MacTastik Weekly #12


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  • eh, it’s okay. Not the best MacTastik.

  • eh, I thought the guy said he is taking his mac not a box of thumb drive. I agree, not one of the funny ones.

  • After the initial question, which the character answers by saying he would take his Mac if there was a fire, another line of inquiry begins about photos which arises out of the question but functions as an extension of the question. The character says nothing about taking the box of jump drives if there is a fire after all. The fact that this character keeps an old shoebox full of jump drives is, to me, pretty funny and characterizes the digital age nicely. All-in-all, I thought this was the best one, kind of hard to do all this in only three frames. Well done.

  • I do print photos ;). Well, actually only these that will work well as props at my “paranormal board” on which I’m collecting different supernatural stuff :P

  • viscosities, you’re trying WAY too hard.

  • I am sorry, but these strips are terrible. They’re not funny, they’re not insightful, they’re not even bad enough to be UNINTENTIONALLY amusing. They’re just bad.