Win an iBank License

Following our review of iBank, I’m pleased to announce our latest competition to win a free license! The application is worth $59.99, and offers a great way to stay on top of your finances.

We have one license up for grabs, and all you need to do to enter is leave a comment on this post. The competition will run for one week, and we’ll randomly select the the winner on Wednesday 29th July.

Good luck, and be sure to follow us on Twitter or subscribe to the RSS feed to find out if you’re a winner.

Happy banking!


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  • I’d Love To Win It :)
    Good Luck To Everyone!

  • I´d love to win too :)

  • Nice app! It’d be great if I could win this license! :)

  • I’d love to win this!

  • I’d love to win it too!
    The lucky one wins, guys :)

  • I’m sooo lucky!
    This licence is for me!

  • Hello

  • I’d love to win it too!
    Good luck for everybody!

  • Fingers crossed!

  • iBank is a nice app. I’d love to win it.

  • I’d like to enter the competition. Hope I win!

  • Let’s see if my finances will be better with this app… lol… :P

  • iBank is a great app, I would really like to win! :)

  • This application would be perfect to help me keep track of my money… I might even get my taxes in on time :P

  • I can’t believe I won it! thanks!

  • In for the WIN.

  • Good luck everyone!
    Great review!

    I’d love to win!

  • There are so many banking apps out there. Most of them suck. Maybe I should give iBank a try …

  • #WANT!

  • iBank!

  • #want too!

  • iBank is my favorite personal finance software! I’d love to win it! :)

  • An iBank to keep track on my iMoney :) Would be nice to make a bugdet for a new MacBook Pro 13″ !

  • Good Luck To Everyone!
    Hope this will be mine!

  • My landlord’s an ***hole, my family are no longer coming to the UK from Italy because of swine flu and I’ve got a headache. Please let something good happen this week, please?

  • I love the design of iBank, very mac. Right now I use another not-so-beautiful “bank” application that shall remain nameless… so I would love to win and switch!

  • I want this great app!

  • +1

  • Count me in! =)

  • I don’t have anything like iBank, and it looks like a seriously smart option! Thanks to them and to MacAppstorm for giving away a copy!

  • I´d love to win too :)

  • I’d love a copy of this software =]

  • Yes please!

  • Hope to win a copy of iBank

  • Great app, and great review. Love giveaways :)

  • iBank is good for me!

  • If I win could I have some cash too to add into my bank :P Lol not really (unless you want to of course). :/

  • iwouldlike ibank ithink

  • I’d love a license!

  • sounds cool! would like to win the licence!

  • Count me in! I would like a license!

  • And back again.

  • Yes please. :)

  • Maybe my money will last longer if I had this app.

  • This is an interesting app… want to win!

  • Pick me! Pick me!

  • I’m just trying to save money for a brand new iPhone without contract. I’ve also quit smoking to save this money.
    Now I need something better than my current spreadsheet :D

  • Looks like a full featured competitor to Cha-Ching and I would love to win it.


  • It’s worth a try.
    I also wish everyone good luck!

  • I could use it because I’m tired of using a spreadsheet manually for this kind of thing :D

    Good luck all :D

  • I love ibank.
    Thank’s all.

  • I don’t think I’ve won anything in my life, but this seems a good place to start!

  • This is a great promotion – iBank looks great.

  • Yes please!

  • It was a great review. Thus, I would love to get my hands on a copy!

  • I’ve used Wesabe for two years, and after suffering from what they call ‘the Twitter storm’ (when transactions sent via Twitter went haywire and duplicated and deleted at will for a few days several months ago), I decided I would rather be in closer control of my own financial data. So I’ve migrated to iBank and iBank Mobile over the past few days – and I’m delighted. I would love to win the licence, because, uh, money is tight – and that’s exactly why I need the licence!

  • Nice app, nice promotion :D

  • Yuuuhu Mr. Random algorithm! I’m here!

    Good luck all :)

  • A fantastic product, would love a license! :D

  • Happy Birthday!!!

  • Great blog you have here. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Hello! My name is James and I would like to participate in the promotion to win a license for iBank.

  • Love to win a license!

  • I just tested this app as my main budget app… Id would be great to win!

  • MobileMe sync nails it ! The smoother my workflow, the happier I am. I would probably switch from Cha-Ching permanently.

  • Thanks! :)

  • I could use some help to quit waiting on worthless intuit to release their vaporware quicken for mac (or whatever they’re calling it these days).

  • Hook a brotha upppppp

  • Wish myself good Luck

  • I would love to win a copy of iBank! Pick me!

  • Fingers crossed!

  • I need to got my finances together. Would love to win! :-)

  • iBank at myBank

  • Great app. Would help me not be skint every month

  • no one trusts Banks now, but we trust iBank! Because it stands for I am a Bank!

  • I’m in!

  • Pick me… pretty please?

  • Great program! I really need a replacement for quicken.

  • Hola, this is handy (seen your app review this week)! Chance on winning a license… nice :)
    I am sure that IF i’d win, my old “bankbusiness” excel sheet can move to Trash.

  • I would love to have it!!!

  • yeah I want it!

  • Please enter me in the ‘drawing’ for free iBank.

  • I like this software. :)

  • Looks like a great app :)

  • Help me track my money please!

  • This would be cool!

  • I could really use this to clean up my financial mess…

  • Moi!

  • It would definitely help!

  • iBank!!!!!! Woa!

  • I need a license because I got to keep up with my expenses.

  • Count me in!!! :D

  • Yeeeeeaaaah!!!

  • Mmmm, iBank.

  • I could certainly put this to use!

  • I’d love to win this one!

  • I would love to win! I need a new a good banking application.

  • It would be nice to finally get off of Cashbox

  • It’s been forever since I’ve seen a good financing manager, I would love to win this.

    Good luck to everybody else!

  • One app missing from my dock ;)

  • Thanks for the review! I would love to get a finance app as robust as this one!

  • I’m in.

  • Count me in. I’m ready to switch to iBank from Quicken for Mac.

  • iBank is such a great app! Thanks for making me aware of it.

  • Great looking app! Pick me please!

  • I’d love to get my finances organized. Would be nice!

    Good luck everyone!

  • Just when I started looking for something like Microsoft Money for my Mac…

  • Yeah, iBank! I would actually LOVE to win ;)

  • Good luck to us all!

  • Great app. Thank you for the opportunity to win a license!!

  • Pick THIS guy!—————> (me)

  • iBank!!!

  • Natty.

  • Yep, would love to win that!

  • It’s gonna take a lucky penny to win this one; but, if I do, it’ll sure be saved and earning interest before the year is up.

  • Ok… lets see what happens :)

  • Yep, i would love to win that ;)

  • iPunk

  • Would love a copy of iBank!! Woot… gotta try :)

  • Come on….daddy needs a new pair of shoes!

  • I could really use this one. Maybe I am lucky.

    Thanks for the Give away.

  • i’m in!

  • My money thinks I don’t care for it like I should. Help me show my money some love!

  • Great app!! Would definitely love a license!!

  • Hoping to win!

  • Pick me!! Pick me!! I’ve wanted this app but the pricetag has kept me from purchasing it.

  • How about the iPhone app too? ;-)

  • Hell ya! I would love to have this App!

  • This would be a great replacement for that other half-effort decrepit Mac finance program… ryhmes with stick-in.

  • Thanks for putting this up for winning!

  • Would love to be able to finally ditch Quicken. Could iBank be the answer? I’d love to find out.

  • I have many transactions to manage that would be easy with iBank ;)

  • Loved the review earlier this week and would love to win a copy!
    *enables roll hack* haha.

  • Thanks for the contest…

  • The only thing better than free is free money.

    This is close.

  • Been eyeing this program… hope I get it!

  • I have been wanting to try out ibank for some time now, but I guess that I need some imoney first to put in my ibank.

  • I would love a copy of ibank.

  • I’d like to win :)

  • i want to win

  • Give IGG’s fine aesthetic sensibilities, I’d like to see a more aggressive move into business finance software. IGG’s iBiz software is no alternative to the deplorable platforms like QuickBooks out there.

  • Interested in trying it out!

  • I need help with money….this would be muy useful.

  • Very nice, I want a license!

  • Another good looking finance app for the Mac.

  • The companion iPhone app is what makes this interesting, I’d love to win a copy. Thanks AppStorm!

  • Count me in.

  • Thanks for the opportunity to win, I could really use something to organize my finances!

  • iBank… get my finances in order at last. Wouldn’t that be great.

  • Love to win it! Many thanks.

  • I’m not using any software in this space yet, and would love a copy of iBank.

  • Students need budget software! Pick me!

  • Winning would be outstanding!

  • Desperate to get away from Quicken

  • Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto.

  • Pretty please?

  • One license for Spain.

  • Me encantaría ganar esta licencia. En México somos aficionados de appstorm. :)

  • Domo arigato Mr. Roboto.

  • Would help with the finances.

  • I like the software, more if I win :D

  • Put me in the game too!

  • Starting my freelance business AUG 1st this would help a lot!!

  • iBank! :-)

  • yay for ibank… cha-ching just isn’t cutting it these days.

  • Count me in!

  • yay for iBank!!

  • Thanks for the contest!

  • Been a long time Quicken user, but with the lack of development with Quicken for Mac I’d be up for trying something new.

  • Looking for a good finance app – hope I win! :) GL ALL.

  • I would definitely benefit from this! Thx for doing this. :)

  • iBank FTW!

  • Count me in!

  • Free is the right price for me! :) This would be good for tracking expenses as I begin working freelance


  • I’d love to win it too!
    The lucky one wins, guys :)

  • would love to try it out

  • Entry 1001…

  • i need to win so i can clean my books and get a license…

  • Would love to win it!

  • Hello iBank! Win win win…

  • Whoha, just thought about getting this App.

  • Sweet

  • want!

  • iBank could really come in quite handy, lets see if I win for once.

  • money, money, money ….. want to manage my money!

  • I want it.

  • I’ve tested the various Mac banking applications and IBank is one of my top contenders.

  • Count me in!

  • awesome app, but even better if it would be mine

  • I want it too!

  • I do love me some free stuff.

  • App seems very good, from all the review. Would love to get a copy.

  • iBank – a financial app that helps you save. Sounds good to me!

  • I hope I win!

  • I’d like to win this app. Nice competitor to Cha Ching. I want to better manage my money.

  • i would love this app since quicken still hasn’t gotten around to updating their mac app

  • I would love to get away from Quicken!

  • I would love this app

  • Pick meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Let me manage my finance with iBank.

  • Wow, this iBank app is nice to have. We won’t have to check balance online everytime we log in on the banking websites. Also, we could simply check balance on ibank app or mobile ibank. graphs are nice and easy to see where our savings go.

  • Hi there, just hoping I’m the happy lucky person to win this one.

    Thanks a bunch.

  • Hi!!! I d like to win!!!!

  • If I win I will be rich yes?

  • this is great timing….I’m giving ibank a try now that the iphone app is released

  • I hope I get it…I really enjoy the app a lot!

  • Awesome – thanks for the opp!

  • I’m in it to win it! Thanks :)

  • Hoping that I’m the winner!

  • You feelin’ it? I’m feeling it, It’s gonna be me. I’ the one

  • A license would be nice, so don’t think twice, I’ll have to eat rice, if I pay full price.

  • Well here goes nothing. Thanks.

  • oops, my last email messed up. Thanks

  • Thanks for the chance. Here’s hoping.

  • iBank, iBank, where’s the iBank?

  • I want this great app :)

  • Ready, steady, go!

  • Let’s try this one :)

  • Here’s to hoping I can win something sometime! Great app too!

  • there’s always a chance :)

  • I’d love to win an iBank License and use the app counterpart as well :)

  • So far I have a chance of 1 in 224 :D Here’s hoping…

  • Would like to switch from Chi-Chang. Good luck everyone!

  • This could realy help me out

  • Awesome! Let’s see how much luck I have

  • I must say… Most of the time I’m broke flat!!! Still I would really like to manage the few nickels in that are still left in my pocket!

  • Hello

  • Im’ in too ! This software is really sexy !

  • ibank has been part of my set of apps I am trying out even while waiting for Financial Life to come – now that it is set for 2010- and ibank has a iphone app this makes ibank worth thinking about – also to consider my quicken 2006 is not Universal and with the upcoming Snow Leopard Release I am trying to get rid of all my power pc apps in order to not have to run or even load rosetta.
    thanks for the review -and yes I would love to win too!

  • >>>>>>>>>>>>> Great!

    Please enter my name into the hat! I’ve always held off buying an app like this as none seemed to jive properly with my bank. iBank is the only one that has.

    >>>>>>>>>>>>> Thanks!

  • I would love to win even more than all these other people

  • Sweet. i would love this app!

  • Looking to buy this app. Thx.

  • Would love this app. Thanks

  • I’ve been used icompta for a while. I think ibank is better app. Would be wonderful have this app.

  • Is it better then ChanChing? It looks like a ‘bigger’ app, but more complicated.

  • I’d love to win this amazing application. Thanks for many great articles and good reading!

  • I would love a copy of this.

  • That looks *great* to have.

  • I would love to win a copy of this very nifty application please.

  • This would really help me out.


  • Here’s hoping that this nifty little App, if I win it, will finally mend all my financial woes… ;)

  • I tried the demo, it looks like a great proggie! I would love to win a copy.

  • I could definitely do with this, mainly to manage my steadily increasing debt.

  • I got ChaChing from MacHeist and it felt like a toy. Hopin’ to win this serious app.

  • I discovered this site about a week ago and I like it very much. Since it is showing me so many more new apps I really want, I really need this app to budget for them.

  • Well, this app has some really good features. Would love to have one! :)

  • Good luck everyone!

  • I love iBank!

  • Yes Please.

  • This would be really useful to have.

  • Yes, please!

  • hmm. that would be another thing I could try applescript on… haha.

  • Would love to win this.

  • I’d love to win this license too :)

  • I’m currently reviewing iBank and I’d love to win a free license for the product.

  • I hope I win! Good luck to everyone!

  • If I won this, I might actually have a positive number listed in my bank… :)

  • Would love to get iBank. Sign me up. Good luck to everyone!!

  • I hope i’ve good luck to win this =D

  • Looking forward to it!

  • iBank is a great app, I would like to win!

  • Hope to be the One! :-)

  • Count me in…!

  • Moi aussi!


  • thank you :the Apple Cow participates too ;)

  • Even if I don’t win, I enjoyed your review of iBank and will probably end up buying it anyways :).

  • This would be a great app to use!

  • I’m in.

  • Sweet Application!

  • I wanna win iBank!

  • i wanna play too

  • iBank looks wonderful! Thanks Mac.Appstorm!

  • Would be great to help track freelance work

  • Is it better than Cha-ching?

    Does it work in Australia?

  • Come on daddy needs some new software

  • Would be nice to win!

  • Wow, this would be cool!

  • Looks like a really good app and I’d love a license!

  • No whammies, stop!

  • Ohh! Ohh! Pick me! :D

  • Beat the queues at your local branch and use iBank!

  • Would love to switch to iBank.


  • Would be great!

  • iBank for the win!

  • Can’t wait to try it!

  • Pick me, pick me :)

  • This is the Money app I’d use if I won!

  • Like everyone else. I would LOVE this.

  • ibank!

  • Pick me!!!!!!! :D

  • Way to take on Quicken – keep it up – much needed

  • Would be awesome to win!

  • Fingers crossed I win!

  • And what about Portugal ?! ;-)
    iBank is a great app, I would like to win this.
    My finances never looked so good.

    Best Regards & Good luck to you all

  • Hoping….

  • a comment

  • great app . . .

  • I like this program. It would be nice to escape from the Quicken prison.