Win a Free Copy of Scrawl From Mac.AppStorm!

Our giveaway is now closed, and congrats to Dimitrios Savvopoulos, timlou, and Rafta for winning a copy of Scrawl! Be sure to stay tuned for our upcoming giveaways in the future!

We’re always looking for better ways to take notes. There’s so many things to think about, Post-it notes just don’t cut it, and even Mountain Lion’s built-in Notes app doesn’t fit what most of us need. We need a simple place to put notes and quickly find them again, no matter where we’re working.

Scrawl is a great app for that. It’s a note taking app that lives in your menubar, one we were excited about when we reviewed it earlier this year. Since then, it’s gotten even better, with iCloud integration, native keyboard shortcut and Share Sheet support, and more. It’s a great way to quickly jot down notes in your menubar and find them whenever you need them.

Scrawl normally costs $1.99, but we’ve got 3 copies to giveaway for free to our readers. If you’d like to win a copy, just leave a comment below telling us why you’d love to start using it. For an extra credit, share the giveaway on Twitter, Facebook, or, and then include a link to your update in your comment, and you’ll get two entries in the giveaway.

Our contest will close on midnight Monday, September 3rd, so hurry and get your entry in!

Envato staff or people who have written more than two articles or tutorials for AppStorm, however, are ineligible to enter.


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  • Looks great. I use JuneCloud’s Notefile for Mac and iOS. This is comparable but seems a little more refined and sits on the menu bar instead of dashboard. I will probably spring for the iOS companion if and when it comes out. Thanks.

  • I just bought myself an iMac and started to use Mac os is wonderful os. I travel a lot and use d to make note on my iPad. Since this app integrated with cloud, it suitable for me to sync the important notes everywhere. Look forward to try it after win it. ^^

  • Looks good, count me in! I could really see myself using this in school for quickly jotting down some important reminders.

  • Scrawl seems like such a magnificent app. As a student, I would use such an app for taking down notes quickly, giving myself small little reminders about homework and due dates. It would be a very versatile app for me that’d be highly beneficial to have in my repertoire. The fact that the app is situated in the menu bar makes it even more attractive to a MacBook Pro user such as myself.

  • My husband is a TV and Theatre producer and is constantly scribbling notes all over. This could help keep things more organized, while saving us some paper and keeping the office tidy.

  • Nice, could use that for work in the office!

  • I would really appreciate this app as I have just started college and I would love to take those important notes from class!

  • I’m always using a piece of paper and a pen next to my macbook, but I’m looking for something to replace that pen and paper. Scrawl might to it for me!

  • This app would be very useful for me. I’m constantly copying and pasting snippets of code, hex colours, phone numbers, etc. Having Scrawl in the menu bar would mean not having to switch to a third app.

  • It might help my Alzheimer’s – now what was I saying….. Oh yeah, It might help my Alzheimer’s… It might help my Alzheimer’s …

  • I love taking notes on my mac and Scrawl looks a perfect fit for my needs.

  • I am a freshman in highschool and just got my first Mac. In highschool, you take tons of notes, so I need a great note taking app and that app is Scrawl.

  • Useful for meeting notes!

  • It would help with business meetings and syncing notes from iPad or ipod to mac.


  • Being new to Macs this would really come in handy not only for jotting down notes for my training but also for making notes due to my bad memory. I have problems with my short term memory and i’m always forgetting to do something :( so this would be a real help for me :)

  • Finally! That’s the app I was searching for. A much more improved “version” of Mountain Lion Notes app.

  • Freshman in University for engineering. Would help alot to organize ideas in my head

  • I am a programmer so things like this are very useful for jotting down ideas and snippets.

  • I use Notes and Stickies almost always and they’re a bit hard to access and complicated. The Scrawl app would be a nice change to my notes, and since it has iCloud support, it would be the perfect solution.

  • I’m a doctor in a public hospital and university professor with a $800 11inch MBA and a 4th gen’s iPod touch. In middle of classes or even when talking to pacients I sometimes remeber somethings to do, or to share with my students, or even things to buy (like milk), with the today’s *free* apps it’s not possible to do all of these without distracting me completly. With this lil’ app things can change, for better… :D.

  • hi ! this could really be good for me for taking notes in classes, and also writing some ideas to jobs and works with friends!

  • Would be Nice to take notes in my college classes !!