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Our giveaway is now closed, and congrats to our winners: Kevin Kirchner, Luigi, b-0-m, Austin, Dan Oanta, Rudolph, THL, Chris W., Marc Simons, and Paul Dunahoo!

Have you ever been frustrated by your Mac’s display dimming, then going to sleep, right while you were in the middle of reading an article or waiting for a task to finish? Your Mac will usually keep the screen running while you’re watching a movie, but otherwise, it’s up to you to move the mouse or tap a key every so often to keep your Mac awake.

Our own Heather Weaver recently reviewed the new Mac app Should I Sleep, and found that it was a great solution to this problem. It’ll monitor almost everything on your Mac, detecting everything from your face to currently active downloads, to keep your Mac from going to sleep when you’ve got work to be done.

Should I Sleep is a free download with in-app purchases for the extra sensors beyond the free included face detection. Getting all of the sensors usually costs $2.99, but this week, we’ve got 10 copies of Should I Sleep with all of the sensors included to giveaway to our readers. Just comment below and let us know what you’re usually doing when your Mac goes to sleep but you don’t want it to, and we’ll enter you in our giveaway. Better yet, share the giveaway on Twitter, Facebook, or and share the link below, and you’ll get an extra bonus entry.

Hurry and get your entry in; we’ll close the giveaway on January 17th, 2013!

Envato staff or those who have written more than two articles or tutorials for AppStorm are ineligible to enter.


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  • If I decide to let my computer stay awake, I use the excellent and free Sleep No More

    However, Sleep No More would give me additional granular control about how and when the computer goes to sleep.

    My tweet is here:

  • Spending an hour staring at my code trying to figure out a bug. Computer just up and falls asleep. Every time. Takes like a minute to get it back up and everything logged back in.

  • My mac goes to sleep at times when I’m reading through my Instapaper articles and editing photos on Photoshop

  • Whenever I’m watching something online it seems to happen :(

  • This could be pretty handy! Here’s hoping…

  • Usually Caffeine is running in the system tray. However I remember to turn it on only after the screen shut itself off for the first time, leaving me hanging, not knowing which chord to strum next.

  • working on DIY stuff while having chat open in case someone wants to write me. Generally I start a playlist to prevent my mac from going to sleep

  • Reading an article…

  • Usually when i’m reading something, a longer article f.e.

  • I usualy watch a movie when he decides to go to sleep. It is so frustrating…

  • My Mac usually goes to sleep while I am:
    1) reading a book: It is really annoying, especially if the book is for programming, where sometimes you need more time to understand everything.
    2) copying something on a sheet of paper.
    3) sharing a movie to my TV wirelessly: When it goes to sleep it disconnects from the TV and the movie stops buffering. Then you have to start over again.

  • Watching Julia & Jacques on Hulu. My girlfriend and I will _just_ be settling in to really enjoy watching Jaques Pepin cut up a chicken, or Julia Child lecture about the importance of butter, and then the damn screen dims. Argh.

  • It happens always when I’m showing a project to someone and we’re talking about it. Then darkness. I move the mouse, we talk about it once more, then darkness again. Also when I do some work and turn away to my sketchbook for a while, when I go back, the screen is dark. Or when I look onto a poster from a distance trying to figure out correct lights and distances and it goes dim.

  • When my MacBook Pro is sleeping, I usually get to play Xbox or read something on my iPad.

  • Reading online book and try to write down notes for a Uni project.

  • Reading lengthy and dry academic journal articles always puts the display to sleep.

  • Would be really useful for a hackathon weekend!

    Here’s my tweet

  • Every time that i’m uploading something veeery important on our company server!!!

  • I am a Latin/Greek student and I often use online dictionaries and parsing tools (shout-out to Perseus!). It’s very annoying when I am making notes and the computer goes to sleep, cause logging back in usually takes me out of my train of thought :/ It would save me a fair bit of time if I could avoid this!

    My tweet’s here! :)

  • Thinking. I do a lot of web and architectural design, and when I have a problem, I sit back, and think, which is promptly when my Mac decides to go to sleep.

  • Why, pouring over every word of a juicy mac app storm review – of course!

  • While being interrupted from app development by 1,468 questions from coworkers each day!

  • I usually listen to music. Most of the time, a crappy song comes on right when the computer goes to sleep.

  • My Mac usually gets tired and decides to go to sleep when I’m reading an e-book.

  • I’d be interested in trying it!

  • When I do my homeworks or I do work on something (I’m studying IT Engineering), it goes to sleep every time! I’m already using Should I Sleep, but it sometimes fails to recognize me here in front of the screen :( I was thinking about buying the expansion pack to check it out and to support the dev, but having it for free would be uber great! :D

  • Waiting for my Doxie to import the many things I’ve scanned.

  • When I’m reading a book or playing iPad. This app is really great! The face detection sensor works good and I’m looking forward to try other sensors!

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  • I’m usually working on my Mac Pro with my MacBook Pro running along side, and then it goes to sleep the moment I seem to need it!

  • I’m usually working at my Windows PC to see what’s broken on it when my Mac goes to sleep (and I don’t want it to). Safari would be up on the Mac on a tech blog with the answer to fixing my Windows PC.

  • When I’m trying out a new recipe, in the middle of prep work, look over to see next step/ingredient and boom, it’s gone to sleep. pleh.


    Reading some lengthy articles from Pocket.

  • Whenever you’re reading notes or such, as you do when you are a student, the last thing you want is for the computer to unexpectedly go to sleep and make you lose your focus. Happens to me way to often.

  • Should I Sleep is Great! I’d like to win one!

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  • Usually I am uploading files and /or updates to a site with my ftp-client. Someone calls me on the phone for support, I change to my windows-machine, it takes a while til I return to the Mac: Screen black, upload interrupted, bad!

  • It always fades out when im reading your marvelous app reviews, or other long articles. Movies on airplay are also really annoying but most of all when I was downloading CS6 Suite I had to start that bulky download over 2 times cause i didnt know of caffeine yet, and when it ended i forgot to turn caffeine off and my computer was wide awake for 2 days before i realized it. I know right :P

    Anyways heres the tweet:


  • My activity: big file changes (e.g copy, moving, trashing, etc.)

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  • I want to win :D

  • What a good idea! Why nobody thought about that before!

  • This would be so useful. :0

  • Right when I am about to do something with “earth shattering importance”

  • I’m usually reading an article or a book and right when I’m about to type something, my MacBook decides to go to sleep. Grrr! Gets on my nerves!

  • My Mac usually goes to sleep when I’m downloading a huge file or watching movie.

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  • Mostly research..i.e. reading from my screen while I take notes, etc….sleep mode often interferes.

  • Well, I download a lot of apps and movies and sometimes the size is too big. I want to download it overnight

  • My mac’s sleeping when it’s supposed to be downloading or encoding videos to play through iTunes. Should I Sleep has caught my eye and I downloaded the trial but have no use for any of the free sensors. The ability to monitor CPU usage and download activity are what I am really looking for. Of course the Prevent by time is a must sensor as well. I like the UI too. Keeping my fingers crossed I can win this bugger!

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  • My mac always goes to sleep when i’m downloading huge movie files.

    Heres my tweet:

  • I’m always staring at some recent changes to a design when my Mac decides to take a nap. :(

    Face detection is *exactly* what I need to take a good long look at my work.

  • Sometimes I’m staring at diagrams and taking notes. My Mac figures I’ve stopped playing with it and therefore it is no longer needed, so it is a perfect time to go to sleep.

  • My reaction:




  • It happens constantly when im reading something and doing my homework at the same time hahaha or sometimes i just put up some tunes to on my mac to clean my appartment, and my mac goes to sleep. would love to stay up when in front of it.

  • Watching movies and computer goes to sleep…..

    Incredibly annoying…

  • i’m getting mad….

  • when I am downloading files or some works to foucs, I dont want it to be in the sleep mode

    here is a tweet:

  • When I’m downloading or transferring files to my external hd!

  • It’s usually when I am in the middle of a presentation.

  • watching youtube videos… and when I just have to answer the door for a minute or get my self a drink… sometimes it is annoying… maybe all the time… :)