Win a Copy of Prizmo

This week we’re giving away three copies of Prizmo, a tool for “scanning via a digital camera” and altering the perspective of photographs. We were impressed with the application in our review, and the software does a great job (providing you have a decent camera!)

To be in with a chance of winning one of the three licenses, simply leave a comment on this post letting us know what you’d like to use Prizmo for. The more creative the better!

Three of the most interesting responses will be selected on Wednesday 20th May. Best of luck, and as with all competitions, there’s just one legal point to make – you aren’t eligible to take part if you work for Envato.


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  • It’s a really impressive application! Hope to win this time :)

  • Sounds cool to me. I’m sure i could find a good use for it.

  • Music manuscript at school. So many people have got a lot of music I need to sift through, and being able to snag it all on a digicam and view it later would be really handy.

  • Using this app will help me avoid problems with my troublesome printer/scanner/copier machine.

  • It would be nice to be able to take pictures of lecture slides and be able to realign them later! And it would come in handy when i take pictures of my notes for friends who missed a lecture from an illness or whatnot!

  • I’d use it on the photos of the book citations i take on my cell phone. makes it easy to document stuff for the papers i write in my masters program

  • I’ve been waiting for ages to make my freelance office totally paperless for a number of reasons. Reduce clutter; Simplify workspace; Make documents easier to find and more affordable to archive; plus I have small children frequently parading through displacing things. I’ve almost went ahead and grabbed a scanner, but can’t do that on my budget yet. If it’s quicker than using Photoshop, I’d probably enjoy a copy;


  • I would use to scan all my notebooks and share them with the world

  • Creative eh? Here it goes:
    There once was a young lad who read many design books. The verity of these books was impeccable, ranging from business cards, logos, typography, letterheads, corporate identity and even web design and development. Now it happened that this lad wanted to share his thoughts and show the beauty of these books, for these books were not merely inspiring by content, but also by layout. The lad spent countless hours trying to translate the beauty of these books to share on the internet, but he could never line up the camera just right and the books would never lay properly on a scanner. There had to be a better solution. Certainly, the lad had resources such as photoshop at his disposal, but there had to be something simpler. The lad searched and searched with no avail. It was not until one day that a tool was discovered called Prizmo. This tool was amazing. It was exactly what was needed. It was simple, beautiful and efficient. Finally, with this tool, the lad could share these amazing books and their layouts with world while still being productive and efficient. Finally success was at hand.

    Might be on the lengthy side, but worth a shot.

  • I am a social worker who dreams of being a photographer or a mac genius and would love to win this app. I would buy it but as I wrote……I am a social worker. Trying to save the world one app at a time.

  • I could use this in the kitchen when I give my class (I am a culinary arts teacher in Mexico City). Just switched to MAC a few months ago and so far, could not be happier. It would be great to win it.

  • I have tons of sheet music that I’d like to import into my computer. Scanning it all would be a hassle.

  • Well I don’t need Prizmo, I leave comment just because I’ve became a big Fans of appstorm!

  • You wouldn’t believe how much I would use this for school. I have to scan in my homework everyday with a scanner, and you wouldn’t believe how much of a time saver this would be. Prizmo is awesome!

  • That is something really neat for people like me that don’t have much space for a scanner (Even the itsy bitsy ones) and it definitely takes out the hassle of trying to fit an oversized item in an undersized scanner. Also cuts down on the time of having to edit a scan that shows up with moire patterns all around. What a handy dandy little app. :)

  • I’d use prizmo to scan maps and save them on my laptop for VFR flight planning.
    Keep the amazing work up!

  • As future teacher and student this would be of multiple use for me! Would love to win and you guys can sleep better supporting the children ;)

  • Well I couldn’t come up with a reason why I deserve more than anyone else, beside the fact I love to collect apps.

  • I would like to use Prizmo to scan all my written school notes and distribute them to the students in the year below me since I am graduating next week.

  • I’ll use sometimes for fun, even I don’t really need it. But I really like its icon!

  • Using this Will hopefully stop me from having to buy a Scanner/Copier/Printer. It looks like a great app and it would really help me out if I find something interesting in a Magazine like a picture that I would like to have on my computer. Sometimes I’ll use it for fun, but my main attraction to the app is the Brilliant Icon.

  • Looks awesome! This would be perfect for me. I am an architecture student and always forced to cut up my drawings because they are too big to be scanned. Would love to see how effective the app is on bigger pieces of paper and for getting images of buildings to study.

  • Because my scanner was made in the dark ages of SCSI. Unfortunately 10trillion Mac updates later there is a slight incompability between the computer (USB) and the scanner (SCSI) which even can not be solved by applying violence. It looks impressive though.

  • I have a camera, but I don’t have a scanner. And yes, some texts I need to email to someone are still on paper… I would come handy to have Prizmo :)

  • As a freelance journalist, I’m regularly running into things that could easily be photographed but, for a clear result, need to be scanned. Imagine seeing some documents somewhere on the road, taking a snapshot of it and taking it trough Prizmo – that’s just way more effective than taking it home and putting it under your flatbed thingy.

    With Prizmo, I would be the smartest journalist around.

  • With Prizmo, I would scan in all my scores in golf. For now I am focusing on becoming professionals with Tiger and the guys at the top, so help me keep good statistics. :)

  • I hope I win. It’s a great study tool.

  • Last time I used my scanner it tried to eat my fingers. I admit my reaction was a bit harsh, but is was an act of self defense. Ever since our relationship is disturbed and my scanner refuses to scan… .

  • I hate paper. It clogs my life. If prism will let me burn the evil tree span…without the guilt of losing precious information and needed bits…I need it. (ps: I’ll probably recycle them instead of going pyro)

  • Oh… its a great idea! i hope win!!!

  • Oh I see so many good uses for it, especially for studying – like thick books you can’t pack into a normal scanner. Or old, fragile pamphelts you’re not allowed to scan in the library. Or those big picture books. Or – for something completley different – the menu of a restaurant. Oh, before I forget: for modders this is THE best tool to create textures of nearly every flat surface e.g. walls, billboards etc.

  • maybe I will use PRIZMO to scan the world to make great looking textures

  • I would use it for business cards! And menus for takeout! And stealing nuclear secrets from the Russ…oops…I’ve said too much.

  • I hope I can replace the scanner from my All In One Printer.

  • I shipped my scanner when I moved to Vietnam and it never made it here. A free copy of Prismo would make up for my stupid decision not to purchase shipping insurance.

  • For handout from lecturers who still live in the last millennia.

  • My scanner is on it’s last legs, so Prismo would help fantastically for getting my paper notes, receipts etc into digital format.

  • Hi! As usual, thanks for the great giveaway ^^

    I have three reasons why you should give one of the licences to me:

    1. I’ve never won anything with you, so this could be the right time to start winning something
    2. On Monday it’s my birthday, therefore you could make a gift to me (also read point 1)
    3. At the university I could take pictures of the blackboard and then study directly on the notes of my professors ^^

    Thanks for reading! :D

  • This is interesting. You know what’s not interesting? This comment.

    I hope atleast that my chances of winning are more interesting. Cause this text sure isn’t.

    …Or is it?

  • Well I travel a lot for my job and I need to constantly note down different signs / banners so that I can document / remember good places to eat, shop etc. I do carry by small digicam everywhere and snap those places. OCR doesn’t seem to work well unless I get a very head on shot. Maybe Prizmo could help me fill that gap.

  • I’m trying to make my office more paperless. I’ve got so much paperwork that geologists can detect my filing cabinet opening. 2nd drawer up is the worse and usually measures around about 5.2 on the Richter scale! This would be an ideal application to digitalise stuff that wont fit under the hood of a scanner. Now if only I could find my digital camera under the avalanches of paperwork…

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  • I´ll use Prizmo for everything: scan, swin, run, travel, print, sing, … so they served? ;)

  • My scanner secretly plans to eliminate all human beings!!!

    Please don’t let me switch it on anymore…

  • It would be wonderful for me coming into exams, I’ve got quite a few sheets of revision so it would be useful.

  • I’m trying to make my office more paperless. I’ve got so much paperwork that geologists can detect my filing cabinet opening!

  • Prizmo is giving me so many ideas, like a gallery of illustration that I’m painting right now for which I’d like to create an online virtual gallery where all the portraits would look like they are in same room, I’d need to alter the perspective of each painting to give a feeling of continuity between them. I’m not sure I’m clear, but I would definetly put that app to good use.

  • Prizmo would be extremely helpful to my PhD research. I am writing on a topic which is very much influenced by current developments. So I have often been in situations where one finds some information on the go which one would not be able to get back to some time later (may it be a short newspaper article read in a train, a short book sequence in a special library, some insightful notes from some acknowledged interviewee or whatever). However, traditional mobile scanners are either horribly expensive or don’t do a great job. Digital cameras aren’t naturally able to cope with this task either.

    However, what Prizmo achieves – as outlined in your review – is really fantastic! It would be a very helpful tool e.g. for use with some tool like Evernote. I would be very glad to win one of the licences and I would be happy to share my experiences!

    Even if I did not win, I highly regard the developer offering an academic discount of 50%. This is really kind!

  • Next month I will be in a travel looking for the Lost Ark in the Middle East.

    Prizmo looks like a “must have” software to enter in mysterious crypts and decipher hieroglyphics.

  • This would help me when I digitalize the notes I take in the various classes I attend at school. It would make my fingers really grateful, because typing thousands of words can be brutal.

  • ######## ######## #### ######## ## ## #######
    ## ## ## ## ## ## ### ### ## ##
    ## ## ## ## ## ## #### #### ## ##
    ######## ######## ## ## ## ### ## ## ##
    ## ## ## ## ## ## ## ## ##
    ## ## ## ## ## ## ## ## ##
    ## ## ## #### ######## ## ## #######

    | |
    | |
    \ /

    ____ ____ _ _____ ____ ___
    | _ \ / ___) (___ ) \ / _ \
    | |_| | | | |/ __/| | | | |_| |
    | __/|_| |_(_____)_|_|_|\___/

    I would like Prizmo even more than this picture ;)

  • I am sure the developers went through a lot of trouble to create this app. I would put it to its best use. Keep em coming and I will keep on using.

  • Maybe with Prizmo I will be able to do this impossible perspective trick the CSI guys did in a recent episode:

    Now I only need a 10-TERApixel camera.

  • Ok Folks, that app will do my work much more simple!
    Nothing irritates me more that the customer who arrives with a bad looking picture miracles!
    The Prism will save me a lot of hours!

  • As a college student that is starting off going completely paperless, this looks to be indispensable for me. Instead of lugging a scanner around the campus to scan in random stuff, I could just use the camera on my phone or macbook.

    Prizmo + DEVONthink Pro Office = Paperless Heaven

  • I have a large collection of old atlases and maps that are too large and too fragile to scan. I would love to use Prizmo to organize and catalog my collection.

  • My relatives have lots of old photographs in albums that cannot be removed without damaging them, and the albums themselves can’t be flattened to put into a scanner. This sounds like a great way to preserve that heritage!

  • I am a professional painter and i have a bunch of framed artwork that i cant exactly scan because they are worth too much although most of them are small enough to fit into a scanner. This would be an awesome application to have around.

  • I’d use Prizmo instead of my stupid HP scanner that only works half of the time and is as slow molasses. I currently scan all of my receipts, school work, account statements, etc. Prizmo is my last hope before I just give up any hope of going completely digital.

  • I am working on a project for my mother for her b-day. A scrap book to tell the story of her meeting my father, and having three sons……I think Prism could help me scan the hundreds (thousands?) of pictures detailing that history……

  • being a student, i don’t have the money… or the time to get a job to make the money, to get and use a regular scanner. this could come in real handy :D

  • Okay! Here is the deal. I can envision a future scenario in which this application would come in handy; for instance! Aliens invade the earth, and Tom Hanks demands we translate their language to communicate with them. MIT has invented a language-analysis machine (which, of course, can only read scanned languages), and we have low-quality digital pictures; not scans, mind you! I, played by Nicholas Cage (or Robert Redford, if he is available) am the only person left with a working Mac. Luckily, the time machine I will invent allowed me to dictate this story to myself, winning me a piece of software conveniently designed to translate digital pictures into scans, the very thing that the recently-appointed Tom Hanks needs to save Earth. At the end, “I’m a Believer” (the Smash Mouth version, sadly) plays over a photomontage-credit sequence of the cast members freeze-framed, jumping into the air. I option this. Thank you.


  • I’m sure i’ll find other reasons to use it, but off the top of my head, it will surely help next year with receipts for taxes.

    And also maybe for UI sketches I do that I want on my mac.

  • A little bit expensive but so cheaper than a scanner !

  • A poor Student like me can’t efford all those books i need for study *cry*
    And copying at the library is always that expensive… and just for one page… just for researching… *cry*
    If i had this app I could just take my camera, snap it and than re-read it at home. Would be so nice… *cry*

  • For our historical society’s digitization project: image historical documents on microfilm readers that have to be shot obliquely to avoid glare. And likewise, framed documents under glass for the same reasons.

  • Saved on Fujitsu ScanSnap S300M Color Document Scanner: $295.00.

    Saved on Creaceed Prizmo 1.x license: $39.95.

    Joy of winning an AppStorm contest within a week of switching to a Mac: Priceless.

  • I need scanner almost every week but I dont have enough space on my desk so I never bought it. Maybe Prizmo can solve my problems.

  • Very cool way to scan. I plan to scan the entire contents of my local library, then once I do that I am going to the library in the next town owner, and so on. I figure in 103 years I will have scanned all the libraries in my state. In 12,000 years I will be able to scan all the documents in all the libraries in the US. In 320,00 years I will have scanned all the libraries in the world. Now if I can just get a copy of Prism and figure a way to live that long. Ooops I forgot to take into consideration bathroom breaks, I better add in an extra 15,660 years.

    I am ready…..

  • I would like it to be able to make a photo of my drawings which are much to big to scan in and then be able to archive them on my mac
    Hope to get it :)

  • Prize..Prizmo!

  • Gr. where is a scanner when I need one…hey…I do have my xti! *CLICK*DOWNLOAD*PRIZMO*SMILE!


  • Unfortunately, I would probably use this mostly for work.

  • This would be useful for my studies. I use my MacBook instead of notebooks and I’ve huge stack of papers what I should rewrite to digital form.

  • I have for a long time been longing for a scanner to keep my papers in an organized manner instead of boxes under my bed, but due to that I’m a student I cant afford it and don’t have room for one then Prizmo is the perfect solution. no clutter more time for studies & beers.

    Cheers I’m crossing my fingers, not sure my liver does the same ;)