Winners Announced: Win a Copy of SongGenie and CoverScout

Winner’s Details

Thanks to everyone who entered! I’m pleased to announce that the three lucky winners are:

  • Brad Bolman
  • Ricardo
  • David Ferguson

Your licenses will be on the way very soon.

After reviewing CoverScout earlier this week, we thought it would only be fair to give away a few licenses to our wonderful readers! Today’s competition is for three licenses of CoverScout, and three licenses of SongGenie (worth over $225!). These will be bundled together, so there will be three winners in total, each receiving both apps.

CoverScout is your one stop app for finding, applying, editing and printing all the album covers in your music library. SongGenie does a similar job, but focuses on all your iTunes metadata to ensure songs and albums are named and labelled correctly.

Entering the competition is easy, and just requires you to leave a comment on this post. We’ll randomly select the three winners in one week, on Friday 2nd April. Best of luck!

  • Gandalfj

    I love CoverScout! Great promotion! :)

    • brice32

      I’m crossing my fingers !

  • Rodrigo Mota

    It’s a great opportunity..maybe I’ll be one of the six winners =]

  • Erik

    I’m in! :D

  • Tom

    I’m in also :)

  • Constantin Petrov

    I’ve used both (not at my mac). It’s great!

  • Bruno Moniz

    Nice giveaway! Pleaseeeee :-)

  • Dominic

    Give it to me! :)

  • Paul

    Would really like to get rid of low-resolution album covers, so I’m in, too.

  • Oli

    Nice, thanks!

  • Michael M

    I’m in!

  • Lucas de Lima

    I’m in also. =D

  • Ed

    Equinux? No thanks.

  • laurent

    so good !!!

  • Chris


  • i3dy

    CoverScout FTW!

  • Craig

    I recently picked up CoverScout and it’s a pretty nice bit of software, which I put to good use. Hopefully SongGenie would be able to do some good on the more esoteric songs in my library.

  • Paulo J

    I’ve tried both of these apps and love them – Count Me In Please!!

  • Andrew D

    Sounds good, guys.. count me in! =)

  • Ed

    Repeat after me… I am a winner! I am a winner!
    I am a winner!
    I am a winner!
    I am a winner!

  • Tom


  • Jesse B

    I want to win

  • Greg Wardwell

    Awesome giveaway, as usual! Here’s hoping I’m on of the six!

  • DJ

    Im in sounds liek a couple of great apps

  • Francesco

    great! hope i can win for once! :)

  • Kevin Paquet

    Well, if we get licenses from both, the dispute on the other article will end, eh? I’m willing to accept both! haha.

  • Bob


  • Elias Tan

    hmm… i need this.

  • Alex C.

    The icons look like the software only works with country music. Either way, I would still like to win.

  • Igor P.

    Great! Count me in! ;-)

  • Martin Penev

    This sounds terrific! Exactly what I have been Looking for! :)

    Count me in!

  • Stephen Downs

    Have tried Cover Scout and it is great, filling in load of gaps in iTunes cover art

  • GuiGueek

    Nice Thanks!

  • Schellman

    I’ll join this competition. Great software!

  • cristian

    Count me in

  • David Ferguson

    pick me, pick me!

  • Hiroshi Watanabe

    Yes! I want to win!! =]

  • tekk-x

    Fantastic opportunity! :)

  • Alex W

    Just tested both apps because Mac Appstorm recommended them. They look really fantastic! A must have for my Mac.
    So, I’m in!

  • HBB

    i am in

  • jrednour

    This sounds fantastic!

  • buckntuz

    I’ll take it…

  • Bryce

    I could really use a copy of these as my iTunes library is missing a lot of info. Thanks!

  • Matthias

    i would like to get a copy of SongGenie!

  • Francois Leclerc

    I’m in! Great promo!

  • mik84

    great apps! mr.random is my friend ;)

  • Ardrete

    I’m crazy for that apps, We love SongGenie… Great

  • Mac

    count me in

  • rativid

    Nice app, I am in )

  • Eric

    You’re too kind.

  • seth

    I want this? seriously? Like, duhh -_-” yes it’ll be nice.

  • rek

    i hate messy itunes, sign me up

  • Marius B

    You will…tick-tick…pick…tick-tick…me…tick-tick…you will…

  • vilebender

    CoverScout pretty please :)

  • Prince

    i want them

  • Charlene Ray

    This is so great! I hope I’m one of the winner. Finger Crossed!

  • Ce


  • QQ

    hope me win

  • fs

    Song Genie looks real nice. Especially when owning Cover Scout.

  • Pier Luigi

    Hope to win a copy of Song Genie. I own a copy of Cover Scout ^_^

  • Tom

    i will win this

  • Keith S.

    OOO OOO Mr. Kotter! Pick me!


  • Jerry

    Count me in,
    I’d love to win!


  • Ben

    I could use these. Entry confirmed

  • Arthur

    My name is Winner, Random Winner.

  • Koichi MATSUMOTO

    I’d like SongGenie! :)

  • davale

    Hit me!

  • loli

    Awesome! Thank you very much!

  • Shishir

    Would love to clean up my song collection!

  • Brian R

    Thanks for the contest

  • Jeff Douglas

    I really need SongGenie… my iTunes library is a mess.

  • Alice

    Oooooh I’d love this!

  • Allen Shull

    I love giveaways! SongGenie and CoverScout both look awesome!

  • Smash

    Cool! :D

  • Matt

    Nice. Count me in. My iTunes library could use some help.

  • Weston M Gallagher

    Awsome, both apps look and sound amazing.

  • Cavelle

    I recently bought Cover Scout, made me wonder what I did without it because I hate to see albums on my mac and iPhone without album art. It also came with a demo of Song Genie which I’ve realized is an also must have! Having one without the other is really tough. I’d really appreciate a license as a gift =}

  • Arcank

    SongGenie seems really great!!

  • Alex

    I’ve been looking for a Mac equivalent of MediaMonkey and these 2 apps are PERFECT!

  • David

    Hope I’ll win :)

  • Scott Perez-Fox

    Consider your contest entered.

  • James

    It is my birthday April 2nd, would be a great b-day present !!!!!

  • Regis

    I’m in !

  • akadoc

    Very nice ! Thanks.

  • Breno

    I want this too!

  • Shaylin

    Ooh! Oooh! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!!!1!one!

  • Jorn

    Ooeeh, i need CoverScout!

  • Avá

    nice! I would love to get some couvers for my albuns…

  • Ava


  • DK

    Seems like a good offer.

  • D. Lee Grooms

    Want! Y’all are the best—love the simple, awesome giveaways (in addition to all the rest)!

  • Marco

    Count me in

  • LaToya

    Awesome :D I want!

  • Kris van Witsen

    I’d like to nominate myself for the consideration of this wonderful prize giveaway.

    I’ll be sure to thank you all once I’ve been awarded this very prestigious award.

  • Mazz

    I want a copy! Plus i`ve coverScout already, but i want badly a SongGennie serial!

    If i win, I`ll make in a competion for who posted here!!

    Luck to all!

  • Viktor

    I’m in! It’s time to organize my iTunes collection.

  • DaftViking

    C’mon, random chance…

  • Alvaro Leon

    math.random() = this !important


  • Jerry

    I’m in!

  • Dania Gonzalez

    Ditto!! *crosses fingers* Even though I’m probably not going to win, thanks for doing this! lol

  • Hector Lee

    Let it be me!

  • Sayz

    SongGenie, that’s cool man… Binary makes it come true… =)

  • Stefan de Graaf

    Cool contest! Could really use those. My music library is a mess..

  • Jason Rappaport

    Would love to win :P

  • Erik

    Bravo pour votre site, ces articles et ces cadeaux !

  • racemase

    count me in!

  • Brian McKray

    I’m drowning in untitled tracks. Song Genie, my first wish is…

  • Tim Nolte

    Count me in, I love to win things :-)

  • Jeff


  • Mateusz

    I’m in!

  • Kris

    Gimme gimme gimme SongGenie! :-)

  • Richard

    Bring it on, both apps seems very nice addition to iTunes!

  • Stuart Thursby

    Got the name in the hat, so how about that?

  • Ethan G

    Nice giveaway! Crossing my fingers…

  • Christopher Michon

    My iTunes is a mess, so these would help quite a bit! Thanks!

  • Simon Marti

    Give it to me =)

  • varun dogra

    great products both of them

  • Richard Mischook

    A good product and I would love a copy.

  • Fábio Morbec

    Wow !!!! Great giveaway !!! Obviously I’m in !!!

  • Luciano Silva

    Go Scout Go

  • David Patejdl

    make me a winner! :)

  • ArgentOunce

    Thanks for the great opportunities you gave. These two are wonderful apps. Greetings from Mexico.

  • Mitch

    Hey two great apps on a great website for a great guy like me? what a great thing :)

  • Youngm7r

    Great promotion! ive been looking for a deal on those 2 4 a while now

  • Justin

    I am definitely in for this.

  • Keehun

    wow! Sounds good!

  • Mark McDonnell

    Hope I win, my iTunes collection is outrageous and needs some sorting out! :)

  • Julius

    My birthday is tomorrow, this would make an awesome gift!

  • Jeff

    Could really use these! Great promotion!

  • Henry B

    With the disaster my collection is in, I could really use this. The software I used back in 99 to rip my cds did a horrible job of tagging my files.

  • Scrit!k

    I’m in !

  • Phillip

    I love these two applications. Really cleaned up my 80gigs of music.

  • Stefan

    I’m a big fan of these apps. Very handy. I think i deserve them the most…just don’t ask me why.

  • Vic

    Pick me! Pick me!

  • Nico Galoppo

    I absolutely LOVE CoverScout, and would LOVE to try out SongGenie.

  • Christopher89

    CoverSuuuutra please, meeeeee

  • aifonit

    I’m IN! :D

  • TheM4inframe

    Would love to win a copy of those!

  • tong

    Please choose me to win :)

  • Sue

    I want to win!

  • Sam

    Great Promo :)
    I’m in!!!

  • sherry

    Nice useful apps. I need to use.

  • pnpk

    Such great apps! Would love a copy ;)

  • noah

    count me in for the giveaway thks!

  • magnus

    wonderful contest. May i please win

  • Max

    I could really use this.

  • alan

    I want one!

  • Indra

    I am in too…

  • Niels K.

    I wanna win ^_-

  • Michael Hopkins

    I love CoverScout!

  • James Rogers

    Oowh! This is good, I would love to have a copy of this!!!!!!!
    From James.
    :-) :-D

  • Jed

    I love Cover Scout!

  • Reed Shipley

    I have CoverScout from the MacHeist Nano Bundle, but it doesn’t do me much good unless I know my track info is correct. I need SongGenie!

  • Fayax

    i reaally need this!! :D

  • Trevor

    Thanks appstorm!

  • Jake

    I would love to own this software! I have played with the demo and it rocks!

  • axe

    I have more than 15,000 songs in disarray. SongGenie would save me countless months of the headache that is my music library.

  • Göran Gustafsson

    I don’t want them but i’m still in, right? :)

  • Stefano


  • DavidLucky

    I’m in

  • Ali Al-Abkari

    SongGenie for Mac is the same as Shazam for iPhone

  • KevinL

    Perfect combo giveaway. thanks.

  • Dimitri

    nice contest, count me in :)

  • Jeff D

    Thank you for the great opportunity! *fingers crossed*

  • Jakubat

    I’d like SongGenie! :)

  • Ryan

    Gimme gimme. Oh, um… please.

  • Marc

    I want one please! =D

  • telonaes

    I do have CoverScout, but not SongGenie, so… GIVE IT TO ME!!! ;)

  • LaurentR2D2

    Nice contest. Thank you :) I just need to keep my fingers crossed now :))

  • thirteen82

    Great addition to my mp3 needs…woo woo

  • Matt @ DVQ

    Did I win ;)

  • Pedro Dana

    wow, im in!

  • Iaian7

    Nice! I have one, but they’re built to be interdependant, so it’s hard to use without both.

  • delphinus87

    Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :D

  • MacMarray

    Count me in!

  • George

    I think coverscout is the best application of its kind!

  • CLJ

    trying to win

  • Philip

    These apps look great!

  • Dade85

    I’m in!

  • Steven

    Can’t wait to win!

  • Jimi

    Well I’d love one of these apps so… Let’s try!

  • Teo Farro

    Count me in!

  • Emmanuel Cassaigne

    i’m in, those are two great apps, greetings from mexico!

  • Rehan

    hey would i win!!!!!!!!! i love these apps

  • memphix

    That’s Fantastic , my itunes is a mess HELP !!!!!

  • Earl Waud

    Awesome apps. Nice of you to give out some licenses.

  • Brad Bolman

    Yes I’d love to get two such awesome apps. Appstorm is really doing a tight job with this one.

  • Dennis

    Yeah, that would be a great birthday present for me! :)

  • Bentley

    Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

  • Antoine

    Thanks. I recently buy both app, but SongGenie goes v2.0 and need to cash again. Could be cool to get it for free.

  • Ian Fucci

    Pick me! I like things!


    Me me me please~!!!

  • Chris Olson

    Rub that lamp and give me some genie love!

  • Matt H.

    A license for these apps would be really cool to have!

  • Alex

    Pick me! Pick me! i have 11K songs to get right!! I really need the help!

  • Adam Jones

    super apps, awesome giveaway

  • Zack the Mac

    Pick me!

  • Henry

    I´ve got coverscout, it’s a really nice app. Songenie looks really good too… :D

  • Benix

    MMmmm, the music is in my head…!

  • leland

    I could use this!

  • Rodrigo

    mmm, i’m a winner???

  • Tyago Neres

    Here’s my comment…!

  • Memory

    <3 AppStorm

  • oleinv


  • Franchan


  • Adrian Katz

    Awesome :)

  • Michael N.

    Want Want Want….

  • Alex


    PS: Is CoverScout included into SongGenie?

  • Itai Ferber

    Even though I already have CoverScout, I really want SongGenie! Here’s to hoping I win…

  • Matt

    I’d love to get these two and clean up my iTunes library

  • Brad

    Another Great review by Appstorm!

  • Stefanos Hadjisoteriou

    :) please

  • BizarreRod

    oooh!! that would be great!!

    great site, btw ^^

  • Seed


  • jfen

    Hooray for apps that assist my organizational OCD!!!

  • Marcelo

    Wow, I’m in! Cheers from Brazil


    SongGenie would be the complement to CoverScout which I already own.

  • Cami

    I’m in too!

  • manfred

    i would love to win a copy of songgenie :)

  • Diego Navarro Mateu

    i’m the fucking master! and i want it!!!

  • oudein

    Coverscout looks great

  • Jeff Wester

    I’m in.

  • Clode

    I’m in! :P

  • iKooon

    Me2. Me2. Especialy SongGenie…!

  • Miguel B.

    One for me please!

  • Saneef

    I want, I want! ;)

  • Jonathan

    After reading the reviews earlier this week I thought CoverScout would be really awesome to have, and it would be even cooler to win it here at appstorm! Thanks for considering me

  • Topy

    I want it! XD
    pleas pleas

  • Chabrall

    I would love these programs, I’m doing some sorting of my iTunes library and these would really save me some time getting the perfect library…

  • Oli

    Would be nice to get one… :-)

  • Robin Lundgren


  • Jenn

    This would be cool since one of my Queen records has a cover of some woman wearing gold chains, instead of the band itself.

  • Damien

    Ahem “I never win anything” ><

  • SC

    Wow, that’s a lot of competition hehe but it’ll be sweet to have these ! Thanks for giving them out ! :-)

  • cjmegatron81

    Me wantie

  • Jem Page

    Wowser… finally all my weird music is tagged and looks pretty – Now I can put those awesome dockart plugins to good use =D

  • matthew Martin


    I would love to get my hands on CoverScout :)

  • JaSk

    Hope I win this time :-P

  • timelady

    This would be a lovely win, and I appreciate the opportunity:) Thanks guys!

  • Anna Naomi

    I like it, i like it… i LIKE it.

  • SUPERJames

    i like the rolling stones too..!! mimimimimimimimimi XD

  • GVB

    You can count me in.

  • RSB

    I would love this software!

  • Dante Araujo

    Please I would love to win it!

  • Nicolas Giannetta

    I want SongGenie. I already have CoverScout. Got it in MacHeist.


    I have thousand of sound and will love to win coverscout

  • jeannie nguyen


  • A. Nguyen

    commenting! Hope for the win!

  • OSUP

    Choose me please :) :)

  • Jack Carlson

    I have CoverScout and it’s a great app. Just yesterday it found over 10 covers that iTunes couldn’t. I’d sure like to add SongGenie to my app folder.

  • AlexS

    These apps are very very nice! Very very very useful al well.

  • Xavier Fajardo

    Would noot mind at all if I win this. Cheers.

  • Joe Chua

    Please don’t tell me this is an April Fool’s Day joke.

  • Gerardo Algarin

    Did not know this products! they look great, and should be great to have all my music organized and with album art!, i want those!!!!!

  • Dodie

    Count me in!

  • Ammon

    Cool products from a great dev. Hope I win!

  • Veronica Andersson

    Seems very nice, hope I win :)

  • Dan


  • Jon Mobley

    Pick me! Pick me! That would be so awesome!

  • joe lupac

    I’m in.

  • Hollow

    Love to have SongGenie. i need to fix my library.

  • Riccardo

    I’m in too :-)

  • Carlos Buchart

    I’m a user of CoverScout and I’m very satisfied with it…. It’s a great piece of software, although I think SongGenie (which… I don’t have ;) ) is a must if you want to fully organize your music library. So, great opportunity :D

  • virgilio

    Lo quiero para mi! :D

  • hive

    i would love to get my fingers on these babies …

  • Al McDougall

    It would be nice to win something I might actually use.

  • L buckle

    Can’t wait to see how well these apps tune up my collection.

  • John Espino

    I accidentally changed the album name and artist of my songs to John Mayer – Continuum.. I think Song Genie would greatly help… :]

  • Mihai Neacsu

    Woohoooooooooooo! :D

  • Pablo Mercuri

    I really need to clean up my itunes library !!!!! I am in !!!

  • RoMuLauM

    Oh Jesus! I want!

  • Annie


  • Farzad

    Oh Thank you :D

  • Rob

    I would really love this!! My Itunes Library is a total mess :(

  • Viteks

    When I read review on SongGenie at one russian blog, I thought, I need it. Great app.

  • Diego Homem

    I’m in!

  • Keren Wang

    wuaaaaho! :D Coverscout go!

  • SebaSonido

    Maybe this time I’ll win ;)

  • Giatti

    Nice!! Tks! Great promotion!

  • Andreas Heiberg

    Pick me!!!

  • George

    would be really great, I already got CoverScout and it’s pretty cool ….

  • Guillem

    I love itunes covers…!! one4me please!

  • Sly

    I love coverscout its soo awsome

  • RobertJJ

    Great offer, thanks!!!

  • Jiro

    Im a genie and i need to cover my scout! so i need this package! :)

  • Derrick

    Thank you genie, just this wish will do.

  • Vidarsf

    Fingers crossed! :)

  • Alex G

    Both pieces of software are great. An iTunes user must haves

  • florianlionel

    Hope fortuna is by my side! ;)

  • TEd

    I want to be a winner!

  • Chris Hanham

    Two great programs. Hope I’m one of the lucky ones!

  • Josiah Hanka

    CoverScout 3 doesn’t work well without song genie, so i’m at a stall with creating beautiful iTunes cover flows :(

  • Rafael Nascimento Sampaio

    Uhuuuu I wanna win this!

  • jaryre

    Love to win this bundles!! Thanks!

  • yk

    I’m in!!!

  • Vanderson Arruda

    Cool. I want this application

  • Marc Hansard

    If it’s selected at random, does it really matter what I write?

  • seth

    Here we go again.

  • fonta98

    Great offer

  • Thomas

    Great idea!

  • Eduvigis Robaesteras

    I love this page, but I had never commented :D
    I really like your reviews.

  • Florian

    I’d love to have this :)

  • Daniel Apt

    Would love to win :D! Thanks for giving SongGenie and CoverScout away ;-)

  • Ricardo

    I just bought an apple MacBook Pro 1 month ago and I’m really satisfied. Unfortunately all most software and apps aren’t free.
    This software (songGenie) should be free, because everybody would love to have it.

    regards, :)

  • Lost Motion Assembly

    My iTunes library sorely needs this…

  • Yigit Ozdamar

    Hey, hey, hey! I’m in too. Pick me! :)

  • Raj Shah


  • David

    I want to win!!!:D

  • supaflex


  • MacAppist

    I want to WIN!!!

  • Raj Shah


  • flo

    would like to win :-)

  • Daniele Antonio Ferrari


  • Saul

    Great Apps, count me in

  • James

    These are great!! Tried the demo only allowed me for 10 songs…would love to get them!

  • imre

    Cool! Pick me!

  • Eusebio Barriga

    Great apps for your music colection. I want a copy friends! :)

  • Emmanuel Cassaigne

    necesito ganar!!

  • Aquel

    good luck all !! :)

  • Alex Gibbs

    Oh man, this is EXACTLY what I need!

  • Jonas Arvidsson

    This would be a perfect bundle of apps for my planning import of my CD collection! =)

  • Bruna

    song genie and cover scout? bring it on! :D

  • perKypot

    pik me!! the thought of a clean!! music library.. :)

  • Chris

    Would be great to really see how well they work – still a sceptic

  • Cookie

    Awesome prizes as usual!

  • Brant

    Wow. Great giveaway. Count me in!!

  • Kenneth T

    can’t help myself to drop a msg down, thou have to admit this site really resourceful for people like me with handicap operating on a apple computer. thx

  • Mariusz

    I want one! :)

  • Steffen M. Boelaars

    EAsy-entrance-contests, I like them. I’m in :-)

  • Marcelo Plentz

    I`ts Just great, can`t wait to win! ;)

  • Alex

    I tried both apps and they’re great, but I can’t afford them. I really hope to win!!!

  • Havrest

    SongGenie looks interesting.

  • Patricia

    Count me in

  • Damian

    My friend has SongGenie and it’s great. I want a copy.

  • Jon

    Coverscout looks amazing

  • fellowweb

    I’d love to win!

  • Mare

    Of course I’s like to take this gift out for a spin! Wonderful!

  • Mhaddy

    Here’s hoping I’m the one chosen! :)

  • Luca Trenta

    I hate leaving albums without cover in iTunes!! help me!!!

  • Stephen Burr

    I so wish I’ll be selected randomly.
    My iTunes looks like it was run over.. by a BEARMAN.


  • juanpix

    I want to win

  • Ali Kamran

    Awsome, it looks amazing.

  • Alexander Andersson

    CoverScout :)

  • Joe Simpson

    I need these apps :”| my music collection is a right mess!

  • Juan Angosto

    By my mom’s glory!

  • mack

    T’ll be crossing my fingers for you

  • Twinker

    Nice one! Hoping for the best!

  • strok


    I need booth applications….


  • Sultan Alsharif

    Updating Lyrics using SongGenie would be an incredible feature to have :) If I didn’t win, I will but the app … I hope I will win!! Fingers Crossed!

  • Stephen

    I have soooooo many blank album covers! This would be very helpful.

  • aixxo

    Count me in!!

  • Justin

    Ooh, pick me.

  • Ash

    Going to try to give it a shot as well! I’d love to see more of SongGenie than the demo.

  • Nicolas Rosen

    Would be awesome to be able to clean all my songs got so many missing album names or artists !

  • Laurent C

    I’m crossing my fingers !

  • Joe C


  • Rene Merino

    Even if I dont win, I just want to say Your giveaways are awesome!!!! keep up the good work :D

  • Mike Douglas

    I would love to have these programs.

  • Marina

    A bit of luck for me to win

  • ralph

    I really need this

  • Istivi Jobis

    Yep, I’m here!

  • Tio Istivi

    Gooooood Luck 2 all!!!!

  • Sajdak

    I have CoverScout and I like it. SongGenie will be nice addition to my set of applications for managing my music library.

  • Laurent

    Me! Me! Me!

  • Antonija


    I’m actually writing this from my first Mac! I finally got one.
    Greetings from Croatia.

  • Taylor

    Ooh, I have and love coverscout. I’d love to have song genie, and I could give the second coverscout to a mac friend.

  • Yuriy

    Both of these applications are great!!

  • David B.

    Man, I sure could use both these apps to round out my new Macbook Pro! I’ve found a new obsession and thats shopping around for Mac apps.

  • Francois

    I’m in!

  • Jens

    These are great apps, total convenience even for large music collections!

  • Lucas Newcomer

    CoverScout is a nice app and I’m curious about Song Genie

  • Aeronaves

    I like to get rid of low-resolution album covers, GOOD WORK !