Winners Announced: Win a Copy of Kaleidoscope

Winners Announced

Thanks to everyone who filled out our survey. It’s given us some great insight! I’m pleased to announce the five winners of this brilliant application are:

  1. Samuel Kindler
  2. Milan Zivkovic
  3. Frederic Bejina
  4. Chris Poteet
  5. Craig Reynolds

Well done, and we’ll be in touch with your license code very soon!

Old Announcement

After reviewing the delightful Kaleidoscope last week, I’m thrilled to let you all know that we have 5 full licenses to give away (worth €29 each). Kaleidoscope is a brilliant application for comparing files on your Mac, with a gorgeous interface design.

Entering is easy – all you need to do is answer two questions about how we run AppStorm! The competition will run for one week, and we’ll announce the randomly selected winners on the Tuesday, 22nd June.

Good luck, and thanks for reading AppStorm!

Fill our our survey to enter

  • Itai Ferber

    Well, filled out the survey. I really hope I win! ;)

  • Florian Taltavull

    I think that this is a nice way to let someone enter… There’s really nothing wrong with filling out a survey. I really think that it’s the best thing to do!

    • Martin

      I agree!

  • Antonio Iannini

    Thanx hope I win!

  • Josephine Leow

    filled out the survey and thanks! I hope for the win :)

  • Daniel Veltin

    Really like this software, would like to have it and use it. Every specials in details, love it.

  • stacciaburatta

    filled out the survey :)

  • Dan Palmer

    This is a beautiful app, but one that actually does something really useful too. It is very rare to find such a great package. If I had the money to, I would buy it, but for the moment I will suffer with the built in tool. :(

  • Constantin

    I want to try again. This is a good site and a good app!

  • k19s

    Hi, i filled out the survey hope I win one


  • Vasilis Tsairelis

    I filled out the survey,good luck to everyone…

  • Antonio

    Great app! Thanks.

  • pär

    filled out the survey, thanks guys!

  • Lola

    You might have included a field for additional comments in the survey.

  • Chris Poteet

    Thanks for the license!