Postbox 2.0 Mini-Review & Giveaway

Whether you’re a power-email-user, or just occasionally jump into Gmail to grab your personal messages, Postbox is a stylish and functional email client worth considering. Recently updated to version 2.0, it’s a powerful alternative to Apple’s, and keeps improving with every release.

Today we’re going to take a quick look at some of the features launched in the latest release, and explain how you can get your hands on a free license!

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What’s New in Version 2?

Unified Inboxes & Account Groups

One of the main complaints in previous versions was the lack of a unified inbox across all your email accounts. Not only Postbox now support unified inboxes, but you can create groups of them. So you can combine your work accounts into one group, and personal accounts into another, and then unify the inboxes for each group.

Not only are the inboxes unified, but so are special folders such as sent, archive, drafts, trash, etc.

Focus and Unified Inbox

Focus and Unified Inbox

Focus Pane

This helps to break your inbox into more manageable chunks by allowing users to group messages by common theme, including topics (tags), contacts or dates.

Improved Conversation Views

Postbox Conversation Views are more powerful, actionable, and easy to read. This enables users to quickly bring themselves up to speed, and to jump into discussions with more information, context, and insight.

Conversation View

Conversation View

New To-Do View

Version 2 provides a simple and lightweight way to use email messages to track To-Dos. Easily tag messages as To-Do, create new To-Dos, and combine them into a dedicated To-Do view.

We’ll leave you to decide whether your inbox is the best place to do this – there’s lots of arguments against using your inbox/email program as a task manager, but it might work perfectly for you!

Quick Actions

The new version adds several new actions to make message handling faster, including Quick Reply, Quick Move, and Quick Folder Switch, in addition to a ton of new keyboard shortcuts for functions and navigation.

Quick Reply

Quick Reply

Winners Announced!

Congratulations to the following ten winners, and thanks again to Postbox for sponsoring the giveaway:

  • Evan
  • Pier Luigi
  • Thanos Gatos
  • Izzy
  • Weston M Gallagher
  • Bartek
  • Andy M
  • Pixada
  • Marie Conalty
  • Janik

Old Competition Post:

If that sounds good, we’re sure you’d love to win a free copy! Entering is really easy. All you need to do is retweet the following message, and leave a comment on this post with your Twitter username!

Just entered a competition to win an @postbox license, courtesy of @macappstorm:

Click here to tweet the message and enter!

Best of luck! We’ll be picking the winners in exactly one week, on Thursday the 25th November. Thanks for taking part!


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  • Got a *cough*free version*cough* to test (I hate being limited in trials) really liked it and deleted it (effectively I used it exactly the same as a trial, just how I roll) because I didn’t have the money to buy it. Nice app, if I don’t win, will certainly buy it sometime.

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  • Tried it for a couple months. It was just too big, so I went back and tweaked Mail to work the way I wanted it to. Mailtags, Act-On and Letterbox work wonders. Although I’m still waiting for Letterbox to upgrade for the OS 10.6.5 update that came out last week.

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    Btw, one of the things she is doing with Thunderbird is filing both incoming and outgoing messages together in a folder. She does this for each client, of which there are many, so undoing that filing system would be a logistical nightmare. Will Postbox allow you to file sent mail in a folder or are you forced to keep sent mail in the special Sent folder?

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