MacTastik #1 – The Mac Comic Strip

Editor’s Note: I’m pleased to announce that AppStorm will be running a weekly feature cartoon by the talented N.C. Winters. Author of the popular Freelance Freedom and Creative License strips, N.C. will be gracing the blog with a Mac-related comic every week. Without further ado, here’s the very first edition of MacTastik Weekly!

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  • Cool ! Some more Mac comic strips besides Joy of tech. BTW, nice one!

  • Sweet! I love NC Winters’ comics on FSw, this is awesome!!

  • Kanji & Hiragana converter, how cool is that ! Looking forward to the weekly MacTastik .

  • 漢字→ひらがな辞典は絶対必要な物で〜す! i wish the apple dictionary had it.

    • 私も同感です!毎日のように使っています。絶対必要。If apple had one, it would definitely help!

  • great stuff N.C

  • This is really good. I love the guy in the chair’s face. XD

  • Great, looking forward to new ones in the series. Great new blog too Envato. Live-Bookmarked in FireFox…

  • Nice new style NC – all the best to you !

  • checkin the replies, BTW the design is very rushed and the posts arent very interesting. Sorry, but thats my take

    • seems okay to me. loving the design – simple and big :D

    • Hmmm….. One man’s meat and all that. Personally, I think it’s really well done. You are entitled to your opinion, though.

  • Nice. ;) I used to have a lot of widgets too.

  • this is awesome!!! hahaha love the colors and characters…

  • Too funny, and always great to see a new N.C. Winters strip. One of the best parts about editing FreelanceSwitch is that I get to see each week’s new Freelance Freedom before everyone else!

  • Love it!

  • Great start! :)

  • Awesome start! I’m sure this comic will be just as entertaining as the other series!

  • Loved the strip.Would like to add it to my own website.Since the post says to add link back I will be doing that graciously.In case of any other trouble do let me know.
    Once again awesome ideas!!

  • Good article , thanks and we want more! Added to FeedBurner as well