Fontcase Revisited: A Step Forward in Font Management

When we first reviewed Fontcase over a year ago, one of the things we said we’d like to see was auto-activation. If you take a look at the comments on that review, you will see that several readers agreed, and one or two said very plainly that this was a deal-breaker for them. So long as Fontcase, for all its obvious beauty and other great features, didn’t offer auto-activation, they would stick with whatever they were using already.

Well, happy day! Bohemian Coding have recently released a new version of Fontcase, which includes a few important changes and improvements.

Auto Activation

The Fontcase Interface

The Fontcase Interface

First off is that all-important auto-activation: as of version 1.5, the app has a setting in its Preferences which allows you to choose to have it automatically activate fonts as they are required by the applications you’re working with. You can also choose to have it deactivate them when you close the app.

Automatic Activation and De-Activation

Automatic Activation and De-Activation

Duplicate Detection

There’s no real point to having multiple copies of a single font on your system, and Fontcase now has the ability to detect duplicated fonts in your library.

Duplicate Detection

Duplicate Detection

If duplicates are found, the app lets you know the location of both versions, so you can choose which you want to keep. The screenshot below is from the developer’s site, chosen for the sheer exuberance of there being 4,865 duplicates on their machine, as opposed to 8 on mine!

A Really Appealing Interface

A Really Appealing Interface

The app will also automatically import any missing or recently added fonts, so your library will immediately reflect any new font purchases or other downloads. Little things like this reduce friction all around, so the user experience is much improved.

Our Review, Updated

And that bring us to the final point: Fontcase 1.5 is better to work with thanks to overall performance improvements. It’s quicker, and in my experience, more stable than before.

One thing that wasn’t mentioned in our first review of this app is the ability to produce printed samples of all your fonts. Just hit File and Print and you get beautifully laid-out pages of all the variations of the selected font.

Printed Samples

Printed Samples

Alongside all the other ways of seeing your fonts (detailed in our original review, linked above), these pages give a clear sense of what text will look like in print.

As we said before, Fontcase has a very attractive design and is great for most users, whether you be a designer or just a casual font-fancier like me. With the improvements and additions in the most recent version, in my opinion, the app’s score is bumped up from 7 to 9/10.


Fontcase 1.5 adds several often-requested features, and really brings the application to the cutting edge of this category of software for OS X.



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  • How about large libraries? Previous version couldn’t print a library of 3000-4000 fonts.

  • Nice review. We’re still looking for a better font management app and this does look promising. The rating bump seems deserved!

  • What about other Font Management software?
    Is this better than Suitcase Fusion 2 or FontExplorer?

    I really like the interface and the price!!!

    Thanks for this great review.

  • A really appealing interface and a nice review.

    But the price is €42 on the Bohemian Coding site ( for a single user), not €35.

  • Woohoo, free Fontcase giveaway, count me in! We’re buying a house soon and I’m forbidden to make any purchases for a while :(

    Tweeted the link:

  • LoL @ Nicole