Things Competition Winners

Thank you to all those who entered our first competition to win a copy of Things. We received over 500 entries, and confirmed my suspicion that everyone loves a good app giveaway!

Three winners have been randomly chosen, and I’m excited to announce that they are:

Congratulations to the winners, who will be contacted via email shortly. I’m very grateful for all your useful comments and input on what you’d like to see on AppStorm. I’m still working my way through all the suggestions, but so far have found some fantastic ideas.

If you didn’t win this time, don’t worry! A competition to win a copy of WriteRoom will be coming later this week. Rather than entries via comment, this time I’ll be asking you to send me a tweet. In preparation, feel free to follow AppStorm and I’ll let you know how to enter in due course!

  • Jash Sayani

    Damn, I missed it!! Hope to win next time…..

    BTW, Congratulations to the winners….

  • David Turnbull

    Wow, I really didn’t expect I’d win. I never win comment-based competitions. Thanks AppStorm & Cultured Code – made my night. :)

  • Stephen Coley

    @Davide Turnbull

    I didn’t think I’d win either, I actually kind of forgot about it. Happy I did though! Thanks a ton AppStorm.

  • Karinne

    Ah darn! I was really hoping to get a copy of Things! Oh well… I guess I’ll just have to fork out the cash and buy it! ;)

    Congrats to the 3 winners! Lucky b’s… LOL!

  • sineload

    Congrats to winners.

  • JonO

    Randomly chosen, huh? Last time I put actual thought into a competition on this site. Oh, and nicely done using my idea. Classy.

    • David Appleyard

      Hi JonO – Unfortunately, the only fair way to judge 500+ entries all containing very similar themes is to pick a random set of winners! I do thoroughly appreciate your input to the site though.

      • JonO

        Well, perhaps…except for all the entries that said “I don’t have an suggestion! Give me a copy anyway!”

  • artmania

    uuu so bad! I bought this mbp so late for the competition. I really would like to join this one, I’m testing Things in beta version, and really love it! :)

    hope next time ;)

    aha, ps. cong. to lucky winners :)