Win a Copy of TimeNet

TimeNet is a great solution for managing your business, sending invoices, and keeping track of clients. We reviewed the app earlier today, and I’m pleased to announce that four copies are available to win in today’s giveaway. Each license would normally be priced at $40, so it’s certainly worth taking a few minutes to enter!

As you may have heard, we’re planning a huge Christmas giveaway during December, in conjunction with our awesome partner site, Web.AppStorm. We have over $7,000 of Mac software and hardware to give away and really can’t wait to get started!

Entering to win a copy of TimeNet is easy. All you need to do is leave a comment on this post, letting us know one interesting way we can spread the word about our Christmas giveaway. We already have lots of ideas planned, but would love to hear your thoughts as well.

The competition will close on Friday, and we’ll be announcing the randomly chosen winners at the end of the week. Good luck, and I look forward to hearing what you come up with!


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  • It’s very controversial, but the idea of giving additional software to those who advertise for you on places like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and other major social networks is pretty effective.

    Either that, or organise a “tell a friend” process that gives additional chances in the giveaway.

  • Maybe you can do something like… people are assigned a number and they get a random app, but mixed in with all the apps are white elephant gifts (semi-useless, but funny things). No body would know what apps were assigned to each number or anything, but you could of course say what apps were available.

    • I like this – in fact I second it. It adds a level of fun. And the winners could hit the website with their winning number to “unwrap” their prize.

  • I’d try to get the word out to other blogs, such as Cult of Mac and the like

  • Maybe you could invite us readers to put a banner in our websites giving us a chance to win in a major competition

  • Do an iPhone Free App!! No matter what people will download it. Then, maybe you can do it useful. XD

  • “tell a friend process” will be realy good if u do that

  • What about a giveaway reserved to people who donate a “minimum” amount of money (even small, let’s say from 5 or 10$ up) to one or a couple of pre-chosen charity organization???

    Green-peace for example, or emergency.

  • I may be lucky this time)

  • I’m sure the obvious Twitter, Facebook update have been suggested. But what about some kind of viral game marketing like the famous “I love bees” campaign for Halo 3. Something that would build underground hype and then you can do the big reveal as to how people can win and what they will win.

    Just a thought, what do you guys think?

  • I’d recommend something viral, a tell a friend campaign is probably the best way

  • il a l’air vraiment bien ce logiciel.

  • twitter retweet thing

  • Sandwich Board and a Santa Suit. Arrange it in a few larger cities and post video on YouTube.
    Best way to spread the word about anything.

  • Create some sort of “lotto scratcher” card/email/application with a flash app or something of the sort that emails out to everybody or is posted to your website and has random winners. or you could create some sort of game that produces winners.

  • Facebook and Twitter cannot be beat.

  • Let people do certain actions and in exchange they will get more chances to get the free stuff !

    Or they get a tiny free thing (could be also a small discount on a product etc) as reward for that.

    Those actions i am referring can be : promotion on facebook, twitter, dig and all the rest of the social network sites !

  • Having others write a review of the app that links to yours! Everyone wins

  • Some viral with hidden gifts within several different social web sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

    And don’t forget to elf yourself! :P

  • I hear there’s a huge billboard space in Boston that recently came available…

  • Quien quiere una licencia pudiendo tenerlo pirateado?

  • Twitter is your friend. Feed it the viral campaign and watch it go!

  • Awesome. This could be useful in the contracting space.

    • Meaning, of course the app. (Hit submit entirely too soon).

      The twitter to win idea is well and good, and proven too. I do like the idea of random prize assignments including some “white elephants” that Vincent proposed.

  • Send out envato T-shirts to everyone posting a response here with the Christmas Givaway information proudly displayed on the back – we will all where them day and night until Christmas is over this year…

  • My replies to comments aren’t showing up – so:
    @Vincent: I second this idea. This also adds a little more fun as they can enter their winning number at the website and “unwrap” their prize.

  • Twitter RT is the easiest way!

  • Put information in your sig and post on a number of Mac forums.

  • I got it! Hire someone to write some catchy lyrics to the tune of “Jingle Bells” and then hire some talented vocal artists to go caroling across the country! Before you know it, it will be the next big Christmas hit playing in all the major stores….

    Of course, I’ve heard Twitter works too.

  • Twitter

  • Interesting question. Apart from sharing the information on Twitter/Facebook/Blogs etc. (which are the most obvious), why don’t you use (for a while at least) the place that you wanted to use for Meaning something like, where you could keep everybody up to date with all the news about the giveaway (possibly also for the next years, I don’t think that it would be something that you use just once).

    This way passing the word would be easier, we would just need to point our friends to that site to let them know everything, without needing to point them to different blog posts, news etc.

  • I’m thinking of making it the Macheist way… make a secret site ( and share a bunch of hints via social network in order for the participants to know what is this address. Choose a famous christmas story as the path to the giveaway address. When the user get to the web address he have to write a nice thing about christmas to enter the giveaway

  • An advanced way of using Twitter:
    You should give an extra price for the number 20.000 (or so) that retweet your announcement. :p

    Or something like that. :)

  • Twitter – is the best way to organize such a competition.

    Bots like @iteliup_NewsBot and all my other projects… 30,000 replys a day?

    Twitter is your friend, really!

  • buona fortuna! Good luck! Buena Suerte! حظ سعيد! 祝您好運! בהצלחה! Bonne chance! 頑張って! Boa sorte! удачи! bahati njema! Viel Glück! καλή τύχη!

  • —> Boobs – Just show boobs it sells everything

  • Even if you didn’t want to go the macheist way, I the macheist peeps might be totally into cross advertising the apps you’re giving away on their site. They seem like the type to be totally into finding their audience as many free apps as possible, however possible. And I’d be really surprised if they aren’t already planning something for the holidays.

    Might be worth getting in contact with them.

  • there is no way I win this!!

  • will i ever win something in my life?
    well, more word spreading, less chances, so, dont spread the word! (:
    Twitter would be a good method though..

  • I say you use twitter, but e-mail, (for those who follow your rss by e-mail) would be good, because of easy forwarding. Also, re-blogging works as well.

  • Let us readers retweet a message about the Christmas giveaway and give everyone who retweets it a chance to win a special price.

  • You should restrict the giveaway to readers only. Means more chance of us winning. :P


  • You could have a website where people sign up and get a certain number of credits (say 100), and a list of apps that you are giving away, and people ‘bid’ with their credits for the apps they want. The higher your bid for an app the more chance you have of winning (i.e. the winner is not drawn completely randomly, but using some sort of weighted choice).

    This way, people have the chance to get the app/apps they want.

  • I believe that for TimeNet the best place to spread the word is Linkedin where you will be pointing to the business people…

  • Maybe integrate some sort of email christmas e-card that people could send around. Spread holiday cheer and promote the contest at the same time.

    Maybe even something by N.C. Winters?

  • One word: SKYWRITING.

  • I think Facebook and Twitter are excellent for getting word out, but I think it would be great to incorporate this with donations to a worthy cause, so that the tweet that people post includes something like:

    I just donated to [cause] and got the AppStorm xmas bundle [link]

  • Awesome! This could really help!
    Awesome Idea/Contest Guys!

  • Yeah, the idea of a free iPhone app is a good one. If it’s useful and free, people will download it. Instead of outside advertising, you could add tasteful adds just for your own upcoming promotions.

  • The easiest way to spread the word is to make it a rumor. Apple rumors spread like wildfire. You know, the winner gets a new Apple iTablet ; )

  • What about those sky writers? Have planes fly over every major city in North America and write in coloured smoke something like “Christmas Giveaway. Macappstorm!” Just one idea of my many good ones.

  • Do a wet t shirt contest! and broadcast to all the world ! (with envato t shirts of course) xD

  • I’d use the Retweet factor. Whoever retweets your Giveaway tweet, enters the draw and the more her/his tweet gets retweeted the better the chance.

    You can add a charity scenario to make it even better. I think people will be happy to donate $5 or $10 to get their hands on a bunch of cool apps.

  • A web scavenger hunt might be cool, it’s worked before with film and TV, it might be a useful tool to promote app development companies.

  • Good review. Would like to use the software.

  • Create an advent calendar on Appstorm. Each day we can open a new ‘door’ which reveals a new app or contest.

  • TimeNet! super giweaway, exactly what i need nowadays….

    hmmm, Plus Program access to all envato sites (psdtuts, nettuts, …) for the first month of 2010 :) it would be so nice giweaway for Christmas!

  • I think Twitter is the only way!

  • The tell a friend system. Its a win-win bet.

  • I’d say Twitter and advantages for people who blog about it and give you lots of clicks

  • You could beam it on the moon! I dunno’ all the obvious ones have already been said :(

  • Get people do advertise offline and collect email-adresses by “rewarding” with some little giveaway.

  • give away free wrapping paper that is christmas like but advertises your giveaway and/or give out free christmas desktop backgrounds and/or do a desktop background competition for the giveaway.

  • Try Twitter. I works for me.. and it’s easy to retweet into your own network.

  • Twitter is by far the easiest…. and fastest.. ;)

  • Facebook also has some nice tricks to spread the event.

  • I think the obvious tool would be web based collaborative Pictionary.

    Or a blitz on all the usual social media suspects.

  • ask some other web-related sites to do something like a user exchange.

  • Why not do an old school viral e-mail? People have to forward this on to their friends. The group of people that have the longest unique forward e-mail trail win.

  • make it viral! Design a fun web site (like Office MAX’s elfyourself)… perhaps a ‘mac yourself’

    Perhaps a site that allows users to upload their photo and their character on screen needs to arrange the icons of the free software and hardware that you are giving away on a christmas tree! A small description of the software pops up when the user is dragging its icon to the tree and the download link pops up once its placed on the tree!

  • I could use software such as this, as I am working on projects with billable hours for new clients. I’m currently using an Excel sheet macro. :/

  • Tweetblasts should be the most effective. Also setup contests for re-blogging.

  • Calling out in the streets…!

  • You guys should post this on a few freelance/small business forums. They’re the best (I would guess) prospects for purchasing an app like this. Maybe start with design forums, as they’re presumably almost entirely mac exclusive.

    I bet the forum readers would retweet/facebook it to their own networks in no time.

    Awesome site by the way. Appreciate all the greatness.

  • As a lot of suggestions above state, Twitter is becoming the way of choice. Also is a great way to get the word out.

  • Create an Android app that synchronizes with TimeNet in order to tap into the new market of Android users (particularly Droid users).

  • It will be nice to win this!!! Retweet is powerful thing in the twitter community.

  • TimeNet looks great

  • If it wasn’t for Twitter & Tweetdeck, I would not have heard about this giveaway this morning. I still think Twitter is an awesome way to spread tech info. Thanks