Winners Announced: Five Free Copies of Screeny Up for Grabs

Good news! We’ve randomly selected five free commenters to receive a free copy of Screeny! A huge thanks to everyone who entered, be sure to check back weekly for more awesome giveaways.

If your name is listed below, you’ll be receiving an email shortly from the Screeny developers with a Mac App Store promo code that will allow you to download Screeny completely free.

  • Louis
  • Bruno Gama
  • Alexander Melton
  • Gener Vazquez
  • Adam Teece

Original Post

I’m pleased to let you know that we’ll be giving away five free copies of Screeny for Mac. We recently reviewed Screeny and found it to be an excellent screenshot/screencast utility.

Comment To Enter

Entering the competition is really simple – all you need to do is leave a comment on the post. That’s it! The winners are selected randomly so you don’t even have to suck up so we’ll pick you!

The competition will run for one week, and I’ll pick five winning comments at random on Wednesday July 6th. Best of luck, and be sure to check out Screeny in the meantime!


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  • Would you look at that? Just look at it! Look at this. Look at it. Would you look at that? Screeny.

    • Come for the app reviews, stay for the random comments!

  • screeny?
    i want a copy, please:)

  • i so want this app

  • Guys, i really want this app! 8-)

  • I want a copy of Screeny! I need it soon!

  • Sweet! I want that :)

  • me me me me))

  • I really would love to have this app :D

  • Hi, i’d like to win. Thanks!

  • Awesome :) I do want a copy !

  • Sweet!

  • I want one!

  • Nice App!! Thanks.

  • Wow! Screeny! I love it :)

  • pick me pick me pick me

  • Pick me!

  • I am going to win this, because the only thing I have ever won in my life was….NOTHING!!!

  • Hi,

    read your review would love to have a copy
    thank u in advanced

  • Please!!!!

  • I want this app NOW. As in RIGHT NOW. I’m broke and I hate pirating.

  • My son would love this for screen capture and commentary!

  • This app seems to be really good!

  • Please let me win! :)

  • Oh I need it. Right now…this would save me.

  • I would love this!

  • Screeny App looks awesome. Whoever wins is lucky for sure.

  • Count me in!

  • I want this app :D

  • I’ve been looking to get a screencast app. Maybe now I can get it for free! :D

  • want! want! want!


  • I want!

  • Such a beautiful app, would definitely use this on a daily basis!

  • Rock On!

  • I would like a copy of this.

  • pick me. pick me! please.

  • I’m here :)

  • I would love a copy of this.

  • I want this !!!!!! Great APP

  • “Up for Grabs”?
    Well, I’m up there…

  • Totally need one license, looks really nice!

  • Sweet! I want one too. :D

  • App looks awesome. Been using iShowU HD for a while but its overkill for what i need.

  • I wants me some screeny

  • Such a nice app, for free? I’m in! (the chances are low, though…)

  • Enter me please!

  • nice!

  • Cool i want this App.


  • Please me – since screen toaster is gone I need a good replacement

  • Such a cool app! would really help with college.

  • I’d like one :D

  • Over here. :D

  • wanting to try it out

  • +1

  • So badly want this, but its a tad too much…!

  • What an excellent way to get a large number of extremely boring comments ;-)

    Still, I wouldn’t say no to a copy!

  • Count me in :)

  • I will feed the hungry masses with helpful screencasts with this tool.

  • I would love a copy of Screeny!

  • Alright , I’ve entered contests like this before and never seem to have a any luck winning. Here’s to another “I didn’t win,….uh”. :-( Blah!

  • We wants it!

  • Looks awesome!

  • I can haz?

  • I am in favor of free stuff.

  • Fantastic! I want :D

  • Just got a new MBP, this would be a big help!

  • that’d be great to create short instruction videos regarding how to use admin panel for clients! :) and for such business purposes…

  • ooohhh! i want! :D

  • that’s so awesome! will use it for business!

  • Screeny?
    Love, love, love.

  • Having a copy of Screeny App would make me feel pretty. So, so pretty.

  • This application looks great. I want it.

  • I definitely want this

  • OK, I’m not going to suck up. Just pick me at random.

  • I’d LOVE to have this. It looks like it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for to make my videos for youtube. BTW if anyone want’s to check out my channel it’s Thanks!

  • I’d like a copy :)

  • Yes please :)

  • Yes! Sign me up, Scotty! :-)

  • This would be great. Hope to win!

  • I would love to win! The UI is beautiful!

  • Free? Do want!

  • Wow, I really want this app… please choose me.

    *holds up sign* Will post for Screeny :)

  • I’d love to try that out!

  • I’d love a copy! Would help me do GIFs for my blog!

  • nice i love it

  • Comment! :)

  • Yay for giveaways, I’d love to have one please ! :)

  • Cool! I want this app! :)

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit,
    sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.

  • I was just thinking about buy it! :)

  • Great app would luv to have it!!!

  • Screeny ! Hope to get hands on you soon with help from macappstorm !

  • Nice giveaway.

  • would be nice!

  • Sweet :)

  • Here’s to hopin’

  • I would use that screeny copy to make some new tutorial videos! I would love to win this :) <3

  • Awesome, would love one!

  • Thanks

  • Looks like an awesome app.

  • This looks great!

  • Can´t wait to make my screencasts!

  • I want it

  • Hope I win this :)

  • Would love to win.

  • I would like a copy of Screeny.

  • Yes, please. Oh yes.

  • Exactly what I need for my job !

  • The app on my wish list, but I have not bought yet. I hope it wins. =)

  • ooh. ooh. we wants it. we wants it. thankee!

  • Hi, I am “El Alex” and I want one of the five copies of Screeny :)

  • Nice giveway! Great app :D

  • Yes Please!

  • Me wants one prrreeeaseee

  • I want it tooooooooo ;)

  • I want a copy!

  • Pick me pick me!!!

  • I just got my first Macbook Pro (making the switch from PC) and I would love to see how this app works.

  • i’ll try my hand at this, Screeny seems awesome

  • I could really use a copy. Thanks guys!

  • I wants!

  • Hoping to win screeny!

  • How does it compare to Snapz Pro?

  • pick me!

  • Screeny please

  • Comment.

  • yay

  • ooh, nice!

  • Awesome, I’d love to have that app…

  • I like the ability to pick a specific screen resolution to capture. Even ScreenFlow doesn’t offer that.

  • Count me in!

  • Screeny seems to be a good app. I’d like to win it.

  • Why not……

  • Screeny looks nice. Thanks for review.

  • Im inn!

  • That dog’ll hunt

  • Whoop! Would love a copy of this one! :)

  • Awesome! Screeny!
    Definitely in!

  • Looks like a good app. Would love a copy of this.

  • Screeny looks like a great app. All winners are really lucky!

  • Yes!

  • DO WANT!!!

  • I hope I win a copy of Screeny!!! please :D

  • Screeny is one of the Mac App Store apps on my wishlist, so hoping to win a copy to remove it from that list. :)

  • Pick Me!!!

  • Thanks!

  • Screeny looks great!

  • Got to be in it to win it :)

  • Definitely want this!

  • i want a copy!

  • I want this awesome app badly.

  • Me wants, me wants!
    Want this piece of software so much!
    Missed the day when it was on sale for (apparently) 2 hours due to working a late shift :(

  • augh

  • let’s try

  • A copy would be fantastic!

  • I’m in!

  • Good luck to the winners!

  • i want!!!!! Me me! Tnx

  • This was the first Mac app I’ve actually been interested in buying. I’ll definitely take part. :)

  • Screeny would be a nice addition to my brand new MBP :D

  • qwerty

  • Mac.AppStorm is awesome! (random or not, I am not taking any chances!)

  • I want this so bad!!
    Eu quero o Screeny até faço um tutorial pro MAC.APP.SOTRM

  • Good luck everyone!!

  • Looks cool ;-)

  • Super keen for a copy of this please!

  • Count me in!

  • Hook me up man!

  • Cool.

  • I want a copy

  • I would love winning a copy of screeny! :)

  • Screeny is a must! Gimmeone <3

  • Keeping my fingers crossed!!!

  • Perfect; I need a screencast app.

  • Need one for making awesome screencasts!! :)

  • well, you make my day

  • I would love a copy!!!! YAY for software!

  • Ooh, ooh, shiny! Err… Screeny :)

  • I went to buy the app when they appear with $4.99 at the Mac App Store, and I can´t bought it because my card doesn´t work… too bad.

  • Hello :D

  • Maybe, just maybe I’ll win something this time.

  • it would be great to have a copy of screeny! very nice app.

  • Fell in love Screeny App ;)

  • Screeny looks pretty excellent. Wonder how long the screencasts can be before it chokes. Camtasia seemed to crash after about 2 hours pretty consistently.

  • I want it!


  • Oh man! I’d love to have a copy!

  • I would totally like a copy! I used the trial version of Camtasia, but I am not willing to pary $100 for it. Please enter me in!!

  • Would be nice to get a copy and screen cast some basic tutorials :D

  • Beautifully designed app. I’d love a copy :)

  • Looks nice… I want to have this app ;)

  • Ooh, pick me! Pick me!

  • I scream for Screeny!

  • Excellent promotion. Hope it works for you.

  • Do want!!!!

  • Nice!! This app looks great!!

  • Certainly worth a shot at winning. This looks like a great utility!

  • I’ll be hitting the I R WIN button.

  • Man, lots of people come out of the woodwork when there is free stuff to grab, huh? Well, me included! I’d like a copy as well!

  • I’d love a copy. Thanks!

  • Looks like a fantastic screencasting app… would definitely come in handy!

  • Guys, I really want this app since I missed its opening discount price last time. There’s something wrong with the Mac App Store then there’s no discount for my country. Sad :(

  • This is a comment I had to leave to enter the competition to win a copy of Screeny. Thank you for reading.

  • wow……I need :P

  • I would get screamy for Screeny.

  • This is a comment

  • Cool.

  • yes please, one copy would be great!

  • I need Screeny!

  • Want one! :)

  • Ohh I like free things!

  • I’d love to record my screen with Screeny! Hope I win.

  • I’d love a copy! :)

  • Screeny looks like a great piece of software for creating screencasts.

  • I love free stuff~

  • Screeny seems cool. I use several screen cap apps so I’d love to add it to my arsenal.

  • Here’s my comment for the giveaway.

  • Sweet app! I’d like to give that one a shot!

  • I hate to break it to everyone, but I’m going to win.

  • It’s awesome!!!

  • Comment.

    But seriously: Need/Definitely Want!

  • I’d love to give it a shot! It looks really solid!

  • woooo screeny!

  • HEYYYYYYYYYY how ya doin?

  • Always looking for a freebie.

  • I love free mac software!

  • Looks like a neat app.

  • I wouldn’t mind it ;)

  • I’ve been following Drew Wilson for years and love his work. I’d love a copy of Screeny.

  • Lovely little utility. Hope to get one copy. Good luck to everybody.

  • cool app :)

  • Do want! (I’d buy it myself, but I’m a poor college grad ;_;)

  • I love simple software, designed beautifully.

  • Wow, would love to have one, thanks!

  • hey you.. scrollin up and down the page.. you know you want to pick me ;)

  • I don’t have to suck up this time? No way! (Just kidding…) :)

    Hope I get it.

    I really want it.

  • Would like a copy, thanks

  • hope i get it!

  • I like pie.

  • Love it! Can i have 1 please :)

  • Just one minute late
    To get the rebate
    But now maybe
    I’ll get it for free

  • Screeny here I come!

  • Yes, please!

  • Many Thanks! ..

  • This is my comment

  • Count me in!

  • I’m in.

  • Screeny seems awesome – would like to try it out!

  • Epic comment :)

  • I want ;D

  • Looks like a great app! I wanna win it!


  • Love the site :)

  • the app looks interesting…testing smart screen recorder at the moment

  • Screeny :) would like to have one :)

  • feeling lucky!

  • I would like to have a copy too…


  • I am looking for a screen recording app …. fingers crossed

  • *Rolls 500-sided die

  • Want it!!!! Хочу хочу хочу!!!!

  • I want to win! PLeaseeee!

  • Saw the icon of thios app on Dribble a while ago.
    From that time on I want this app.

  • Want it!!!

  • I’m in for screeny :)

  • i shall join the fun of trying to win!

  • I would really like to win this one…
    Thanks for the chance!

  • That would be really cool to win.

    But wow at all the comments. Lot’s of people want this.

  • Ah, a free program please…. :-)

  • My screeny is over the ocean
    My screeny is over the sea
    My screeny is over the ocean
    Oh bring back my screeny to me!!!

  • Would love to have this app!

  • A comment…

  • I’d really like to win a copy of this amazing app!

  • I love it :) Thank you!!

  • Nice app!

  • Sort me out appstorm!

  • I would like to win a license :)

  • me wants :D

  • I love this app! but don’t think that I am lucky enough to win that :)

  • I’m in :-)

  • Bring it on! Sure, I’ll play the game! Screeny sounds fun!

  • Sounds good!

  • What amazing screeny to look at all around…

  • (Sung to the tune for “Money”) You know the best things in life are free, but you can give them to the birds and bees, ’cause I want Screeny, yeah, yeah yeah, Screeny, that’s what I wa- a- a -nt, that’s what I want! So give me Screeny…..

  • I desperately want this app. ;p I saw the RRS feed on my Mac when it came out, but I ignored it and I checked it out a few days later, so I missed the promo launch. :(
    Hope I win, fingers crossed. :D

  • This is the first time I heard about Screeny. Sounds useful. Thank you Appstorm.

  • I love mac.appstorm! Would love to win this one! Thanks guys!

  • That’s such a great app! I’d like to win a copy!

  • Yes please!

  • I would like to win a copy of this app. Thank you.

  • I’d love it!

  • heya,

    I’d love a copy?! =).


  • Great looking app! I’m hungry for it!

  • Screeny > Camtasia > Quicktime Screen Capture

  • DO WANT!

  • Yay! Screencast app!

  • I want it just because of the name… Screeny

  • I want it!!!

  • Yes please.

  • I have absolutely nothing interesting to say!

  • Been trying to find a screencast util for the mac that I really like. Screeny looks really cool!

  • Wouldn’t mind this app!

  • want.

  • I would love a copy of screeny. I have a few app demos I need to make.

  • Screeny me please.


  • Free apps :)

  • I need this app! Randomly choose me :)

  • Great app and great review of the app.

  • Amazing giveaway, and count me in!

    P.S; As always keep up the amazing work guys!

    — Angel

  • Giveaway rocks!

  • Would love to win a copy!


  • I want one

  • very nice app. sign me upp ;)

  • I would love to win this app. Seems really cool. ;-)

  • I want one! :)

  • I love this simplicity of Screeny. Great UI.

  • I’m game for this. I look forward to seeing the results. Good luck everyone :-)

  • Count me in please. Looks like a nice app!

  • In!

  • I’ll take a copy, but have Drew add sound-in capabilities first!

  • Could be useful :)

  • This app looks really cool!!! I want it!!!!

  • Want ! :)

  • Screeny me up AppStorm!

  • Beautiful app.

  • Yay – that’d be great. Screeeeeeny-me!

  • I’m in ;))

  • May your random comment live long and dream of large women.

  • I’ll have a free copy please :P

  • I want it!

  • Woot! This is my non suck up comment to win! :)

  • Sweet!!!

  • I would love this app!

  • Booyah! This app is mine! lol

  • Please?! :)

  • Great app.
    I hope to win.

  • Awesome!

  • Woud love a copy!

  • Screeny isa great app and this web site too!

  • My new iMac will coming by this week.. really want this app please

  • I guess I will join the crowd for free software too if I win :)

  • I hope I win!

  • Awesome, now I {might} be able to make screencasts!

  • great app

  • Screeny looks great. Want it soooo much…

  • Yes, please.

  • Awesome UI. Please, give me one!

  • PLEASE.. Don’t give me this app. I have a terrible accent and an irreversible speech defect.. Just think of me starting a screencast with this app – awful… If you let me win Screeny you must take the full responsibility for every useless screencast on the web I’m gonna publish…

  • Pick me !

  • I would love to have it. Pick me. :-)

  • Want! (And if I don’t win, I might just buy it – it’s really well done)

  • Get some.

  • Wait a cotton picking minute… I want one! Well, pretty please anyway. :) (With a cherry on top :))

  • Thanks for Screeny, i want a license ! Pleaaaase !

  • This app is so much better than screenr! I need this!

  • Up for grabs… i think yes

  • Would be great to have a copy

  • Looks great!

  • I want to win Screeny! \o/

  • wow… hope I win this… :)

  • can I haz Screeny? :]

  • i have iShowU HD, but the UI of Screeny is sooo much cleaner!

  • Oooh, I want Screeny. :D

  • This app looks great at what it does!

    i wish i could have it for my future reviews :D

    thanks, as usual

  • I’d love to win a copy of Screeny. It looks like it will be very useful.

  • Damelo.

  • I wanna!

  • im in!!!! XD

  • I’d like to win! Thanks!

  • Sounds great, want this tool :)

  • Hey! I need Screeny so badly! Please give me a free copy!

    • heyyyyy otra vez!!!!!!!

  • Comment

  • Freaky, just read about this app today…would prove a useful app to own, sign me up ^_^

  • no, no, no, no, no… me, me, me!!!! PICK ME!!!!

  • Reading the review made me hope to win Screeny even more, thanks

  • I will add myself to this already long list but you have to be in it to win it. Would love to have a copy. Thanks.

  • Would love to win a copy. Nice app!

  • I want this app :)

  • I would love to check it out! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • *insert comment here*

  • hey there!

    • heyyyyy

  • I’d love a copy. :)

  • Just bought my first Mac and this app would sure come in handy.

  • OK, I’m here to win!

  • Yes, please!

  • love to have it, Screeny.

  • me, in for Screeny.

  • Seems good. I want. Thanks.

  • great, would love to try it…

  • May I have a copy of Screeny please? :)

  • Why not me?

  • I want it :)

  • Ohh, shiny! Will definitely come in handy for creating some tutorials.

  • Ooh yes please!

  • If I had Screeny, you’d have the chance to see my awestruck face as I glanced at this amazing competition you’re offering!

    But, I don’t so you can’t. Maybe if I won you could see another of my awestruck faces, as I stare in shock at the email that says I won!

  • I do screen shots off and on and would love to try Screeny.

    And I read you RSS feed every day, so regardless, please keep the great content coming!

  • Fingers crossed ^_^

  • One for me please.

  • I would like to get a copy :)

  • Yo please

  • Did you know a ripe cranberry will bounce :D

  • I’ve been looking for an app like this so I can start sharing some web development techniques via way of screencast. I was just about to purchase a license but thought I’d throw my name into the hat first and see if I can save myself $14.99!

  • Looks awesome! I want one. Count me in for the contest and thanks for the article!

  • Heh heh heh.

  • Me !!!

  • Yay! Really good competition. Count me in.

  • these pretzels are making me thirsty

  • I’m in!

  • hi! I i i i i

  • I would love to win a copy :)
    That would be awesome!

  • I would love to win a free copy of Screeny. This would very much help with making my Mac Video tutorials for my Youtube Channel.

  • I wouldn’t mind a free copy of an insanely awesome app.

  • pick me! pick me!

  • I would love to win a free copy of Screeny! Looks like a promising app!

  • I’m in!

  • I. WANT. THIS.

  • Yes please!

  • I can haz Screeny plz?

  • I would love a copy! Thx guys…

  • I wish I would have picked this up on sale, but getting it free would be great, too. Thanks.

  • Not that it would help me win, but… I call dibs!

  • That’d be nice to win. :)

  • Oh pick me please

  • As simple as it can get! looks great–

  • Better late than never. I am your father. Pick me.

  • Ouuusshhh!

  • I want to win one copy

  • Drew is secretly a demon and should be made our leader!!

  • Thanks Mac Appstorm and Drew Wilson for the redeem code, it will be very useful!

    and they all say “I want this!”

    I want this.

  • Never going to happen.

  • Sweet stuff. A must have

  • I was just about to purchase a license but thought I’d throw my name into the hat first and see if I can save myself