Winners Announced: Win a Copy of Justinmind Prototyper!

Today we’re giving away two copies of a high-quality wire-framing tool for OS X, Justinmind, usually priced at $495. It allows you to easily create wireframes for web, desktop and mobile applications, and quickly generate great prototypes for HTML layouts.

If you’re a web or software developer, Justinmind can act as a really helpful tool for planning and preparing a new project.

You can create fully functional wireframes and simulate them, even testing the behaviour of passing data in/out. If you’d prefer to simply have a HTML output, then Justinmind is also capable of exporting a live, interactive HTML website wireframe.

To enter, all you need to do is leave a comment on this post, letting us know what you’d like to use Justinmind for. We’ll randomly select the winners in one week, on Friday 17th December.

Best of luck!

Winners Announced

Thanks to everyone who took part, and congratulations to the two winners, who we’ve chosen as:

  • Liam Cain
  • Jens Thomsen

Well done, and we’ll be in touch with your license code very soon!

For those who didn’t win a free license, you can apply for one if you publish a review of Justinmind Prototyper and Justinmind Usernote on your blog. Just contact [email protected] if you are interested!


Add Yours
  • OMG!! Please I’d love to win :D

  • I’d love to use this for web development.

  • I’d love a copy to help with the wire-framing of a couple of iPad apps I’m working on, as well as for a web accompaniment for one of them.

  • I’m an interaction designer, I would love to have a copy for a better productivity in my design processes.
    Thanks !

  • I’d like to use Justinmind for defining web and mobile apps with rich interactive prototypes, getting feedback from my users, that is testing my user interface design, and, last but not least, replacing iPlotz! ;-)

  • great software, this would make my daily work much easier.
    In stead of making (static) design sketches in photoshop and illustrator you can make it interactive, without scripting .. much more meaningful and easier to discuss

  • I would love to have the chance to use this program! Choose me please!!

  • Wow. Something like this would really make me more efficient when asking clients about prototypes.

  • I need a copy of Justinmind. Please! =]

  • Great tool! I would use it to create websites mockups for my clients. Thanks!

  • Would love this for working on my website

  • I want!!! ;)

  • This is the first time I’ve heard of Justinmind and would love to use it for website and iPhone app design.

  • First? Really? OK I’m in. I’d use it to prototype a real-time results site I have in mind.

  • First time hearing of “Prototyper” -but would really love to apply it towards my UX work.

  • awesome deal!

  • Hi, I would love a copy of Justinmind Prototyper for a variety of reasons. First, as a young web developer, I require a tool to help me visualize my final product. Unfortunately, I would never be able to afford this software myself. The software’s ability to build an HTML framework for a webpage would greatly enhance my development process and reduce how long I procrastinate. PICK ME PLEASE :)

  • Having the ability to do true design wireframing – not just conceptual layouts utilizing abstract representative elements makes all the difference in the world.

    Never been a big fan of Balsamiq, as competent as the package is – because you are still asking your clients to take a leap by converting seemingly hand-drawn elements into something that will take form once designed.

  • Wow, have never seen this app before. As I’m taking on more site development, wire-framing is an area I’m still learning, and would love to have a tool like this to quickly prototype sites for our clients.

  • I’d really love to get a copy of this software.

  • I do need a CAD type software for wireframing and prototyping for a class I’ll be taking in the near future. They don’t care what program as long as it can do wireframe

  • Hey, I would love to have Justinmind!

  • Looks like a cool program. I would us it for building wicked websites!

  • I will use it to comp out some of the biggest corporate iPhone apps ever.

  • I would use Justinmind to develop an iPhone application for a small restaurant where I live.

    Limited budgets and hard economic times for some give this app a good reason to save time while still creating good wireframes.

  • Cool product. I’d use it to prototype a couple of side-projects I am working on.

  • As a web developer/designer, Justinmind would be an invaluable tool for planning out interfaces for both normal websites and web-based applications. Would love to have a copy – it would speed up development a ton!

  • I am a web developer/designer trying to start a web development/design company and this would be a great addition to my arsenal! Definitely speed up my dev time!

  • I would use it for web development and design.

  • I am working on a Cocoa project, I think Justinmind is “Just in time”. :)

  • I always want to design the perfect site to show my work but I can never really achieve what I want. I think that with a tool so powerful as “Justinmind” I might be able to achieve the goal of having the perfect site.

  • Tried a gazillion times for comp entries and never won in my life.
    “Just ’bout time” for “Just In Time”

    Good luck all and have fun with the App!

  • This will be helpfull for some projects.

  • Great product! Will be helpful in developing apps!

  • Totally would use it for prototyping web sites!

  • Great app. I would love it.

  • Awesome! This is the tool that I’ve dreamed.

  • This would be an amazing tool for quickly getting some project ideas off paper and into a presentable format.

  • I am a clinical researcher and would like to use it for our build public domain.

  • I’d love (love love!) to win a copy, especially since the regular price is a bit too steep for my student budget. I would probably use it most for prototyping websites and -apps, but I’m also starting to develop for the iPhone and Mac so it would be a great addition to my toolset either way.

  • This would be great for my digital web agency, Creative Lime. ! I can use this. Let me win!!

  • It’s Great!
    I’m a cell-phone programmer and doing some web designs in my spare time.
    I think I can turn my design into layout easily with Justinmind…

  • I’m a web developer and i would love to use this program on my wireframe process.

  • Cool! I’ll use it for a web app I’m working on. Can’t tell you the details since it’s not done yet.

  • Sign me up. Could use it to while working on my next big project.

  • This would be a fantastic addition to my arsenal. I am currently working towards my BS in Web Design & Multimedia Development, and I think this would expedite my workflow tremendously!

  • This would be awesome for being able to quickly show people a complex site, as an iphone and web developer, it can be tricky without putting too much billable time into it.

  • We would use it for planning our websites and presenting designs to clients.

  • Website prototyping; goodness knows I NEED a tool like this!

  • I want to make better prototypes, faster with Justinmind. Then I can test them, tweak them, and make my work amazing!

  • I’d use it to plan my web designs.

  • Oooh, really? Please? I would love this!

    And as an aside, and off-topic, the addtoany link has been totally hosing your page loads. This page kept timing out there. I think I will be adding to my hosts file with an IP of

  • I’d use it just to show off, really.

  • Would love to win this. It will surely help my freelancing.

  • Awesome best of luck to everyone!

  • I’d love to use it too! That’d be fantastic!

  • OMG! Love to win. Wish everyone best of luck.

  • my the luckiest guy win ;)

  • I was waiting for it long time ago!!!

  • Your gives away are the best!! count me in!! I will cross my fingers…

  • Looks like a great product. I would definitely use it to mock up clients websites and apps.

  • I would love to use it in my web apps/sites design process and for the iOS apps I have in mind. Btw, this piece of software looks really stunning.

    Anyway, I never win the AppStorm giveaways ! :-D

    Thank you for the great stuff.

  • I will use this tool to prototype my next themeforest shocking beatiful template…

  • I would use it to create better website mockups and also illustrate information flow in business applications.

  • Would be amazing for making changes in companies, to their IT. Very useful.

  • I need this because the Green Party of Canada just offered me a job to work and design their new youth website, and I seriously need some tools. All I ahve now is iWeb. If I don’t get this, I don’t get the job!

  • I would use it for prototyping sites and apps :)…

  • I’d like to use this to mock up a scheduling web app I plan to create soon

  • Cool , I would love to try it in web project.

  • Wow!!! This is awesome!!!
    I really hope to win!

  • I would use it for a bunch of projects that i have, for University and for my work there.

  • I would use it for work on UX of apps and web sites.

  • I really need this for prototyping my school’s website.

  • There are so many great ideas for which it would be great to visualize them just to get an idea what different approaches were possible. Justinmind Prototyper would be of great value here!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • I’d use this tool to plan websites the way they should be planned. Finally.

  • I would definitely love this as I’m constantly working on new apps all the time.. Any way to increase efficiency to get things rolling faster than usual is A+ in my book! :D

  • Wow, looks impressive. Would love to get my hands on a copy to use it for my university projects. Coding can be a pain since it takes a while to see the real behavior. With Justinmind I could easily build the concept I have in mind and realize it much faster… giving me more time to study of course ;-)

  • Webdesign all the way :)

  • I can think of multiple uses for this application. One of them will be iPad App-Prototyping. Can’t wait to get my hand on this. Very good giveaway!

  • Website prototyping. Have previously enjoyed the trial – I need this!

  • omg i need this!

  • I would like to use Justinmind to develop an online store for our furniture store.

  • Wow! Justinmind looks incredible. I’ve recently teamed up with a designer and we have several web applications (and their mobile counterparts) on our list of things to create, expanding the more successful ones into fully-fledged startups.

    We would love a copy of Justinmind, as it would make our current workflow so much easier and efficient.

  • Excellent, I’ll use it for web design and mobile apps design.

  • Oh yes! So need a license for this.

    Would use it to determine structure and interaction of website elements, to also easily show clients an idea, mocked up simply and quickly. I can see productivity improving manyfold with a tool such as this.

  • This tool will boost my productivity in webdev.

  • I would like to use it for web development and design

  • I need this piece of software for my academic studies and my internship. I would use it to design web applications and mobile apps.

  • This looks like the perfect wire framing too. I’ve tried so many other that just don’t have the same feature list as JustInMind. Crossing my fingers that AppStorm delivers me an early Christmas present.

  • Are you kidding? That’s would be a HUGE Christmas present…! Finger crossed!!

  • Nice tool, I’ll use it for website prototyping.

  • I would like to have a copy of this because I am a web developer but I don’t have many resources and money, so PLEASE….

  • Yeah looks good.
    I want it!

  • Webdesign too…

  • Wow, that would be a great win; I could replace my copy of iPlotz… ;)

  • I’d like to win a copy!

  • I’d like to win a copy of Justmind because I’m a webdesigner and I switched to Mac a month ago and I found Justmind is the best tool for wireframing but I don’t have enough money to buy it. So I’ll appreciate a copy of it! :)

  • Pick me! pick me, please:-)

  • I’d like to use it for web design and mac apps prototyping.

  • I’d use that for mac app prototyping.

  • I’d use it for web development. :-)

  • Hi guys we use wireframes for user testing all the time, this would be an awesome tool for our business!

  • What an amazing giveaway!
    I would wireframe away with it on all my future projects!

  • Do hope an overseas freelancer gets to win this, specifically, er, me!

    Thanks guys!

  • Great tool…very powerful on my projects!

  • I´d love to use this for building my website :)

  • Looks interesting, may come useful.

  • wow… good Giveaway.

    It would surely come in use for a freelancer like me to give a wireframe design to my clients… :)

  • This would be great! Love prototyping

  • I would love to win a copy of Justinmind! I would use it to create mockups for clients’ websites as well as my personal projects.

  • Cool Tool!

  • Hello,

    Looks like a wonderful tool to replace my OmniGraflle work flow.
    Would love to win this one as well.



  • I think winning this would be a great asset to my workflow… Right now it is easy for me to design a smart online solution for my clients… However, when it comes to translating that to a functioning website I get held up. The CSS and coding and programming is the killer.

  • Wonderfull tool!! i think it will be very hopefull for my work on web development and iphone app.

  • I’ll use it to prototype iOS apps and websites.

  • Would really love to win this – it would save my bacon on a current project I’m on!

  • I’d use this to change the way enterprise software is designed and then used.

  • I’d like to use it to help me get a job, so I can post my portfolio

  • Thanks for the opportunity, I’d love to win Justinmind to prototype web apps.

  • This is the first I’ve heard of JustInMind and it appears to be feature-rich. I’d love to get my hands on a copy… for application prototyping, web design & prototyping, & communicating with teams.

  • Justinmind will come just in time!

  • Choose me!!!

  • Yessir I’d love this, ‘specially when I’m about to graduate, it’ll help me show off my work process (or lack thereof..)

  • Wow you guys are awesome!
    I would love this for web dev. It’s exactly what I need right now. Thanks for the chance. Keep up the good work.

  • I would love to use this application to develop our next learning management system.

  • Would LOVE to win this for my girlfriend.

  • Very generous give-a-way. I’ll throw my hat in. I’d update my websites!

  • Much like most of the folks having commented, I too have am hearing of this app for the first time. I guess that’s an indication that I’ve not been wireframing much, other than on paper and in on-screen sketches.

    But heck, given some research now completed regarding this app and others, I’m totally all in for winning a free copy.

    I’d love to have a tool like this to quickly prototype sites for my clients. In that I’m taking on more site development, wire-framing is an area for which I should find tool-sets, not to mention skill-sets.

    I know nothing of this app, I’m not certain as to how much it would help. But should it be a boon to my work-flow, as I’ve done for many other apps in the past, I’ll shout-out and evangelize from the rooftops its benefits and strengths.

  • What a christmas gift! Would make my life soo much easier!

  • I would love to use this in workshops

  • I’d love a copy of this for prototyping and testing sites and applications for a number of not-for-profit orgs I work with. Looks good from the site and just started playing with the trial at the moment. Fingers crossed ;-)

  • I’d love to use Justinmind to mock up floorplans, concept designs, and websites!

  • I would love to win this app because I’m a freelance web developer.

  • I would love a copy to help me with the wire-framing of a couple of websites I’m working on. I am using WordPress but the wire-framing I sketch it on paper right now. I have been looking for software like prototyping.

  • I’m doing my masters thesis on making software to support distributed collaboration and would love this for prototyping.

  • Just started freelance web design looks like this would save me heaps of time (i might even start making some money)

  • I would love to win that one :)

  • It would be fantastic to have a copy for mocking changes to my site, as well as for some upcoming iPhone apps I’ve got planned.

  • I like to win ;)

  • I wanna win!

  • I’d love a copy of Justinmind for my next class in school, where this software (or the like) is required for me to enter it. I’d love to get it from here as a christmas gift instead of having to pay, since I’m rather low on money anyways.

  • Hi, I could really use this for a few apps I’m developing, can I please have a copy? :)

  • great product, but costly :(
    would love a copy!

  • Great software, I hope I’ll win :)

  • I’ve been looking for a good wireframing tool and this seems to be really good. I could really see myself using it!

  • I’d love to use this app everyday

  • I am fighting against odds in this contest! With some luck, I may win…

  • It would be great to win a copy of this tool.

  • OMG so awesome! Would like to win

  • Great software !! I’d like to use Justinmind for defining web apps with rich interactive prototypes and for a better productivity in my design processes.
    Thanks !

  • Would love to own Justinmind!!

  • Prototyper owns me. Give me. :)

  • I’d love that app for my iphone app that I’m developing for my degree final project! I think it would look great!

  • first of all i would use to to prototype my website. really need to get it online finally

  • Looks really interesting and useful. Would love to win a copy!

  • I’d use this in any way possible!

  • This app is so cool. If i won, i couldn’t wait to start building with it. My site needs a lot of work

  • Terrific software! I would use it to make lots and lots of beautiful and compatible websites!

  • me too :)

  • Mmmmmm!… Excited!

  • I would love using this in my web development business.

  • I’d love to win this because Photoshop is just too heavy for wireframing!

  • This would be an ideal supplementary tool for a solo designer. After looking at all of the features on their site, I’ve realized it needs to be on my list of things to buy.

  • Oh brilliant! This is just what I need for our conceptual work on a new web service coming in 2011. (Currently looking for a prototype tool anyway…)

  • I want it! :D It would be a great christmas present!

  • Sounds interesting. Would like to try it out.

  • This would rock my world, I do web development and a tool like this would make things “oh so MUCH easier”!!! Just saying :)

  • Sure would like to have this for Xmas . . .

  • This would be much better than Visio!

  • You have no idea how useful this would be from a web dev point of view. I’ll throw my name into the mix just for good measure.

  • I would love using this for my new indie game website!

  • This soft seems a really timesaver.
    Too expensive for me so I hope it will be there thanks to appstorm.

  • This would be an amazing addition to my developing. I am definitely low on resources. Giving away a 500 dollar program is extremely generous of you, and I would love to be that lucky winner. Thank you!

  • I’ve been looking for a wire-framing/prototype builder for a while and this would be great for my web development workflow.

  • I would definetly use this tool to speedup my prototyping time, done clean and tidy..

  • I’m a web developer using Microsoft tools. I would use this to help justify the purchase of my MacBook and make it more useful at work.

  • I would love a copy so I can impress my bosses in my new job with how thorough and organised I am! =D

  • I hope I win. Thanks Mac.AppStorm!

  • I too am a Web Developer and would love a great tool such as this! I currently use PowerPoint to create wireframes!

  • Interactive wireframes says it all. Clients and me win!

  • I would love to use it because I need to design websites pretty often :)

  • i would love to use it for my own website first, then….

  • Oooh, a dream maybe come true : )

  • After being made redundant by bigmegacorp I have started my own business doing web design and the like. This software would really help me move that forward. Fingers crossed.

  • I’m looking for a wireframe tool for building mobile web sites. This would be ideal.

  • I would use it to create a new website for the rebirth of a certain record label that will introduce a brand new business model for the record industry.

  • I’m an aspiring webdesigner/developer, winning this tool would help me make the world even more beautiful. If that is even possible.

  • Wow, right now I’m starting some works, this tool would really help me a lot!!

  • Justinmind is an awesome tool and I’d love to win it. Making webdesigns for Macs/PCs and iPhone would be much easier than ever and that’s awesome on the app :)

  • Wow! With this I could stop making my prototypes in PS, making them interactive, and in the end – save ALOT of time (that I instead will use to battling crime with my superawesome superpowers!) :)

  • Wow, I didn’t know that such a cool app exists on the mac. I got a 27inch imac lately and this would be a wonderful app to try out. It’ll be like qt designer but for the web! AWESOMENESS!!!

  • I’m doing a lot of WF as i am a Senior Graphic Designer and Usability Expert – this app can be heaven!

  • I already tested the beta of Prototyper for the Mac recently. It’s good that there’s finally an (affordable) alternative to Axure!

    I am a UX Designer/Usability Analyst/Web-Interaction Designer & Dad of 2 lovely daughters :)

  • Spread it to people in other continent like me please :)…I’d be happy if I get this. peace from Asia.

  • I’m a web developer / designer and this would definitely help SO much. It has so many great tools! I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed :)

  • For designing mobile applications for my final year projects.

  • Hi folks,

    I’m the Product Manager of Justinmind. I just want to tell you that the ones of you who don’t win a free license can apply for one if you publish a review of Justinmind Prototyper and Justinmind Usernote in a blog. Please contact [email protected] if you are interested.


  • I would use it in the bath, on the train, in a café or in boring meetings. For what? To follow my passion of solving common user problems with innovative solutions!

  • Id use it to continue teaching myself HTML coding and web design =)

  • would be great for quickly mocking up mobile apps for multiple platforms

  • I’d use it for wireframing instead if InDesign or Illustrator, sounds great!

  • Working on a BIG redesign of my site. Would love to switch to Justinmind from Omnigraffle.

  • I’d use JustInMind for… you guessed it! Prototypeing!

  • I just want to finish some sites and this seems like the pure solution…

  • I would love to use this to prototype website themes for clients and personal projects, as well as apps for the iphone and ipad. This is exactly what I was looking for!

  • I’m sure it will be a pleasant challenge to try it ;)

  • Hi,

    I’d like to use it for my Projects in the Service Management Consulting with ‘Matrix42 Service Store’.
    I can easy make a prototype of the customized system with my customer in hours. Workshops like this usually would take days…


  • This would be great for web development.

  • Always looking for a super sweet prototyping tool

  • Congratulations to the winners!