Win a MarsEdit License

If you’re a Mac user and operate a website or blog, you owe it to yourself to check out MarsEdit. The app offers a simple way to manage a blog from your desktop, with a range of features including excellent media handling and system-wide bookmarklet support.

Red Sweater have kindly donated three copies to give away, worth $29.95 each. There are two ways to enter:

  1. Via Comment – Tell us why you’d like a copy! The more convincing the better – two comments will be chosen at random for a free license.
  2. Via Twitter – Simply follow AppStorm on Twitter. We’ll choose one follower at random to win a copy (plus you’ll be kept up to date with all the latest Mac app news!)

The competition will run for one week, with winners announced on Tuesday 14th April 2009. As with all competitions, there’s just one legal point to make – you aren’t eligible to take part if you work for Envato.

Good luck! I’m excited to read your (always entertaining) entries. If you just can’t wait, you can download MarsEdit to experience a fully featured 30 day trial.


Add Yours
  • I’ve tried various different apps for blogging, and have used ecto for ages, through it’s turbulent transition. On a friend’s recommendation I have tried MarsEdit, and it seems to be really stable, with some cool features and would like to try it ‘for real’.

  • Really useful application, especially if free

    great appstorm!!!

  • Just started a new blog, i am done being tormented by MS word for writing blogs, and posting them up. without me realizing the blog got messed up and would only show few posts when the page would load. Word was putting in some crap that would render the browsers useless.

    And then i switched to mac, tried few different applications but havent found anything as such. Did try a demo of marsedit and i am truly impressed with it.

    A full license of the application would be nice.

  • I would love a copy of MarsEdit, because I’ve reached the “blood vessel in the brain popping, veins in my neck exploding, hands shaking, boiling point” with ecto hacking to pieces my carefully coded blog posts. I’m sick & tired of having to re-edit every post that contains an image or HTML tags because ecto decided to add or remove breaks, add p tags, or just generally make a mess of things. It’s just killing my productivity, and I regret my $30 investment in the app.

    Not to mention that I’ll happily prostitute myself by writing a great review of MarsEdit on my site! ;)

  • I run a fantasy sports blog (which I eventually plan to move to my own domain once I build a site around it) and have been only moderately pleased with MacJournal as my desktop publisher. It tends to have formating issues, especially with lists, and I am constantly having to re-do posts via the web interface. I have heard nothing but great things about MarsEdit and would love to have it, as it looks to be a very viable replacement that will make desktop blogging headache free for me.

  • If you pick me I’ll give you a cookie?

  • It’s one of the few blogging clients that supports AtomPub properly!

  • Yeah, this is the right toolie for me ! :) It makes my day longer..

  • MarsEdit will be helpful for me to lead my website. Looks good ;-)

  • I’d like a copy because I’m the last person who still enjoys desktop software over online apps!

  • I want a licence because Echo is one of the best blogging apps on mac(if not the best one), lots of bloggers say it’s another reason to get a mac…

    Maybe with this one i’ll finally start blogging :)

  • I was abandoned as a child. It’s been a rough life, no doubt, but with the help of Mars Edit I feel I can achieve my full potential.

    Plus, I’m tired of Ecto…it’s not good.

  • I tried several apps and MarsEdit is indeed the best of them and works very nicely with my wordpress blog. The only weakness of MarsEdit is its MediaManager/Image handling. But Daniel Jalkut promised improvements in the red-sweater forums. I didn’t buy the app yet, so would be very useful to win one :o

  • I’ve tried various desktop blogging clients and none really come close to the power that MarsEdit has. I run a network and have various blogs to update, and getting to them via the web is not always easiest. Having MarsEdit would be awesome. :)

  • You should pick me because this is the most awesome comment on this post, which should be plainly obvious for all to see.

  • I want one because I’m a man and I’m from Mars :)

  • Please ! I would LOVE a MarsEdit Version !

  • Popcorn, Toast, Espresso, Bean… those are all foods. But this, is Mars.

  • I run a few blogs by using ecto, but the developer has left some issues for a long time (i.e. around WordPress). He seems to lost his motivation to improve ecto, and so I’m trying some blog editors to replace it. Of course, I have tried MarsEdit. This is useful and brilliant for me.

  • I’m starting a new business and will be producing a handful of blogs with a few bloggers. MarsEdit would be a very helpful addition to my software. Thanks.

    ~ Jarrod

  • Why do I want a copy of MarsEdit? Because developer of MarsEdit produces great software like NetNewsWire I use several years, which enables RSS synchronization via, so you can have your RSS synced anywhere. I also recommend to check out FeedDaemon for Windows!

  • I can summarize why I’d want this app very succinctly: It’ll make me a more prolific writer. I know that’s true because I’ve been using the 30-day trial and have already begun writing more. Would really like to have this app.

  • sometimes i am too lazy to login to my wordpress admin. >:)
    so the desktop app would be helpful.

  • I am in High School and recently redesigned and revamped the online newspaper. It was very hideous before…so I redesigned it and implemented WordPress. The Literary Magazine is a yearly paper production at school, which they have moved to online this year, due to costs. I designed a nice page with WordPress for this too. I have to post all the articles because I’m the only one that really understands it, and firing up Safari..all to post one article has become quite annoying. It would really help if I could have this full license for MarsEdit!

    Thank you so much! (Also, I’m following you on Twitter,

  • It’s Mars Edit- it’s the best, it runs on the best platform and I’d like to have to make it easier to work on the best blog out there… ok, the ‘best blog’ part might be a bit of stretch, but the rest is true.

  • I will love you foreve if you give me a MarsEdit license.

  • You know how to make this marsupilami happy don´t you?
    So what are you waiting for? Is there another better reason in the world?

  • MarsEdit is a great application, thanks for giving it away.

  • Hope to receive one ;)
    Great entertainment with MacApp Storm ;)

  • The first post blog post I write with it will be about how awesome AppStorm is :)

  • I’m a pretty regular Tumblr’er (is that a word) and MarsEdit 2 finally supports posting to the site. Not having to leave my desktop to put up a quick post would be pretty much amazing!

  • I would like to win a free license, because i haven’t got money for this app, but i like it so much!!!

  • I currently work in the newspaper industry as a graphic designer. With the current state of newspapers, I am hoping to get a blogging schedule set up for my two active domains, so I have a fall back should the economy take another negative turn.

    MarsEdit would help me be more productive, especially since I have to make time between full-time work and full-time raising two kids.

  • I run several blogs, one of which is a travel information blog about a province where I live. It’s a pretty great place, and has everything from awesome beaches, mountains to scale and art centers. I put alot of info in just one post, and editing them on the blog’s wysiwyg or on a word processor isn’t helping much. MarsEdit could help me managing this blog.

  • I want a copy of Mars Edit because it’s free. Gratis hasta un puño.

  • I would like to win a copy of MarsEdit to my newly started blog.
    I’ve tried a few applications and I think MarsEdit is one of the best — if not the best.

  • My Web Design firm uses wordpress mainly for backends. And because of Mars Edit awesome interface, it is really easy to customize the websites that we use. For example,

  • Really would love the app.
    And love mac.AppStorm, for giving away so many apps ;)

  • I am not much into blogging although I have been trying to get into it for a while. After reading this post, I downloaded the apps, and created a wordpress account. I have to say that the convenience of having an offline client to write my thoughts to and then having a easy way to preview and post my thoughts might just get me started. I need to explore Mars Edit some more :)

  • I am afraid I do not have much of an original comment to offer other than echo the sentiments of Ecto users who have grown tired of waiting. MarsEdit, the last time I looked at it, offered equivalent features, surpassing Ecto in some features. I think either tool is a more civilised and robust option to the alternatives of using the built-in editor in WP, Blogger, etc or browser tools like that offered by Flock.

  • This would make updating my blog easier.

  • Well, my wife was once addicted to me. Then we got kids and my wife got addicted to them. Then she started her photography business and became addicted to that. I had to make her a website for her business and of course she had to have a blog. Now she is addicted to blogging. During that process she switched to mac (as photographers have to have a mac).

    See, that license is for her. I just hope that I may be able to get my photographing-and-blogging-about-that-on-her-mac-wife a little more addicted to me again by gifting her that software.

    The software is a timesaver though, right? Please skip my comment if that’s not the case or if you think that using that software could make things worse.


  • I need MarsEdit because I never seem to know when or what I wrote and thus will probably write about the always dangerous flying frogs again and again.

  • It’s the right thing to do. Having a cool interface to write my posts with…might actually get me off my lazy *** and write something. You’d be saving me from myself.

  • So… the more convincing the better, yet the winners will be chosen at random? Your logic is astounding

    • Undoubtedly flawed logic, but it leads to a more interesting range of comments!

  • I own around 40 domains that I need to put blogs on. Since I can’t control my domain-buying addiction, perhaps this can help with my managing the actual domains :)

  • Need to get my blog up and going again, and need a desktop client. As a previous Ecto user, I would have to agree with the other comments. Always wanted to try MarsEdit.

  • I just recently set up WordPress on my site and Mars Edit would be very helpful in keeping it updated.

  • I love that MarsEdit supports so many different content management systems. Keep up the great work!

  • MarsEdit’s recent inclusion of Tumblr support in their latest release is what’s sparked my interest in this powerful publishing application. There’s multiple alternative one can take in managing their post but the ability to compose entries offline and incorporating any form of media into it for later publishing is convenient and conducive to productivity. I’ve had a phenomenal experience thus far with the 30-day demo and it’s instantly become one of those must-have applications to brainstorm ideas for potential entries.

  • I would like a copy because I loved the trial especially as it is easier to use that the online software for adding photos :)

  • I really like the new Tumblr integration.

  • I built my Dad a blog last Christmas which he routinely has to call me and ask for directions. This would simplify both of our lives!

  • I’m always too lazy to open up my admin panel and click on “Write” to go and write an entry. MarsEdit would make me want to blog more! :D

    …maybe even finish that AppStorm entry.

  • MarsEdit supports Hebrew. I need it to my Adobe Creek blog.

  • I run a couple of blogs and write for a couple of websites, this sounds like it would come useful so I can post one post to all the others without having to have to redo everything on the other blog or site. I was looking into Journler, but this sounds pretty good.

  • Hello!, i want this program to take my blog to another world! :). (Please ignore the dumb comment and give it to me. ;))

  • I have two blogs that I write articles fairly often, and it can be a pain going to each of them and posting from the browser (taking into account how WordPress can be a bit kinky at times). I’ve tried the ScribeFire FireFox plugin, but it doesn’t work with one of my blogs. So my only option it seems is with MarsEdit. If I wont it, that would be really awesome!

  • I beleive that MarsEdit is a great way to communicate to everyone on the planet (Mars included) via Blogging!!!

  • Yey, competition.. after another.. This is nice competition site tho!

  • I would like MarsEdit because it now works with Tumblr, which I use.

  • Well, here’s my extremely convincing post….

    Are you convinced yet?

    How about now?

  • Pleeeeaaaase! Choose me!!!

  • I’d love a copy of Mars Edit. Ever since Safari 4 came out I’ve been having problems using the WordPress text editor across all of my blogs. So a few weeks ago I downloaded Bloggo, MarsEdit and Ecto to try out. None of them were perfect, but in terms of my workflow, usability, stability and flexibility, MarsEdit came out on top. it really struck a nice balance between maintaining local and remote drafts, editing in HTML and rich text and just doing exactly what it’s supposed to to do really really well. Contrast this to Ecto and (especially) Bloggo, and it’s streets ahead. For example, Bloggo decides to randomly insert line breaks (not even paragraph tags) into posts, which makes it unusable for me. No such problems in what seems like a much more considered product in MarsEdit.

  • I’ve stopped blogging quite a while ago, sick of wordpress, used the demo and posted more, but just don’t have the money right now to buy it.

  • Been designing with Microsoft Word for a while and I am now ready to get rid of my training wheels.

  • Gusto ko sanang makakuha nitong application na MarsEdit dahil mapadadali niya ang pagsusulat ko ng blog post lalo na’t maraming Pilipino ang dumadalaw sa aking site upang malaman ang aking mga pananaw sa samu’t-saring bagay tungkol sa aming bansa.


    I wish to get this MarsEdit application because it would make it easier for me to write a blog post especially since many Filipinos visit my site to know my opinions about different things relating to our country.

  • I would love to have is as I loved using the trial version and don’t want to fall into piracy! :)

  • I miss Windows Live Writer on the PC since switching! This looks like a good Mac alternative.

  • Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!!!

    (or I’ll post how bad AppStorm was to me for not giving me the license…)

  • I need this because I’m about to launch a blog to reach youth in crisis (really).

  • … with my marriage license … I learned how to “get along”/ with my driver’s license … I learned how to travel / with my dog’s license … I learned obedience—and NOW with the MarsEdit license … I will learn how to BLOG!!!

  • Would really like this app :-) Im still new to to Mac and OSX, and this would be the perfect app to manage my blog.

  • I’ve tried different blogging clients during the last 2 weeks as I’m getting ready to take my blogging more seriously, and so MarsEdit is the best and the one that fits better for all my needs. Getting a free license would be fantastic!!!

  • I do have a blog, but never have used this kind of software. I would like to get a chance using this software to update my blog!

  • I am an exchange student from Switzerland. I am writing a blog to keep my friends back home updated and so I don’t need to send 20 times the same e-mail. I know I am lazy :-D But that is what you most likely become when you live in the US. JK ;) MarsEdit looks really interesting and I would love to use it.

  • I am a tentacle monster, and I blog with my brain. But I think that I can more easily control the minds of you hu-mons by telepathically controlling MarsEdit. Zeitgeist.

  • I want a copy of MarsEdit because Chuck Norris told me to get one.

    I love the way MarsEdit handles HTML code and it has the best preview feature I’ve ever seen.

  • If I win, I am going to throw it in the middle of a group of pirates and ninjas and have them fight over it. Then we will finally know which are better.

  • I found that MarsEdit worked perfectly with WordPress platform. As a chinese blogger, in order to avoid the censorship in our country, I have to blog on foreign host, and thus a nice offline blog editor would be great help to me.

  • I’ve already blogged it all out from Earth. Mars in next on my list.

    And for that, all I really need is MarsEdit!

  • Sounds exciting, I would love to learn this software and use it for my freelance ventures!

  • I think I should get it bc I had to scroll awfully far on my iPhone… hand cramp. But seriously, I’m starting a new blog ( or two). And this would be great to start off with.

  • MarsEdit would make life so much quicker and simpler than having to run an irritating web page or my site authoring software to update my blog. It would quite simply mean more blog posts than I currently get around to.

    It’s all about productivity with MarsEdit. Focus on what matters.

  • Other bloggers I know have been very happy with MarsEdit and it has a great logo.

  • Ohh, i would like to win one of those (Following U 2)

  • I would love a MarsEdit license, my poor blog has been neglected for so long, this is just the motivation I need to get back into it. *crosses fingers*

  • I listen to the developer’s podcast, Core Intuition.

  • Me Me Me Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze ?

  • I am consiodering switching to the mac full time this would sure make that switch easier .

  • i never win anything before, and i’ve 3 massive blog that i must update everyday.. so i need the mars edit app for easiest my work to handle my blog :D maybe god and you will choose me to help me the best way to update blog :)

  • Ever since the incident, I’ve sworn to never update my blog and or website again. Maybe this will give me the strength to try again.