Snippet Competition Winners

Thank you to everyone who entered the competition to win a copy of Snippet, and thank you to the developers for providing the licenses for the giveaway.

I’m pleased to announce that the results are in, and the ten winners are:

  • Scott Cormier
  • Amy
  • Dominik Porada
  • Dan P
  • Sven
  • Anders Adamsson
  • John Einselen
  • elmuymac
  • Josh Boulton
  • oykun yilmaz

Congratulations to the lucky winners, and sorry to those who missed out. Remember, our wallpaper competition is still open over at PSDtuts+, so head over there to try your hand at graphic design!


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  • Congratulations to the winners. I think I’m going to have to purchase Snippet after loosing out. I look forward to the next comp’!

  • hey, I’m one of the winners… thanks! great! i was thinking to purchase Snippet, great app! ;) Thanks again! this app helps a lot… ;)

    • just received License Key :) and installed straight away :D thanks again!

  • What to do with all that time I’m going to save now??


    Thank you

  • THANKS THANKS THANKS!!!, I’m very happy cause is a very helpful app. My prayers was listened! Thanks (just received License Key!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  • Thank you! Thank you very much!!

  • I’m one of the winners, thank you!

    How do i receive my license key?

  • Yay :D Thanks!