Win a Snowtape License

Today we’ll be giving away five copies of Snowtape, an application that will be fully reviewed next week. Snowtape is the perfect solution for recording audio from various Internet radio stations, automatically tagging each file with appropriate information and album artwork. Perfect for quickly filling your iPod with interesting new music.

If you’d like to win a copy, simply leave a comment on this post letting us know who your favourite music artist is. Be honest – we won’t judge you!

The competition will run for one week, and we’ll announce the winners on Friday 23rd October. Good luck!

  • Anthony

    Daft Punk

  • Odd Bjarne

    Fall Out Boy!

    • http://deleted David


  • Teo Farro

    My favourite music artist is Bono from U2.

  • Douglas

    Favorite Musician : Denver & The Mile High Orchestra

  • kevin

    my fav is defly Coldplay

  • webbografico

    at the moment of writing my fav artist is Skunk Anansie

  • Stevie


  • Matthew Atkins

    Favorite band is Brand New. Great, Great band!

  • Aaron White

    My favorites are Frank Sinatra, Jack Johnson, and John Mayer.

  • Stevie

    My favourite band is Rammstein

  • Alex

    Wilco. Is that bad? meh… I also own a copy of Twisted Sister’s Stay Hungry.

  • Michael J. Young

    Death Cab for Cutie.

    Looks like a really cool app. Can’t wait for the review.

  • Eric

    My favorite band is The National and my favorite solo artist is Sufjan Stevens.
    Both nothing to be ashamed of! Great music. Check ‘m out.

  • Bill Labus

    My all-time favorite is Stereophonics. Somebody tell me they know who they are! (Here in the U.S. nobody’s ever heard of them :) )

    • Jed

      maybe tomorrow

    • Kat

      Seriously?! They’re a great band!

  • Chris

    Robbie Williams

  • Mark Sinkinson

    Favourite artist has to be Queensryche!!

    Or Heaven’s Basement

  • David

    Favorite music artist at this time is. . . Britt Nicole!

  • Bruno Moniz

    Pink Floyd!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Bruno Moniz

    Pink Floyd!!!! :)

  • Carlos Vidal

    Joy Division

  • Adam Jones


  • Carlos Vidal

    Joy Division

  • Carlos Vidal

    Joy Division

  • Brett

    Dave Matthews Band!

  • Andrea

    The Killers

  • Arcank

    Delirious? is my favorite band :)

  • omega


    (hint: it’s clan =))

  • Michele

    Foo Fighters!

  • Erkenntnis


  • Nik P

    I love Franz Ferdinand!! Snowtape looks really cool :).

  • Lars Peters

    Alphawezen is great…

  • Michael F


  • Zettt

    I’m my most favorite aritst. :)
    (Yes, I really make music, no joke.)

  • Gummiball


  • Tomasz Godlewski

    Contemporary Noise Quintet.

  • Levi Breederland

    Family Force 5

  • Patrick Becker

    John Mayer

  • Sven

    My favorite band is “Die Ärzte”…

  • Dominik Porada

    Markus Schulz :-)

  • Drew

    My favorite band is Metric with their new album, Fantasies, closely followed by the the band The Jealous Sound.

  • J. Gart

    Owl City.

  • Daniel Kanafa

    Linkin Park

  • artmenstudio

    Lil’ Wayne

  • Florian

    Grandaddy of course!

  • Roger Mitchell

    Jack Johnson

  • Raymond Phillips

    My favorite artist has got to be Brad Paisley.

  • Joseph Hughes


  • Coach Spoon

    The Dukhs

  • Xavier

    Uf uf uf !!! I wish I only got a favorite artist!!! ;-D
    Let’s see: Beck, any flavour of Chill out music, Chopin, Coldplay (uhm, too trendy), Foo Fighters, Jazz (uh, dude!!!), Massive Attack, Mozart,…

  • meira

    Josh Groban & Trans Siberian Orchestra.

  • Dixon

    Probably Wilco or Ben Folds.

  • Gavin

    Rise Against

  • Dylan Brown

    At the moment, my favorite artist is Passion Pit.

  • Vivian

    According to my LastFM account, John Williams ;) But maybe The Cinematic Orchestra or Sigur Ròs…

  • Benjamin

    Keziah Jones!
    (and many more funky, groovy and jazz stuff!)

  • Nico


  • Russell Cooper

    Passion Pit

  • Sebastianf


  • Richard

    Queen! :)

  • Alice Ralph

    Jenny Lewis and/or Rilo Kiley (one in the same!)

  • Thomas Furlonger

    I have way too many to name but here are a few:
    Dream Theater
    Alter Bridge
    Breaking Benjamin

  • Bruno

    Well, without any doubt my all time favorite band is Depeche Mode.

  • Gaelle

    For me it’s Colbie Caillat and John Mayer… and I would very happy if I could have Snowtape, it can be very useful !

  • iPad

    OMG! Dream Theater is the best band ever!!!

  • Adam

    2 Pac.

  • Bruce H

    The Rippingtons-Jazz done in a fantastic way for over 12 years! Russ Freeman is a genius in many ways and well-respected by people inside and outside of the music community. Simply awesome music!

  • Wes Hinshaw


  • Josep Yepes

    Mark Knopfler

  • Eric

    Jimmy Eat World.

  • Thomas

    Tune Up!

  • varun dogra

    bryan adams

  • Tomek

    Unequivocally Depeche Mode!

  • Josso

    My favorite band is the Christian band Downhere [].
    They have just released a Christmas album (How Many Kings: Songs for Christmas) and you can download an older album for free (legally) at :)

    I think they help me in my faith to God. :)

  • FiZ


  • Mashi


    Not the black metal band, I’m talking about the keytar playin’ shark-woman!

  • Salmon

    Definitely Matenrou Opera (摩天楼オペラ) A visual kei band!

  • Alex

    Michael Jackson

  • Nikola

    Eros Ramazzotti

  • davpel

    The Replacements

  • Jay JOhnson

    Deep Purple

  • Nathaniel

    Eyedea from E&A

  • Bambang P
  • fdeth


  • Andrew

    Dave Matthews Band!

  • Bill


  • Jacob Abshire




  • Karl

    Kate Nash, I love her I do.

  • Lhowon


  • Nic Brownlee

    Right now . . . Kings of Leon !

  • Robert W

    Maroon 5

  • Robert W

    Maroon 5

  • Robert W

    Maroon 5

  • Marco

    Avril Lavigne

  • Vince

    The Doors

  • Alan

    The Tragically Hip

  • Fred K

    sort of stuck on Feeder right now. “Purple” from the Swim (Re-surfaced)/Echo Park period is rotating a lot in iT…

  • Sean

    DJ Coone

  • Paul

    Elliott Smith

  • Matt

    I’ve always been a big fan of Streetlight Manifesto, but lately I’ve been hooked on Vampire Weekend and Flogging Molly.

  • Kevin Jacoby


  • Tim

    Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons

  • Josh Boulton

    To be honest, I don’t really have a favourite artist – I love finding new ones either from the radio or from friends and don’t generally listen to the same band for long – this is why this would be great for me!

  • Tyler Johnson


  • Gordon

    Very old school!

    Emerson Lake & Palmer

  • @MikeCase

    Paul Oakenfold

    Loves me some TrancePort

  • Tony S.

    VH…….Diamond Dave era, of course!!!

  • Nikos

    Michael Jackson

  • Dave

    John Mayer is a good place to start. :)

  • Mark Grambau


  • Robin S

    Hands down, gotta be George Strait, going strong for almost 30 years, with more than 50 #1 hits. Plus, he’s mighty easy on the eyes.

  • broshing

    Allman Brothers Band

  • djflippy


  • Jesse Lavery

    Favorite artist: Cracker.

  • ChristianK

    I love Gareth Emery’s music!

  • Riccardo

    Verdena (an italian group).

  • mauzav

    My favorite artist is Dizzy Gillespie, greetings.

  • miho

    my favorite artist is Jupiter Jones.

  • Elias Tan

    Favourite artist: Disturbed

  • Elias Tan

    Favourite artist: Disturbed

  • fellowweb

    Madonna… recently again. ;-)

  • Mike

    Grace Potter & The Nocturnals

  • Dan

    It’s hard to pick my fav artist/group.

    But if I had to I would choose Thievery Corporation.

  • Christian

    Red Hot Chili Peppers

  • ijoys

    Lenny Kravitz

  • Daniele

    Dire Straits

  • Justin Mabee


  • yoyo

    Stevie Ray Vaughn

  • Airblais

    Xavier Rudd. He does it all, plays the didgereedoo (no clue how to spell that god awful word), drums, harmonica, bongo, piano…all at once and sounds awesome doing so. He even sounds a bit like Paul Simon – a guy he used to idolize as a kid. Check it out –

  • Mihla

    I enjoy listening to Jack Johnson.

  • eddy86

    Can’t say just one. But let say… AC/DC. (and Aerosmith, Joe Satriani, U2, Led Zeppelin, Guns&Roses, Metallica, Inmates, Cult, Creedence, Bon Jovi, Muse, Franz Ferdinand, Backyard Babies, Killers, Foals…and one hundred more) ROCK is my favourite artist.


    Hahah i love MGMT, indie rock music :D (song – kids)

  • Jean Waucomont

    One of the greatest is the Finnish “Korpiklaani”, a beautiful mix of folk and rock.
    It’s hard to pick one, but this one is in my top 3.

  • Joewins

    Definitely Rush…

  • Indra

    Black Eyed Peas

  • Stephanie Gauthier

    Favorite Artist: Philip Glass. Check out his Violin Concerto- it is really beautiful.

  • mattinsalto


  • zlawell

    I’m a “baby boomer” my favorites are the golden oldies of Motown, I rarely listen to anything else. However, listening to “recent” music, Alicia Keys is a favorite.

  • Serafin

    John Mayer

  • phonk


  • kev


  • Bruce

    G. Love and Special Sauce

  • Jens

    Keane. Even says that. *g*

  • Anil

    Jack Johnson

  • Jannie


  • heinz


  • Rob Edward

    One of my favorite bands is The Be Good Tanyas. They have an incredibly unique sound, and are amazing musicians. Check them out at:

    I hope they start touring again. Right now, Jolie Holland is out doing some pretty interesting solo stuff:

  • Matt


  • Maikel

    Mark Knopfler

  • Iestyn Lloyd

    For those loud shouty moments in life…..
    Queens of the Stone Age

  • Devin

    I can’t believe no one has said Bob Marley yet…I will! BOB MARLEY!

    ps. the duplicate comments are annoying :(

  • Marc

    Rollins Band

  • Pedro

    Jimi Hendrix :)

  • Jose


  • Eli

    Doubting between koan sound, current value and idoleast.
    But i think i’m going for current value, he gives the most of variety and still you can always recognize his songs. :)

  • Daniela


  • Bartek Jablonski

    Radiohead yeah!

  • @macmerized

    “The” MJ!

  • Chris McGurie

    Right now – Ra Ra Riot.

  • Marko

    Robin Thicke

  • Zac

    My favorite artist is Chevelle. I love their lyrics and musical style. ROCK ON!

  • Matto

    Living Sacrifice

  • Baley


  • Matto

    Living Sacrifice

  • Alii G

    A tough one but at the moment its Breaking Benjamin!! Their new album is outstanding

  • GlassWatcher

    Blue Scholars

  • Victoria Tran

    Depeche Mode.

  • Warren Nelson

    Diane Birch

  • Nick Outram

    Kate Miller-Heidke … or Urban Symphony. Can’t decide!

  • Jacob

    At the moment: Air
    Just been getting into their new album (Love 2).

  • Henry Bennett

    Jack Johnson!

  • Xavier Fajardo

    Mogwai, the best.

  • Remy


  • Jed

    16 Horsepower

  • Class

    Sigur Rós ;)

  • Matt

    the goo goo dolls by far

  • MatthiasJordan

    I enjoy listening to everything from Mozart to Greenday. At the moment, I’m bingeing on Brand New and Manchester Orchestra.

  • Teryn


  • Kat

    Jars of Clay, Kings of Leon, Eraserheads –>

  • Jonathan

    I love the new Glee Cast music! Have them all from iTunes. I also love Mika.

  • Ashley Mitchell

    Kristin Chenoweth is hands-down my favorite vocal artist. I tried snowtape awhile back and fell in love.

  • Daniel Whyte

    hrmmmm, would have to be MGMT

  • Topy

    one of my fav bands….

  • Gabe

    Aerosmith, love them oldies

  • Nick

    Barenaked Ladies

  • EGY99

    Village People

  • Andy M

    Regina Spektor – I say that because her new CD is great.

  • Rafael Garcia Motta

    Miles Davis & John Coltrane : Dear Old Stockholm

  • Robin

    John Coltrane

  • shaxixi

    Arco&Josh Ritter

  • Simon DeMartini

    No doubt, Breathe Carolina is the best!

  • Nathaniel

    Rodriguo y Gabriela or Led Zepplin, depending on my mood.

  • Steve

    It’s a tie between System of a Down, the Shins, U2, and Metallica.

  • jenny miller

    Best ever Aussie performer – Kate Miller Heidke (new Live at the Hifi unbeatable)

  • martin

    Sheryl Crow, for sure!

  • martin

    Sheryl Crow, for sure!!!

  • supidupi

    tough one, but last few days listening to The xx, Azeda Booth & Take
    there isn’t a one that stands that much above others

  • Elad Gariany


  • Jeff

    Modest Mouse

  • Simon


  • D3V4

    The Oasis :)

  • Konstantin

    Muse with their new album “The Resistance”.

  • Martin

    The XX

  • Christian

    Daft Punk

  • twe4ked

    Hilltop Hoods

  • Adrian Katz

    Definitely Coldplay.

  •$ paul rostorp

    Muse& Linkin park

    please let me win!!

  • paul rostorp

    Muse& Linkin park

    please let me win!!

  • paul rostorp

    Muse& Linkin park

    please let me win!!

  • Rafo

    Foo Fighters

  • Jim

    the boss

  • Simon

    Daft Punk

  • Rune

    The late, great Michael Kamen.

  • Nicolas


  • Koen Bakx

    Bobby McFerrin

  • maeltj


  • Mario Da Mota

    Cocteau Twins. :]

  • Tim


  • David F.

    Joy Williams

  • David F.

    Joy Williams

  • Francisco Boleaga

    Sarah Brightman

  • Tuomas


  • Kees

    Moby is my favorite artist! ;)

  • Nacho

    Well it’s REALLY hard to pick up just one, right know I’m gonna choose Mike Patton as my fav (incredible no one has mentioned him yet), he’s got many different projects (Mr Bungle, Faith No More, Fantômas, Tomahawk, his album with Kaada…) and they are all different from each other, creative, experimental, crazy… He’s a must listen

  • WalrusCP

    Metallica followed closely by Iron Maiden. Old school metal ftw!

  • Perry Fjellman

    Anything with Ben Gibbard, anything with Mike Patton, DevilDriver, Five Finger Death Punch, The Art of Chivalry, Collie Buddz, Chimaira.

  • Perry Fjellman

    And Imogen Heap.

  • Vasili

    At the moment it is Owl City, but that will probably change by the end of next week! ;)

  • KeeTeean

    My favourite is David Guetta

  • flunkycarter

    Atmosphere! God Luvz Ugly!

  • J.Limberg

    Kirsty Hawkshaw

  • Otavio

    My favourite music artist is Iron Maiden. I’m 30 now and still listening to it :-)

  • cbi

    My fav has to be 10CC, especially the ‘Sheet Music” album, absolute classic!

  • Chris Morgeson

    The Black Keys

  • Zhivago

    Favorite band: Messenger of Hope

  • Dan

    Ben Folds.

  • Raffael

    Chemical Brothers

  • Jim K

    Nine Inch Nails

  • Liz

    Patty Griffin

  • Othmane Benkirane


  • pete


  • ricardo_drummer

    My Favourite Band is Green Day

  • Hazim


  • Grace Smith

    It just has to be….Prince

  • Bernard Borg

    I love Jethro Tull

  • Eülst

    I think mine is Squarepusher.

  • Delano

    Shawn Colvin.

  • Kresten H. Jacobsen


  • Jeff


  • Jacob

    Ryan Farish

  • Jacob

    Ryan Farish

  • Timm

    Fat Freddy’s Drop from Wellington (NZ)

  • Rushko

    Pink Floyd, Samuel Barber, The Ramones, Sisters of Mercy, The Cult, Radiohead…

  • DeepBlueNine

    Daft Punk

  • Leandro


  • omar

    Markus Schulz

  • Munch

    Richard Thompson

  • Sukhdeep

    A.R. Rahman

  • Nathan Lunsford

    Well, if I am pushed to pick a favorite right now, I would have to say Muse (but other favorites include Coldplay, Mute Math, Red, and many others).

    Snowtape looks like a slick app.

  • David

    David Crowder Band

  • Prashant

    Nick Muir

  • Heather St. Marie

    My own band Hydrovibe, of course!

    But I also love Mum, Sigur Ros, He Is Legend, Mew… the list is endless!

  • Sulcalibur

    My favourite artist is most probably Daft Punk, but I feel I should say something like Jimi Hendrix.

  • ted

    My favorite artist is Ratatat.

  • rictal

    The Foo Fighters.. Awesome band..

  • mono

    Kate Miller Heidke

  • Ariyo

    Arnold Schoenberg

  • Michael Polák

    Jason Mraz

  • Lee Howson

    Tanita Tikaram.. I know

  • Walter Giesbrecht

    The Who

  • Lee

    i love all american rejects

  • Aggy

    You know, best music comes from the movie soundtracks from Bud Spencer & Terence Hill movies. Oliver Onions ftw

  • Laurent


  • Dennis

    Leonard Cohen, Jeff Buckley, Janis Joplin, Neil Young…

  • Dennis

    Leonard Cohen, Jeff Buckley, Janis Joplin, Neil Young…

  • Shinfo

    Every Time I Die!

  • Henry

    My favorite i have to say is Family Force 5.

  • Mike C

    Jason Mraz

  • Bob

    The White Stripes.

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  • Rebel


  • Drew

    Dave Matthews Band, Coldplay, Chris Tomlin

  • Phil Poccia

    You Love Her Coz She’s Dead

  • David Ferguson

    Ok, yeah, one wont cut it…
    Framing Hanley, Linkin Park, Breaking Benjamin, Tool, System of a Down, Red, Fuel, Disturbed, Chevelle, etc.

  • Anthony

    Story of the Year

  • Francesco

    Sonic Youth

  • Tim

    The Smashing Pumpkins

  • boonie

    System of a Down

  • Lonnie

    I’ve got to say it’s a tie between David Crowder Band and Steve Fee.

  • Lonnie

    David Crowder Band

  • Henning Horn

    – A danish band

  • Austin

    Breaking Benjamin

  • Noel Bellen


  • Nicole

    Does it make me old if I say Mac Davis?? So be it! ;)

    Great review today, BTW.

  • Ron van de Graaf

    Daft Punk

  • Tim

    Noise Ratchet

  • http://P Friedemann Wachsmuth

    Anna Ternheim

  • Joseph Tremblay


  • Mirko

    Linkin Park

  • Doug May

    “favourite” = David Grisman

  • Rafael Vega


  • dave philips

    Velvet Underground

  • Jeruk Sunkist

    My Chemical Romance!

  • doug

    Ingrid Michaelson. Mmmmm.

  • Tim Park

    This looks excellent. Bruce Springsteen Rocks

  • Adam Hughes

    Tv on the radio

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  • Paul J

    2 Skinnee J’s! Rock on.

  • Muscar

    My current favorite is Insomnium

  • Denise

    Jimmy Eat World

  • DuMe

    Justice! :)

  • oykun.yilmaz

    woaa, cool giveaway : )

    my recently favorite is Serj Tankian

  • ferridder

    The National, it seems.

  • Adam Teece

    Favorite is definitely Jonathan Coulton.

  • mani

    The Subways

  • evul


  • Shane

    Damian Marley

  • Andrés


  • Big Lou


  • DPz


  • KevinBrown

    Clark Terry from Oscar Peterson!

  • David Hamel

    People Under the Stairs!

  • Mike McKenna

    Rage Against the Machine!!!

  • goose

    Bob Mould

  • ursamajoris

    Bright Eyes

  • Simon

    Autechre! Can’t say they are my partner’s favourite though.

  • Shugi

    Franz Schubert

  • S+T+M

    Utada Hikaru!

  • caustics

    Franz Ferdinand

  • Roger CWB


  • Kman

    Lordi! :) Ok, Lordi isn’t really my favorite, but needed to be added to the list.

    Prince is prolly my favorite. Amazing guitarist and overall musician in general.

  • Rik Girbes

    Lil Wayne

  • Andrew Lennon

    The Beatles

  • Robert Isaacson

    Bruce Springsteen, the boss. Who else?

  • pablo

    The Beach Boys

  • Mihai Neacsu


  • Konabeer

    The Original……… Elvis Presley

  • Jash Sayani

    Taylor Swift !

  • babas63

    David Bowie …. the return of the Thin White Duke

  • Frank

    Buble and Connick Jr.

  • apod

    Radiohead by far.




  • Dave Oliver

    The Police

  • Paolo


  • Damon Sharp

    Metallica… since the Kill ‘Em All album. Yeah, I am that old.

  • Camilo Hoyos

    What first cross my mind right now is Radiohead

  • Robert Harder

    Michael W. Smith

  • Jordan Megahy

    Snow Patrol!

  • Scott

    Billy Holiday

  • x3th


  • AndyM801

    Blitzen Trapper! (listen: Black River Killer =

  • David


  • Dennis P. Maloney

    Diana Krall

  • John Einselen

    Favourite artist? Neigh impossible to decide, but I’ll go with a quick decision and go with the band Hem!

  • August

    Many of them….
    Let´s say Jacques Loussier

  • BK

    Dire Straits

  • Miguel Wickert


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  • Daniel Groves

    It varies hugely every day. My all time favroute is Pink Floyd, but I might spend one day listening to Tim Minchin and another listening to paramore.

  • Saint

    This Program sounds kinda HOT! So if you select a type of music say Deep House will it find other stations that play that type of style around the world or just the U.S.? Or say the BPM of that style of music will it sniff out the same BPM of the selected music? Would like to know and like to have!

  • Kipp

    It’s so hard to choose, but I would have to say my favorite of all time is Weezer.

  • Christopher Harley

    I’d have to say, “Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.”

  • Adam

    at the moment…. snow patrol

  • Patrick Heiremans

    My favorite U2

  • Patrick Heiremans

    Mijn favoriete groep is U2

  • Liam O’Brien

    Philip Glass amazing music great to just chill out to

  • LPG


  • Stefanos Hadjisoteriou

    Buena Vista social Club :D

  • wetspiz

    letucce, Buena Vista social Club
    great band!!!

  • Michael Newton

    Currently, my favorite artist is Brandi Carlile – what an amazing voice!

    Trialing a demo download of Snowtape at the moment and it’s looking good (having just switched from a PC to Mac). Love to win a licensed copy of Snowtape!

    Michael Newton :)

  • Julien

    Frederic Chopin

  • Shoey

    Counting Crows!

  • Angus


  • D3l3t3m3

    The Phantom´s Revenge

  • Jonathan

    Matthew Dear

  • Garyweb

    The Doobie Brothers

  • Dwayne Smith

    System of a Down

  • Chris Morda

    so hard, Johnny Winter

  • David

    Michael Buble!

  • Svein Halvor

    Neil Young, without a doubt.

  • Hardik Panjwani

    Poets of the Fall

  • Brian Carty

    John Hiatt

  • John Kondylis

    Bon Jovi

  • Eric

    The Decemberists

    They are a vocabulary lesson and a band!

  • Coses de Mac

    Tom Waits

  • win-bug

    Pink Floyd

  • Julio

    Jason Mraz

  • Cannonball Blonde

    A Fine Frenzy!! :)

  • Juan

    Still running? :)

  • Salid

    Daft Punk

  • Yves

    Led Zeppelin

  • ALM 25


  • David Sirh

    The Clash

  • megan

    drake bell

  • Jonathan Lentz

    Snowtape wails.

  • njh

    Great you finally took a look at Snowtape. It’s really the best app I know for radio on the net.

  • Nick

    Owl City

  • MattK

    Today? Flogging Molly – St Patricks day forthcoming.

  • Henry Mercer


  • Glyn

    30 Seconds to Mars

  • Ben mason

    Foo fighters

  • Albin Lundberg

    Swedish House Mafia

  • B

    The Phoenix Foundations