Winners Announced: Win a Copy of GarageSale and GaragePay

Winners Announced

We’ve picked the ten lucky winners, and I’m pleased to let you know that they are:

  • Jaime Chereau
  • Tio Istivi
  • Mark Preuss
  • Dennis
  • Hevara
  • Johnny
  • Dalton
  • Matt Adams
  • Poporin
  • Mats Hage Eikemo

Congratulations! We’ll be in touch with your license codes soon.

Competition Now Closed

It’s competition time again, and today we’re giving you the chance to win a copy of either GarageSale for Mac or GaragePay. Both of these excellent applications can help make eBay and PayPal easier to use, bringing the experience to the comfort of your Mac desktop.

We have five licenses for each to give away, and will be picking ten winners. Entering just requires you to leave a comment on this post, letting us know something interesting that you’ve bought or sold on eBay. It could be anything – from an iPod, to an old pair of socks!

We’ll be picking the ten winners at random in one week, on Thursday Feb 3rd. Best of luck, and be sure to give both of these applications a try if you’re a regular PayPal or eBay user!


Add Yours
  • The only thing I’ve bought on eBay are Medifast meal substitute diet shakes and meals… at about 1/2 off the retail price. (I guess people are trying to sell their network marketing inventory.)

  • A used iBook. My first Apple computer.

  • I once bought KISS action figures. I was 13. Worth it.

  • Cool stuff!

    Last monday I bought a little secret present for my girlfriend via Paypal, but it’s a secret, until valentine’s day. shhh!

  • I sold a 15-foot kayak to someone about 400 miles away using EBay. We used MeetInBetween.Us to find a mid-point near an abandoned airfield and met on a hot summer day. His Honda Civic was probably 4 or 5 feet shorter than the kayak.

  • I’ve bought some really random things, but the most random one I can think of off the top of my head is the Predator/Predator 2 theatrical score on a double CD set, which I purchased from a seller in Germany.

  • I’m in Brazil and already bought a book of art and a few games at Ebay. I also make payments through PayPal. Both are excellent facilitators, but certainly can have a better user experience with both applications of the post.

  • i just got my eumex 504pc se isdn box from ebay, yay :)
    also i wanna win (:

  • Cool competition. Last thing I purchased from eBay was a air foot pump, kinda wishingi had bought an electric one now!

  • I have bought numerous antique bottles on eBay, and when I was a student in college a few years ago, my friends used to come to me with their items to sell such as books and novelty dorm room items. I had a nice little business going with good funding for weekend activities on and off campus.

  • i bought my first mac an ibook g3 and i never went back to windows after that ;)

  • I sold a Nikon 600mm f4 lens on ebay. A guy at work tried to just give it to me because it had a minor blemish on one of the interior elements. It still shot fine, but it didn’t look so great. I explained that I was just going to turn around and sell it. He said, “You can’t do that, there’s a problem with the lens!!” I explained the concept of alerting the buyer to the issue and allowing them to decide if they want it or not. So he let me sell it and we split it 70/30, with me getting the 70%! Free money is always a great thing:-)

  • dk racing XD

  • Recently bought a Mac+ to make into a fish tank on eBay!

  • Bought casings for my mac and ipod touch.

  • I bought a bunch of artwork for my new office at work. Great prices compared to buying in a retail store.

  • I bought an awesome CHOGOKIN DIECAST Super Robot Mazinger Z ACTION FIGURE on eBay.

  • I bought a Memento Movie Poster and the dvd pack!

  • I bought an Otterbox for my iPhone 4……….!

  • I bought a reckless rabbit for my kid.

  • The last things I purchased from eBay were:

    500 GB Time Capsule
    Belkin Gel case for my iPad
    Limited Edition Halo Xbox 360 remote for my son

    I used the iOS app for the iPad.

    I’ve got a ton stuff I need to sell depreciating in my garage. I could really use something to help me get into selling online.

  • I bought 6 broken NES’ and repaired those bitches!

  • Just bought an Epson printer cartridge replacement pack using PayPal – it just makes paying for things easier

  • I got very nice copy of Keppel’s “Design and Analysis” (Statistics) on eBay (^.^). Hoping for the PayPal application :)

  • The whole family paintballs. I purchased a paintball marker from my son off ebay. Marker was in great shape when we got it. Rest is history!

  • I just bout some Monster lil Jamz Headphones. They are awesome.

  • I bought my first macbook through paypal and ebay!

  • I sold a Power Mac G5!

  • Well, last month I bought on ebay a bottle of a strange and rare drink, it was manufactured in 1953

  • I sold a Tivo

  • Sold my 1st Mac, a 2003 867Ghz 12” Powerbook G4. Ah, the memories. Hope it went to a good home.

  • I buy a ZX-Spectrum Sinclair, ZX 81, Timex 1000, Comodre C64, Atari 65xe, Atari 800, 800 XL and create a micro museum in my country with this first home computer!!!

  • I sold boxes of model airplanes….

  • An ATV!

  • I sold brand a whole box of beanie babies (55) for $1 about two months ago. Someone dropped them off in my garage a long time ago, and I just figured they wanted them sold. Ha.

  • I bought a new FitBit from Honolulu which is not available here in Europe. Finally it was much more expensive than a new one in the US (shipping, customs etc.) but it was worth it!

  • I bought black ops… yah… pretteh awesome, and a potato chip.

  • I bought a Wii Motion Plus on eBay.

  • I’ve bought 1 square foot of land in Transsylvania.

  • I’m a regular user of ebay and I would love to use those apps ! Maybe with prettier auction I will sell my things for more than usual. :)

  • Best purchase on ebay: Fujitsu Snapscan. I was able to sell some of my fantasy literature as well, etc, etc. I am most interested in Garagapay.

    Thank you so much!

  • I once sold a nearly complete collection of rusty Spongebob-coins out of Central-American-Chips-bags. ew.

  • Just bought a new MacBook Air through ebay, and it arrived yesterday!!

  • A gimp mask!

  • I bought a Mamiya C220 camera mad in 1969. Pure analogue pleasure!

  • All I’ve bought recently are some instruments – a trumpet or two and a clarinet…

  • I bought silver, pearl and topaz necklace to my girlfriend for our first anniversary!

  • Count me in!

  • I bought my first mac an iBook G3 through ebay :) cool machine!

  • Last week i sold my G5 iMac

  • Just sold a bunch of Nikon F2 lenses to photo hobbyists all over the world – Australia, Republic of Czech, USA.

  • Hoping to win this for my girlfriend. She buyss buttons (by the box) on ebay.

  • I’ve just sold my Apple Bumper for iPhone 4 for lousy 5€ :<

  • recent purchases:

    soccer microstars
    match program (Arsenal vs Barcelona champions league final)
    lots of signed and unsigned match attax cards
    arsenal wrist watch

  • i sold a huge Warhammer 40k Tyranids Army on ebay which i partly bought on ebay too.. :P

  • Mmm… Hope to win it!)

  • Last time i used eBay i sold my good old sony DSC-H7, bought a Nikon coolpix p100 instead…

  • Sold my MacBook aluminum a month ago on eBay, soon after I stepped on it and broke the glass. :P Threw in my Magic Mouse from my iMac and my Flip cam (upgraded to iPhone 4). Interesting part was, the guy fixed it himself and sent me the pictures just hours after receiving it! He made out really well…and I was able to make an even bigger mound of an X-Men, Batman, misc anime collection with the profits! :)

  • I sold my two Technics 1210 years ago and because of the extraordinary Serial DEV1L080666 i doubled the price =D

  • I once sold a broken Panasonic cordless phone on ebay for CA$10. I did mention it is broken and still it was bought although I wonder for what.

  • A Flip HD, imported from the states to germany back some years.

  • I sold four books for 40€ because the buyer offered me that price: I was selling them all for 10€ but he understood that it was the unitary price and I could not correct him.

  • I’ve bought on Ebay a wonderful alarm clock, a wi-fi adapter and a sock for my iPod nano.

  • A couple Doctor Who toys for the birthday of a friend of mine!

  • Once i have bought old videomixer from man who sold everything old in his garage, i realize that i do not need this videomixer and i put it in my garage. Need usefull app for ebay selling.

  • Sold my aluminum unibody macbook on ebay!

  • I sold a Gibson ES 335

  • Gold watch. Was the only person bidding and won it for quite a fair deal.

  • A TimeCapsule by Apple. It’s prohibited for sale in Russia (something ’bout frequencies). But on eBay… no barriers. Am I a criminal? %)

  • Right now I’m selling Galvanised Steel “H” Channels, which are Ideal For Treated Pine or Redgum Sleepers.

    One word. Random.

  • I’ve bought a cool leather case for my iphone and I also bought some of the BEATS by DRE tour edition that are awesome. ebay is Legen… wait for it… DARY!

  • I sold a package of 50 books about computers for $7.44. Wow! :-(

  • I always use PayPal. It’s easy, fast and safe to use!

  • I’ve bought many many things on eBay but recently did an interesting sale: An old 1978 vintage Korg vocoder (vc-10). Was cool and exciting to see the price evolve. GarageSale would make it an even nicer experience :-).

  • I’ve bought an used xbox360 game called Bayonetta. Buying these games on eBay is cheaper than in our brazilian stores (too much taxes!!!! 8-(

  • I bought…a rare Japanese Sega Saturn.

  • I bought a ps2 slim off eBay after losing mine while moving. A month later I got a ps3 for christmas and haven’t touched the ps2 since

  • I sold a broken Automatic Espresso Machine on ebay for the fourfold of what I paid for it. The buyer needed just one part of it to fix his own one.

  • Have used GS for years — perfect for bulk listing on eBay, plus great support from the iwascoding team, and the users’ forum. Good to see an interview with the GS team in yesterday’s post. Keep going!

  • I buy almost everything on eBay. Like every little thing that you can buy at Target for $5, I get it on eBay for $4. I just bought a Griffin GuitarConnect for $12 plus free shipping, in the store they’re $30!

    I could really use a copy of GaragePay. I am starting an online business that relies heavily on PayPal, it was good to find out about this app.

  • Sold all my old Pc components this week.

    Bought a pair of handcuffs & fake blood.

  • I wanna sold my Puma shoe!!

  • Once I bought a bottle of a specific parfum, no more sold in my country, for my girlfried.

  • Sold a WWII water purifier and medical kits in original packaging for a friend. One of the more interesting things we’ve had come through!!!

  • А я купил олдскульные флип-флоп часы ^_^

  • I bought a vintage watch the other day. I live on ebay. Buying, and selling.

  • I want my copy xD

  • I bought a hand pulse sensor treadmill for my ECG project, but it was not delivered until now… if I use the GaragePay, is it possible to solve a problem like this? :(

  • I bought several great PS3 games for under £6

  • i have bought winne the pooh jelly jars

  • The only thing i’ve bought was an replacement cable for my ipod.

  • I once bought all the used parts I needed to rebuild an old 4-wheeler. Later realized I would have saved money by just buying an already running used model lol.

  • I once bought a couple of old dip pens used in Russian schools. They had removable nibs which could be reversed and stored inside the body of the pen making them less dangerous to handle when not in use. Very clever and cool.

  • I buy all my clothes on ebay! They are so cheap there!

  • The last thing I bought was a car charger for my “smartphone” (most times it becomes dumbphone).

  • I bought a complete run of Punisher comic books, from Hong Kong (I live in the US).

  • I bought a Belkin Case for iPod :)

  • Just sold the memory I pulled from a new Macbook.

  • I sold a really ugly living room table for 1 Euro :-)

  • A Darth Vader USB stick last thing I bought was!

  • I’m buying old CDs sold out on eBay! Amazing place to do that. Just need to be careful with the fake copies though…

  • Wish I had a MAC 1yr back

  • maybe now i could get rid of my collection of burnt toast that resembles celebrities

  • i bought a processor that i couldn’t find anywhere else.

  • I bought a cylinder head on eBay for my 1973 Austin Mini 1000 so it can run on Unleaded instead of four star petrol!

  • The last purchase I have made on eBay was a two man horse costume

  • i have bought parts of an xbox 360

  • I´ve bought a Moleskine last week!

  • Garagesale is definitely a wonderful app. I have tried it for a while. Hope this time I can be chosen.

  • I haven’t bought anything in a while, but this week I sold my son’s iPod Classic and my wife’s trusty iBook G4. I got a kick out of watching the bids fly in the last minute of the auction.

  • One and a half year ago I sold the most expensive thing on eBay I ever sold … a smartphone – one week after I bought it (on eBay as well). The reason wasn’t it’s uncomfortable way of dialing and calling (obviously a side-feature). It wasn’t it’s bad bad touch screen, it’s bad bad FM radio receiver and it’s bad bad GPS module. It simply was the fact, that the phone was based on Windows Mobile. And had the same “illnesses” my old Windows notebook had … it feels so good, to be back to Nokia and Macintosh.

  • I sold my old ipod touch 3g on ebay so that I could get money for the new ipod touch.

  • I bought a old fashioned hand crank phone in need of restoration at a garage sale for $10 because it looked cool!! After it sat in my garage for a couple of months I decided to list it. Woohooo, it fetched over $300!!! Not enough to retire on but I’ll take it!!

  • Purchasing of broken handheld video game systems to repair and later sell again on ebay. Worked out pretty well.

  • I’ve bought lots of old comic books on Ebay. Now if I could only sell them!

  • On eBay I sold my GameCube with some games and the legendary Wavebird! I miss them!

  • I’ve bought many things on eBay, and i’d like to test them now..

  • fax machine and ping pong paddles

  • My last purchase on eBay was for sheet metal screws for making screw shoes. I drill screws into the bottom of the shoes of the folks I coach so that htey don’t slip when we run over ice in the winter.

  • My most recent purchases have been for my daughter and have all been Weeble related. Actually, I am currently on the hunt to replace one of the items I won a couple months ago because it is not working as well as I had hoped.

  • I bought only clothes …

  • I bought a 2010 MacBook Pro on eBay recently :) and the last thing I sold was an iPhone 3G.

  • Are these developed by the same people that did the coda text editor?

  • Shoes and an antenna :)

  • Purchased huge shag rug yesterday in black :)

  • I have sold over $10,000 worth of computer hardware and software on eBay as an individual. These apps would make life MUCH easier.

  • A life-size Charlie Chaplin poster.

  • I got the CM7 from Bowers & Wilkins on eBay.

  • Sold my huge vinyl collection from the past dj times.

  • I’ll take any and all help as my wife has me selling off the contents of our home!

  • Last thing i bought on ebay way a chicken costume!?

  • Last thing I purchased on ebay were little cupcake shaped lip glosses lol.

  • Last thing I sold was an queensize air mattress. Shipping was a fricking hazzle ;-)

  • I have sold many meerschaum pipes to th UK in the past few years. i’d really make the best use of garagesale

  • i would love to have Garage Sale.

  • I sold my old, old, old, ooooooooooooold laptop, piece by piece. Almost made back what I paid for it originally.

  • A kidney, back in the day (just kidding), nothing too crazy just computer stuff…. thx

  • A racer. :)

  • I’ve bought a textbook off Ebay for a class several years ago for an environmental engineering book. Ironically, the book itself smelled like some sort of hazardous material.

  • I once bought a few DVD’s on ebay I couldn’t find in the stores and a mini USS enterprise for my father. shipping was extremely fast

  • i tried to sell some silicone breast implants that a friend got switched out…dont worry, they were sterilized by the doctor..anyway, ebay ended the auction, stating that i could not sell medical equipment…oh well…

  • I bough my first pair of skis from eBay, and I’ve sold multiple electronics. Ranging from my PSP to all of my old iPods, even my old GameBoys.

  • electric violin, had this great idea of becoming a virtuoso. the thing arrived from china, was built like a toy, and included a mic input. exactly why would you need a mic INPUT on a violin?

    Needless to say after much arguing and a dispute filed with ebay I got my money back, well most of it.

    lesson learned.

  • I once bought a rare german punk rock vinyl. What a awesome piece of music :D

  • My most recent purchase on eBay? Scored an AKG DJ headset. =) It was delivered just one day before my flight, so I was able to make use of its sound isolation system on board. Plane engines are so noisy. =(

  • I am constantly buying Hello Kitty paraphernalia on eBay as well as monitors/laptops for cheap. I end up flipping them (after I repair them for a small fee) and sell them for nice profit :).

  • I once sold these 5 copies of a Venom box set. Previously 6 people had tried to sell them but the never sold, the got passed off to me and i sold them in a week :D

  • I’m a Iraq war veteran. During my Iraq tour I did numerous missions. In one of them we got a couple of prisoners and numerous weapons, from rifles, pistols, grenades, rocket launcher… Well, I ended up with a piece of “history” in my pocket, an Iraq Arab knife. I put it in my pocket due to the confusion and fast pace at the time, and found it latter when we got back to the base. It wast to late for me to do anything about it, plus it was just a knife, so I kept it.

    The war ended, we went back home and the knife was like a trophy to me. It reminded me of an unique experience, an experience that just a small group of people can say “I was there, and I’m proud of it”. But thinks got rough. I got out, and all of a sudden me and my family were in the need of money, so I started selling stuff on eBay and the knife was one of them. I thought that by meaning so much to me it was going to be something really valuable for somebody else too. You know?!! After all, its a piece of history. I tough that that knife was going to be, at least for a couple of days, the solution to our problems. Believe me it was not easy for me to put it up for a $0.99 auction on eBay.

    Well, to make the story short, the knife sold for around $30.00 :( … With this I learned that if something is really valuable for you, it doesn’t necessarily means that is the same for everybody else, so you should keep it. :)

    I wrote this for two reasons. 1st, I’m working on starting an eBay business, so I was searching for a Mac eBay software solution and found this page. 2nd, its a nice way for me to share my experience. I hope you guys enjoyed it.

    Good luck to all of you and God bless America.

  • Few year ago I’ve bought GarageSale on eBay and use GarageSale for all of my auction. GarageSale is the best eBay auction tool for me!!
    I still have version 5.4.1 on my Mac but have nothing to sell :p
    If I have something to sell on eBay (from time to time) again
    GarageSale 6 is a must upgrade!!

  • The last thing I bought from eBay was Infinite Vacation #1
    I would love to use GarageSale to get rid of my huge DVD and CD collection!

  • 1st art piece purchased for charity I bought via Ebay at a surf competition. The art piece? A one-of-a-kind custom surfboard signed by all the legends of surfing. I bought it online, then walked to the beach to pick it up! The money went to a great cause (education for the next generation) and now the surfboard is hanging on my wall.

  • The last thing i bought from ebay was an AppleTV, the first generation :)

    Good Luck @ all

  • A new car!!! :)

  • Bought lots of super sized children’s books for reading and singing during musical story times.

  • My eBay purchases have been fairly mundane — books, a printer, scrapbooking supplies, children’s clothing.

  • I sold some old Action Figures that went up in price fairly well.

  • After two months I’ve just realized that I’m one of the GarageSale winners. Awesome! Thank you guys.