Layers & Concentrate Giveaway

We seem to be on a roll with software giveaways at the moment – both here, and at Web.AppStorm. We’re continuing the momentum today, and have copies of both Layers and Concentrate to give away.

Concentrate is a great application that helps you work and study more productively by eliminating distractions. Our review of Concentrate is a good place to start if you’d like to find out more.

We reviewed Layers a few months ago, and found it to be a well rounded app which reliably delivers on the promise of providing a layered PSD file of your desktop.

We have five licenses of each application to give away. To enter, just leave a comment on this post telling us which you would prefer and why. The competition will run for one week, and we’ll announce the winners on the 23rd September. Good luck!


Add Yours
  • I would prefer Concentrate because, I allways have a lot to do and nothigs is done. Concentrate definitely will help me at work

  • I would love a copy of layers. I use photoshop a lot and I think it would come in real handy.

  • Concentrate…because seeing the orange icon in my dock brightens my day.

    Oh, and the ability to automate the range of tasks makes setting up activities (e.g., writing) and focusing so damn easy.

  • I’d prefer Layers… Just trying to develop my artistic side a bit more :)

  • I’d definitely like Concentrate because I am writing on a book and I really need to stay focused.
    Sadly I am just human and all the funny facebook notifications, emails, messengers and other virtual pidgeons are just distracting me in seconds.
    I am a pretty poor student and therefore I cannot afford going to the best place for doing my work, my favourite café, all the time :-(.
    Enough of my whining, I need some cheese with it.

    So long!

    P.S.: Ninja wizards attacked my brother who now only has one arm left on the right side and I need to raise money for a new set of silverware which does not have knifes!

  • I would prefer Layers; mainly because it would make app mock-ups and tutorial production much quicker.

  • I will choose concentrate as I already own littlesnapper which is fine for me and I think I really need to “concentrate” during my computer time

  • I would prefer Concentrate because as a researcher I have to keep myself from getting distracted too often. Plus I love the possibility to record the time spent on a project, it gives you an extra push.

  • I’ve no idea why my post don’t appear, maybe I’m doubling my request (if so please eliminate this double post…).

    I choose CONCENTRATE

  • A nice way to get rid of disrtractions like iChat, Facebook, Twitter etc.

  • I need to concentrate..soo… I need Concentrate! :)
    Always a lot of things to do and i need a way to help me with that.

  • I would prefer to have a copy of Layers, because it would make tutorial creation significantly easier for me. Layers would allow me to quickly create screenshots of specific windows and quickly place them into the tutorial without having to spend a large amount of time trying to crop the screenshot in order to have it by itself. Layers would be very useful to me in this respect, and that is why I would like a copy of it.


  • I prefer Concentrate because my short attention span and lack of a good memory always distracts me from my work… I completely forgot what I was about to do after I type this =))

  • I’d prefer Concentrate because I’m a student and sometimes I just forget what is that I should do at the moment and switch to another task. And I’ve been looking for a solutoin lite this for a long time. I really like the idea of Growl notifications)

    P.S I liked WorkAwesome a lot, looking forward to read new posts there

  • I prefer Concentrate because my short attention span and my lack of good memory always leads me no where in my work… wait what was I ganna do again after this…

  • As I am a lazy guy, I should appreciate Concentrate. It’s like these smart TV remote which can power on some equipments in the same times.

  • WOW! Concentrate looks pretty good for those who need to spend less time on Twitter, IM, Youtube… I want it!

  • Concentrate, because I really need something that help me concentrate on things!

  • I would lice Concentrate more, but Layers would be awesome to.

    Concentrate would really help get rid of distraction while working. There is too much on my Mac that can distract me.

  • I would love to get Concentrate, cause I’m easily distr… ooooh, shiny!

  • I’m most interested in Concentrate. LittleSnapper is already fulfilling all my screenshot needs, but having a program like Concentrate to keep me focused sounds very helpful. Thanks for reviewing all the new Mac programs that I hear about!

  • Concentrate, cause I’m constantly wasting time not working and doing something else!

  • Layers would be fantastic because – as lovely as the icon is for concentrate – screenshotting a laborious task which shouldn’t be. Simple as that! And screenshotting should totally be a word.

  • It has been proven that multitasking makes you stupid and slow:

    So hoping to keep the few IQ points I still have left, I would like a copy of Concentrate please.

  • I would love a copy of Layers. I’m currently working on a Mac desktop application, the the capabilities of Layers would help me create some very compelling screenshots for the website I will be designing to support the software. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • I’d love to get Concentrate. My final year at uni is right ahead and I’ve got lots of stuff to do. It’d be great if I can take more advantage of my free time to study and do useful things.

  • Wow, concentrate would really help me stay on task at work and when blogging at home… I would really like it for……………… Sorry, got distracted. What was I doing again?

  • I’d love a copy of Concentrate because I’m always getting distracted!

  • I’d prefer Layers becouse… well becouse i like it and i think is a usefull app!

  • I’d would love to get Concentrate I’m an A.D.D stuying to get into graphism and motion graphics but can’t get myselft to finish my homeworks…. help me!

  • Concentrate: because siting and working behind such a sophisticated piece of creative/informational/interactive equipment such as a Mac that’s easy to use but also easy to get distracted.

    Concentrate will help. I promise myself.

  • I would prefer Concentrate, because I take my A-Levels this year and Twitter, YouTube, iTunes and various forums always prevent me from learning. :)

  • I’ve been looking for a good alternative to the various screen capture software I’ve been trying out. So Layers for me!

  • I’d love to get Concentrate. Because I’m constantly wasting time not working and doing something else! =)

  • I would go for concentrate, sometimes my desktop gets ravaged by all the apps that are open, I just think concentrate could give me an edge on focusing what is at hand.

    so my vote is concentrate

    cheers all

  • definitely concentrate, i love oranges!

  • I’m in desperate need of Concentrate, because I’m starting my University-Life in October and I’m prone to do things absolutely not related with what I want to do.

    One Concentrate for the buddy alwas getting stuck at Design-Sites? :)

  • Concentrate would be such a great help to keep me focused on finishing my doctoral thesis. – Believe me time is ticking and any help would be highly appreciated. ;)

  • I would love a licence for Concentrate – because willpower’s in short supply here, and I need a little help from my friends at Roobasoft! Personally, I prefer my fruit-juices to be made from crushed fruit, but my time? I’d like more of that to be concentrated!

  • I’d love to have Concentrate aswell. I just switched to a Mac and i still find myself browsing around OSX more than actually getting things done… which is why i actually switched to a Mac. I’m working on my companies website and after two years of 0 concentration it’s still not finished.

  • Concentrate…because it will help me to stay focused amidst all the distractions of the day.

  • I need to Concentrate!

    Well, actually it’s just a case of not being able to manage time, but I’m a college student (and I don’t even think that worthy of an excuse, hehe)!

    I get home, tired from school and still I am surfing the internetz even though I evidently need to do homework and course stuff. I read the review of Concentrate here on MacAppStorm, and I gave it a run. It just works! But since I don’t have the credit cards/cash to actually buy one… I’m commenting here!

    Again, Concentrate (oops, should be back to studying Differential Calculus now… ★ )!

    • nice on, john.:) very unique and original.

  • Concentrate seems to be a more unique approach to learning how to focus. It definitely seems like it could help remove all the distractions.

  • I would like both please because I am absolute ruler of the world and you must abide by anything and everything I say……so hand em’ over.

  • I would prefer Concentrate because I am easily distracted by other apps on my mac and I need to focus.

  • I really want Concentrate. I need an app that will help me not get so distracted. Ya know, with Twitter and all the other social media, it’s easy to stop working and just mess around. Please!! I’d love to win!

  • Concentrate – If I had Concentrate I probably would have posted a winning comment instead of being distracted by Twitter

  • Concentrate — well, it’s obvious, we are so much distracted in this world that we must have something to help us concetrated, Concentrate seems like a nice solution :)

  • Concentrate would be a big help. I am taking classes, working, and have a 4 month old. So, being able to concentrate to get my work done at night would be a real help.

  • I have terrible procrastination… I am very disorganized, and can never get around to finishing my work. I prefer Concentrate.
    Having Concentrate would be so useful to me, it would allow me to get back on track, and get my stuff done.
    Thanks :)

  • I would love Concentrate. My wife would love it if I was actually working when I was supposed to be doing work ☺

  • I like concentrate. I am a college student living in with my fraternity brothers. I need all the help staying focused as I can get.

  • I’ve been using the Concentrate demo since you reviewed it, and I’m finding it quite useful for quick focusing – I’d love to win a copy. =)

  • I would love to win a copy of Concentrate. With the million different projects going on and an equal amount of distractions I need something to help me focus on one thing at a time.

  • Concentrate is very good since it helps you get the job done faster, which means more time not in front of the computer.

  • Layers, definitely. It’d seem to make the design process go so much smoother. Concentrate would be fun, but even if my Mac doesn’t let me get distracted, there are always other things (read: ANYTHING) in my apartment that will.

  • I want one…ehm…what did i want? damn.. have to concentrate myself.. All those appz on my mac.. they look like a dozen of layers.

    OK focus. i need an copy of something.. yeah.. must be concentrate ;)

  • Freshly squeezed 100% creative processes. Made from CONCENTRATE.

  • I would love to have Concentrate, because it could possibly help me avoid procrastinating all the time. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • I’d love to give Concentrate a try for design and school alike. I struggle with that :P.

  • I would prefer Concentrate as it would help me manage and focus on one project at work at a time.

  • I’d love a copy of Concentrate so I can use it to improve my practice of The Pomodoro Technique (

  • I would like a copy of Layers to see how it compares to the recently added layer functionality in Brushes.

  • Concentrate. I’m an university student and Concentrate will help me to really concentrate to study, complete my assignments and projects just-in-time.

  • I’d love a copy of concentrate. I’m a freelancer paying my way through grad school, and a brand new dad… I think it’s fair to say that I need help concentrating.

  • I’m currently trying out Concentrate and start to like the application more and more. A real productivity application in my opinion!

  • Concentrate , my attention needs to be focused because it tends to… what was I saying?

  • Just this one time gimme Layers! Because I want it. :)

  • I would prefer Layer, because I run a Welog, which needs a lot of well done screenshots and I’m always searching for a good tool to do them better.

  • I would love to have Concentrate. I am an undergrad student who is extremely involved on campus, have an athletic marketing internship, and NEED something to help me concentrate!

  • Hi, I would love a copy of Concentrate because I have a lot of work to do on my Mac everyday but i always find myself playing Quinn or browsing your site. Concentrate is something that could help me and to get it for free would be amazing. PS I love your site and I come on everyday to feed my mac enthusiasm

  • I’d prefer layers because i already have Paparazzi and LittleSnapper and would like a little more power with screenshots.

  • Concentrate. Because I sometimes have an issue concentrating. I need me some concentrate. And now orange juice too. :)

  • Concentrate. Mac is lovely, but I miss full screen ;)

  • I would definitly go for concentrate over leayers. Being a college student i get distracted really easily, and it would help me be able to keep focsed on my work for school so i can graduate in may.

  • I would definitly go for concentrate over leayers. Being a college student i get distracted really easily, and it would help me be able to keep focsed on my work for school so i can graduate in may.

  • Layers because man that looks freaking cool!!! I do screen caps and setup web pages that walk users through changing browser settings and web application paths, etc and I think that the WebShot feature would be super fabulous!!!


  • hi, i would like both :-D

  • Layers would be really great. I take screenshots all the time on my Mac, and even though I have LittleSnapper which works well for the task, sometimes being able to separate different components on the screen is really nice. Also, Layers is really great for tutorials and mockups, both of which I do…

  • I would love to get a copy of Concentrate! I do so much work on my computer and I am always looking for ways to stay productive!

  • I would like a copy of layers because I could take a layers of layers of different layers of my desktop with the app, layers :)

  • I would love to get a copy of Concentrate so I can stop checking on Georgia Tech sports and focus more on the work I need to get done.

  • I’m quite interested in Concentrate.

    I’d use it to better execute my tasks. I’m a Things addict for organizing my to-dos but I need help in the execution department. I’m easily distracted by Facebook (it’s a love/hate thing). Closing my browser isn’t enough because I often need the web for research or design. The ability to block specific sites and apps at the same time is brilliant!

    As an artist/entrepreneur, I often have various kinds of tasks to concentrate on – from designing to copywriting to research and business planning. I’d love to set up Concentrate to help me execute these various categories of tasks. It would be very helpful.

  • I would love to win a copy of Concentrate because I have to finish my graduation project (already 6 months late) and I always find myself jumping from app to app and losing focus (I know, I know, I need more discipline…)

  • Hi, I would like to get my hands on layers as i have just started college on a creative arts degree and am in need of proper software to help me climb the ladder it is very tough starting out with so much talent around. Just thought it would be a nice jesture to help a beginner on the road to the top.
    Thank you.

  • Truthfully, I’d love to try them both: Concentrate for my ADD and Layers for my OCD. ‘Though if I had to just choose one, my ADD side needs it more: Concentrate. :)

  • Concentrate. I have enough graphics apps.

  • Truthfully, I’d like to try them both: Concentrate for my ADD and Layers for my OCD. Although, if I had to choose just one, my ADD needs it more: Concentrate. :)

  • Concentrate. Like many others here, it doesn’t take much to distract me!

  • I did find out about Concentrate here and bought a license at the same day! It is one of the most stunning apps I have installed and I love how my workflow has been improved my it.

    I’d love to have a license of Layers, just knew about it. I am writing a lot of reviews, tutorials and documentation so it would make my work easier and more fun! :)

  • I have just started the second year of my A Levels where I am doing 2 out of the three most difficult subjects and Chinese. The exams will either get me into university and make my dreams come true or they won’t. Unfortunately I am the ultimate procrastinator and I am about to hav my new fibre Internet connection connected so I won’t be able to do any work!!! I think I need Concentrate!

  • I’d be awesome to win a copy of Concentrate, I study a lot on my macbook and this is my final year in college so I can’t go slacking off. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Truthfully, I’d like to try them both: Concentrate for my ADD and Layers for my OCD. Although, if I had to choose just one, my ADD needs it more: Concentrate. :)

  • I’m fascinated with studying creativity and flow, as well as workflow. Concentrate intrigues me, and I’m eager to see how well I can work with it. Envato sites are great creativity-stimulators, and I’m hoping Concentrate can help me take advantage of the inspiration.

  • I prefer concentrate as I use my computer mostly for writing tasks.

  • Concentrate because I have Layers and trying to get a free app has led me to stop concentrating on what I should be concentrating on…. So…………….Pick me…..


    I just wanted to say that both of these apps are great and I hope the winners get some great use out of their new apps.

    Also, great competition AppStorm! Kudos to you and the developers of the apps.

  • Concentrate. Why? Twitter and RSS.

  • Concentrate – I should be working on my website design right now but I’m here trying to win Concentrate, maybe Concentrate will do me some good

  • Layers for me.. I could use something to break my concentration from time to time instead of focusing it ;)

  • I’m working part time, attending school part time, and trying to break into freelance work, so I don’t have much time on my hands. I often find myself squandering study time and work time away by browsing the internet or chatting with friends.

    I would love to get a copy of Concentrate to help discipline myself (and if that fails, it will do the disciplining for me!) and more effectively use the time I have set aside for serious matters.

  • I would love to have Layers, it looks like such a badass app, and it would be super handy for making tutorials or taking helpful screen shots when providing support in forums.

  • id like a copy of concentrate, because i cant…

  • I’d like a copy of Concentrate. I always need help shutting off distractions and getting down to do important work.

  • I get distracted easily so I need something as Concentrate to stop procrastinating once and for all…

  • I would be blessed with a copy of Concentrate. I read the review a while ago, but didn’t bother trying it out till today. I was amazed at how good it was at doing its job. At one point I went looking for a “pause” button so that I could take a quick web browsing break. After not finding one, I realized how Concentrate had just foiled my subconscious procrastination attempts and got back to work. Thanks to Concentrate, I must have finished my work an hour earlier.

  • I’d love a copy of concentrate because I am easily distrac… oh look a butterfly!

    Seriously though, I need to do my homework. *closes Firefox*

  • Layers, I want to do an old school build of a website where you show all the changes from code to final design.

    Used to love those things, but haven’t done one myself.

  • I’d love to juice Concentrate’s icon on my dock. I’ve been playing with the trial and have been really impressed with the app’s featureset.

  • For me its a question of what I need and not what I want. Definitely concentrate! I have the tiniest attention span ever.

  • Though concentrate would be incredibly useful for me, as a web and interface designer, Layers is an amazing tool that will completely change my workflow.

  • Concentrate and Layers are of interest to me, I am using trial of Concentrate but unsure if I can afford it or not. From the Layers video, I think it could be useful, but will it be as effective at helping make good pictures as Concentrate is at stopping procrastination? If they both succeed in their purpose, then Concentrate gets my priority.

  • Well, my choice would be Concentrate. As a graduate student, needing to focus for research or writing otherwise doing school related stuff is something I struggle with, since I simultaneously need my MacBook and find plenty of ways to get distracted through it (“Okay, research here I come–ooh, facebook/twitter/blogs/etc!”). So, I’d like to give Concentrate a shot.

  • I’d like to get Layers ’cause I don’t like launching Photoshop all the time just to make small adjustments.

  • i would prefer concentrate because I am looking into going back to school and I need all the help I can get at my old age

  • Even if Layers seems very interesting, I can’t think of any situation where it would be actually useful. On the other hand I can think of a lot of situations where Concentrate would be very, Very useful (I get distracted very easily). Additionally, I don’t own Adobe Photoshop (it’s way too expensive, and I still can’t afford it).

    Therefore I would prefer Concentrate :)

  • It’s definitely Concentrate for me. I currently use GTD app to help me perform the tasks at hand but still find it hard to not click around in places that’s not productive. This problem is bigger since I have a lot of keyboard magic setup to quickly switch contexts.

  • Hey! Who needs to concentrate when you can take layered pictures of your Mac Desktop? OMG I need a copy of Layers as soon as possible!

    I can only imagine how much fun it and I can have all night long. (I’m not sure that sentence was in right English, forgive my… i’m Latin American!)


  • My workload with studies is increasing at the moment, so Concentrate would be my pick to help me stay on task and get everything done (and get good grades). Also it looks like quite an interesting app to work with. :)

  • I already own Layers, purchased it after your review. It’s a great application. I’d love a copy of Concentrate, because I’m in start up business mode, and you can’t have too many productivity tools.

  • Concentrate, since my workload with studies has been increasing lately, I could do with something to help me keep on track and get more done.

    Also it looks like quite an awesome app to play with :)

  • Concentrate, since my workload with studies has been increasing lately, I could do with something to help me keep on track and get more done.

    Also it looks like quite an awesome app to play with :)

  • I would love Concentrate for my midterms coming up soon. It’s really an app I would use loads.

  • With the LSAT looming, schoolwork piling up, and balancing jobs, Concentrate could be a great use for me. Even right now I’m procrastinating studying by being here!

    Either way — brilliant website lads.

  • Concentrate, because I need to concentrate. I am always getting distracted away from my homework and I think this little application could help.

  • I’d love concentrate, I’m just about to become a uni student and I think it’d help me *concentrate* no end!

    Keep up the great giveaways guys!

  • Layers – because screenshots are somewhat important in what I do. It’s a headache to clean up screenshots. Layers would help :)

  • Don’t give me Concentrate. C’mon..seriously. it’s like a poison for slackers. I don’t wanna go back to my geek mode where i constantly get entangled with c++ strings.

  • I can’t concentrate with all your competitions.

  • Layers, does it work with Snow Leopard? If so, I’d really like a copy; it seems very handy for when you have a design prepped but want to move things around in the design that you have all these layers.

  • I like a copy of cocentrate. Hopes it willhelp me to focus on the things that are really matters.

  • Concentrate, study-work-clients’ or personal or companies projects, … so many things to do and many times, all they opened at same time. I have seen Concentrate and wanted to purchase, maybe here is my luck to Concentrate on things better :) ps, great giveaways, thanks!

  • i’d like to have a copy of Concentrate. on a mac it is really hard to concentrate to get the work done – there are so many distractions. so plz help out a student to get his concentration back.

  • Layers for me as by having concentrate I will start visiting appstorm less!

  • Id prefer concentrate so it can help me concentrate.

  • Concentrate because, well, I find it hard to concentrate quite often.

  • Layers could be useful to me, get me one !

  • Layers could be useful to me, get me one !

  • I would like to win a copy of Layers, because it would be easier to make tutorial !
    The native “Capture” application isn’t enough powerful …
    Thanks ! :-)

  • I’d love to get a Concentrate copy b/c it would match perfectly with my evolving Things/GTD normality workflow.

  • Layers! I’m making a tutorial for a Mac app and would love to grab multiple windows and icons at the same time.

  • Layers seems awesome! As a designer that could be very useful.

  • Been meaning to pick up Layers, and if I’m brutally honest, if I can get it free from here then I will be laughing!

  • Layers would be cool for creative web markups. Plus it is my birthday soon.

  • I would prefer Layers due to my job; mainly because I would make screenshots much quicker and easy.

  • I would love to have concentrate, simply because, with the awesomeness of the internet and my new macbook i can never get stuff done! As much as layers would be cool to have, and i would love it as well, it would be great to actually do some work for once!

  • I love Concentrate. The whole concept just seems simple and easy and most importantly incredibly handy and useful. I find myself distracted – especially by websites – several times an hour and adding an app like Concentrate would make my entire workflow much much smoother and faster.

  • I would like to win Concentrate. I spend far too much time when I start up the old Mac deciding what to open and get distracted by mucking around with iTunes and Adium.

  • I would take concentrade cause i need something like my mother to keep me on the line!Motherware! 8-)

  • I just do too much things beside the one I should actually do. So, I would love to win concentrate. Maybe it would help ;)

  • I’d like Concentrate. That way maybe I can make some work at least.

  • I would like “Concentrate” I am a student, and i really need to concentrate on my school work. I know my problem and that is concentrating. Its also a great application, its easy, and has good design. Hope i get it.

  • I’d definitely prefer Concentrate. I’ve installed the trial version, and it has already boosted my productivity.

  • I really need Concentrate. I lack the ability to ignore distractions when using the computer.

  • Concentrate definitely i’m very distractive in my work, I need it :)

  • I would prefer layers. I downloaded the demo and can really see this making a huge impact on my workflow.

  • In the spirit of education, I’d love to have a license for Layers. I’m currently working on several reference guides/tutorials for my co-workers and this app would make it extremely easy to create great screenshots to go along with the written instructions. Having the objects in layers would make it easy to add emphasis to windows and tooltips for the objects, while dimming the background, without having to compile multiple screenshots (which just means more time involved). That’s just one of several features that Layers would allow me to take advantage of.

    As always, thanks for all the great software reviews / giveaways!

  • Hi,

    I’d prefer Layers. It would definitely help me be more creative in my designs. Plus, it will help me make graphics of specific areas of my desktop, for example, and so that I can edit them to modify my desktop.

    PS: You guys are awesome with your giveaways!

  • Concentrate so I can stay on top of my studies, get the grades I need, head off to do my Computer Science degree at a top Uni in the UK and then get great job so I can afford to buy myself a new MBP!

  • I am going to have to go with Layers. I am trying to get a tutorial website off the ground and this seems like a great tool to have in my arsenal.

  • I’d love to win either!

  • It would be great to be able to use both of the applications!
    Thank you for your continuous effort on valuable application reviews..

  • I’d like to win Concentrate as I just entered University as a freshman in the study of Psych and Neuroscience and would like an extra hand when it comes to me and my studies. Further, my room mate keeps asking me to get on facebook when I try to study. With Concentrate in hand I’d have a less disrespectful way of saying I can’t see… I can’t go on safari to check facebook… :)

    Thank you.

  • I want I want!!!

  • I want I want!!!

  • I would love to use Layers! While Concentrate is perhaps more appropos for my easily distracted nature, I can’t see it working well in the office; where urgent requests can come in on a minute-by-minute basis, and I have to change projects so frequently my head hurts.

  • I would love to get Concentrate because I don’t have the discipline to focus on one task..

  • Layers would be great to have.

    I would love to combine the power of Layers and Motion to create an amazing dynamic screenCast effect. Giving the layers depth and panning slightly to give the screen depth.

    I think that would look fantastic!

  • Layers? Layers! My inner geek is drooling all over my slide rule now, thank you very much. Rarely is Her Geekiness so …so emotional over non-mechanical objects but the Layers app has apprehended, brain-washed and reprogrammed her with a single glance. Oh! the possibilities!

    Web page layouts, scrapbooking, genealogy ..even the grandkids’ homework would be enhanced with Layers–and with six of the little hooligans, I can use all the creative and time-saving help available.

    If not for my sake, at least consider the children. Granting me a license to Layers will save a half dozen vulnerable little piggy banks from certain destruction.

  • I’d love to get my flesh eating zombie hands on Layers. I’ve been thinking about putting together some design tutorials for various blogs. Layers would be a HUGE help with it!

  • Both are awesome ideas and concepts. Layers would be great for creating image-based tutorials where you’re switching between different applications. Also very useful for creating UI where you line things up on the screen and then want to edit that in Photoshop (or similar) in layers.

    But Concentrate takes the cake, or, better said, the juice. I’ve used Freedom and Self-Control, both of which are great. But where Concentrate pulls ahead is the ability to set up a number of different applications and files to use for a project and only those, rather than the all-or-nothing approach of Self-Control. It’s sort of a combination of Self-Control and WriteRoom (a program I also love), but more versatile.

    I can’t afford a license for it at this point, but I’d love to own it. I’m very much a multi-tasker, and sometimes that’s good, but often it’s more a hindrance than a help. And with a very demanding job (I work as a full-time volunteer in a non-profit), I could sure use more help to focus on the most important tasks of the moment in order to get more done. So I hope I get the free license, but if not, I’ll keep using Self-Control.

    The one feature I think Concentrate needs is the ability to block an application from launching. Sure it automatically closes the ones you list, but if you can just click on them to re-open them, it might not be enough of a safeguard.

    Thanks for the reviews of both apps.

    • Hi, I’m the dev of Concentrate. You mention:

      “The one feature I think Concentrate needs is the ability to block an application from launching. Sure it automatically closes the ones you list, but if you can just click on them to re-open them, it might not be enough of a safeguard”

      This is coming in 1.1 later this month (hopefully). I mention more about 1.1 here:

      Thanks for the detailed comment.

  • Layers – this would be a good help for my work.

  • Gimme gimme concentration, please!

  • Tried Layers and I was stunned, great app!

  • I’d go for Layers. Hope I’m lucky!!

  • I think I’d use Layers a lot. I’m constantly taking screenshots for documentation and it’d be a big help to be able to separate windows.

  • First year student in Computer Science and I will need (to) Concentrate!!

  • Concentrate! I used the demo and LOVED it! I am studying to take the bar and would like to use it for that purpose!

  • Concentrate for sure! Too many distractions, can they build a app that makes an invisible barrier around you to keep pets away too.

  • Concentrate! I need concentration!

  • I’d love to win Concentrate!

    As a movie translator and graphic designer, I know how hard it is to concentrate having all of these internet distractions all around :P.

  • I definitely prefer Concentrate! Simply because my final high school exams are starting in less than two months and I still have a LOT of studying and assignments to be done in such short period of time. The problem is that I procrastinate A LOT. I tried things, selfcontrol, leechblocker etc. But they usually only help me for like a week. Then I just find other things to procrastinate on. The final exams are extremely vital to my future. So I would LOVE all the help i can get.

    Thanks :D

  • I would prefer Concentrate because I do a lot of work and get easily distracted by things like Twitter and Emails.

  • I would love either one, but Concentrate would really help me get my memoir written.

  • I would love Concentrate, it would definitely help me block out the endless amount of distractions from other apps.

  • Layers – As a graphic designer, when delivering proofs and creating images for my portfolio it’s always nice to have realistic depictions of web applications, web sites, or the progress of something I’m working on.

  • Layers – as a graphic designer it would be very useful for screenshots and delivering proofs to clients. It’s very useful for making realistic depictions for portfolio shots too.

  • I can’t wait to get a Concentrate license! :-)
    Contentrate will help me to stay focused on what I really I need to do when I’m on my mac.
    One of the great thing is I can set various scenarios and autostart/close applications and sites I neet/don’t need; I can for example create a profile for my pauses, so I’ll save time even when wasting time! I’m a very lazy boy :-P
    Thanks and sorry for my English!
    Cheers from Italy

  • I prefer Concentrate because my mind loves to wonder to sites like this when I need to be working!

    Plus, I love oranges!

  • Concentrate…

    I switch contexts frequently between research, teaching, project management and, sometimes, more private and personal activities. It would be great to switch of distractions of any kind and keep focused

  • I think I would really benefit from Concentrate. I have a real problem with procrastinating on school work and real work. I sit at my Mac and start looking at random things or going on the internet when I should be doing something productive. Even after I start a task such as school work or real work, I’m often switching to other applications to update my status, or refreshing websites to see if anyone else has posted.

    I think Concentrate would help me keep my mind on one task; making the task at hand come out faster and better.

  • Concentrate. The web is so full of wonderful and interesting things that it’s hard not to look, some days. Councentrate would help me, well, concentrate . . .

  • I would prefer Concentrate mainly for a couple of reasons: I’ve never used such a softwarre, therefore I’m extremely curious to see how it is, how it works and how it could improve my work and also because I do many different things everyday, and such an application could possibly help me a lot in doing them faster (by the way, I will graduate soon and so concentration is never enough ^^

  • I0d love to hoave concentrate, I need it baaadd!!!!!!! I can’t get anything done, having the concentration span of…….. look at the pretty colors…!

  • I would definitely like to vote for Concentrate here. I have a personal story about Concentrate, which is worth to tell :) I came to the developer’s blog occasionally and found there an article about making the Concentrate app. Surprisingly, it lead me to the Pomodoro technique, which is even more handy when being combined with such a tempo-powering tool as Concentrate.

    As it was mentioned above, Concentrate lacks some important features for now. They shall be added in v.1.1, as the author ensures us :) But even in its current state Concentrate is far useful than my current workflow – fixing of /etc/hosts and/or using Freedom.

    Also I would like to thanks Brian Cooke for these three things:
    1) the perfect article about the story of Concentrate – I decided to try “sketch the UI first” approach after reading it,
    2) the Pomodoro technique, which I found to satisfy my personal tempo quite well,
    3) the Concentrate app, it’s usability and fitting into daily workflow.

    Best regards and keep going!

  • I just love Concentrate, it’s ridiculously simple and it works for me! Single-tasking rocks.

    I would actually love to see the actions list logged somewhere and a graph representing time spent on each activity.


  • Concentrate is my choice. I would love to use this app and compare it to Things way of doing things.

  • I would love to be able to Concentrate more this semester :) I just got my first mac, and I want to unleash its productivity. I keep hearing from my classmates how a mac has helped them stay organized.

  • I would love to receive a copy of Layers, since I am still in need of a really good screenshot application. :-)

  • Woa, hard choice. I think I’d go with Layers tough as I’ve needed the full page webshot feature many times. And as a UI designer, it helps me very much.

  • I’d go with Concentrate – I have a hard time doing that sometimes, and it would help me get school and work done faster.

  • CONCENTRATE!!!!!!! Please!

    I am a freelance web designer who has been “multi-tasking” for almost ten years, and lately have I been realizing that there is no such thing. I can work like a dog for 8 hours at my desk and at the end of the day have NO idea what I did with my day.

    I NEED help!

  • Maybe if I could Concentrate I could get enough done so that a client would finally pay me. . . Of course, if a client finally paid me maybe I’d be able to afford a license for Concentrate.

    Nothing against Layers, it’s a very cool program I just don’t have a use for. Concentrate, on the other hand, is very close to some of the workflow scripts I’ve written or (more often) been meaning to write. Add in some things I’d never thought of or was doing differently (egg timer on my desk) and suddenly I can’t live without them.

    Anyway, time to switch focus and get back to work on that accounts receivable problem.

  • Concentrate.
    Because we may use our macbooks during the lessons at school now and it gives a lot of distraction when 120 pupils are all online :)

  • I would prefer Concentrate because the greatest challenge of doing all my work at a computer is that I also like to do most of my playing at my computer. This makes it hard to get things done sometimes.

  • I prefer concentrate because it simply helps me to be more focus and productive in whatever things I do with my mac. All hail this GREAT app!!

  • Concentrate, because I’m just starting my next semester and it could come in handy.

  • License for Concentrate would be ACE, my dissertation is a-calling…mentally drafting acknowledgement for Roobasoft/Macappstorm in 140 characters or less…