The Little App Factory Winners

Thank you to everyone who entered our competition to win the whole suite of apps created by The Little App Factory.

This was a particularly big competition, and we received some fantastic comments packed with suggestions for the AppStorm websites. I’ll be reviewing these over the next few days to pick out a few new ideas for reviews, articles, and changes to the network.

Without further ado, here are the three lucky winners who are walking away with the full suite of apps created by The Little App Factory:

Congratulations, and we’ll be sending through your license codes shortly! Once again, thank you to everyone who entered, and thank you to the developer for generously donating the licenses.

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  • I’m not bitter or anything but Simon’s was more of a joke, nothing constructive or of any value. Jeff’s was ‘to do nothing’, creative answer. Sébastien’s had an actual suggestion, fair enough.

    I must of got the wrong end of the stick when you asked for some constructive ideas for the site.

  • Hey hey thanks my friends for that great prize!

  • Have the winner been chosen from a draw? I have to agree with the first commenter.

  • The winning comments were picked randomly – we always avoid picking “best” answers, because there are far too many and our opinion would quite likely be contested.

    Sorry that you missed out, Ben, but I really do appreciate your input into the site. Your comments were very useful!

    • Okay, that’s fair enough. No hard feelings.


  • That’s good to know that those were randomly picked, I thought you’d select the “best one” and to be honest, those were not really the best ones as I have seen suggestions far better than those of the three. But fair enough, since it was a random selection :)

  • Awesome! Thanks MacAppStorm and The Little App Factory!

  • Oh come now people, who doesn’t want more animated spinning gifs on a website?

    Anyway, thanks MacAppstorm and The Little App Factory. I’m delighted to win this draw. That’s 2 competitions I’ve won in a week. I brought a lottery ticket too… I wonder? Future comments may be being made from my yacht in the Mediterranean!