Win a Copy of Tadam!

We’ve just closed our giveaway, and our lucky winners are Joel, Richard, Marc, Paul, and Noah!

If you read Mac.AppStorm yesterday, you likely saw Pedro’s review of Tadam, a new minimal tool staying productive with the Pomodoro method. It’s a simple little menubar app that helps you time your work and breaks, elegantly.

Tadam is a rather cheap utility, at just $3.99, but we’ve got something better: 5 free copies of Tadam to giveaway to our readers. Just enter a comment below and let us know what other Pomodoro method apps, if any, that you’ve used before. You can also share the giveaway on Twitter, Facebook, or, and share the link to your post in a new comment for an extra entry.

Hurry and get your entry in; we’ll close the giveaway a week from now on Wednesday, February 27th.

Envato staff or those who have written more than two articles or tutorials for AppStorm are ineligible to enter.


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  • Pomodorable. It’s a bit more heavy weight but I like how it integrates with your task manager (Omnifocus). Has had a bug they haven’t fixed for a long time now though that complains Omnifocus is not installed or in the default locaton when it certainly is. Seems abandoned. This looks very minimalistic and promising.

  • Would love to give it a go.

  • I used for a long time Focus Booster. Started with it on Windows and works on mac too.

  • Producteev!

  • I have been using Tomighty for a long time and it was quite easy to work with. I liked it’s simplicity and later I tried similar softwares like RescueTime which was based on the same system of timing. Both softwares were free and helped a lot to have a better concentration & focus on subjects I was working on.

  • Focus Booster

  • Never heard of Pomodoro method, but I’d like to try it – with this app maybe.

  • I’ve tried focus booster but this looks better.

  • never used an app, but I would really wanna try!

  • Well, I had been using the Pomodoro App for both my iPhone as MacBook Pro, but since I saw this app I fell for her and I love to use power.

  • Never heard before. Let’s try it

  • I’ve used other Pomodoro applications before, and most are just too complicated. Tadam seems perfect for my workflow, making it easy to set a timer and get straight back to work.

  • I’ve been using pomodairo

  • I’ve never used anything like this! Looks super cool!

  • Never used a Pomodoro method, but I want to try it – and Tadam seems to be the nice app.

  • I’ve used pomodori! It’s a good app, but not very user friendly.

  • i get Gemini for free

    I need this one too

  • I don’t have an app to keep track of the time I spend on my work, that’s why I want it!

  • I only know about tadam, from appstorm.
    Hope I could get one, thanks in advance.

  • I’ve never used one before but I’ve been meaning to try the method for ages. This app would no doubt be a fantastic place to start.

  • I know teaTimer( but no i dont like it
    I really need a Tadam to improve my work

  • I used Pomodoro app (, the free version though, before but now I feel a bit expensive for similar app out there. It’s great if I can get one free copy of Tadam. Thanks! :)

  • Pomodoro maybe with Tadam… The other apps make it so hard do use them.

  • I’ve always intended to try the Pomodoro method, this seems like the best place to start.

  • I love Focus Booster. I also love Tomato Timer, a useful webapp for keeping track of your time. :D

  • haven’t used any other Pomodoro apps, but this looks really promising. i’d love to check it out.

  • I haven’t used any Pomodoro method app before. But I do see now how it could be useful.

  • I m using Pomodorable!Love it!

  • Breaktime is pretty good.

  • I used the Pomodoro app, but it has been discontinued… For now, I use the iphone app called Promodoro!

    Would love try Tadam!

  • I use the iOS App “30/30” to integrate the Pomodoro method into my life. It works good so far, but the fact that I use one device (iPhone) for the time tracking and working on a Macbook is a bit upsetting.

  • I used ‘Promodoro’ for iphone but I now want to try desktop based one such as Tadam!

  • I’ve never tried anything like this before.

  • Never knew about “Pomodoro”. Rather thought it to be some kind of fruit.
    But I’d love to try.

    So count me in! :-)

    Here’s my tweet:

  • I use this one:
    I love Pomodoro and it works fine for writing essays.

  • I use Pomodorable for OS X.

  • i never used pomodo method apps but i would like to try tadam ! looks good .

  • I use Phocus on the iPhone (, but I doubt that there will be an iPhone 5 update anytime soon – unfortunately.

  • I used Pomidor Timer, a free open-source app which worked just fine, but I would like to try a simpler one like Tadam.

  • I use Producteev

  • tried some free web apps but didn’t find anything good. tadam looks really good and simple.


  • Never heard before. Let’s try it

  • I’ve never heard of Pomodoro before, bute your article sounded interesting and the app looks really nice. Would like to try it :)

  • Using Vitamin-R. Much more complicated than this thing.

  • I’ve being using for a long time.

  • I’ve been using Pomodorable for a long time but it’s a bit too much. I really love the design of Tadam.

  • I’ve used dueapp in the past, though a dedicated program would make the technique easier to commit to.

  • I used to use an app called Pomodoro by iUgol. But it was pulled from MAS. I asked the developer last summer. He said he would put it back after a while. But I can never find it. I feel scammed.

  • This would be my first Pomodoro Method App. I’m would love to give it a shot!

  • Have simply used the timer on my phone, but have always wished I could have some warning and built-in breaks. This (elegant) app provides both. Lovely.

  • Besides the fact that it as been discontinued, I still use and it does the job well enough for me.

  • pomodoro, focusbar, & concentrate

  • I’ve been using FocusBooster. Let’s see how this tool goes.

  • I have used Orkanizer in the past, but now I’m looking for a desktop replacement.

  • I have not tried any pomodoro method apps, but I would love to have this one!

  • I have never used any apps by them, this will be my first

  • Would be interested in trying this out!

  • Never used their apps before but they sound like something I would find very helpful.

  • I love time management apps! Without them my writing would consume my entire day. :P

  • I haven’t tried any Pomodore apps yet, so I would like to have a chance to try this one.

  • I use pomodairo, but would love to try something more minimal like Tadam.

  • I’ve never used any Pomodoro app technique before but this app seems like a great app to get myself started on it. I feel like it could help my hectic student life a bit more organized and on time.

  • It’s time to try the pomodoro technique!

  • i don’t think i’ve used any other Pomodoro’s apps, but this one would be quite useful to have on my desktop to keep track of time worked on projects

  • Not tried any focus apps before but really would love to give this one a go.

  • I have used Tiempo, it is nice but i would like to try this one.