34 Stunning & Free Mac Screensavers for OS X

Everyone loves a good screensaver – they can relax, mesmerize, entertain, and (supposedly) prevent damage to your monitor. The default collection which ship with Leopard are excellent, but you needn’t limit yourself to looking at those wonderful beach photos every day.

We’ve scoured the internet to find 34 stunning screensavers for OS X, each with something unique to offer. There’s something for everyone – from calm and serene, to abstract and wacky. Dive in and have fun picking out a new screensaver!

Free OS X Screensavers

MovingPhotos 3D

MovingPhotos 3D

MovingPhotos 3D

This saver arranges your photos to form 3D constructions, such as a city block with buildings.


Analogy Screensaver

Analogy Screensaver

Analogy is a typographic clock which fuses the immediacy of digital with the visual-spatial quality of analogue into a hybrid format.

Time Machine Screensaver

Time Machine

Time Machine

A time machine-like animation that loads as a screensaver. Choose between normal or RSS version.

HAL 9000

HAL Screensaver

HAL Screensaver

John Gruber: Gorgeous homage to HAL by Joe Mackenzie. I haven’t used a screensaver on my computer in at least 10 years, but I’m running one now.


Euphoria Screensaver

Euphoria Screensaver

A port of the Windows OpenGL ScreenSaver made by Terence M. Welsh, full of abstract colors and shapes.


Econ Screensaver

Econ Screensaver

The screensaver that uses your icons, flying through them in high quality icon bliss. It automatically gathers them from your /Applications folder.

Fenêtres Volantes

Fenêtres Volantes Screensaver

Fenêtres Volantes Screensaver

Taking your open applications and catapulting them around the screen in a really great effect.

Plasma Tunnel

Plasma Tunnel Screensaver

Plasma Tunnel Screensaver

A swirling vortex of screensaver delight.

Red Baron

Red Baron Screensaver

Red Baron Screensaver

Fly behind a classic bi-plane as it soars across idyllic scenery.


HyperSpace Screensaver

HyperSpace Screensaver

Hyperspace is a screen saver that sends its users on a virtual trip through a wormhole, just like the ones in some sci-fi TV shows and movies.

Digg Stack

Digg Stack

Digg Stack

Digg Stack shows diggs occurring in real time on up to 100 stories at once. Diggers fall from above and stack up on popular stories. Brightly colored stories have more Diggs.

Shuffle Saver



Loads your favorite photos from flickr.com or iPhoto and shuffles them. You get new photos everytime the screensaver starts.

Alien Sun Clock

Alien Sun Clock Screensaver

Alien Sun Clock Screensaver

Alien Sun Clock Screensaver lets you look at the usual things in a surprisingly new way with a warm, radiant clock.

Solar Winds

Solar Winds

Solar Winds

This is a very mesmerizing particle effects saver. Tweak the settings a little and you’ll find that you can achieve an amazing number of different patterns.

Lotsa Water

LotsaWater Screensaver

LotsaWater Screensaver

This screensaver renders a fairly realistic water effect over your desktop, showing it distorted through the wavy surface of the water as raindrops fall on the surface.

Digg Arc

Digg Arc Screensaver

Digg Arc Screensaver

Digg Arc displays stories, topics, and containers wrapped around a sphere. Arcs trail people as they Digg stories across topics. Stories with more Diggs make thicker arcs.


AlphaBaby Screensaver

AlphaBaby Screensaver

A great screensaver for kids, displaying letters, numbers, shapes and sounds as you interact with the mouse and keyboard.

National Geographic

National Geographic Screensaver

National Geographic Screensaver

National Geographic, the standard bearer for quality images delivers with this screensaver. A spectacular slideshow of pictures from around the world.

Artecnica Clock


Artecnica Clock

A funky timepiece with a variety of different number styles and graphics.




When the computer is inactive after the specified time as set in the Screen Saver preference pane, the dashboard is displayed and the users’ desktop is hidden


Flux Screensaver

Flux Screensaver

Dancing, pulsing, colorful and beautiful.

Holding Pattern Coach Class

Holding Pattern Coach Class

Holding Pattern Coach Class

Free version with 15 aerial views – a great way to try out screen saver cinema.


SoundStream Screensaver

SoundStream Screensaver

Soundstream is a Mac OS X screensaver that responds to sound input. Colorful Flurry-like streams pulse to the beat of music or bloom with ambient noise.




ScriptSaver is a Mac OS X screensaver which runs AppleScripts when it activates and deactivates. Great for performing maintenance, or updating iChat status when the computer is idle.

Save Hollywood

Save Hollywood

Save Hollywood

This screensaver allows you to display QuickTime Movies as a screensaver. Useful for taking a little time out.


Fireflies Screensaver

Fireflies Screensaver

Possible a little more dramatic than a real-life firefly, but still cool.

Matrix Reloaded

Matrix Reloaded Screensaver

Matrix Reloaded Screensaver

No one can claim that they don’t feel a little bit cool with a Matrix screensaver. Go on – try it out…


SkyRocket Screensaver

SkyRocket Screensaver

A gorgeous firework screensaver, rending in 3D with realistic graphics and sound.

Under The Sea 3D

Imax Under The Sea

Imax Under The Sea

A delightful, high quality, look at life under the sea. Typical IMAX delight!


Lotsa Escher Screesaver

Lotsa Escher Screesaver

This is a screensaver which displays an animated version of M.C. Escher’s Print Gallery drawing. Great for art fans!


Snowflakes Screensaver

Snowfall Screensaver

We’re still a long way off Christmas, but it’s worth downloading to have handy when December comes around…

Surveillance Saver

Surveillance Saver

Surveillance Saver

SurveillanceSaver is a simple screen saver that displays more than 1000 surveillance cameras worldwide.


Helios Screensaver

Helios Screensaver

Helios is a particle attraction/repulsion screen saver where “blobs” emit and receive multi-colored particles. It’s difficult to describe, but as some have said about the screen saver, it’s pretty insane.


Presstube Screensaver

Presstube Screensaver

Fast paced and unusual, with a random array of sketches and drawings being quickly drafted on your screen.

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If you’re the proud owner of a great screensaver not featured here, don’t keep it to yourself! Please let us know in the comments – I’m always on the look out for new ways to keep my monitor happy…


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  • It might not be “stunning” but I think PongSaver (http://www.rogueamoeba.com/freebies/) is simply genius.

    • (for those too lazy to copy and paste, I’ll try the link again http://www.rogueamoeba.com/freebies/ )

      • i don’t have a mouse, do you know the shortcut to copy and paste.

    • I’ll second that, it’s my current!

    • I to use Electric Sheep!! It is awesome!

    • Bah! There are no sheep!

  • Great Set! Thanks… downloading some now to try out.

  • Aww Presstube doesn’t seem to work in Leopard… :( Looked really amazing too.

  • If you mix Save Hollywood with desksaver Plus, you can run any video you want as a screensaver AS YOUR DESKTOP….. I’ve got a wormhole from Stargate running now :P


  • My favorite is http://twistori.com/

    • Loooove this!

    • Just awesome!

  • I love the Red Baron!!

  • Soundstream is my favorite; I found it a while back when my boyfriend complained about me using the default-everyone-uses-it Flurry. I used it because it’s pretty and it was always the one I loved, back when I was only dreaming about having a Mac… but then I found Soundstream, and maybe I’m a bit of a dork, but watching it make shiny bursts of color makes me so ridiculously HAPPY.

    I tried Fireflies and Helios — they both made me kind of dizzy and just don’t compare to the prettiness of Soundstream.

  • I’m a big fan of Lotsa Water but there are some other great screensavers there. Thanks for bringing them to our attention.

  • I think fliqlo is great … a flip style clock that looks good across all monitors I have used it on.


    • And recently updated for 64-bit Snow Leopard! Definitely one of my favorites for Mac or Windows

      • Too bad fiqlo can’t hold the 24 hours mode in Lion; it keeps switching back to the 12 hours mode.
        For the rest fiqlo is simple and great: less is more!

  • My favourite grid based clock screensaver.


  • Nothing beats flurry.

  • i’ve always been partial to Phosphor from the xscreensavers os x port. if you set it to display text from a frequently updated rss feed (like digg or something), it makes a visually appealing and informative screensaver

  • really really cool man!! lotsaEscher and lotsaWater are really trippy, I saw it for 2 minutes, after that everywhere I look spins around. Thanks for these links.

  • I’m partial to Offshoots and Anémona, myself.

  • Grrr. That’s Offshoots: http://projects.digitalwaters.net/index.php?q=offshoots


    Anémona: http://uri.cat/software/Anemona/

    (please at least warn us that html isn’t ok)

  • I really like Word Clock, makes me laugh looking at it sometimes.

  • Google “electric sheep”…in my opinion it is the best

  • A correction of my earlier post, you can run ANY screensaver as your active desktop. Electric Sheep as my desktop? How awesome

  • Thank you for these great screensavers!

    I myself love Zugakousaku’s a bit gothic and weird but always suprising wallpaper Hotel Gadget.
    It’s like a screensaver made by David Lynch.


    • this one is AWESOME!!

  • http://uri.cat/software/Anemona/

    Anemona: By far the best screensaver I’ve ever used.

  • Worth to consider for MacBook/PowerBook users… screensaver made in flash might be processor intensive and therefor not good for your portables fans. Keeps em purring away for hours.

    • Thanks for the caution. Question: How do we know which ones are Flash made?

  • de roto baron es “tri-plane”

  • I love Clocksaver. It’s a really nice minimalistic analogue clock:

  • Fantastic post Dave. Really like the Escher screensaver. At first I thought it was going to be a simple panorama of some of his work but this is on a whole new level! Some great posts on here. The quality of the articles is impressive and keeps getting better! Keep up the great work :)

  • I would say the UNIQLOCK screensaver: http://www.uniqlo.jp/uniqlock/
    But sadly it isnt Leopard compatiable … :(

    • i love these screensavers.

  • very cool scrsavers. Time machine is my best :)

  • Re: Red Baron. Look again: as Peanuts fans (and WWII aficionados) will know, that’s not a bi-plane. It’s a Fokker TRI-plane. Although it wasn’t the only plane the Red Baron ever flew (and not even the one he put the most hours on) its iconic nature is such that it’s forever linked with him.

  • Love Lotsa Water xxx

  • Verdaderamente muy buenos los screensaver, Felicidades por la recopilación.-

  • estan fabulosos felicidades

  • Hello

    Some of those are great, I wrote a post a while back about creative clock screensavers for the Mac. You can find them here:



  • Fabulosos

  • popurls screensaver – http://popurls.net/

  • None of this work on my mac 10.6.2 any ideas?

  • Halvin – many of them have not been upgraded for Snow Leopard, however most will work if you do the following:

    In your dock, right click on System Preferences and select OPTIONS > SHOW IN FINDER. Once the Finder window opens, right click on the System Preferences icon and go to Get Info. When the info window pops up, select “Open in 32-bit mode”.

    Most of these screensavers will work with this setting.

  • creative and some really beautiful screen savers.

  • I’ve created a Concentrichron (a combined clock and calendar) project at: http://www.concentrichron.com.

    It is also available as a Windows and MacOSX screensaver under Downloads.

    • thanks

  • I have been looking for a freeware screensaver, with peaceful clock like fiqlo or ismple analoque clock, with date and integration to iCal so it’d show the nearest meetings.

    It would be ideal if the screensaver would emphasize the clock, but discreetly (fiqlo is quite big) and leave the rest to less dominant part.

    There is one I think, but its payware.

  • i really like the redbaron

  • You need a user name and password for the IMAX under the Sea screen saver. If you don’t have one, you get a page that says “You are not authorized to view this page”.

  • looking for a freeware screensave

  • Cheers!

  • I really like the redbaron!!

  • thanks for the apps thats great.

  • I think the helios screen saver is so amazing. The design of it is so good. I will be downloading this.

  • coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I know this sounds strange but I nearly but a Mac based upon the screensaver. When I saw it on my mate’s I thought that it was amazing. It is just that special difference that Apple provides.

  • Under The Sea 3D does not work with snow leopard…

  • that’s cool

  • At Screencast-online I learned your analogy_screensaver_osx.
    One year ago it worked very good.
    Now I try to install it again but it says: this version is not running on this mac.
    I have the newest OSX. Can you help me?

    Thank You,

    Piet van der Sanden

  • I have never in my life seen such boring trash. These things are made by totally uncreative males for males – all the feedback is from males. C’mon the thousand I spent for this damn computer is just as good as a man’s thousand – where’s the screensavers, wallpapers and downloads for WOMEN. We’re not impressed by all this technocrap. When are we going to get some pretty stuff for females. None of the Mac downloads have any appeal whatsoever for females so we ought to be warned before we spend our thousand dollars!

    • That’s because you shouldn’t be on the computer- you should be in the kitchen making me a sandwich.

      • WooHoo!!!

  • I have a great one a very retro one. Its brilliant. heres the link


  • I have opted to take a differrent path and create a new type of screensaver. Not polished or glitzy! Please experience: ELECTRIC GROOVEY’

  • Can you update the red baron to Version 10.6.5

  • http://www.screenspro.com is the best, but only 20 are free… the rest you have to pay for :-(


  • Hiya,
    Great site, thanks for the link.

    Just a quick headsup that the screensaver you have of mine has a new URL where people can get a new version of the saver that works on intel macs (finally!):

    Also, I just released a new one here:

    Have a good one!

  • Some very nice ones at http://scr.sc/, some free, some not.

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    • Again [is nobody listening?]: it is not compatible with HFS+. (You can not use characters that Windows does not allow in its file names, like / [ ] .)

      In short: I can not use it. Fantastically bad. Appalling. Microsoft, even.

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  • doesnt work on new Mac’s?

    • Ja! =)

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  • Does anyone know if Starry Night screensaver (from old mac os from 7 to 9) was made for mac os x?

  • Wow. That user agreement for Alien Sun Clock is evil. No thanks! http://www.premieropinion.com/Privacy.aspx No monitoring of all my internet activity. :(

    • ClamX AV quarantined the Alien Sun Clock download as spyware. I suggest staying far, far away from this screen saver.

  • perfet river with joke’s [email protected] yup…

  • How do you use them after installing? I am having a problem with this. I have a Macbook Pro.

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  • want to put them on my apple

  • Whoa: To the lady who said there weren’t enough “women’s” screensavers and then mentioned that there should be “pretty ones?” Yuck. I love the lotsa water and I love the Diggstac and Diggarc. I did NOT like the stupid comment about women belonging in the kitchen. That guy is a trolling wimp, as is the guy who “agreed.” Anyway, I thought the Presstube saver was boring and repetitive when it should have been cool and original. Escher: perfect. Using it.

    • How did you leave the kitchen….

  • National Geographic seems to have dropped their screensavers – following links to screensaver pages (even links from their own pages) get you redirected to photo-of-the-day. Maybe a transient bug?

  • New free ipad wallpaper designs added! Get Groovey’! ELECTRIC GROOVEY’ version 1.2 available now.


  • How do I download this???

  • Very nice screensavers! I have enjoyed alot of them! Mac G5 10.4.11

  • My old PowerBook G3 crashed and I lost my Traveler’s Clock screensaver for OS 10.3.9. Does anyone know where I can download it. I have searched everywhere, I think. Thanks, M

  • Fliqlo is my favourite.

  • please remove the electricgroovey spam

  • I used to stare jealously at a Unix screen-saver; it was like a simple bouncing line one, except that instead it had a spray of dots near the (imaginary) line.

    Something like that.

    I found one close enough to it to satisfy me — Drift — from a port of Unix screen-savers… at http://www.jwz.org/xscreensaver/.

    (Thanks Jamie et al.!)

  • Has anyone ever seen the “inside a server” screensaver? Been looking for it for years


  • love the options thanks so very much, great to have the tunnel and hyperspace screensavers back!

  • I love the Red Baron, but is there a similar one but for Mac OSX Snow Leopard?

  • Spirogyra is a free (ad-free) colorful screensaver for both Mac OS X and Windows and can be found here: mydrbproductions dot com slash Spirogyra.html.

    I like it, but mostly because I wrote it If you don’t like it, you can get your money back!

    OK, it’s a little humbling to put forth in the company of all of these other awesome screensavers, but one has to start somewhere …


  • how do I install these wall-papers do I click & drag, I have a mac-os-x snow leopard
    the main resin I’m asking there is a remark stating these wall-papers do not work with (snow Leopard) is this true? & if so can you guide me to the correct down-load programs name.
    I need your help cuz I’m still learning still about (apple computers) & I don’t want to mess up my mac no way I’ll do that cuz I’ve dune it in the past

  • how do i download the analog into my mac, what should i do, i am kinda lost?

  • Twitter Ticker screensaver for Mac is also nice:

  • How do you down load the analogy one?

  • absolutley amazing screensavers. Just might rethink of switching from Windows OS to mac

  • absolutley amazing screensavers. Just might rethink of switching from Windows OS to mac

  • Nothing downloads….waste of bloody time. Not sure the pictures are much cop either!