Daylite Winners & 15% Discount

Thank you to everyone who entered our Daylite competition. We had three of the “Daylite Bundles” to give away (including the desktop application, plus a 1-year iPhone app license), and the winners have now been chosen.

Thanks again to Marketcircle for providing the free licenses, and without further ado – here are the three lucky winners!

  • Bundle #1 – Garry Aylott
  • Bundle #2 – Eric Vitiello
  • Bundle #3 – Josh Crain

Sorry to everyone who missed out (we still love you!), and rest assured we’ll be back with another great competition next week.

The 15% Offer

We’re also pleased to let you know that if you’d like to purchase a license outright, you can benefit from 15% off for 30 days (starting from today). Simply use the code appstorm when making your purchase!


Add Yours
  • GRRRR!! I didn’t win. I was wearing my lucky pants the whole damn week too!

  • Congrats to the winners, and everyone that participated!

    We have free 30-day trials for both applications, so feel free to give them a try and take advantage of our 15% promo code ;)

    Ryan Cash

  • Just wanted to say thanks so much to the AppStorm team and the Daylite team. I’ve never won anything like this in my life, so it was a very pleasant surprise and my graphic design startup business will greatly benefit from it. Thanks!

  • Damn I waited to win for this so long but my bad luck Id I didn’t win.The best part I like about it is I phone application license.But getting it at 15 % discount is still a chance.I have spend already many on my I phone application.Now I want some thing for me actually as a reward.So I think its best chance for me to avail at 15% discount but isn’t it I should be waiting for some more.
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