Winners Announced: Win a Pagico Professional License

Winners Announced

Without further ado, here are the five randomly selected winners. Congratulations to all of you – your licenses will be on the way soon!

  1. Kristof Schockaert
  2. Baptiste
  3. Terri Gilbert
  4. Barry W
  5. JJW

Today I’m pleased to let you know that we have five Pagico Professional licenses to give away. We took a quick look at the app a few weeks ago, and have a review in the works. Pagico is a personal database that combines resource management and task management into one streamlined platform. It’s pretty powerful!

Entering to win is remarkably easy – just leave a comment below letting us know what you would use Pagico for. We’ll be selecting the five winners at random in just under one week’s time, on Friday 28th May.

Best of luck!

  • Josh

    I’d use it to aid in my revision, which I’m doing for exams at the moment :(

    • goozer71

      I will use it to organize my freelancer work too.

  • Dodie

    My school work! It looks perfect for my short attention span!

  • Ankit Sharma

    I’m doing freelance graphic/web design this summer with two colleagues, and it seems like I’ve already been marked as the “organizer”. Would love to have Pagico, looks like a great way to keep everyone on track!

  • Kristof Schockaert

    The timing of this is perfect, ordered the David Allen GTD system a week ago and just started learning and implementing this.
    Would love a copy of Pagico Professional to advance more with GTD.
    Greetings, Kristof.

    • Kristof Schockaert

      Thanks, just received the license.

  • John S

    I work for a non-profit youth development organization that teaches youth how to set and manage goals by teaching them web design and letting them manage web projects for paying clients. As their web director, that means I’m managing a huge number of projects and tasks in various stages. I would love to implement a system like this and see if it would be worth purchasing for all of the computers. Thanks!

  • Vincent

    I would use it for my college work and web design.

  • Peter

    I am both a graduate student and a freelance web developer/designer. This would be a very handy tool for me.

  • Tyago Neres

    I will use it to organize my team’s web design workflow!

  • Jerry

    I used it in my freelance work.

  • Andy M

    I have been looking for cross-platform client management software like this for the last few months now. Pagico seems to be the perfect solution. I am using the demo now, but would LOVE to win the full version from you guys! I work at a retreat facility and need to come up with a way to manage the multiple groups coming in from week to week.

    I know this doesn’t count for a randomized giveaway, but the 28th is my b-day, so I am hoping for extra luck that day. Haha. Thanks.

  • Brandon Konkle

    I’d love a copy to use in my freelance web development work. It looks like a great tool to manage workflow and information about projects.

  • Leonardo Prunk

    I work at a small game development company and this software would help a lot for our next iPhone game!

  • Keehun

    I’ll be using Pagico for my robotics team management

  • Aifonit

    I’ll organize my two works better

  • torstennn

    I would use it to organise my day as a freelancer. I really need a product like Pagico.

  • James

    For managing my web design and devlopment projects.

  • birmacher

    Organize my work

  • Tim

    Managing consulting work!

  • NonBorn

    Its a great software… Hope I’ll win a license

  • Fábio Morbec

    I will use it to manage workflow and information about my projects.

  • Joe

    I’ll be using Pagico for my freelance work!

  • Hector Lee

    I’m juggling between web design, and music production. I need something to really depict how I can divide my attention. I want to plan out my time better so I dedicate my 100% over shorter periods of time and finish the work faster. I’m dragging everything together and I think it can be more efficient. Please help me with this.

  • Indra Pun

    Organize my work flow as well as contacts

  • hexaworld

    Pagico seems to be such a great app! It could be really useful to organize all my stuff with that sw.

  • Tim

    To use it in our young website design company

  • João Barreiros

    I would use it to organize my study for college, as well as some webdesign and hobbies.

  • Blake McDivitt

    I would use it to keep me organized for my freelance business and school work. I need to be more efficient with long term goals. Hoping this will help.

  • Andre

    Im setting up Mac based project group. Interested to see if this software could effectively help us

  • Crazyhunk

    was really impressed with the apps details would really like to use it with my personal business as well as my design studio … juggling between them is a pain for now for me…

  • kaishin

    Thank you for this awesome give-away!
    Personally I would like to use Pagico for my various freelance design projects.

  • Mladjan Antic

    For collage and my freelance work :)

  • Patricio

    I’d mostly use it for organizing my assignments and papers in college. :)

  • Jari Sanders

    I would like to use it for school and stuff!

  • Aleksandr Tkachev

    I’m new on Mac, and I need nice todo manager. Pagico looks like one of the best apps that can fit all my needs. My home projects and my work. As I have a lot of different tasks, I really need to organize it well.

  • Andrew Ford

    I would use Pagico to organise and plan my studies and assignments with University and to structure my web development projects all within one application.

  • Anh Quang Do

    I’m graduating pretty soon and would love to manage my daily tasks with Pagico now that I’m offered my very first full time job.

  • Sairam Kunala

    Great software. Looks like I get try this one out as soon as I get my new computer. Never seen such a great combo of task and resource management and that too a desktop client this great.

    It’d be great if this can be synced across multiple machines and iPhone app for viewing this would be awesome.

  • Andy

    This looks like the ideal solution to managing my day and resources as an IT support worker.

  • José Luis Salazar Espitia

    This is perfect for me to be organized at school. I would definitely enjoy this app.

  • Terri Gilbert

    I’d use it to organize my development projects. Better than post its everywhere.

  • Atanas

    What I will be using it for? Honestly, no idea at this moment. No need to lie.

  • Marcel

    Wow, what an awesome program, I have just started a huge project to release a ebook, but with many aspects to this project, web design, ipad application, etc this is exactly what I was looking for. Would I like to win this, definitely!

  • Sagar Jain

    I have been looking for a cross-platform app for task and project management. I work with OSX and Linux and this app would help in synchronizing tasks across the machines and moreover, being a grad student I have to keep record of meetings. project progress, deadlines etc. This would be a perfect app for my need.

  • wiringin

    as beginner freelance, i ‘m looking for a good way to manage my project :
    i got a lot of corrections from my clients and the email way is not a solution to manage i think Pagico ll be better.
    as i write below, i’m beginner freelance designer and i think it’s a approch for manage my clients.
    last, if i win, i ‘ll write a article for you : something like “how Pagico works – is the concept behind the software is good for a drawer/webdesigner”

  • Susan

    I am addicted to Todo apps because I’m always on a quest to find something that will fix my procrastination habit. Plus, as a hopelessly disorganized educator, Pagico looks like a perfect tool for organizing lectures, students and all sorts of info.

  • A. Nguyen

    college work and organization!

  • Chris

    as i’m a freelancer this would be a good task manager.

  • T Lewis

    I’m constantly struggling to keep myself on top of numerous on-going projects and tasks: from my work in the classroom as a teacher, to managing a gymnastics club / facility, to coaching and managing my provincial men’s artistic gymnastics team to the 2011 Canada Winter Games, survival is all about planning, and I’m just barely keeping up. Pagico seems like a perfect product to keep my head above the water.

  • doctorZZ

    I would use this for tracking projects for my consulting business.

  • Chabrall

    Since I recently became president of the union for recruiting new students for my school. I’m now fully booked and really, really need an application like this to plan my day…

  • Emiljan

    I would use it to keep track of my homework and my freelance web design projects.

  • Manny Peters

    This would be perfect for managing my freelance projects.

  • Salo

    I would use this for work, when I am organizing everything I need to do for when I am shooting my documentaries, shorts, and commercials.

  • Sjan

    Between work as a lead developer, full time school and volunteering as a developer for a non-profit I often find myself trying to juggle tasks, resources and my time. Having something that allows me to mark items as “must do” and “might do” would help a great deal with organizing my day. This might actually work well to get into the whole GTD thing. I’ve tried in the past with other tools but found them mostly not effective and more hindrance than help.

  • Matthias Hoyer

    Looks perfect for organizing my upcoming diploma thesis!

  • Mac

    I would use it to keep all my work stuff in one place

  • tolthoff

    I would use it to organize my team of 5 people and the 30 projects we have going on right now! Can you say overwhelmed?:)

  • Alex Vorodeyev

    I am freelancer illustrator and that’s will be realy important tool for me! Want to organize my work much more!

  • Emory Dunn

    I’d use it primarily for school but also for all of the little side projects I work on.

  • Brit Mckay

    I would use it to organize things I have done already.

  • Florian Taltavull

    I’d use it to work (I’m starting my own business as a freelancer) and it would be really nice to have an app like Pagico. At the moment I’m trying demos of ‘Billings’, ‘On the Job’, ‘iBiz’ and stuff like that. Maybe Pagico would be the right one!

  • Joel Drapper

    I will use it to organise projects.

  • iCarlos

    From Italy…give a chance to organise my work! :)

  • Hugo

    I would probably like to review it in my channel and also would help alot fir school work

  • jakubat

    I would use it for my college work.

  • Diana

    i would use it for organizing school work and other tasks.

  • dolby71

    would be brilliant for college, and my C programming and web designing!

  • Teddy

    I’d use it for my blog, this app is brilliant!

  • Phillipp Stengel

    I’d use it for my developing projects, and web development projects.

  • David Wang

    I’d use it to keep track of my dev projects.

  • Mihla

    I’ve been using the GTD system of organization for all my writing projects. Pagico Professional will be the perfect tool.

  • Alex Gibbs

    Oh man, I’d use it to get my freelancing in order. It looks amazing.

  • Maco

    I’ve been using the GTD system of organization for all my projects. Pagico Professional will be the right tool.

  • Will Hand

    I have looked at Pagico before for my website designing, but always never wanted to fork out for it, but if I were given it, well, what can I say, it would be like heaven and christmas all at once. Please can I have a copy?

  • Heather

    I work on various campaigns throughout each year, requiring various marketing and strategy projects.

  • Kerem

    organize my college work

  • katéri McDonald

    I would use it to manage my little freelance plan

  • Piotr

    If I had Pagico I think I would finally start finishing my project in time. :D

  • Heather

    As a freelancer, I am constantly juggling different clients, projects, and to-do lists. Pagico seems to take GTD to the next level of organization. And I’d love to add it to my daily routine.

  • swider8814

    I’ll use it for my work and college.

  • Ryan

    I’d use it for school mostly.

  • Martin

    I’ll quit my job in two or three month and then work as a freelancer and by now I didn’t think about organisation :)

  • Steve McCoy

    Please add me.. any comparisons with Daylite btw?

  • Thomas_U

    I´d use it to organize my freelance office and projects and my grassroots-network-activities.

  • pär

    to help me out with my work at the university, my freelance biz and family life. looks really great.

  • RHett

    I’d be using it to manage post-grad job searches, followed by organization for that particular job. Right now it’s gonna be either design or political campaign assistance, both fields that could use something like this.

  • BebopDesigner

    I want one! Please count me in

  • BebopDesigner

    Woops! I meant to say, I’m easily distracted, and I’m a freelancer. So this would come really handy.


  • Adrian Katz

    I’m in my last year of highschool at the moment, and would use it to organise my study and other activities both this year and into university. I’d love to find a new way to be more organised and more productive!

  • Marcos Zaidowicz

    Organize my work :)

  • hazim

    so that I can accomplish more in a day.

  • Chad

    I’d use it to better organize my projects at work.

  • Brian

    I involved in missionwork; we are develloping a program to send teams of design-skilled people out from South Africa to revamp the tech at the more remote bases within our organization. This would REALLY be great for organizing and managing our workflow.

  • Ritchie Loney-Anderson

    Since you did the review on it Ive been running a test on the program to see how it compares to Things, so far im really impressed, and have found even though I used things a lot Pagico has almost replace it in full, im sure any moment now though its going to be poping up asking me for some money, the problem is as fantastic as it is, I cant justify spending money on something when an alternate ive got will do, wining this will allow for me to get the better app and not be down on money!

    So here is to hoping!

  • Dante

    I would use it for sheduling my classes, and the students’ proyects.

  • Topy

    I would use Pagico Professional to finally start organizing my life. I need it!! :)

  • franck

    The minute channels is up and running, I am going to collaborate on some great animations and tunes and hope that we can make a few people smile with what we come up with :)

  • Lou Bortone

    Wow! This looks really useful. I would use it in place of Highrise and/or Basecamp. Hail, hail, Mac-friendly resources!

  • Robert B.

    I would use it to organize my multiple home businesses. As designer and webmaster of several sites and a sales rep with many clients, this would be great for me to organize all my stuff.

  • Steffan Andrews

    I’m a freelance composer for film, tv, and video games. I would use it to manage clients and project timelines.


  • Meira

    This is awesome! I have to manage two households, study for my GED, take two different online classes, babysit, work and i’m going to head off to college soon! This would be a total lifesaver of epic proportions!

  • Dan

    Get university stuff done.

  • Dan

    I just started a small business, and this would be great to manage all my day-to-day tasks.

  • millca

    I’m in the process of trying to find the best project management software for my needs. I have two main jobs plus a home business so I have MANY different projects going on at all times. It gets overwhelming really quickly.

    I’d love to give Pagico a chance to tame my bizarre life and give it some semblance of order. Thanks!

  • Marc Garneau

    I’m not sure if it’s a ‘life after 40′ thing or what, but I’m sure becoming highly dependent now on productivity tools to stay on track of my various professional, personal, and family interests.

  • Josiah

    The possibilities are endless.

  • Dave Kinget

    Would use it to manage my responsibilities, and organize the team I am leading in the business I work for..

  • Dennis Houston

    Would use it for my home business, I am doing freelancing, and this would help put things in order.

  • Maria Kinget

    Amazing app, would use it to organize everyday tasks, and manage my time.

  • Noam Smadja

    I am a manager at a youth camp this summer and there is sooooo much to plan :) i was looking for such an app and this free liscence could be exactly what i need!

    thanks millions even if i dont win it, your website is of great importance!

  • Glendafrench

    Just this week, after 2 years of planning, I filed a license to go freelance. I am currently researching project management tools like this. I am trying to start off as professionally as I can. This would be a great way to get my business off to the right start.

    I love all the Envato sites, thank you so much for them. From the Freelance Switch podcast to my Tuts license, I use your sites daily and they have really inspired me to go forth in creating my own business.

  • Andrew

    I freelance, and I’m a PhD student, so I really need the help with organising…

  • jarbi

    I will use this app to organize my business (do more at the same time).

  • HarleyBeer

    Hello everyone … I would like to use this application to manage my
    company and (once you have it) get all the performance you
    can. Thank you very much. Greetings. HarleyBeer.

  • Blind4Seven

    I’d definitely use it for my college work and my sound design projets. The GUI looks amazing. :)

  • bilouweb

    I want to use pagico to manage the different research projects I am involved in.

  • John

    I am the owner of a small psd to html firm and this application will be excellent for managing my projects more efficiently !

  • JJW

    I’m a freelance blogger/media consultant and this looks like the perfect program to help me get the most out of my time and the most efficient result for my clients.

  • Jim

    I would use it to manage my contact and inventories. I will not win, i do not win these things, ever.

  • Baptiste

    I’m a new student in a engineer school and i begin project in stage. I have also a lot fo courses and a lot of project. I don’t have any application that can help me in my project management. (Sorry I’m French :) )

  • Aashvin

    Hi……I use this wonderful application. And it helps me in my school work

  • Andrew D

    Being a student studying architecture, I have projects that are constantly due. A better question might be, “what wouldn’t I use this for?” I am always being emailed files, and it’s easy to fall behind.

  • George Passwater

    Great app!

    I would use it in many things actually. In my freelance copywriting and blogging business as well as my work with special needs organizations and project work. Looks like a great way to get organized and stay on top of everything from business to personal.

    Thanks for offering this great program out to us in the community.

  • tom



  • Ariel

    What a cool looking app. Would use it to manage my web projects and balance real life with work life. Thanks!

  • diabolis

    would come real helpful in managing my softwre projects =]

  • Connor Crosby

    I’d use it for school and managing my clients.

  • Larry

    I run a small graphic design firm with big deadlines and am using the trial version of the software and think that it could help keep us in the black and on time. I had been considering purchasing copies for everyone to track projects. This giveaway would help start that process.

  • Donny

    I’d use it for project management.

  • Arsen

    It would be great for my freelance activity. I’ll cross my fingers

  • Chris

    I’d use it to replace Anxiety which is, one the one hand pretty decent, but one the other hand not very functional. The app would definitely help getting my schoolwork and design/coding projects done in less time.

  • Evan

    I’d use for my new iPhone App project management.

  • Mihkel

    I’d use it for all kinds of stuff – personal and work related projects, GTD, my freelance writing activities, blog planning and so on – seems like a good centralized GTD software to be the one and only task management app…

  • checkyoulater

    I handle Quality Analysis for an inbound technical account, as well as manage new hire training for that account. on top of that all I try and make time for some freelance work here and there when I can. This would greatly increase efficiency, helping me squeeze out as much work as I can within any given time frame.

  • Frank

    I would shape up my working days in a jiffy ;)

  • Kris


  • Rafel

    Wow… I would use it for organize my work… Much to do, and no time to do it… I need it!

  • Sylvaticus

    Long time GTDer; always looking for the perfect app!

  • Pablo Mercuri

    I would use it to manage my daily workflow and organize my projects

  • Leslie B.

    Managing multiple projects

  • Ángel

    I’ve just started as freelancer and I want a tool like this one to set a remarkable service to my actual and future customers.

  • stacciaburatta

    I’ll use it in my freelance work to keep track of my project.

  • Gabriele

    I started as a freelancer a couple of months ago: Pagico would be perfect to keep things organized and help me manage the chaos that arises when you start a new thing, a new “way of life” indeed… hope to be the one… :-)

  • DavidM

    I would love to organize my schedule and tasks with this program. As a student’s spokesperson I have to coordinate many things in addition to my personal schedule. In a class this semester I learned about time- & resource-management and it seems this software delivers a great way to do those things.
    Greetings from Austria.

  • Furio Ferri

    I will use it for my everyday planning/keeping order at work.

  • Todd Moore

    I would use it for my work as a freelancer

  • Artem Kostenko

    I will use it to improve my work.

  • Jason Andreoni

    I’ve been searching for a kick-butt project/task management program for some time now, trying all sorts of things from Daylight to Things. Pagico looks awesome! I’d use it for my freelance Web design business.

  • Carlos Schmitt

    I would be able to use my mac at my work!

  • John Arens

    I would use it to implement GTD on the Linux platform. I am currently using GTD on WinXP and would love to get rid of all Windows dependence.

  • Fred Beiderbecke

    I’d use it help manage my professional and personal tasks.

  • Mare Downs

    I would love to add this to the top of my list. Organization is the way to go!!

  • Michael Van Dorth

    Organizing my work day has always been a hassle (I’ve tried with Daylite, Things, and even Microsoft Project Manager but I can’t seem to find a software package that works right for me). I would use it for my freelance web development business.

  • Teo Farro

    I will use it to organize my workflow.

  • MarkLeipold

    I would use it simplfy the clutter of contacts, tasks and projects. I would also use it as a Contact Relationship Manager.

  • Jash Sayani

    I would use it as a daily organizer for assignments, projects and freelance work. I will also use it for reminders.

  • formlotse

    I’d use it for my freelance work

  • Eric

    I would use it to manage my consulting work

  • Phil

    With any luck, my graduate school assignments @ Oxford. If not, then likely work, personal development, and creative projects.

  • Bing

    daily planning for my project

  • Matt

    I’d use it for University work. I’d be awesome for it!! Imagine how much better my FYP will be with your help…

  • Barry W.

    Between coordinating a cub scout pack where I am cubmaster, my design/development business, and countless volunteer projects this would be a perfect addition to my workflow!

  • Jing

    I’d be using it to reorganize my contacts and organize course materials in law school.

  • Matt Sullivan

    I’m all about GTD. This app looks cool.

  • Rick Popowitz

    As a two-time entrepreneur running a virtual company with just 1.5 employees (you should meet the half employee), my job requires heavy project management resources especially tracking multiple projects simultaneously, organizing expense reports and managing nearly 1,000 contract. This app, based on your review and a quick visit over the the product website likes like “da bomb!”

  • Keith Ciociola

    We’ve assembled a small, geographically dislocated team and are in the process of gathering requirements for a web application software project for a client. Pagico would definitely help us to manage tasks for those individuals too keep everythingon track. We’ve been eagerly awating the Channels functionality that’s currently in Beta so that we can work collaboratively without being in the same location.

  • Rob W.

    This app would be dead useful for organizing a college workload.

  • Patrick

    i think i´d use it for upcoming projects to replace things and my todo-book

  • Khanh Le

    I will use it to replace RememberTheMilk :)

  • Scott Sawler

    I will use this to help organize and negotiate the regulatory frameworks governing clinical trial research in oncology. It’s a daunting field!

  • max

    i’ll use pagico to manage my teams next project.. looks just awesome!

  • LaToya

    Wow, nice looking app! I could really use this for all my organizing and staying on track of tasks.

  • Omair Ahmad

    I would use it for web design and my school work.

  • Michal Pfeil

    manager all my photo gigs and projects. the app looks beautiful!

  • Simon Darby

    This would be ideal for ‘Work in Progress’ reports, and keep me on track at the same time.

  • ChrisDL

    I would use it to organize my exam jobb, which we do in Sweden to finish our education from university.

  • Nikki

    I would love this – I love anything that can help me organize!

  • pieter

    Have just compared just about all the GTD software and this is the best !

  • lenko

    I would use it to manage my group software projects.

  • JJW

    Wow. Awesome. Thanks heaps!