Win a Code Collector Pro License

We’re kicking off another competition today, to win a copy of Code Collector Pro. We reviewed the application a few days ago, and found it to be a solid solution for managing a library of code snippets and sharing them online.

We have two licenses to give away, and entering is remarkably easy (as always!). All you need to do is become a fan of our Facebook page. We’ll be selecting two of our awesome Facebook fans as winners in one week, on Monday 16th November.

PS. We’re also working on an absolutely huge Christmas giveaway across the AppStorm sites. Full details will be coming soon, but our prize fund is currently at around $6,000 of hardware and software. Stay tuned!

  • choise

    In other countries, Facebook is not as popular as it is in the USA.
    Please stay at Twitter, when doing such a competition, because i also want to win ;)

    • David Appleyard

      Don’t worry – we’re just experimenting with Facebook at the moment. It’s another medium where we can keep everyone informed about the latest Mac apps news!

      We won’t be neglecting Twitter. Promise ;-)

      • Simon

        In other countries, also Twitter is not as popular as it’s in the USA or your country. I think it’s ok to use multiple platforms to share this site and a giveaway competition is the perfect startup on a new medium.

        Keep up the good work!

      • sleo

        Why Facebook … Twitter – this is style for appstorm ; ) I’dont have facebook – so i can’t win a copy CC ;(( Please Twitter – Facebook sucks! Code Collector – aaaa !

    • Jay

      WAY more people use facebook than twitter.

  • Joel Drapper

    I’m a fan!

  • akpro

    Not a bad marketing strategy, fb’ed.

  • Topy

    i hate Facebook, MySpace is better XD. Facebook lucks of imagination ..I think…

    • Nathaniel

      You used the emoticon “XD”, of course you would think myspace is better.

      • Topy

        yeah…so? what re u? the Facebook creator? it’s funny when people jump up out of the blue

  • Grey Stockton

    I don’t have a Facebook, why can’t it be through Twitter?

  • redwall_hp

    Okay, I’m now a fan on Facebook. Now gimme! :)

  • Alex

    So is every fan of your facebook page gets an entry in the contest or just the people that add you during the contest?

    • David Appleyard

      Every fan will get an entry. Good luck!

  • Angelo Michel

    Kewl, can’t wait for christmass!

  • lockwesmonster

    In my country, we don’t have the internet. Can you provide a mailing address?

    • Grey Stockton

      Then how did you post this?

  • Class

    Awesome. :)

  • Navdeep Sidhu

    Just did it today!

  • Ed Baxter

    Just become a fan of you guys!

  • Htoo Tay Zar

    I’ve joined!!

  • Daniel Groves

    For those who missed out here, their is another giveaway for a copy here:

  • Lauren Deur

    I dugg some of you post as I cogitated they were extremely helpful handy