Win a Copy of Things

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, Cultured Code have been kind enough to provide a copy three copies of Things to give away to AppStorm readers. If you’re unsure of what Things does, please feel free to read our review. Essentially, it is:

  • A to-do list manager
  • A place to quickly store thoughts and ideas
  • A powerful scheduler to ensure you’re notified about tasks at the right time

I love giving away free software, and am sure that this will be the first of many competitions on AppStorm. Entering will be kept as simple as possible. All you need to do is leave a comment on this post with your name, email address (make sure it’s valid so we can contact you if you win), and a message stating something you’d like to see on AppStorm – it can be anything at all!

The competition will run for one week, and the winning comment will be chosen at random on the 9th February 2009. As with all competitions, there’s just one legal point to make – you aren’t eligible to take part if you work for Envato. Only one entry per person please!

Good luck, and I’m excited to hear your ideas!

  • Russell Lephew

    I’d love to see a review on Cha-Ching.

    • Wim Leers

      Yes, and how their communication fails and promises are hollow. Don’t forget that part please. Although it seems at least its communications are changing for the better.

    • Vojtech Bulant

      Cha-ching is pretty designed but in usability sucks.

  • Jeffery Patch

    I definitely want to win a copy of Things! It looks very useful.

  • David Weatherby


    i would love to see an article regarding backup solutions online or offline !

  • Praveen Sharma

    I’ve spent money on Omnifocus but have always admired Things’ comparative simplicity! I’ve followed it since the invite only betas but haven’t made the full switch yet! Gimmie a reason to!

  • akret

    Ahh! Even if i dont win Im grabbing this. Looks very cool.

  • Samuel Garneau
  • Thomasz

    I would be grateful to see some more (web)design Mac Apps like Espresso etc.
    And some new and not expensive graphic apps like Pixelmator. And maybe tuts for most popular programms. I hope to see it soon.

  • Ben

    Mmmhm.. what would I like to see at AppStorm? Well to be quite honest, I love what you have got going on at the moment. But how about comparisons of well-know applications? For example which is best; XAMPP or MAMP? Expresso or Coda? Would be an interesting read. :)

    • Ben Higham

      I agree Ben, app showdowns are great! To keep in the theme of Things, what about a todo list app comparison?

  • Alex

    Name: Alex
    Email: a_hazel at comcast dot net

  • tyler hurst

    This is fascinating! I’ve tired evernote, I’ve tried iCal and I’ve tried numerous others, but none have been able to give me a digital version of a simple notebook. I make a living using my tech, and I just want them to work together like I know they can.

    This syncs between Mac and iPhone, right? If so, I want it!

  • Ben Pritchard

    I would love to see some OS customization software reviewed! Sign me up to win Things please!

  • Eric

    I’d love to have a free copy of Things! As for what I’d like to see on AppStorm … how about … more of the same! Thanks.

  • Patrick Stinnett

    More app reviews!

  • Dilbert Digital

    I would like to see more cool, useful apps on appstorm

  • Eric Montgomery

    I think it would be cool to see some music-related apps (as in the production side of music).
    Of course, I’d also like to see a free copy of Things.

  • Nikola

    looks like nice app. would like to try it first! :D

  • James

    GTD round up. I know its been done, but now I want to see The Hit List vs. Things.

  • Pat Anzanello

    Very nice idea! I would love to win it! I’ve been following mac.appstorm and really enjoy the informations.
    Thank you!

  • N.C. Winters

    Aww, too bad I work for AppStorm! Great job everyone, even if I can’t win free stuff.

  • Aki Saksola

    I’d like to see a post which announces I was chosen to get Things!

  • capsula

    wish i won this :)

  • designbytk

    A review or comparison of RSS readers…

  • Reba

    I would love to keep seeing apps reviewed and more contests to win apps! That is great. I am subscribed to the feed and just want to see more of it in my inbox.

  • Nelson Jr Silva

    I want to win it!

  • Andrew

    I really enjoyed trying out the demo of Things — definitely accomplishes what a lot of apps fail to do!

  • Brian Burns

    I’d REALLY like an in-depth run through of all the personal finance apps out there. Being a student I could probably do with a easy-to-use jargon free app that keeps my shambolic funds in some sort of order. Loving the site by the way! Thanks. B

  • Dave Smay

    I’ve heard a lot of good things about ummm… Things (sorry.) I’d love to give it a full-time whirl.

  • Matt Cichy

    More app reviews please :)

  • Karinne

    Wooo-hooo! I’ve download Things a few weeks ago to test it out and I’m really loving it. I’m wondering how I was doing things before …. oh yeah… sticky notes! :p

    What I would like to see more on AppStorm? Hmmmm… Reviews! I just got a Mac this summer and I love it. Now I just need to know which of all these great softwares I should install. And How-To’s … can’t go wrong with How-To’s!


  • Luke


  • John McSwain

    Great site! I love it already. The only thing I would suggest might be a calendar or some sort of time indicator that shows upcoming app release dates (if known) so that if there is a particular software app that people are seeking reviews for, we know when to check the site out. Of course, success would be that people check everyday anyway…..

  • Mike

    I would like to see perhaps App reviews that cover a particular topic where there are free/open source alternatives to the paid versions?

  • luman

    I love Things

  • Brad Parnell

    This is my response to win a copy of Things! I have the iPhone version and the trial version expired, I have a baby coming in a little over a month and can’t afford new software right now, but could really use a copy :)

  • Patrick Kernke

    I want to get know which scripts für mac are useful and should i have. And would be great to learn how to write own scripts which make the work easier and quicker.

    Thing is a wonderful tool to organize my work! I already tested it the last two days and i’m in love!!!!

    Thanks for reviewing it!

  • Bjorn

    Nearly pulled the trigger on Things a number of times. Been looking for a To-Do that actually UNcluttered my life…

  • Oscar

    I Want to win:D

  • Sveinn

    How about checking out Peel?

  • Jacob Boomgaarden

    I’d love to have a copy of Things. I’d also love to see you guys cover mac osx based Twitter Applications (compare, etc.). Covering some system maintenace tools would be cool too!

  • Niklas


  • Chris Rowe

    Can Haz?

  • Chris Taylor

    I’d love to see posts surveying top designers to see what apps they use and any info on interesting upcoming apps.

  • Miles Pomeroy

    Sign me up

  • James

    Apps you could review: Evernote, 1Password, Little Snapper, The Hit List, DrawIt, Espresso, Sugar Sync, VM Ware Fusion, Twhirl, Cyberduck, Adium, DocSwitcher, Mailplane, Quicksilver, Versions.

  • PHz

    i consider to buy it but…

    just try my luck….

    im the omnifocus user but always changing the tools for make my brain always active.

    it’s againts GTD, right?

  • Christian

    Nice idea!
    It would be nice to read something about projectmanagement apps, I only know some nice web based apps.


  • Jared Christensen

    I would love to see a review on invoicing software. Here are a few I have looked at so far.

  • Brad

    I’d love a copy of Things.

  • Aaron Thies

    What could be a better thing than Things. I can’t wait for my free copy!

  • John McSwain

    Better yet, how about some iPhone App reviews….or even more so, build and deploy an AppStorm iPhone app! (please hire me :)


  • Stu

    I’m looking forward to hearing about the smaller apps that don’t get a lot of publicity, as these are the ones I am most fond of and use most frequently.

  • Alistair Stead

    Are you open to bribery? Oh… Okay just include my email

  • Karol Krakowiak

    I would like to see more app reviews.

  • Colin

    I would love to see things have syncing over edge/3g, and wifi and not just wifi. In addition i think deleting a task. I also think it would be wise to have a shortcut for the quick entry feature. Another thing that would be nice to see is have the to do item due not just at a certain day but rather more detailed and a certain time of day.

  • Mitch Green

    I would love to see reviews of mac based apps that have a blackberry component (such as to-do matrix) While it’s nice to think iphone rules, the reality is there are a lot of us out there who use blackberries. I think there needs to be more applications that support it.

  • Agent Angelo

    I like your focus on app reviews. Keep up the good work. *hope to win a copy of Things*

  • Nic Brownlee

    I never win these “things” !

    Ha !

  • Rok Benedik

    i wish i win this one :)

  • Jonathan Moore

    Things is great

  • Clint Walkingstick

    I can’t wait to use things for my things!

  • Jash Sayani

    One feature I would love to see on AppStorm is: User-discussion groups (like Mac-forum) which can be a part of the Mac blog. It would be a great place to discuss and share Mac problems and find solutions…

  • Martin Reisch

    hi there, my name is Martin Reisch. i’m loving the app reviews so far! would love to see a full blown review on the best time-tracking tools that also sync to the iPhone… i’m using Billings 3.0 and i know they have something in the works for iPhone but i’d like to see the competition put up for full review!

  • WEBBOgrafico

    I tried the beta of Things and found it very useful, I don’t think I’ll buy it because it’s a little bit too expensive… and then I read about this giveaway!!! Great… maybe I’ll get my hands on things for free!!!

    A software I would like to see reviewed here is Fontcase

  • Kiro

    I would love to see some video reviews “screencasts”! They really demonstrate the app’s workflow and interface at the same time.

  • Zy

    Hi, my name is Zy and i’m interested in mac rss readers, which is the best, lighter and easy to use?

  • Richie Jenkins

    A review of coda and its features would be great :)

  • Chris K

    More reviews of unique, small developer apps. Specialized designer app reviews (color management, print design, etc) are a plus too.

  • Daniel Lopes

    Cool competition, I like to see more productivity tools.

  • Ofir

    I would love see some short video tutorials/ reviews.

    Oh… and yes… I want “Things” :)

  • chris

    thanks for the opportunity, this would be a great help. and I would like to see open source apps highlighted here.

  • Mason

    Things is awesome…I’ve been using it since the early beta and I use it daily. Plus it syncs with the Things app on my iPhone which makes it even better!

  • st6n

    i love candybar

  • Sérgio Umlauf

    I want Things!!! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!

  • Oscar

    Wuau! I need Things like the air i need to breathe every day! ;)

  • eberlin

    I would like to see a review of applications that help collate thoughts, notes, interesting websites. I currently use Yojimbo, but it does not quite do everything I want it to (eg iPhone sync). I have also looked at Evernote, but again it does not quite meet all my needs.

  • Chris Colhoun

    I would like to see a short weekly or monthly Podcast, Features may include: Audio Reviews, Interviews with developers, information on upcoming apps.

    A short podcast would be great to listen to on the move, Think about the amount of users who have an iPhone or other mp3 player. I only listen to one podcast at the moment but if there was a way you could create a podcast which would support the articles on the site and have interviews with interesting people from the apps world it could be a hit!


    • Chris Colhoun

      oh, Screencasting would be great for supporting reviews also! IE Video Podcast using Silverback App.

      • Zy

        Good idea, Me likes it.

    • WEBBOgrafico

      great idea but please… make a video podcast because audio only podcast are so boring…

      • Chris Colhoun

        That’s what I mean, Some Video Podcasting…Maybe one feature video review of an app per podcast!

  • Tory

    Trying out the trial right now and loving it! I’d love to see an IDE round-up for web developers. I find myself switching back and forth from Coda, Dreamweaver, and good ole’ Textmate. But I’d love to see your opnions on some of these Mac IDEs.

  • adi

    I would like to have an icon board to search seeing only icons of applications. we know that most of the are just beautifull!

  • Justin

    I’d like to see reviews of system backup options including Time Machine and it’s alternatives (Super Duper, etc.).

  • netnose

    Great… I have a lot of THINGS to do! You can talk about code versioning sotware!

  • Thiemo Gillissen

    Haven’t yet bought Things, but it’s definitely the best GTD app for the mac (and also for the iPhone/iPod touch) out there, so I’d love to win it too :)
    Thanks AppStorm

  • curtismchale

    I would love to see a full review on transmit, cyberduck, fetch, textwrangler, coda, espresso, BBedit. lots of people talk about these apps but I haven’t seen any real comparison that show off the good and bad for each.

  • Oscar Cortez

    I am assuming you already have ratings and/or a way for users to post tips about each app in the works? That would be cool.

    Also … what is the deal with how MASSIVE the main navigation rollovers are?? With a current window size of 1200px … I am still getting scrollbars on the last menu item. ;)

  • Shad Reynolds

    I would like to see a super clean iphone interface and twittering (if you aren’t already).

  • Thierry Schlegel

    Definitely want Things! Very useful !

  • raddevon

    I would like to see a roundup of screencasting software.

  • Mushtaq

    Seriously, I wish you all the best for this new venture and hope you bring those relatively unknown, great mac softwares in front of all windows users and thus maybe, just maybe persuade some users to migrate to a mac.

    BTW, I’ll be keeping an eye as well, because I’m new to mac as well and would love to hear and try some more mac software..

  • Bruno Abrantes

    I’d love to see reviews of alternate apps to popular software (such as the Adobe Suite). I’ve recently discovered Pixelmator, and found it to be a nice alternative to Photoshop, so I wonder what else is around there that’s designed with the Mac in mind :)

  • Jesse Schmidt

    I would like to see whatever happened to the Cookbook app that was being developed over at

  • Anders Bergh

    I’d like to see more web development apps, such as Coda!

  • Chris Enns

    I’d love to see a review of writing software.

  • Shawn

    This would be great. Then I could sync it to my iphone app!

  • Simon Tracey

    Maybe split Mac apps and iPhone apps and have them separate.

  • Glenn Feiner

    I would not mind seeing a review of your reviews. Highlight any new news since the review and maybe new competitors.

    Things looks awesome.

  • Lukas Prudek

    Wow. I’d like to win Things.

  • dstaley

    I’d really love to see more “How To” articles, ranging from beginner (How to burn a CD) to more advanced (How to use your mac to control your home).

  • Daniel Andrews

    One thing I’d love to see are articles and tips about ways people keep data in sync between multiple macs. Be it via dropbox, iDisk, and other solutions, people are always looking for a way to keep their digital ‘life’ in sync between multiple macs.

  • Constantin Potorac

    Constantin Potorac ([email protected])

    I managed to use the free trial and I must say it is a great app that I really love. It is very usefull and a great tool to keep things organized.

    So far so good about Appstorm. I am looking forward for more apps just like Things.

  • Håkansson

    I would like to read articles that compare apps. :)

  • Rich

    I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw envato were now doing a mac apps blog too! I would like to see some PHP editors reviewed and compared … I’ve been trying Coda recently and am keen to see what else is out there!

  • Blue Perez

    I’ve been using things since the first days. Got the final beta now, and wincing at buying it, although I know I need to!

    Putting Things on my iPod Touch as well. Love it.

    Show us a review of the top 10 productivity tools [for freelancers]. Time management, billing, project management, etc…

  • pzilla

    I love the new site! It looks good too.

    My suggestion is to release a series of articles about iTunes. I get the general idea of how it works but it would be cool to learn some more things about it.

    Hope I win!

  • Marie Poulin

    I’d LOVE a copy of Things! I have downloaded a trial at work and at home, and its the only task management software that I actually use and works fantastic for streamlining my work process. Pretty please! :)

  • myPhotoshopBrushes

    I would love to see some more graphic and web design Mac apps reviews.

  • Edy

    I’d like to see iPhone apps

  • Ambert Rodriguez

    I would love to see a article maybe some Mac Games?!

  • Robert

    I’d like to see reviews of screencasting software!

  • Tyson

    I would love to see a review on an RSS reader that allows you to share articles with friends that are using the reader as well. Google reader’s shared folder just doesn’t do the trick! I hope there is something like this out there.

  • Kobe

    I want one !

  • neverfree

    I would like to see more “How to’s (tips & tricks)” :).

  • Kim Spillner

    It would be really cool to see a review on “Billings 3″


  • Rohit Sonika

    Yay! For Things! But would love to see a full-on prize fight between The Hit List (still in beta), Things, Omni Focus, Taskpaper, and any other competitor that come close to it. I think we need a clear cut winner here (but I guess it’s understandable that both Things and The Hit List are quite in aggressive development)

  • fesja

    i hope i win to use it and improve my workflow!

  • Sabo Balleza

    Great idea having a MacApps blog!!! I want my copy of Things

  • jeffwong

    Nice website. It’s young but I hope you keep it up

  • Michael Espinosa

    It would be nice to see some reviews on the uses of macfuse. I am using a for a couple different things and it’s actually quite powerful. I would also love a copy of things since my trail is almost up!

  • Adam Farnsworth

    I’d love to see AppStorm be a site that had a rating system and recommendation system not unlike or It would be great to have a place to come that had simple, yet powerful and intuitive, searching abilities to find apps that will fill the niche you were needing.

  • Jonathan Simcoe

    App Developer interviews, in the vein of Shawn Blanc ( would make a great addition to the site. Great work though, AppStorm looks to be a great site!

  • Shiroko

    News of new videogames supported by mac.
    Also productivity apps.

  • Steve B

    I’m looking forward to all the great reviews Appstorm is going to have! I’m also looking forward to the head to head reviews of certain products. IE Coda vs Espresso Deathmatch!

  • dvrs85

    A cool idea would be a review-cue, where users can vote every week on apps that they would like to see reviewed. Also, besides the editorial score for apps, it would be cool if you had some kind of user-based voting system.

    Keep up the good work, I like the stuff here!

  • Matt

    I’d love a chance at “think”. My suggestion would be to see a review of “Sync” the MAC syncing app.

  • Nik Treiber

    Since you already made a review of Espresso, I would love to see some about RSS Readers, and such newer things like Event Box.

    Copy of Things came just right, since my demo expired yesterday

  • Shant

    Nice blog. I’d like to see more hot women on the site. Give me my copy of Things!

  • Fred Soler

    It will be nice to talk about web development softwares like Coda, css edit, transmit… I found another one wich seems to be cool : LittleSnapper.
    Bye thanks.

  • Pat

    I would absolutely love to read some in-depth interviews of different Mac users and how they use Mac’s in their workflow. It’s inspiring to me to read tips of how other users have learned to do things better, as I always get something out of someone else’s experience

  • Travis Lopes

    I would love to see a comparison of all the Mac website development applications out there. It would be nice to see, once and for all, what is the best web development app.

  • Dan

    Would like to win. This is the one GTD app that I actually think I could use.

  • drailskid

    I’d like to see some text editor comparisons.

    Eg. Textmate vs Coda

  • Brooke

    I would love to see a review on some mac diff programs, like Changes.

  • drailskid

    I’d like to see some text-editor comparisons such as Textmate, Coda, and the upcoming Espresso

  • Joel Wires

    I tried the demo for things and would use it all the time, if I had the money that is. Tight budgets really stink. Currently using iCal Todo [insert sound here] . Favorite feature of Things: Grouping tasks within projects… awesome.

    Oh yeah, and I would love to see something about syncing tools for cross platform mail/calendar/contact/tasks. Is that too much to ask? :)

  • Malcolm Overend

    The simplicity of Things made me switch over from Omnifocus. Keeps me organized and sane.

    I’d like to see reviews of apps that help webworkers work from their iphones or laptops from anywhere.

    Envato is my hero.

  • Logan Leger

    I’d like to see a point-by-point comparison of Things v. The Hit List and other GTD-type apps.

    I’d also like a free copy of Things.

  • Thomas Montana

    I am a young 15-year old Apple-Addict teenager who would love a version of Things.
    Message I’d like to be displayed : “Because design is half of the product.”

  • Simon

    I’d like to see more tips and tricks on getting the most out of your mac. Tutorials on inbuilt software on macs like using Terminal etc.

  • Armin

    Things for iPhone rocks!

  • felipe fagundes

    i would like to see some combos of essential apps for various user profiles, like “the designer”, “the developer”, “the torrent guy” and stuff like that.


  • schnp

    I’d like to see some reviews of Mac games since there aren’t a lot out there. Especially emphasis on some simple ones just to kill time (Otis, Quinn, etc.).

  • Steve Foote

    I’d love to see more options for automating workflow.

  • Urs Preukschat

    I’d really like to see a roundup about apps which integrate nicely with certain iPhone/iPod touch applications, as well as more stuff for all the web developers. ;D

  • Jack

    I would love to see video reviews as well as iPhone App Reviews.

  • Chris

    I used to keep up with new programs on Apples downloads page, but it’s too much to keep up. So if you could provide a “best of” sampling, I’d be happy. Thanks.

  • Dan Palmer

    I think that you should make a custom RSS reader widget for this site. They are easy to do in Dashcode and you can make it look really nice very quickly. I love this sites design and I think that the slick Web 2.0 Blog look would be nice as a Dashboard widget.

    Good work. This has been added to my daily feeds!

  • Henry

    I’d love to see more giveaways (like this!)

    • Muhammad K

      I conquer!

  • Matt

    I’d like to see more web authoring software reviews. Thanks!

  • Marek Wojtaszek

    Comparison of web coding software would be great.

  • Jason Manheim

    Comparison posts are most useful.

  • Maggie

    Wow yes I’d love a chance to win Things!

    I’d very much would like to read a review about Coda.

  • Walter

    I’d love to see an in-depth review of alternative applications to those in Adobe’s graphics suite – giving us tips on what’s out there that would replace the various components for layout, design, web development etc. – for a significantly lower price

  • Alex |

    Alex Fraiser homieal[at]

    I’d love to see some articles on how to clean out your Macs system. I haven’t done that since I got it, and I think I may need to do so.

  • Cameron Hunt

    I’d like to see maybe some interviews with developers.

  • Chris Hall

    Definitely like Things. Tried one called Process, but it’s a little heavy for my simple TODO needs.

    Would like to see a section on snippets, little tips/tricks that are not always known. Kinda like a ‘Did you know?’ kinda thing. Would be neat I think.

    Great site!

  • Gianmarco Simone

    I’d love to see a lot of web development and design software

  • Simon Yang

    I’d enjoy more comparison/roundup type posts, similar to the Twitter post from before. Maybe for the GTD type apps too (Things, OmniFocus, etc.)

  • likeminded

    I Like things…
    Can I have a copy….

  • Zach

    This looks like a great app. I’d sure like a copy.

  • Ronald Lokers

    I would like to see more reviews of software for webdevelopers. Maybe compare Dreamweaver, Coda and Cappucino with each other?

  • Jeroen Adema

    I would like a voting system for upcoming reviews. Visitors can tell what review and what kind of apps they prefer. That’s my input. Greets from the Netherlands.

  • Will

    I would like to see an independent review of all of the applications which will feature in this year’s MacHeist bundle, rumoured to be released at the end of this week.

  • sasa djukic

    i like your website. i’d like to see a lot of apps and where to get them; plus it’s always easier to read about apps with cool icons

  • Siarhei Barysiuk

    Nice resource! Keep up good work!

  • thinkboy

    love to see little apps that make my work life more enjoyable

  • Jason Koning

    I’ve taken a look at Things, it does indeed look most excellent, plus I have an iPhone so it’d be useful x 2! Suggestion-wise, I’m into Web Design, so anything related to those kinda apps would be way cool. Either that or anything beautiful and well designed regardless, seeing as Mac OS X is the most gorgeous OS on the planet, complimenting the most beautiful hardware!

  • Michele “Mike” Massari

    Hi! :) I’d love to know if there are softwares to make backups of multiple online ftp servers and store them automatically on your local machine or on another server maybe with SVN (subversion) integration or via ssh and vice-versa.
    A post on that will be surely interesting for web developers, programmers and also all the people that doesn’t want to spend a lot of money in mobileme or other services :)
    Thx! :)

  • Mac

    Things comment

  • jofralogo

    I would like to see a review/comparison of virtualization Apps like VmWare Fusion or Parallels and another about Video Players.

    I’d like the copy of Things too :D

  • Rafik Massoud

    I personally would love to see more reviews of apps, as well as free alternatives to paid apps. Additionally, I think apps that increase efficiency amongst a work group.

  • Johan

    Johan Brook ([email protected])

    I’d like to see comparisons of apps which there are many of, out there in the market. It could be web editors, FTP-clients, unpackers, web servers, and other developer apps. It’s a jungle of some apps, and I hope you could bring some clarity :)

  • Yanko

    I like the idea of this blog. Keep walking :o)

  • DVQ

    I would like to see lots of lists, ie. top 50 free apps, 10 best video player apps, alternatives to iTunes or Mail etc.

  • Paul Trusik

    I’d love a review of some Netvibes-like desktop apps to pull in RSS content without the use of a web browser!

  • Wit

    I downloaded the trial version of Things. I want to evaluate Things against iGTD, a freeware which I’ve used for task management for a while.

  • Dominic

    I’d love to see a list and comparison of webDev tools like coda, espresso, …

  • Lazlo

    Good work once again, guys. Nice website.

    I would love to see Candybar reviewed. It could help a lot of people to customize Macs. their

  • Matthew Pane
  • Butch Page

    This looks like a great app that I have seen on the dock of a lot of Macs in screen casts. I’d love to get a copy. I’d also like to see more reviews of web dev tools like Coda.

  • Tommy Day

    I’d love to have things, and I think AppStorm should write about Sedna Presenter, a Mac-only digital signage solution.

  • Lenny Terenzi

    This would really help bring my work and home life into focus! Being the dad of a special needs child i have a lot to focus on during the day and having everything I need to do in one place organized would be a huge help!

    As far AppStorm? I comprehensive Personal Financial Program shootout/comparison would be great.

  • Trevor Davis

    I think lists of free apps are always useful.

  • Peter Murray

    If i don’t win this I’ll never be able to get my life organized, I’m a serial procrastinator and just completed my thesis on Friday which almost killed, my time management skills need serious help. Emh, regards what I would like to see on appstorm…….i would like to see a review of possible alternative HDR software to Photomatix Pro, which seems to be the industry standard, but is there anything else worth a shout out?

  • Mike Pierce

    Perhaps a breakdown on the popular SVN clients for mac. And is there GitHub clients floating around somewhere? Would love to hear about them if there were.

  • Sebastien Labbe

    I’d like to see more web developer / designer tools.

    Sebastien Labbe, slabbe(a)

  • Jordan Gillman

    I’ve never been able to get the hang of GTD in the past, but things is the first app I have used that actually made it simpler, rather than more complicated. For anyone who hasn’t already taken a look, I would highly reccommend it.

  • Chris Rhoad

    I love what you got going thus far. However, I’d like to see video/screencast tutorials on said apps.

  • Kevin Kirsche

    Kevin Kirsche, [email protected]

    I would like to see AppStorm review a multitude of applications as well as the alternatives to each. Having a way for new Mac users to know what programs may be beneficial would also be very helpful. And tips and tricks regarding optimizing OSX would also be helpful [such as ways to make the dock overall cleaner and less cluttered] Thank you for such a great site though!

  • Lar Van Der Jagt

    I’d like to see some coverage of Skitch, a screen capture/iSight pic taker with tools for captioning & marking up the image then posting to the web quickly.

    Also would like to see some advanced tips on using programs like Quicksilver to improve your work flows.

    Finally, I’d love to see tips for practical things like keeping your Mac clean & running smoothly for people who may be new to Mac. As a recent convert I knew how to keep my system running in top form on windows, but I’m already starting to feel like my mac is getting loaded up with cruft.

  • Melvin Rivera

    great little app!

  • sineload

    More photo related apps, apart from photoshop, would be great.

  • Christopher Webb

    Darn it! I too misread the post. I’d like to see more free software give-a-ways. Just like this. Please pick me!!!

  • Jesse Vlasveld

    I’d love to see interviews with osx application developers, with panic for instance.

  • Jon

    Would love to see a few reviews on popular Mac games (non-Warcraft related). Productivity apps and system extension apps would be great as well.

  • Ben Lind

    Well, for starters I’d like to see more of your amazing wallpapers on this site. But most importantly, you should review more free apps instead of all payed ones. I don’t really have the money right now to buy software for my mac, so some free software reviews would be really awesome.

    You have a great site here – thanks!

  • alone92

    i luv this software!! ([email protected])

  • FiZ

    I’d love to see reviews of vector drawing programs. I’ve already started using Pixelmator so much that I hardly touch Photoshop (for pure photography), so I’m awaiting the Illustrator competitors for OS X.

  • Kim

    What I’d like to see on AppStorm? Some comparative reviews – how products in one niche stack up against one another. There’s so much out there (especially for productivity manager stuff like Things) that sometimes it’s hard to know where to start!

  • Eric E. Anderson

    Love the App reviews so far… would like to see some screencasts perhaps – ya know, for those really down-and-dirty-nitty-gritty-introspective reviews.

  • Chase

    I’ve been using todo, would love to try things been hearing good “things” about it

  • Cody

    Hooray! I’ve been a Things user since beta, but never forked over the cash for the final version:( Thankfully The iPhone app was cheap.
    Say yes to whim! Say yes to chance! Say yes to chaos!

  • Matthew

    I’d love a roundup of Apps that have iPhone apps that easily sync with your mac apps. Does that make sense? IE Things, and 1Password both do this. I’d love to find more.

  • k moon

    I was about to purchase Appigo’s ToDo app for iPhone, but if I win Things, I will have to get the Things app!

  • Brad Strickland

    I’ve been looking into purchasing a GTD app like Things. I need one I have too many projects and no central source to manage them from.

  • Mila Frerichs

    Great i would love a copy of Things

  • Özgür Akman

    I’d like to win it too!!

  • gsempe

    Why not some windows/mac applications comparisons in order to convert windows users with iphone like me ?

  • Neal Horstmeyer

    I would like to see more software options for to do lists, maybe even free ones. It’s tough to drop $50 on an app when I am use to my archaic methods.

  • Tom Pope

    I would like to see a reviews and usage scenarios of software for academics, such as Yep or DevonThink.

  • Jakub Bartwicki

    Things, you’re saying? Finally best GTD ever made somewhere besides my iPhone? Sounds cool!

  • Lukas Jirka

    I believe many web developers using Mac, so show us some developer tools ;). I have Things in trial and looks very useful…

  • Hazza

    I’d like things. I’d also like to see some student note-taking and organisational apps – Like Schoolhouse 2, but something that actually works for Leopard. I challenge you to find something similar, because I’ve tried and failed.

  • Ian

    Great app, tried it out last night..

  • Michael Hettich

    I am not sure that is your focus but what about a a regular section of noteworthy new iPhone Apps? It’s hard to keep track of all the new ones…

    (Oh and scary, how many people want to win a copy…)

  • Jon Strong

    Sign me up!

  • Phil Havens

    I would like a review of Expresso, the Coda competitor.

  • http://[email protected] Braden Douglass

    Things would allow me to remember the one million things that we all have to do in day. Running a business almost requires someone else, like this application thinking for you. Thanks for the amazing site, peace all.

  • Jason Foss

    Hard to say – as this is my first visit to this site. Added to Google Reader though – I’ll see what you come up with!

  • Erik Jenkins

    I would love to see reviews of apps that are not very well known, and otherwise wouldn’t get much exposure under the cover that the “Walmarts” of application-making (Macrabbit, Panic! etc). If that doesn’t float your boat, maybe you should get interviews of people who worked on the application, sort of like a commentary, except with applications. Just an idea.

    Good luck everyone!

  • Tobi

    Would be nice if you could test some alternatives to photoshop and show the differences between them.

  • Stephen Coley

    Growl notifications for up coming deadlines!

  • James Gifford

    I’d love to see your opinion on the top apps for web developers/designers. I’ve seen a few lists like this before and I always find something new to try.

    If that’s not original enough then how about an in-depth comparison between the major text editors for developers (Coda, TextMate, Espresso, etc)?

    Keep up the good work!

  • Iestyn Lloyd
  • Brandon Martinez

    Maybe a review/comparison of billing software.

    *fingers crossed*

  • Sonali Agrawal

    COOL….nothing better than this..Have been waiting for this giveaway for so long.

  • Ramsey Hong

    I’d like to see information on ways anybody could make Apps.

  • Marek Macak

    What about the applescript and production related stuff!And for the free Things copy giveaway of course I’m in.

  • Vasili

    I’d love to see free applications versus paid applications. Why do people almost always go for the paid one? What makes them do this? Do those extra “options” really help?

  • Ben

    Whoo, Things! I’d love a copy.

  • Matt

    This app looks promising for us unorganized humans (me).

    As for appstorm suggestions. How about a video / screencast of the application being reviewed showcasing some of the unique features or tips and tricks?

  • pigouinos

    I would love to see some screencasts!

  • Rajesh Pancholi

    I love getting some”thing” for almost doing no”thing” : )

  • Hayley

    I’d love to see some address book type apps compared, and some how tos on getting the most out of OS X’s bundled apps would be very cool.

  • Tony S.

    I would like to see reviews on Financial Apps, like Quicken, etc.

  • Vin Thomas

    I would love to see reviews on social media software apps (shoutbox, etc).

  • D3V4


    I would really like to see in the future a list of the best Mac software around. Something like a top 10, so that id somebody needs an idea they can have an immediate look to the best Mac software available.


  • Nick Stone

    I would love to see more posts like your “How to Get More Out of Fluid” and expand on them to help people get more out of apps people may already use or if not may understand better how they can fit into their workflow.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Amy Stewart

    I tried the beta of Things and I really liked it. Having recently bought a Macbook Pro, I have been looking for something as useful as Onenote, and Things was the closest I found, thanks to the ability to drag in links. I used Onenote to organize my jobs in progress, pulling in links to various files so all the components would be in one place.

    I’d really like to see more information about blogging software. I’ve been on the hunt for a good Windows Live Writer replacement for the Mac, and have yet to find anything as good.

    Those are the 2 things I really miss from Windows: Onenote and Live Writer.

    Hope I win that copy of Things!!

  • Scott I.

    I would love to see a review of the most productive iPhone apps that are extremely useful to everyday people (stuff like gas cubby)

  • Braden Bassingthwaite

    Id like to see more free stuff!!!!

  • Derek S

    I would love to see a review of TextMate. I love that little peice of software, just cant decide if it’s worth purchasing

  • Michel Bosma

    I use this app right now after reading your review about it. I’d like a full version of the app. It’s great!

  • Milan

    Make my day, please :)

  • Timm H

    I would like to see more about graphic tools such as pixelmator on AppStorm.

  • dmk

    hello. i want things. i want appstorm to do an article on the top apps to help run a small design business from invoicing through to network and print / server management.

  • Paul Stone

    I’d like to see a series of posts about the Apple software you get on a Mac where you highlight things people may not have known (e.g. iCal tips and tricks) and perhaps also then comparing them with commercial alternatives that either do more, or do a better job.


  • Wim Leers

    Sign me up :)

    P.S.: I like your comment form, except for the indentation for the first line… Just make it all indented please!

  • baker2d

    It would be pretty cool to see some apps more related to design. Maybe some colour apps or other apps with similar uses.

  • Diogo Chaves

    Thing is awesome!!!

    Maybe you may do some post about the mac automator, this is still a mystery to me =)

  • Hannes

    How about a FTP App roundup?

  • Tammie

    I’d like to see free apps and maybe some apps for freelancers. Invoicing software, tasks (like Things), media management… that kind of stuff would be helpful for me.

  • Justin Wohler

    I would love to see some shwag (aka MERCHANDISE) Possibly discounts and coupons for software/hardware!!!!

  • Nathaniel Hirschler

    I’d love to see a app that does something like Time Machine does, only you can backup to any drive on your network.

    a.k.a AllWaySync for the Mac.

  • Jamfris

    I’d like to see more gaming reviews a part from the “big ones”, simple games but entertaining (like World of Goo).

  • Clay Bitner

    I would love to see app-faceoff’s, where several apps that claim to do the same thing are put in a deathmatch, where AppStorm declares an ultimate winner.

  • Sasha Pave

    Sweet, put me in the hat!

  • Dan Mowchan
  • Megan

    Definitely comparisons of common apps.

  • Carrie

    Maybe a once-a-week features of free or very low-cost apps that are good (not free crap), ones that really make a difference in productivity, or fun or whatever.

  • gray_hat

    I would enjoy a free copy of things

  • Ripploh

    I’d love to win a copy!

    Something great to see on this blog would be alternatives to Photoshop.

  • Alex

    Oh great idea, I would love to win that copy of Things (in fact I was thinking of buying it)-

    about AppStorm, I would like to see more app reviews -productivity and creativity software specially-

    and of course the same elegant way of doing things that you do now!



  • Spuutum

    Are there any applications for MySQL management?

  • Mathieu Polo


    I would love to see more comparisons of softwares. Like X vs X.

  • Emanuel Ferm

    I’d love to see comparisons and reviews of applications that handle multiple PDFs in a good way – obviously aimed for all us students. I still haven’t found a Mac-like, not-bloated application that – for instance – handles tabs and big thumbnail previews, etc…

  • Israel Orange

    Things totally floats my boat.

  • Caleb Andrews

    Ah! I need Things for the desktop! I’m in shambles without it! As for something I’d like to see on AppStorm? How about some coverage on DestroyTwitter, Delish, Disco and a lit’l gem called as Celtx! Some of my most used and cherished apps of all time!

  • Jeff Fowler

    I’d love to see some reviews of online collaboration stuff, like basecamp et. al. I am very interested in these sorts of products but not sure if they are worth the ongoing fees.

  • Dave Schneider

    I would be interested in seeing some reviews of more accounting based applications, maybe comparisons, applications like Bento and MYOB.

    But great job guys, was very happy to see a site like AppStorm

  • Kat

    I’m pretty new to Mac (been using it for four months now) and I’d definitely love to own Things. My sked’s pretty full and there’s a lot of stuff going on that sometimes I feel like I’m missing something. Things will definitely help. I loved your review on it. Looking forward to seeing more news about design software on Mac. Cheers!

  • Miquel Despuig

    I’d love to see a review of DrawIt a Bohemian Code program. And another one of Pixelmator.

  • Andy Croll

    I’d like to see some reviews of CS4 competition. I’m a big fan of Pixelmator as a reletively cheap alternative to the behemoth Photoshop.

    I’d also love a copy of Things.

  • Ishaan

    I’d love to see apps ranked on interface design, instead of purpose or # of features

  • Maykel Loomans

    I’m interested in seeing a Word Processing round-up, including ways to effectively convert from format to format, seeing as there are quite some problems with Word playing well with others.

    Next to that a round-up of Web Development apps would be well appreciated too.

  • Marie S.

    Reviews and links to free applications that are actually worth downloading. Alternatives for pricey applications would be cool. :)

  • Frank

    i would love to see a shootout of grocery list apps. i have tried many at the app store, and none of them seem to do exactly what i would like to do: make free-form lists and be able to check them off (and remove/store them for future lists) without having to access the web.

    also, love the site. keep up the great work!

  • Aaron Bazinet

    Video reviews would be cool, but supplemental to the text reviews. So no matter if we’re on an iPhone or on a desktop, we can still get the content for the situation.

    Also, maybe there can be workflow reviews/ideas/examples for different professions. Maybe they could be from pros in those fields, like a guest review/interview, but about the apps they use and their workflows.

  • Misael Arroyo

    Awesome app, Me wants it!!

  • t5tr

    Seriously? I hope you _keep improving_ your reviews ;), in a way that it could help us to get an insight of both the application inner workings and how it could fit in our workflow, sometimes buying the software before giving it a try, sometimes just skiping it.
    I’d tried Things when it was beta, it worked fine but I’m considering to buy it only after mh III.
    I’ve enjoyed your site and congratulations by your Mac Walls sidebar idea! Thanks by the cool wallpapers.

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  • Jakob Münster

    Something I’d like to see more of here on AppStorm is Roundups. Peoples mileage may wary and roundups is a good chance to see what’s on the market, plus you get some fantastic contributions in the comments! Overall, I’m very glad to see a blog like AppStorm! Keep up the good work.

  • Chu Yeow

    What I’d really like to see is an review and comparison of all the GTD apps available – there’re so many of them now that it’s hard to figure out what works without trying all of them (which is kinda anti-GTD).

  • Renee Rist

    I’ve been a designer for many years, but just recently had the luxury of purchasing a MAC. It may be basic for the readers on here, but a set of quick shortcut tips or a blog post on keeping your MAC healthy/routine maintenance would be great.


  • DKumar M.

    I Love to win a copy !! Thanks Appstorm !!

  • Helvecio

    I’d like to see on AppStorm comparative software reviews. One such review that I’d like to see is iBank, Cha-Ching and Quicken.

  • Ravi Vora

    I’d like to see exclusive app trials and reviews that span all apps for a specific use (such as image editors, FTP clients, etc.)

  • Andrilo

    Thanks for a great site
    I’d like to see a comparison/review of freeware image editors

  • LouieLivBem

    I too, would love to see software for web development and design. And of course, Things!

  • Steven

    Holy lag, batman. It says 10 comments on my RSS feed but clearly it was wrong.

    Oh and, Things is awesome. But I am also broke, which is not awesome.

  • Steve Robillard

    I would love to see articles on workflow for developing and deploying webapps. Today’s web apps have pieces on the dev and web servers, in the cloud (GAE or AWS), and still more in online code repositories and wiki’s etc.

  • Wes Rice

    I would love to play with Things.

  • Ed Moore

    I would love to win Things. I have been trying out the trial and it’s really good.

    I would like to see some good free apps on here.

  • P.Dome

    This app looks very nice. considering to get this Things or OmniFocus.
    Thanks AppStorm for the good review.

  • Owen

    I would love to see a review on Coda. A lot of web designers seem to really like it, but I don’t know that much about it. I just use Dreamweaver at the moment.

  • Amy Taylor

    I’d like to see an ideas forum of sorts, for suggestions for us to put mac app’s people to work and designing! For example their aren’t enough exercise related mac applications. So to have a place on your site where we can make suggestions, and designers (you?) can see it, and go from there.

  • Jae

    A Great pick for a give away I have been using things since the beta release and I can
    honestly say it helped with my daily life sad to say my beta license has run out :( either
    way great job Culture Code and App Storm for shedding some light on a great application.
    Once you go Mac you never go back!

  • David Needham

    I would really like to see a review of some really helpful nutritional facts / work out tracking. I really like, but it’d be handy to have an app to use.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Praveen Sharma

    What I’d like to see in appstorm? Audio apps of any sort OR developer interviews regarding their design process / coding process or shareware app feelings towards the landscape of OS X software development!

  • Rickey

    More freebies!

  • Patrick Gavin

    I’d love to see an on going post -> “great apps for _____ profession”. Like, 10 great Apps for Designers, or 10 Great Apps for Writers…etc.

  • bage

    I wish to have a copy

  • Dave Ulrich

    Yay, Things!

    I’d like to see comparison reviews of apps in a genre.

  • Shadi Mirza

    I’d love to see a review of social networking applications (other than Twitter, of course). Adium aggregates many social networks, but I’ve yet to see a comprehensive solution for the Mac. Windows users have Digsby, but what about the rest of us.

  • Samuel Lorette

    I would like to get a free copy of things.

    I think to two “things” that interest me, it’a a comparaison of RSS viewer (Vienna,…) and Backup/Syncronisation solutions. I know ChronoSync (and love it) but I just heart about Synk.

    Thanks a lot

  • Gregory

    Best of luck with new site guys.

    Some user pools like lifehacker’s “top 5″ would be nice

  • acidz

    Comparision between apps of the same nature. A post talking about freeware alternatives (a few, if possible) of the paid apps.

  • Chris

    I’d like to see a review of MacFreelance, i’ve been using it for about a year (but not as religiously as i should be). I also know a few other people that use it on a regular basis and think we should broadcast to the rest of the awesome mac freelancers out there about the software!

  • Matt

    I would love to see software comparisons. It is nice to see the functionality of software, but I prefer to see similar software go head to head and see some recommendations.

  • Ariyo

    Throw me in the hat too guys. I would love to get a copy. It just makes my life easier. As far as posts on Appstorm, I would like to see in depth reviews and tips and tricks on different apps as well as FREE

  • Espen M. Kvalheim

    It would be cool to see more of (as already mentioned at least once) web design/textedit apps.

    Love your site design/wrintings/idea!

    E-mail: postoffice (at)

  • choise

    I’d like to see a overview of good coding apps für web based developement on appstorm

  • Codie

    I would like to see a comparison of all the latest font managers currently available

  • Martin Leblanc

    I love Things… I have it on my iPhone already, but not my mac :-(

    Martin Leblanc ([email protected])

  • Thomas Aull

    I´d like to see more Reviews of free Apps.

  • accessoire
  • hd-J

    I am working with ICal and I would enjoy something like Things, it is exactly what I need!!
    Thanks Appstorm for this great website and contest!

  • EiNSToNEd

    Great looking software, installed the trail yesterday!
    Now, as for a suggestion… How about some more competitions! Some easy ones (comments like this), some harder ones (Photoshop something for a prize that has something to do with Photoshop or graphic design; etc…)

  • Radim

    And what about project management and billing apps for freelancers?

  • Joefrey

    I want to win a copy of this as I think this is very useful.

  • Thorsten Keller

    I’d love to see a review on Fontcase!

  • Marko Kauppinen

    Wau! Nice..

    Well, I would like to see in AppStorm software AND hardware reviews & tests, Mac tips and lots of competitions like this one!! :)

  • Miquelweb

    I’d like to see comparatives of similar products. Something a little objective(there si too much “promotion” articles around the blogs…
    Obviusly, i’d love to have a copy of things. I’ve used it in its beta fase and it was wonderful. I’d missed sincronization online, but with the times, all come true…

  • Hollowell

    It would be nice to se an article on FontCase that just got released.

  • John

    I’d really love to see more reviews and advice with regards to the best apps for website designers and developers here on AppStorm!

  • simbiote

    i want to know if there is a program like winamp for mac, i dont like libraries, i dont like itunes.

  • Dusko Jordanovski

    I’d love to see a list of applications written in Python (PyObjC) an a performance comparison against apps written in Obj-C

  • Maarten

    I would be interested in webdevelopment applications as well.
    And in between the reviews, it would be great if there would be some open source applications.

    For the rest, keep up the good work.

  • Panos Paps

    Hey Appstorm! What a fantastic site! Everybody has put a lot of hope on you guys so I hope you will keep everyone happy! The first taste looks amazing!

    What I would like to see is some reviews about software that really helps productivity and creativity, not with ready made solutions that ‘you can built a website in 10 mins’ kind of thing but more of applications that help people THINK! And through them, creative ideas are born! And new things are coming, deep from people’s hearts and minds!
    We need stuff like that. As well as reconsidering what we can really do with computers!

    Take care Appstorm! And never forget your (already) loyal fans!!

  • Axel

    That could be cool if anybody could rate the Mac softwares.

  • Tim

    I’d like to see this blog avoid focusing far too much on dumb Digg-bait posts that are manipulative in convincing people to click, but void of any useful content. We don’t need another blogging cranking out “7 Top _______ Applications” and “15 Things You Don’t Know About ________.” Leave that to Lifehacker and the other blogs. Use this one to focus on good content that may not be so attractive to Digg but which will be more useful to those of us who are busy but honestly looking for applications to make our lives easier. Keep your focus tight and worry more about the content than the clicks. We’ll thank you for it.

  • Lasse

    User rating on software + reviews.

  • Konstantin Dankov

    I would like to see more reviews, but I think you already know that. TextMate is unbelievable editor it sure can use some mention here. Also Quicksilver is a tool that everyone should have.

    Things is great app I will buy it anyway!

    Take care

  • Paul Rothrock

    I’d like to see more coverage of command line apps. They’re very powerful, but not many Mac users know about them.

  • Daniel Bergman

    I’d like to see video based reviews. It’s difficult to accurately describe what some apps do without actually seeing it.

  • Robin Berjon

    I’ve been digging around for a tool that would help change the standard spell checking language in any app (mostly Mail). Right now you have to go through a zillion menus, which is an obvious pain. Otherwise, anything TextMate related is always great.

  • Jacob McDaniel

    Things, what a great name for an app that reminds me to do stuff. It’s like a honey do list. Keep it up guys.

  • Christoph Spiegl

    I would like to see web-development and design applications, as well as some plugins for common browsers like Safari or Firefox.

    Love the site so far.

  • Sebastian

    I’d love to see just some mac tutorials. Simple things though, like how to turn on hiding and magnification for the dock, or how to position the dock. How to set up mail with the popular email accounts would be a good one too. And just some other tutorials like customizing your iChat, using special effects, using iTunes, Safari, etc.

    I’d also like it if you had a page just for mac software that had the review of it on one side, and a download link on the other side. So of course this will probably just be for free software that you can download online anyway, but it will have a well written review as well.

  • Tomasz Dobrowolski

    I would really love to see some info about app called Cookbook – it was developed as app in My Dream App contest (

  • JonO

    I’d like to see a “best practices” type of round up that focuses on a group of common tasks or activities that requires using your Mac. List as many tools as possible within that realm and square them off against each other. The best practices part comes in trying to list what tools do what best in a given circumstance. These could be half review, half charticle.

    For instance:
    1. Working As A Freelancer – Things, Evernote, On The Job, Billings, etc.
    2. Working As A Designer – Illustrator, Photoshop, Pixelmator, etc.
    3. Working As A Musician – DAWs, plugins, sample editors, etc.
    4. Working As A Writer/Journalist – word processors, text editors, citation tools

  • Sebastian

    Sorry for the double post, this is just a quick follow up to clarify something on my last one…
    Since there is already a reviews page, it would be nice to have a download button instead of just a link.

  • Sudhir

    more everyday productivity tools… and programming tools would be nice too :)

  • Jeff Krieger

    I love Things.

  • Enes

    First of all: Really well made Blog on Apps.
    Would like to see a tutorial of HOW to code a neat, little application on a Mac.
    So that’s it! :)

    Things would be great…

  • Tom Eskridge

    I’d like to see a reviews of using GTD in the workflow. How do you keep things up to date?
    When is the “right” time to enter new tasks?

  • milke

    Being user of OmniFocus, free copy of Things may make me consider it more closely.

  • Anthony James Bruno

    Having a copy of things would be great. I would love to see some tutorials and quick tips for app shortcuts.

  • jonas


  • Michael J. Young

    I’d love to see a review of iCompta. It’s a great piece of free software, and think more people should know about it.

  • mike.

    i want it to

  • Kiluka

    I want the copy too ! :D let’s try

  • Rok Benedik

    I really like your reviews and i hope i may be that lucky to win the app :)

  • Jason

    Fiscal management apps review

  • SoHail

    I think Things is a popular app by now, rokin’ it in macworld and now more than 350 comments for a single post on AppStorm, I could wait and hit 400th comment in no time. Well I absolutely love to win this since I was giving it a lot of thoughts to pay $50 for a task manager. hmm … I was always pis…o…, um, let’s say not satisfied by iCal’s todo management and since Things can sync it all it has it all.

    Done with complements, where’s my copy? :P

  • peter Rudd

    Would love a copy of Things. Would like to see tutorials on some apps!

  • William Howard

    I would love to see more about collaborative tools that don’t require a server instance to be used. By that I mean having a review of a tool like Adium for IM, file transfer, etc. or Skype as an IM, file transfer, video/voice collaboration without having to stand up a personal chat server to work in a team environment. BTW… I like what you’ve done so far on the site.

  • Andy Shamel

    I’m a dedicated OmniFocus user, but am beginning to regret that decision. Things just looks to be so much more elegant!

    I’d love to see a review of some word processors.

  • Navdeep

    I love Things!

  • Roberto

    This blog rules, like all Envato blogs!!!!

    I’d like to see here more software tutorials and of course, more awards like this jejeje.

  • james

    Free mac apps you cant live without.

    just tried things, its amazing, the only to-do program thats ever worked the way i do

  • Matt

    I’d love to see a review of some free or low-cost graphic design tools for those of us who don’t thousands to shell out for Adobe’s Creative Suite but still want to tinker.

  • Goran Dodig

    I really like the application and would like to see few improvements:
    – taking snapshots through iSight camera and attaching them to tasks (usefull for quick capture of drawings, documents or business cards)
    – capturing screenshots
    Goran Dodig

  • Walter

    The ical integration is not compatible with google calendars since they use to-do items and not events it would be great if we could choose. A sub-project feature will be also great.

  • Jordan Wollman

    I’d love to see some more professional apps on here like Modo by Luxology, and Shake by Apple, etc.

    But, great start guys! Love the site.

  • JF

    Open Source Mac Apps!

  • Constantinos

    Wow! Looks like there are too many people that want a copy of things… Include me.

  • John

    Thanx for the chance! Cheers … John

  • Cameron Perry

    Sign me up!

  • James Deane

    I’d like to see screencasts and or video reviews. That’d keep me coming back for more!

  • Clint Walkingstick

    I think that was rather grand. I’d take one home with me.

  • Justus

    Bring it on

  • Cameron Perry

    What I meant to say was…

    How about a look at some of the lesser-known OSS productivity apps?

  • Juan Ignacio Valenzuela

    Hi, i would loooooove a copy of things, and what i would really enjoy to see is some post of design software, or something that could increase our creativity inspiration. It`s a fantastic job that you are doing guys, keep up the good work. Im from Chile and my name is Juan Ignacio

  • Aaron

    Another chance to win! Yes!

  • Vlad Dumitrica

    I’d really love to see business applications for Mac (project management, charting, office etc).

  • Nate Murray

    I would love to see app comparisons. Rank the best of in each category.

  • Mads

    more app reviews would be great:)

  • m4rquez

    I hope to see more software for designers. Thanks

  • Thomas Meldgaard

    Well Things would definitely be a sweet Thing to win :D
    Used it for some time and it is absolutely brilliant!

  • Damien Wilson

    Do we really need to list our emails in the comments? Seems like a good way to get spam’d, especially since WP keeps track of commenter names/emails in the first place.

    • David Appleyard

      Nope, just placing your details in WordPress as normal is absolutely fine!

  • Felipe Coury

    I am used to always want Things, so… I WANT IT! :P

  • Agnes Riley

    I would’ve loved to have an accurate comparison of accounting applications before I purchased QuickBooks.

  • Cody

    I’d like to see apps “in use”. Instead of a generic review, I’d love to see how one might use them.

  • Matt

    I LOVE THINGS… wait… what? I mean… I’d love a free copy of Things. I’d like to see a review of banking apps for the small biz. Which ones hold to the mac simplicity, yet are still functional enough to handle taxes, invoices, and the other elements of a biz.

  • Ryan

    How about a review of the various finance apps out there?

  • Bruno

    Sweet! I´m in :-)

  • Jonathan Miller

    I really don’t have a suggestion. I just want to win a copy of Things.

  • Jonathan Miller

    I don’t really have a suggestion, I just want to win a copy of Things

  • Kurt

    Awesome site guys.

    I would like to see you implement a simple user rating system, that would compare with the rating Appstorm gives the apps.

  • Matias

    Hi, I’m Matias, and I’d like to win a free copy of Things, please.

    I’d also like to see comparisons between different apps. It’s really hard to find some comparisons that are focused on actual everyday use rather than just a list of features.

    Also, video reviews or demos would rock!

    Great blog, I already love it!

  • Jason

    I would like to see a review of 1Password!

  • Amy

    I would like to see email integrated into Appstorm similar to Highrise.

  • Amy

    I would like to see email integrated similar to Highrise

  • Amy

    Sorry for the double post! Was looking for my post at the very bottom!

  • Xavier Fajardo

    Hello, this site looks quite promising.
    What I would like to see is a series of application tutorials, like some of the sometimes cool unused features in applications we use all the time but that for some reason they remain unknown to us.

  • Kevin

    These are a few of my favorite things….. =)

  • Derek Reynolds

    I would like to see some unreleased previews, or interviews with developers of the apps reviewed.

  • Mosaik

    I would like to see a couple more great Apps for OS X Tiger as I haven’t had the guts to upgrade to Leopard yet (too scared of losing something despite 2 backups!). I downloaded a copy of Things last week and the demo is about to run out! I would love a copy so that I can keep using it as I’m liking how it’s working. Thanks!

  • Lex

    I was a beta tester. Love the app. Want it!

  • Juan Manuel Lemus

    Quiero, quiero, quiero a copy of Things, please!

  • peter Rudd

    I’d like to see some tutorials!

  • Damon

    I’d like to see a roundup of media center type apps.

  • Nicolas Alary
  • Dumitru tira

    Things is a great app, although it’s in its initial phase of development, it has shown that it’s a big player in the task management ecosystem.

  • linda

    Yeah! I’m looking forward to a better, efficient App for a looong time! Nice name? Would it have nice functions too?

  • Peter Kaizer

    Entering to win.

  • http://httpL// Matt

    I would like to see more business management software reviews like quickbooks for mac.

  • Gus Fune
  • Michael Reda

    I would really like to see some iPhone App reviews and news. I recently switched from PC to Mac and fell in love with it. Then my fiance did. Then she begged me to get iPhones. So now we’re a Mac family and we’re addicted to apps.

  • Samuele

    i use a combination of remember the milk and basecamp. But ill try this one.
    Getting things done!

  • IntrepidLemon

    I loved the beta of things.

  • Allyn Bauer

    Cool! I’d like to see apps geared towards a more tech-oriented crowd. Not all of them, of course, but everyonce in a while throw in an app that’s for the über geeks.

  • Julian D.

    I’d like to see (as already mentioned) showdowns/comparisons between apps with similar functions. Unbiased, but no holds barred! First comparison I’d like to see: Yojimbo vs Together.

    p.s. Why are you using the icon from the Things beta?!

  • Alen

    Things…The best Thing after a Mac…

  • Kuba Luberadzki

    Things is really becoming the No1 GTD for Mac. Surely a review of apps like Coda, TextMate, CSS Edit would be something worth looking into.

  • merovinqian

    I’d love to see skEdit here and get a Things license :)

  • Eystein Alnæs

    It’s probably been mentioned, but I’m to lazy to read through the +400 responses. I’d like to see a comparison/review of Billings3 and On The Job 3 (and anything that might be in the same genre).

    Actually, come to think of it, tossing up Things against Omnifocus would be good too.

  • Richard N.

    I would love to see a post about the best personal finance and money management software for Macs. I used to use quicken but I’ve found it’s become more and more cluttered over the years and just goes against everything the mac stands for.

    Anyways, I bought Things for my iPhone and only a have a trial of the desktop version so I wouldn’t mind being able to continuing to use it once the trail expires. That is without having to drop $50 bucks.

  • ingMarcobert

    Good luck to everyone ;)

  • Lamaz

    this is very nice app!

  • Vrapi

    I’d to win a free copy !
    & thank for this new blog

  • Adam

    I’m loving the new site! Video snippets of apps in use would be awesome.

  • Ryan Roberts

    I could really do with a copy, I’ll be going freelance soon so it would come in handy.

    Also, nice site!

  • Douglas Neiner

    I’d like to see general OS X tips and tricks for faster workflows and use.

  • eddy was here
  • Rina Miele
  • Christopher Morrison
  • Tom Ellis

    It would be great to see a regular feature offering snippets of Terminal code to customize bits of OS X. There’s plenty of great little things to be done with it, like the hover highlight in Stacks or changing the default start-up screen.

    Fantastic site though and a great addition to the Envato line-up.

  • notiv

    It would be great to see a review of the different features of the main text editors for programming and/or web development (textmate, coda, espresso etc)

  • maykel

    A comparison review between Coda and Espresso, please..

  • Levi Breederland

    This Thing sounds great!

  • Levi Breederland

    Oooh billings would be great.

  • Marek Levak

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  • Marek Levák

    Save me one copy :) I am comming for it.

  • Josh H.

    I would love to see a review on iBiz.

  • John Somers

    I’d like to know something more about RSS readers for mac?

  • sangles

    One of the best apps i’ve seen in a while. Good looking and excelent workflow.

  • Nava Mahdavi

    I use OmniFocus which is a similar paradigm to Things but I think that Things is clearer and seems quicker to navigate. I like the UI for Things.

  • Chuck

    Id love to see all things quicksilver. My heart throbs when applications work easily with quicksilver. So maybe some more useful/advanced uses… etc…

  • Juan Gabriel Estey

    Sweet! Nice site.

  • David Turnbull

    I’d like to hear about applications that I simply haven’t heard of before. Every “Top 10″ list I see for Mac applications always mention Adium, Quicksilver etc, but I’m sure there are some hidden gems out there in the world of Mac applications.

  • George Calderon

    I loved to get a copy of things. My fingers are crossed!

  • Jeremy

    I’d like to see some reviews for apps (like Transmissions) for 37 signals products.

  • Alex C

    I would love to see reviews of little apps like this! Find great apps that no one has ever heard of! the site is great btw!

  • Barry

    In addition to your already well-written reviews? Unbiased comparisons.

  • Digiboy

    I love giveaway too :)

  • amahony

    I’d like to see some more comparison reviews that are covering the pluses and minuses of certain competitive application (eg. Billing vs. On the Job ). Would be nice and helpful.

  • Christen Dybenko

    I’d like to see some super-user articles with tips that go beyond the beginner user. I think voting for apps is a good idea too.

  • Tamas Gal


  • Vojtech Bulant

    I’d like to see the reviews of productivity apps for Mac with focus on practical experience. There are many articles about GTD all around, but most of them is so abstractedly oriented. Just want to get easy to use productivity apps (and tips how to work with) for use in our clutter workflows.

  • Clément

    I would really like to see a post about software dedicated to video sharing sites / quick video capture.

    Also, some quick videos of apps would be an excellent addon to each presentation !

  • Erik Gyepes

    I’d like more detailed app reviews, comparisons and of course – competitions! ;-)

  • Andrew Gibbons

    Things looks not only more flexible but quite a bit speedier and easier to use than GTD.
    My wife and I looked at length through the review (we’re both knee deep in a home-reorganization process) and loved what we saw….

  • Clinton Beattie

    I’d like to see some video content with tutorials, tips and tricks!

  • Christoffer Langenskiöld

    I’d love more reviews!

  • Seth Lilly

    I’d love to see a section that relates Windows apps to their (superior) Mac counterparts. This could be a great resource for potential or recent switchers who are wondering what apps are available for their workflow.

  • Nathaniel

    I’d love to see some ftp clients on appstorm besides transmit

  • AtomicT

    It looks so good and works so fine, I would even take it with me to the Beach!

  • Paul J

    I hope I win. great article!

  • Aleksander Golmakov

    I would like to read about applications that help to develop and test web applications. First of all about something like a XAMPP or about tools that allow to easily adjust Apache and MySQL

  • Flipmoe

    Hey, I’d love to see a review of Flow, Grand Total or Macnification. And further a comparison of useful system utilities(zip/rar, cleaning up your system, app deleting etc.).


  • Craig Erskine

    I’d like to see a review of the incredible game, Aquaria from bit-blot software.

  • Alan

    I’d love to see a review of Evernote, and how it can be used to improve productivity, for example, of a web designer.

  • Anne Helmond

    I’m Anne Helmond from Amsterdam and I would love to win a copy of Things.

    I would be very interested in good system cleaning tutorials.

  • Jason Andreoni

    I would love to see a review for the subversion app Versions. Looks to have a lovely interface.

  • Jukkar

    I would really like a true CAD-app shootout. Vectorworks is not the only one out there, there are some free alternatives too. I would like to see if any of them could beat the Parallels + Autocad-combo.

  • Grzesiek

    Comparative reviews. Not “X apps to do YYY”, but real comparisons.

  • Andrilo

    Thanks for a great site. I’d like to see a review on freeware image editors.

  • Thomas Furlonger

    I really would love to see something about all the different messengers available for the Mac, like a side-by-side review of the ups and downs of each one. That would be pretty cool.

    I would also like to see some stuff about Architect and Facade by Slightly Pretentious Software. The applications look amazing.

    On a side note.. A icon/wallpaper side of the site would be awesome. – I know there already are a lot of icon and wallpaper sites out there but.. you can never have too many!

    I can already tell this site has a very bright future and I will be telling all my Mac friends about this! – Well done and thank you.

  • saud

    I would love to see a good review of pixelmator and maybe some good tutorials on iphone apps.

  • Lukas Orgovan

    I would like to see some really in-depth reviews on ftp sharing software. Perhaps comparsion of Transmit and CyberDuck.

  • František Hába

    I would like to read more articles that compare editors, like Coda.

  • hito


    I used the trial version.

    It’s a very nice apps !!!

    Hope i will win the contest :D

  • hito

    Hi !

    I used the trial version and it’s a very nice apps !!!

    I hope i will win the contest :D

  • Neil Brown
  • Shad

    Love to see more Audio reviews (Reason, Logic, etc…)

  • Bill Biwer

    Tried the 30 day and liked the app. Was thinking of buying in the future but this would work also.

  • Eric Fox

    I would like to have a review of some of the mac games and how they run on appstorm.

  • peejavery

    I’d love to see a review of Disco or Versions!

  • Christopher Francis O’Donnell

    I’d love to see a review of Fontcase, my new favourite type management app. Oh, and I’d also like to win this contest. Please. :-)

  • David

    i was recently introduced to things while i just bought Omnifocus two weeks ago.. I have been using the Things trial and love it.. It wouldn’t hurt not having to pay for it :)

  • DittoBox

    Love this blog! I’ve been looking for a decent blog about Mac apps.

  • Eliza

    I’d love to see a comparison of IDE’s available on the mac.

  • Scott Gemmell

    Looks like a great app.

  • Scott Gemmell

    Lokks like a great app.

  • Nicole

    I’d like to see more articles about upcoming apps and more top ten lists (or seven in this case) like the Top 7 Twitter Apps for Mac article.

  • Oscar P


    I would like to see comparisons between FTP-clients and bittorrent-clients as well.

  • Oscar P

    I would like to see comparisons between the most common FTP-clients, both free and commercial. Other than that this site has become a recurring event in my browsing. Good job.

  • Oscar P

    Wow. A double-post. Sorry.

  • rzmotaq

    Things makes life easier! but for me is so expensive, the price of 39$ will be much better!

  • Alexander Carlsen

    I’m always unlucky

  • 3d2d

    Would love to see recommended application workflow sets. Different apps that compliment each other in the workflow of a task.

  • Max

    Free apps reviewed

  • Clinton Judy
  • Caleb White

    I would love to see a break down of the all-in-one web development apps (think, coda / espresso, etc.)

  • Michael Hogenmiller

    I’d love to see more articles on apps that improve design workflow!

  • Jesse

    I would love to see how Quiksilver can be used to it full potential. I have never been able to get past just the basics of opening up an app or file.

    I hear that you can program your own macro’s etc., for quick opening of projects.

  • Liam Fitzgerald

    Hey, I’d love to see an indepth review of Macrabbit’s Espresso. It’s currently in beta but should be finished soon. Thanks.

  • Jesper Rasmussen

    Stuff about Mac mobile apps for non-Apple mobile phones would be cool.., and perhaps make make life simpler, who knows ?

  • George Fratila

    Frankly, i do need the app, but since i’m not the 0,0001 winner what can i say?
    Congrats to the winner!

  • AJ

    Content is king which is why I would like to see a comprehensive review on Versions, subversion client.

  • Ady G

    The THNGS I’d like to see on here are: Review of Versions (version control for the Mac), FTP systems such as Transmit, YouTube and other video site “video grabbers” such as Tubular, and of course File Management software such as Path Finder, Hazel, Chronoync and more

  • S Gemmell

    Just had a closer look at Things. Very slick looking app, nice GUI and better than paying £$ per month for an equivalent online app.

  • g3niuz

    looks like a really intresting tool – really useful..

    would like to win this stuff :D:D

    greets from germany

  • simon

    yeah things! i need things! i like things. i like to win things. i never do :(

  • D Blake

    I would like to see some time-sheet / time recording apps.

  • Ryan

    I think that I would have a better chance of winning this great piece of software if I didn’t have to scroll so far down to get to this comment box. Great site, and a great group of followers already (just look at how little your scroll bar is on this post!)

  • Joe Clay

    I saw someone mentioned wanting to know apps that designers use, I wouldn’t mind expanding that to include other artistic fields such as motion graphics and the like. Reviews about apps that can help with freelancing are nice.

    I also think it would be nice to start articles with an explanation about what type of user the software benefits the most. I always like real world examples about why I should use what software. For instance, I know of Cha-Ching, but I’m not exactly sure what it can do besides keeping track of my bank accounts. Basically, I had planned on writing my own app for that, but I never found out why I should bother using theirs rather than writing my own—other than saving myself some time of course!

  • David Appleyard

    Thank you for all the entries! Comments are now closed, and we’ll be announcing the winner shortly.

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  • RubineBoy

    Damn … Now I’ve read the post and apparently I have to make a suggestion about what I like to see up here … And I must write my name … I probably blew my chances to win already I guess. But I was first!

    OK, I gonna try to rewind this thing – moment!

    << Rewind < Play >
    Hi! My name is Martijn Brackman and I would like to see a review of a time registration app that supports multiple users, has an online version for remote registration, connects with a, or has a build in, billing program with a highly customizable invoice system, connects with a poject managing system that also has an online version for collaboration, …

    In short … A very good looking all in one app for a graphic design agency.

  • Radical Bender

    Oh, heh. Misread the post kinda, forgot a suggestion. Uh, how about a way for users to explain what apps they use on their machine. Merlin Mann did a screencast a few weeks ago going through some of the applications he uses and I thought that was pretty neat. I’d like to see what other people are using.

  • garfield

    forgot a suggestion for improvment.

    bring on repeating tasks in projects already!!

    the tags are great however.

  • Kim Spillner

    Actually this kind of is Billings 3. Just try it out, although it doesn’t match all your criteria.

  • Sebastian

    and to add to that, there could be a vote button and if you use it too, you could vote for it (or the vote button could be for if you think its cool)