Win a Free Copy of Prizmo 2 from AppStorm!

We just closed our giveaway, and want to say a quick Congrats to our winners: Glendson, Jon, Richard, gustao, and Matt!

If you’ve been looking for the best way to go paperless with your Mac, Prizmo 2 is the app you need in your arsenal. We gave it a 9 in our recent review, and found that it was one of the best OCR apps for the Mac that we’d tried out. With a modern UI and a speedy text deception engine, plus extras like curvature correction and translation, it’s the companion your scanner has been needing.

We’ve got 5 copies of Prizmo to giveaway to our readers, and all you’ll need to do to enter the giveaway is to leave a comment below and let us know what scanner you use to get your documents saved on your Mac. You can also share the contest on Twitter, Facebook, or, and share a link to your post here for an extra entry.

We’ll be closing the giveaway on February 6th, so hurry and get your entry in!

Envato staff or those who have written more than two articles or tutorials for AppStorm are ineligible to enter.


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  • I’m currently using a CanoScan 656U with Vuescan software—very outdated! Would love to give Prizmo 2 a shot at going paperless!

  • I just use the simplest way to do that… Photo with iPhone and save in my MacPro.. Its not just the best way but it is the only way without paying for an Software/Hardware as a student.

    Hoppe i am one of the lucky winner :)


  • I am using MacOSX integrated scanner, but i found i need professional one for doing more. I hope i’ll become a winner. :)

  • I’d like to win a copy of this exceptional good software.

    I’m using a HP all-in-one to scan my documents, and I use Image Capture to drive it.

    Here’s my tweet:

  • I using my iPhone together with Evernote. But it would be great to habe a real OCR solution.

  • do you mean flatbed scanner device ?
    i’m using Canon MX7600 series scanner,

  • Hey, this look just like what I need to finally get rid of a lot of paper.
    The scanner I’m using is called “Canon CanoScan LIDE 210”.


  • I’m using a HP F4580 all-in-one to scan my documents. I hope i’ll become a winner!


    I’m also using my iPhone.
    At the moment I am writing my Bachelor Theses and I’ve been using my phone to make some ‘scans’ of the chapters I need.

    With Prizmo I could make them searchabel which would really be a big relief!

  • I use an HP Deskjet F2200. It’s really old, but still kicks!

  • Using Doxie Go, hope win a copy!


  • Very interesting application. Would like to win a copy.

    • I use a Canoscan lide 60.

  • I use my Nexus 4 :)

  • I’m using an HP Deskjet, with WiFi. Now I can scan remotely.
    I have Prizmo (1) but not tried yet. I would be delighted to jump directly to newer Prizmo 2.
    I have a list of jobs to be done with it in my mind…

  • I use a HP Officejet 6500 all-in-one fax, printer, copier and scanner.

    And on OS X I use a built-in scanning utility.

    Here’s my tweet:

  • I REALLY need to go entirely digital, but I haven’t found the time to do so. This app would help me quite a bit.

  • I’m currently using Devonthink Pro Office and a Canon laser printer/scanner along with my ipad and Scanner Pro app.

  • I use a Doxie.

  • I use HP C309a

    btw, great web site !

  • I currently use a HP scanjet 2400 and HP’s bundled software to scan my documents and photos.

  • I use a HP Photosmart C6270 All-in-One to scan all my documents.

  • I use a HP Photosmart 110 All-in-One to scan all my documents.

  • Similarly to Romeo and Manuel, as a student I also use my iPhone as a document scanner. It is not only cost effective but thanks to iCloud it is also (most of the time) hassle-free. Prizmo would be a welcomed addition thanks to its OCR superpowers. :)

  • Prizmo 2 will be perfect to achive an evasive goal in my company: To be Paper-free.

  • Currently using a Cancon D2450, Image Capture and PDF OCR X. Would love to replace this with a one-app solution and Prizmo 2 looks awesome for that!

    So I’m in (to win ;-) ).

  • Awesome! Id love to win this.

  • Hi ! Thanks for the contest !

    I use my HP Printer Photosmart 5510 (which also supports the AirPrint protocol) to scan my docs and sometimes my iPhone to shoot a photo of a doc if I’m not at home.

  • I use a digital camera to store all my documents.

  • Scanner app on my iPhone

  • I’ve been wanting this for some time but could never get myself to drop the cash. I’ve had the iPhone app for a long time and love it. Would be nice to complete the set!

  • I either use my iphone or the large scanner available in the library at my school

  • I’d use my DSLR, iPad, and hopefully at some point in the near future, a dedicated document scanner.

  • To get my documents from the outside world into my computer, I use a Canon CanoScan LiDE 100 (or my iPhone if I’m in a bind) in combination with Image Capture. I’ve been looking for ages for a way to make my pages searchable, and I recall seeing the Prizmo 2 review here on AppStorm and dreamt of hopefully one day being able to purchase it.

    Sadly, the funds haven’t become available as I’m just a student. I’ve resorted to other ways to perform OCR, but they all fall flat and left a lot to be desired. I’d love to be able to show my friends, family and classmates what Prizmo 2 is capable of!

  • I’m in college right now, this would be so helpful. Plus my college is going to be using iPads from now on.

    I use a Canon all in one

  • using my hands to scan text pages LOL
    need that Prizmo :) thank you

  • I use a scansnap S300M at present and save as PDF into Dropbox.

  • using a Canon CanoScan LiDE and the CanoScanUtility for scanning

  • I use an HP scanner. An all in one I use it for add work paperwork to my paperless archives and save them as pdf. Rarely for pictures.

  • I use a Canon MX860 for my scanning needs.

  • I use a Epson Perfection V600, works great!!!

  • I using a Doxie Go Scanner.

  • Would love to use this with my SnapScan!

  • I use a Ricoh 6501 MFP – it’s a beast! Would love this program to go along with it.

  • I’m using an HP Photosmart Plus all-in-one and occasionally Scanner Pro on my iPhone :)

  • I use a HP scanner and thank you!

  • Hi! Love this website and check on it regularly because it features some cool apps and I have downloaded some. Keep up the good work!

    I am interested in winning this app because I do alot of scaning and saving to my computer for saving papers and important documents and I hate having so much paper clutter.

    I have a Canon MP500 Printer/Scanner/Copier All-In-One as well as an HP InkJet 4300.

    Thank you for your consideration!

  • I am using an HP Photosmart 5510. This app would go well with Prizmo on my iPhone :)

  • I always rely on appstorm to provide the best solutions for all things Mac. Prizmo 2 looks perfect for going completely digital. I’d love to use it in my gallery to convert artwork labels and various documentation into our digital database. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • I’ve been using a Brother multifunction scanner and on other occasions just have taken a photo with my phone.

  • I use an Epson SX 230 All-In-One. Really want to get paperless.

  • I use the Mac OSX scanner.

  • I have a ScanSnap s1300 for the bulk, and an old 3-in-1 from HP for special stuff. I love Prizmo’s iOS app for the small stuff.

  • I’m using my Epson SX100, ScanDrop and Evernote. Better scanning software would be appreciated :)

  • I use Canon Pixma mx715 all-in-one. ADF with duplex scanning is a lifesaver when trying to go paperless! I only need some good OCR (the one bundled with the scanner is crap).

  • Oh cool, this piece of software is so brilliant. It’s beautiful and it works nice.

    Been testing it as demo product for a while, but can’t pay the price.

    So now I’m using Prizmo 2 demo or, if I need a document scanned with more features I have to use my old Adobe Acrobat Pro fallback solution.

    I really hope I can be one of the lucky ones. I tried every OCR solution for the Mac on the market. None of them does its job so nice and Mac-like

  • i’m using a brother mfc-490cw to scan and print all my stuff – software is the os x integrated.
    i’m a designer and i have an eye on prizmo since a long time to have one professional software for scanning and ocr.
    so it would be great to have it for free.

  • I use the HP 8600 Pro All In One at work and home.

  • Just in time, I’m currently working hard to get a paperless office. Scan after scan after…

    I use my HP Photosmart wifi printer/scanner or my antique HP Scanjet 4300c. It’s takes up more space than my iMac LOL.

  • I have an HP Photosmart printer/scanner combo that works like a charm with the stock OSX scanner application. But as OSX doesn’t offer OCR, Prizmo would be a neat addition to my workflow.

  • This will be great for me. As an independent contractor, I deal with a lot of contacts and paperwork. This will be great to assist me in gathering my old paperwork and scanning them to my computer.

  • HP Envy + default MacOS X functionality. :)

  • I use Genius scan for ios

  • I have an SCX 3200 samsung and I use Vuescan … I’ve tried one time Prizmo and i loved it.

  • epson perfection 4490, bought it for film, works great for docs.

  • Currently i’m using my Brother DCP-J315W and sometimes my iPhone 5 for scanning :) But it’s annoying to run from room to room to scan all my papers :( that’s why i need Prizmo 2 … :D

  • I use an iPhone 4s to take pictures of documents…. very bad of me.

  • Iphone 4 and HP Scanner!

  • I would like to paperless office. This software is a great help for me.

  • I use an Epson scanner V300. I’d like to give Prizmo a try

  • I use an Epson Perfection V370 Photo Scanner, mostly for photographs.

  • HP 3050A

  • I’m using my old HP ScanJet 3300C, scanning via SANE in the Terminal using the scanimage command. No joke.

  • I’m currently using an older Lexmark 3600/4600 series printer/scanner for scanning documents, but I’d certainly look into upgrading if I won one of the copies of Prizmo 2… :)

  • We use an Epson800 Printer/Scanner :)

  • great application. I am using a Canon 900F scanner as well as my phone.

  • I use an Hp Deskjet 6500a all in-one with Scandrop

  • HP PhotoSmart All-In-One Printer/Scanner.
    Thanks for the contest!

  • I’m using Canon MX850 Printer with MP Navigator EX. Hope I’m lucky enough to win this!

  • I use the IRIScan book!

    Thanks for the contest!

  • I either use JotNot Pro application on my iPhone or my HP multifunction printer. The iPhone works great when I am not in the office.

  • HP Photosmart B110….but I’d really love to get a Fuji ScanSnap!

  • I’m currently using a cannon Pixma MX892, the reason why I need Prizmo is that I have lots of loose papers and I tend to loose them and it can be a big pain in the arse, and that if I get Prizmo it can save me from redoing all my work. I HOPE I WIN! PLEASE!

  • I’m using a hp psc c4480.

  • I use a brother MFC printer as a scanner, trying to go paperless!

  • I use my iPhone to scan documents.

  • I use a Fujitsu ScanSnap s1300 – this thing has changed my life, I’m actually organized, all the time!

  • I use an HP n6310 to scan documents.

  • Currently using Fujitsu ScanScap S1500M. Would love to try Prizmo 2. Thanks for giveaway.

  • Well, I use vue scan since a few years. Time to try an other software… Only, if I win the promo code…. hahahahaha

  • Hello,

    I use two ways to scan my documents. When I’m in the road I use the camera of my IPhone. At home I use the scanner of my HP OfficeJet 6500 and at my workspace I use the scanner of my HP OfficeJet 4500.

    Compliments for the great Sites you offer. And I hope – of course – to win one of the copies.

  • My way is Mobile OCR on iPhone, but i have often look for Prizmo

  • I don’t have a scanner so I use my iPhone or a digital camera.

  • I use an Epson NX330 wireless printer/scanner in a home office. When travelling (long trips, frequently, for a not-for-profit org) I use my iphone to snap pics of receipts, etc. This OCR software will be very beneficial.

  • Great competition! This would certainly help me in my work! I’m using a HP all-in-one to scan.

    Good luck everyone! :)

  • I use my digital camera + photoshop. It is not the more pratical way :P
    I tried prizmo a long time ago and it’s pretty powerful :)

  • I use a Canon MX882 All-in-One printer, scanner, fax for my scanner and VueScan for software.. And paper? What’s that?

  • Hello there, I’m using a Canon MX7600 scanner. Hope I win a copy.

  • I use a Lexmark printer, or a magic wand hand scanner. And soon Prizmo, I hope!


  • After using a multifunctional, really old HP Scanner/Printer, I finally (just) purchased a Doxie ONE. While the software is fine, I’d love to have Prizmo 2 as I really enjoyed your review about it and got interested!

    Thank you for this opportunity!

  • I use an Epson MFP with PDF OCR X

  • I Use Epson Stylus TX111 Printer. it’s a nice printer. I need Prizmo because I scan a lot of paper and use OCR to edit it. Thanks anyway :)

  • I so need this! I am putting course work online for a non-profit that works with prisoners to inspire the love of learning and none of their docs was in “live: format. I am using the OCR stuff that came with my scanner and it get the job done; kinda. I need a really good OCR program!

  • I use a trusty Canon CanoScan LiDE 700F for all my scanning needs. It’s fast, runs a lightweight scanning application, and best of all is powered purely via USB.

  • HP 6500 all in one

  • I use Epson Perfection V330 at work. Really nice scanner.

  • iPhone + Evernote.

  • I use a Brother 7820N for “real” scanning, but more often just use my iPhone these days because it’s what I have with me when I’m away from my computer.

  • I’m using a really cheap and really bad printer/scanner combination from HP – but I’m saving for a proper document scanner for some time now.


    I use an all-in-one Epson Artisan 730

  • I use an Epson Artisan 810 and a Fujitsu ScanSnap S510M

  • I use a HP Photosmart B110 all-in-one to scan my documents. Evernote Premium to store everything in the cloud.

    Here is my twitter post:

  • A HP scanner at home, or iPhone on the road.

  • I use Epson Perfection 1660 with Finereader Express. I use Prizmo on the iOS. It is fantastic.

  • Have a Fujitsu scansnap s1100. The best scanner I’ve used so far! :)

  • I use my Epson 5600 all-in-one scanner

  • I use a Canon MP620, works great but needs a great software like Prizmo to make it excellent.

  • Epson TX550

  • I am using Samsung 4828 as well as iPhone with Evernote integration. Hope to use Prizmo 2 :-)

  • Evernote on iPhone :D

  • I use Canon scanner DR-2050C attached to an old PC to do my bulk document scanning to PDF files.

    I use Macs now but I still use PCs to handle legacy Windows programs.

    If my Canon scanner dies I will change over to Mac-compatible scanner.

    However I would like to use my iPhone to do quick and dirty scanning for loose documents.

    I don’t often require OCR, but if Prizmo supports OCR in Chinese it will be a welcome bonus.

  • I had to leave a Canon MP980 behind when I moved out, so this would be fairly handy, really… at least for grabbing photos and “scanning” them as a temporary cheat…

  • This application is just amazing. I just saw it supports bulgarian which makes it even more awesome. I am using Canon MP620 with the Mac OS X’s scanning software and this app will be a really good addition.

    Thank you for the giveaway! :)

  • I use an Epson Perfection V300 scanner, though I also sometimes use my iPod Touch or my iPad to take a photo. I don’t have any OCR software now, but wish I did.

  • Fuji ScanSnap S1300

  • This would be incredibly useful to me. I currently use my iPhone’s camera to scan documents and then organize them in folders once I get the image out if my Photo Stream in my Mac.

  • I’m using an HP Officejet L7680 to scan my documents.
    This one is capable to store the results in PDF format on my QNAP fileserver, where I can pick up the document to store in my iMac iDocument storage, after using the OCRKit.
    This is for me a great solution, everybody in the house can scan their documents or pictures to pick up on the fileserver!

  • I use a Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i and backup all PDFs via Arq to Amazon S3 and Glacier.

  • And here is me thinking scanners are something from the 90’s. Awesome software like this finally makes scanning a useful thing again! I can type with 10 fingers but going bzzzzz done is so much faster…paperless everything here I come!

    Made sure my friends & followers knew where to get great prizes:

  • If I have to archive some hand taken note, I simply take a picture with Photo Booth using the build in webcam. It is certainly time to switch to a more professional workflow.

  • HP Photosmart B110

  • I use my iPad with Evernote but I have been wanting Prizmo for my Mac!

  • Used CamScanner for about a year. Meh. Recently found JotNot Pro. Better, but still pretty limited and less than perfectly intuitive. Still on the hunt for the perfect analogue to digital converter.

  • I use a HP Officejet Pro 8600, and I scan to a network share on a USB thumbstick plugged into my router. That way I don’t need a computer on. Also this works great to receive faxes and automatically save them as files.

  • I currently use JotNot Pro on my iPhone and iPads. On my Macbook I use the NeatReceipts or I use my HP all-in-one scanner. This app sounds like a winner.

  • I use an HP All-In-One to scan, and this app sounds really neat.

  • I’m using a CanoScan 90 with the crappy canon software, it is very old and outdated. With Prizmo i can completly solve this situation and give a new life to my scanner ;)

  • I use IRIS Scan Reader! :D

  • I tried the demo and the app seems amazing.
    I’ve got an HP4172 printer!
    I posted a link on Facebook
    On Twitter
    And I will review this app on my blog if I get a copy :)

  • I use a EPSON CX4900!

    I posted a link on Twitter:

  • I use the scanner in my Canon MP490 printer. Lots of space saved on my desk since i got it a few years ago.

  • I’m using a Canon CanoScan LIDE 210.

  • Oh that’d be awesome for my miniature office!

  • I currently use an HP Officejet 6500. Not the newest thing but it works :)

  • I use a Canon Lide 110

  • I use the software that came with my hp printer. It’s somehow identically to the default osx app scanner. It’s a clean and easy to use piece of software! But I love to have something more powerfull! :)

  • I use a Canon PIXMA MX895 as a scanner