MacHeist 3 Has Begun

Today marked the beginning of the latest installment of the MacHeist software giveaway, coming back for the third time since 2006. The project begins with several “missions”, each one providing opportunity to earn free software and gain credits to reduce the price of the software “bundle” announced at the end. The bundle generally includes a number of well known Mac applications from independent developers, and is priced at around $49 (a discount of several hundred dollars over purchasing each app separately).

Previous MacHeist bundles have included software such as TextMate, Delicious Library, RapidWeaver and various games from Pangea. If you’re new to the Mac, it’s a brilliant way to get your hands on a selection of popular software at a heavily discounted price.

I’d recommend heading over to the MacHeist site and signing up – doing so will allow you to download a free copy of ShoveBox along with a selection of Valentines email stationery designed by Equinux. Good luck completing those missons!


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  • I love MacHeist ! Their Christmas Tree was out standing!!

    I’m trying to solve the new mission…..

  • I love these missions they give us. Last night’s mission was small, but I’m sure it was just a warmup. None of the apps really interested me, except ShoveBox a little. It was still fun though, can’t wait for the real missions!

  • I always enjoy the bundle being revealed – looking forward to seeing what will be up for grabs this time. Are there any apps which you’d like in particular?

    • Probably wishful thinking, (since it was already in once) but Coda would be sweet. Maybe CSSEdit (also already been in). I guess I’m just mad I didn’t get it the first time around. ;)

  • Sweet! This is the first MacHeist I have participated in… its really fun!

  • MacHeist is like Christmas day. I really looking forward to seeing the bundle this time.

  • MacHeist is great, I did score CSSEdit in one along with AppZapper and a few other MUST have apps that I use all the time!!

  • Wery nice. I love it.

  • I don’t need to register if I have most of the apps. Does anyone know what apps are included this time around?

  • I’m hoping for Espresso, OmniGraffle (wishful thinking), and Things

  • I love MacHeist. I got CoverSutra, SnapsProX and CSSEdit from it once and I love all of them. I wasn’t aware that Coda was in there once as well. Awesome.

  • It was also for me first MacHeist I have participated in, love it.

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