Win The Little App Factory’s Suite of Apps

We’re kicking off a bumper competition today, to win every single one of the applications created by The Little App Factory. We have three packages to give away, each worth over $60.

Here’s what you stand to win:

  • iRip – Easily transfer your songs and media from an iPod/iPhone back to your computer.
  • Ripit – The fastest and simplest solution for archiving your DVD movies to your Mac.
  • Evom – This is a free app but certainly worth mentioning, letting you convert and transfer your favourite movies onto your iPod, iPhone or Apple TV.
  • Rivet – Stream your music, movies, and photos to your Xbox and Playstation 3.
  • Ringtones – Last but not least, Ringtones creates high-quality ringtones for your iPhone straight from your own music.

Read on for more information about how to enter!

How to Enter

All you need to do is leave a comment on this post, suggesting one thing you’d like to see change on Mac.AppStorm. It could be a new feature, or a request to see more (or less!) of something we already do.

You can also enter over at iPhone.AppStorm to double your chances of winning, so be sure to head over there and have your say about our iPhone app site.

Best of luck, and we’ll be announcing the randomly chosen winners on Thursday, 18th February!


Add Yours
  • Wow. I need all these!

    I can’t really complain, I like how like the way MacAppStorm is setup. If I had to choose something I would say more reviews? There can never be to many reviews. Ha.

  • Well, I really like Mac.Appstorm but I would like to see a little bit more “How to”.

  • I wanna mine!

  • I would change: review more free apps! Or more giveaways for paid apps, or discounts or something.

    But really that’s very minor. :D

  • Mac.AppStorm is great! I’ve learned about so many great mac apps. I’d love to see more how-to’s- I feel they’re as important as learning about new apps, and it helps make sure I’m working effectively and getting things done!

  • For me it’s all OK… maybe change the background color with one more brighter.

  • Great suite, I want it !
    I suggest more hiring @envato ;) also more brilliant how-to articles would be nice !

  • Hi,

    It would be a great addition to add more content about updates of existing applications (changelog etc…) or comparisans between different software packages with the same purpose.


  • Awesome contest!

    Maybe a section on workflow. You work with individual apps and review them, but how about where those apps can fall in someone’s workflow.

    For example, I use TextMate in conjunction with CSSEdit (because, personally, I think that’s something that TextMate isn’t awesome for). But what about other combinations? Espresso + CSSEdit, Dreamweaver + x, y + b, etc. It’d be awesome to see how apps can help other apps’ shortcomings (or how they can compliment each other in a workflow).

  • I always wanted to know more about teaching management software. An article about that would be very useful :)

  • Definitely some more “how to”s!

  • It would be nice to have some more “tips and tricks” for mac os x and some mac apps!!!

    But I wouldn’t complain about it…

  • I rss to this site not bad very useful info

  • I would like to see more givaways directed to me. Lol

  • More in-depth reviews more often

  • Wow! Love this site, expecially RoundUp section! Keep on updating with RoundUps!

  • It would be great to have a users review section (on the app’s you cover) or some selected user reviews that would go onto the bottom of your reviews. Know it could be a pain moderating, but ‘ey.

  • Excellent! I’d recommend reviewing more free apps, or at least highlighting the price at the start because I often get the surprise at the end of the review of the price!

  • I would like to see tuts for making iPhone Apps… no?

  • Not a fan of the black background!

  • I love your site actually but I would switch to a more whity look :) you know more apple style :)

    Thanks for the giveaway :)

  • I would like to see a list of the “get today free” promotions :)

  • I think the site is great as it is, but some more screencasts showing off new apps would be nice.

  • If possible some tutorials on programming?

  • Id love a chance to win the pack of apps!

    Oddly enough, the one thing I would change if I could — the position of the search field. It should be higher up on the page. But that is just my opinion ;)

  • I wanna some articles about project managment

  • Well, If I have to suggest something, than maybe that the linking between all 3 sites should be better :-) Sometimes the navigation is not really consistent :-). Other thing is that it would great to have some more reviews about programms and apps.

  • Yes, a list of “get today free”. It’s a great idea! Also I would like to see more Typography and Design apps reviews.

  • I’d definitely like to see more How-To articles.

    Though more free app reviews would be nice because honestly, there are a lot of apps out there that, despite doing something really well, aren’t worth $30, $50, etc. Maybe more showdown articles then?

  • Short video in the reviews…. the best way to understand how an app works and some interviews to developers to understand UI and design philosophy of some of the best apps. :-)
    Apart from that, you guys are making a great job!

  • Some tutorials a little bit more technical, like Objective-C, Cocoa, Cocoa touch, etc…
    I’d also love more giveaways! And a section of free apps of the day!

  • I’d love to see more apps directed toward students and organization. I do love your little site here, though, and have read through most of it since I found it.

  • more how to

  • Love this idea, I would like to see more music apps.

  • Video Tuts and video reviews for Apps!

  • I’d love to see more networking “stuff” (reviews, how-to, etc. etc.)

  • Wow, these are an interesting set of apps

    I would like to see more of the mac.appstorm comic strip, the MacTastik. Hilarious and entertaining.

  • My suggestion would be to focus on more lists. Collaborating products already reviewed into lists comparing with similar products. Or just good old “top ten apps for ….”

  • I would like to see more of the reviews where you compare all of the top tools used for a category of computing to see which one is the best!

    For instance, reviewing all the best free Mac HTML editors or something like that, to determine which one has the most features and is the best choice overall

  • Pretty cool giveaway, as a new mac user I would personnally enjoy more How-to

  • Really – more of the same, though more ‘how tos’ would be good

  • It’d be nice to see more OS guides and how-to’s etc. as other have suggested above :-)

  • I would like to see “this is my setup” videos or screencasts. I like to see the small ways people customize their system to their workflows.
    Thanks for the contest!

  • Only thing I’d change is the black background…maybe something lighter.

  • More (honest) app reviews.

  • I love Mac.AppStorm. The reviews are extremely helpful, and my only thought is that i want more!

  • Here I am!

  • More reviews

  • Here I am.

  • Nice!
    I’d like to See more Reviews about free software
    that is useful in our everydays life :)

  • I like the site, but I want to change the amount of freeware you guys cover

  • I’m not exactly the right man for the job: that is, telling ‘the head’ who owns or / and runs a cool and working website what content should they add or modify – it’s like fanboy screaming, which is never good, haha.

    But if I must (and it’s a must, as ripit is ‘do want’), my two cents would be publishing more of those context-related app listings — application bouquets —, like “10 excellent apps for doing home business”, “5 must have apps for freelancers”, etc. That can be really helpful for those who fall in the thematical category of the article.

  • What I’d like to be added to the Mac.AppStorm reviews is localisation. I’m german and though I’m getting along fine with english, the ease-of-use of an app lies in localisation as well. I just feel more comfortable with apps that speak my language. If that aspect could be covered in your reviews, I’d be really thankful. Not to say I would LOVE a german sister- or brother-site of Mac.AppStom ;-)
    Markus Frieauff

  • Good freeware is great, but I don’t mind paying a reasonable price for my software. How about a section highlighting current discount offers, coupon codes, etc.?

  • I find it difficult to find items on mac.appstorm that I remember having seen in the past, but don’t know the details about anymore. I’m not sure what to search for, so I’m browsing over a bunch of the different menu options at the top and then scrolling down pages to see if I can find what I mean. It would be very helpful if there is a comprehensive ‘archive’ page that for example lists just all the titles of everything posted, together with a date or so. Or something more inventive that achieves the same goal ofcourse.

    Also it’s sometimes not completely clear to me what if an app or free, or if not, if the payment model is for an app. A little bit more attention to this detail in posts would be great.

  • More how-tos, especially using reviewed apps. So pick a particularly tricky task, and show how to do it in each of the reviewed apps that does that particular sort of task. Provides more of a real-world comparison for similar apps.

  • In general this is a bloody good site I have to say, I literally found everything I needed here so far. Anyhow there are a few minor things missing like a “What do you want us to test?” box maybe, or a forum? I know, there’s the commenting .. but a forum usually gives more order and is easier to search/sort.

  • More reviews of mac/iphone apps!


  • I would love to see articles where (the same sort of) apps are being compared.

  • I want to see an iPhone app with all blogs by Envato. Push notifications would be great if you could customize it.

    A ideas submission area would fit nicely too.

  • Would love to see a white background. It’s easier to read.

  • Can’t have enough tips and tricks IMO. :)

  • Reviews of obscure apps.

  • Love to see round ups of new companies that are doing great things on the Mac. Thanks for a great site — always enjoy reading it and its sister sites!

  • Would be kewl to see a series of posts on switching to mac from windows. I’m a web-developer and after years of hesitating (mainly because of funds) I’ve finally made the switch.

    Would be mega useful if there was a series of posts about switching (ie best programs to install first, what’s different. etc.

  • Reviews of some lesser known apps.

  • Really enjoy your work –

  • I’d like to see more app reviews and possibly a way to catagorize previous reviews so that we find the software that we need. Otherwise, I enjoy mac.appstorm because it’s trying to one thing (review software) and it doesn’t it really well.

    That, and better support for IE8 (yes, some of us have to work on Window’s Box’s), the top navigation doesn’t work particularly well (it hides behind the top information).

  • Great site – love what you do.

  • I would like to see more comparisons between products and some more reviews of free apps.

  • I’m a fan of things as they are – I suppose even more frequent updates….but there is only so much you can do! I just hope that this version of “little app factory” won’t disappear like the last one (connoisseur? hello?)…..

  • I love the website overall, but I do think that a forum would be a wonderful addition.

  • Mac appstorm is already pretty good, the only thing I could say would be more reviews.

  • I wouldn’t change a thing! I love this blog! It’s one of the main blogs I check everyday!

  • All I want to see is more quality reviews and highlights of new apps!

  • Love the site and just purchased several apps due to a review I found on this site for iphone apps. Love to see what others think about a certain app. Also, like to see comparisons between apps that do the same thing…. why is one better than the other.

    I hope I will this bundle :)

  • I would like to see more how-to’s :)

  • I’d like to see more how-to’s

  • I enjoy everything about the site, the tweets, and the rss feeds, EXCEPT MacTastik. It’s a lame strip that diminishes the appeal of appstorm.

  • I would like to see more polls on what apps everyone likes best for different types of purposes. Like I like Filemagnet for iphone over other file management apps.

  • Love the site and Little App Factory’s apps. I have RipIt and Rivet already, but my wife doesn’t ;) If I were to improve, I’d say give us more giveaways and discounts. Maybe even a bundle.

  • These apps would be awesome.

    There aren’t any real suggestions I can make for improving mac.appstorm! The site has a clean simple layout with an emphasis on the articles. More sites should try and copy this approach to a news site layout!

  • Honestly, I think your font and design it too big. I no enemy of readability, but how large your site is leads to lots of scrolling.

  • I’d like to see more “how-to” guides for you mac, etc.

    Great Job!

  • More app comparisons and reviews definitely.

    Other stuff would be voting, favourites, how-tos, workarounds, hacks.

    And btw, I love MacTastik. Might be cause I can relate to most of the strips. Heh.

  • WOW! A good suite to win!

    More tutorials and help would be useful but a very good, easy to use site!

  • maybe more info on pre-installed apps, to get the most out of what we have?
    cool dashboard widgets?

  • A column of popular hacks or unknown features in Mac OS would be great. Build on the knowledge of the apps that come with Mac OS like the digital colour meter.

  • Definitely more reviews and comparisons! :)

  • I think maybe video screencasts of the tutorials would be nice.
    Your posts are great and very very useful but screencasts are just easy and visual so, much more comfortable to learn.
    And also easier for the people that follows you from outside and has not the best level of english (I’m from Spain for example :D).
    Nothing more, congratulations for the web, quite interesting!

  • Running Windows apps via WineBottler!

    iWorks vs MS Office Review!

    More giveaways! :P

  • I would like to see less “Top 10 apps to …” and more advanced How-to’s. :)

    – Johan

  • I’d like to see workflow scenarios, showing how to use various applications in tandem.

  • See more “how to” and app comparisons.

  • You guy’s always have the ‘Score’ for an application, well why not add a user score underneath? like a poll.

    but everything else is awesome :)

  • More simple tweak posts would be awesome

  • I’d love to get more roundups, like:
    All available & good twitter clients for your mac…

    would be so nice!

  • More How-To´s.

  • Nice pack! I hope i can win taht!

  • I would like to see posts more often. Also more comparisons of similar apps, such as the Wallet and 1Password post. And also more collections of apps, i.e. utilities, or even Best looking apps, best working apps. And maybe a separate part or alternate site for How To’s and Guides.


  • What a great opportunity this is!

    – Workflows
    Workflows would be great, but I think that would only cater to the “pro” readers of this blog. But, I think workflows of people (bloggers, editors, prosumers, notable people, etc.) would be great. It sounds like the pro user ‘Profiles’ Apple has (for example, this:

    – Archive Page
    I know this has been explained, and yes I still want one. It gets kinda tedious to look for “that app that got reviewed my mac.appstorm that did this and that?” Better navigation wouldn’t hurt.

    – RSS
    I don’t know who else use RSS but I do. There are times I like to skip the other posts here. Maybe if there would be separate RSS feeds for different categories (one for How-To’s, one for Reviews).

    – App Comparisons / Alternatives
    Ever since I got this Mac, I have been spending much time trying to discover the “right app for me.” For example, I prefer The Hit List more than Midnight Inbox, but both do the same elemental thing: organize tasks. I usually head to to do this app hunting, but since this is a Mac Apps review blog, I think it fits, and would be a wonderful addition for App hunters like me.

    – Best of the Best
    I like how Lifehacker does this poll asking users what is the best tool for this and that. This would help a lot of people discover new Mac Applications.

    I’ve got more things I would suggest to be added/changed, but then I think they tend to be more ambitious. There is one thing I wish that would stay the same though: the simplicity of this blog.

    I’ve seen many blogs/sites/news/etc. that went from zero to hero to I-can’t-read-this-anymore-because-it’s-too-flavored-with-things-I-don’t-need. This is a site/blog about Mac Apps, and I want it to stay as it is.

    Keep up the good work and more power!

  • more roundups :)

  • Im in for that…! :-)

  • Im in !
    Would like more app tests :)

  • Definitely more reviews of less heard apps. :) And more roundups too.

  • Consider this my entry. The only thing I would like to see is not too many posts that focus purely on iphone apps. A nice balance for those of us without iphones is always desired.

  • More side by side comparisons of applications. I was looking for mind mapping software the other day and came across on your post comparing 5 mind mapping tools. While it did help point me in the right direction, it didn’t really give me a sense of which was clearly the best mind mapping tool.

  • I’d like to see some terminal tutorials.

  • This would be sweet!!!

  • I visit the AppStorm sites almost everyday, with Mac.AppStorm being my favorite. I would like for Mac app reviews and articles about streamlining workflows using Mac apps. Just my two cents, hope I win. I could use all these apps.

  • It’s hard to point MacAppStorm weak points :) Maybe more frequent website updates? And also more detailed how-to use reviewed applications?

  • One more vote for how-to’s and a forum! Thanks

  • Nothing, I think the site is great!

  • I’d like to see more reviews of indy apps. Esp. would like to see more comparisons of similar apps.

  • more design/developer specific workflow apps or chain of apps to help with specific tasks. Also more music related apps

  • I’d love to see more tutorials on how to do different tasks using one or more softwares.

  • More reviews, less competitions/giveaways.

  • Would love to see more how-tos and maybe a section (or filter) for freeware apps.

  • ‘Freebie’ or ‘Goodies’ Section, where you can eg. Download wallpapers, Icons, Apps, Themes, Ect….

    From James :-)

  • These apps look awesome!

    I’d say more comparison reviews would be nice. You guys do a great job though.

  • I’d really like to see more screencasts on Mac.Appstorm :) Thanks.

  • I would suggest more Mac hardware posts. There is a lot of software and rightly so as it’s a Mac Apps site. But once in a while wouldn’t hurt.

  • I would like to see more roundups including free and paid apps in the same category, in the same roundup.

  • I’d like to see you go back with some of those various application set-up articles (Blogger, Photographer, etc.) and make them more useful. Instead of listing the apps, rank them in terms of which are best or actually make some calls as to what grouping of applications are best for the user. Listing a half-dozen options for blog posting with some description of each isn’t very useful in my humble opinion.

  • I would definitely like to see some more how-to articles. I love the reviews though.

  • Haven’t seen many roundups in a while. I’d like to see one of those.

  • Post a statement on your independency.

    Don’t get me wrong: I like your website very much, and I *think* you are a independent blogger.

    But by giving away free stuff, and thus promoting software, I could start to think you get payed by developers to write a review about their software. Bad thoughts… And I don’t want to think you’re getting payed more, to write a *positive* review. I can’t help it. I know I’m a sceptic, but I want to enjoy your website, free from bad thoughts. Don’t stop competitions. Make sure I have no reason to think bad…

    And do I want to win the Little App Factory’s Suite of Apps? Yes, of course!

    Continue the good work!

    • You raise a great point, and I can tell you with complete confidence that we’re entirely independent. We don’t accept payment for any reviews, and giveaways have no impact on what we say about a particular app.

      The reason many of our reviews are fairly positive is that – generally – we don’t reviews apps that are particularly poor because it’s not useful for our readers!

  • While I do really love your site and find it to be one of the most useful mac app sites available, I would love to see more advice on using apps. I know that this is not exactly what you do here, but I love seeing all the new apps but would love to see suggestions on how they really improve our existing mac world. If you were able to do more compilations of similar apps and then compare them that would also be really great. Again, love what you’re doing. Keep it up!

  • I wouldn’t change too much. The site is great as it is but maybe a community news section or a forum to discuss apps.

  • More reviews of freeware and/or Open Source software.

  • I would like to see some reviews set more to freelancers, ’cause I need MORE! And some more app comparisons and roundups.

  • I would like to have a way to see all of the mac, web, and iphone apps on one site.

    The apps look great!

  • More giveaways, or even good bundles! ;-)

  • more apps for small businesses!

  • Its perfect! Just the right amount of content and not too much spam.

  • Definitely a development section. Or similar functionality to that’d be sick.

  • more how-to articles would be great…

  • I think I may have heard that it could be coming, but I’d love to see some interviews on here with Mac software developers and the likes.

  • The hover effect in the dropdowns is too subtle, I can barely see a difference on mouseover.

  • I would really appreciate more how-to’s! And the possibility to download the articles as pdf’s would also be great! (just a little link at the beginning of the article)


  • It would be very nice if Mac.AppStorm went to the Russian-speaking audience. We in Russia and Ukraine now Apple boom – all gone crazy for iPhone & Apple – and this is cool. I think it’s time to enter on this market.
    Apropos I could help you with this – I do localization OS X, iPhone applications and web-pages on the Russian language.

  • Loving the website, just joined and its already bookmarked on safari!

    I think instead of roundups or adding to roundups you could add a top ten of all the different categories.

    Like top 10 apps for utilities and top 10 apps for games.

    Hope I win!

  • I’d really like to see more screencasts on appstorm :) Thanks.

  • I’d like:
    – lighter background
    – more product reviews and comparisons
    – a “round-ups” section, that you add to and remove from and keep updated (for example, financial apps, with links to reviews of the apps, maybe a grade scale)

    Please don’t stop including links to company/product websites in the posts! Some news outlets talk and talk about a product but don’t provide a single link on how to find/read/buy what they’re going on and on about. AppStorm does a great job of giving us direction!

  • Love this site, but would like to see more web dev applications and/or games. there seems to be a lot of utility to organize files.

  • I’d like to see more How-to articles. How-to use the software that you review, an example of the things that you can create/do.

  • would be great to always have a TOP10 apps on the web. ;-)
    (i want those apps!!)

  • Can’t really complain, the site works for me as is.

  • More roundups! Those are my favorite articles.

  • I would want more articles in general!
    More more more. Cause they are so freaking good :)

  • I would like to hear more about user workflow.

  • I would like to have more comparisons along with the regular reviews.
    There could be reviews and news on the other days and roundups on fridays.

  • More free apps than giveaways. :)

  • Audio/Video tutorials.

  • More app reviews.

  • More application reviews.

  • Tutorials for dummies?

    There are a few applications that are too complex for me to get the most out of.

  • I think it would be great if there were more head-to-head comparisons of software, or some sort of round up of similar software. This would make it easy to look at all of the twitter clients you have reviewed, or all of the editors, and so on.

  • Nice! Little App Factory has some pretty nice applications I’d like to get my hands on (the full version that is). ;)

  • Great site… great info! There’s not much I’d change. I would love to see more coupon codes or giveaways on all the apps you review.

  • No more comics! pls

  • I’d like to see more “round up” articles.
    I do not like so much comics.

  • I love Rivet!

  • I would def. love more application reviews and perhaps some “the best of” in different application categories.

  • More reviews, more Round ups less comics :)

  • More app reviews.

  • More posts per day.

  • More tutorials that highlight some of Mac OS X’s more advanced features.

  • This is just from a quick look around the site, but I would move the search bar to the top of the page and some how consolidate the drop-downs that are currently there.

  • Reviewing More Free Apps

  • The number of articles per day could increase. That would be good!

  • Yeah things are pretty good here!

    I’d like more roundups: “8 Great Something Apps”, that kind of thing.

  • I’d like to see more application comparisons. There’s a lot of apps out there that do the same things, it would be nice to have a side by side comparison to see which is the better product.

  • I love mac.appstorm, but these little $20 and $30 apps start adding up after a while. I’d really like to see some more free apps that are still quality.

  • I would love to see more interviews with the apps’ developer/development team, but without limiting it to technicalities, cause I also wanna hear about what the team went through, maybe something with a humorous edge to it. I just wanna feel like I’m getting to know the community. It definitely makes a different when I know something about the developers of an app, I’ll always be more inclined to buy that one than any other.

  • Need more and detailed app reviews

  • I’d definitely be interested in seeing more roundups. :)

  • I would like to see more tutorials on some advanced features of some of these applications.

    Maybe slightly off the topic of the site, but maybe be able to find alternatives to certain applications.

    Thank you,

  • More…. more…. more… just more mac.appstorm. More articles, more everything. It’s all awesome….

  • If possible, I would like to see more video news report or review in this fantastic blog. Thank you guys!

  • I would really like to see more web designer/graphic design tools also freelance essential tools.

  • I bought Ringtones when it came out,had a little bother getting it to work – I contacted the developer and they responded immediately, fixing the problem PLUS refunded my purchase price. I promptly bought another copy of Ringtones for my wife,as well as iRip.Fantastic software and developers!

  • I love the giveaways! You could always have more of those. You guys should point out bundles and deals for mac apps too!

  • I really like this site. My rss feed seem to be updating once a day which is not more, or less than what I want.

    I would not mind seeing more “head-to-head” comparison of software applications, maybe with a chart that outlines the features that makes the application similar and how the compare in terms of ease of use and efficiency, and price.

    I also would not mind if you started comparing journaling/note keeping software.

    Keep up the good work and thanks for everything you offer.

  • I would like to see some articles/profiles on the developers behind popular mac software. Maybe an article that includes information on their offices, desk setups, software setups and interviews with them on what their development process looks like.

  • Well, I’d also like some more in-depth reviews!
    Keep up the great work.

  • I’d like to see some editorials and columns, maybe about the current state of mac apps or whatever you deem suitable, but something opinion based.
    Also, I love the round-ups, it makes it easier to sort through apps based on their purpose …

  • Theres not really anything to complain about!
    Round ups are great! It would also be great if you could do more free apps, or make it more clear how much an app costs when you talk about it, perhaps in big red or green letters or something. Also, if apps were given ratings (5 star system) it would be easier for users to see the general idea at a glance.
    ‘Top’ lists are also very useful. Perhaps you could create a list of the top 100 apps of all time and update it regularly.

  • I would love to see a wider spread of roundups. For example today I was browsing for new wallpapers, and of course app storm was my first choice, however, the limited posts prompted me to search a new website. Keep the roundups updated with roundup of the month or such relevant title.

  • I’d love to see a little more Mac Gaming. Not big time COD4 style games. But maybe stuff like World of Goo and Popcap. I don’t know. You guys are rocking, non the less.

  • Sorry, I can’t think of anything. The storm sites are great.

  • I would love you start doing more how to’s. I use a Mac all day long but I know there are a lot of stuff that I still don’t do efficiently

  • As stated by a few people, I think some simple development walk-throughs would be pretty sweet, and not limited to iPhone development. Mac development would be just dandy! Even some tutorials on how to work with Quartz Composer to make our own screen savers! ^_^ Some light OpenGL work would be the coolest, personally.

    “Dev.AppStorm” – I like the sound of that!

  • I love App.Storm but I would like to see applications reviews for paid Apps and then have a free alternative with the review, comparing and contrasting each. I love the reviews but I can’t always buy the App and wouldn’t mind reading about free alternatives.

  • I would really love to see a category where you have all the apps that you’ve shown, so far you only have reviews, how-tos but no apps category…

  • Move the right pane (Subscribe, Search, Twitter and about us sections) smaller and make the actual page content occupy the page width. This will make the page focus more on the content and readers will need to scroll less.

  • Your site is great, thank you for the good work.

    I would suggest a user rating system, where we can give stars (* * * * *, like in the appstore). To reflect a more sophisticated user opinion.

  • Your site is great so I wouldn’t really change a thing. But since you asked to make a suggestion in order to enter in the competition, here is mine: When you review a great app I’d like to see a free alternative alongside it.

  • Som more hardware reviews would be great, because it is more difficult to find some great pieces of hardware than of software…

    But please continue the other work as great as now :)

  • hey :D well the site looks very good compared to others and ya i think we need more free applications and tips and tricks .

  • I’d like to see more Coupon offers for this great Software you are testing and presenting.

  • 1. Smaller images of apps above articles (all in all the design of the site is a little bit too clumsy…)
    2. Can’t find the archive when I’m reading an article and I would like to look for former articles.
    3. Something like a “5 best office/wrting/billing/… apps” at the end of the month.
    4. Coupon Codes for reviewed apps
    5. Toothpaste with lemon and orange flavor

  • I think more How to’s and discounts that are not limited to the first 100. maybe 10% or even 5% off

  • More tips and tricks for me please!

  • Less adverts – and even possibly moving the sidebar items into the footer. Allowing for a wider content area and easier reading.

  • Well,
    I’d like to see Mac Appstorm to publish actual on screen videos from the applications that they are reviewing here. Yes, all applications are of high quality, but sometimes they don’t do as we expected and end up being time wasters.

    Also, I’d be delighted for a “how to” corner to help new Mac Users around; not that I have forgotten the ability to GOOGLE all this, but it would be a nice resource for a Apple related website.

  • Good luck to all of you!

  • Ok, i just saw it got already mentioned, but I’d love the gadget-thing too. ;)

  • I LOVE Mac AppStorm…I find the reviews useful and like many others would like to see more how to (“supersecret” tips…lol) posts. I would also like to win this contest : )

  • Hi!

    I want to see more tips and tricks too!


  • I enter everything and win nothing.

  • I love your Mac, Web and iPhone AppStorm sites, you are doing well but if I had to say what you could do more is reviews.

    I hope I win something.

    Thank you.

  • maybe you can sell apps or bundles.

  • Apps that work together well. (TextMate and Transmit, or something like that)

  • I love the site, and there really isn’t much I’d improve.
    The site switcher at the top of the page isn’t always responsive to the mouse, but maybe that’s a Google Chrome thing.

  • it would really help to have a iphone app section.. these days iphone is complementing the mac in many ways

  • I want to see video reviews!

  • More freebies YAY!!!! lol seriously maybe get in tight with some developers and worth out some cool offers. That would be groovy. Tie it in with the reviews too :)

    Another idea is have user ratings for stuff. That way we get an all rounded view whether something is good or not.

  • More giveaways! :)

  • I hope I win!
    I would prefer if you do more reviews of awesome free mac apps.

  • talk more about new mac gadgets and hardware

  • Excellent bundle. Excellent site. I come here all the time for updates on the whats, wheres, and hows of apple software…

  • Excellent Bundle, excellent website. I come here often to get updates on new apps for my iMac.

  • I would love to see comparisons and contrast-based reviews on two apps that have similar functions/uses, with users then voting on which one they think is ‘better’; which would eventually be given away in one of the many super awesome giveaways that AppStorm does on a regular basis!

    Keep up the great work.

  • Great idea, I would like to see more finance apps.

  • More of everything. Especially comparisons of similar products.

  • More free apps and more games!

  • More roundups and a “special freeware” day every week. Keep up the great job, guys!!

  • Amazing and useful suite!

  • Mac Appstorm is one of the most informative newsletters I get everyday. Being a large mac enthusiast, I can easily say your feedback on applications is great. Most of the applications you review are very useful as well. One thing I might want to see more of is more comparisons of applications to other similar application. Maybe some side by side perks and downers of each of the two similar applications. That would be great!

  • Another suggestion, maybe you could do a staff favorite section for applications, that would be great as well!

  • Great stuff already, but more great howto’s please ;3

  • Site is fine as is.

  • I like the site as is.

  • I would like to see a feature of Software for organizing different types of collections (movies, cds, games…). I would love to find great software to keep track of my collections on my Mac :)

  • I’d like to see more post frequency: I love all your posts, and I just can’t get enough.

  • I like this site. I came across it not so long ago and must say it’s awesome. The only thing i would say would make my experience better, is to add a bit more reviews on software and keep the updates coming. This is a great site and i recommended my family member = )

  • Great site. Love to see more free useful apps.

  • I wish that I can win… Coz I need some apps seriously..

  • You guy could go into instrutional video, or maybe even a podcast.

  • I love this place – yet I still can’t find the app I’ve been looking for…I’ll just have to keep coming back…

  • I would like to see the apps’ prices with the review

  • I would really like these apps!
    anyway, I think Mac App Storm needs a little more how to and some more givaways :)
    Also, some reviews and roundups of free apps would be nice too.

  • I would like to get these apps!

    I think that it would be nice to see some more how-to’s and also more roundups of free apps.

  • To me, if there are more like un-bias product reviews and comparison, that would be great. For example, I am trying to find a good Mac OS DVD ripper to iphone format and found Xilisoft, Wondershare, Imtoo, etc, they are look similar but at different price tags, These sort of products comparisons would be very useful for your readers.

  • Hi love your site. I would love a article about the best dvd ripping tools and how to get a great end result with them.

  • I really love this site, so I don’t have too much to sugest but a better way to compare reviews can be a great addition. More posts like 1Password VS Wallet will be great.

    Thanks and cheers.

  • Hide comments by default unless I opt to view them. Save me the bandwidth from comment spam.

  • More reviews, and comparation posts.

  • I would like to see more Freelance tools and I also like the Staff’s Favorites section idea.

  • I would like to see more upcoming app previews.

    Kind of like Macstories’s app previews:

  • I’d like to see stories about the developers and their companies. I know that sounds weird, but I think knowing where someone comes from and their perspective on the problems their apps solve is very interesting and telling of how they design things. The workflow and methods they use during development, as well as the apps THEY use, would be very interesting.

    Maybe it’s because I am a developer also, but I find the stories of companies like 37signals to be fascinating. Face it, how many times have we all watched Apple and Google documentaries?

    Videos would be a plus, but even recorded Skype interviews or Screenflows or their workspaces would be cool…maybe even throw in workspace pics of how they organize their desks (or if they even use a desk).

    BTW, not usually a fan of the black background…but after staring at this iMac all day my eyes appreciate the break from white!!

  • I’d like to see more frequent updates.

  • Just found this site today, so far liking it with nothing to suggest except maybe more articles! :)

  • More Posts! That, and more how-tos.

  • I’d like to see more screen savers and stuff like that.

    Okay, that’s a lie, in fact I couldn’t give a crap about screen savers, flying toasters, or Ken Burning my way through my iPhoto collection. But you said we had to say something we wanted to see more of and I was trying to be original. Lets hope it works :-)

  • I love Mac.AppStorm! It would be nice to see a side-by-side feature comparison chart of similar apps. I’ve found these to be very helpful in choosing new apps to use or sometimes even discovering new functionality in apps I already use.

  • I really like the appstorm sites but if there more video footage(specially in the iPhone apps) of the apps and videos reviews will be more enjoyable.

    Another point are “How to” and “tutorials” to get more of the apps showed here, cuz even putting a nice review(or preview) may be hard get 100% of the app. Yes I Know there already are some “How To” but I’m talking about put some of these with the app’s reviews themselves. It perhaps help in make decision to buy the item.

    And last but no least put some Freebies here, may be freeware apps, links, icons, wallpapers, cuz even have a place to submit them… where can I download them… I don’t know if u get it all but this is the improvements I like to see around here if possible.

    Thanks and cheers.

  • more of MacTastik :-) pleeease , more free software, othervise great site, love it.

  • More comprehensive reviews of the products. It seems to me that you just brush the surface of the product and then say “it was very cool” for every one of these products. There seems to be a lot of bias due to the fact that these app makers give you free product.

  • I would like to see polls on each app, rather than scrolling down to see all of the opinions on the comments, as that is usually how I decide most of the time.

  • I’d love to see more side-by side feature comparisons/reviews.

  • Having numerical ratings of each app (i.e. 95/100 or 60/100) would make it easier to find the best apps quickly and effortlessly.

    Perhaps have an editors rating, as well as a viewers rating.

  • I would like to see video reviews of apps. :)

  • I’d like some posts on little known things you can do with your mac, without running additional software. Maybe using just a little Applescript or just things that are not commonly known.

    but otherwise keep up the good work!

  • more cowbell?

  • Would love to see more how to articles. Keep up the good work.

  • I’d like to see more comparisons of similar apps, to show their weaknesses and strengths and be able to choose which one is best for your needs.

  • wow that is a great prize! i really enjoy appstorm already, but, like others have already said, more how-to’s would be good

  • i find that when you review a app, i like to get a link and rating sooner rather than at the end of the review (much how reviews mac apps (not iphone apps)).
    Whenever i read a review here, i can’t seem to find a link to the app or a rating, because the retangle at the bottom looks to similar to the ads on the page.

  • It would be great to have some more comparative reviews. There are often 2-5 programs with pretty much the same scope. If you write a review on one, it doesn’t really help with the decision to support one or the other shareware developer.

  • Not much to improve on appstorm to be honest, although maybe some more articles/reviews relating to keeping your digital life/apps/settings in sync across multiple macs would be good.

  • I’d love to see a rating by the appstorm community members. A (optional) feedback would be nice, but probably with a character limitation to keep it short.

    The rating(s) could be repeated at the top of the article as the above user suggests.

    The dark design is great though. I find it keeps the focus on the content and
    embellishes all visuals in a simple and elegant manner.

  • Hi. I’d like to see a category added to the categories called “Social” – easier to find all the social networking-related apps. Also like to see more contests! :) They’re fun! I like “Game Friday” and the “Best of AppStorm” at the end of every month. These showcases help us to keep up with the newest/best releases.


  • HI,
    You can never have enough contests or free give aways?
    Like the dark design by the way.

  • More reviews!

  • Just like a few others have stated, I too would like to see more How-To’s.. The overall look and feel of the site is easy on the eyes and is a breeze to navigate. So fresh and so clean!


  • Would love to have this babies.

  • Mac.Appstorm is currently already a great place to go for Mac related apps. Perhaps more round-ups or tutorials on advance usage of particular apps can improve the already awesome website?

  • I can’t see too many problems…maybe just more “how tos” as others have suggested?

  • More compare/contrast type reviews of multiple similar applications.

  • I’d like to see some more reviews, perhaps shining a light on some relatively unknown applications instead of big name stuff.

  • Maybe it would be cool to have a rating system. On each review page, there could be a “rate this” option, which would give visitors a chance to participate without having to leave a comment, and at a glance what the other readers think of the reviewed item without having to read through all the comments. You could rate from 1 to 5 lightening bolts. ;-)

    And as far as the black background goes, I like it as it is. For those asking for a lighter version, than perhaps a theme switcher would be cool.

  • Maybe more contest like that :)

  • Always loved this site, the one thing I would like to see more of is how-to’s and tutorials!

  • I too – love the setup here. The site is a please to visit. It works great through my RSS reader too…

    Love the design.
    Love the give aways.
    Love the no-nonsense, useful and clear reviews.
    Love the tutorials.

    I would like to see more Mac App bundles and even iphone app bundles for sale. Something tailored to the demographic who are frequenting you site. Design orientated – efficiency orientated – fun orientated – or a mix of all of them. A monthly bundle would be a great reason for me to chuck mac.appstorm in my topsites….

  • More ‘how tos’ :D

  • More free downloads

  • Features that I like to see at Mac.AppStorm are:

    1. Comparison between similar Mac Apps so that I can make the right buying choice.
    2. Each post at this site should have twitter or facebook integration so that I can share the ‘goodies’
    with my friends.
    3. The fonts for each post are too big. It will be better to make them smaller so that it look more professional as well as can squeeze more content within 1 page.
    4. More sponsers so that we can have more giveaways.
    5. Forums for people to chat so that if you don’t want a giveaway, you can give it away or trade it.

  • Hi,

    You could change the site colours. Some more happiness is more then welcome.

    Keep up the good work,


  • seems to be a must-have collection! need them ;)

  • Just stumbled on this site, so I’m not sure I have enough info to critique anything… I can tell you I’m already a big fan and can’t wait to explore everything.

    I looked for a way to network my mac to my PS3 for a couple hours straight… I didn’t see anything on RIvet and ultimately settled on another product that I’ve found has some major glitches. I’m excited to try Rivet out and hopefully, um “Null” the other one and send it right down the “River” ;)

    Would love to have the rest of the programs in the bundle as well!

  • I love the site as it is! I also love lamp.

  • I would like to see more free app reviews ;)

  • I think there should be a weekly interview with someone who uses useful apps and why they help :)

  • My suggestion would be more twitter posts about topics such as wallpapers and Mac accessories.

  • AppStorm is fantastic. It offers great exposure to Mac software and has really helped me get up and running fast during my WIn2Mac switch.

    The giveaways are never shoddy and always of great quality!

  • please stop the mactastic comics !

  • All great, would have a weekly best design app review.

  • Guys, love the website – it works really well as it already is – would be nice to get more giveaways or even get beta tests for users to try more software as well as maybe some app development tips. On the usability front – I do think you could make over the commenting – i.e paginated comments and better nesting.

  • Site is OK. I hope i win this competition.

  • As others say i think that an howto-session/articles will be great!
    For everthing else i like as is now :)

  • Cool! ;)

  • I would love to see more articles about how to use different MacApps together effectively, optimize workflows using a sequence of apps. Or for instance, how to pimp your desktop using different apps.

  • More “how to” will be nice.

  • Would be awesome to have some interviews with mac developers!

  • More how to´s about Mac-Programming and Video tutorials will be nice!

  • How to´s about Mac-Programming and Video tutorials will be nice!

  • I’d love some more Mac-capable game reviews.

  • I would like to see more screen-casts or articles that tell us who own Macs how to do things, rather than just focusing reviewing them. I.E. How to keep your Mac tidy or How to customise the login screen background. These things may go a long way for some of us.

  • I actually like this site pretty much the way it is … your tag system could be a little bit more organized. :)

  • a feature which lack I find annoying is the abbreviation of articles in the Feed.

    My Google Reader page is filled by the articles, while even in the home page there’s a Read More link to expand the desired article.

  • Shazam!

  • I love a good bargain, and these competitions are great, but I’d love to see more posts about App sales and bundles, kind of like macupdate .. Maybe even a Mac AppStorm bundle!

  • I would love to see video reviews of apps… this would give us a quick idea of how the app works and also indicate whether the app is really useful or not…


  • I hope I win

    You guys should have your apps reviewed on websites and/or YouTube to give users a person to person look at your apps

  • More free stuff…

  • I would like to see some more “How-To” features on the site.

  • More giveaways!

  • It’s all cool with me.

  • A distinct separation of free and paid apps, maybe dedicate a section to the free apps for this. Or more free alternatives to paid applications.

  • I want all of these!

    Change? Um… If it could make my coffee in the morning and cost less than sbux I’d be in absolute heaven. Without that feature I’m still very happy my appstorm.

  • More how-to’s!

  • I’d like to be able to search software reviews by software company name and app name but with something more precise than the search field. I see the categories but would like to be able to start typing Little Ap… and have the search field list out the top 5 exact names. When I did a search for Little App Factory it comes up with only Grappler for a review. If I could search the entire company I’d see that you have 3 of their softwares reviewed or not…. as it is now I don’t know if there’s more and that was just the first hit or if there’s not more.

  • I read many interesting articles from this site. The posts which are presented in this site are really useful. I hope you will continue to do the same kind of best work in future also. I am very much thankful for this website for presenting lots of valuable stuff in it.

  • If you were able to do more compilations of similar apps and then compare them that would also be really great. Thanks