MacTastik Weekly #11


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  • Edwin

    First one that I really liked :) This one makes a good point ;)

  • harmlessgoat22

    The middle pane is what made it funny.

  • Alex Hughes

    Lol, It’s not wrong :o

  • Max

    funny shit

  • Vasili

    It’s more of going from 10.1.1 to XD

  • Andrew McNicol

    this is the first one of these I actually found to be funny, and yet at the same time, oh so true…

  • FiZ

    I’m still waiting for noses.

    • Nate

      Who nose when they’ll draw them? And this is actually kinda funny.

  • Adrian Rodriguez

    LOL. That was awesome. That is so true!

  • wrerm

    ROTFL….I feel the same way…and the changes that are made a so minute.

  • Nate

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