Win a Free Copy of the Latest MacBundler Bundle!

Our giveaway is now closed, and congrats to our winners: sergio, Justin, JTFMT, Kosztalma, and Zeng Guan Wen!

Yup, that’s right: we’ve got another awesome Mac bundle to giveaway this week! The MacBundler team is back at it with an awesome bundle, this time with over $500 worth of software for just $45. The bundle includes a number of apps you’ll want to put to work in your workflow.

It includes Rapidweaver 5, a great app for designing websites quickly from templates, as well as MotionComposer, a great app for making HTML5 and Flash based animated content for the web. Along with that, you’ll get iFinance, Screenium, DEVONsphere Express, and more!

It’s a great value at $45, but best of all, we’ve got 5 copies of the bundle to giveaway to our readers! Just leave a comment below telling us what app in the bundle you want most, then optionally share the giveaway on Twitter,, or Facebook and share the link to your post for a bonus entry. We’ll close the bundle giveaway on Saturday, December 8th, so hurry and get your entry in!

Envato staff or those who have written more than two articles or tutorials for AppStorm are ineligible to enter.


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  • Superb collection of applications

  • Superb collection of applications!!
    MotionComposer and RapidWeaver 5 are excellent applications for development
    Screenium, DEVONsphere Express and PulpMotion are great products worth trying!

  • Screenium 2 would be right up my street, great app… and would be great to win it :)

    Good luck everyone with the competition! – Paul, Netherlands

  • As a motiondesigner i’m always out looking for great new software, to give motion to still images.. With Motion Composer, i would be able to make animations to enhance website (and my own website).. Man i would like to have this bundle!

  • I’m actually building a website for my dad’s business right now with SquareSpace, however I’m not happy with their templates so RapidWeaver 5 would be extremely helpful for me. I could definitely use it!

  • Be the first to comment =)

    Really like the PULPMOTION3, nice software to make eye-catching animation.

  • This one’s a toss up but I think I’m most looking forward to iFinance. Christmas is getting closer and I need to keep track!

  • RapidWeaver 5 would be great. I tried the demo once and was suprised how easy it is to create gorgeous websites with it.

    Cocktail, on the other hand, would be the ideal companion to keep my system lean and mean. It looks better than other free solutions out there, but the price was too steep for me. So a win would make me happy…

    Here’s my tweet:

  • Great stuff especially the Rapid Weaver!

  • I’m learning HTML5 so I really want to own the great app MotionComposer.

    I have also twittered this article as below link:

  • Are these softwares registered apple developers? I’ve been burned before with app bundles that aren’t correctly signed which forces me to have to comprise security of the Mac? I think you should mention this before people make a purchase. You’ll sell a heap more. So are they signed?

  • I would love a copy of RapidWeaver 5 they all look so good.

  • For a change, a bundle where I can use all of the apps. But Motion Composer is my definite must have for some HTML5 projects I am currently involved with.

    Here’s the tweet:

  • I need it cause I need it.

  • Rapidweaver 5 would be great, but i could also use MacScan and Pulpmotion.

  • I could use rapidweaver.

  • Would be great to win the bundle :)

    • RapidWeaver would be my Favorite.

  • I would like to have iFinance and Cocktail

  • Cocktail

  • iFinance and Cocktail :D


    I want rapidweaver the most, hope I could win!

  • On a day-to-day basis, I need to do website mockups and designs, and the app that would be most beneficial to me is: Rapidweaver 5. It would speed up my turnaround time by tons of hours and projects can progress faster and more efficient. Hopefully I can win this bundle.


  • iFinance would be really awesome! I always mess up with my own budget, so I badly need an app that could help me manage my money.

    And I love freebies :P gave away awesome software to everyone lately. Just wanted to share.

  • I’ll take the one named DEVONsphere..I named my son Devon, that should give me some luck! Good luck to all…

  • I really could use RapidWeaver.


  • OMG OMG OMG Motion… Composer… :o

  • I want a copy of RapidWeaver 5 please ;)

  • Cocktail absolutely.

  • I want Cocktail! My MacBook is toooo slow…2007 generation haha

  • Working for an animation television network, I would love to check out MotionComposer.

  • MotionComposer would be my choice! Good luck to all ;)

  • Can I pick more than one? Rapid Weaver, Tidy Up and Screenium 2 are my top three that would come in handy right now. The others look great too!

  • Cocktail used as trial and loved it!!!

  • Rapidweaver! Awesome bundle collection…

  • I need RapidWeaver 5 because I’m still using the old version for my new blog. Here’s my Twitter post:

    Thanks for this competition.

  • I would definitely love iFinance 3 the most. However having a copy of rapidweaver would be great too. I’ve used it on a friend’s Mac, and I loved it:

  • I would love RapidWeaver! DreamWeaver is too slow and bloated. I need something faster, better, and more fit for my Mac! :)

  • I’d really really like Rapidweaver 5 and Cocktail – as a Mac user conscious of performance and the importance of good design, I’d love to win this MacBundler bundle! Its better than pirating by far… :P

  • I’d love to get Screenium. I own a few apps made by Synium software, and I love those. They are nicely designed.
    I’d love to add Screenium to my collection.

  • Wow! Best giveaway yet!! Thx!!

  • Motion composer and Tydi Up are two i want absolutely, but i’d like to try Screenium too.
    Hope to win ^^

  • DEVONsphere Express

  • I’ve never heard of Motion Composer before. Sounds useful and interesting!

  • I would really like to have Screenium 2 and RapidWeaver 5.

  • RapidWeaver

  • RapidWeaver 5 would be sick. Beats the heck out of some online website designing I’ve tried. Seems like a pretty solid bundle. Liked and shared on facebook.

  • I want DEVONsphere Express! thank you for this giveaway :).

  • I’m hoping to win RapidWeaver 5.

  • Oh man, MotionComposer would make my life SO much easier. Especially since I can’t afford it.

  • Screenium 2 would be fantastic. Here’s my tweet:


  • Rapid Weaver! I need to design my own and my mum’s website! BUt all of them would be so handy.

  • Rapidweaver 5 FTW!

  • Cocktail would be neat.

  • Ifinance, so i can spend more money buying useful stuff than spending in other useless things

  • I would like to get this bundle to get the

  • Thankful i recently uncovered this excellent website, Another good site is Dianabol will be sure to save it so i can browse frequently.


    Tidy Up would really come in handy, as would Cocktail.

  • I sure would love to have all of these…


  • I really want to try using rapidweaver, since Apple isnt really supporting iWeb anymore.

  • I might start updating my website if I get Rapidweaver. I set one up before our wedding and probably should change it up with our first child coming.

    Thanks for giveaway.

  • Rapidweaver 5 looks like a winner, especially now that iWeb is dead in the water, sinking, and surrounded by sharks.

  • I’ve tried the demo of RapidWeaver 5 and it’s pretty awesome.

  • I’d love to get Screenium 2.
    I’ve been trying to find a good screen recorder that can record Skype calls and screencasts, but haven’t found a good one.

    Link to my tweet:

  • Rapidweaver is very cool

  • Cocktail and RapidWeaver are the coolest in the basket. :)

  • The app I want most is MotionComposer. But I also would like to give the other apps a go.

  • MotionComposer. ;)

  • So many people want RapidWeaver :o

    I just want Tidy Up… is that so wrong?!

  • Play music and composer with:

    liked on FB:Peter Astakov

  • I own a couple of these, but getting Motion Composer and iFinance would be definitely sweet!

    My tweet!

  • I’d probably want Screenium the most. I really need a good screen recorder.

  • I’ve been looking at MotionComposer, but was not ready to pull the $149 trigger on something I wasn’t sure about.

  • Pulpmotion 3. I made some great slideshows for my family using earlier versions of Pulpmotion. It has a lot more to offer than iPhoto when it comes to presenting your photos. I’ve even given my creations as presents for Christmas. I hope to do that again.

  • I think Cocktail would be the best! Maybe Rapidweaver as well!

  • Totally want to try out Rapidweaver. It seems so nice to work with, time saving app for small projects that just need to be done fast! I so hope I could try it by winning here as illegal stuff is a big no-go for tryouts!

  • I would love to use all of them, but probably Screenium at most

  • I would love rapidweaver from this bundle. I started using it a little bit ago and need it to finish building my groups website.

  • I would really like to have Rapidweaver.

  • A Cocktail would be nice.

  • Rapid weaver is awesome!

  • I could love rapidweaver and cocktail.

  • I believe iFinance 3 would be useful for me.

  • I’m most interested in giving screenium a try.

  • Whomever wins will be getting one of the more useful Bundles currently offered. I own Rapidweaver 5 and its been an indispensable part of my web development toolkit. The add-ons (plugins & stacks) are fantastic building blocks and the 3rd party development community is very active and responsive to their customers.

    **Motion Composer is on my wishlist.

  • Wishing for Motion Composer :>

  • Rapidweaver!

  • Definitely Motion Composer! I need that thing right now!

  • Would love to win the iFinance App. Me & my girlfriend just moved in together and we could really use the help with managing our finances: this help would definitely come in handy!

  • What to choose…mmm. I think that DEVONsphere Express looks rather interesting.

  • Would love to win this for Cocktail, it’s a great app and I’d love a copy.

    Here’s a link to my tweet –

  • Although all of the apps look awesome, for me it’s definitely a toss up between Cocktail & PulpMotion, I think PulpMotion looks *amazing* so that’s the one I want most. :)

  • Rapidweaver 5 is perfect for make a webpage!!! i need it!!!

  • It would be awesome to win this bundle, RapidWeaver could really boost my productivity.

  • Tidy Up would be useful for my switch to a smaller SSD.

  • Would love to get new version of RapidWeaver to help update my website.

  • I would really like Screenium 2 from the bundle. I would give it to my husband, he’s a teacher and ICT subject leader. He does a lot of PD sessions and I think Screenium would be excellent for him to show colleagues how to get things done on a Mac.

  • Cocktail is the best one!!

  • I want Rapidweaver 5 and Screenium 2 the most because I am a Youtuber and a Website developer. I will need these apps because I cant afford them. Thanks for Giving me a chance!!!

  • Cocktail!

    I’d like to order a Cocktail with a clean and efficient Mac please.

  • Cocktail!

    I’d like to order a Cocktail with a clean and efficient Mac please.

  • I would love to have MotionComposer

  • MotionComposer and DEVONsphere Express, woohoo.

  • Screenium 2 looks extremely useful!

  • Although there are many apps that are great here my two favs would be Rapidweaver and Tidy Up. Rapidweaver allows me to help many small struggling non-profit organizations manage their own websites once I set them up, while Tidy Up allows me to clean up the 15+ years of data sitting on my home NAS.

  • Pulp motion.

  • I work into Creative domain, I was looking forward of getting Rapidweaver though seeing these irresistible free giveaways I could not resist. Hope I get one of them :)

  • The app i want most is Screenium

  • Sreenium 2 would be great!!!

  • I would love to win the bundle for iFinance. having recently switched to a Mac, i miss being able to have something like MS money

  • MacScan 3 for sure

  • Love to have Motion Composer

  • RapidWeaver 5! (ignore my first post)

  • Great deal. Rapid Weaver the classic MAC apparently.

  • It’s been a while since I last dabbled in web design, so I’m looking forward to MotionComposer most of all.

  • MotionComposer tops my list.

  • Cocktail!!

  • I just hope it’s not too late! Because a bundle with Cocktail can just be the best bundle of all time! Thank you so much!

  • Rapidweaver 5!