Winners Announced: Win a TextExpander License!

Winners Announced

I’m pleased to announce that we’ve announced the three lucky winners! Congratulations are in order to:

  • Wiehann Radyn
  • Adam M
  • Smyge

Original Competition

Today we’re kicking off a new competition to win a copy of TextExpander. We recently published a head to head of text expanding apps, putting different software in this category through its paces. Text Expander came out as one of the best apps available, and we’re thrilled to give you the chance to win a copy today!

We have three full licenses up for grabs, and entering is really simple. All you need to do is leave a comment on this post, letting us know why you’d like to win a copy!

The competition will run for one week, and we’ll announce the randomly selected winners on the Thursday 28th October. Good luck, and enjoy your weekend!


Add Yours
  • I’d like to win! And you better let me win, cause that would increase my odds of becoming a great physician and thus healing you from all those nasty diseases (I’m studying medicine and have to type a lot – TextExpander would be a remedy!)

  • Commonly used snippets of code!

  • I read the comparison article, and I think my productivity could improve with this app. Why not use the best?

  • because i don’t have any patience…

  • Because I love my Mac and it would make coding and writing emails so much more comfortable!

  • I’m ready to jump on the text expanding fashion train!

  • I’d like to win a copy cause I am a “poor” student from germany, living at the edge of existence with my MacBook Pro :)
    Well… anyway… a copy of TextExpander would be pretty awesome!


  • great app !

  • Hola!!!

    I want this app because on Thursday 28th October it’s my birthday and I will not get any gift… it’s so so sad :(

  • All ninja’s need the right tools to get the job done and I have to say I’m definitely lacking in my text expanding department. A copy of TextExpander would be GREAT!

  • my txt ’s 2 shrt

  • TextExpander seems to be in the top 5 productivity tools for the Mac. Who wouldn’t want that? Union workers, maybe. Hehehe

  • I want to win this because I am developer and anything that can improve my overall coding speed saves me time and money! This app is probably the best thing I have seen for this purpose in quite sometime and think it would greatly improve my speed!


  • As a developer, TextExpander is more important to my day to day productivity than Emacs. Now that is saying a lot!

  • Cool. I’m really need it.

  • been thinking about these apps since i read the other article. if i win, then i wont have to decide which one to buy!

  • would absoluetly love to get my hands on one of the licenses…keeping my fingers crossed!!!thanks appstorm

  • What can I say? TextExpanding – no more textfounding ;>

  • I want to win this application because I am too lazy to write anythink. But if I had it, I would become a better web-developer. Maybe :)

  • I would like to win a copy so that every 108 minutes instead of typing out all those numbers into the computer I can just press the shortcut key.

  • Thanks for offering the giveaway!

  • I would like it, to reduce the amount of typos I have on the common phrases and quotes and stats I use!

  • Please help my coding get faster and reply to the same monotonous emails!

  • Now that’s cool!

  • Awesome! I code a lot in php, actionscript, html, css so this would be a great productivity booster!

  • Tried the demo. This is the best timesaver!

  • I should win a licence because my fingers really hurt, save my poor achy fingers!

  • As a law student I do lots of briefs and having TextExpander at my back would make many things much easier.

  • This moneyless college student and aspiring theme developer would really really love to win a textexpander license :)

  • I’d like to win a copy because I’d use it, everyday. As an attorney, I’m constantly typing in the same text, over and over, and a global text expander is just what I need. Plus, I hear TextExpander is the best!

  • Text Expander is one of my top 2 Mac Utilities and I would love to get a license. Keep up the good work!

  • In a day to day use it would just make sense, we all try and cut corners to either be quicker or to simply be more effective in our work/play, I would use this vs my other apps. I think it is basically much more complete.

    Good luck everyone!

  • I’m picking up work at a major production company this week; getting common snippets of information (such as address, job titles, and any other repeating elements I’ll see soon) down QUICKLY will make me much more efficient, hopefully drawing a little positive attention in the process.

  • I’m trying to cut down on the amount of repetitive tasks that I do. I read your article and it looks like TextExpander is right fit. Hope I win!

  • Having any type of app that will help me be more productive means more money in my pocket!

  • I type to much. My keyboard letters are going dim. I need textexpander. My life would improve so much.

  • So I don’t have to write out and/or copy & paste long pieces (or even common pieces) of code while making websites.

  • This looks like productivity on/in an app. Looked for similiar apps, but there aren’t that many as good. This could make things easier and more productive.

  • I’ve been thinking about buying this app for some time now so winning it would be awesome!

  • I’ve been running the demo version of TextExpander for too long! I want the satisfaction of knowing that my computer will nom abbreviations in fully licensed glory

  • I purchased Typinator a year or two ago, but since then just haven’t been particularly impressed by it. Would love to use TextExpander instead!

  • Because your random system will choose me :)

  • I have heard TextExpander many times, it is useful for daily text editing

  • Would love to win a license. This app would be such a time saver, and I love that it’s not app specific.

  • I would love to win!

  • I would love to win. I work in education and reply to teacher emails all day long. It’s amazing how often I am repeating myself. I would love to try this software out to see how much time it would save me.
    I’m also on the board of a non-profit organization and use email a lot for them. I could see myself saving a ton of volunteer hours there.

  • Let’s just say I’m really sick of copy/pasting code snippets!

  • Because I’m super-slow at typing!

  • Because I save time and effort with TextExpander!!!!

  • I would like to enter this challenge because I email and text edit a lot, and this would cut down time and allow me to become more productive with what I do. Thanks for the opportunity to win this awesome program!

  • i write codes.. long and repetitive codes.. but after i red your review and try out the demo, TextExpander have saves me a lot of keystrokes.. TextExpander is just friggin awesome..

  • I’d like to win…. from italy… thank you!

  • Because TextExpander is pure typing bliss.

  • I’d like one to stave off the oncoming repetitive stress injury that I know is on the horizon from excessive keyboard use.

  • First comment? Win the first license?

  • I love TextExpander- great app and would love to have a copy!

  • Expanding text is more fun than shrinking pictures!

  • I’ve never tried any text expander before, but I’m a definite keyboard guy. So I’d like to have a try.

  • I am in the process of setting up an online magazine dedicated to productivity on the Mac and need to streamline my writing process. I have been reviewing many apps like TextExpander, but overall this seems to be the winner!

  • As a developer its quite time saving to have some common lines of text/code by hand ;)

  • i’m programming much with php=html and i think that TextExpander would be very helpful for me to make this work more comfortable and effective.

  • Please I need this!! Because I write a lot and this is a lifesaver..

  • I really like the concept behind textexpander and i am write my own blog Styledealz. I think I could save a lot time with a tool like this.

  • I’d love a copy of Text Expander to reduce the time I spend writing out the same functions over and over again.

  • Would love to get one these bad boys. Great program, really easy, and as a developer this thing is invaluable to me. I use bundles in textmate, but its just not the same.

  • Because I’m lazy, and this app rocks! :)

  • Mmm, I love key commands and making my computing life easier. Sign me up!

  • Because it is fun to win things.

  • I need one of these licenses, or else… I’m going to be eaten by Monkeys. Evil monkeys. Evil Brazilian monkeys with bananas on their handas.

    I live in Brazil, so I really need to deal with these life-threatening furry devils. The best way to do this is typing a lot of texts and giving these texts to the monkeys. They don’t attack when reading.

    Text Expander will realy help me typing a lot of stuff really fast. Most of the text will be repeated and the story (yes, it has a story) won’t make sense. But what do I care, they’re monkeys!

  • Aaaahhhh!!!

    University final year project dissertation. SO MUCH REPETITION!!!!


  • it looks useful

  • on 9 hours a day, I work 8h with text, enough? (:

  • I’d like to win a licence because the clipboard feature sounds cool. Rich

  • Have to type a lot of code over and over again. The copy of textexpander will be useful while writing tutorials for Tutsplus ;)

  • I’ve been testing out various text expansion utilities and haven’t settles on one yet. As a database manager and web dev, I’m constantly looking for (and making) shortcuts to simplify command lines.

    Typinator and Presto seem to be the only other worthy competitors on OS X. A free license would end the battle!

  • I just think it is great :P

  • I’m in, but..I want to expand :)

  • I’d like to win a copy so that I wouldn’t have to type out long messages – like this one – in which I’m begging for a TextExpander license :-)

  • This app would greatly help my work. :)

  • I tried the app as a result of your post and love it. I teach English at a college and spend my time commenting on papers. This allows me to make frequent comments much more detailed in their explanations.

  • I would like to use it for code snippets!

  • I would really like to speed up some daily tasks in office with this …

  • I would LOVE to win a copy of TextExpander because I get tons of customer service emails from people and it would be so nice to just type “Gee, thanks” and have it expand into a nice, custom-looking thank you letter, or have a nice custom looking stating “I’m sorry to say we’ll have to agree to disagree.” whenever I type “piss off.” haha Thanks!

  • TextExpander would help speed up my development work.

  • I’m thinking snippet storage baby!

  • haven’t used it so far but would like to try, love its presence in iOS & Mac apps
    good luck all :)

  • I participate quit a lot in online Mac forums and find myself continuously typing the same words like “Snow Leopard” or where to find a certain application.
    With TextExpander I could just type “SL” or “AppPath” and save some me some time spent typing.

  • I’d love to win a license to Textexpander because you would then be directly responsible for helping me avoid RSI injuries. I answer so many support emails in the same fashion it’s not even funny! And imagine the increased productiveness while coding! Hell I think my family would also be grateful for any way you can help me save time, I bet Textexpander can easily save me a couple of hours a week!

  • because I want more than one my email signature

  • I’m still using the old free version, when it was Textpander, and using it many times daily. Would love to be using the latest version.

  • Doing abbreviations is my favorite business. Count me in, please. Thank you.

  • Would love a copy of text expander. Unfortunately student budgets don’t stretch that far…

  • I write up economic projections, and a lot of these forecasts include the same snippets of text. TextExpander would make writing a lot easier.

    Would love to win a copy.

  • I have TextExpander on my iPad and would really like to sync it with the Mac version. I think that it will become dramatically more useful on the iPad once OS 4 arrives.

  • I would like to win to cut down on the repetitive typing I do all day long. I am at my computer over 12 hours a day.

  • Because we need it for business and completely love this little tool in our everyday work :-)

  • “Why you’d like to win a copy”?
    Well, strictly based on this sentence, this would avoid me buying one!

  • I would love to win a license as I will be getting my first Mac very soon and a ton of truly amazing software discovered @ appstorm are on the my to-buy list.One free license would be very welcome indeed!

  • I’m a Texter user on Windows, and haven’t found the solution I want to use on my mac yet. (Haven’t looked too hard, though, really enjoyed your review the other day.)

  • I’d love to win a copy of TextExpander for the snippets and clipboard management!

  • Like to quote and use same patterns a lot. Would love to get the app!

  • Could be a useful utility to have around.

  • Would be great for study… & I love it on the iPhone!

    Cross my fingers!

  • I’m really liking the demo of TextExpander I have now and a license would mean I wouldn’t need to buy one :)

  • I’m using Typinator at the moment, but as TextExpander for iOS is getting more and more support from 3rd party apps and I do more and more typing on my iPad (in which case I could really need a text expanding tool) switching to TextExpander with its possibility to sync is something I really think about right now. So … winning the desktop license would be awesome! :)

  • I’d love to win ’cause it’s a great piece of software.

  • Using the built-in Snow Leopard tool at the moment, would love something more robust and fully featured.

  • I should win because I need it for scripting and common code

  • I would love to win a copy, because sometimes it can be a pain in the a** to write all the stuff I need… Whether for coding, writing mail, for university (excellent for courses where someone speaks fast!) or other daily writing chores!

  • Because Jean Jean the dancing machine works at Smile and I hang out with her on YML and I’m from Oregon!

  • I love tu use it with markdown and some coding.

  • I’m lazy. Very lazy. Very very very very lazy.

  • mmyreason ->

  • Although I already have a license I’d really love to have one spare to give to a mac newbie that comes my way ;)

  • i can just type with 3 fingers of my right hand at the moment …
    textexpander would be very nice :D

  • snippets, email, whatever!


  • love free software + lot of emailing + lot of coding = TEXTEXPANDER for free :]

  • I’m an avid Text Expander user…and would love to have a license to give to my wife as a gift!

  • Because I have it on my Ipod

  • I would love this for CSS

  • Because Text Expander will expand my free time! hahaha.

  • Great App! I want one! :)

  • Hi,

    I would like to win it for coding.

  • I live off of code snippets as a web designer and this would just make my life sooo much easier!

  • I need this because I have 3 jobs and I go to school so I have zero time. I am sad and without a second of extra time. If I only I had text expander I could save a couple precious seconds and then I could stop and smell a single rose.

    Help me mac{dot}appstorm{dot}net you’re my only hope.

  • Hit Me!

  • i hop eto win

  • I would really like this for use in my college course work!

  • I’d use Textexpander for assisting with the writing of common references among my college papers as well as for code snippets I’d use for Web Development work.

  • TextExpander would make me save so much time when I do web development. Hope I win. :)

  • Because I get really lazy and really sloppy when I am out and about with a not-too-good laptop.

  • Life is too short.

  • Because it just helped me filling this form in my macbook, now I need it in my iMac :)

  • My girlfriends wants me to spend more time with her! With TextExpander I can keep doing the same things, but quicker!

  • because it’s very useful for an old-school-handwrite-programmer like me!!

  • I would love this for all my coding and work related stuff (php/css/android development/ mysql/ common email sayings)

  • partecipe

  • Great timesaver!

  • I type the same thing over and over again on almost every school document and this would make my life easier!

  • Because I don’t want to get a non-legal copy… :) Kidding!! This software is awesome, and it will be more awesome only if I don’t have to pay for it…!

  • Because I neeeeeeeeeeeeed it !

  • I hope i will win a license for TextExpander.

  • ‘Cause it’s seems like a good application :D

  • Because it’s a pain in the *** to type Italian and Spanish accented letters on an English keyboard!!

  • I love to sleep, let me save time.

  • it might help me with the ladies…if you know what i mean….. ; )

  • As a student I get to write all the boring ‘blah blah’ again and again…TE would actually make my life better.

  • I’d like to win a copy =]

  • I would like to win a copy so that I can quickly do homework on my computer.

  • I’d like to win a copy of textexpander because I think it could save me about 1 hour of typing every day and I could spend that time with my kids instead of replying to emails.
    thank you
    Steve Barry

  • Love TexTexpander and I dont know why. help me

  • As an educator, I would welcome a license of TextExpander to save typing time.

  • I wanna win it because you said that TextExpander is the best client to expand texts! :)

  • to keep all my buddies from telling me to buy it. been putting this off for too long.

  • I have been coding and writing lots of stuff recently. However, not every app has auto-complete especially text apps like Pages. Once you get used to auto-complete like XCode its has to go back to typing everything yourself.

  • I want this Text Expander App just because….

  • It’s like a license for lazy typing. Awesome.

  • I need it! i need to code faster and have more time to go and home and keep coding… wait… ok. Yes, I want a license anyway!!!

  • because i don’t have a license yet.
    thanks for the giveaway

  • Really need it to boost my productivity!

  • This would save a ton of time while coding!

  • TextExpander… hummm… great for coding!!!!

  • I would love to win because I use Phrase Express a windows based text expander and I have heard a lot about Text Expander to Mac equivalent and I love to put it through its paces to see how it compares!

  • I’d love to win because I just realized there was a cute triangle face within the balloon logo. You made that possible because you made the logo so large on your lovely site.

  • I’d really like a copy! As a student I have to outline a lot, using similar strands of text for notes, essays, assignments. This would help a ton!

  • Good for precreated references for scientific writing.

  • I enter a lot of repetitive text as part of my job as an fundraising event coordinator – TextExpander would be a great improvement for timelines, GTD, and documentation.

  • I’m a student and it would make note taking so much easier!

  • To make coding faster.

  • Ah, what a absolute pleasure it’d be to save a few toe-strokes here and there.

  • I’d like to win a copy so that I can easily paste plain text in apps which don’t have the ‘Paste and Match Style’ option in their ‘Edit’ menu (which is more than you’d think).

  • The feature that puts TextExpander above all the other typing utilities IMHO is the Fill-in-the-blank snippets feature. Using custom fields for variable input would make my life so much easier when writing repetitive emails…

  • text expander + textmate = the best way to code

  • I just want to save time. :D

  • This will come in handy for my Web Development!

  • I would like to win because the app looks handy and I always have heard great things about it.

  • I’d like to win because then I could save time writing emails and code for my website and take that saved time and write more music for AudioJungle, make lots of sales and therefore make you all more money! ;)

  • Because I am the shit!

  • I’ve heard many great things about this app and I would love to have it in my arsenal! :)

  • This is a very cool app which will help a lot with my productivity. I’m actually considering to get it, but would be better if I can win it here. Cheers :D

  • I have been using the iPhone app and love it.

  • My kybard s brkn…..

  • I’d love a TextExpander license to help with productivity in both written communication and web development.

  • To be honest I am pretty lazy and this would help me stay that way…awesome!

  • I’ve always wanted to see if this app really is all its said to be – and if it is, I don’t know how I live without it!

  • I need to win because I type a lot and Carpal Tunnel sounds painful, and I’m already in enough pain with multiple spine injuries.

  • It makes me more productivity

  • I’m from New Zealand and Warners are threatening to take the Hobbit elsewhere and my job as an Elf extra.

    I’ll be forced to fall back on web development and TextExpander will speed me on my way.

  • I’d love to win a copy to increase my productivity at work, where I do a ton of typing!

  • Wouldn’t it be so much easier for me to write this comment with the power of TextExpander? :)

  • If I win I will know the contest is fair.

  • I would like to win in order to become a ninja coder and conquer the web world!!!

  • would to win for first time pls

  • it’s really great thing

  • I really hope to win this time because this app can help so much for me

  • I love this app for mac

  • I use LaTeX a lot for writing my papers, and it is very common to reuse a lot of mini-templates for figures, tables, etc. The same apply for coding, where no big algorithms are need but just small common pieces. Finally, I often prefer filtering text data files using regular expressions using different editors, so having a good bunch of them pre-stored would be great!

  • Great, count me in!

  • I’ve been trying TextExpander for a few days and I love this app, now I couldn’t live without it

  • Please, let it be me.

  • I’d really like to win a copy :) But not shure I have any single chance :)

  • Tried the demo. I can’t live without!

  • i would be really happy to win one! it is a real time saver!

  • Wow, a very cool app up for the graps! Count me in!

  • I don’t get it for what is this app and if it really save time so I love to check TextExpander on my Mac.

  • Copy&Paste was yesterday, TextExpander now!

  • This app would greatly improve my workflow and save me so much time. Thanks!

  • I like because it’s easy to use.

  • I would like to use TextExpander because it makes typing easier and lets to organize snippets.

  • Been trying Textexpander for a couple of days now and it’s been a big timesaver already! I much much use it for everything..emails, coding… nice piece of software..let me win, support a student! :P

  • cause i really love and want to have TapExpander on My Mac!

  • Make my day and just let me win this app:-)

  • Because I never seem to win… and it would streamline my email workflow.

  • Wow, look at the number of comments! Never used text expander but all reviews such as the one you wrote have shown it to be a great app. I want to get in on the fun and give it a try! Thanks.

  • Woah! I’ve been waiting like since forever for a giveaway like this! TextExpander is something I’ve been eying on for such a long time, but I never had the budget to buy it… :( Hope I win! :D

  • Because I’m a poor, poor researcher with a hacker mind, but with bad typing skills…

  • TextExpander would be an ultimate productivity booster in my Web Development Process.

  • Haven’t had good text expansion since my days on Symbolics in 1990…

  • Please, please, help me …… to write faster :)

  • Flat broke single father of two boys who needs everything and anything that can help him save time.
    Or you can pay my rent this month ;)
    No worries thanks for the shot.

  • It would be great to have a copy :D

  • Checking if a free license is actually waiting for me before making the purchase myself.

  • Im honest. This is my first comment here and its just because I want to win a license :D

  • This is a great app. I used to use it a lot and ave just got back into using it now on my new computer. I would love a copy of the newer version!

  • I really want to add TextExpander to my writing tools. I think it is very useful :)

  • Saves me time.

  • I’d love it!

  • Yes please

  • This would save me so much time. Great app. Good luck people.

    Love from Greece.

  • I don’t know how many times I have been to the Smile site to look at this app, but every time I really think that I just can’t justify it. I am pasting snippets into Simplenote at the moment, and although it is a great app I know that TextExpander would probably make more sense. It’s the price that’s putting me off, even when I have seen it discounted. So I have sat there dithering whether to buy this and PDF Pen, but haven’t got any further. Make me the winner and I will buy PDF Pen too!!

  • I Gould like to win because I write a lot of emails and long texts on my Mac and for this reason owning a copy for TextExpander would be a great help!

  • TextExpander makes repetitive emailing a breeze. I love it and i love that it syncs with DropBox now!

  • With a copy of TextExpander I would work so fast, that I could realise my plans of world domination… chacka :b

  • Seems really interesting, i’m in!

  • I’ve heard so much about that application, I’d love to try it out.

  • I’d like to win because it would increase my productivity and decrease my wrist pain. Then maybe I can ditch the wristguard. ;-)

  • I Love how you guys always do these competitions. Ok, so here is my reason:
    I would love to have a copy of Text Expander cause i am a Web Developer, as you probably know, web developers are always typing. Most if it is is the same as what they typed three lines ago, this can really get to you cause you feel like you never get anything done! Please let me have a copy of Text Expander so i can insert my text easy into the code! Thanks

  • Because I like shortcuts and it would really integrate nicely into my coding workflow~

  • Productivity apps are my newest craze! Need this one to…

  • text expander? wow!



  • Every second I would save on typing, I could use it to read appstorm.

    Good luck to everyone.

  • Wow! So many competition! Would love to win this! Makes typing soooo much easier and faster!

  • I think this would be a very useful application. I would like to win this.

  • TextExpander!
    I’d love to use it.

  • Hooray! My old copy of Typinator is woefully outdated and I desperately need to purchase a new license of …something… but I just thought to myself I’d rather go with the tried and true TextExpander instead!

  • It even expands the meaning of my Mac life!

  • I always look for a way to automate my work flow. This app will make my live so much easier.

  • I’m really need it!

  • Hope to win to write fast on my mac!

  • I want it cause all my friends have it and love it ;)

  • why do man use mac? because it revolutionalized the user experience that we have with regards to using a computer. why do man use textexpander? because it revolutionalized the way we type with the keyboard. and i, want to be part of that revolution, i want, textexpander! give it to me! please? ;-)

  • I suck at tupng :[

  • Better productivity, woo hoo!

  • great app for web-developers. Because I’m on start-line in developing this would be big help for me. Regards from PL!

  • Would be fantastic win a copy of TextExpander.


  • I would love to save lots of time typing useless comments to win great software in blogs by using TextExpander ;)

  • TextExpander would really enhance my workflow! Please pick me. :)

  • I’d love to win a copy…

  • I would like to win because I am studying architecture. and to tell you the truth, architects have bad handwritin. This software will really help me out!

  • Great app. I already use the demo version (since’s review) and it’s saved me a lot of typing. I hope i get one license…

  • Would love to be able to have the same text-expanding shortcut across all my apps. Winning a copy would be great~

  • Already using it on my iPod. Would be great to being able to make my life easier on the desktop as well.

  • to make my life easier!

  • Every mac podcaster I listen to is absolutely in love with this app! There must be something to it!

  • As a student going to two different universities, i have a lot of writing to accomplish. Including two foreign languages as well as five English classes.

  • I am looking forward to the expanded features of Text Expander. 8^)

  • I need it to speed up my coding.

  • I have only heard good things of TextExpander and it works great on my iOS device! I am sure that it will be very useful to me on my Mac as well.

  • Awesome app, would love to win a license ;)

  • I remember using Typinator from MacHeist for a short time and I really liked it. I ended up losing the serial with no way to get it back. I miss using it and I think TextExpander would be a good replacement :)


  • I’ve been wanting this app for some time now.

  • I’d love to win a copy… My typing sucks. :-)

  • I want it~ to speed up my productivity

  • This would definitely help me save time writing anything! Having tried the trial version, I especially love how easy it is to enter Greek letters and special symbols for reports.

  • i am going to win it without a doubt. watch it happen

  • I’ve been using Typinator on my old macbook But now don’t have any Expanding App on my iMac!

    I have heard TextExpander is the Best! it would be a great for my iMac and my workflow.

  • it can be tiresome & a bore to type the same lines of code over and over again… with textexpander all this can be a breeze and can make it all look cool as well.. ;)

  • It’s a wonderful application, and I’d love to own it.:)

  • I would like to use snippets on a more professional and more customable way.

  • I saves me from typing words like “Geistes- and Sozialwissenschaften”.

  • Great application! Tried the trial version and really loved it! Nice for impatient people like me who tends to make mistakes when writing schoolwork because I am too used to using MSN language. XD

  • Because it makes life easier

  • I need it to speed up my writing.

  • Would love to win a license, it would help a lot when developing something (my admin CMS for example:))

  • i love this app. I use it on my work’s Mac and it helps me while writing code.

  • I sure could do with less typing to get more words.

  • TextExpander is one of the must have apps that I need to get my work done. A free license would just be the icing on the cake

  • :)

  • When writing novels/articles it would be awesome with this app for auto completion of words =D

  • Students need short cuts, period. Thanks for your consideration. Cheers! :)

  • because I find myself having to answer the same sort of email very often. It would be great to find a new way of speeding things up around here.

  • I would like to win because I can’t find a job, and I am a hard working student. School work would be LOADS easier. And I love your blog.

  • It is powerful text editing!!
    Built-in HTML and CSS snippet would be a time saver.
    Thanks for offering the giveaway ;-)

  • I am a Computer Science student and TextExpander will help me to input all the snippets of codes with ease. I would love to win a license.

  • Looking for ways to be more efficient, and TextExpander would be a nice tool for this. Btw, you guys rock.

  • i want to have an license because i need it (i know that it is a baad argument)

  • I want to have a license of the best text expanding app, namely TextExpander.

  • I’d like to win a license because I’m not happy with Apple’s text replacement at system preferences.

  • I want it cause everybody have it and love it ;)

  • I’d like to win a copy. I use text completion in apps like Coda and Textmate and I would simply like to use it system wide with text as well.

  • I would love to win a copy because I code a lot, and this is one of the programs I’m missing to work better and faster :)

  • I’m a student and writing email’s, lab reports, etc. would become simple. It would also provide simpler and more effective workflows.

  • I’d love to win a TE license as it’s a great productivity tool.

  • I work in a pc environment making website. and i’ve been trying to push the supervise to go with macs. A lot of us bring our own macs and work faster because of all of these super mac apps (that we often find through this site), but having the textexpander will support our case of how fast we work under macs.

  • I would love to win because with all the papers I have to type for school it would save me loads of time and lots of money on energy drinks.

  • thanks to smile software and appstorm for this contest

  • Who knows, maby I get lucky.

    PS. keep up the awesome work!

  • Saves a lot of time. Great tool. Will be glad to have it.

  • Such a useful tool!! I love it!

  • Of course I’l like to win. As a developer I can sure you, back when I was still working with Windows, there wasn’t a single project that I’ve did that didn’t have somehting written with Texter (a free Windows alternative). So why should I win? So that I could have this great feature again to boost up my productivity. Also ’cause I work as a part-time teacher, it would be nice to teach people about this tool too. :)

  • My iMac asked me to through his hat in the ring to hopefully win. He is lonely and wants to mate with TextExpander.

  • Please enter me.
    I’ve been waiting for a special offer for this program.
    Everyone raves about it !

  • I am working on a ton of automation shell scripts in BASH and this would improve my carpel tunnel situation.

  • Hello all, i’m a frontend developer that have a daily routine of creating test pages on my HTML/CSS/jQuery integrations (i don’t know if that term exist in english).

    I tested the demo that is Soooo useful to me ! Appstorm, please, pimp my mac !!!!

  • Great mac utility to own.

  • I’m a developer, and I’d love to do the boring boilerplate code quicker and more efficiently, so I have more time doing the fun stuff (implementing UI, of course!). I’d love to be able to write alloc/init’s with only 3 or 4 keystrokes! I already have the demo – it’s great, and I’d really make the most of a licensed version.

    Fingers crossed!

  • I’ve tried Typinator and TypeIt4Me but far prefer TextExpander’s UI. The form-filling feature highlighted in the recent review is really outstanding. Thanks for having this promotion.

  • Want want want!!

  • I want a copy of TextExpander for help me write my post faster.

  • Fingers crossed :)

  • Help me win a license for TextExpander, Help Save the world! My blog is coming!!! It will help you stay healthy and informed!!!! The world is waiting :D

  • Let’s just say that I have Elephantitus and a laptop on my ‘lap’ for too long is quite the woozy kadoozey. I am-a-needin some speed-typin, shortcut wielding goodness in my oversized world, and TextExpander is just the cure for that itch.
    I also only have one finger on each hand, so, uh, yeah, you know… TextExpander!!

  • TextExpander is the most, I think, practical application to use on Mac OS X while we are typing a long text. Just typing in some acronyms then voilla, a beautiful long text we set it before comes up.

    I think I need it and I hope to win it. I work a lot in typing. And it makes me so hard to type in a long text. Therefore, I think, I need an assistant to help me when I do my typing. Thanks…

  • As long as not all my favorite apps support the text replacement system of the OS I will be coerced to use TE! Hope to win.

  • textexpander to expand my knowledge of coding! nah im just poor and cant afford the license

  • Because I hate typing

  • Because I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, I have arthritis.