Winners Announced: Win a Copy of iPhone App Entrepreneur

Winners Announced

I’m pleased to let you know that we’ve selected the five book winners! It was fascinating to read all your New Year resolutions – I hope you’re managing to stick with them…

Congratulations are in order to:

  1. Travis
  2. Luiz Felipe Berti
  3. Frankelly Valdez
  4. Johan B.
  5. Lia Belle

We’ll be in touch shortly with information on how to download your free copy of the book. Thanks for entering!

Competition Now Closed

If you’re anything like me, this is the time of year when you start planning all the resolutions and achievements you want to try and reach in 2011. It’s always an exciting process, and something that often leads to an unusual brainstorming process of weird and wonderful things you could try in the New Year.

Well, why not add another idea to the pile? We published our first AppStorm book a few months ago, iPhone App Entrepreneur, which explains everything you need to get started in the wonderful world of iPhone (and iPad) software development. It isn’t as difficult as you may think, and could definitely be something to explore next year.

We’re giving five copies of the eBook today, to help you on your way. All you need to do is leave a comment on this post, sharing one idea for a New Year’s Resolution. It could be anything at all…

We’ll be picking the winners in one week – best of luck, and I hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday!

  • Jacob Soto

    Being first always helps an entrepreneur and i’m first here! Pick me!

  • Todd M

    New Years Resolution… Create More, Consume Less.

  • Travis

    One of my new years resolutions is to learn how to make an iPhone app, make it and get it into the iTunes store. I have so many ideas floating around in my head, now time to execute. @TravisWerbelow

  • l4u

    New Year’s Resolution: Build some remarkable apps

  • Brittney Murray

    I’d say my New Year’s Resolution would be to spend less time worrying about the little things that don’t really matter and focus on the great things like my husband and friends.

  • Matthew Dias

    My Resolution: Don’t load free crapware on my new mac and use my old computer that I already junked up for testing.

  • Alex Ennes

    My new year’s resolution would have to be to do all the things I want to do and enjoy myself whilst doing them. One of those things is developing an IOS app.

  • Alex Lee

    Make a lot of money from Apps and donate to Envato! IM SERIOUS HA!

  • Jorge Rodriguez

    I have a bunch of them. Some of them include going to Bonnaroo and running a marathon. Building an iPhone app has been a resolution of mine for a while now, hopefully I’ll finally get around to doing it.

  • agg23

    New Years Resolution: Develop my first iOS app (and maybe get an iPad)

  • Zaid Balushi

    2011 New Year’s Resolution:

    • Get certified in OSX Server 10.6 ( … then start a server to manage my NPO).

    Thanks appStorm

  • Arthur Kalimullin

    New Year’s Resolution: It’s easier than you think

  • Yogesh Ramani

    New Year’s Resolution: Break free from the Windows PC, Break free from my job. Make tons of $$$ from iPhone/iPad development. :) (My first app is half way ready. :) )

  • Crismariu Ionut

    Happy Holidays and A Happy New Year with lots of brilliant ideas and will for developing wonderful, useful and funny but also revolutionizing iphone/ipad/iOS apps…

  • Tony Bricko

    New Years Resolution: Never done this one yet, get in shape!

  • yoose

    i will learn something new

  • Jared W

    Sell the iPad now before the new one comes out.

  • Michael Adams

    Open your yellow pages, find the music section and PRE BOOK a few lessons to finally start learning that instrument you spend so much time talking about. This line remind you of anything? “yeah I will learn the guitar soon”
    DO IT trust me music is so worth it regardless of what you do in life. Screw the gym, learn to play music.

  • Jfen

    I need to get a job. With the bad economy, that’s my resolution. And goal. And hope.

  • Jason Kaiser

    My new year’s resolution is to become better at Photoshop and overall web design. I really hope on working my mobile development and perfecting my skills. I would also like to start learning App design. As for non-web resolutions, I would like to exercise more and get straight A’s next semester in college.

  • Sonali Agrawal

    My New Year’s Resolution is to market myself diligently!

  • L1

    I tried to be realistic with my resolution.

    Do more to help my mum.

  • Char Reed

    My resolution is to focus more on my pet caricature business and make it a success! :)

  • Dan

    Funny you should mention it! My New Year’s resolution is to start building a retirement fund. This prize would be very helpful.

  • Rene

    WOW a copy would be really appreciated since actually one of my resolutions is to learn both html5 and how to program for iOS. My aim is to start a business by mid 2011 :D
    how else could I get my hands on it from Mexico City?

  • Phillip Johns

    To develop an iPhone app. Duh!

  • Robert W

    NYR 2011: Be more organised, less worry, do more and be smart ;)

  • Owen Jin

    Well, a New Year Resolution eh? Let’s see…learn a new language, namely Javascript. Haha, I mean Chinese – reconnecting with my roots.

  • OngWP

    I suppose one of my New Year Resolution is oh-so-obvious in the link I provided, namely – improving my website. XD I suppose one of the good things about new years is being able to start with a clean slate all over again. =D

  • Brian Alexander

    No Starbucks for a year?

  • Chris Gabriel

    Launch my startup company and hopefully its companion iPhone app!

  • Prajwal Rao

    My resolution is to make sure I keep my projects and clients a lot more organised and to make sure I follow up on my ideas. I’ve not followed up on a lot, or given them a half assed effort. Time to stop that..

  • Lawrence

    As part of my simplify/organize/focus plan, I am going to turn my iPhone and iMac go off at 9:00 PM and are not turned on again until 9:00 AM. The closer I get to Jan 1, the more nervous I get! :)

  • Marc-Antoine Proulx

    My Resolution: Finish my TMA Studies, move to Montréal and be AWESOME! Oh and maybe get better in english!

  • EGY

    One of my new year’s resolutions?… Win a Copy of iPhone App Entrepreneur ;-)

  • Lakshmikantan

    My resolution is to give more freedom to my developers, than me envisioning and pushing things to be the way I want… :-)

  • Robert Traficante

    Continue to support the great AppStorm!

  • Chanelle Henry

    My new years resolution is to stop letting fear stand in the way of myself. I’m often afraid to try, I have a multitude of ideas but become stagnant because of a fear of failure or success or just plain feeling like something like ADD is stopping me or that I’m too dumb to move forward with my dreams. I want to change that, love more and push forward without fear. I want to be fearless.

  • Terry

    In this coming year, love my baby and remove my belly.

  • Raphael Costa

    This new year i will create a lof of iphone and ipad apps!

  • Samrat Mazumdar

    My new year resolution is not to install Windows on my Mac.

  • Alvin Lim

    1 of my new year resolutions for 2011 is to work hard so that I can finally ship my first iPhone application :)

  • Anonymous

    Code the next Angry Birds.

  • Eddie Gear

    My New Year Resolution is to master the book and create and giveaway premium apps for free for all my readers. Thanks for hosting a great contest!! iPPY New Year!!!

  • The incredible Frank

    New Year’s Resolution 01:
    Learn html, css and javascript… I’ve already begun to study.

    New Year’s Resolution 02:
    Portfolio (new web).

    New Year’s Resolution 03:
    Improve my drawing skills.

    • Luiz Felipe Berti

      HTML & CSS are easy as peeing sited. JavaScript will be the monster…

  • Luiz Felipe Berti

    My new years resolution is to visit websites other then this one.

    By the way, I would like to suggest you to make a post about Screencasting(recording) for mac (write about the free ones too please).

    Thanks, Happy New Year!

  • Nigel Maneely

    In the theme of New Year resolutions, here is a saying that I will be placing above my PC as my motivation do try new things like iPhone App development;

    “In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure”.

  • Ryan Cates

    My resolution is to have an app on both the iOS and Mac App Stores. I’d love to read your book.

  • Pete

    My New Year resolution is to finish my script. Best wishes

  • Josh Jones

    I sure hope I win this! :)

  • David Knaack

    New Years Resolution: Being happy. …… Choose me… @dkeyeuz

  • Oli

    New Year’s Resolution: I want to build my first iPhone App. Hopefully the book will help me with this. :-)

  • MifYz

    Hope I win this one.

  • Osxboy

    I resolve to write better code and in at least 3 new languages including ObjectiveC and Java!

  • Pavhead

    Best site ever, keep up the good work.

  • JOZ

    learn objective-c for iPhone and Mac and build a little business…

  • Christopher

    I will write an iPhone app!
    Or maybe two…

  • Katie H

    New Year resolution – do something creative everyday just for myself

  • Guney Can Gokoglu

    I want to develop stuff with ipad so i dont have to carry a laptop

  • Max

    Play more music, possibly with my own iPhone app.

  • Kamil

    This is crazy, because I just downloaded xCode about 3 weeks ago and was on youtube learning tutorials.
    MY NEW YEARS RESOLUTION is to get a stable online job. Hopefully this will help me in that.

    Thank you so much btw for this blog, have been following it ever since i planned on buying my MacBook Pro! I always try your recomended aoos!

  • Jason S

    My only resolution is to find a more sustaining impetus to motivate me some other time in the year. New Years resolutions usually fizzle out after a couple of weeks. I have some great iPad app ideas I’d lie to start implementing!

  • Wicforpresident

    I would write smart apps for small businesses to support them by developing their processes (e.g. cash flow management, CRM, business planning, team management).

  • Riccardo Luigi Varisco

    Resolution: increase my rates.

  • Dbzman

    My New Year’s Resolution: Hopefully, I will have written my first app for the App Store.

  • Glenn

    My new years resolution is more freedom.
    Accomplishing this financial freedom through the iOS-platform, its is a great medium to do this as it offers many many possibilities and potential. I would love reading this book, it would make a great addition to my collection of entrepreneur books and will definitely help me launch my app in march ’11.

  • Johan B.


    Since this Christmas I am an passionate Apple fan ( iPhone4 & iMac).
    Really loves it.
    Discovered this Site and found it suites my need.

    One of my MustDo for 2011 is purely for a hobby trying to create iPhone apps.
    My guess this book will either encourage me or indicate it would not be that simple. ( Did Pascal programming in the past but not sure wether that is still a plus nowadays ).

    Since the book will be offered as an eBook I thought this reference to a medieval helpdesk on books is appropriate:


  • Jorge Leandro

    My New Year’s Resolutions:
    1) start using a Task Management app
    2) have discipline to keep using it throughout the year!

  • LudoMC

    New Year’s Resolution: Help the others. We already have enough.

  • Cormac Relf

    Take down the Christmas tree. I know, I know. It’s still up.

  • Victor M

    I could really use this book along my new year’s resolution. I’m planning on becoming a developer myself, but it’s quite hard indeed.

  • duk

    In 2011 I want to focus on the projects and ideas that really fulfill me. Usually I have a lot of them so it’s hard to focus and actually ship, but in 2011 I’ll have more determination.

  • mirkko

    Ever since I got my iPod Touch I’ve been thinking about jumping into the app development wave. I hope I can start learning in 2011!

    Cheers ya all and happy new year!

  • Teo Farro

    New Year’s Resolution: With this book build some incredible apps!

  • Hartono

    One of resolution is to be able to write apps for iPhone or iPad.

  • Klaas

    I’m not going to drink any more. But also not less.

  • Willy Scalioni

    That’s my passport to independence! :-)

  • Vinicius Dallacqua

    New Years Resolution: Learn more and more!

  • ilijusin

    I would like to push myself to jog everyday :)

  • Stefan R.

    finish the projects I start instead of filling my hdd with half baked apps and designs

  • Vincent

    New Year’s Resolution: less talk, more sex

  • Bree

    I’m nervous, but would like to step into some new venture…

  • Simon Facciol

    Graduate, expand my knowledge and help my company expand in other areas to be more profitable.

  • Vitaly

    This post appeared the next day after I decided to learn writing iOS apps, so the new year’s resolution it to get the book. :)

  • Ari Arsyadi

    Just what I need to get my hands on the world of iPhone App!

  • Jerry

    New Year’s Resolution – start building apps

  • Charles Dudley

    Get a dribbble invite! Also finally get ahead of my freelance work to make time for personal projects. Is there already an app for that??

  • Ryan

    Enter the world of iOS dev.

  • Matthew Butler

    Hey my new years resolution is to not drink alcohol for 100 days.

  • Dan

    I’m been thinking about starting an online business for a while and I will do this in 2011.

  • Jonathan

    New Year’s Resolution: To actually get some stuff done that I want to get done.. Like creating an awesome iPhone app!!

  • Alberteddu

    My new year’s resolution for 2011 is to have new year’s resolutions for 2012 that I will actually achieve in 2012.

  • Antonio

    Nice! Count me in!

  • Manik

    My resolution is to get a more structured and consistent work ethic for freelance design. I tend to succumb to the feast and famine stages and not really search for continuing work when I already have projects.

    Also, having this book would mean more options to advance my skills and break into a whole new field.

  • gC

    My New Year’s resolution is to start all of my New Year’s Resolutions one week before the new year actually starts. This way I’m already in the groove of things and don’t make excuses once the year starts (this including iOS development).

  • Liam

    New Year’s Resolution: Get better at these contents :)

  • SteveB

    New Years Resolution: Start an app development business and pay attention to my users, unlike other developers. And make really awesome apps too. Innovative apps that change the future.

  • Steve Hopstaken

    I’ll be switching over to Scrivener to organize my research and write my novel. Amazing program, thanks for the review of it.

  • Marek Zelezny

    One of my resolutions for this year was to buy iPhone and a Mac and I completed them. Now it’s time for a new resolution and beside get more in depth in webdesign, it would be interesting to get started in something new, something like iPhone developing.

  • Chris Dunphy

    I’ve resolved to buy more apps and support more content creators in 2011. I even intend to wait for apps to go OFF sale so that I can more fairly reward the creators. That I often pay more for a mass-produced beverage than for an app that I enjoy has me feeling like a cheapskate sometimes.

  • marek hasak

    i am trying to win… :-) thx

  • Alan

    My resolution: Wear black turtleneck and jeans everyday just like the big man !!

  • Ariel

    Love to learn how to make apps. I want to start a non profit to help other entrepreneurs learn how to do basic accounting, marketing etc. Having the idea isnt enough to get it off the ground.

  • Charles Lindauer

    This is a great give to us all. Not only an excellent book, but the effort AppStorm puts out to help us all wade thru all the “stuff” out there to find the gems that make a difference!

    If I win the book, I’ll gift it to an accupuncturist friend who is writing an app for the profession, to make it easier to diagnose and also to determine the correct herbs for treatment.

  • Yang

    Build a killer iPhone app

  • Jon

    My resolution is to be more present with people. Rather than formulating a response, i hope to truly listen to them. And now, apparently to learn about writing apps.

  • Josh

    Great idea for a contest.

  • Patrick Ruddy

    I would love to win a free copy so I can post a blog of how i feel about it.

  • Askar

    2011 Tech Resolution…build that one killer iPhone app that could flip the world of TODOs upside down.

  • Xavier Fajardo

    Hi there, well, my New Years resolution is to read your iPhone App book! Specially if I win.

  • Carl

    Simplify at home and at work.

  • Kevin

    Think more, be more mindful.

  • Kuldar

    This years resolution will be to make no more resolutions. I hope I can manage that.

  • Garrett Gee

    floss daily

  • aditya

    My new year resolution is to think big…..always! I will not let people around me drag me down….

    Writing a hugely successful app is one way to think big….:-)

  • Henry

    1. Learn to code.
    2. Use a Nokia 9000 as my main mobile for a week. :P

  • Rehan

    sell something on my website :)

  • Zulfadhli

    My new year resolution is to go through this year one day at a time. Each day I will make a new resolution for me to accomplish on that day..

  • Frankelly Valdez

    1. Create several addictive yet beautifully designed apps for everyday use.
    2. Publish and Advertise my remodeled website.
    3. Add app development to my resume and website services.
    4. Freelance full-time baby!
    5. Once all is done – Take a vacation :P

  • Tan Jia Hui

    My new year resolution is to work hard in my studies so that I can rack up an excuse to get a new MacBook Pro. XP

  • mandaris

    I’ve stopped being a flake and I want to make something worth making…

  • Adam

    my 2011 resolution is to leverage my personal network and land my first five-figure project.

  • Eduardo R.

    My new year resolution is develop an app for the Mac App Store :D

  • Mark B

    This year I aim to make my first app.

  • Florian

    New Years resolution:
    Use less time to check how to optimise workflows and what apps to use and just get down to work(efficiently)

  • Suleiman Leadbitter

    This book would be very handy for me.

    My New Years Resolution would be to pull my finger out and get my crap together, same as last year really :S

  • Zayd Qureshi

    To be more creative and thoughtful.

  • Jason Sanders

    My New Years Resiolution,

    To get my website up and running, and keep it up and actually try to become a freelance web designer (which for me has been hard to do for the past 5 years). Then to start a blogging website on web design and also app designs for different operating systems.

  • Deva

    My new year resolution is, as Timothy Ferris puts it, to focus on being productive instead of busy :)

    Happy New Year everybody! :)

  • Paul

    I teach IT and am keen to develop students programming abilities with iOS in 2011

  • Bex

    New year’s resolution: enjoy the things around us and make the most out of what we have.

  • Filip De Bot

    Great price

  • Vishu

    My resolution is to buy a Mac and build my first iphone app which has been with me in sketches for soo long, i’ve updated it so many times on paper :D, been trying to save up for a mac for almost an year now..

  • Ronald

    Hope, i am still in. Nice campaign.

  • Hector Correa

    Become proficient in non-windows development, starting with Objective C and Ruby.

  • Tyler Johnson

    New Years Resolution: Make a SUCCESSFUL iPhone app. Built tons but non of them seem to sell. Oh well if I win, I guess thats the first step!

  • Jez prince

    My resolution is to increase my luck in winning fantastic prizes. I have never won anything ever – sad I know :-(

  • Brenton Smith

    Resolution=Revolution, an App Revolution. I want to app my way into this new year, with hopes to launch 5 apps this year.

  • Edson Ma

    My resolution: drink more coofee (????…. well… ’cause programmers ar living beings that transforms coffee in codes) :)

  • Will Holtkamp

    My Resolution: Taking my <1 yr old startup to the next level. Adding iPhone development onto our web development list of credentials.

  • Khiem

    My resolution : To take my design firm to new heights! And to start expanding into the restaurant business :)

  • Igor

    Help fill the new Mac app store!

  • FlasherLand

    mhmm… I have a goal for 2011, rather than a resolution:)

    I’m a flash designer and as we all know iPhone/iPad/ietc. do not support flash (still:).. So I wanna learn app development and be able offer excellent service to my customers – customize their beautiful flash websites into apps for “i” devices

  • Celso Santos

    I’m starting a Mac User and Developer Group for iPhone and Mac on my University.

    This book would really be helpful :)

  • Shawn

    One goal for this year is to stop thinking and just do/create!

  • totushi

    resolution: get back involved in to the ios world, need to refresh work and start over again! every bit of help i can get is appreciated XD

  • Daniel

    I always wanted to program iphone apps. this book looks great

  • Bryan

    I’ve been always meaning to start iOS and Cocoa development, but kept putting it off in favour of my other design-related projects. The book could really help kickstart my efforts on this front.

    New Year’s Resolution: Start more projects and allocate time well for my upcoming projects in 2011.

  • Lia Belle

    My New Year’s Resolution: to read ‘iPhone App Entrepreneur’ :-)

  • Tor Einar Huus

    Comment added. :-)

  • Matt Underwood

    win more competitions!!

  • FeeLX

    New Year Resolution: Win the book and make awesome apps. Ha.

  • Mike

    Pick meee!

  • Avi

    Now that my son was born i have lots of spare time because i’m watching him all day. A good eBOOK like yours can help me through the day…..


  • Kennth

    New Year’s Resolution:Talk Less, Listen More.

  • Alex Vander Vlugt

    Publish an Dynamic Magazine Ipad App

  • Jonas

    Resolution: study even more … get your first webapp finished ! Learn math :-(

  • Voi

    My new year solution: read a book about iphone development and start building something

  • Brian G.

    NYR: keep my desk tidy.

  • Francisco Mesa

    Maybe a good idea and App that check your emails and Push an alert about promotions like this. I read it latter!!

  • Morgan

    Sleep. But not too much.

  • Dania G.

    I’d like to finally start on my online portfolio… AND take my first trip to Japan <3

  • Lia Belle

    Just won it! Thank you very much for it’s the very first time that I’ve ever won something:-)

  • Aeronaves

    I have so many ideas floating around in my head, thanks for sharing!