Grab a Copy of Camtasia for Mac

Winners Announced

Thanks to everyone who took part in this giveaway, and special thanks to the kind people at Camtasia! I’m excited to let you know that the winners have now been chosen. Congratulations are in order to:

Vlad Jiman

Well done to the lucky winner, we’ll be in touch soon. Sorry to those who missed out, be sure to check back for more great competitions!

Old Competition Post

We recently reviewed Camtasia for Mac and I’m pleased to announce that we have one copy to give away!

I gave it a strong 9/10 in my review and had this to say:

Camtasia for Mac is an excellent application that allows you to make professional screencasts with relative ease. The selection of effects and processes is good, while the options for recording cover every possible need.

Read on to find out how to enter!

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How to Enter

Entering the competition is really simple – all you need to do is leave a comment on the post. That’s it! Let us know why you’d like to win, what you want to make screencasts for, or describe the feature you’re most excited about using!

I’ll pick a winner at random in just over a week.


Add Yours
  • I would use it for teaching hazmat and other emergency operations courses to fire fighters. Training budgets are being slashed so using screencasts and other forms of distance learning are critical.

  • I would love a copy of Camtasia so that I can record my gameplay videos on my Mac and upload them to my collaborative YouTube channel of gameplay videos!

    It’s extremely simple to use and can’t wait to grab a copy!

  • Screencast software is great for providing tech support guidance. Would love to give this app a spin!

  • I would love a copy of Camtasia so that I can record videos on my Mac and use them for learning activities of my students!

    Thank you!

  • It would be a nice xmas present :P

  • would be a great help for teaching technology to students!! Please, Please!!!

  • Actually I use Screenflow, but was a Camtasia fan 2-3 years ago (used Windows at that time). Would be glad to give it a try :)

  • Used Camtasia on Windows a few years ago (along with SnagIt) and really enjoyed. Was unaware it was now on Mac. Would love to have Camtasia on Mac to record screencasts for my upcoming training classes.

  • To Screencast the Mac apps, games i need a best camera screen and here is. The Camtasia, a cam for my screen!

  • To record the backend of my site as tutorials

  • I got a Minecraft server and would love to record some footage of us playing. I already tested Camtasia and know it works well for this.

  • It’ll be cool to receive such gift on xmas :)

  • I’d love to get that app!

  • I work in tech support, and this would be a great tool for showing users how to do certain tasks. (A bit of a step up from step-by-step directions with screenshots.)

  • To tool that I really could do with.

  • Would love to win a copy for Mac. Have used on PC and it is awesome.

  • I’d love to start doing some tutorials, using screencapturing software. That way I’d be able to teach others and evolve myself :)

  • The ability to add transitions, callouts and make quick edits for screencasts to send for quick review and training to customers is a huge win for me

  • I would Like to use this great app for screencast, vlogs as well as 3d app demo’s.

  • … because i need a solution for my tiny filemaker-project! :-)

  • I want to use Camtasia to record music teaching lessons!

  • I like to win because I’m trying to do tutorials lessons on my Mac

  • If I’m lucky to get one – you’ll make my Christmas

  • Ok. I really need this app. Please please I never win anything online. Be the first to let me win!!!!

  • Yeah would like to have that. I did some Xcode tutorials for iPhone SDK back in the days. Yes exactly it was named “iPhone SDK” back then :D. I think it was 2009 or so. Maybe I’ll start screening again ;)

  • I’d love to have a copy! Maybe then I’ll finally start creating install videos for my WordPress themes!

  • I’d use it to record instructional videos for customers using our online data system. Boring, but useful.

  • Camtasia is just awesome for creating instructional videos! As a webdesigner, I would use it to create tutorials for my clients in using their CMS. Visual learning is so much easier for them!

  • great gift!! Would be great screencast some wordpress admin routines for my clients!

  • Nice! I’ve just bought a Mac and I still haven’t bought a screencast solution, so this could come in handy :)

    Merry Xmas!

  • Among other things, I write reviews of products and services that I use personally and really like and share them on my personal blog. Been reviewing mostly Windows-based apps and games so far, but I’ve been using the Mac more often and it’ll be great for capturing those moments. =)

  • I would love to get a copy of Camtasia!

  • I’ve had my eye on this software for some time now and would love to win it. I would use it to give my YouTube videos a more professional look. :)

  • Application looks great! I would get a copy if possible.

  • Well, nice Prog. May the luck with me…

  • I want it.Thanks

  • I actually prefer Camtasia to Screenflow, would love to get a copy of the latest version.

  • This app would cut down the amount I spend on Advil.
    I would use it to create user self help tutorials which would eliminate the headaches I get working with people who all seem to have chronic cases of PEBKAC.

  • I’m in!

  • <3 my Mac Pro, would love a copy of Camtasia!

    Read your blog every day, please keep reviewing Mac software! Have fun! – Bob

  • I’ve used the trial version of Camtasia a couple times and it is awesome!

  • Hey, me please!

  • Cool.. This will be a nice addition for a future course…

  • I work with students at a university. Camtasia would be an ideal way for them to make the videos required for their courses. At the moment we have a too complicated system.

  • I would like a copy of Camtasia for Mac. It would help me with my online EFL teacher training courses.

  • I would love a copy so I could create webdev tuts!

  • I think how I feel about getting anything free can best be summed up by a line from Pulp Fiction: “…oak is nice.”

    I can’t justify why I would deserve anything free, but when it happens I am often dismayed and feel compelled to do something to send that energy back out into the world. So if I get a copy of Camtasia, I will do a screencast for someone in need of a screencast.

    Maybe, just maybe, I’ll end up with a bedroom set made of oak someday.

  • Sign me up for entry, could really use this!

  • I am school teacher , a democratic school, and I often use to make guides to different learning purpose and methods.
    I am using at the moment and Camtasia seems to be a great help tool fo me.

  • [Fix] – Using Screenflow at the moments.

  • That’s very nice app!

  • Looks like a good screen recording app. I’d like to win so I can start creating some professional screencasts and product demos. Thanks a lot, Adam Turner, UK.

  • My office requires Camtasia, but I’m the only Mac user and they don’t have a Mac license. :-( So a copy of Camtasia would be wonderful!

  • I’m in the process of getting some video tutorials for advanced web design and general graphic design. I currently have an old version of Screenflow but something newer would be superb.

    I also have some sons that are fierce in the Minecraft video making and you know what, YouTube just doesn’t have enough Minecraft videos, so choosing me would be like humanitarian aid if you think about it.

  • How to videos for elder family members that need introduction into using modern technology.

  • I want to try using it to give drum lessons.

  • Would love to be able to create screencasts that I can post to my blog.

  • Camtasia is a very awesome app!

  • To record tutorials with my Mac

  • i want one copy :D

  • If I want to screencast, Camtasia is the answer to a easy task.

  • I would love a copy of Camtasia

  • I’d like to try out recording some minecraft stuff.

  • I could use a new screen casting tool

  • I could use a new screen casting tool … Oops my email address was not correct

  • I’m a portrait photographer, and I’d LOVE to use Camtasia to record tutorials to teach people how to do the processing I do to my photos.

    Please pick me!

  • I’d use it for recording tutorials for Tuts+ and the occasional video game.

  • Camtasia is a fantastic tool for a great number of industries. I’ve been using it on the PC side for years and have trained several users to great proficiency! Would love to get my hands on a copy for Mac and continue to develop my own skills and pass that knowledge on to others!

    Thanks for the great site and giveaway!

  • Me encantaría una copia de Camtasia. Al probarlo me pareció mejor que ScreenFlow

  • Everything for me is work related. I love to impress.

  • This is an app I would like to have – looks very nice for tutorials.

  • Looks like a nice application – would love to have a copy of it.

  • I’d use the software to record how-tos on my stop-motion projects. I’ve always wanted to share my secrets! (been weighing Camtasia vs. Screenflow…can’t decide!)

  • I’m most excited to check out the Audio and Video FX’s. It would make some awesome app screencasts!

  • I have the excellent Snagit and would like to have Camtasia to create tutorials.
    Thank you.

  • I love Camtasia and wanna use it to teaching my pupils.

  • I’ve used Jing in the past, but there are just some things you need Camtasia for. Would love to have this app.

  • Great app on windows – but on MAC it’s even better, believe me!

  • Tried the demo and LOVED it! School projects are completed with ease with Camtasia!

  • As a startup business that develops strategies for iOS deployment we are now creating our own step by step tutorials and would to integrate a video component! I think that appstorm has saved me more time for business and personal then any other site on the web!

    Would love to grab a copy as this would a little help in the beginning of a new year…

  • Thanks for the giveaway! I’d use it to make how-to screencasts for my new blog on tech for organizing at home!

  • Why not? :-)

  • Would use it to teach my kids.

  • Reviews and tutorials. Great tool.

  • I’m self-employed and published International medical newsletters with 2 virtual partners, but when it comes to production I am it. I’d like to create tutorials for my partners to show them the process in case I get hit by a train, a meteor hits me, I get abducted by aliens, I get swallowed by a whale… or I just get sick for a week.

    Love your blog – read it religiously and base many of my software buys on your reviews –

  • I want this: it’s a very powerful application. My wife will be delighted: she’ll be able to make most attractive presentations to give during her lessons.
    And I could learn to make tutorials, as an additional skill in my work

  • I’m a Mac consultant, and have a lot of clients who’ve switched from Windows to Mac, and a lot of new iPhone/iPad users. I’d use Camtasia (a great application, by the way) to create learning sessions for these clients. It doesn’t make sense for them to pay my hourly rate to learn the basics when I could create a simpler way for them to learn.. with the advantage that they could repeat lessons at need.

  • I would love a copy for teaching Macintosh tutorials.

  • I would use it for teaching – scrivener for speeches, mindmapping for speech writing, research in evernote etc. :)

  • This would be extremely useful for making tutorials for an elderly Mum just getting into computing as well as other older friends who are equally not too technology minded (i.e. it would help me tremendously in my unofficial post of tech support for the silver surfer set). Maybe I could even get into posting these tutorials on the web for wider use.

  • I dont have a “heightened sense emotional connect story” to win this one, I simply Camtasia for getting my job done, as its one of the requirements I find myself every other day, being in web services industry.

  • I come from China and I used snagit from the same company before. I am new to mac. I heard Camtasia for Mac is a very good screen recorder.

    Unlike windows, Mac is the heaven of photo or video software. I got my first mac mini one week ago. I really like some softwares, but the price blocked me. Camtasia for Mac is also expensive for Chinese people. I bought snagit this year for $50, it is the highest price software I bought.

    I am a software volunteer and I like to share software tips with others. I used “wink” ( in windows to make tutorials. I don’t find free one in mac to do such thing. So I really want to use Camtasia for Mac to make good mac software tutorials.

    If I am lucky to get a copy of Camtasia for Mac . I will do such thing:

    1. make a complete “Alfred” tutorial for Chinese people. Alfred is wonderful!
    2. make a tutorials of “Forklift” for Chinese. Forklift is a awesome file manage and ftp client. It has many hidden powerful feature. I want to show the power of it.

  • Both private as in my work I am familiar with products from TechSmith.
    Camtasia for Mac is really their best.
    I really would like to have a copy of that which enables me to make great tutorials.

  • Every one of my clients tells me I’m an ‘amazing teacher’ when it comes to showing them how to use the web to build their business. I teach marketing, WordPress, social media, email marketing, etc often. And many of my clients have asked me if I’d do videos. I’ve used Jing a bit and doing video tutorials works well for me and my clients. I’d love to chat a copy of Camtasia for a number of reasons. And feature I’m most excited to use – being able pan in on focus areas. And really, all the editing features.

  • I’d add it to the list of tools I use to make the world a better place.

  • I’d love to start publishing videos for some of my open source projects!

  • This will undoubtly boost my screencasting process in my workflow. I really need this.

  • Have been looking at this software for quite some time now, would be great to win it! Want to use it for work-related projects in which I can really show off with the screencasts I’ll be able to make with this tool!

  • Would love to take camtasia out for a spin….:)

  • Considering winners are chosen at random, I’m not gonna complain about how much I want this. Honestly, I couldn’t care either way.

  • I used to use this on my PC before I converted to Mac and miss it like hell. I would use its awesomesaucyness for making movies in virtual worlds.

  • i would like to win the copy because i am a sysadmin that could use this tool as a training application. if you were to pick me, you could single handedly save my marriage by helping me train others so i can have days off with my family!!

  • I would love to win this and start the new year right!

  • Framing the capture in a device is something I am really missing in the current app I am working with

  • I just picked up my brand new iMac and this would be an awesome new addition!

  • I’d love a copy to use in my classroom.

  • ciao j’avais cet apps sous Windows avant avant il y a tellement longtemps que la seule chose dont je me souvienne est quelle fonction super bien et a toute les fonction utile pour faire plein de chose friendly

  • I’d add it to the list of tools I use to make the world a better place

  • I am not good at use Mac OS but i know some feature of Mac. I want to use Camtasia 2.0.0 for Mac. After i make a screen record on my screen of Mac, i open file that i just recorded. For full screen, my video is not so clear. How can i fix this problem? Please help?