Win a Copy of the new book’n’keep App!

We just closed our book’n’keep giveaway. Congrats to our winners: Cody, Kim, and Michael!

There’s a lot of little things you need to keep up with to make sure your business’ bookkeeping is straight. That’s what the new app book’n’keep from the team behind Employment:app is designed for.

book’n’keep is designed to make accounting simpler for the sole enterprise. When you’re working on your own business, the last think you want is to have to spend too much time managing the accounting, when you could be designing new products and giving better service to your customers. That’s why book’n’keep helps you keep track of all of your receivables, payables, payments and assets, store detailed info on your customers and suppliers, keep track of due dates and payments, and more. It’ll even sync via iCloud so all of your data is on all of your Macs!

The bookkeeping app for the sole proprietor

book’n’keep usually costs $29.99 on the Mac App Store, but today we have 3 free copies for our readers. Just comment below and tell us a bit about the business you’ll be managing with book’n’keep if you win the contest, and you’ll be entered for a chance to win! You can also share the giveaway publicly on Facebook, Twitter, or and share a link to your post in a second comment for an extra entry in our giveaway.

We’ll be closing our giveaway on February 20th, 2013, so hurry and get your entry in!

Envato staff or those who have written more than two articles or tutorials for AppStorm are ineligible to enter.


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  • I could definately use a program as this, as starting freelancer for webdesign/development.

    My Jellybean Company will definately need it! And for a starter , everything where I could save on is more than welcome ! :)

  • I’ve been looking for a bookkeeping program for my new home based sewing business. I have an accounting background so I am looking for something that looks more business like vs game like. This one looks like it may fit the bill. Looks clean and organized!

  • I am responsible for the bookkeeping, invoicing, ordering, correspondence and the general office side to my father’s business. Our family business specialises in manufacturing footwear, specifically jockey boots but also jodphurs and regular dress boots. Having an app like Book’n’Keep as part of my workflow would be an enormously helpful tool in consolidating and simplifying day-to-day bookkeeping and office-side organisation. Bottomline: I genuinely could do with Book’n’Keep!

  • Running two different small businesses leaves little time for the finances and bookkeeping. In the end I’m sure I spend a lot more time because things get disorganized when it comes to doing taxes, etc. Restore my sanity please!

  • I’ve been on the lookout to find an app that is intuitive and makes bookkeeping less painful … my business is web design/development. Come on big money!

  • I’ve been looking for a few years for a great bookkeeping app for my design/hosting business, and soon now for a small shop with my wife.

  • Hey guys, I just began a freelance design business in December 2012. An easy book keeping software like book’n’keep would definitely help me be more productive!

  • Sweet!!

  • if i win a copy of book’n’keep app i will use it to manage my future business about books .

  • I’d love this app! I’m the founder and director of Innovations in Peacemaking and have a complicated (for me) set of financial records to keep!

  • I’ve been freelancing for a couple of years now in the area of video/photo/web production/development and managing the financial aspect of having your own business is quite the chore. I’ve been on the lookout for a software like this for wuite some time, and none have yet to be the right one for me. This one seems to be right up my alley and I would love to get a copy.

  • Freelancing design work. Not the most exciting answer here but this sure would be handy never the less :)

  • Please save me from spreadsheets and writing formulas in Excel and Numbers! Seriously, looks like a great app to better manage my freelance web and design work.

  • I do the bookkeeping for my brother’s small web development co. This would come in very handy.

  • Hi! I run a one-and-a-half person IT support business, servicing small to medium sized businesses. Accounting is my nightmare. I currently use an spreadsheet saved into Dropbox to manage the parts, services, discounts and taxes I charge to my clients, and this works … mostly. It generates OK invoices, but I have to track payments closely. I also have to edit a second sheet to track taxes, and third sheet to track vendor details.

    Previously I tried QuickBooks, but it was SO much overhead to start up a windows instance in Parallels just to open it – I’d put it off, again and again. Then when I did open it, there were multiple Windows updates and QuickBook updates, and browser updates, and it took a while for Dropbox to sync…. It was unworkable, so I ditched it.

    I would *love* a system like “book’n’keep” to help me manage this part of my business!

    • And here’s my tweet follow-up!

  • Would love to use this for my dad’s small business selling auto parts. It would be very helpful in keeping use more organized!

  • As the lead singer and co-founder of an independent band, I could really use some help with accounting for the band. I’m an artist… I hate numbers!

  • I write music for television series, and it would be great to get an app like this to manage expenses.

  • I think it would be great for my freelancing business..

  • I would really find it helpful running my freelancing photography and branding business

  • This would be a big help with the non-profit that I am planning to start this year.

  • My small television production company seems like it could make good use of this app!

  • I have a couple of uses. One is my software consulting and the other is my son-in-law’s ultra high quality water business for genetics labs. He has a lot more things to track including purchases of equipment to integrate, billing to his clients, etc. If I have to pick on I would try it on his.

  • Hi, I work on a self employed basis helping local authorities and voluntary sector organisations improve services for the homeless such as rough sleepers and those threatened with a notice to quit. An app like this would be of great use to me to simplify the weekly and yearly accounts I have to do. Anything which makes my life easier! :-)

  • i have just bought my first house. I am building a basement apartment and renting it. It would be great to be able to keep all my expenses in one program.

  • I would use it for my information security consulting business. I’m a one man band and need all the admin support I can get-just ask my wife.

  • This app would be great for me as I have started up my own business in Singapore and i’m having lots of trouble finding an app such as this one, and guess what! At the same time they’re giving it out for free, please let me have a copy as it will benefit me a lot.

    • As well my company is a small beverage company

  • Currently, I am stationed oversees with my husband. Due to his several obligations, distance to travel for work and our son, I decided to work from home. My income mainly comes from cooking various ethnics meals for the nostalgic on special occasions and baking. I recently found myself profiting from babysitting toddlers and infants so couples can take advantage of extended weekends by traveling. This app would be great to keep track of this as I find myself gaining people of interest. Since my husband bought me a MacBook Air this would be just perfect. I will share on twitter @prudyleaf.

  • I am about to relocate my family across the country so my partner can be closer to her parents with our new child. When I have moved us across I will be starting my own Electrical company … unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be too many Mac apps that would be good for a tradesmen to use and this looks like a great option

    • Thanks for the copy guys

  • This app would be great for my social media consulting company that I’m starting in my entrepreneurship class at Kent State. It’ll make things just a little bit easier.