Win a Copy of The Hit List

Following our review of The Hit List a couple of days ago, I’m pleased to announce that we have two copies of the fantastic application to give away. Worth $49.95, it’s a great chance to get your hands on one of the best task managers available.

Entering is simple – all you need to do is leave a comment, letting us know the main tasks you’re working on today (I’m intrigued to know what all our wonderful readers get up to!)

The competition will run for one week, and we’ll randomly select the two winners on Wednesday 15th July. Good luck, and be sure to follow us on Twitter or subscribe to the RSS feed to find out if you’re a winner!


Add Yours
  • My main task today is to finally decide whether it’s best to keep my to-do list on paper or computer – I’ve pinged around between so many different apps and web-apps, but for the last while have tended to prefer my Moleskine (I know, I’m a terrible cliche). But then I very nearly lost it earlier this week, so I’m inclined back to checking out desktop apps – and The Hit List is top of my list!

    Oh, and preparing a complicated finance report for a funder of our charity…

  • Create a Knowledge Base article about Twitter
    Create a Knowledge Base article about Flickr
    Email Rachel about URL shortening domain
    Follow up with Apple per certification
    Post RAID building photos on the Server
    Open a ticket for Jane’s new setup
    Open ticket for Claudia’s browser issue
    Post about John’s MacBook Pro issue
    Order handlebar tape
    Order food for Heidi

  • Today I have an e-commerce site to install. This is also the first full day of work on my new iMac so I need to make sure I didn’t leave anything out of my installation routine.

  • Find a John Boat for classroom set
    Find a fishing rod for classroom set
    Buy “D” Batteries
    Find a teacher for Wed. night
    Make copies of scripts
    Paint details onto boat
    Call Hull St Chik-Fil-A
    Make cards for Lanyards
    Pick up food from Ukrops

    …obviously I really need The Hit List.

  • My main task for today, is to figure out a way to make my client more than happy about the new design. The design’s great. But what story can I come up with to seduce them to agree?

    Tough job.

  • Erm guess im entering, twitter account is
    -I have to move my blog over to another server

    -Organize my collection of design inspiration

    -Start building a site for a local Cancer Practice

    -Organize the kitchen

    -Clear out extra video files eating up hard drive space

    -Remove iTunes songs I’ve never listened to

    -Catch up on my list of unwatched movies.

    :) Cheers

  • I’m trying all day not to forget what I have to do next.

  • My main task is ‘Find and fix bugs’

  • Today I am working on VxWorks OS abstraction classes for periodic threads, a C++ memory pool, and figuring out the perfect ratio of coffee to hot chocolate.

  • My tasks for the day:

    – Avoid meetings;
    – Hide from boss;
    – Colour some stuff in (aka: design);
    – Try not to sleep at work;
    – Go home.

    Sounds like a really unfunny Dilbert comic – I swear my life is more interesting!

  • Hey, nice promotion! What I’m doing? Planning things to buy for my new house: furnitures, tables, floor etc. The Hit list would be perfect for this!

  • My day is filled with trying to remember the next thing to do while multitasking.

  • Create business cards, letterheads, brochures, and profiles for 5 new consultants for a marketing company by the end of the day.

  • Been working on the CSS of an upcoming modelling agency website, and just finished a new set of graphics that I’ll be uploading to Graphic River tonight. :)


  • Editing pictures to go on the new redesigned (by me) businesscards.

  • My todo list:

    – Clean Up my apartment
    – English lessons
    – Write Palringo review

  • After I take the printer in for repairs and replace our funky DVR, I’m working on a Route 66 guide, and the redesign of an online magazine. Waiting on a phone call to see if we might be working on a Ken Burns project (based on The Last Worst Time book about the Dust Bowl). Woven amongst these tasks is grabbing goodies like this from Twitter.

  • [x] Stand next to wife while she delivers our baby
    [ ] Get some sleep……..

    I have a feeling i’ll have to work on that second one… =]

  • Today I’m designing the homepage for a Learning Skills Network website. Then tidying up loose ends on other projects.

    I also plan on entering a competition to win a copy of The Hit List at some point.

  • • Make a to-do list
    • Check it twice
    • Find out who’s nau….I mean…
    • Design some stickers
    • Design a building map
    • Come up with a bunch of website mock ups
    • Keep the interwebs running

  • Fix IE6 bugs
    Test site in Opera
    Setup e-mail for client
    Write article
    Read saved articles

  • My main tasks for the day are to wrap up production on a “Which Superhero Are You” Flash application and get as much done with a partner app where you color in and decorate a super hero image in Flash. Both are for a candy company, so they tend to have a really fun feel to them.

  • Write new post for 11th of july – Making your blog popular
    Write new post for tomorrow – 9th of July
    Ask designers “5 things you can’t live without”? Unscheduled

  • Today I’ve got to finish building a redesigned site I’ve been working on for about a month, and then tackle several Internet Explorer issues i’m having with another site. Then when I get home from work I need to start on a new WordPress template for a local rock band.

  • Cool contest. What am I doing today? Well after a two-week vacation, today’s work-related to do list reached 15 things and flooded over onto yesterday’s empty square in my paper daytimer. Bunch of emails, write a letter, call some people and try to remember to book a dentist appointment. At the moment I am also daughter’s fishing expedition on my home office couch. Apparently my floor is teaming with fish and one ill-tempered jellyfish.

  • Today I have planned to:

    – Start working on my Pacman clone for my summer course in game programming.
    – Get the Mini Displayport-to-DVI-to-HDMI-to-HDMI connection to the TV to work on my new Macbook Pro
    – Backup from and clean my old laptops harddrive

  • UI tweaks to a custom database web app
    Populating pages on a Drupal site
    Create custom search page
    Prep for tomorrow’s client meetings
    Deal with sink full of dirty dishes
    Feed fish
    Mow lawns
    Get to bed at a decent time
    Stop worrying about everything

  • – Load iPod for flight.
    – Pack for flight.
    – Finish website for friends band
    -build myspace music page for friends band.

  • I’m finishing up a couple designs and also reviewing an application for Mac called Balsamiq Mockup.

  • -Install Ragnarok Online on my Mac
    -Ship my sold items on ebay
    -Call Matsuda San
    -Trim my fingernails
    -Trim my eyebrows

  • main task today

    football practice prep

  • Preparing for a workshop with a group about updating their Website.

  • – establish artwork database (part of an online art gallery I’m designing and developing)
    – implement CMS for small business website
    – call Fido (my mobile provider)
    – switch bank branches

  • Im trying to bypass the great firewall of china, cause since i live here and already dont have youtube, twiter, and today they blocked Facebook. Im also trying to get the hang of applescript, since i read the great article you guys did about it yesterday.
    I have to do the laundry later, trying to learn a little bit more of chinese since a live with 2 chinese friends and they dont speak english, im trying to find a nice restaurant where i can eat western food (cause i live in haikou, a city with no western restaurants).

  • My Tasks:
    – Develop Favourites module on a social media site
    – PSD to HTML work on a blog
    – Meet up with a client to update his blog
    – Update my portfolio
    – Get some DoW2 playtime
    – Pay mobile phone bill.

  • Today’s to-do list

    Send out sketches of logo to client
    Finish graphic early for weekend
    Blow up beach ball for an office game of “Faceball”
    Charge ipod
    Remember to bring sketchbook to a boring meeting

  • My major task to accomplish today is to recap my Q2 achievements and outline my Q3 goals. Just another way of identifying my worth to my employer…

  • I’m the secondary care giver for my elderly parents. My mother is in hospital at the moment with anaemia, and father has a daily schedule of medication. Today I am going to the hospital to sit in on an endoscopy on my mother and then go to see my dad and catch up on all the new medication that he’s been prescribed. This means finding out what it does, what side effects it has, explaining to him how it fits in with his current regime so he doesn’t feel overwhelmed.

    I’ve been looking for a really good task manager that I could use with my work schedule and my duties as a son. Saw your review for this one and have already decided that I was going to buy it, just been waiting for payday.

    Would be super awesome to win a copy!

  • Cool, The Hit List looks like a useful program. I’d probably add the the following items to its database:

    – Reconcile accounting books
    – Configure spare PowerMac G5 as suitable workstation
    – Submit graphics for publication document
    – Purchase copy of Real Racing by Firemint for iPhone
    – Purchase copy of Rolando 2 by Hand Circus for iPhone

  • Filling in job applications

  • Today’s tasks include:

    • Web site update for a community newspaper
    • Template creation for multi-page layout
    • Ad sales sheet revision
    • Social media design elements creation for client
    • Card design to promote recycling and more on Bonnie Raitt’s summer tour
    • Invoices!
    • Contact: Gabe, Adam, Sheri and J.E.
    • WordPress plugins research

    And my favorite of the bunch: lunch with Mom :)

  • Setting up domains, virtual hosts and DNS entries for a new project… its more fun that it sounds, really!

  • :-)

    refactoring my merchant code – java – for our emv payment application and adding features for manual entry to the pin pad interface

    that and chillin on twitter

  • – (done this afternoon) read up on The Hit List (coincidence that you’re promoting it)
    – Participate in the Hugo Create contest
    – Whip up some shirt designs for a college organization
    – Get up to speed with balance sheets and income statements in accounting
    – Sleep (could have been checked off five times… if only ToDos have more than one checkbox haha)

    – Teach poor kids who wish to enter collegiate (but this is for the summer)

  • At work. I’m in IT, working as a database administrator. We’re working on applying patches to all of our systems at once. Trying to keep all the systems in sync, at what times, etc. We would definitely benefit from an app like this!

  • My Tasks:
    Getting my back working again. It hurts.
    Getting my camera prepared for tomorrows event: Empty the cards, sort the shots, fill the camera with energy

  • First, save family from sinking ship…then $hit on Debra’s desk, maybe eat a bagel.

  • Today my main task is reed RSS feeds and wait for new development orders :D

  • Organize my organizing stuff (clean up some old post-it’s)
    Study some random assigned chapters of chemistry
    Make lunch
    Babysit my surgery recovering mom and my sick dog
    Pick up my sister at the bus central
    Go to the mall to buy some presents to a friend

    I guess this is it…

  • writing a review about LiitleSnap and Voila at my new blog in polish-

  • Tasks for today is to get a legacy website ported over to the newest version of PHP and then upgrade the HTML to version 5 and see how well I handle any potential cross-browser issues.

  • Making a packlist for what to take on vacation. In The Hit List, so I can tick off what I packed.

  • Today I will doing some updates on a website for a non-profit that I volunteer to do maintenance for and then I will be working on tiling our deck.

  • – Some code refactor for an iPhone app.
    – Fix any deprecation issues with the iPhone OS 3.0

  • Starting the front-end development for a new project today.

  • My goal for the day is make the web a better place for all – one keystoke at a t i m e.

  • Right now: I’m creating a tiled background for my blog design reboot!

  • Ok, let’s see…

    1- Review a 42 pages wireframe;
    2- Review another 38 pages wireframe;
    3- Follow up my team’s tasks;
    4- Finish a 37 pages wireframe;
    5- Finish another 23 pages wireframe;
    6- Review 5 functional specification documents;
    7- Prepare a presentation;
    8- Prepare trip for holiday! :D
    9- Gather documents to open a new company;
    10- Find a good logo designer;
    11- Read several administration documents;
    12- Play soccer;
    13- Play some PS3;
    14- Drink beer with friends;
    15- Get drunk!
    16- Pass out;
    17- Wake up;
    18- Go home;

    A very busy day! :D

    • Hey Eugenio. I’m a good logo designer.

  • My tasks for today!

    – Pay bills! :(
    – Read business process documentations.
    – Brainstorm for layouts.
    – Prepare for a meeting.
    – Watch a movie.

  • Main tasks today at work are:

    – gathering all urgent tasks for the next two weeks, as two collegues are on vacation
    – creating a virtual directory server with Penrose
    – organizing the Helpdesk-Shifts for the coming days and weeks
    – hunting down problems with a Mac mini and a SMART-Board presentation system
    – planning and thinking of alternatives for the current trial time-billing system, that we will probably lose next week

    Main private tasks:

    – spend some quality time with my girlfriend to celebrate her birthday =)


    Der Jens

  • Porting a library I’m using to work with Ruby 1.9. Not fun.

  • I’m trying to get around XML-RPC with PHP and Django (Python).

  • Finish re-design for – main objective :)

  • Fix my DNS records.
    Read my feeds

  • Run automated cron jobs to add 250,000 images to a property portal and then crunch them down to the correct sizes to display on the site!

    Build a complete new site using ‘as much Web 2.0 as possible’ – clients don’t you just love ’em!

    not being organised! hint hint!

  • – Prepare a design for a Non-profit Organization as a Volunteer web designer
    – Prepare on a redesign for my portfolio website
    – Prepare for an interview (full-time job)
    – Build a Joomla! Template from scratch
    – Find a Baby Sitter for my daughter so that I can go and give the interview
    – Pick up my husband from the Airport
    – oh my..I am forgetting something….

    I surely do need an app to stay organized and remember things I have to do…..

  • The same thing I do everyday … Try to take over the world !!!

    (and if I can make my client approve the new design, update a website, and share some info about another website development along the way that’s fine.)

  • I am trying to get organized! I need the Hit List!

  • I work on learn mac, as im a new user.

    Im mainly a web administrator. Switched from ubuntu because my previous notebook was stolen.

  • That seems easy, but in fact it doesn’t…
    I have to select 4 software for different platforms and test, analise and review them.
    In the middle time, I have to answer the costumers’ questions and prepare a workflow that simplifies my team’s work.
    That’s all, folks!

  • Building my website with wordpress.
    Downloading applications to make me work better.
    Spending too much time downloading applications.
    Playing CoD whilst at work.
    Worrying because I still need to do my work.
    Thinking I need an application to help me work better.

    Eventually spending 10 mins doing a bit of real work.

    If I got this the hit list maybe I could break the cycle.

  • I am prepping my next wed design/strategy job. Yep that’s it.


  • Yo. The agenda for today is simple — work, golf, continue reading books on Objective C 2.0 and iPhone developmet then grill some stuffed hamburgers.

    Everyone enjoy.

  • Release new wordpress plugin, Go to the gym, Go food shopping, finish side project, update blog.


  • Today I am planning on starting a t-shirt design. Gathering resources and planning for a conference as well.

  • I’m trying to get a website to validate to WCAG-2AA

    Then make sure I hit the pub tonight for nacho night, what’s better than nacho night?

  • I’d use it to maintain my list of tasks related to my video production/web design business. Would help greatly!

  • I’ll be working on:
    – installing a CMS on our VPS
    – 2 or 3 web sites, depending on my time
    – maintaining my sanity
    – keeping my 2 boys from inflicting serious bodily harm upon each other

  • Loving the beta version of The Hit List so far!! Seems a lot less distracting than the over cluttered Things.

    Here is my list of things to be done today:

    – Look into ClientLink bugs
    – Quote Walrus Media /Quote
    – Fixe IE6 issues
    – Follow up with Tricia re Logo Design /Logo Design
    – Organise SmoothFlo hosting and upload website
    – Follow up with Homewood Consulting
    – Organise GMI Water job /Web Design

  • Today I will:
    Upload last weeks pics to flickr
    Defrost the freezer
    Deal with disastrous inbox
    email my mother

  • Pay the bills (i’m late)
    Make the grocery list
    Wash the car
    Clean the kitchen

  • You mean there are actually people who DIDN’T buy the macheist pack?!

    (ps. don’t consider me in the runnings)

  • I’m using The Hit List beta at the moment and I seriously cannot live without it due to having such a poor memory.. it would be so great to win this as it something I use 24/7.

    Today’s To-Do:
    > Contact a friend to let them know I wont be able to go to our friends funeral. =/
    > Edit some of my Photography.
    > Buy some blank DVD-Rs.
    > Go to the shop, need food..
    > Tidy my Mac up (files and folders etc)
    > Practice Guitar.
    > Read all my favorite Apple news sites.

    I think that might be it..

  • Check out photo gear.
    Pack for NYC.
    Recheck packing.
    Find all the notes about restaurants, museums, tickets, etc.

  • My main goal for today is to get this javascript/php application that I am working on up and running. Also have a meeting at 3, and need to work on my blog design tonight so I can finally get it up and running.

  • Procrastinate :)

  • Search for more jobs, finish up my iWeb to publish, go to the store, clean up, practice parking, and go see my lawyer.

  • Hey I’m Developing a Technology in Education Survey and improving our Moodle documentation among a million other things. I need the software to keep track of it all :)

  • Getting a clear pictures of how to organise and work through the tasks to successful completion of my PhD thesis would be the foremost benefit of The Hit List to me. :)

  • Vacation, baby, vacation!

  • my main task today is to wait untill night to go to a pub to drink lot’s of beer with my girlfriend and other friends. tomorow is a hollyday here in sao paulo/brazil.

  • Today I’ve been building an advanced filter system for the product we build at work (whilst trying to sort my mass of emails out at the same time!)

  • I would like to (I need to) use a good GTD tool since I bought a MAC just a few weeks ago and my productivity is in the floor. Thanks in advance

  • Today I wrote JavaScript on Ext JS framework for a project at work :)

  • My tasks for today:

    – Drink 8 glasses of water.
    – Pee 8 times.
    – Go to the gym and make my arms sore.
    – Play on my Mac (and by play, I mean work).
    – Watch True Blood.
    – Go to sleep.

  • * Add Acoustic Guitars to the Music Den site
    * Go through part 1 of the Strategic Planner class
    * Answer WPChick client emails
    * Add Bio Block on client site

  • -Pack camera bag for a gig I’m shooting this weekend.
    -Make sure all me textbooks arived.
    -Go for a quick 3 mile ride.
    -Work on logo for a local internet radio station.
    -Call 3-4 insurance places for quotes on concert general liability insurance.
    -Call Mayor about concert
    -Call bands about concert
    -Kick back and relax with some Halo 3/Rock Band 2

  • Today i´m working on my new website. :)

  • My big task is getting ready for a week-long canoe trip on the Allagash Wilderness Waterway in Maine with Scouts.
    – pack personal gear (which is a big long checklist unto itself)
    – review itinerary
    – prepare maps
    – clean car

  • currently working full time on creating html css of the worst designs ever supplied out the company at work.

    and fun flash portfolios for artists and galleries in my free time!

  • I love THL — I use it every day. Here are today’s tasks:

    Workaround for MooTools 1.2.2’s setStyle(window) bug
    Check MT ticket
    Update App
    Freeze CIP 1.3.5xx
    Deploy Benji

  • coding coding coding.. :)

  • 1. Decide on a name for my daughter.
    2. Decide on a name for my son.

    Aren’t Mac’s great :)

  • Today I’m be resting because I dislocated my knee :S

  • edit: -be

  • still a lot work on a website, deadline tomorrow!

  • Today I’m starting a new web project that involves T-shirts. That’s all I can say for now ;)

  • Wake up
    Dream about iPhone 3GS (Launching in NZ on 10th July)
    Hit reality
    Hit the gym
    Browse the headlines (NetNewsWire)
    Run to University
    Get bored at University
    Run to work (the best thing ever)
    Groom an Aston Martin DB7 Volante (Yes I’m an exotic car groomer)
    Watch Ice Age 3
    Get drunk
    Walk home drunk
    Check email
    Fall asleep on the laptop
    Day over!

  • My tasks for the day:

    – Repair a computer
    – Docotor appointment
    – Redesign a wordpress theme

  • Getting ready for the Rocky Mtn. Music Camp. Details, details, details…

  • – finish new customer’s web-reg design
    – Meet new parking propietary
    – Find a camping for the weekend (in 2 weeks)
    – Post a comment for the “win-a-copy-of-the-hit-list” contest
    – Call familly

  • My ToDO list:

    – (1st) Win a Copy of The Hit List
    – (2nd) Organize my life…

  • Im a list junkie! not saying this just to deserve the price, but its true, i use several things to make lists, from papers on my desktop to evernote and stickies on my mac. Im a graphic artist and creative art-director at ogilvy, argentina, but i work a lot freelance also..My life is sometimes a mess, and if this piece of software is good for getting things organized, ill be here! i love this blog btw..

  • I heart GTD! Today’s job is getting caught up on last weeks email (that I ignored since I was on vacation) ;)

  • I am working on a top secret Rails app. Production just started today and I have a lot of things to do. mainly planning out the architecture, design, features. We have a team meeting later today where we are gonna collaborate on this. That is just one of the many things on my to do list.

  • count me in too :D
    1)tracking for someone to do a rapidshare api for dropzone
    2)music making till the mornin’
    3)no sleep if necessary :D
    4)enter this competition
    take care and good luck to all of you

  • Well Im working on some really cool Flash Based Pilot Training software right now. Also working with a 3d artist to get the engine modeled for that to today too. Tonight I need to make some new biz cards for a previous client. Just changing out text & sending to print on those. I need to update a customers site tonight too. As well as work on some iPhone App icons for my own app.
    So i would love this software to help keep me organized!
    Love the blog buddy!

  • i add my lisr for today..

    1) finish a brand identity
    2) call my grandma, this should be the day!
    3) meeting with an iphone coder for some design help he needs
    4) pay some bills grrr
    5) make some sports , this task usually never completes jeje :(


  • Never thought I would say I want to be on the hit list. :p

    1) Production meeting on upcoming newsletter.

    2) Refine logo design for new startup biz

    3) Start creating Aug. newsletter in InDesign

  • Waiting for my Copy of hit list and checking out SlickMappCSS

  • WoW! The Hit List! I was looking yesterday for a giveaway or a discount and here it is! =)
    My tasks for today(I have a busy day =P):
    – Avoid the swine flu for another day
    – Pretend Michael Jackson isn’t dead or research something to resurrect him
    – Learn german(because its cool)
    – Fix my broken iPhone because I can’t leave without it(and to be able to get THL for iPhone when it gets available)
    – Finish a web application I’m developing…The deadline is TODAY! My boss is gonna kill me!
    – Try again to find a Michael Jackson album for sale…
    – Watch The Godfather(I’ve never watched it and its dvd is starring at me =/)
    – Study linear algebra and file organization algorithms in C++ for two exams tomorrow =/
    – Learn a piano song(have band practice tomorrow and I still haven’t learned that song)
    – Stop playing World of Warcraft(or else I’ll never pass the exams tomorrow…)

    Phew….I think that will be my day today, I hope I can survive it =P

  • Today I’m charged with doing some recurring weekly print ads for one client, creating concepts for a logo for another, and wrapping up the last bits of a website re-design for a third. Then it’s home, where my newborn son is growing and learning, and my three-year-old daughter is eagerly awaiting her fourth birthday party this weekend! (We’re starting the party planning this evening)

  • The Hit List looks like it would work perfectly for my day planning! Today I have to email a client final drafts of a logo, submit a research project, and get started on my twenty-page term paper due next week (yep, I’m taking college classes over the summer—I know, a desecration!). Anyway, you guys are great, keep up the good work!

  • My To Do list for today reads:
    – Finalize Hangtag Designs
    – Finalize mini-catalogue
    – Send drawer tags to printers
    – Choose 12 new images for website
    – Pick 10 tweaks you would ideally make for current website
    – Write client article

    – Running Workout – Distance Run
    – Buy tickets for Food Inc. movie for Friday
    – Sharpen skates for hockey
    – Figure out how to build a real Death Star but use it for friendly purposes (would have to use a different name)
    – Buy stocks. No wait sell them. No, buy them. Maybe just research some stocks.
    – Coffee. Lots of Coffee.

  • Looking for a job…. constantly.

    • And, it’s awfully difficult to keep track of all the applications, when they must be completed and any responses back.

  • check email
    apply for jobs
    determine website solutions for a client
    design a flash site
    read twitter
    plan a trip
    some other random things

    …need the hit list.

  • Prioritize my multitude of projects with my boss
    Design a new soccer web site theme
    Organize a to-do-list for our dev team

  • Call and talk to potential new client.
    Complete latest template.

  • Today’s task list:
    • Get a few ads out
    • Finish up a presentation folder
    • Finish up a template for a company newsletter
    • Quit smoking!

  • Almost too much to put in here…

    but Mac based todo’s are :
    – getting my MBP to work in the windows based work environment
    – install dovecot on tiger.
    – test an out of office setup for
    – get dspam to work with dovecot
    – test new release of dspam
    – help users with questions
    – etc.
    – etc

  • I am:
    Filling out this comment hoping I get Hit List
    Checking email
    Managing Social-ness (Twitter, Facebook, Blog, etc.)
    Designing 3 logos
    Designing 2 websites
    Designing 2 Shopping Cart Skins
    Developing 1 website
    Setting up Zen Cart
    Creating a Flash “movie” of the map of Italy
    Going to the gym
    Finish a flyer design
    Answering the email generated by my portfolio (contact form)
    Waiting for a phone call
    Calling a client at 3:00PM
    Filling out my IRS Power of Attorney form
    Checking Snail Mail
    Balancing checkbook
    Running errands (groceries, pet store, etc.)
    Design a business package (business cards, stationary, electronic signature, etc.)
    Update to Pandora One!
    General cleaning of the house

  • Work:
    -Replace restful auth with authlogic
    -Setup & configure backup servers
    -Clean Young’s computer
    -Image cart 7
    -Get price quote on network cart
    -Setup vm for lab

    -Dig line for dog fence
    -clean cats water bowl
    -unpack and set up torrent server

  • Photography, photoshop, designing, learning about Illustrator, working on Premiere Pro and After Effects, updating my blog, and designing a portfolio.

    Such some busy days that don’t feel like summer vacation!

  • My tasks:
    Study for Chem test

  • -Wake up
    -Go to College
    -Learn various programming
    -Coding and debugging
    -Read and write blog[read ;) ]

  • * web development edits on a super-secret project
    * localize several graphics for international
    * catch up on e-mail
    * win my hockey game tonight

  • Work.
    Check this blog.
    Check this blog.
    Check this blog.
    Check this blog.

  • Finish my First-person shooter game assignment using GameStudio A7 and Lite-C engine.

    Make my first transaction using Western Union.

    Sweep up the yard.

    Hang out with mom.

  • Chores IRL:
    clean terrace
    fix shoe rack
    varnish terrace fencing
    sell books to 2nd hand book shop
    hassle public transport company for free tickets for an event i organise

    Chores NIRL:
    re-design blog
    follow-up questions i get asked on twitter

  • – Working on several t-shirt designs for
    – Putting a spec sheet together for a new freelance client
    – Paying some billz
    – hopefully having a beer when I’m finished!

  • College and all the fun tasks, papers, assignments, readings, hoops, projects, organization, research, everything that could go into Hit List so I can accomplish all my work on time

  • Todo:
    -win hit list

  • Fix my git workflow
    Finish reading my RSS Feeds
    Try and win a copy of the Hit List
    Pay my phone (again??)
    Tour my developments for bugfixing
    Icecream 8:00

  • LSAT Study, Mandarin Study, US Foreign Policy Blog Update, Skateboard for a bit, Clean Computer, Update CV, catch up on some reading, and unwind with a movie

  • Create a screencast, Send a mass e-mail, Fix several bugs in my web code, Write some documentation.

  • Working on a Tumblr theme that is extremely readable and planning to learn C++ before schools starts again.

  • -Create 2 design concepts
    -Convince client that the design idea they want to integrate is a BAD idea
    -Create html mailing and flash promo piece
    -Clean out inbox
    -Trim down my to-do list

  • Main tasks?
    – Design client home page AND …
    – Design email newsletter … all without the promised content (“can you just put something in?”!)
    – Layout more history book chapters
    – Design children’s book cover
    – Reformat bottle packaging
    – Put the kettle on … LOTS!
    – Don’t get distracted by Twitt … er …. hold on a minute – that looks interesting …

  • Main task today is to finish adding the Picasa-specific metadata from my photos to iPhoto….wish there was an automated way to do it, but you gotta do what you gotta do!

  • What Iùm about to do today?

    Well… I was up early in the morning/night to get the airplane to Rome (Italy), so the rest of the day would go on seeing the Colleseum and other tourist stuff. :p

    No more time on the computer…
    See ya. :)

  • – Managing which topdomains has been added to 58domains (No kidding it’s a daunting task)
    – Keeping track of bugs
    – Trying to learn to code an iPhone App
    – Keeping track of what I wan’t to create (Where is that post-it?)
    – Trying to find time left over!?

    Oh yea and win a version of The Hit List

  • Wrap up a major web development project for HR dept, and finish composing my sister’s wedding processional.

  • I’m currently in school working on a photoshop tutorial :)

  • • Do production/content work on Website 1
    • Arrange to collaborate with writer on Website 2
    • Make IE6 CSS related adjustments on Website 3
    • Make client-requested changes to Website 4
    • Make Changes to Client letterhead/business card
    • Order said letterhead/business cards
    • Sign new annual contract for client
    • Send Invoices for Blog/Logo combo
    • Design Print Ad
    • Find a good “click to call” solution for Website 2
    • Meeting with client from 2-3pm
    • Deposit Checks
    • Pay CC bill
    • Do the books
    • Pay myself

  • – design new site
    – buy groceries
    – pack fr camp
    – buy load credits
    – group paper for psych

  • My Current Task Is Creating My Own Task Management App (Spark) and preparing the website for it (

  • on the agenda today:

    – sort out the total amount my delinquent client owes me
    – meet with my actionscript ninja friend to discuss new portfolio site
    – email client regarding team roles
    – update client’s device manual with new graphics

    – have some dinner
    – go check out my girlfriend play bass with her band at their first ‘real’ gig!

  • working through a bulk of audio recordings of negotiations

  • Wow, today is/was a crazy day. I’m resident in Hungary (currently) got an internship over in Dublin, so I have about 6days to make it happen. Today I was searching for accommodation (didn’t find any good), also not lucky with the flight, guess because it was such short time all cheap tickets from Ryanair were almost as much as normal flight with Malév or any other airline. Hmmm,btw…if I’m already writing this: does someone live in Dublin? (please write me an email then! ;) Still, I have a bunch of stuff to get done before leaving this “lovely” country, so THL would be a great support! *:)

    *PS: thank you for the Forklift copy, once in my life I won something, hope not that was my last one! :D

  • Finish up Portfolio
    Take Photos
    Upload Photos

  • Done:
    * Ordered a book with company start-up advice for my boss.
    * Quoted a new print job.
    * Subscribed to over 40 design related RSS feeds.
    * Handled a bunch of medical questions with my insurance.

    To Do:
    * Put together new chair and desk for office.
    * Take inventory of $6K worth of building materials delivered to my home.
    * Build an outdoor shed.
    * Stain and hang lattice around deck.
    * String audio wire for downstairs surround sound.

  • use Pomodoro Technique more through out the day.

  • Awesome. I tried the Hit List in beta, and I liked it.

    Today, I gotta watch a movie, then work on an iconset that needs refining. then, I’m working on my portfolio, making it look real nice. That should take me to the end of the day.

  • Trying to consolidate staffing projections for LRP.

  • Well, right now i’m working on several design project for the company that i work with.
    – Annual Finance Report
    – A new campaign
    – An entire image for a National Fair

    And also i have a lot fo personal projects, like:
    – Recording of a new Podcast
    – post at least twice a week in my blog
    – finish some outsourcing ilustrations
    – makee a video for my girl

    so its better i don’t forget any of that, specially the last one LOL!

  • Working on a template for my client’s website. This would be perfect if I ever forget what the client asked me to do.

  • My main tasks today (and tomorrow):
    – come up with a compelling story for a usability study report and start writing
    – find the best possible schedule for web writing class this fall
    – meet with my son’s teacher (that one’s finished – the task, not the teacher)
    – make up my mind about whether or not to get another degree (that’s a medium-term project)

  • Today:
    – Setup new user in creative department
    – Finish repairs on 2 computers, and get them back to their users
    – Meeting re: automated FTP solution
    – Answer lots of tech support calls

  • Chilling at EFY!!!

    -wake up
    -eat breakfast
    – scripture study
    -participant devotional
    -morning meeting
    -class (now)
    -free time
    -game night
    -pizza party!!!!!
    -bedtime :(

  • Today’s #1 task is to find a new task management system
    I’m sure I have more to do, but since I don’t have a list I can’t remember what.

  • Today my task is mainly to convert all the mooTools extensions for my company’s framework over to jQuery. It’s a breath of fresh air, honestly, and the code size is anywhere from 75-33% of the original size!

    After work, I’m going to check out Twinity(.com) and then go to Dave & Busters with a couple of friends!

  • Deleting tasks from Things
    Learn more about MacRuby
    fixing bugs in rails app

  • Pick up dry cleaning
    Redesign board game
    Print new board
    Finish new website design
    Tweak drupal theme
    Follow up with Rory re: waiheke

    then probably there will be some drinking, but it’s not on my to-do list :)

  • Since you mentioned The Hit List the other day I’ve completely refocused my project and task management with this sweet app.

    Today, I’m working on:

    – wireframes for an ecommerce site
    – brainstorming company names for a photographer
    – negotiating the terms of a project with a prospect
    – remembering to take my Pepsi Max out of the freezer before it explodes

  • Today I’m going to

    * Finish a Mac app’s preferences & smart groups management
    * Mockup another Mac app
    * Try to find the name of the app with a gorgeous squid/octopus icon I was told about.

  • The Hit List is simply the best Tool for me for GTD right now (I don`t have an iPhone):

    Todays To do list:

    – Create a Photoshop Template for an Image Gallery and Homepage of a new proyect
    – Talk with the project manager to decide if we use a CMS for the project or a tool written frm scratch
    – Go to the bank
    – Buy some milk!

  • The Hit List is wonderful but my Beta download just expired the other day! Would love to win the full version!

    Today, I have to work on some horrible research assignment, and then I might go and play squash. :D

  • First four out of way too many to-dos…
    write a thank you note to midwifery team @computer
    buy a double adapter @shops
    buy a desktop book holder @shops
    pay home contents insurance @phone

  • Like others commenting, I agree that the hitlist is rather well made.

    Things to do today include volunteer photography and design work with a local summer camp in British Columbia, Canada.

  • Finding out the best way to create a scalable storage solution for home use (up to ~20TB). I’ve narrowed it down to the DroboPro or a machine running FreeNas with the ZFS filesystem.

  • > work
    – compile workshop notes
    – re-style password reset page
    – audio editing for august podcast
    – read through computer arts mag
    – indesign training chapter 3

    > not work
    – buy more cold and flu tablets
    – buy new windscreen wiper blades
    – print photos to send overseas
    – clean laces for AF1’s
    – research wedding suit hire
    – listen to stones throw beat battle entries


  • I will be working on some ideas for directions how to position our company in future. To work them out I will be using MindJet 7 for Mac.

  • On my agenda today, I get picked up by my Mother, and then start the long drive back to Minnesota, from California…

  • Right now, it’s time to make dinner. ;-) And amazingly enough, other than getting the kids to bed later this evening, that’s about all that’s left on my agenda for today.

    Tomorrow, on the other hand . . .


  • I’m going to be working on the back end of a new social networking website we’re launching soon!

  • Ah well my NDA excludes me from telling you what i’m upto, however it does include;
    – Work
    – More work
    – Lunch
    – More work
    – Review meetings
    – Client review
    – More work
    – Hometime
    – Family time
    – PLAY time
    – Sleep time

    Wash rinse repeat!

  • I started using HitList as soon as you guys made mention of it, and I must say I absolutely love it! Best GTD app out there!

    On my list today:
    – Create a League’s Table
    – Create an IA, Wireframe, and Initial Design for a site
    – Marketing & Content Management
    – Website Copy Edits
    – Update site images
    – Update Timesheet

  • Another Neat day with NeatDesk for myself, managed to throw over years worth of papers. Aim to get my office “fully green” with fully Paperless solution! And finishing up Automotive flash widget, starting fashion site and developing fully robust application framework! So productive and exciting!

  • I’m writing an invention disclosure (unless I forget).

  • The only way I am ever truly productive and am able to keep updates with my freelance projects is by keeping a todo list. I am on the trial for THL and am loving it. Would love to save some money and get this app for free.

  • The Hit List is great! Here is my list:
    { } Having a baby girl in November
    { } Design the nursery – Paint, furniture, arrange
    { } Clean the garage
    { } Stain the deck
    { } Fix drywall in guest bedroom
    { } Work on freelance design projects
    { } Work full-time job with less hours
    { } The list goes on & on…

  • – made a photo book on iPhoto
    – went to church
    – showed my family my old school
    -look through my favorite websites

  • scour government databases for usable GIS datasets for a client
    scrub said data to make it somewhat usable
    export scrubbed data to Illustrator friendly formats.

    Lets just go ahead and make that a daily repeating task.

  • My main task today:

    Thinking to my website as I’m freshly starting my freelance business. I need a cool WP theme!

  • I have project installing Xserve and finishing Lab for one of private school in Van area.
    Today we are in the middle of setting up xserve and wait for the lab to be finished.

  • * Finish 1 Mix of up coming single #studio
    * upgrade to Safari 4.0.2. #stuff
    * Play Piano for at least 2 hours. #studio
    * Buy some milk, bread and cookies for #home


  • I have no main tasks today, you should ask yesterday it was a busy day.

  • I have been looking for years for a alternative to paper to do lists, but all have come up short. With the invention of Dropbox, I have changed my computer habits dramatically. Now, with THL and Dropbox, I have my answer. Thank you to both companies for changing the face of computing.

  • I’m finishing up my site redesign.

  • # Go and get my revised certificate
    # Send another request for my money :-(
    # Fix some database issues
    # Create several (very basic) templates
    # … and all the things, I forgot, because of not having ‘My’ Hit List :-)

    Good luck everyone

  • Create 2 microsite designs

  • #Decide to get some haircut
    #Decide which haircut should I get
    #Get the haircut
    #Writing blogpost
    #. . . what else…? Maybe I should get the Hit List to make sure I’m not forgetting anymore tasks.

  • My main task today is trying to win this amazing piece of software and putting a new set f tyres on my 4×4 so I can get away from technology more.

  • Do my homeworks

  • Trying to finish up the contact list of all of my co-workers (new and old)…

  • My main task is “Dreaming I win a THL”


  • I would love to try a copy of the Hit List for my graduate course development projects and consulting business. I am currently developing two new course preps for a Master of Library Science program and a workshop on Project Management for Librarians so this would be a great product to work with and present to the class. I also do consulting with clergy on information management and am continually developing new seminars towards that end.

  • – send out monthly bills to clients
    – imporove a flash page
    – do a quotation for an IS
    – update the cms on a client page

  • Right now I am planning all the details for a wedding in Tuscany for an English couple – suppliers include villa, caterers, jazz band, photographer, town hall, priest, florist, transport company… and for all of the above I have pages of specific details, requests, and a detailed schedule. I deal with about 70 such events each year.

  • Tasks, hmm lets see…
    – Pick up an adaptor that was sent for repair for my headphone amplifier
    – Finish an Interface Design for a Web Application
    – Look through some websites
    – Eat baby back ribs for dinner

    Basically thats it

  • Learn RubyCocoa

  • Let’s see, “what I learned in school today.” – Oops wrong assignment, besides it’s been many years since I’ve seen the inside of a school. CORRECT TOPIC: Main Tasks Today
    1. Collect all comments from the proof readers for the newsletter – July issue which comes out mid-month)
    2. Edit publication, give one last review and create the CMYK-PDF file for CTP (Computer-to-Plate) for our commercial printer
    3. Send instructions to printer for printing, and mailing
    4. Set-up preliminary push email for electronic subscribers
    5. Upload PDF file of the issue for the electronic version of the newsletter.
    6. Continue working on August issue of other newsletter which comes out the beginning of each month (design. copy fitting, story selection and production)
    7. During breaks – finish planting Swiss Chard and Finalize boat registration to mail in, check brothers house to be sure the hot water is working, and jump start my brother’s car which has a dead battery.

  • Tasks, done:
    – Tried to make a 3d graph of something, gave up.
    – Booked two airline tickets for the holliday.
    – Wrote an outline for an article.

    – Write some fiction
    – Go to my girlfriend’s concert.

  • ToDo for today
    *SunBath @ beach
    *Play Virtua Tennis 2009

  • – tweak wordpress
    – search some legal information
    – answer my messages
    – relax :-)

  • – Export some tv spots
    – Programming an adventure site
    – Make a CMS for a site
    – Set up the CMS on the clients server
    – Design a logo for a friends band.
    – Pay bills
    – And if there’s time before work tomorrow, get som sleep…

  • -Developing/Designing a new international social networking & event site (
    -More fun designing in espresso (mmm)
    -sleep zzz.

  • Working on closing IT-related SOX (Sarbanes-Oxeley) assessments

    Come back to appstorm to maintain sanity, followed up by Facebook to see who else is having a more hectic day that I am.

    Schedule two meetings with vendors

    Pickup uniforms for the high school volleyball team that I coach

    Work on wedding photos

    Return to Facebook and appstorm, a little gizmodo, some uncrate and swig of cnn.

    Watch a little of the USA vs. Italy World League Volleyball match

    Attempt to get some sleep, then repeat.

  • Man – I’d love to get a crack at a FREE license. What’s my top-3 task list for today?

    * Complete bid contract for client A’s website redesign & re-brand

    * Outline site map &objectives for client B’s website redesign & re-brand

    * Complete print proofs for national hotel client’s new “No Smoking” campaign

    After that, real life happens: repair mower, mow lawn, buy new Speedo Jammers & head to Tri team swim practice.

  • Read all relevant incoming emails posts. Bookmark and/or download free fonts/brushes/textures where applicable. Keep laptop & desktop synced. Work on 3 different client projects to stay on track. Follow up with three new client prospects and maintain my marketing efforts in blog, LinkedIn and Twitter. Pay bills. Walk dogs. Buy food. Prepare dinner. And ignore the 12 teenagers in my house for daughter’s brunch party today while I work.

  • My main task today was to organize all the PDFs I got about programming and software developing in different categories (I got all them all cramped in the same folder).
    Well… that was my main task… and as always I didn’t complete it…

  • – Travel home from mini-vacation
    – Clear out E-mails, tweets and RSS-feeds
    – Work on WordPress theme

    Looking for a new GTD app. Currently on a trial of Things. I like it, but it’s a bit expensive, and possibly even a bit overkill.

  • Today I’m working with a room full of new iMacs, working on a way to image/clone one for use in a high school computer lab and pump the image out to all the others. Why can’t there be an easy way to do this with a Mac? Windows and Linux make it so easy…

  • Im on my Diploma thesis and two magento jobs.
    By the way, the hit list rocks!

  • – zero my email inbox
    – update my blog
    – install Windows 7 RC

  • Let’s see….let me consult the beta version I have of The Hit List. haha. Today I’m working on getting my assignments in for class (4 or so), going to the dentist, scheduling an appointment with the doctor, making calls to discuss a issue I’ve been having, Call my Dad, cooking for my younger siblings, cleaning before everyone gets home, and then studying and reviewing my work. Making my own To Do Lists don’t cut it for me, and as an unorganized person I really need something like the Hit List to help me keep up with my college tasks. Here’s hoping I get it!

  • Just got back from a short time off from work, so I need to:
    -get up to speed on current projects
    -quote 2 new projects
    -answer calls and emails
    -do some industry reading/twittering
    -personal banking

    I’m interested in seeing how well Hit List handles the timing of projects because right now I use Office Time for that and Things for To Dos.

  • Well, my main task right now is choosing a GTD app. I’ve ignored them up till now, but today there is just too much to track on simple pen and paper. Most of them revolve around getting various pieces of content/design/code to various clients.

  • -Upload a blog post
    -Find a physics teacher.
    -Sync google calendar with sunbird
    -Make an appointment with my ophthalmologist
    -Cut my hair
    -Need new glasses for my windows, get an estimate


  • -Walk Ralphie (that’s my dog)
    -Find a better keyboard than the one I have.
    -Debug waay too much code.
    -Change cell phone plan.

  • I’m writing a documentary about puppets (hand puppets) and social themes explained to the childreen

  • I work in a biology lab and this app would be great to help me keep track of all the experiments i’m running, e.g. mark the plates, inoculate liquid media, measure sporulation, etc..

  • I have just been president of my Rotary club and have transferred to another club nearer to my home. Rotary is “service above self” and I will be involved again with similar tasks. I have been bulletin editor and secretary. I have already been asked to be the clubs – district liaison officer for “stroke awareness” which may result in repeated organisational tasks.
    The Hit List application wold no doubt help in these organisational tasks, and others.

  • My task today is actually to buy a New Macbook Pro! … I got a summer job a couple of months back and I’ve been saving up! … Tomorrow I get my third pay check and I’m going to buy the best config I possibly can! … I am just very excited!!!!!

  • My day is almost over, Friday here in NZ, almost beer-o-clock. It’s been a good end to a good week. Just finished some final AJAX magic on the back-end of a web app for, and it is all set to go-live next week, and did some cross browser testing of a new site that has just been delivered to a London, UK, based Film Fund. Nice people, but testing IE6 is always such a pleasure, know what I mean? Now it’s head-down, coding glasses on, and time for some serious work on a new site for Hoglund Art Glass. Cufon is on the cards for this, can’t wait. Now where is my to do list? Gosh I need to GTD.

  • Today I decide to take a much-deserved stress break from communism. For the past two weeks, I’ve been actively bombarding the internet tubes with facts against the communist internet-less Hugo Chavez and his apprentice Manuel Zelaya, both whom molest the very own childhood of our democratic family in Honduras. I did all of this from my command center (Macbook Pro) alongside my apprentice PINEPEAR, a witty screenname that resembles a slight twist from our common PINEAPPLE export.

    Today, during my break, I discovered AppStorm. Cheers to you, my fellow internet tubers, and here’s to winning a copy of THE HIT LIST, a nice addition to my arsenal against these rats.

  • Today I will be completing the upgrade of a website, converting the PHP code into my new Smarty framework.

  • Computing
    Find some pictures for upcoming presentation
    Upgrade Iphone firmware
    Clean Iphone from Unwanted files (meybe tomorrow)
    Find the best memory upgrade for my macbook

    batteries for a keyboard
    a birthday presrent for my friend


    Return books to library (today or tomorrow)
    Find a GTD app

  • Computing
    Find some pictures for upcoming presentation
    Upgrade Iphone firmware
    Clean Iphone from Unwanted files (meybe tomorrow)
    Find the best memory upgrade for my macbook

    batteries for a keyboard
    a birthday presrent for my friendw


    Return books to library (today or tomorrow)
    Find a GTD app

  • Today I reviewed a documentaion form a heatexchanger. Set up plans and calculations to build a new heatexchanger. Had lunch with my wife and tonight we gonna party !!!

    So see you around.

  • -Have my watch fixed
    -Buy some textbooks
    -Burn DVDs for friends
    -Call my brother for his birthday

  • – Complete my new website JavaScript bounce effect.
    – Backup PS3 Save Data
    – Backup Memory Stick

  • Decide whether to waste time in chasing customers with poor communication feedback. I never know where I stand with them and they make difficult conversions.

  • Today I’m:
    – Writing a PRD for a website
    – Wireframing a user interface
    – Checking email/blogs/twitter

  • Wow we are such busy folks on this list! : )

    My to dos:
    Volunteer work: matching mentors with proteges
    Website work: designing two conference websites – validating CSS
    Reading AppStorm reviews (who doesn’t need more apps?)
    Update EventBox
    Client invoices

    fun to dos: catch up with tweets

  • Convince myself to do something productive
    Get off Facebook
    Catch up with some old friends
    Sleep… more

    That’s my day ;)

  • I’m working on adding new content to a client’s web site.

  • – Buy a bike for my kid
    – Start building a site for a client
    – Start building mini shop for a client
    – Complete my new portfolio, online
    – New Twittter background

  • Today I’m working on a new project where I go to a park and try something called ‘a book’. I’ve heard great things about them, and sunlight too. I’m also trying to finish a product design project for class, lots of things to keep current and in mind.

  • Today I’m working a client’s website… it’s especially tricky, because I have to switch the site over from a 1990’s handcoded template system to WordPress- and it has to be a seamless transition, because his visitors will complain if the site is down for more than an hour. I also aim to write a few useful articles for my blog. If I have any time left over, I’m going to start work on my much-delayed portfolio site. The Hit List would be quite an awesome app for me to have, because I have so much to do these days, and I’m still a high school student, attending 6-hour long summer pre-college courses every day.

  • The main thing I am doing today is going through your blogs, to decide what programmes I simply CANNOT DO WITHOUT based upon your recent reviews. Such as The Hit List,iDeskCal and Billings. Thanks for the assistance

  • – Set up Google Website Optimizer
    – Create a new email template
    – Research similar services as crazyegg
    – Create new repeat order analysis report
    – Try not to stress out

  • + University:
    – Register for a PE class, need approval from the department.
    – Call the guys to see who is in this summer!
    – Buy A4 papers, pencils and whatnot ..

    + Projects:
    – Meet with the team of CMS project.
    – Meet with SWE instructor(s) for tips on the project management.
    – Call Zaid about his shop website project.

    + Blog:
    – Think of topics for the blog, relating mac.
    – Checkout other writers’ topics.

  • Spent the day organizing appointments and cleaning out the file cabinet…. good times

  • – finishing css/xhtml for a photographers website
    – writing invitations for a family reunion
    – cleaning out the mess in my dormroom
    – reading the newspaper (yes! a real newspaper made out of paper and ink)

  • My major task for today is to finish my sermon for tomorrow…

  • Today’s to-do list:
    1. Enter this to-do list contest
    2. Check off entering this to-do list contest
    3. Verify completion of entry in to-do list contest
    4. Visit
    5. Check off visiting
    6. Ensure shoes are spaced appropriately in shoe rack
    7. Make sure automatic watering pots have enough water
    8. Check off items 6 & 7
    9. Check off #8

  • @internet Buy modular wall plates and modules
    @internet Buy fireplace cleaner and polish (and a few other DIY bits and pieces)
    @internet Look for a door

    @flat phone BT about phone connection
    @flat wire in network faceplates
    @flat go down to garden, decide it’s too much work, go back up

    @home put daughter no. 1 to bed
    @home make dinner

    @internet catch up on google reader
    @internet enter competition to win funky GTD software

  • * Trying to design a database
    * Call the plumber
    * Call the internet service
    * Play a little with my guitar :)

  • – finishing my new website for a new client
    – finish doing bloody tax :P yep thats right it that time of the year again
    – by myself the new wii motion plus
    – buy myself a copy of Big Bang Theory Season1
    – finish watching family guy
    then eat, sleep and drink for the rest :)

  • Today I’m studying psychiatry (I’m a medical student) and listening to support group facilitation workshops. Also doing some yoga. It’s a very mental health kind of day :)

  • Sort out my music collection, including scanning covers, ripping at correct bitrate and entering the data in a spreadsheet :)

  • Learn Math.
    Learn Mircroeconomics.
    Learn Internet Business Models.
    Tidy up Hard Drive.

  • I really, really could use The Hit List! My to-do’s are just about unmanageable with my band’s album release coming up quickly… HELP ME!!

  • My main task today is to finish up all the stuff I couldn’t get done during the week :P

  • My main taks, is trying to figure out what I have to do and what I have to do first!

  • I need to manage my part time studies and I think software like this would be extremely useful. Rather prosaic use but that’s what I’d use it for.

  • Marketing for real estate deals.

  • I’ve got a handful of tasks to accomplish today:

    Finishing my new website.

    Hanging the new cork board off my wall.

    Fill in the unemployment papers.

    Rearrange the music cds.

    Rewrite my resume.

    Prepare a video interview.

  • Let’s see, my tasks today/tonight: my day job (Performance Consultant), maintain four blogs, support two non-profits websites (both running on WordPress), take the boy (9) to the driving range, then soccer camp, conference call with a client, schedule calls with two more prospects, update the family site with pictures and info (6 months behind), start the 2008 (yes, 2008!) family yearbook, and the list goes on :).

  • Download Alfresco SVN
    Build version
    Deploy Alfresco
    Modify Oracle views
    Query past 2 years of deliveries
    Review .NET application.
    Install and eval Galileo

  • Respond to lot of e-mails.
    Manage photos from vacation.
    Get content for almost complete website.
    Update screenshots of my template on
    Turn off Gmail’s vacation notifications.
    Start designing web for a new client.

  • I’m working on moving a WP site from one directory to another, then moving on into a meeting, then calling a client, then starting a new CodeIgniter project for another client and that should take me to going home for the day – then I’ll be working at home cleaning the bedroom, stating to prep the space for my new desk and workspace, eat dinner, then continue coding up my theme for a new blog I’m doing and then going to bed — FUN FILLED DAY AHEAD!!! So many tasks at hand.

  • I’m writing an article on 10 situations when email shouldn’t be used. I’m also working on a seminar on what the Bible has to say about pornography, and how to help people who are addicted to it. Not your average evening!

  • I need the hitlist.

    My main tasks today are:

    Create a website for a client.
    Create an email newsletter.
    Check on status of business cards.
    Update blog.
    Analyze google analytics stats.
    Get a car wash.
    Buy some groceries.

  • I am working on adding events to the ticketing system to as well as the email blast and various related websites. fun.

  • major tasks to work on today:

    // day time
    – listing presentation
    – capabilities brochure
    – property brochure
    – clean up stationary and marketing supplements for listing presentation

    // night time
    – marketing campaign theme (flyer, kiosk, billboard in mind)
    – logo development
    – brochure design

    obviously, not enough hours in the day :T

  • My main task for the day is to make my mac as streamlined as possible after getting it back from the Apple Store with a shiny new hard drive. You see, I was one of the 5 mac users EVER to have had a virus. In the process, I lost my data and apps, so I’m starting over from nothing. Organization is key this time around and for the time being I am not going on the internet w/ the laptop, so I’m downloading and transferring everything I need from another computer. If I am a winner, I promise to utilize it to the best of my ability to get my machine and life in order! Thanks.

  • today I need to sort out a notification rest response on our server.
    test mobile app in different locations & conditions.
    do my expenses.
    look after the kids (school holidays).
    come up with an olive oil brand logo & label.
    play some inFamous (hopefully, unfortunately this is @ the bottom of the list)

  • Find a good Twitter App
    Buy a couple of songs on iTunes
    Watch some TV
    Finish some work
    Send an important email to my boss

  • Get through the day building a new data driven site

    Go ride my bike!

  • I’m preparing for my trip:
    1. Things to pack
    2. Things to do with a car
    3. Things to take with me

  • Things for today:
    [ ] Clear out all of our crap out of the loft (attic) so the workmen can put down the insulation tomorrow :-(
    [ ] Try and get a job !
    [ ] Pick daughter up from school
    [ ] Plays games online with clan mates :-)

  • My main task today is gathering information to help the research team with establishing personas for a website that attracts over 400.000 visits per day.

  • My tasks for today:
    – hide those damn cables
    – fix the door
    – learn a bit about PERL

  • my task for today is to finish creating graphical elements for two commercials NBC is producing.

  • Today’s tasks include figuinrg out why the “n ew to me” iphone 3G won’t find any wfi network.

  • Task for the day:
    – how to sneak out for the next break
    – when to take the next break
    – what to do in the next break
    – optimum length of the break so that no one finds out that I am missing…..

  • Today I’ve been scurrying around on my machine & the web bouncing between various services, email & twitter.

    I’ve been doing this trying to get multiple unrelated tasks done simultaneously but err, being a guy and all my guy brain can only tackle 1 minute thought at a time, LOL.

    So I followed a link to an App article which eventually led me to this page. This Hit List app is super awesome so now I’m trying to figure out whether getting that iPhone to use with Things & my Mac is still my first priority.

    Trying to decide whether to buy things or Hit List! Hit List looks way more powerful and a little slicker as well!!! Please pick me!

  • Lots of things to do today, hey I need Hitlist to get organized ! ;)

    – Setup a new hosting for a client
    – Start a design for another client
    – Meeting with a client at 17:00
    – Debug a PHP website which get a small problem
    – Make some administrative work, bills & new contracts

    – Follow twitter friends
    – Eat
    – Clean the office
    – Sleep

  • Great app!

  • Since i’m on holidays…

    – i have to take my cat to the vet.
    – buy ticket to NIN’s gig
    – stop by my old high school to get the application forms to colleague to a friend
    – go to the beach
    –do nothing
    –take a look at those beautiful girls in their bikinis


  • I am trying to get organized! I need the Hit List!

  • I am a new user in such applications. Waiting for your next reviews. Thanks

  • Have been looking at doing some SEO and bettering the web design on my website for a long time, so this post has been really helpful. Easy read as well, so thank you!

  • My main task today is prepare a proposal and design of a photovoltaic system.

  • Thank you. Don’t underestimate the affect that optimising MySQL variables can have on performance.

    Thanks, Katal.