Psdtuts+ Wallpaper Competition Winners

After a great deal of deliberation, we have decided upon the winners of our desktop wallpaper competition (in conjunction with PSDTuts+). Thank you to everyone who entered. There were so many fantastic entries, choosing only ten winners was incredibly difficult.

We will be posting a huge roundup of over 160 incredible, original wallpapers tomorrow, so be sure to follow Mac AppStorm on Twitter or subscribe to our RSS feed so you don’t miss out.

The brief was to design an original wallpaper with a theme centred around Apple, AppStorm, or Lightning. We had a fantastic selection of entries – some covering all three of these areas, others covering one or two. The winning wallpapers cover a broad range of styles and techniques.

Without further ado, here are the ten lucky winners:

10th Place

Wallpaper Winner

Designed By: Fill Ryabchikoff
Wins: $50 Cash

9th Place

Wallpaper Winner

Designed By: ROMAN
Wins: $50 Cash

8th Place

Wallpaper Winner

Designed By: Joey Litalien
Wins: $50 Cash

7th Place

Wallpaper Winner

Designed By: Michel Bütepage
Wins: $50 Cash

6th Place

Wallpaper Winner

Designed By: Gabor Szucs
Wins: $50 Cash

5th Place

Wallpaper Winner

Designed By: Daniels Mekšs
Wins: $50 Cash & ExpanDrive

4th Place

Wallpaper Winner

Designed By: Tako van Midwoud
Wins: $50 Cash & ExpanDrive

3rd Place

Wallpaper Winner

Designed By: Jack Smith
Wins: $100 Cash, Pixelmator & ExpanDrive

2nd Place

Wallpaper Winner

Designed By: Pedro Donini
Wins: $100 Cash, Things, Pixelmator & ExpanDrive

1st Place

Wallpaper Winner

Designed By: Deniz
Wins: $250 Cash, 1 year Psd Plus membership (valued at $117), Things, Pixelmator & ExpanDrive


Once again, thank you to all the entrants. We’ve received a selection of brilliant wallpapers, many of which will be showcased on the site tomorrow. Prizes will be distributed to the winners over the next few days.


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  • Wow, some of those are awesome! Nice work everyone and congratulations :D

  • Congrats to all the winners! I really like the third place wallpaper. :D

  • My favorite is definitely number 3. I don’t much care for number 1.

  • Number 5 was the best followed by 4, 7, 6, and 8. The others can fall in wherever. I don’t care much for the top 3

  • Brilliant wallpapers. Number 2 is my favorite although they’re all a tad too complicated for me to want them as a wallpaper.

    • Hopefully we’ll have some simpler ones for you later today :-)

  • 5 is awesome, 3 is cute, and 2 is very sleek.

  • Some awesome wallpapers there! Congrats to all the winners.

  • Congrats to all the winner guys! All of them are awesome but 3 is my fav. ;)

  • Thanks for the feedback guys. As you can imagine, it was very difficult to rank the top ten out of 300+ wallpapers!

  • I love 9th and 10th. The top three aren’t that great I don’t think.

  • Sorry for sounding like a Jackass but I don’t really think number 4 deserves that spot but i understand it was a difficult contest.. in my opinion number 10 and eight deserved much better spots… Anyway congratulations to the winner and the runner ups

    • Do you mean that in the positive or in the negative way? Do you want to give number 4 a higher or a lower place? I just really love number 10, 9, 5 and 4.

  • Well done people. My favourite is Joey Litalien’s (8th Place).

    • <3

      • Same, i find your wallpaper the best!

  • Yea,great stuff, Unhappy unfrtunaluty my work is not in the lisk :(.

    Thank you for contest

  • Congrats. #3 was fav too.

  • Congrats to the winners, my favs: 5 and 8.

  • These are all pretty awesome.

  • nice works

  • Congratulations to all the Winners

  • great wallpapers

  • 1st , Second and fifth are awesome! and 8th is good too!
    their nice! congratulations everyone!

  • My top 3 is:

    #10 (This is one is by far the best)

    This was my entry btw;

  • Links to the webpages/blogs of the winners would be great.

  • All in all a great contest with great results. My only concern is that there are so many with a nebula as the background; is this something that just happened to catch the eye of the judges or that they were explicitly looking for?

    Just looking so we can be even better in future contests!! :)

    I think mine lost because it filled the canvas; wallpapers tend to be better when centered, like these winners :)

  • congrats to the winners, even if some of them, and most likely teh winner got some ‘non- personal work’ used; as stated in the contest announce, we should use only strictly personal work, its a bit unfair this is a bit unfair if u ask me, but hey, i like them all. (well at half of them :))
    good job

  • cool contest….

    3 is my favourite too… ;)

  • The nebula is pure because of OS X theme, that’s why #10 completely fits.

  • you gotta be kidding me. they all sucked. (number 3 is ok though)

    • Constructive criticismes would be great.

  • congratulation , all thoughts behind the wallpapers are appriciatable, :) and nice work of art every one worth.

  • Congratulations, I loved 4, 5 and 7 they are the most awesome (i.e. should be 1 2 3 :P ).

  • Thank you all for the great reactions and the congratulations. :D I’m the maker of number 4. I hope you like it. I made it all by my self without any influence from the outside. Sorry for my English, I’m not from the UK or VS. :P

  • My favorite is 3d place xD

  • Sorry to jump on the band wagon but number three should have won by mile.

  • #2 is my favourite, congrats everyone…i was making one out to participate but i didnt finish it -.-

  • 2nd had to be 1st!

  • Great background collection, Really it’s amazing designs.