.

  • Any Mac app? That would be Coda. I use Espresso, but would like to expand to having all of the text-editors eventually :)

  • Delicious Library for sure

  • Besides Compartments, I would like license for Things.

  • I guess compartments is not valid so I would probably get Transmit 4.

  • Final Cut Pro.

  • Final Cut Pro FTW

  • Omni Graffle Pro is an app that i’d really like, compartments would be great since i really do need to inventory our home!

  • While winning Compartments would be nice, if I could win any app it’d probably be Undercover, the anti-theft software—how could one turn down an initial investment of free when the potential payout is the return of a thousand-dollar item.

  • A financial software like iBank would be nice to manage the money I am spending on other licenses.

  • I bought my MBP the day before yesterday and the only demo version of software I am using is iLife, which is great. So I would like to get an iLife.

  • I would like to win a copy of Logic Studio.

  • I’m not sure what i want, i switched to mac just several days ago

  • Quite honestly … Compartments. Insurance companies drag you over the coals if you don’t have an effective way of documenting yer bits n pieces, serial numbers for spendy parts, etc. Other than that, I’m with a few of the other posters – Adobe Creative Suite 5 without a doubt. It’s too expensive for anyone but professionals. :(

  • Other than Adobe CS5 Master Collection, which would probably crash my Mac just trying to load it, it would have to be Things. I loved that app but it’s just too expensive for me, a student.

  • An app that integrates with iTunes and the iBooks app so I can read the books on my Mac as well as my iPad. I’d love to win it if you can find it… :P

    In reality though, I’d like a copy of the game Lux!
    And obviously, entering this competition, Compartments

  • Adobe CS5 Master would be my dream win. Compartments sounds great!

  • id love to win busycal, but id be happy with compartments too! :)

  • I’d like to win a copy of Billings.

  • Compartments!

    though CS5 would be unreal too.

  • I’d love to win Transmit 4. And Compartments (really). I was actually about to buy it but then I saw this competition.

  • I would love a copy of Things, that app is just so darned useful.

  • Compartments, baby!!

  • MacJournal! Very nice app and only 10 days of trial left! :)

  • Final Cut Pro… me a motion freak

  • Coda!! I really need it :)

  • No doubt, Compartments because I need to get my Mac safe and organized!

  • I would want to win a license for Toast :) It’s such a cute app!

  • If i could win any Mac application, i would love to have Things ;)

  • Compartments

  • Final Cut Pro. I would love to toy around with it but just can’t rationalize the price just so I could toy around with it. It is just SO expensive…

  • Besides Compartments, I would love to have ScreenFlow.

  • Scrivener looks so great, and I would love a license!

  • I would like PhoneView.

  • Besides Compartments… CS5 would be insanely awesome!

  • Would love to give Compartments a whirl! To answer the question of “If you could win any Mac application, which one would it be?”, I would answer Versions.

  • I would love a copy of things, but for home inventory, or in my case house truck inventory, compartments looks to be just about perfect.

  • If I could win any Mac app, I would love to win Adobe Creative Suite 5 Web Premium; yeah I know that’s actually more than 1 app, but I can dream, can’t I?

  • Compartments!

    I know, I’m being obsequious, but if my house burns down, it would be no small mercy to know that I have virtual backup of all my physical stuff.

  • I’d love to win Compartments, but if I’m being logical I think if I could win ANY application it would be “Freedom”. I just started using a Mac (my husband finally got me to switch) and now I’m obsessed with it – Freedom would force me away from the computer for a while :)

  • If I could win any app, it would be The Hit List, but Compartments would definitely be in my Top 5.

  • CS5, of course. If only one app from CS5, then Photoshop, I think, but Dreamweaver, Fireworks or Illustrator would be nice too.

  • If i could win ANY application it would be Adobe CS5 Master Collection, or just Photoshop.

  • Well, I think I’d like to win Pixelmator, CSS Edit, Voila or Transmit, some of best mac apps!

  • I would want to win Espresso or Coda to help me build awesome websites.

  • YEAH! Big winner! =D Thanks Macappstorm!