Slammer Winners Announced

Thank you to everyone who entered our competition to win a copy of Slammer. I’m pleased to announce that the results are in, and our five lucky winners are:

  1. Scott Arthur
  2. Toastedtoast
  3. MarFan
  4. Cristoffer
  5. Margaux

Sorry to all those who missed out, but we’ll have another competition coming soon. Thanks for reading Mac.AppStorm!

  • Lakshmi Vyas

    Congratulations to the winners and thanks to everyone that participated.

  • Mosotomoss

    Slammer is a great software to have. We use it all the time at the office. Those who have it, will really get great use out it. Those who don’t have it, look into it!

  • MarFan

    Awesome and Thanks!

  • Margaux

    Wow! Can’t believe I finally won something. Thank you!