Win a Billings 3 License

Having recently reviewed the popular time tracking and invoicing tool Billings, we have yet another giveaway for you to grab a free copy for yourself. Billings is an excellent tool for managing clients, projects and the time you spend on particular pieces of work.

We’ve giving away two copies in two different ways:

  • Copy 1: This will be awarded randomly to one of our Twitter followers – just make sure you follow us to be in with a chance of winning.
  • Copy 2: Leave a comment on this post stating why you’d love a copy of Billings – one will be randomly selected as a winner.

You’re welcome to enter through both methods (following us on Twitter and leaving a comment), but you can only win one copy. Do both to double your chances of winning!

The competition will run for one week, and the winning follower and comment will be chosen at random on the 11th March 2009. As with all competitions, there’s just one legal point to make – you aren’t eligible to take part if you work for Envato.

Best of luck, and tell your friends!

  • Chris

    I’d love to win a copy of billings as I am about to make the leap into a freelance career and this application would be incredibly useful for me.

  • Gary Thom

    I’d love a copy because while I have QuickBooks it drives me insane, complete overkill, and the bane of my existence! I’m a freelance photographer, not an accountant! Billings looks like it might fit the bill (no pun intended)

  • John

    Would like it for tracking clients (I work as a freelance videographer and editor) as opposed to using Excel and paper.

  • Mihai

    This would make my freelancing work much easier. I heard good things about it.

  • Thorsten Keller

    I’d love to win a copy of billings, because I’m a freelance media-designer with not so much account experience. And looks like billings could help me out very well.

  • Thiemo Gillissen

    I’d love to win a copy of Billings, since I am used to write my invoices manually with Pages and I’d like to have them all in one place. Billings looks very posh, full of functions yet very clean. This application sounds very useful.

  • Nathan Crenshaw

    I need this. Thanks!

  • Renato

    Would like to win a copy of Billings… My customers would like to pay the bills with a smile, because you can create so nice bills! =)

  • Eric

    i’m actually about 1 week in to the trial period of Billings and a couple other invoicing apps … and Billings is by far the best. i’d love a free copy instead of having to buy it at the end of my trial. thanks!

  • Dominic

    I would love to win a copy! Looks like it could save me a lot of time :)

  • mike.

    I want it for the store of my parents. I try to convince them buying themselves a make for a while.


  • Uwe

    As a webdesigner you need to write invoices. With Billings this gets extremely easy and also very nice, so a free copy would be kinda awesome ;)

  • Dave

    I would love a copy, would make life a lot easier!

  • Daryn St. Pierre

    I love Billings! I would like to have a copy of my own.

  • Shawn

    I need a new way to do invoices, so this would be great. Thanks!

  • Nico du Plessis

    Pick me!

  • Paul Davis

    Anything that saves me working for an extra hour to buy software is always good. =]

  • Patrick

    Heard good things!

  • Fábio Bernardo

    Seems a nice way to make billings, clean and simple.

  • Siarhei Barysiuk

    I would love to win a copy!

  • curtismchale

    Your Message…I would love billings cause the app looks sweet. I have tried lots of solutions for tracking time and invoices but billings looks like the best out there and a free copy would be great.

  • Gary

    I’d love a copy of Billings3 as I will be finished my masters in a few months and want to start freelancing as soon as I can. Billings would be a great help.

  • Ben

    I too, as a freelancer, would love to have a copy of Billings!

  • Samuel Lorette

    Hoo, As a starter freelancer, Billings really interests me :-)

  • Mosaik

    I’d love to win Billings because I downloaded the trial, set it up and now the trial’s run out. And I need to send out some invoices so that I can afford to purchase Billings but I can’t send out the invoices… because I haven’t purchased Billings… catch 22!

  • Fernando Lins

    I’d like a copy of billings because I’m tired of timing my work with a sun dial clock. Yup, that’s summer in brazil for ya.

  • mark

    i would love to win a copy!

  • Adisa Collis

    would be nice!

  • Keith Aric hall

    I really need a copy of Billings. My freelance business is picking up!

  • Kumail.H.T

    I dont have a mac so I would like to give it away on my blog!

  • Kolbe Maison

    I don’t need it at all since i’ve already got Billings 2, but what the heck..

  • Radical Bender

    So I can stop making monthly payments to Freshbooks. (Not that they aren’t great, but that adds up!)

  • Milan

    Me needs this!

  • JC

    *Raises hand*


  • FlashJunkie

    Gimme Gimme Gimme! :D

  • Federico Viticci

    I would love to win a copy of Billings for two reasons:

    1) I realized my dream opening an eBay store ( last month. Billings would be the perfect app to organize and keep my work organized and…mac-style.

    2) I’m Italian. Maybe the only one here.

    Thanks,anyway guys!

    • Gianmarco Simone

      You’re not alone, Federico. In bocca al lupo per il negozio!

  • Rob

    I work from home and my boss is always interested in hours spent on flat and hourly-rate projects. I use Timesheet currently; but it looks like Billings would be a much more robust solution.

  • taufiq

    With great all featured in billings, i would loved to win a copy, :D

  • Christoph Spiegl

    I wouldn’t have to add hours in spreadsheets, so it would make my freelance life easier.
    The trial seemed really great and easy to use!

  • Pascal

    I would love a copy of Billings for my customers who love beautiful invoices :)

  • Allan

    Seriously…I would love a copy of Billings! I’ve been looking at them for months…

  • Jon

    I’ve been contemplating Billings for some time and it would be great to get a free copy!

  • Jonno Cohen

    I’ve been sitting on the fence about Billings for the past couple months, and this would be the perfect excuse for me to finally take the plunge and get my invoicing systems in order.

  • Nic Brownlee

    I’d love to win a copy of billings as I am just about to make the leap to ‘going it alone’ and this application would be incredibly useful for me.

  • Jamie Taylor

    ooh pick me! I’m rubbish at keeping paperwork in check. Proper rubbish. The tax evasion charge is purely down to my lack of organisation ;)

  • Tony S.

    I’d love a copy of Billings to use for my own personal freelance photography business!!! It would be tremendously helpful!!! Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  • Ryan Ogden

    Billings3! I would love this great program to help me get paid! Say good bye to the ancient spreadsheet!

  • Andy

    Just started freelancing a few months back and so far I’ve been pants at organising myself. Billings looks like it could really help me out.

  • John Metcalf

    I would love to win a copy of Billings 3 so I can track and invoice my clients. Then I can stop entering contests to win stuff!

  • Ben Barber

    Billings 3 would be a great addition to my toolbox!

  • Alexander Carlsen

    This app would be absolutely great now when I go freelance for the first time.

    Thanks for a nice blog

  • Bruno Abrantes

    As some other commenters said, I’m also making the transition into a freelance career. Having tried Billings already, I know it’s the perfect app to run my (hopefully) growing business!

  • Casey McLaughlin

    I would love to have this application simply because I’m founder of a new web hosting/web design/web programming firm. Along with I’m currently in development for a new content management solution that I know will get popular very quickly in the life of what it’s being built for. I believe software like this could help keep track of clients invoices, time I’m spending on work, along with being on my iPhone everywhere I go so I’m always up to real time knowledge of my company.

  • Bjorn

    Would love to have all of the features of Billings. (Currently just using Freshbooks)

  • Martin

    Billings is hard professional app with invoices, payments, projects, reports, invoice gallery (i love this :-) ), i am web designer and web developer professional and i will win professional invoice app. I will win Billings.

  • Richard

    thinking about going freelance… this would be great for time tracking and invoicing

  • Hyun

    I would love to add Billings to my arsenal of tools for my freelance business. Would benefit greatly from the time tracker feature and all those gorgeous invoice designs!! Currently using Zoho invoice. Tx for the opportunity. Cheers.

  • Jeff Whitfield

    Although I work for a small web development company, I still do sidejobs here and there. Having the ability to easily keep track of invoices for this stuff would be awesome. :)

  • Joe Fritz

    Winning Billings would be amazing, considering I just had to do my taxes and realized the havoc a disorganized invoicing system can wreak. Please help me get organized!

  • Andy Sowards

    I would love to win this! I just got my first mac and would love to try this app! It looks so sleek and sexy, and helpful to my business! There are just so many invoicing/billing programs out there I have no idea what to use?! Hopefully this will help me decide and take over the world finally. been meaning to do that.

  • Nathaniel Hirschler

    I’m a 15 year old entrepreneur that’s trying to juggle school, and building 4 websites for people.

    Billings would be incredibly useful for me!

  • Arjen

    I just like it.

  • Chris K

    This would help my freelancing accounting a great deal.

  • Shane Sponagle

    I would like a copy of billings because I have many billings to do and need a billing application to handle all the billing tasks. My friend Billy, who has a heard of billy goats, uses billings to keep track of the billy goats that he sells to Mr. Bill who uses billings to keep track of the billables that he accumulates in a billing period while he buys and sells billy goats by the billions. You see if it wasn’t for my friend Billy and his boss Mr. Bill using Billables to keep track of their billy goat billings I would not be aware of how great the mac app Billings is for billing. :)

  • Justin Johnson

    I am financially retarded.

  • Chandler Van De Water

    I want a copy of Billings because I’m feeling lucky.

  • Brandon Martinez

    I’m trying to get a small at-home business started; I’ve used the demo, looks awesome and it would work perfectly for me :)

  • Arpan

    I’m a designer & developer, and bill my clients based on the time that I spend on any particular project. So, Billings would be useful for its timer and invoicing functions.

  • Jonathan

    This will be great for me to get a better handle on the amount of time I spend on projects. And who doesn’t need a very well organized invoicing system?

  • capsula

    this time ill be lucky i know it :D hehe
    billings is a must have for all freelancers :)

  • Praveen Sharma

    I’d love a copy of Billings so I can pass it on to my girlfriend who is struggling to bill freelance clients and raise money to attend Hyper Island, a highly esteemed design program in Sweden.


  • Braden Douglass

    A new design entrepreneur along with my IT and Social Media side would love to win, thanks Appstorm for being awesome!

  • Andrew Pryde

    Of course it would be great to get a copy :) Would really help with my billings (Pun?).


  • Nelleke

    I just started freelancing, and this is the best application for invoicing and timetracking i’ve seen out there. Its easy to use and it looks nice.

    And i would love to buy Billings today if i could, but I’m waiting on my first creditcard to come in!

    so thats why I would love to win a copy :-)

  • Spejman

    I would love to win a copy because I want to make lots of billings!

  • Kevin

    Starting a design studio from scratch, Billings would save all the time I spend writing out each invoice and tracking them by hand.
    Cheers, and good luck.

  • Jon Shamir

    I would like to win billing because it is such a cool application…

  • Joe Casabona

    I’ve been on a quest for good invoicing software and have been meaning to try out Billings!

  • Benoit Deziel

    I need beautiful invoices and a great time tracking app, I hate SimplyComptable and I can’t stand using Windows for another day. Pick me!

  • Gary Pearman

    A copy of billings… mmmm, yes please!

  • Eugene Peart

    Great offer, Hope I win.

  • Jake

    Would love to win it because it is a nice way to keep track of invoices so I will worry less.

  • Marek Levak

    I got a mess in my projects and billings, so this app would really help me :) Thanks

  • Steve Robillard

    I am trying t organize these admin tasks rather than doing everything myself. As I move to expand the company. If it is all stored in my head or on my computer no one else can help.

  • Nathan

    I would love to win a copy of Billings 3 because I currently have to track time and fill out invoices with broken pencils and rusty xacto blades on badly photocopied (and crooked) ledgers.

    Ok, that’s a dirty lie. But it’d still be nice to have a copy.

  • Christian

    Too late? No? Perfect.

  • Antonija

    I would like a copy of this app! Gimme oneeee :)

  • KevinBrown

    Billings looks like a great piece of software! I’d love a copy! I’m trying to get my freelance business off the ground.

  • Juarez Filho

    Outch! That’s cool! I’d love to win a copy of billings because it’s just what I need for my freelance career.

  • Ben Jacob

    Time doesn’t matter since winner is randomly picked.. So here I’m..

  • Aaron Leavitt

    Billings would be a slick way to keep things sorted, I’ve tried all sorts of on and off line solutions.

  • Sascha

    I would love a copy of Billings because until now I am using Word for that job and that is a complete mess.

  • Sérgio Umlauf

    I would love a copy of Billings.

  • Evan Lovely

    I would love a copy of Billings because I need a timer in menu bar with hour traking and need to be able to create kick ass looking invoices. Plus I’m from a town called Billings, so I don’t think it could more appropriate. ;)

  • Luke Canvin

    Sounds like a really useful piece of software!

  • Kristian Walker

    I’d love a copy as I don’t have any app for invoicing. I’m a freelancer supporting a large family, so anything that helps my bottom line is awesome.

  • Jake Mates

    A copy of Billings would make freelancing SO much easier!

  • Paris Vega

    I used the trial of Billings and fell in love with its timer and invoicing. I’ve switched to a free online service (Blinksale), but have maxed out the free account. A free copy would be perfect for my freelance projects and would help jumpstart my transition to full-time self-employment.

    App Storm rocks.

  • rauniste

    I don’t need that ;)

  • Tyson Dueck

    Me and another designer are working towards making Freelancing our full time jobs, instead of just ont he weekens. This program would help us out now, and even more in the future.

  • Slobodan

    I would really like to get my finances in order with Billings. :)

  • Antonio

    I would really improve my Freelancing. Thanks!

  • Brooke

    As a full-time freelancer, I’d love a copy of Billings!

  • Brooke

    Im just now looking for a new invoicing app, and Billings3 is the first one that caught my eye. Id LOVE to win a copy :)

  • Megan

    I would love a copy of Billings because I’m totally disorganized with my freelance work. I think it would really help me accurately run my business. Also, I’ve downloaded the trial and I love it so far!

  • Dani Botond

    I need one too. :)

  • Alex Aubert

    As a freelance webdesigner, I’d love win a billings licence! The trial gave me all I needed but I was waiting for this giveaway.
    Thank you appStorm.

  • Ryan Stang

    I am making the leap from a Full-time design job to Freelance design career, I could really use a copy of Billings

  • Luke

    I’d love a copy because then I can bill people, and they can pay me, and then I can buy a copy? umm, does that work?

  • Sam

    I need billings so I can finally get paid!!!

  • Bill Labus

    I’d love a copy, as I’m just a poor high school student who does graphic design on the side to try to save some money up for college, and my clients frequently ask for invoices.

    That didn’t sound guilty at all, did it? (though unfortunately, it’s the truth) :)

  • Dan Gayle

    I used Billings once. It was cool. I would love to have a copy.

  • http://pxjunkie.blogspot erbag

    As a freelance designer I was looking for an application that would allow me to have a time tracker and invoicing system. Was initially considering QuickBooks, but reading this article I want to get Billiings instead…still trying to decide!!!!

  • Philo

    I would love to receive a copy! Its a great app for freelancers such as myself.

  • Oliver

    Count me in! :)

    Cheers from bonn, germany, Oliver

  • Rae

    The time tracker would save me so much time!

  • Will

    I would like a copy of Billings 3 please because I’ve recently had lots of work to do and could desperately do with some decent software to track customers, organise projects and issue invoices. I’ve tried other software suggested in your “12 Mac Apps for Running a Freelance Business” article and nothing else seems to match what Billings can offer a freelancer.

  • Nick Hamze

    I would love to win a copy of billings, the keep track of jobs in my head method doesn’t work as well as you would think

  • Evan

    As a freelance web consultant I’ve had my eye on Billings for some time. The problem is, much of my work is done either on the cheap or for free to help non-profits get a solid web prsence. Thus I just don’t have the capital to invest in buying Billings. It would be a great help to me and those I work with to get free copy.

    Thanks for a super site.

  • David

    Billings seems to be an AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING app…… for a freelancer like me, just what I would need to keep track of invoices and clients. I’ve been manually sending out invoices sent from Word for a while, and this would add so much simplicity to my life!

  • Erwin

    Just started a freelance career and was searching for a the right app to bill my clients… and here it is! Billings for me please?

  • Bry

    Hi I want to win billings becauce I don’t like math, paper, or clients ripping me off.

  • Thomas Furlonger

    I would really love a copy of this as I am am just starting my own business and this would be such an awesome help. It will save me loads of time.

    At the moment I really don’t have the money to buy this app so it would be awesome to get it.

    Thanks, AppStorm!

  • Luis Martins

    I would love to have Billings!

  • Joel Wires

    I would love to have a copy of Billings. I recently started doing more freelance design work and MS Excel is just not working too well for keeping track of multiple jobs/invoices.

    Please pick me!

  • John

    I would love a copy of Billings because I am unorganized and currently waiting on an unpaid invoice so it would make me feel better about life.

  • Crazzybrad

    I would love a copy of Billings. This would be very helpful for me in replacing Excel and Numbers.

  • Rickey

    I’d love a copy of billings because it’ll really streamline my work-flow.

  • Gus Fune

    I’d love a copy of billings so I can start making real invoices. My clients complained about my textedit invoices with ASCI images.

  • Jason Hill

    I have purchased and reviewed several billing applications since opening my business two years ago. To this date, I have never found a solution to my problem. I have reviewed billing and would love to incorporate it into my business. It contains the features that any designer would love to have.

  • Kim

    I’m about to graduate and start up a thrilling new career in freelance illustration, so invoicing software such as this would be extremely helpful. =)

  • Vasili

    If I were to ever start freelancing, it would be a great tool to have. :)

  • Whiteyez

    I need Billings 3 to pay three bills..

  • Matt Rhodes

    Great software for freelancers? What more could you ask?

  • Chris

    I’ve been using another App. Billings looks more appealing, but the previous investment make it difficult to jump ship. So a free shot at it would be stellar!

  • Andrew Kelsall

    I’d like to win Billings, as Ive used the Trail version already and loved it. I was about to buy a copy, but I’ll try and win a copy instead here…

  • guitrasher

    I’ve been doing some freelance lately (it’s been picking up) and I would love to make great invoices in much less time.

  • Eric Montgomery

    Billings 3 looks to be an excellent app for any freelancer or otherwise self-employed person.

    Granted, from first glance, I wasn’t impressed that I had to purchase a separate app to integrate with my iPhone though.

  • Neil Mackinder

    Billings looks awesome, I’d love to win it!

  • Daniel McCullum

    Billings would be a wonderful way to keep track of time spent on web development projects, and would allow me to have an easy way of billing clients as well :)

  • Yanko

    I don’t want to share top billings with my wife anymore – I want my own copy, fellas :o)

  • John

    I’d love to have a copy. I’m a freelancer who recently bought On the Job 3, a Billings competitor. I’ve been unimpressed and am looking at Billings, but I’ve already spent money on On the Job! Getting a license would be great, and helpful.

  • Jev Hvid

    Luck be a mac app tonight…!

  • Kieran Briggs

    I would love a copy of billings because I”m sure i’d be more inclined to actually do my invoices on time and get paid for the work I do rather than just forget to ask for the cash.

  • David Elvar Masson

    I would love a copy!

  • Sonali Agrawal

    A freelancer, been there done that, and now getting difficult to keep a track of everything. Billings is the best app around. I am in need of it. I would love to win it!!

  • Misael Arroyo

    I’d love to win a copy of billings because it will make my life easier =]

  • Jeff

    Please, I loved the billings trial but had to go back to indesign for manual invoicing as all my income goes on mortgage repayments.

  • Marie S.

    I already have a hard time dealing with all these hand-made invoices. Billings would help a lot!

  • Cody

    Wheeeeee. I’m going to buy a copy when my trial runs out. Been great so far!

  • Luca Guidi


  • Matt

    because ive never sent out a bill to a client and havent been paid and im sick of sitting out the front of peoples houses leeching their wifis to get work done. Maybe with billings i can finally do whats necessary to get paid and maybe buy a pretty desk or chair :)

  • Adam

    I hope I win a copy!

  • thenameisdan

    I would love a copy, save me some money. After this contest ends I will probably go out and buy it if I don’t win.

    I am a new reader and defiantly going to be checking back in quite often.

  • peter Rudd

    Billings = get paid = buy more stuff from Envato!

  • Mrwonderr

    I suck with money. No joke. This would be 100% awesome for me :D

  • Thomas

    I would really enjoy a copy of Billings 3. I am so bad about keeping track of client info and invoices and such. I am simply a right brained web designer/developer that needs a left brain application like Billings to help me out. Thanks!

  • James

    I’d love a copy of Billings 3 because I can use all the help I can get when it comes to organization.

  • Chriz

    I would love a copy of Billings 3 because I really could use it for freelance jobs and it looks so nice – would fit perfect in my dock ;-)

  • Bernard Stallings

    I have a freelance firm and I would love to have a free copy of Billings 3 to support me in my daily operations. Given the current state of the economy this would be a great help. I would like to thank you in advance for the given me the opportunity to win a copy of your great software.

    Thank you

  • bage

    I wish to have billings for my freelancing work….


  • Stepan

    I love Billings :)

  • Tobi

    I really love the supercool and spacy icon.I wanna find out what software expirience is behind it!

  • millie rossman kidd

    I’ve heard billings is a great app.

  • Glenn

    Would purchase if I wasn’t converting to Rands!! Love the app.

  • Kim Spillner

    I’d love to win a copy of Billings, because I just started my Freelance Business and it would perfectly fit my needs to create invoices and track my working time.

  • Drama

    Gona try win this one. Great app.

  • Ed

    I’d like Billings to start organizing my finances w/ it – and any app featured on appstorm must be worth getting :D

  • Mad

    Gona win this one because I have Jewish descent

  • Richard N.

    Would love a copy!

  • Sasa Huzjak

    I know it’s a very slim chance of winning a copy of this what looks to be a great application, but one has to try anyway, right? :)

    I really wanna have this app!! :)

  • Casey

    I’ve been using studiometry for a while and its a little more than I need now. Would love to switch to billings

  • dmk

    me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me… meme!
    i’d love a license of BILLINGS. Why?

    sensible answer: because its the piece of software i need to help w/ my invoicing and whatnot when i finally set up my freelance design strategy and creative outfit business.

    silly answer: because otherwise the owl man will come in the night and scramble my brain with his black almond-shaped eyes. again.

  • Christoph

    Need a Copy too :)

  • Joshua R

    I’d love a copy of Billings, I’ve been looking at getting a time tracking and invoicing program for awhile and billings has been on my list. I just haven’t been able to justify getting one when I can make do with Numbers and I’m on a tight budget.

  • Levi

    I would love a copy of Billings to manage my tech help clients.

  • MoscaPhoto

    We tried Billings and loved it, but the price for a small photography studio was beyond us. Great piece of software, and whoever gets it is very fortunate. Good Luck!

  • Scott

    iBank crashed and ruined my personal financial data. If iBank does that then I can’t give its sister product iBiz a chance to do the same to my business financial data. Having already paid for iBiz (the most expensive in its class), I’d sure like a free copy of Billings as a replacement app!

  • Nigel Honey

    I run a small photography business and currently use iBiz. I havent had any issues with it crashing and losing data but have seen a lot of other people report it, as above. Aside from that, I am not a huge fan of its user interface. Billings is simply BRILLIANT with a gorgeous interface and far far better looking invoice templates. I would love to win a free copy!

  • Conor

    I would love a copy of Billings as I used the trial and LOVED it. I help an elderly woman with her mac for pay and this would be the perfect way to send her invoices.

  • Brian

    I could use this. I was cut from my day job a few weeks ago and have been working freelance since then. I’m using a demo of Billings, but I think I’d like to register it and keep using it for my invoicing.

  • David

    I really need something to help me with time tracking. this would be a great tool

  • ec

    I wish to have your copy of Billings because I used it before and it’s very good!

  • Richard Davies

    Been playing with it recently, and it rocks my world, would love a free copy!!

  • Jason Kleist

    I have been looking at this program for awhile now. I am so unorganized when it comes to billing and time tracking. Plus from what I have read and seen this looks like a pretty kick ass program.

  • Chris Welch

    I’m so bad about keeping my clients and billing in order, this would be a huge help. Thanks for the contest Envato!

  • Steve Moseley

    Billings would really help me organize my freelance workflow – billing, time tracking and everything would be greatly helped by this! Thanks!

  • t5tr

    Billings is not only time and invoicing tracking but also client payments tracking, all in a cool [designed for mac] app, a really attractive solution for my workflow! Thanks by the great review for pointing out Billings 3 in a way easy to understand why it’s so talked everywhere. I’m going for it!

  • Jason

    I would love to win a copy of Billings!! I’ve attempted to use Quickbooks and its crap! :)

  • Zatteo

    Billing is a great app! Hope to win a license ;)

  • Simon

    This would be a great addition to my legal arsenal of freelance software (yes, I’m I one of the few who paid for CS4).

    Besides, I’d tweet about it lol

  • Jon

    I have no money because my freelance plans aren’t, well, going to plan.

  • Dana

    This invoicing and tracking software would be extremely helpful as I launch my own design business!

  • Peter Steen Høgenhaug

    I’d like Billings, because everything is collected in one app… And I’m kind of tired of Excel too…

  • Kayzar

    I would love a copy. It would save hours of billing time.

  • Ben

    March 11th is my birthday! Birthday present please?

  • mjurinci

    I like the app, give it to me:-)

  • AJ

    It looks like a good substitution from my old system of paper and a pen for my rudimentary lone-shark practice.

  • William Barrera

    I’d love to win a copy of Billings, because a great program! would allow to manage all my web design business and grow my business.

  • Simon Douglas

    Been toying with buying it for a while now, to (better) manage my freelance accounts. I’ve not found anything (for the Mac) to come close to it’s ease of use and feature set.

  • Peter

    Would be a nice addition to our project managment tools – we still don’t have an invoicing tool.

  • James Cooper

    I’m looking to get a time/invoice manager and billings looks to fit the bill for me.

  • Martin

    I’d love a copy, it would help tons with freelancing

  • Ben Griffiths

    This is me, leaving a comment, so that I might win :)

  • CJ Kipper

    Freelancing is a tough gig. Any tool that help make your job easier is a good thing. I’d love be able to spend less time managing payments and more time working.

  • Agi Riley

    I’d love a copy, thanks, it would save me time by not having to build my own solution right away.

  • Michael

    I do freelancing and right now am using an online invoice solution that I have to pay a monthly fee for. I would love to win a copy of billings so I could bring it all in house, control my invoices a bit more, and not have to pay the monthly fee.

  • Eric Boyer

    I’m a freelance developer, and looking for the best solution to track clients.

  • didats

    I’m the moonlighting freelancer. But why should I gave my wife ability to manage the money from my freelancing?

    So that’s why I need Billings! I want to be able to manage My own money!


  • Michael W.

    I’d love to have a copy since it would be very beneficial to my freelancing work.

  • Craig Ruks

    I would love to have a copy, as I have mulled over the different options for OSX, and this has a great UI, solid ability to back up information, templating, and integration into my contacts. BEAUTIFUL. Thanks for this opportunity!!

  • Darren Emory

    Would love to have this as I’m a freelancer! Love FreshBooks, but had fun using Billings and the automatic invoice feature.

  • andreas

    Would love a copy of billings since I am not so convinced of using online solutions.

  • Joel Levin

    I’d love to win a copy of Billings as I would like to get into freelancing in the near future and BIllings is recommended as one of the best!

  • Ignacio

    I’m participating!

  • Christopher Francis O’Donnell

    I tried it out (demo), and I love it! However, I can’t afford it. I’d really love to win something for once! Thanks!

    You can get in touch with me on Twitter, I’m @chrisodonnell!

  • Gerard Ventura

    I love win a copy because my open office calc sheet seems a big shit compared with billings

  • kevinconrad

    because time is precious and money is sweet. less time spent tracking = more time spent on projects = faster turn-around = more projects = more money.

  • Nick Heise

    Because billing clients using Word/Excel is *so* 2006…err…1996…err, was it ever acceptable?

  • Jeremiah Adkins

    I would really enjoy winning a copy of billings because I am the worst accountant to ever walk this earth.

  • Jeff

    Just got laid-off, so this would come in handy as I pound the pavement looking for some freelance gigs.

  • Rich

    because I am the most unorganized dude you know…

  • Pedro de Castro

    For a start, this is a “randomly” made comment, so here it is: i am so so so so organized that i need a solution as this to get my standards as unique standards. I feel a lack of “organize your life” applications around the market. just yelling… and not organized at all. eheh
    please make me the random one!!

  • rodrigo | prood

    I try Billing and I love it! It is a very important app in my studio!

    Thanks for the licence

  • Robin

    Random selection, you said? Well, if that’s how it’s played, I can say just about anything. What about: “Billings is even more awesome than Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen”?

    Seriously: I would love to get my hands on Billings, I bet it styles my organizational mess and actually makes me remember who still owes me money. I need it!

  • eMeM

    I’d love to win a copy of billings, because i’m a freelancer designer, and a must have this app.

  • dayv

    Shortly – BASECAMP sucks … sometimes you don’t have internet connection and if you have it back you forgot to add some timetracking or add some notes witch you’ve got on some paper … I need something simple like Billings!

  • Jarrod Gordon

    I would love to win the copy of Billings. Ever since your review I wanted to switch to it. However, if I could win a copy that would be even better. Thanks for everything.

  • James Deane

    I’d love to win a copy of Billings as I think more about freelance work in the future an app like this will be invaluable!

  • Iestyn lloyd
  • Dusan

    I would love to win a copy, then i use the Monster Billings App today and it tooks a day for writing a simple Billings, i am very disapointed with my App now.

  • michael

    It rocks and I need it

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  • Kathleen O’Donnell

    I’d love a copy! Here’s to hoping I win!

  • chris

    this app would keep things nice and organized. :D

  • Curt G

    Tried it and liked it. Having a computer makes me want to be more “efficient” and Billings actually helps.

  • Robin

    I love this app. I am about to ge started on some design business of my own and would love to handle the nasty billing stuff through this app. Also can’t wait for the iphone version to be released to see how it’s integration works.

  • Todd M.

    Love this App. Shame it’s too late to submit!