Get Your Hands on a Droplr Invite

We took you through a preview of sharing files with Droplr last week, and I’m pleased to say that we now have 20 invites to give away! It’s a great file sharing service, designed specifically for the Mac.

Entering is really simple – all you need to do is fill in our quick survey (it only takes 30 seconds). It contains a few brief questions about what you’d like to see on the site, and will help to give us an idea of how to make AppStorm even better! We’ll randomly select the 20 winners in a week’s time, on Wednesday 4th November.

Good luck, and I’m really looking to reading your responses!


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  • I’ve been waiting to get on droplr for a while now, cheers.

    Just one question, on the spreadsheet it says “We’ll be in touch on Wednesday 28th October if you’re selected as a winner!” and on this post it says “…on Wednesday 4th November.” Whats really happening?

    • Thanks for pointing that out. Results will be announced on Wed 4th, and I’ve updated the form to the correct date!

  • I submitted my questionnaire. Now that I think of it, Droplr looks better than Kttns.

    • I’m using a combo. What I don’t like is that Dropzone takes up dock space, same goes with many applications, such as Tweetie, It really disappoints me that so many developers cannot include a “menubar only” option.

  • As always, great job guys!

  • Can i hav one? pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Thanks for the opportunity ;)

  • questions answered ;)
    thanks for this opportunities!
    great job

  • I submitted my questionnaire. not sure for win, but i hope !

  • I need one ^_^

  • Entered the other day on my iPhone though so I’m not sure if I got it 100% right!?

    Can I re-enter from my mac or will I get kicked from the competition?

  • I like it….looks really nice ! Thx for the report!

  • How about I’ll trade you in invite for a google wave invite ?
    Just kidding, I’ll wait for the draw….b.t.w. google wave DOES rock!

  • i take the 30 s for the survey : be happy to get a invitation !

    thanks for your job

  • I hope i win this time :D

  • I got an invite from this guy, it’s awesome!

  • Humm, do you gave an invite for me please ?

  • I so hope I win, but if I don’t I’d be willing to trade 4 google wave invites for a single droplr invite!

  • Thanks for the opportunity ;)

  • I have been loking for fomething like this since i lost my second flash disk, and dropl sounds great!

  • Ok, but what about Dropbox, it’s nice too, and it’s free.

  • I need one

  • I need one?

  • Please invite

  • to late?

  • Can I get an invite?